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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, August 20, 1910, Morning, Image 2

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A Uew 5.troHml pIºlt4.er1d
, homuse ith bturn, MshedM,
` A.. chicken houtW, city water,
a cracking g4o)01 I1roposi.
tion; 3 fine lo!4, 410x1.3:)
each, on a fine corner.
Lonlocatl otn South Iourth
streef, west; price,: $22,150,
on te'nrs of oone-third cnslh,
balance to mnlt. 'I'lis is
a splendid bIuy.
Jas. M. Rhoades
Real Estate and Insurano..
S 16 Higgins Ave. Hammond Blook
-~~~ ""~~~--;------------- -.r---- -
S . C. Mulroney has started to tLt.
S Loula, where he will represent the
r tpneaf qriq eof ,Eagles at the na
tional convention of the order. The
st ate aerie named as itt. delegates to
the convention, beaides Mr. Mulroney:
i i. D. Weed, Helena; T. J. Walker,
Butte; 8. V. Stewart, Vlrginia City;
; W. A. Tremblay, Miles C('ity; ,rhed Ii.
S oster, Billings. According to State
Secretary Logan all of these delegates
i wi attend, the tplan f being that they
join . Muhalroney on the train and
proceed together.
S The Montana Ergles are particularly
S m, nterested in' the St. Louis conventioun
s -at-tfhey are on retcord as indorsing the
plans of National President Hering for
the revpsion of some of the work. Dulr
S Inlg the last few weeks State Secretary
SLogan has mailed more than 3,000 let
tern to different aeries and proilinent
members throughout tilte country: this
correspondence has added materially
to" the postoficef business of bMle.oulua
and is a good. practlcal boost.
Mlrs. Kate 13enotlllunt onterled at xuit
for divltorce frolt hier itluslttanll, Il r
vey W. licautlont, n the' dtlltriclt
court yesterday. iA 1rn. Hl;ia tlllllit
clainls tllhat her husbutni hluts wilful
ly neglet'cted it-er and her two tcihlden,
having left them il Missoula while
he resided in EaLuu Claire, Wis.
The colle lits two children', aged
four aUId ix yeal', rie-iiertively, and
the plalutiff xiks for the custody.
The Misseoula counLty republii-tll
central committete will meet tionight at
8 o'clock In the ot'iteo of i.t W. Ke-nIi,
A full attendaInce 1s expect'ted.
A Fine Ranch Home
11 miles east tof Misoutla and about
200 yards from the station of Turah
on the Northern Pacific; 138 acres.
Nearly all tillable land; 100 acres
ias fine land as can be found in
Missoula county; splendid strieaul
of water; fine well.
Good '-room house, flue lawn
*'14 big, fine shade trl'ee: good
;' 4LSand other out-buildings. Abh,ut
M1 00 hearing trees.
With this pioperty, it sold before
tember 1, will be the hay in
itsc, amountling to 40 tons, about
siucre'of potatoes, fruit crop, gar
n, t; e also Iwaid of 'horees, 10
Sf rhi4ttle, 10 hols, 50 chlckens,
wsns , O. p sets harness, I rubber
S' i upgy. 8 light wagons, all
S ºilpempntl, ttbols, ete, This
ed :treal .bargain, Price
4 nt
6 y1'. ý' l : .4 Yýt^ Y
"Don't say rain up here," said Ammo'
elate District lorester Silcox yester
Iday. picking upI) an Inkstaind as it to
throw it at the overlinquisitive re
porter who asked him if there had
Sbees any natural rellef for the firm
situlation anywhere In District No. .,
"The m1an who asks about rain here In
in danger or his life. That In rubbing
It in after we ihavel been doing our beat
to fight fires encouraged by negiectfoll
That remallrk lllouat numn up the(' ol .
