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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, August 17, 1910, Morning, Image 3

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Ilnias ilT eater
C. A. HA.RNOIS, Manager.
Friday, August 19
"The Awakening
Helena Richie"
.,nIf S ill 'I'hter. r .l
The Grand
SIMONS & SEARLES, Proprietors.
Two evenings of moving piotures
only, and four eveningi of vaude
ville at the Grand this week.
Admnl-ion upstailrs Gc; ground
floor 100.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday .and
Versatile Comedy Sketch.
Musical 'Comedian.
Matlners Thursday, Friday anC
Saturday only.
Another tlograplh pi.turero iIp to
i the stanlhrdi . A tihoutl. f..t 'If
,exiilting trelly.Ottr.
HIre It Is. I'xcitilng, thrilling.
It tip 'riolng f'oll.try and hIas
bIlot Iftul tIltitrul sconery for i t
bJa kfhPr,, nI 11. Sco It RSe( It!
A .(nllc picture--when w4e say
l'lthle iettle It you know what to
expec't. It' I very ohlaorute.
On hoard ship iani ti lovie I ltory
starts. Soe. the scenery, It's groat
to look ttllon. .\ thoullsanld fot Inng
Sllad eovfry foot full of Ihtiel.'ret for
vi.v.e.y 'nc.
Coming-Uncle Tom's Cabin.
'Entire e Change of
Come and Bring >Your
Holder of 'Ticket 2747 must pre
bent it before 7::10 tonight.
ire ISIS
CIIAR. A. OQIrftAGIi, Prop.
Open Day and Night
Corner Ttallroad tit. and' Higgins Ave
" Cate in Connection;
B. i. M. CO.
'TeldhOe 10$.
THe auro and tike a bottle of Chgnv.
borhiln'si Collc, Choler a O Dlrrhoea
trlmedy with yout wlherl' ktartln on
yglr'' t trip thlw attnmmr R It AnstOqt.e
'obtaIned on bolard the. talns or;starmr
.fr C4lnglR.s w4, ·t.? ana olinate
y tnh batltie a n] artta.k~s of .dilr
olrd iy all tlsoa.orl.
Pittsburg. P~., Aug. 16.-W-\Vth th:,
ditlnth of James KI{lgnre. civil war vet
era n ituil iiehnllt innll, tinle the first
knowledge that Ilte had thllree wives Iv'
Ing--ll v within at fe. mile"s of each
other-ittrl thalt children of the first
aIl thirdl wives had been acquainted
'or several yvears withoult knowledge
iif the relnatlnship existing betlween
I }lieii.
Kiiore 'liled Itwsesnsed of property,
uiltl with IasttririunIe, which w..ys ollected
hiy wivle No. 3, 'lTody the women,
wIho) oelll tl Isupposed vth was the only
Mts.. JnIII's KIIlgIre met. au ii ln n11
atnible ,rrangl meitt, divhldd the eM
tot anti Insurtlllnc.e nlotiey. Tw'o of his
wi\ve live'd In Pittsburg. 'The' third
II\ed itt jotrhnttowit, Pit.
l'IThe exlflal reo of the compinllnted do
iestl Ic fflrs of Kil ,gro e('lIrIe tllhrough
iform.la ton o01 his dea.th, reo(lved fromll
tle I'nlllted States ittni.n depaI(llrtment
liy iife Nlo. 1 , , r n , nulht ll e r iof
v'years, had reteive1 ilone-thlrtl olf the
pensio. n oltlney of her husthtn. ial
th.igth IInt knowingll whoere e was
'lt li. tlt first wife s.lrted nn Ii
'yest tl ,n, w\hi.h ditslosed 1the 1'.ct'
Kilgollre hult beenu IIviig it Juoh.towtn
ey, aind wll wis rdty to administetr H is
,sltatel. .% slt wni thsontoned when
wife No. . s .itppied In rntl maide her
tilnt, ittd ly tll'he advior of attornriys,
Whol saw" gi ent~ltes Ilitigtition, the
threel wIlomen aill ed to dilvistin of
h, bitnate,.
ISIime yeurs nago Kllgore left wife
.ol. I whil' they were Ivtiing in Pitts.
hlr.i. lie married a it.bnutiful ytanl~
IPittsburg Uirl, nd\l, with remslrrhlb"
hollnes, net her gip il it I1(111 only 11
short itllsan ce front his former home,
anti whore the ,first wife wits still Iliv
Ini Hioverul months afterwlrd he was
tsnt to t)e penlitenhtlry for two ytat's
on the charge of blgamy.
