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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, August 17, 1910, Morning, Image 2

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*d nt o Cottage and a
ph 1art with robm enough for
U o hCree4 a good chickent
atnd cement 9ltdewalks all the
way to the City. We will sell
you tis plaoe for 42,6Q0, on
terme of $1,000 oaah, balance
Jb' t3 oipe ti per cent: or we
Ill e~ a with you for an
Orehar( Iomne.
Jos. M. Rhoades
Resal £tate and Insurance.
115 Hlggboto Ave. Hammond Block
Fldelity to historic ret hu4 ev'e
been the well substantlttle.l c'hihut oCf
""Colonel Cody and Major I)llii In the
.l lrdltinnpe Ineident to their exhlbi
tian. "'htny lhaves see'n prucht hol llhci
tj.lhsr AmAeriilan history forI y,:earse.
St t6ltelr Iresent tour they hell'e ne
nted t.*'IituIik of iuteiimtt Sprqing" us
1th1 (bliet sentli feitture of tile exhibi
-tion., This battle was one of the de
W3idtg conflicts In rqlaimlng the weeet
S'oin Indian conmld. It was on July
11, 18L that deneral it. A. V'err, it
eOumntand of a detaclhuenllt ofI Uniteld
St*tes cavalry, and guided by Buffalo
:Rtll as his chief of scouts. came sd.
',denly non the camp of Tall Bull,
chief pft the "Dog Soldiers," and en
gaged them in one of the fiercest
strugglesI In the Inilenel4s of Indiann wnr
fare. Tih e conflictl WiIs . tharp nllld re
irtntletoc hut whellf ltiffln 1111 kill ked
'i's ll ltll thei tide Aelth'kly turned and
the Indians suffered utter defeat. In
the reprodntilon of the Battle of Sum
mnit Springs, Buffalo Bill will enact
S.ns original role and the detath of Tall
Bill will be shown vwith vivid reallsm.
Previous to the actual battle the cue
toms and camp life of the Indian will
be shown In the erection of a typical
ITdlan village, and the details of In
Sdilan recrration, sports and pastlmes
will be detailed with fidlelity to life
..on the plains when the r.lsklin was
auonarch of that vast domain. Other
typical westyn scenes will be made a
part of the WIld West exhibition.
There will be a holiday at "T-i"
ranch, In which the plalnsmun's pleas
tres will be revived, and the attackst
on an emigrant train, depicting the
,dangers attendant upon the life of the
pioneer. The congress of ruughriders
will also constitute an importa.nt part
of the Wild West entertainment,
horsemen from all parts of the globe
having been assembled for the pur
pose of giving exhibitions of their pro
fielency as masters of equestrian ex
pertness and reckless during, supple
mented by the fltat appearance in
one arena of Ithda Royal's and RayI
Thompson's trained thoroughbreds and
range horses. The intertalnment (cn
tire will constitute a thrilling display
of unusually Interesting ald enveli
exhibitions, e fitting climalx to the ca
rear of BDlufale 11111 un Ills farewe'ill
Hontehold Remedies
Which have stood the test of litle de
serve a place in the miledlicile ('hct ofr
every family. Mothers are Idally nldl
iministlering to their ciehllrtrlre tl(e' retil
dies their grandtuothers usedll.
For thirty years Lydia I':. Pielkltlc's1
Vegetable C'omlllpound, made from ,rootse
.and herbs, has been e(ut'ig lll e wole.'
of the country fromt the worst f'tlrc
of fetmcale Ills, 'und mIlerit ullhne rc.ocillI
I'have slood actich a test or tit uhe atll winil
such all enlviable record.
Wanted-Car of Hay
Howell & Ross
Grocers and Bakers
314 Higgins Ave. Missoula, Mont.
AFline Ranch Home
4I miles east of Missoula and about
d*O yards from the station of' Turah
1. the Northern Pacific; I:x acres.
S~early all tillable land: 100 acres
,as fine land. as can be found in
,i5ft.ouJa oounty; splendid streanm
p~. water; fine well.
Oiod ?-room house, fine lawn
and big, fine shade trees; good
".aj n and Other oal-bulldings, About
'00 bearing trees.
