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ý`b ~ A 0 G-room cottage nd it
`to barn with ronnom enough ft r
i8ina4 of horhen, a good chieken
r toald Cotnlcntalwalknw t all the
wa + ! topI he city. We will pell
YOU thl" planjIe frr $2,600, (in
tnr.ltm of $1.000) (en.h, MhIlnu('t
ilnK tnime att I l enl' tl or i ".+
will ex,-hunge,% will you fr h n
- rchard l~lnup.
Jas. M. Rhoades
" Real Etate and Insuranoe.
115 HIi1tgis Ave. Hammond Blook
  .,I I I
TR. P. Wideman arrived in Mia.sula
yesterday, having come from North
Carolina to become telegraph editor
to The MiLsonllan. Mr. Wideman Is an
experienced newspaper man with more
<:r thlei a local reputation in the region
whloh has been his home. He left the
tiewa desk of the ('harlotte Chronleh,
to come to Missoulla and Ihuat news.
paper speaks thus' of his departure:
'"Phe dein;loj reached by 'Rd' to
sepurate himalif from The Chrodicle,
with Which paper he has been con
' lated for five years, was reached
after considerable correspondence
with, Red Buck, Mr, H. E. C. Bryant.
.who a few weeksnago went to Mis
soulas, to accept a position on the
paper' on which Mr. Wideman has
secured a place, It is needless to say
that the seductive and resistless
charm of need Buck's golden locks,
and the memory thereof, were Iargely
rasponsible for the mental change
wromght in the cerebral regions of
Wldeman's conservative intellect. The
call was too muach, however, and with
a secret tLEar in contemplation of the
parting, and a determination to go
and win in hills new field, 'd' gath
ered hits. baggage together and started
last night, followed by the good will
and the 'How-!-htne-to-nee-you-go'
feeling on the part of e.very man in
the shop, for Wideman was a man
whom everybody loved' and who bore
the !il will of none lie was a He
ceder, and as such couldn't do any
body any harm knowlngly, and ever
ince hlls aftrival in The Chronicle
s, shop five years ago, he has by hills o
elallbillty and friendly banter, won the
hearts of the boys of both pllapers. lie
will 4w mkissed in the shop wltlhsut
Dr. I1. 0. Breedend, who will lbe re
menibered pr the evangelist who con
ducted the successful revival in the
Christian church one year ago and
made such a pleasant impresslon upon
the people of Minsoula, will return 1V
the church for a month's campaign
to commence Sunday, Aug. 28. Those
who heard Dr. Breeden on his former
visit will want to bear him again, for
in addition to being a most pleasing
speaker he Is a ibrotid-tnlnded anld big.
hearted man.
Sheriff Wherd returned yesterday lft.
ernoon to Hamilton with George Fra
xter, an old man who is supposed to
be crazy. He left his farm In the lit
ter Root several days ago and was
found roaming int thllt'Rtlesnake, dis
Rweet pea carnival on M. I,. church
lawn Tuesday eve\ning, August 16.
Ice creainl and cake, 1I5..
Wanted-Car of Hay
Howell & Ross
Grocers and Bakers
314 higgins Ave. Missoula, Mont.
A Fine Ranch Home
11 miles east of Missoula and about
200 yards from the station of Turah
out the Northern Pacific; 138 acres.
Nearly all tillable land; 100 acres
:#l fine land as can be found in
Missoula county; splendid stream
alf .water; fine well.
O4cod 7-room house, fine lawn
and ,tlgr, fine shade trees; good
Wiarn and other out-buildings. About
$0 bearing trees.
With thl property, if sold before
0p teaiteir 1, will be the hay in
itrk ~)Qunting to 40 tons, about
pqtatqos, fruit crop, gar-.
P head of horses, 10
hoge. 60 chlckena,
pnes, 1 rubber
t wagons, all
The resolution fixing the tax levy
'.for the year ending April 10, 1911, wits
pa sed by tilhe city ,ounlcil at Its meet
il.g ilIt eveningiII. Tlhe road tax In
raineIld frol' one mill to three : llis, t111
tli. tiher l vies r ilenurti the mII'. 'IIhe
general fril "ill still recelve, s.ren
mills, the pullle IIlbrary runld one mill
rind i sinking find piaying the Interest
on oulltstallndlng ndebtedness will re
colv'.e one mill. Thls reoltllton was
paIned after rome discustlon on tile
part of the council, as the sentiment
Was In favor of lonwering the levy if
possible, on account of the great
Iamotmt of improvement work that Is
going ton In the city at present. It was
found impossible to curtail any of the
ivlnevi and the reinlltlon won passed.