(Uptti iis titise neither of his wives
heart( friom him. Hi' remained lin
Pittshbrg iit lt met thei girl he made
wire No. 3l, who was then 18 years
alit. Shte was employed In it a clerical
(tatelty in n Pittsburg hotel.
In inu!t ofi his mittrimonitnl ventuires
Kilg.rI'e was extremely tcreful to n.h
sin"rv' ill the requitrements of the itw
--wis as eareful its if it wvere his first
vtntrne-unal all the womtn havie itmn
Indiannnpui!', Aug. 18.--Tihe charge of
i'rshiheit I'ho:nisi I,1. .le'Wis that ai
fori'tir onplo'e of the intern tliunallI
ofleorsm ,,as responsiblel for the link
nlog out of ladministrattive affairs to
dauyt brought Miis Harlrelt iteed, who
Iuntilt 1 olrhllt.s agoI, was Lewis' Il
.I note w 'retary aulllt ni ' is connecllll'ted
W ith thil. o, ficets of the lill|oln IlUrerilu
l' MningII iinvoetigltion, ti the floor
or the Unlitedl 1Mine Wt.rktr' conven
tion with a dental thqt she was re
,1p.nslblh. She was roundly appliuded
I when site' de~rll'ed Iriewis had given no
riltrlon for hier ditehllrge anlld that he
hdlil illpolitled nonii-lllon hlar to Ilke
S|her 11111(p'' .
I)llllaln Mll.e)Onlltnld, noe'retllry of the
Illinius mllels. ihlt. today a(cuset11d
i It.wls of senlldlg into the district
"gniunshe 11men" to Inflnlnce the min
'N toI a.Ie'lt thel compromisle. Il' re
I'rol. to Lewis as lthe "lifo ;ilf'er of
thle illin oils operatorrM," anald crhalrged
hlilt the ioteriator;4 halld it hllId In the
,'illg of tie sh pht'ell vonvetlol, i
Portiand, (irt,, .Aug, 1,. -Jlohn A.
I.ltll, e,-g'overnor of MiLlilnnottlu, in an1
Inteirview tonight anv.e whaht Is c.n
hldererd by Illods who, know him to bhi
SMIstona intllmation talllt he Is wv\'er'
il"g in hli dtet'Ilonll not to alc'elIpt the
di.n'nta'tic nonulhatiori for wIveinor of
i 'MIlnnesota.
"I mast deemoho ti disclss pollhtes,''
he lbe h..ln.
"'llut t I reported iln Minneanta the
dinortntl' comml!ttee Ilisls thaIt ylou
ilcleptll," pl'orslsted his illterviewer.
"I think It deullon once mlldle should
-stand." redliedl tilt Px.-gov,'rnor.
"IThen yo)'urll' .'cent statemenlllt holld
ie ''regarded totl an t i ibsolut I declIha
"I shall not1 discuss politlics," palr
lied the former governor.
Ini his company at the time was
John L. lluclhard, a member of the
Lind staff, who, hlowever, anys he
Ceme to Portland oln-personal buslness.
Terre Haute, Ind., Aug. l!;.-Maax
olodsteln, a.gIed 9, nrrived at ,lilhivtn,
Ind., by express from Lawrence, ,Jl1ass.,
'-with '40 charges prepaid.
, The boy Was conaigned to At.
Hantman, a Junk dealer, who .nldn ar.
rangemants with the agent .f the
Uinited Statea iExpress vonpll,)y at
Rutllvan. for transportation nll -paid
the bill that his young relative might
mtlke the long trip under the care of
the. express lmesenger.
JefferaOn City, Mo,, Aug. 10.-slterling
P. ,.ond oftfit. Louis filed a declaratlpn
oeu ý:6 hetBnp r aea·dldnte' ft the dnm
-teltle, ilitnnlnatti -fitrr tatted 'ltatea.