Wit)h this property, If sold before
fttlhmber , .will be thle hey in
at ilt nramountini 0 i 40 tons, lshout
1 aelro of lot0tOen, fmltit coirc), lar
e 4 te,; also d Shead of horses, 10
4 cattl)e, 0 bogP, 50 chickens,
as, set ~lharness, I rubber.
i i2'light. wagons, all
g impJnenttaool,, etc This
J reaJ barui. Price
lullding , olp'rtionfs are iative Icn
lMisslula and there ics noI fcavorltism
In regard toI location;c there is n stir
in every corner cif the city and the
ntumber of icrnw l ildingsci Ise ltri.lt'.
The comillellion ofeer the courthoullluse hull
milade It .possibhle lto riae the oldl hrne(
ltf thel cI'eeounty neIl l It flr.'e of we,lrkten
is eusily n. a egeaId in te'rinig down the
IrIest tellh Iciills. Ient 'ilthict ii,.'r.ees the
Sheet tet lc nteact cee't y(' teecricy cec
Ilel 'tledI tlhe ' xc.l nvl fcl r l ltl,' It;e'w city
Ithlltii l lg eit thitel herning n'tl II ilrtlr
laying the fIlneitcllleon. 't'his worlk Ics
te e I s'i'e uched e.' 'etilly' ree le.euli tIr
ilthe city 1 eeI theI '.,elil felor l'fflces
and 'een e'i ccncinc'c. r which lie new
'tructure will prouvfdi. The now lhulhl
ing will not t I. irete'tle leti es but will hte
it c:ctitluc'tuircy cmakeshilft iun til the (i
tire city ihall 4il'c he built.
Montana Block.
The i, ie r (e l orl lof th .lclrtiuIlll
I't hilei ig Ioe ' lne'ti y'l fitlic hedl; cIh
scorese of tenanl' wlilc have lIuse l oe
fice room in t111i biicillsig arce uc' ltint
ly watching the progress of the w'ocrk
Sanl .rell pl ,ntilll l to olc)ve' t .c thiccir new
The Moiltiihet ci lcllding ih mlucih ld
ntlred 'by cll w'lile ch e It; It in tlllr
ulighly tllilerlln In every reseccet atild
will Ie the icesta e.cnilvetl'lh t offiic
licthllin g ic Ilthe city ir not 111 i the
scte i'. '.c the flilttling work li tp
precilheis ,ie friitih. thlie leenuty of tilhe
building eicile c apparentnl. Iis ic
splillnl l lllddlliI o the litc lly'n buliitw
erlllilt'llett. T'hle fintithLing ot thee
gra'/lln floor., which will be occupied
by tihe Western Mlontanca bank, ln pro
I.M;r1 ning but the work here goes Ilmore
licwly thaln en tile ulppeir flolrci.
Reinhlard Bloak.
Sstory cmid tlie' new fenci ee lte itein*.
)hard butli n a(l r ll e Illllshed. ll iT r14'I'1 o1it
iel cul'ir c e clllrtl 'I lic ciecilllll i lelech. ile it
ie ucpperji. etiilnhitxcne iued fieily flin
Itihcd, makiniicg one o ti he. icictl ictice-'
Live lh tic lui' frnnle in tll e ll y. 'l'The
sceundil liury', whiche hias i wcn addited I
this ciutntller, in wcill lightedt nll isn Ionei I
of thel finet uele'roimnle in thei ci sy.
A hlgl archway Is to be cut thlrougll
Slice party wall betweeln thic Reinhardl
cand allciy 'icleleks end tis rnclll e r ill
tco'ie ,e ci t i' of the IJenohneli ' tiore.
Prescott School.
T h e l, i' i'e'c ie n o f c e e a didci tl i ii
the I'rle"mott sollhni ltildintg will he
we'll under wily be'ro Illh e l ui lof thell
werk; thle exclavation i finisnh.l nd
the material Is beinlg dehlilvered as fist
as pi..ilble, Thls will be cl.ne of the(,
inost extenlive hldlllnlg jIho on thii
'aet illce thsl yealr.