.City Attorney Woody reported that
he had called for offers on property
noeFssary for the widening of f4ol th
H11ggIns avenue and mild that the offers
whlih he had recelved varied widely
and were In some casesn too high, In
other eases too low, and aome were
faIr offerm. Consequently he asked the
permission of the city councill to llnow
him to bring condemnation proceedings
for the purpose of havlng,commlsslon
era appointed to make a fair appraise
ment of the property. He was author
Ihued to commence suit at once.
The remaining sections of the health
ordinances were passed last evening.
These ordinances provlde for the elnah
lishlng of the office of sanitary In
spector, provide for the Inspection of
milk, meat, fruit, and fond and fix II
,'ennes for defraying cost of this In
spectIon. ' Tenements and " lodging
houses are to be Inspected and livery
and mhoarding stables will also he In
vestIgated ffr sanitary reasons. Sev
eral petitlns, which were pending be
fore the council, are taken caire of by
the health ordinances and were ordered
No objectlons were made to the cre
I ating of spelal Improvement district
No. 7 on Stephens avenue and the reso
lution was-finally passed.
The petition of Rlla M. England for
sidewalks to be constructed was
Major A. I. Duncan appeared before
the council and aske4 for permission,
on behalf of the owners of the hlulding
in which the Quick Lutich restnurnnt
was formerly lonated and which was
burned out some time ago, to cut off
he rear pnortion of the blhdling and to
remodel the front. Permission was
Two ordinances were passed ilxing
lions on improvement districts Nos. 3
A petition of W. T. (craybeal and
others for an are light at the junction
of HIggins nvenue. Keith avenue, anid
Ford treet. was reported on faivorahly
by the light committee, with the re- I
ommendatlon that It be placed on thei
corner of McLeod and Higgins avenue.
The petition was granted, with the rec
The ordllinance relating to the collec
tin of general and lspeclal taxes was
passed. This ordinance gives the city
treasurer the same power as the county
treasurer has and fixes the date for
the paymeilt of taxes.
The petition of FP. . Stainnrd and
others to have the nlloy in block 4. Mc
Whirk's addition, openlled was referred
to the streets and alloys committee.
Petition of F'red Massey and others
for ni sitlowalk on the end of the bridge
was reported on favorahly and a wood
en side walk.will lie put in at once.
The license of Plumunr & Deroach
was transferred to Louis Palas &
Company. Tilhe licelnse of J. A. Witlsh
and T. J. IBurns was transferred to
Archer K. Leishman and Lyons & Dy
er tritnferred their license to Nets Al
Twlenty-one ordlinancesl' reltting to
liens oin speclal Inmllrovnlemnt dlistricts
and one relat!ng to the distribution or
license mloney were referred to the or.
dinance committee.
The petitlon of Paul and J. C. Rein
halrd to lise l'part of the sidewalk oin
Cedar street for i sub-entrance was re- I
ferred to the streeth and alleys (nion.
The city lttorney was Instructetd toI
draw ull anI ordlnnn.e extlending tile
fire Illnlts one blocnk went.
A surprise linen and tin shwower was
tendered Missn Laura Marsh, who will
be married soon, last evening at the
lleague room of the Methodlst-Epllco
pal church. lMiss Marsh was invited
to spend the evening with Mrs. J. W.
Tall. She was conducted Into the
IL.eagltu room shortly after 8 o'clock and
was omelt by a fusillade of pIarcels.
T'ihe room was tastefully decorated.
After the shower guessing contests and
music was indulged in. Refreshments
were served. Those present were:
Misses Laura Marsh, Alma Myers,
Helen Mills, Stella Bryan, L. MeDon
aid, Woodford, Irene Johnson, 5Ruth
Herry, Minnie lucas, Gertrude wucas.
EIloise Mason, Marjorie Mason, Ethel
Neely, Rosalie Smith, Julle Eddy, May
Williams, Maud Taylor, Miss Tait, Mrs.