'llc'Pr wasVR It \\'t')Ill-:!ttf1 ,'1(1 i hittingln
o'I .'ll nte lodlwe if ICIks ilst night.
lit w'hich the ehiel' hlillst.is i,'ilt \\ith
the el nstrtlitionln of thl , nlw \\ IIne11 + whhd( h
the it' ige pltinit foi ei Itllra tionil IsI
1ioon ISa posible. I':x tItl tlll lr
Ithlonl es, who ii s 1li, i'lriltihin ofi the
lbuilding coltteit itee. hlt l hoelt ,'' till'
Ilodge the proposed l l1han if h1 , htlilltllng
is prL retlr by the art hittll yl ts, 'uld 1 s11 o.
oltlnll ed thlt ('he ll(e LuggtIsT.eIi. fol r w rIiw
ing the funds fillr the wovrk. 'i ille wais
mU(ch inter"est In the lltlltt'r I it II asi
Dei l'r Al ug. lL -'Thillt' dl'olllellt '
no.+thrial cieu!s \vlitch Is f'ramlng the
leg.siatitll f.or the enletmlt of w\\hlhi.
the evelitntteel h ge'nerall aset'millllty \lwas
edlnvene\llcd In lextraordlllltllary essio, bhy
Golvertnnr John 1'. Shit'rotin, i. mpleted
re'ertlltm lels itre this ll. terlnon.
It providet tlt t N1 jI*r ren1 t of tilte
indivbnllal ollinty oIlirst be sec.ured in
lt Iil'st tl\ti -tlll'lds of tihlt toUilll ls of'
the stlhi. 'hlis J t\.hsion is for the
purpose of prleventi'.ltt thicklt h ly ln
halbited county, like t I enver', whl'ere 1.1
per enlit of ll e entire stal te 1'oth' t".tlll
easily Ile nl-, Irl111, fronlt !nitill.ing leg
intol tl r ie it.,i ,nll t i'llly tli' i l jority.
hlIst w 'ek aIIsking *t i .I \ 1 t 11 o pro
hitte 1111M iut lhority fI r till. statelllmentl
lllnntnineid inl his liessalmge to he, t e , ct
Ithat hIe t].hrtolod underllll ' (11til. prois
Ils o'If tihe blll k guaII anll tys linlit threei
stit" lbatllik Which h)ut faile'd ihl tkll -
hlla n l l d1,: l Ot(ll dolhll " for ahir d ilhr,
t,.hllh, tihlr ti+ tlon ll ban .k whi hll hah l
iled ' iring tpi, snime pierl'd hriufl not
pMid out IO c lyont.
The govo-rng t' catr ntikI thin e fai. led
the respolutior s r Ihntou hed, or Sin
aftor Hitl'gK., the lrpubiUtiiln J'ted@e
scmptrollter l y ite Ir rll R 'derl'tr ingtl
that the tlwnit IWtislahl hwt,'ks whl+h
litlhe lldhed In Ok.llubJrna lin,ine ,J;uulr'y
1, 11108, ha\vo l;lald gut d hlir f'oi d l-.
Io. 'An all lhe-4tall 'tllnl the iolhr dolhir
for roelir.o igl provwSn litrs h
\\'llnl in, l'gon, A g, A Il|.-r pefi l . ! n-'ll
mIlrttuee1 with differe'nt hrltltPh'..s or thil
work l l eflre the Inlllltlenat in l lllll'sper
nh \\e11 In e hldl l l nu lll nowt s re thill
which winll l ,ke sLntMI e tll(ns 'or llt.
ptBroftntottts In I' spetrinto, disiussedl
lliggesrrtlt l n s 11110 i ts ms.%hIts
ri al gd forit c'ivil alnld lmel haluic l ll.
..llers, for lawye'tr , lphysl lul ittpl I
raillrnll omn1. 'I'h.s l le mitlings w\ere'
dinto as It ap.pll S to tit "Ne.vt-vral
rl'Ahoes of at, iviy represented bylrlL
lthl elaoses of ltan n 14d wmoInen, who
XI Pls'mo , 'lTex. Ang, u ll.-. deglutlon
of 50 n,.gro.e fl'rnom tlhe vicinity of
Plth<in', Texua, whroe 19 of their
rle, woe killed retly by miobs",
paIl(e] through here tudahy fm, the In
teloer, lt' 14exien The neuMnl' (.e.
elteld tll the.y intelded establ.shing
ia colony In M.,-xihu m t m.l t in. r their
filielle. from the Unitel States. They
asert.eed that the myn vement of no q roels
to) ItdIIon eLastern Texasr wais whio
Sulphur Springs, 'l.exatt, Aug. 16.