The Baptist Church
T'he exterlior of thel' lllIptist church
Ie nrcring c'cmlple'tiirn thlie Irick walis
are llmnot finlcished andll tlhe( roof In
under civer. Th'lie interior wci'k will
be hurried aiind It' i elxptced thalt the
chu'rct . will ic' i'erildy 'for occupancy
late next monthli, Altllhough llthe present
.struictulre is but l wing of the mainl
church cle It Ie ihplanned. It In impos
ing iandl will imakite a finie hiuse of
worship frtl' the .iuclt.ty,v,
Milwaukee station.
As flect cias iltni cian lay brlick, thei
Millihvcuk'tee passel'ngel.r staition iha been
goling lup; t .here seemsll toi I br l'iehf
delluy Just nowii on atcc'nltll of luck of
nmaterlul; hilt this will Iiot lcst long.
It In expiec'tedl that the work ion thei
ileeucucichcc will bi tc lcr .teed it cutte'.,
4 4111. W 4 II, II4 II 4444411 cu 11 44141, "11 1144a
14\IIIJ 44 1144.144 41~14~1,111 4141 4i41i11 ir lllr
441V11141 0 414I 4 4II/lnl 1 '114 4114 4411 I144'1111441
t1444 4444 44 4 ll tll' t4. r I'414l44141 ll s
tiIIIVI~cl' 141441i1441tric~r iliii 4II 1,1411441 41144''~
jtenIllnl . h' " 1441444144 1· il'4'14pIrIII.144 4
anal4 4113. i14 1 Iellan. l ail ' i4111141 l'po t.1
papel'~ coluasº1" Nktvher '1, v 1. ht, ha s a1tltI
11,1444 l44l II4 ti 1111(140) 1)14'1 (1111,\114,4' 4411(
ltonlIt d. I s prst rsua s l" snssaleal $ele
the scut "cI liltllldl' and It() ldll: K will r"
(1441~, 44'41.14444 1414' 441 441 441441 44411 LI II ''~rll
(.4114(1 1434j.4laU44 I'ril'er. Ls, V.il44 & A1414
mllrI, v4144d4 1 ullslldn l 4444II, hav 1444 very
clever 4.44 4Iy s4kP4t.'ih t o jl'444'414. Th'lr
atbilit y 4444 411144ley puI4'. 14 vlx r'Iy
Ippl 441Fl'41 d they liy e 4 it 144. 4441144
'11 the4 that ( 51115$I44 4.14t t 114 III 41 11411
they wish to sag tpluy tloulis wlllctvl In:.
w411 be 4s44w' m11illl. 14411..il g.
'1'YLIu. e 1144 1144 1 1' 444444 ll lt 31'111'111 4414411
Tnpt~gru ile fho tht wanIn wagllH alld~
The Miss weue aome west to pessyested
morning had Its 1 1 igh it the ri 44 sfr'
11he. Miss14.1.1l44 ila l444J4, 4-'4U4itlg g41'l'41
41l)44441444441 i n44 41414g tiii' gues44414 til' thif
Wnvd44114 otel s141144 ey Left t'hell' 4 4s
blaze did1 1!44414411101 . damage 111 Ihe
mll.'i114444 anld fixti re44 tf 11h4, laUn~dry,
but t111s WaxJ co,\''l'ld b3y lllsurslslv. TIie
fir. d14pa4rtmnt4's4 quicek anld elffcienti
wor)4k preventedle the b1laze'4 front get
tingj Into the fron~t palrt ofthe tll'14undr y'
an~d dest4ro4ying t 41.* 111othes', wilkil had1
all been plied th441re. As4 it w4144 4411Q44.
Mary to4 u1se4 44 b14rg4. 44I4llol~lt Of Witter4
In putting out tihe blanze, the walls anld
ceilings were som11ewhallt damaged.
1.Mr. and Mrs. W. H. H, DIckinmon
Jia~returneod fromn the coast, where
le'ebkave been mines May on account
of MMr loicknmion's health. He retulrns
.h4 "}44 1t 'ily 44(411444l44t 1r44p4'c4 edl.
Groceries for That
Picnic or Outing
The demand for pienic and camp.
ing supplies still continues, for peo.
Wle have learned that they catr do.
pend on lu to fill the lunch basket,
To lhior In a hot kitchltu in prepa.
ration takes halt the pleasure out
of a plenic for a housewife. Give
us a trial.