Hosken, Rev. and Mrs. Tatl, Will Talt,
Chester Nichkum, Homer Ross, Warren
Kane, Howard W\oodford and Tiaoi
Stanford University, ('al., Aug. 15.--
Thb Jarboe collection, consisting of
oQlginal documents ,and pumphlets of
tile French revolution, has been ac
brary from the estate of tho late John
R. Jarhoe of San Franelsco. The col
lection contains almost 2,500 docu.
ments, many being scarce materials
and most of the pamphlets having
been printed at the time of the French
Want advertising cuts tile cost of
your prdperty, .ellling task, and short
*n1l It,
Groceries for That
Picnic or Outing
'fill- ai stiM l f ir i lutic Iin il c tnp
inl; matpplil-x still continuesm, for Pio
pll(- have learnedt that they con do
pond fitn (ix I n to fill the Lunch huisket,
To lahr l in IInh t kitchlen1 ili pr ipu
ri tinin lh kriN hli if the plJieu re oll ut
o1f i ll lh ft i r ii h lo,.w if.. (live
IIN " triol.
f To make: I.hi, selltx of inll
w11th ii h dliulgh. IIInllt tin i(1an
I ritnLt W'i'(t(trii ('hiiikil Pot 1ih, In
thoting wveter, pli lind eminptly con.
i/ h uto s itis I 1t (11; (,o-,tr w illh pi(
iihgih i I t h o in i I oLargo
S-Ill. til . 26
ricntly cilokcl; dl·lifiuls x lrveld
muill, ru ll ............ 26y
Julllpitr illrlllini', 2 (,lnn4 for .350g
Slrdines ll l n' tlllomato ((((I(. J]M 1
Monte Ibrand il lifornliht Mardiinlxi alre
lpaiirke ili iiplilt in lg to to (ulri,
Thl') (lll ty l IM fn,; Ilnlt tltltA 1,l111
Iolnlsh Hloiuity v rirhfti,.t; hiox
for ... . . 1.00
Fresh, ripe, sweet and juicy
melons; pound ............. .......24
I)lclhe.l cooking rpplx 8 poiiundix
fr ....... ............ ....... 25
I"11ht green nilpraglillui ftlit, tI1,i
llltality In pr(frlnhll to freo h lnx
r' a11guu ; regular 4.I t'l c n (i , 141p1.
'lul ..... ...... ........ .......
Julist the thing for lunc'h oiº f'r nut
hoor" pllnlU:s cinvienlent anlld gI.
wnyn lgood, can.......20. O nd 350.
1'. II. (rliswold, reprcesentlhg lth
I'hilng, TIribunlm and the Unite<
Statesl Jnd alnd hrrigation exposition
mmlnet to the city frorn thi. Blltter Rtool
Svalley yeste'rday. IIHe Is on his Wit3
(i.st rroi i1 tiiour of fruit uncr tioJr, It
thIe mouth and went.
"liw do you Ilke the Ilitter I(lol
Ic)untr"ty"' he waus akeid.
"it I s beatuLitiful, tIlld. I think, IdeaO l
fur Irthurdsll't. I wt.nlt to li rellnco by
Illwlay andl from there to. Halliltonl
bly mtlntolbilerim. !' aw the lig ditch
Plrtlposition, thie l)Dly frmi the T'lyloti
trchttd. nod otther interestint places.
'Thhe frtut crop, except here and there,
Is i I Pla' ht.
'Th. must riemarkab le thing to see
wts tlhe numbter of trees Lthait had
'!tre'n ett recentlly. Tree planlting in the
wordl everyl) whler. PrIofestr l.' -.
SHundsltln alohne; has pl olt out nmilllo)l.
"The high clasnH of cltlzienry in the
vlleyll imlIpreIme ite. The newome.rs'eoll
lre llso first-rule people.
"Th('e ctondiltionll will havet' to be
stdied rirefiItlly in tder to gett the
moIn st posslible uit iof tih. sell alld cII
ItllteI. 'TiIe frulit I·growerI there sormln
to know w.lct they rI', lhout..
Mr. riswvuld left fur hlbm last
SPO Yesterlday wats
0 really the first
M taste of fall tog
SIf, a1N 0Missoula and West
'erlrn Monttaia. A
OR goodl breeze kept
, everything cooled
Sroff and aute the
itn):tce that hunligu
for so lotng over
this pairt of the
trensure state. It
wast a gIlood day,
but not for sitting
in the shade with
-. w "il u huk ind thou."