ire, John Cooper, wife of the iherlff
elect of Tituw+ county, kllled herself at
Mount Pleasant Shaturdaty night by
shooting througp the heart. She
leaves .t harge family. hlekness and
family troubles acre thought to be the
to prove it, ]3'1s tellow, and al~l right,
14'es I444 1.41 1444111 II I 4411g44 44 54a4 1114
144411415144 41444'b.414. 'I'i.' Ian.ii &: 3144154'
4 \t4444 the444444. 441to 1 of I'ii 4 1 4444 41n
tile.119 'o~r oI'll(' 404444444 it444 rlh'4 ll upon 1the
44 114 434 ( 4 41'4' . ' t' I 1e ' "1 g.' I 544444
I\1hl1 %% or'. nev'r etevl and a res 11 1 I'Mii
444l 44 )11441 41 4 341a'4' '1 . t(('III 1 fk4 Ili'
h141444444 4444444444,444% 1.11 114s' 41o11114 t of
w t1140 144ll45141114 4(. l 1 I 1lItlg llt
4)14 4n. Aug, II 55e.1--- 5. I It 44.4114111' f
1h4e 14444IbI 4 tlo 44re'a4 1 th4' 14444141 f11'
144( ''4 4111 41 414. 5 4RI44444 r 3' 54 I 1ts 'Xv 44eski
hoforo into lll· '' dnvsd1n1* (,71$c Itpp111"e nl~c
t4.r4I l g14 hl4.'4444.y4' t1he 54 ls4 r'44ln in41
44e1 4)44)1 unti 9 441 In 4444-1 4.'444444tI4'44
us]4 ll44 4444 e ,.4 Ie (]i. t 4114 ot1144 '1,111' until
Is)I,.I 4 . Three 444' n t, ht'''44'4 4 this. (44444
1y4 I'"1444'p ltg up44 1414 1' 1). n. , µ ".. I4u.h
('14 111 4' 4'11 34.&4.14 4 44ve 444r,3 e 4 1'144..1 r4t
on till. Irceiyt~ llicIlc·; 1)1,11 dtll coclwrat o
1.14'k.'. The144. 1144444 pr1444014't4 144 1)'.
I 14ll41444444 1.343.4.4e U., 1 41 I 1444o frI t44tI5 4
144'4 ', h4i44 ol)pon4 . ( 'a41y r4'.4414'4'41
141) 44444 A\Idr1'II. his4 4434514444'411 _94.
tire,'nctlll the 1114)5( signll'ic 11nt htdict'l II
014 dP111 to (, her nocrati(':' ticket. l 'u1)()11r
34he 1 h4i 444,.4444 flr· m11'5044 m (lit 1144414
hl 1 1115444 ol. t 14 4 4 r4 4 14 I, ''4'.'t wit 4414
to I'444 144 t h4l ftt pnn( r 4 4 ' II)Ulr,441i44 lIn4, . 1,
1th4' 1. )1 4 ln4 th (tl(44.'4 444441. '4 ) c n
aIll(, 344 ( iVtet h1144k4't f'1144o 4 144141 r4o
t1wo44 4144. 44444 ' ier 1I4'4. In5 444't 44 city . an
4o1144e44 444 14144 . 4 I44 Li5ncoln part.
'1',1 44), tm' we44 f414 14 1' (441 1. 44 (1' 411 444144 445')
Th 144 eft~ I -'.14 ntesIII ts m3 44ill34'4414
the (tenWnnratie h llnt e~lpecialry IUil( Jng
rcp4114344 up tiljl- 4 a 1441 44 40.411'141rr 441 L'445 -
ficrll' governor. ,(·iH il'C~l~r II
ted Il 11114'l . sh(4t44 3ud 4(3A. I.$1n(1, pro-14 4
grsi ve1,1 44)4 134441 1141(1 144 444)45 by 44he
repu 44bli a fur 144411441 In,454(44.144 4 41444444
welled Is )1110115 ·1 Icciltlr le l 11124 major-1,
ity, w il4 4444' r .' 3 1'4. ,14 445 ' i
I dn milll c n· Ally let.--,\1 :I m --t ing tit'
SYn Unbttonr~ NomInated.ocat
Ow t",".pl'o),rty Hlll cu# tar C rctrll i -nllort
4i r t l t - .54 444141 '45411t It4
4445,4'v '44s1 1)4444it1 III 444444 A.54.$45104, 14r4
t44'4'444 1 0'4 , 5 etit3 I 4' Ihe 44444 14414.43 e 13. 1)4(
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C411r 4, .44)) a9,1". 14, 13')mon wil.l541)-2hat.'