To makes Line sides of pan
with pie dough. HeaLt. one can
(Ireat Western Chicken P'ot Pie in
boiling water, (plen and elmptly con.
tents into ptn: cover with -pie
dough and hal:e in t(ven. Iarge
- . t ........ n ..
K dilllrerid herring. They iret. tilffl
ileIlly sco k'tl ; d. li l.ti x selvedl
eId, cci 1c, eic ip
Cill, ...+. 20('
'Th l,utiu lily Ie fin;l Ilcnt tiatic t .nd
1,1h1ie :hh llty . Vill-letle! . io
tfr . i1.00
Fresh, ripe, iweet and juicy
melons; pound . "¢
Inlltshis, l olloln llu al epl h tS poullnlds
r, r i d u iliSs
VineLlc t gree ic itc lrlllleagits tI.i;, Isihe
qulllily 11 plrefera ih ' li fruoit tcsc.
piaraigl; regiulhr, 4s eucdie, NIspe
ciil ...... 3510
.lc, the tlhilig frillc i linL h 1i ' Ii oe t l
dltr peicilii:; t us' venie t1uit c ill
ways giotl,lit . 200+ usi1 :153
"Three years ago I entlme here." said
WillIam 'l'Tte iti flamilton to it Mix
soulliln Imln yiestLerday." IFor twenty
yllar I wits It ft'miture. IaniufacIturer
it hligh Point. North 4aroilnlm aind im
liiired my healtth by confining myself
too closely to my worlt. I sold out
my Interest I. the IIom MAfanufactur
Ing coallllnpy iand started out to regain
my healith. lirst I went to California,
but did not like it there. I kept mnov
Ing until I landed here. I had tarried
a while in Idaho and Washingtpn. Ily
accidlent I planted myself. I dropped
off for a day and remained to reside,
But there was ilethod in Iny actions
I was hunting ian all-round place to
live in, Iiking tlhe looks of things
tabout Missoulu I l urchalsed an orchardl
Ilnear town iiili Wenlt to work. Later,
however, I accepted at position to man
age a I rge orchard liropoultlon for
the Bitter Root \'allcy Iand conplla0p ,
two and a half milen ftrontl itlllton.
"Before leaving the smoth I thought
there wits no place iitke the east, but
I itti] convincedlil thalt 'the i w.ent Il mor
promisingll . I tfhid fltt this partlll iculari
pllotin oll the wi til IIti.ha it iimorei pro
iilitlv l soil Ihani ilnywhertin elsi I
hive IIved. TI ('ln t11 11 is I n iull-r4il1ll1
mintiy. We ia vi the iihut t, the
thilly l I' llr J 'titule . Ite a .i grii i ,w f11it
hillh . l' 11e . Ttilt, i' 1 t itn ill : a T I Cl l .1
lby bt, ll agree i wiill.lS ii, li are dii '.
lighted I, I th, thtl , 1 Iu llltnltrly."r
nlow 11t l i Janl pill taclJ. Illl In h bblihng
Is l :+ ' I4lhfilfi l n h t rl',id ai Mail m V il tr
ity agall.nh t Al . A. 'lrf sonl to lull ',V
h i J l)' ted f'l'llll lll- t , (1 o ei' ('t o hrr hlad.
Mloi asks f. r $l 1 i dainiligt and $10 per
Iuloii th 'lr t Ilill IisN prole.rl lt 1 'i,
llsou Id.
,Johntl Isre't'hhill i.; Ih+, .,,llervli sillg
;lu lillh,,, f' .r th1~ ilivw iblihlhig, :,lx110 l
Ili t, in h e l tcredel' h> hl. MtVenst, ll)'l
Tradihng i mll nll Y T'ille l dih will
. 1101(1 ttll 11 ov 'r, I,,Ti, .
Miss lin!*t Vlluh'rVrol nf tiret Fallk
Is vi-it lln . w ith .1ll:: Ilihla M arsh o, l
this ilty.
than ever.
leten Denlon camne ,,down from the
reservation last night and spent the
ellvening with local friends. In. the
course of a chat with a Missuulian
nman about conditions on the' reserva
lion, Mr. Denison referred to- the
changel inI tilthe maill schedule acrosi the
I 'rex.r'v, mention of which has heen
madeli, in Tl'e Mlsnitallhn.