T'he ibli is i I r tions:
Mtixliluinl . ,... . ..... ........ 70
Minimum ... .................44
At 6 a. m.
Thermometr . ............4.......
Iironieter . 2..........
At 6 p. m.
Thermometer to ......... ........ 04
lD 'omelter: . ..........20]:71
Wind trio tiIhe southwesit.
Thlere will )w an a impollrtanlt meeting
of Hell (late lodge of Elks tonight at
8 o'clock. Exalted Ruler Rhoades has
snole matters to bring eflore the lodge
which he wants every member t,. hear.
On that t ountti n | urges a futll at
Carl Johnson of (ChiLcago and Mlli
Frankle Underhill of Alberton were
married at noon yesterday at the par
,sonage of the Flrst M, E. church, Rev.
J. WV. Til performning the ceremorny.
Mr. and Mris. Johnson will reside at
Atherton, where Mr. Johnson Is con
nected with the Puget sound.
Want advertising has buyer aild
seller saylng "tgood morning" to each
other--right away.
No , reports l the fir'e lltuatlln
wre' rce.lveld it the lo'ul forestry of.
hTeos ynsterdaiy. Aen Ihto IFor,xile-' j
1.11(ll, x sO:ii thalt thl wildttlion IHs
wh)o, l lll· I not ho ln changeld 'hy the(
high winds lillad that he thogt the
fires which were under '.ntlrol h1woe
not gotten aiway. The fires on Hi rd
irlek and on Hupervior Koch's film
lrict were frunned by the winds, but
lire still In pretty good shllpe. to'th.
Ing further wal heard yesterdny In
regalrd to thie lost 'pack train and the
oiij ill a In thll the l.oraes anid men
wre hullt off bly thel flrm and ire co ut.
(ing their waly llt I n olother diiret
The fire ut liorlx on the Nrn.thlern
I'weiefi Ia in pretty 4aed shupe and
Hiii.er.'tisor Koch in (onaldlerin the ad
vlsability of calling for more troopsi
from firiguadir (leneral Howe at c'nmp
'Hputrtli, Wiscnsln, na he thinks that
hie eiln (e it co mpatiny to good advon
uiKg in ptrolriilnK the firea. A force of
35n men wrent iit to Adair on the even
ing fPugiet Hiiiound train yesterday. Thel
sittation there Is in fairly gdodl shape
nind will iprobtably he under control
Smoke Winm. Hooper clgars
A. T. Halley i~ hera from St. Paul.
Drink ihn Ound's Peerless beer.
T'. N, Nelson of Spokane is In tit
Dr. Willard, osteopath, lst Nat's Rant
i. M. Dunllstn ir 'hlncago is In nMis
Public stenographer, Dawson, 6 Dixor
George S. Haney of Omaha Is I
James M. Rhoades, fire insurance.
I,. rI. Howell Is in town from Min
Marsh, the undertaker. Phone 321
IJ. A. Ilivim of Helena is here 01
R. If. Melaney, livery, hack any
transfer. Phone 665.
C. f:. Allen of Livingston in in towl
on lu) siness.
Dr. Ward, veterinarian, Tel. 33 or f,31
i. Young of Denvr spient yesteo'da:
i the ClrClen city.
tissoula Ice Co. Phone 310 BIlocak
J. H. Hurley'niarlved In the Cit5, yes
terCday from St. Paul.
Try Dutch Calsomine Kellogg Pain
W. IH. Il.rtCl of Mlnneapolis ll s i
Mi ssoutlt on businCss.
Prank P. ,elith, Insurance. Florence
']The Missoula Brick & Rupply Co.
offlce 111 liaggins avenue.
Nellie J. Krnmer of hicagoh I rCeg
instet edl at thile Plorence.
lIr. Anna James, )stcopath. Phone
834 Black, HIggins block
II. S. Farnum of Portland arrives
in Missoula yesterdo)y.
Missoula and western Montant
directory for sale at Mssoulllian office
.:lrncaest Nosworthy of I)envCr is flt
thie city for at fCew days
Drink Joel B. Praelor at the Oxfoeia
"'very swallow makes a friend."
