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At aidnight last nlilt the forest
`.~ t -e received a mesuage from
laDim1isor Dorr Bkeels of the Koot
-r"l, forest at Libby, and filed at 11
V. in. He says that the situation is
very bad th his district anld i.tlt lant
ii the day four big fires hatd loomed
.p over the divide on thle ('wbinet
•ad that the entire Fisher river
Watershed was on fire, the four btlaze
ifcingt with each other in their cager
I to consunie the forests and
et~ejthat whole region clean. Arolt
'-tire fightesr were on 'the divide
thlen Ute fire came over and were colm
le/! to abandon their tools and flee
for their lives.
SMr. 8keels reports Sylvanite. as
burned And that fire is burning along
the Yakt river for miles. Troy seems
4ta !maintient danger a. a large fire
.1 ,beatahe down upon It from the
There are two rlarge fires on Pipe
creek, across the river from i lbUy,
and a crew of 10 men have been
caughl t between them anl their fate
is unknown. The superv°'.la thinks
that there is a slight chance thia~ they
'have made their escape by making
over the summit to tihe east. These
Pipe creek fires are tlie onrel of which
Libby i. the most afraid, but the
town Is not in Immediate danger.
There is a large fire near Tweed and
another also seriously threatens Rex
The wind is so hIgh that the fire
fighters have realised tle uselessness
to do any 'Work at the headwaters of
the Various- streams and now have
dropped down. to' the settlemettts to
t lake4 last stand in protecting the
lveral towns in danger at midnight.
Nightpitc , Re*tlesuness and Night
aweats All Caused by Indigestion:
Halfgt of the nervousness In the world,
i of the disturbing dreams and night
aires car be ended In a few weks by
ah sple, Inexpensive treatment.
TUpsestomach is the cause of nerv
ouaness and bad dreams. Your food is
Iying la your stomauch undigestdl and
tinrenting: it is forming poisonous
gases whlch Irritates the pheumogas
nerve that leads direct frotm the
Ian. and ends In a network of tiny
'branches running through the atom
It Is lso $he Irritation of this great
puategastr c nerve that causes hIead
eres. ..any times people have severe
headaches and know they are caused
by thm sftomach, but do not .now int
what mannner.
If you are nervoub. have dreams or
nightmare, and do not sleep sound at
night, let a LO cent Ibox of Mi-o-na
stomach tablets and take one or two
after or with meals. They relieve dis
tressed stomach in 5 mnlutes. Bold by
drugglsts everywhere and by George
relhellnmer, special agent, who
guarantees them to cure Indigestion
or money back..
n n- -
Anty Drudge's Monday Morning Song.
Fels-Naptha does my washing,
And I have time to spare,
For while the clothes are soaking,
I'm free from work and care.
For scrubbing, house-cleaning and dish
,washing Fels-Naptha soap is just as superior
as it is for washing clothes. It does all any
soap will do-besides lots of things impos
sible with other soaps.
For instance, it whitens floors in addition
to cleaning them; takes dirt off varnished
surfices of hard wood without dulling the
varnish; brightens dingy paint work and
;brings out the colors in oil-cloth and lin
oleum;-and in doing this cleanin you
use a cloth instead of a scrubbing rush.
Easier, isn't'it? It will remove rease and
stains from carpets and rugs as thoroughly
ca an be done by a professional cleaner.
ill even take out blood stains-the
vrst test a soap can be put to.
t ,re..ons for doing all these things
SaI $Naptha way are printed in the
p: - red and green wranner.
(tnt ilthatwd from oire taile )
it'y, tilhe pre(diction of the distrilet for.
tniter for tonight and tolmorrtow Iming
fair weather thromlhout Oregon, Wash
intonll anid Idahlo.
List of the Dead.
At Ilenst fivt art', dead near Nlew
p)ort, Wash., In a reiult of tile forest
fires. Tihe klnown dlead are:
(IGEORG]N0 ZUlilllti, rancher, UGk,
•IMORt() > II. ('AMPii.dI,,.
A ruanchet'r tilmeIdtei (CIldy'.
Meverall personslll haIvelr'hIllllnc illc llne
fromll fear.