J4(4'44l4n spendin a n444: . l14 en-,454 h44V, I'-s
4544)3.514 (3141o 4 5t444r444i4' 44l '('4' syul.
I.4Lew 3"1otnpug 444 .51441145111111 1:. ,An
54441411'n tins 31)ftll44 I 4' of .14.44 4)44)4 144'
044la t~4. 44411awekft ol
Mpril. 44l 4.4.44 1144444, 14 44'
\\1 Jit i l\Vine lateah twl . b1, e~ll.l madl on1{ thel
rl,. il. |llllWll~lllll,' l~l'Ill 1. ') t~lllllld* 11Io
lni rt let I.li.
httillhlhin T 'o) lilitti tll , 1 hi.. Iwh e'( " lia?
hbonI ftllbr hy th,, e.~lectio oI' fGiorl'.
I 'lyih'k.
Thi Ie hel. ?nhi'ltt'itti .'' I1,1 1H it h loeu'
will h II hh1 I iti I•I I:, wh ii Ill n V
celi f,. " I'wn llWI 1 \ hlll pilt into1t tr'inhl
ingl, mi11l olf thel hlrnl, I..l .'r iitiatedl+l
hlerel, {11 lithe Ifollowin:thl y d sl o i thi|onllll
will b' 1Inule of the donlallteld n I nbhlllleIlllP.
llllnl~lvv, . I1, 16-- (.p~~rl)-ihl
chlyldi (illtn) tInll, tho Ii nt Ipreentt
itchin* r the e hhihe Ilttsr t'et'mi Ii
exlicr(t hed ihrl he thl t "wrt. tro, b',''mgl itt
trc'rt it" Ilml'lllx, elrt u I sthtnlllg pitaiff.
t1rut hI ii itt':~~c tti't't'tl Nltt tn1 Kit ntjliflrlI
Inllll 18t lncll.v tw'r alnd frlll l palrtl
ilf thlc l y r IhiII I mo A tl | s.t't t lit
il_ ti l Idre i itt yth.1t i tty. I I .t(lftlyt'l I
tut fuI 14li 'eltithr lit the tett tt we
i.tl /"w, b ut IN t irn.Mi t piyi L tt h- i
tdel''ln n llt b1111. 'hilt (clloba u tliei1
plitc llng tll t r ' ttd1.g ill. It 1 i nellt' r Itl ,'
lt't .ttlht i ti hiltv' t inoti heit rIt llii'
iht, ihr tlii tt tl ii 1t . Itt ii ihre t-l nt'I
-n lIdIi' K iieilill ill ititn it liter' f)11r1111
th~re.. n.amesll whenl two+l st'lrnK pilt.h
(.srr will bhl n-.eded. ;lllnt Hlulmmlllaind
thnllnk thl -hall ani d fl, as wl(ll l l.'