.H. K. Jones of "Stllwater, Minn.
was a visltbr in Mlssoula.
Stains, enamels, varnishes, etc KIcl
logg Paint Co.
N. W. Rlmery of Plummer, Idnho
was in the city yesterday.
Haitrdressing, Miss Arean,, Tleat Na.
tional block.
('. R. Blandin of St. Ptaul la spendc
log Ca few days In M'Iaouila.
Colonial fCor candles and Ice cream
Phones: Bell 17 erled; Ind. 475.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. C'onley wert
downl from HI:lmllton yesterday.
Dry cord wood, slabs and edgings
Ribertly Lumber Co., Tel. 743.
Mr. aind M'rs. Robert C. Davis wert
iI thel city frolnm luitte yesterday.
Newton II. Schweiker, optical spe.
clalist: eyes examined. 318 Higgins.
W. IE. lioose of Phillpsburg spent
Mondacly In Missoula hon business.
Dr. Pearl Foster, dentist. Children's
work it specialty; 4 Higglin nplock.
M;'r. anrld Mrs. \V. HS. Davidson of
('hi.agoi were in Nllssollh yesterday.
Phone 38 for cabs and baggage
transfer. Greene & Ellinghouse.
Miss Irene IRoll of Victor is t~lsiting
with friends and relatives In the city.
Dr. Hannon of Butte, Mont., visits
any part of the state for consultations
and general surgery,
Mr. and Mrs. Mi. R. Farrell of Hiam.
iltoni spent part of yesterday in the
Dr. J. Louise Smith and Dr. C. B.
Spohr, osteopaths, sults 17, Maasotrd
temple. Telephone, Bell, 618; Ind., 7;L'.
Mrs. Steve Pulyear came down from
Hamilton Sunday to spend a few days
with her brothelr l.ue Packer of this
Dr. Riesland, optical speoolallst, now
at rooms 2 and 3 Hammond block,
until August 20. All glasses ground,
Mrs. P. J. Itegan and daughter of
Great Falls and Mrs, William Jones
and daughter of Spo1apne are visiting
with Mrs. J, 1s. Smith of this city.
Evans Eros, Trunk Co,, manufactur.
era and Jobbers of trunks, bags and
sultcases, Salesrooi' 804 Higgins Mee.
Factory, Daly addition, Phone 35l,
Paul Samuell and lrdgar Wullen
waber, both of Bloomington, iii,, and
Claude Jones of Mattoon, Ill., arrltv.
in Missoutl yesterday on a pospeactlng
trip. They re law bsharps reeeitly re.
5, . 4 .7 I
4 COEN-.FISitR0.
TIHE GOLDEN RULE The Store That Does Not Misrepresent
Will Profit Richly at Our August Cleanup Sale
For Wednesday Only, Gingham Aprons 19c
(1inglRnihn .Aprown In aMMOrle(d elcekM, made good and full, with plltch Iwx.ket. You can
not buy tc.he iatorial Ivy thei y:d and iri make tllhen ( for the pricl e o are asking. Fo
onr, lt,-!/..~\V d ln lny, oll? y.......................................................... .... ........ ...... ...................... 1.6 o;,
one da/. 11eliesday, 0nl1 . , 19,
New Dress Goods 65c
A lot of new ElrQ, goods eiisting of Merges, diagonal Nerg(', Pannma, Faney PantIanins,
Plaids, Sheplherd ('hecks, ardl Iohlirs in nlav y. hhitk, gray, retw(edal, hiownl and nutmeg,
etI,., 80l iinches wide. Soe disphly in wimlow .................. ...................65 yard.
Men's Trousers Men's Underwear
$4.00 IouiM,14M .. ..................... ........ ... . 2.50 'Pwo- pie(e, FIron.h hal lriggan, 75e val
$5.0 ) roi ll ers ...................... .... . o, I ............. .25 , . . ............. ..........................3 3
all.01) t lt~ llNl'K ........................................ 4,00
7. 0 , ........................................ 5 .00 ie e l igg , 5 val , a ....... 2 0
X. tir, ours .... 5.25 'I' o" plhe imitation porous knit, 40et
10.00 ouse s ...................................... 6 .7 5 valu ...................................... . ...