Mrs. Iteinhrtirt broke lwl' frnoml h3ler
resoctuers after they hlatnd lorne her'
fromll her burning home and rush ed i
tback into the flame.,
The flre in still threatening thelllll I town
otf Newp,,rt.
1Beer IN being used at Wallace', Idaho,
fur drinlkitlng ipurpoles i In place iof Wa
ter, thei Hlyll.' otl wuwater ihaving rutle
short Hatiurdaly wheil fir te tlluckedl
lti tolwn and ill still and intern n wlter
wase tIlurned into the city tintsl. MaliIy'or
Ilaln.lul ielanId ordern thlat nol one
shllhltl drink the contamllnallted vwte'r
andt g.e all laloonsl llermnission to ilkeop
op(n'11 HutIldty.
Brave Laddies Die.
A. spi('htl to The 'ri p lolenlitln-I1tvlew
from it. Joeo,Idaho, says:
Mix ,lmembers'r of the fire patrol gang
of 26ll Itn have il.ln four.llnd diead in hik
Praielrl antid Aver. The other 20 ure
IlllnwtiIllg anid iprulblay will never ie
Thel f(res are nIow ragingt Ihetweenl
St. Marle atlnd Mt. Joe, and have reach
ed a point six InIles Welt of rt. Joe.
'The windll in blowllng hard and the fire
in gainlling rapidly and lImmensie cin
ders are falling in the lStreets of Ht.
Joe. The( fire ar re more than a itlet
wide atpd are raging in both aideo of
tile rivet. Thile whlole country north
of tt, Joe over the divide and In l.a
ture creek vicilnity, Is abiasle.
A Itllumbler of hometlteadter unalble
to Ilake tlhi(t ay out over the prairie
to IaIt.'. Idaho, were compelled to re
traet their steps and go to St. Jotb hy
i sotutherly route over the divide.
Train Reaohes Spokane.
Tralll No. I of the Northern Pacific.
wiotbbould' with mtail, reached Spo
kane thin morlning, after an exciting
run througt h the flames at the Idaho
Monltana border. Every car wtp badly
IJamnes are threatell.l g oNewmanl
lake, a t Iniolr reanort 20 miles e!ust
olf yutkanlle. Ranchiers are being bt:rnedl
otter inl tie '.v'itlnity and buildings
Liberty lake', llanother numlllller res'ort
i8 miles froli Spokanlle. iv being ap
proached by fire from two sides. Sev
eral sUllunerl' cottage h.avo been
Thlie Mt. Joe antld St. Maries valleyrt*
ill the hileart 'If tlhe richest timber belt
il the United istates. are beling welpt
by famlnes. Already 100 homellontaders
have been butrnd out. Fivel hundred
men are fighting the hlaze and Mt. Joe
river teamllboata are kept witll stealll
up ready tI, take tile entllre populationll
to safety if tile fire. make it lnecessavry
for ttheln to flee'.
Exhausted Women.
No e'xhautlted were soine of tile wo
m1en altnd children that two rescue par
1"£ ; A;
DR5 .. i KA.ACT O P
ties wenllt to mt. Joe to aid the weary
itravet'ler1. Amlong tlhose reaching St.
Joe fronl thlat! viInltty wereo MrI, andtl
Mrs. iSmith anlid three childrenl, Mr.
nd Mrs. Osborne alld two children
A plarty of filfeen lti lls probabIlilly
urtrounded. if inot 1lconslnlumed, , by fof'
ont firbs in the ltiture 'reellk ditrlit.
One man ofr the party at'rrived here
yesltler'day. I inl the only person known
to have escapted lie says. the flmlle
got so closel to hlls lpatrty thalt eachl fll1an
labandoned everything and ran for hisl
Flrol the 'rout ('reek region, .ight
miles east of hller,'two travelPer who
had i remlllarkablle tt'escape frolll deaUtlh
tlrlived thin lmornling. 'For two( days I
these lmen lay in1 the creek, their heads
under water excepit when llthlley were
conlltlld to breate, fire rttaging I ln lotll
sldes of the creelk,
Injured at Wallace.
Among thel injurted in the Wallace
huspitll aIre liu flll~llving
U3. . Iritten, Nutlerml, N. L.; T.
At. J lle,. Floilse; P. W. .Illllvall, lite
publie; William ('hrlstqens(ll, Itailli'e,
SWin.; Hugh Molrrison, llmtelantl; John
Halker. 1Butte; It. Combsll, Utffltl, i.