"'lihrte Is m.lll, nundi(sta.r nl, nlt
tIilla nult tier," slid Mr. DenlsNon,
"whllhl I ii1 $ulitel' would IIOt existl
IIt lh telolllliti onls were knowni. ThereI
I1 Ils n lll siter motliv I.tei of ithe'' slow
dI.alvlery of l he' iill t PoIilai unlde'
tIhe' liew atchedutle. 'I'hlrn i I01 ve.lge.
fill spiri llIrolllltllng whIt lllimay 0leleml
to I. it drtuy that couhl de ývolded.
I 11n I ntnliriI lin tlto.ll il iage l ine and
ulln il lerested Ill i villg tile matt.tcr
('hlearly IIllderiltnlid.
"ill tie first piel:,. ulr mull e'lnlltrlct
tlhls not li fir the' truaspo rtation of
thle ill i llour fit altllge; that w'lolll
he inli, slhht' IIIa h" prhis wb e' rrIe ve
for i Undeiir IIthe oli schedie' wei
hage for tiihe'l llollr Ieintdtii l'of
irhe I'eelhl. el ,rp'11 Iet iie. u It i ll in ' re tl
40l anotlllher wI Ig4 which wenlt out
only its fir nIllu lIenI ill wae Juat
it ai1s, .i f itil, the hame utlfit.
"We itatmtl thung.' Ii'e thx'e lditn of
o r faex in lge. WXV iriV to figure
leiri' ihrletl h lto tie i ll 'llll·'ntitllll
it IKar lil'lul, .hi, ll Is to 1:301 nl tihe
ufte rlnelll. Now It IO N illutlx)MMl.li' for
Ithe t.stg ml lke' ia ('e eti llll n'ttll with
thel Illtelmer at 11lson thatl will reach
the lllispell trainl, If we have to wait
for No. 41 Pwuch 113day. Niea.rly every dity
this would hold thell, ,tage at Ibtv lit
until nliron. Youe elIIan 4te tiot" the(
truniootl'allllla lelies eot exist thlat will
Iget all'rmlla{ over those roads and conII
niret with i inoii start. Ho we have
had to hold to the old stag. r sledule
ulll il a e turned the ill ,e , I, i ul ell overt
to the outfit thatl hats carried the rest
of Ithe Inlail all tIhe lime.
"Al io lllte de'laysi, y know thut
11111 lelll n II Inlmust tI' rfetl; two lIpS
iuslt bc mlllde for thils; lone Is tl. Min
lon .lli thell otLherL lit tRomnanI. . Then
thllre nl thI l e:' lllrey doielly eon tile
pllrt of tlle lpestoffi n iln challnglling
theli'y olltglrown Iie ifi'lltile. 'We get
through its fitaut i we I a. (' andiii do the
best we n.a. 'rho prlce or the mail
e'.li'traLt' does not play' lla,' lllO're than
hors.e felPd tlheI days. We can't rush
It at the price."
t)r. I. I{. Kuhl, the veterinary i.ur
r geon. performed an operation yesterday
1 which Is really wlthort parallel In the
annals of dog surgery, as far as could
be ascertained by looking over the
s records last evening. A dog was
brought to the doctor that had been
1 ailing for two or three Weeks. The
doctor ctit the dog's side open and ex
tracted a hatpin four and three-quar
ters Inches in length; Dr. Kuhl thinks
that the animlal must have swallowed
the pin In a piece of meat rlmnd. The
dog is doing well and it Is tlflugllht he
will get over his operatiJn In short
lllkell i ii Iloopler cigars..
h lllt i hlltiillIs of 'llciac g Io il (tiih
Drnlk John ( nlild's Paerloss beer.
1. S. N l' s I niM l wi'i e of c hitliigo arei'
it ihi i city'.
DIr. Willard, lsoopathl, 1st Nat's i3ankl
WI'. I. ,ari'Irler of Dl eliVi i r'c, gilstere
ail Ihll' $.cvy.
|'lic stcinoigc'cpller. lDawson, 5 DixiIn.
liiiiury L,(,\'11 i' HI. Joe, Mo., is at
thic' Iilornct .