ii t' flll the IIuhlli. AIttt r i i.u1n t Ih,
neusln : Ilt i) Iti oh- r1le<tI~ ln r tlthi
),.lll~lllll; (.lht ; Idd ll. ,,I(' .1` a411. 1W , n lt rlli+c~
bieit . li+t l t.ltu u hil vle, I t rii n l gellt r iiiti'
l'nf idinc, it n ti. e IIII. Mal rx i
•1)I Jch~lnrl.t .+I, ml 1'(11 111, I. hl'hl( rl'hh Ln(rl
ing hreehit youorda. IichmyerIc
114; I tl.it~lllllff lh III'\ll hi'llrll, Jlll l~llC: .vhl~l|
[III htlll ,,, Illb y)( INtm icl~rllhy )IJll~llrlL.,p
l Ie mil' ln, ilttis II .. Thiurc 11tt w' b htilt
llJIII hl(II I~llll+ II . .4 ll'+hll. P~ llt llt ll Pln +,
11 bin t\11h at1 ;Ii llnl 1;ing.5( Ialtll H in in
hpvi, )ddtln wvll I, kllnlwll llas tl
flIst ,'VeingIII. Il 14 m ti ngIII ofl till HInil
|tlal sc ol.*l, treas11 .. Ti~., 'h(, I)ourd
thouigllht i t aldl]illwlllb| ill t IIIIII1 till'
blh lllll lrlin ly ui thll r i hI su1r11' tI o |ble,
aI tendonellly tol lliplyX the' namelll ol lhe
tdlu l liti l to lh{. ,.chol, \whh'h iP+ nlot
c cII,'.l{ h(I I h, |)ll' l rc~c lr I,~ l lc. Y'H H'
; I1{'\' brl hl inlg was1 tI. l ht to tim Nortrh
L41pdknln*' it was, ninl. votd Ito ht thll
contrat l'll r | 11" oh verhm\t'l illl gll ofl tile
hllllbuti plhant Il in t h lubh Htchoo hollid
IIIng1"( hlI t io Xt L ''.(' Iil (M r 'I·t II I malIN y.I
Thi11.' will 11I1n ita ll that 'her, will1 h)+
prIllil li('ll .' |1 IIy no l'S i n lllll' vi ti n |1lW a
hinst hlled il tht, hhih s+,hool heiblnlgl
:.'lln..o l .\iis ,wi {ll up rl Tu d y..li,, N,.tenltl
h.,r I;.
(' tllll tl \\i': n A gll -iTi Illfill hit r , i
00 1(qli wrsl ll' csll +.up h n l In to j tl
,le lli.ngh eafip, i dl' ce .4 t'. in.
1I. W\hitsell a!1.ain11t (l1,11r.[. IP)hlab in . us,
renlll ,.lupel''viior. The* phdntlif'+ w,,re
the dlerrlnd|nt 1'1'111 opei nglllk :1 ro,;
berV+tw'l thl, EdwaiYlrils andl W%11.twit
runclll'll , hl llnt.d .,(+\ m'l li~le.. +MI)I.'
train 1);.rby. .\ l,'lmlorary.+ i~ljllln tionl
\w'as i:l lt110l by t h+' +'ourt llpill thl,
p+ aift' +, in a bon i (1 i.
Ilumllmdl ,*l Aug. H. (;-+}y. rques't o)f
the' aftllir'ey.<, the ('ase+t of th~e sltate= ol
.1'xfonltanlIo against. W\'alterl I-. WVhit(, ne(
('lIo<edi o+f fl'h't d|('gree. IIUI'Ier, wasH s+t
ye'.tul'day~ I',* (>.tche(r 3, lillo!, at 0 it.
II1, \ hit+, is ,'harge,.d with the In+11'1('I
ofr hl,. ihly-ihl| N-+on tt hi,+ ranc{h 11{ar1
\W,°; I' lP ( "'Vl,,
I U lnmlllt n, u.\ il (.III.-+.lltq'l W'' oVlr(
r urn+ll'lld hla t ev\ ning h rl m M'' iiii ula.+)l~
willh (lv,,rg.++ l'ruse.r, at rb.+Idtnt o+f Plohr
thr Itutlll+,mnakl al'lley+. abo)v\e Missou+lhl
Hnlmlltoln, AIug.. Its.--A lmallrriagl. II
('herk ofI tht, out+ll, tii J,.\, ttlO. lbool
Vi|dki+ ald+ Myrtl,: I71"'Utolh bonth of._
Steve\nvi ' ]lle,
Laces l Price Sale
;." 411 ,lto h , l, $f Rlll lt t ;l .. i ll opt d.t k (
i ,l ' I.\. ilI l ___I .I__ - _I __ __h:.\Ii. lhi Ih i on 11I"
I t.rl he" li. A SAFE PLACE TO TRADE, a rlce, Ol' . CtLASEP
Halt Price Sale
Linen Suits Silk Dresses
Wash Dresses Tailored SuUl
oVthink of it---n
This Is Not
But a Hyman Hair Root Showing Dandruff Germs.u, W at
Kills the -Dandruff Germ
and Makes the 'Hair.Grow
Stops Falling Hair and Ramo,it.4asndi a
FEW people are aware of the number of -Dandrtfni Ctes
that infest the human hair andscalp. Tbetgermaa ,a
locate themselves in. thefollicle or, sack whiithset.li '
root of the hair, spend a lasy existence in sukiqs,p.4,,
juices which shouldgoto keep life and streqgth,il the ihati
These germs cannot be seen by the naked eye, but With .
magnifying dglass ol from 300 to 400 dtameter the spht
of his hair destroyer may be seen in malsses,clalagi~p g
the hair.