Iok 11a t to the forest fires. Itnier thei
hlaking slt, which hias been dryinag ltt
the Iillis uad woods for the last inillth,
the tillmber Ioullghlout tilheiithwet
has abecomle au iiry ias tlll lder and the111'
Sflying iallrk ll and embllers are dl'y
I kindling new fires. The Hitultilon ihas
Schanged but little during thi'e past f'ew
Sdanys and it will change but Ilttle from
now untlll rain comesll , Iunliesn for tiih,
worlc'. It in llext It Iiniim i I4h ile to, iI t
IItempt to quellll the ftrm a nd illl h11 hati
ithei forestry peiide inii da in to hili
iheii lac-k as miiiiii as pIssible aiiI
wait until raii extinguishes them
Menll are needed I ti prnc.lt feill f pt
Itrol work in orler thatl new fires,
aspreading froml IIe ,old ,iones, may he
exiliguishedi before Ithey eteme',, i loni
merldul. It Ic for this plurpose that
oldillers il ire In such1 grealt icildemand.
Within the pact eouple of days dlstrictl
No. I hllm called en the armiiiy (officials
fur tell c 'nllllpalllleli io f oilliers alll hIl
scclred but threel , `The glreat force of
laborersl II the fltl In suffihlenlit fIr
the lile 1I fight the firim and reslriel
their In iveIIImenl's, but the luck of disl.
p anlle Itlnlll i sl l i men alljIkes thealln
usieless as palr'ols.
Itrigadier (Gelleral Howe, at (allmp
Sparta, Wisconsitn, teleographed Mr.
Silcix yesterday that he haid two coin
paniers available and tasked that hie he
Iintified Il to their tatlolln. Mr. NIlcox
stated that one wouldl le bemnt to
Kalllspell anll thile uotlher lI ('.)nra'llII 1
the (Ireat Northern.
Thle coipalliy of colored troiops froli
the Twenty-fifth inlfantry at Io,'rt
aeorge Wright will probably be ilI the
ground toiday. ''hesme nolhir ti are to
he statiloned at Borax. T'he forestry
officlals have Ibeenll tiinable tio locate
the compan1 y iis yet ilui do nlol Iknuow
whether it will go by waiy of W \llace
ori M 114m)Ia.
'atiphinl HPI'tailt in also fluruishling ahid
in tihe way of it Iack train otf :0 hIor..s.
Tell iof these lllrses with It cr'Pw oif 80
lnenl will be senl to Avery anlll tlhe
olther 20 will he glven'l to thie crew at
Iroin Mountainl, The officials of the
service are now tryldig to arrange for
a special train to carry the animals
over the Puget Sound to their destlna.
New Fires.
L'oro"ter (Ireeley telegraphled t to the
Misnoula offices yesterday that' a fire
had broken out on the Houth Fork of
the F'lathead river.
Supervisor Kinney sent word that
the fire which has been raging along
Rock creek, near Bonita, has crept over
the divide and is uow burning south
and euat of MlcQur.rle.
The other fires have cluhnged In asm
pect but little und'thouhti the reports
from the Interior have been ileager
the situation is supposed to be about
the sanme. The forestry peol)le are
pushing their tight hard and are nalll
tauling a gaod control despite the
thousand and one handtlicap that be
set them on e\very mide. 'lThe fall rains
aret due blefore very long, It is hoped,
and when they come the battle will
be over. Tlhis fall's campaignll hais Ii
pressed ulponi tile northwest, ut least,
the value of this efficient anld care
fully-Lrlllnld organizationtlI, for during
thei past iimonth tlinllllioiiin of dtollarm
wortlh il' tlllllher has beenll iavedl, i Inew
InIid beautifilll nuoI ntnit ipark has been
at, llched I'lll Ifl' devastationl ad i t least
thre lawns its the thou,1 d'Aleurh hate
bI'eeIi rtt'uiued froil lil I' lllal-s. h'l e
value of tlli' serviei' mailot llw over
ctllilc tled slu, Iad will give' thel, f'ore.ry
people it nIw a111f even hhigler 14111,d
lIg 111 'the ey'es 1 Ilat'se wht hatve beeni
affectedtl by II, .
nt. (i. Nhllihld , wa IIi li,1 c'iIy se -
Itlrdlay to tlciniull with MI'r. LP(,tl'l'.
Mu bulllr 1 . *llllll, 1u1U1lnp'll lleri lle lle t oI'
buildiig whitli will h," trectild at Al
berion. Th'i buhiliji will luhve two
rtlol_ ,
thtl~ii d44v4 4114' 441.44g4444 444 UtltP, 1044I4
uponU1 the vat ioIIH 1InIIunII)(O)IP s a s to,
county, t14 41hc144'44' 44 n4d ei4th4 girad' exC
44444444444 4 14141º. I''14") 10 ''. 44444444Ilal,
comit44y superintendet4'41'4 444' 44vh44o44,
wl'444 to 444ak4 pla4414s her p4444 4 1444th)s
regar Idl.