Big Sale on Men's Clothes
Now Is the Time to Buy Your Suit While These August
Cleanup Prices Prevail.
$25 to $27.50 Suits - $1 1.75 ,$30 to $32.50 Suits - $13.75
$35 to $37.50Suits - $15.75 $40 to $45.00 Suits - $23.75
All $17.50 Suits $8.75
leased to prey upon the widows rin
orphans ofI thl grea(lt northwest.
I)oes your piano need tuning? Leav,
orders at Lucy's store for expert tun
er. Work guaranteed. Montana Musl
John H. -lorroeks of Johnstown, Pa.
I now c.onne,'tetd with an englneerini
departnent of the Puget Sound, aln
his son anllld daughter-in-liaw. Mr. ila
SMrs. .1. I. Hor.tcks of uast Portal
were In the city yesterday.
Apple boxes-a large quantity o
stand.ard sioe kept constantly on hang
at 13. 1). Lumber Co. Yard 508 Tool
The Ladies Aid society of the Con
gregatihulnl church will unite with th
Sunday schllool In ai picnic at Green
ough park Wednesday afternoon at
Bitter Root Valley Nursery Co., VIc
tor, Montana-Home-grown tree:
guaranteed true to name. We are ala
agents for the Geneva nursery. T. I
Hanbhltge, secretary. S. P. Kenr
A marriage license was Issued yes
terday to Carl Johnson of Chicago ani
irankle Un nerhlll of Alberton.
Want advertising Is highly spelal
izeod publicity--direct, concentrated, ef
A cmplete course in llinminatinl
engineering is to be added to the cur
riulunme of Johns Hopkins university
If you had a Victor you
could star at home all sum
mer and yet have the best
kind of a vacation.
Even if you go away for
the summer, ybu'll find a
Victor will add greatly to
your enjoymept'on many adt
Stop in and hear the Victor
you're always welcooe.
Pull In .doubl*, i4~ l elsu.Victor
I ri lt a.tso, Icotth Ses . -
Qrik l e MUSetrasluIt oC the VOctrot
The (Crand theater presented a vert
clever picture bill last evening. Thi
pictures are all of good, wholesomn
themes and very Interesting. Thi
vaudoville program scheduled for to
morrow night is said to be very en
tertaining and no doublt will plense al
who attend the performances.
At the Bijou.
The Bijou theater's program pre
sented last evening contained soan{
very Interesting pictures. "Under B13t
ilags," a Pathe picture, told a ro
mance of the Civil war. The tale deal
with the conmfnon incident of those
days, the father wearing the gray am
the son the blue. The story is re
plhte with many exciting episodes. Thb
other pictufes and the Illustrated ason
are very good.
At the Isis.
"A Flash of Light," the title ofr
most' striking picture presented las
evening at the Isis theater, was en
joyed by' all who attended the Ier
furmances. It dealt 'with true an,
fickle love in which a young chemis
figures as tie central figure. "Re
belllous Betty," a most laughable coin
edy, and other pictures made the hi!
as good as any that have been dis
played at the Isis for some time.
When You
Put on a Shirl
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appointment,,about the fit, the fabric,
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They will `give you an idea of what a
ftne men's furnishings shop this is.
103 West PFont Steet
Frank or o
We r.pas!r AuythiBtng ''I, oi r Jit
Uye .,slu es IlttI .' '. !* "
ar. asyý ay znttt. r. Ae ý '`_
Open Day and Night
Corner Railroad St. and Higgins Ave.
Cafe in Connection.
3006.303 Higgins Ave.
Uroceries and Provisions
Fruits and Vegetables
Mleat Market
All Kinda of Fresh Meat and
Both Phones in Both Departmentks
Clothes cleaned, pressed and repaired.
. Buits made to order.
Hats oleaned, re*blooked and trimmed.
202 West Main Street, Across from Ci
Hall. Both phones-Ind. 7981 1
963 Black.
Workingmen's Friend
Clothing Store
Our fall sult samples. See our, sam
ples b.hore ordering suits made to
A specialty of cleaning, pressing
and alteration.
202 West Main St., opposite City Hall
Both phones; Ind, 798; Bell 90803 Blackl:
New Family Uquor Store
134 West Cedar St.
Opposite the Postofflloe
All prominent brandi sold sti out
RMQH 3 AT ..'

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