AND !FALLING HAIR are a sure iO
destructive germs. -
Wyeth's Sage ,and Sulphur Hair ,
Kills the DL)adruff Germ when 4PpplIed .e o rthie ,J ga
prevents the curseeof Baldness. It o .stsls
Fray hair to its natural color. esu besuty. N, pr
gray or how long it has been gray, it will ireters ItE 1wh
natural color and keen It soft, glossy and besithful. Do.ty
experiment with old-fashioned halrdyes, but ve.andrdetore
your hair by using Wyeth's Saue and SauShur Hlasira R -Rw'
Price "Oc and $1.00
If tra draggest does weat he it seud JOr an sIeaeps and we will ed sw wa a rage atll. asjritses D
WyethChemical Company, 74'Cortlandt St., oeWWrYl
FREE bll dvril,,on cnt, vth t ciue at ikt
of Wy rh a SageaSa and Sulphur H.lt Ren.edy io (be W/erbl ` e. n~c'inJ 1t Ireii7F-d . e
New YorL, we tll *nd you without coi. tall slte SOe t.b,' 'tlvo"l'.t"waaa;k.e r~
For Sale and leceommen 'ed iby Misseula hBraulg i pd
Best Service,
Best Apparatus,
Universal ,Connections
Make' the
Bell Telephone
the Ideal means of transactlng
busilnetn, rapidly and well. New
Ilniia jiist comlpll.teF to the Flat
head country brilng mucI h addi
tional Iland Inpiortanllt territory
within inttant rcucl ilr Misnolia.
l' der , .II ''llJlit ll.n today. You
will nii ver regret it.
Every Bell
Telephone Is
a the Center of
the System
Iluuler and nay . di l (or Girhl, tiare1 al Iahl ,
t.llfllllll, a.lji lloll blalll.ld Ullil: l l . I'pper .'Cl,-.1
'illon Dlp tnllrllln . I' r new b.11thlne' linl.h rlulilnIq-, l
A Kl',i"I("Ii." NIiie w t lh v illep pres" (70 tI ed to,) ; a um.;o.
IlAlr 4 pui llll J I a Rcit4 on l .illol 12 twlle ; A (:yl lli. nilu i
tAL< nied Als AI A.uluiiu.al fur Acdil pl)00 au,) elntrtlin.
lirll. a mo el tIIi i hItinalw for IIunlh, It F'1 ino.nll . I.r-,
tr.ule grounds. Iirutflulll' laid uItll; play ýrlound', trllults
wints. drill courtr fr .illy p i Walri er .-r, i runder perr
Iil l l dIrrlll t. pehal ftw rr, If .%-h : Mumi¢, Art,
|) lra nl li ', l, l'ia , // l-. . l~do r J."f thl 11:uzh,,nl IhI: ) - ',
hlo l ow's-ii mlrll b rptn -r 1:, 19iii. lVrlte b,,r illustrated
Principal, MARY I. LOCKEY, A. B.,
Pasi At, Ceifotnl.n
eallei d n a.
'.it . m b Ca....r
Want rivetrtirhing rentsl the rooms in
thi, city.
The "THOR"
Wonder Working Blectric
Laundry for the .Home
Learn How to Seve
Money, Tine. Toll
Th operator s now washing and
inh clothes at the same tlme. Thun i
losiible with our 3-roell eletrLe wrlaer.
Come and see the "Tbor" in operatio-
the washer that does the entire Iaundry,
work for a family of 6 in 90lminutl l ate eats
of 3 ents fur electricity. It will oapn your
eyes t, poeaibilities of houabeald seeeaqs
you never dreamed of. The To' l" solved
the servant problem. Saves t-save
time--saves the elethes.
Guaranteed towashdainty lraeenda1 .
Curtaina beautifuly dlean without tloJUy.
Some day it will be in every home-ýpt
iti nyournow. 4 i
Operated irom any electric light. AtaU4
Mone in dtlferent .aze.-udapted for say
housu or apartment.
Missoula Light &Witer
West &~
Old Mill Butldlig, :
IndepndWti ds /

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