Both'4 44; 4i44444j44444 will 41( hIeId 44n
144 if44L4 4)44 August44 2611 444d . .17the
teae~l.erSN' examination~l l will proabully--
t4'Iici. 4r44 - X. 44 44 114e44 i 4 1144 1'4)b44 lly
Schoo4l bui&ld1ing, wh'le t44e eigh1t1h grade4
(x444inftlo44 will 444t likely 44e given4
In th4e Ronoevelt school44, the pu1p44ls be
Ing 144'tter4 alcCUstuome(d to that build
A m4a4 wh4o g4(4. h4i1 n4444444 as4 J. B.
Hannla was a'rret44d by Offlcerl a
bert near4 th4e4 Northerrn Pa ~tif44 depot
44nd was .jaie44l awaiting tlial on a
charge of petty larceny. Hannah was
caught with a sultcase--Identltied by
a woman living near the depot as be
I longing to her-and as he could not
p'ogy. *p45r444444400 w44 t.1k44n Into (44441
In the develupment af its weat
ern Montana ayetenm, the MI-.
suula II.Iglt & l'ower i lopiiiaaIIy
ha1. 'eatllalllilli*d a branc'll head.
aquurter III liamnllton. Clarlxtian
Sdi. Chrlitliallna.ln hall haeall aeleclted to
Shave charge te tle 11w ollv anlld Ihaa
alrealdly gllane Llap til vallhy lo alln.mlne
htIa II(-ei dulri, Hie wilIl lhave hlllrga'
rrl I~ lllul rilixncn~ I
ol I tha light a.naid wa iv.' cyxteine ip
I Hallllllon ulil It In llkely that lie
I Jlrlld: li thn rf ]Io i I fi',i i.c will .ie ex
ta'illaled t, (:cirvullia aIIIl Viathl, vwhIere
(hl+ l, millnllly hlln4 Il,1"hlillg fr~alllhfues'.
MihaIIiIt ri1'ie'ae ii la a "(ihrle." lh
hla 111 i heen rllilae ev rI sl.l v ia hi l II' II hla Y
ldIIIi I IIa iai aIi gII llll| ralv!ai ; IIalmio tlL
I; nill thl bllelgi i h I Ia L hll ll eel. le nLnl
lae.id willh (nl hght r h aretl, alalllalall la
rLhP~l r l+.' l rc('o~l)II, rnILlc¥|III(1" I il'l lh ll'~h
tlt 1. aL1 I l1 aaiij I llay' aying rll. i t ll a W rilag
a avaieaasi viaaa nanageaaeaataai aid winnianag
llew fl iliar willtLh elallh, 11e I. thor
aaaighlal a 'rltaa'i'la manlaai lnd i'ia iiir.
Iell, ale , aelll l ia i l alt it i lal , tlla I yI
ii I.al , 111ai Ial pawer,'l IItIIa . lilla ,lei
I " lfi II h ln the .lia ' u l ruia ll . IIIa v raaI a"1
IHwaiiov1 hl e h i all ii allll l'aa l ' air rnilt -
laIg, I e.awI er faI l | tLiallllly iia aI
li ri'tai a el , ax a il g ain aial lali
hla dlak wit'llhy faaor IIlau halll lli
a'a 'al'+d tlhat alialnl laler aii u itle il IIII
lu'' alll al tlall't a llm it llL La hlr ' tc hlatli'
aIL ' hlii lllh ti il,,'L'ilinl'llllllly'aa iia rhli', 14
rIII hilin. tlhlll enmpan || lll ll lVlic. Nolr..r,
lie lii galnei Li IlIaaiitaaiio, aveai lalirar
Iii lt al II lahaiaa'' a tlaal lia. .|llariatalni
ra'iaialan. aiiaa. filer area''a' ai hope Iha'
I~ala'l'lan i t. I hait I ia-h i a0ia0'a,' llala'e, I l a Il,
] 'i ll fi, h u,'lld la it I ll 'iiia aliapi | I|I' lhil
II, he will rilld (llne (ii iriiii( dlwll the
i vfley lae in aa whilh Iand aagive Ilihe
alatory of hiis vae'atlomn JouLl'ri'y in werha
folrll aa . IIttle'o at aa tfile.