JuilllH M. llthoudes, fire Insurance.
,ili. i. li t oi" Htitl , ii spcendiicg a 'few
ildays ii 1 h cthiy.
Alarls, i(li unltlortaker. Phone 321.
It. licirn l'f llpokiniic c iiin ii th cityl
tin l ln.iioc ,s yet'ii 'icii)'y.
It. hI. Mli,an'y. li.ery, Iaik anid
trnInrerIi. CcPhone 6I'i.
iI. A i. I hc ll of iclil il i; vcisiting cll
SIll eIy on 'llHi li.o.,
iir. cWard, vetel'ih rici ,'i ' Tel. 313 or lJ31.
I,, c', tir i .s ofl M. illn pllluss i lill tihe
citiy iolr ci c'mw days.
Mlissonla Ioe Co. Phone i10 Black.
11. I.. ('ratldotlik of t licrlu is i speni d
ing It feiw idaiys in Missoulla.
Try Dutch Ca.rthojinu Kellogg Paint
W. It. I liilltlnru l of Scic FrIalc'l iscoi
IlH regi' ct ccid ait Lhc IIlre ce. .
'n'Lric I'. Nlith, Insuriance, 1'lorOlInc
Mrsi'. i. f'iil 'iuii. and c hildren areu t
vis.ti withi frielinds i lice city.
The Missoula Brlck & Supply Co.,
office 115 Higgins avenue.
1F. A. t'orne'll of Minneapollis Is
spl'inding It few duiys ill the city.
Dr. AIIIIna Jaes, osteopath. Phone
8314 Bldcl, ltigglne bluck
Sbth Ostrom of Hamilton itade .a
short visit In th6 city yesterdity.
Vacation days will soon be over.
Have you an Evans Bros. trunk yet?
C. M. Plaiher of Avery nla4e a busil
ness visit to Mlissoul yestecrday.
Thaddeus D. Lane of Butte is in the
cii at liltini s. Mr. Ilon is innll-n
4 3fCOENfiSrR R3.
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Big Sale on Men's Clothes
Now Is the Time to Buy Your Suit While These August
Cleanup Prices Prevail.
$25 to $27.50 Suits - $11.75 $30 to $32.50 Suits- $13.75
$35to $37.50 Suits - $15.75 $40 to $45.00 Suits- $23.75
All $17.50 Suits $8.75
aging director of the Independent
Telephone company.
Mlssoula and western Montana
directory for sale at Missoulian office
R. H. Reese of Boston waq among,
the arrivals In the city yesterday.
Drink Joel B. Frazier at the Oxford
"Every swallow makes a friend."
C. T. Birchmoiller of Helena made a
short stay in Missoula yesterday.
Stains, enamels, varnishes, etc Kel'
togg Paint Co.
Uunce Kalty of Spokane is spending
a few days with friends In the city.
Hairdressing, Miss AMcnsr, Fihst Na
tional block.
I". (1. Hopkins of Falcon was in the
city on ai business visit yesterday.
Colonial for candles and ice cream.:
Phones: Bell 57 Red; Ind. 4716.
J. 1'. $pohn of Chicago was a biusl
ness arrival in the city yesterday.
Dry cord wood, 'slabs and edgings.
Iliberdy Ilum)ber Co., Tol. 743.
\V. II. T'ailrclctr of Ited Iuake I'll.,
Minn., Is registered at the Missoula.
New ton II. Schweltker, optlictl sino
ie lalict; cyee exaulltled. 518 iiiggsln,
I'tl IIays of I'otione' made a llol'rt
tlln.lle 'visit to Missonia yectil'nrday,
L)r. P1'arl i,'uster, dentist. Chlildret's
woillkt a lsplcialty; 4 lligglil block.
A. 1. Loe oEf Saun L'rancise, was In
tihe city yesterday oni a buasiness visit.
!'hone 38 . for cabs -and bagggjeo
transfer. (lreenll & Ellinghouse.
J. hi. BiIilul'y of Millttivpl .llsl is
mtllnA g I liet Iii llusi s ;lirrilvti n . hii til
ir. Hansonll of luttei, Mont., visits
any part of tilhe state for collnsulatlio
and general surgery.