IThre l, however, allat liii.i Jaroea-1
a pa't loir any haa.ir'Ue fair Mr. Clhri.stiain
aoniian lhe immai1itat future,. tie hIia
nii|1'aaly unllrtalllklel the la olana.strultlaaia
ofl ii .,'.0 -linrl.1pwl r lW(, am xl l ectl ,h'ri, Xll
It'n ai llailahfan awhihh will] I a re
a-"liive flihLit ih malina.etlaaio wilth thaie
Il'ilm.inihn l nl Il*rl a M'rmnulaaia, 'l'lhrle
a 'a a fiea iliniirtaint (xtiaiafaia. ut af t
waaar-M, lllpply ii'alta.inl whihihlIa'i, Iii Itoh
lmudiafa- ini l l laa llf a iuiill f hix l-i i wlll
bea fully aaa'euiah'd.
Thi Micianoula fria'naf af Mr. Il'hri
thanluon will unh, hin wlahingl hhim
iibiiiial n iii L11Lt','e-'t I ii l Ii ii ' flelal.
.]They will na11,11 hilml bhut th,.; hope (,*
se latn - hlunaiimallv and Ihal will fiafla
Smoke Wm. Hooper cigars .
W. H. Pcachond of Cinlcinnati In reg
istered ait the Hiie)vy.
Drink John Gund's Peerless beer.
T. C. Teltasvorth of Denver is regis
tered at the Florence.
Dr. Willard, osteopath, 1st Nat's Bank
P'. H. Smith of Duluth is visiting in
Missoula for a few days.
Public stenographer, Dawson. 5 Dixon.
W. B. Barclay of Ovando Is slpending
a few days in Missoula.
James M. Rhoades. tire Insurance.
J. F. Nelson of Philadelphia is reg
istered at the Missoula.
Marsh, the undertaker. Phone 321.
F. H. Powell of Chicago is in the city
on a short business visit.
I. H. Melaney. livery, hack and
transfer. Phone 655.
('. H. Hanslon of Chicaglo was in the
city yesterday on business.
Dr. Ward, veterinarian, Tel. 33 or iJ1.
H. J. Arnstinec f I 'levelnd, Ohio, Is
registereld at tihe Flilorence..
MissoIla len (on. Phone 311t cluckl
(11, . lllls cf Ju.illtll (i ry wasn11 i 11th
city y l'esterdaly Ic l bIlcin',essc .
Try Dutch C'ahionlhinc Kellogg I'alllt
Miss Katlherineil Ilowe .c , lluuffalh. N.
Y., Is visitinig wilthl frientls itn th city.
'Franlk 1'. Keith. Insural!eo. Florence
If. A. (lIese o lihnver is aallaiaag a
bilasiceWss visit in tlche city.
The Mlssnul.t lric'k & MHulpply Co.,
oftl'h 11ii IlIgglns vlvenue.
II. H. (hlle o'f WViisllingcloI i Is itI
city cill Iat blislllic s visit.
I)r, Ancnl JlllCOes, osteolpath. Thlcuonea
3l14 Biinek. lIHiggins hluck
14. 1). lcacas ei r i H. Iccis is lta c lkila a
blclcrt blsllcI 'css taily II lle clity.
Vlacutionll days will sln lllc e over.
HtIave you Ual i'can'ils Brus. trunk yit?
I'. J, Smllloms llf ,.-pllokun wlllcl aIII-c acclng
Ilihe Iauluscs airrival yesterdatil'y.
Mioullacl anId western iM,cnccltanc
directolry for sale at Misacniicinc office
I"'. 4. T\i iing of IIillcl' in slperldlll lg al
few c lays c11 McIisscccai!ct, ll c sicciesac.
Drink Joel 13. F'rauser at thel Oxforl
"l*vcry swallow maclkes a frlend."
(I. M. 'lotchellr of Bllillings is .pcntlldinlg
I Ifew ldays int Misioula l Ibulsinelss.
Stllns, enlarcels, varllslhes, etc Kel.
logg Paulnt Co.
(G. J. Millan oI f lczentmacn ic ccaking
iL short businccss visit Icn Missoulac.
hlalirdressing, Miss Arcnatr, Fil'bt Nc.
tI onal blocik.
H. ihlcisicnger of iSpokn. i imaking
it short businoess visit in Missoacla,
Colonlial for calndies anld ice cream.
Phoness: iall 57 Rod; Ind. 475.
Mt. C. Miller of Des Molinesi, Ioawa,
is Ispending a few days in the city.
Dry cord wood, slabs and edgings.
Rlberdy Lumnber Co., Tel, 743.
V. A. Wolcott of Butte was at buli
ness visitor in the city yesterday.
Newton H. Schweiker, optical spe
cialist; eyes examined. 518 Higgins.
J. El. Ryan of San 'Francisco Is spend
ing a few days with friends in the city.
Dr. Pearl Foster, dentist. Children's
work a specialty; 4 Hliggini block.
V. A. Rice or seattle was among tihe
?uslneiie.Arrlival in the city yesterdaiy,
The IN- 9-h
Rule THE GOLDEN RULE The Store That'Does Not Misrepresent Rule
Downright Merit in Suit Prices
'l'ITAT AitE N(OT TO I'li I EQAl Il) IN TOll'N
$ 7.Clo th e s . its i _ _ .. ...................................... .50
$. ..1) suits ..............................................................". ..... $ 10 .0 0
If por Jire seeking eomlthinig otbter 'ha" Iorage "0t 3 0 suits: .u.......... .$15.00
SrlJ I II rll' ' h(j ll i ~ii ll( , (1,1' 1 h ~ I ' , I !Lfl ) 1 . lr ...................................................................
woel ih inld slitiNetio in a sit ni, e ouit here. Yoii'll fiiil . it p in ,ill8 . ...... $18.50
it i S'einilllich, Kupllle il l nh iner and IIl eket -('tu hirt. u1.2.5(1 ilsuit'. ............................................. .... .........00
I I A i I) Y yo i y s i of of 7.50 it ..... ........................ .................... ........ $2 2 .50
Ihliels' Iunlke at II verly low pric' . r\l we ask ( yowu in o (5.o suit ...... .. ................... ....................$31.50
shoilp ill.,lli[ ini d notllllmipre plrices, Ihen cloIInts in alndi look
our lines over. After looking, you ,will decile you ,have EXTRA SPECIA LS
looked nonugh. \'WeI ha' hle st.aill(t story ev*ery taqy: "You
k v,,,t'e , ( ,,e ,ho tlothi,,g sl, its fle ,'ity." Andl ithe wit we
in k. 50 Dozen Lien Handkerchiefs at 15c
Siultas up to, $0i al ......... ....... $i.75 Each, for Today Only
ulls il p to $37.50 iat . .... $1.75 'ill
Mniuils ilp lto 15.00 t l at .........3. 75 .I)o i h zelill'i ih l ftI ; tiIli' iho II jll rei l h.lni3.7it t ih ll lt.ihst d
()her goo' d aIllllk s t ili to $17.50 at..... ........ ............. ....75 .i lInkerchie s; one is l igit ig ir li t ii1ilch with e hilt idered
M lie's iilation piorousk itit. undelrwen, . girlu'il .... 19 ~ lil, ee hIts i r ur l tl il
M1in's hallhriggul tintlldrl'wr ar,a, gi t 'i ................. ......2.5 . eitl . IemhlUl i this is faor l 1Ultu h1Y only. hpehl
e ' ' h tll igg ll w , .. 35....................... .......................................15
1e 's hliis' ill Ioloi's, iL pauI 15y ; ) dozell'......... $1.00_.0
en's .o, s ,ilk lisle, linen heel and tIe, a pair...... ......* 25z Sum mer W eight Kim onos
.Men's hose, luet Nripe, all colors, 50e valules,,. pis. r fit..' $1