M. (.;rosmatn of Chihcagio wais intnllllt
the btuslntnes rrivlls In tlle city yes
Dr. J. Ioulseo StIh lind Ir . . IS
Hiplhr, oultlpaths, suits 17, Man nic
temple, 'Tl elephone, Bell, 618; Id . 7:'2.
A. I'. 4(l rt.ri'|tli l ofi (I'hlil',; t Is
'm'loing it flw days with ftrifnil; in
tih city.
Dr. liesland, optical specialist, now
at rooms 2 and :l HIatulrlond block,
until August 20. All glasses ground.
J. M. Lucus of S.Lt Francisco was
amolllng the business arrivals litn Mis
Holtla yesterday.
EvIans Bros. Trunk Co., mlanufactur
ers aind jobbers of tru.lks, bags and
stllltases. HMlesrooi 204 Higgltns Ave.
Factory, I)aly addition. Phone 261.
Judltrt L.. M. l);Dvli of Butte Is spend
ing a few days in the city oil a. visit
with old friends. He is alnuost totally
blind now.
Does your piano need tuning? Leave
orders at Lucy's store for expert tun
er. Work guaranteed. Montana Musie
Apple boxes--a largo quantity of
standard sise kejt constantly on hand
at B. B. Lumber Co. Yard 608 Toole
Bitter Root Valley Nursery Co., Vic
tor, . Montana-Home-grown trees,.
guaranteed true to name., We' are also
agents for the Geneva nursery. T. H.
Hanbl.ge, secretary, ft . P. Kerr,
Via Ravalli, Mont.
Boarding School for
Young Girls
All the advantages of public
school, commerc al course and high
Special attention paid to music,
drawing, domestic science, etc.
Slpeclal Ibullllngs fuor young boys
froml 5 to 112 yelrs of ago.
Io'r furtlher lrt l(llNIs aiply to lthi
An Ideal place it spend your vacattlo
anud IhIItproiv' your healtll.
('(neIIcII with trains Monday, Wed.
Inesday ulld Fridlay, goJlg Up. Ac
'tsurll dutll l utlf'Ir for' all Wi lt wanIt to go
ulage rfare $3.00.
Hlotel raten $2.00( per day, $1l.00 per
woek, Including 1ill batln. Cabins $3.01
to $4.00 per week, including stove and
spring mattress. iaths $1.50 per wOeek
Call of t.llbert's store by telephone,
roee of charge, for stage reservations
Workingmen's Friend
Clothing Store
New Family Uquor Store
134 West Cedar St
Opposlte the Postoffice.
All prouineunt br'iuds suld at out
Makes Life's Walk Easy
WantedO-10,000 Women
To use Main's liquid soap. It saves
rUbbing and removes stalns. Will not
rot the clothes or hurt the hands, Attk
your arocer. is a quart.l ,
TilulN0 QltOK
n a+m ..ri~l tv'ts
When You
Put on a Shirt
t lInghl IBre te thereI Li IIav'r any dtl
lpp!nºtineta l Imilt the fit, the fabric,
lthe frNll ,fi. ()1II' WIirts Iar I'ni(iO by
IxpeItp and lire clnif'rt uh'l, rounty
wh1,'llre llr ll, 'd ld. lIng fittling vwhere they
Nhnllid Iil. (n. lin,l aNIl. ly III a aupply.
I'l'hey will give you anl Idea of whllt i
fll ollo ll' u' nisnllnhhg shllou this in.
103 West Front Street
306.303 Higgins Ave.
Oroceries and Provision..
Fruits and Vegetables -
Meat Market
All Kinds of Frcesh Moat and
Both Phones in Both Departments.
Clothes cloaned, pressed and repaired.
Suits made to order.
Hats cloaned, re.blooked and)trimmed,
202 West Main Street, Across from City
Hall. Both phonee-Ind. 7981 Bell
963 Black,
Our fall suit samples. See our san.
ples beforeo ordering sult made to
A specialt. of cleaning, pressing
and tlteratloh,
203 West Main St., opposite City Hall
Both phones: Ind. 798; Bell 963 Black.
Frank Borg Co.
We repair a atblna in onur Vie?
Jt;a ulusiso, flitS,

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