81l5)lulier weight kimonos, consisting; of 'figured iawits, ere'les,
tSwi ,ses anid crttoi n clihallies,, trl'illll in wilh ibraiids awI rih,
REM NANTS[ ll; ill'i, hl inih ilots:
Lot N A N--('otlsitigll of kitoonos wo'rIi(th 75.' fo'.................... 494
Lot 2--'onsisting of kimllOllO worth $1.25 l.and $1.50 for..89W
10l) wool and1 silk lreill uniis, ittisisting of ill wIieaves- of wool lot 3-('onslistintg of kimonos worlth $1.75 and $2 for..$1.39
goods itlt silks. E'rtin I to 5-yiard leigthlis.... litne-lIIf P'ri'e
SWomen's and Misses' Hose
A wind-tillp of the season on figured lawns. The stock isi't
complete and there niy ant he eVuglh 5)u the piece you l italnen's ala and i n hose, pair .................................8 1-3
like, blit nl Ihait thereh isn " g.oln i le'tion to ihoose( i. \oi U ,l' lck hlcei l, lila sook iIlho , (15' valule for',lpair..45
Y rll .......... ... ....... .........7 1-2 t taltll 10 1 Misses' lisle hose, in fie riibledl, l ilt . . 25 anil 35¢
hlisses' fine rilbied cotltol) hos,, 1I: ..... ................... 15¢
\\'wA il 1 ND . I" l ys' heavy eltmil hose, JnIl sizes, pail'. .. .... ......... 250
\Wash hands ii a large assol)ul.entll that formely soldt l .\ iiscountll of 20 per cen't on all sillller weightl klitl
25e at yalrd. Special, yard ........ ... .......10'¢ unllder iwear.
Phone 38 for cabs and baggage
transfer. Greene & Elilnghouse.
P. Hi. G(riffin of Hunset spent yes
tgrday in Mlssoula oni a business visit.
. Dr, Hanson of Butte, Mont., visits
any part of the state for consultationsl
and general surgery.
A. M. and Margaret Vance of LeRoy,
Ill., are visiting in the city for a few
Dr. J. Louise Smith and Dr. C. B.
Spohr, osteopaths, suits 17, Masonlc
tomple. Telephone. Bell. 618: Ind.. 7,2.
C. C. Hutchison of lOmaha was amlong
the business visitors in Missoula yes
Dr. Rlesland, optical specialist, now
gt roomns 2 and 3 Hammond block,
until August 20. All glasses ground.
J. E. Corbett of Seattle was amnong
the business arrivals in Missoula yes
Evans Bros. Trunk Co., manufactur
ers and jobbers of trunks, bags and
suitcases. Halesroomr 204 Higglns Ave.
IPactiry, Daly addition. Phone 251.
W'. II. IKliiiper of New Yiork was
tIIs'iilhnl i boiishHl H In Ml-ltsllliit v s
mlites your planI need tunling? Leaver
torders at Li'y's stolre for expert tlll
eor Work gupranteed. Montana Music
nrI's. 1. i4rlll'ill ld chilhilrel' of Ne'w
York llty tir.e si'llling in few ilays fii
M IHnll ulil.
Applle boxes- it largo lquantity of
stnlldard size keli nonst intly (ion halld
at II. t. llllaber Co. Yard l(08 'J'ole
.1. 1I. iire IslI e' ll'Hrlito rgi was
ai niiig lii't husinaes vilsuiii in I tilt, ilty
.ulis lliunrney ai, d wife oif Il'lolita
Il'ii spl ndilnig a fi.\v dilti wi tli fri l iilds
li the city.
llssaes I ellla-ll i iil I 'l;irl Currier of
Illtoston are spenaillllug ai fivw ilays wit llI
Ml iassi ilht frielllas.
Ilitter Root Viliey Nir'ery Co.. Vi'
till', Miontiiia-- lolit-grown Ltrees,
gtuarll'lDiiell tlrue iio nlallll'. We are also
agents forh tii teneva ii nusery. T. II.
Ilnalllhige, lsecretary. Si. I'. Kerr,
W iltlilan 'litiil.te, a it e lchir iin thei
district slihoiil at Mluasonl, splient yeSter
lday lie Mlsoula iI conniiiiectlon with
liiill('nus rIgaLrdllig tilt openilllng of
school int Hiptlllllbr. Mr. Toucliette
r'l'lportsh that t gond r'ld'l will Ie har
vested in Ilit valley aouiiit Hiil n tis
f11a1ll ad ithat Ie propects alre fvll
olablel for ita isucell: sfl H(eason, 'lThe
forest fires liav largely bcee placed
unider control, Mr. Toucihette, asserts,
and that the danger is over for the
Manager HIarnois comnpluineid last
evening about the boys who spelit their
time during the show In inspecting and
climbing' Into the automobiles in front
of the theater. There were several
boys in the crowd and, by dividing,
they kept Mr. Harnols always on the
run and decldely on edge. He asked
that herenfteir snmothing he nidon to
stop them,
Walter Nelson. a secretary, wsd
found gul!ty in the police court yes
terday on at charge of vagrancy and
was sentenced, by the Jury. to 10 days
in the county Jail. The case against
Nelson was a clear one and his coln
viction Is the result of a carefully
planned rald. Nelson was arrested
with a woman, Dotty Bernard, In al
local rooming house Thursday. The
wo.man was released on the petition of
a Hamilton photographer who signl
fled his intention oa marrying her
and N.I-lsn faced triml alone. The
Jury fixed the penalty.
A "Busted" Romance.
'I'III gentllt lll ltIa frlOll hII ti, :. his
(lremoll of roltlltlnce il short, rel tinted
hist slight, .ooking I'-Ir his prl spellvve
p'ride stid $10ll, tlhel, slte (IoIk w it
her when sh' left hiit. It lappea.rs
flult Dolly dhi lot IparMt Ilarly enr ,tl
Io follow the strl lght il lnatlrrowl'' path,
mlld when the additionlutl hndlenent or
ai fati t troll l l itwas dde did i 1her
distirted Insltinlets told her aind blew.
last ntight the would-1w re.,uer if
larnisheit and diistlresuetid hleuely arri|vtd
i tcould ay111 not give halls in ,
nurt sugg.uted thl, If posIble, he wai Id
Ilko to seclrel hils InlH y. lio did not
appelr io be <II Ile, a parth'uhnr us In
tlhe return of hls o)otty.
I Vcation
If you had a Victor you
could stay at home all s pm
mer and yet have ,the best
kind of a vacation.
Even if you go. away for.
the sumluer, you'll find a
Victor will add greatly to
your enjoyment on many an
Stop in ald hear the Victor
you're always welcome.
iull line double.taced 10an.yictor
record.. Hear Caruso, ScEItti sea.
bricb and T.trsilil on tle Voctrola
Via Ravalll, Mont.
Boarding School for
Young Girls
All the advantages of pobllc
school, commercial course and high
Special attention paid to music,
drawing, domestic science, etc.
Special buildings for young boys
froim 5 to 12 years of ago.
I'ur further partliulura Ulpply to the
All deal place to sp.erd your vacation
and Itrlnprovo your health.
(Jonllnct' with trains Monday, Wed.
Itocuday tandI riday, going up. Ac.
commolat(lons for all who want to go.
Stage fare $:1.00.
Hotel rates $2.00 per day, $12.00 per
week. illliuding all baths. Cabins $2.00
to $4.00 per week, Including utove and
spring mattress. Bathis $1.50 per week
Call of (filbert's store by telephone,
free of charge, for stage reservations
I -_ _- -----I
Workingmen's Friend
Clothing Store
New Family Lquor Store
134 West Cedar St
Opposite the Postoffice.
All prominent brands sold at out
Makes Life's Walk Easy
Wanted-10O,000 Women
To use Main's liquid soap. It saves
rubblisr ahdI removes stains, Will not
rot the clothes or hurt the hands, Ask
your grocer. 16# a quart.
Just Arrived
A hIlllge NNOMIIMlell of tolol'
HIld styleM in
Gordon and Stetson Hats
$3.00 and $5.00
(Come in and ee the( lates(,st.
103 West Front Street
306.303 Higgins Ave.
Groceries and Provisions
Fruits and Vegetables
Meat Market
All Kinds of Fresh Meat and
Both Phones in Both Departmenta.
Ou)r falll sult aMuliploe. See our samn
pIlos bIore ordering suits made to
A specialty of cleaning, pressing
and alteratlon,
30'3 \csnt Mal lit,, opposite .Ity Hall
Botl phonlles: hid. 798; Bell 903 Black.
West & Austin
Old MillI Building, Blgglne Aveoue.
landerndent Phone 1270.
Frank BorNca Co.
We repair flathing in our line.
Ext..Elaaler £1staa. ..

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