Y.; 'riunk Hlickmian, Lead. . .D.'
Chaitrles iltyi, Herblert }lrown 1and
Prank Moore,. Chicago; Anlton Canyar,
Missoulil; ('. W. alnlning Ahnwlk,
. i)., uld Jlacob Finn, lAberdlu.in,
44. D.
Men in Wild 8tampedo.
h'eilng their lipnsition lraticalliy lhulil.
less, the menibroke lit it wlild stampede
for tile lereak bottolll Ieliow,. Htedet anlld
seven other Imelll rc.lled the creeik andlll I
continued dlown strelam a itd souglt re
ruge Iti the tunnlel ill whlich six werel
suffocated. He Mays, iltht he dild not
knllow 'many of tilhe en oflll the crewl',
but IN sure that it. J. Ihlnll, II. t.
nSmith ilnl \VWillumn 'ilineronl, ll iof
Wurdner, are dealid. Hetllllil tii1s relit
tiven its GenlHer, itdlh. ('illlnel'ronll is
a nephew ol J.. I1. Mtoore(., iof Kellogg.
Notllhipg in knolllwn lof, anly relative ofl
Tacoma in Danger.
TUcoma, Aug. -t.-A brush fire thait
Ibroke ollt Iast night I racIIng tacross
the soutuheasternl IlnIll Its of Tlma, tadl
vanlling at tlle ralte of 700 feet ill hour
before a :-mllilei hllour wind. (Oak-.
land alddltllt, it clllllommunity of wolrk
Iilngmen' homesll, In thlrulteneld, anlldl.,
unless the flllmes caniill. e quickly
chellcked, lt(igetlt's parilk, onll of tile Ibest
r.lidence distr, llw tl i the city, will slf
for severel'y. The ilsmoket fro(lll thel fire'
wholly ihlluries thelll un anld throws
the city into it fleculiill twilight,
Smoke at Lewistown.
Lewistown, A Itg 2. 8i.i't' i le ast nlight
lsmoke has livlen ettling aver this se.'
tll' until today tlie .twhoil le Judith basiln
in enveltloped andilll i fllne uInh 1r ilttlling I
over everylthing. M 11I th t'f It I:olllme
frtiom the fires li ii I'll , Ibut thlie big i
forest fire ie the Snow mountlils hasi
kli('tk'e ouit li freslh alll is nllow Citllng
Its way lown olIilt this ide ofi the rlange.l.I
It Isauid ti he Inore fer('ely l lburning l
than ever, More smoke comes front l
grhain fields anlll prrilli eit, fl ies n thils
eltion.l Onell I'ethl of 4) ailires of fine
wheat was iiilpletely destroyelid at thefl
I l'lvl'er' I nell ca town, ell ll 1ing tllartedl'
by sparks from it threshing engine.
Fire Companies Arrive.
Kilispell. Aug, 22.-I1' comlnnises
of regulars with entire equillmeitt
ire ci. ltCll lur biih ( l I'1ll11 K i'lll d' ltlherll
points ylterdallly liand wenlt direcltly' to
the fir',, under th guidancelh of f'r
etlry offlicials, 'I'hl soldiers were' d .i
layed C.l S houirs. The situtiton todayw
wtas nlIt.lllilyralveal' i l Inl'Pll hfvi 1 e11 1
engaged to gllo to lney Ilnll othelir Still
water pointsi the lllieibUr of nlidle.r.s
Ussignelld being insuifficient,
Supor'lsor Haines returnlled ltodayl
froli Stillhwater with worul that 30 metnt,
belh\'ed to have beea lostn. h id bee.l
tvedl by getting behind thei fire itoil
burlled-over regionsl Sllli nlllnti 1or them
strugglld In today anlld i.skedl folr pay,I
Wlordl froll the Noirth fork In thatt the
fire l splreading rlaplidly land nrllnLtlach
Illg on ifilar lli n ttlnal parl'k, A settle- I
nmeat of sHuatlte'rs in tlhe wlkfel(fet fir
et was burnelllld out yoterdally and tilieS'
sa\.ed only it few gpotls by Iburying(I
(elsplell Is in no dangelr, buItt ashesll
land dead indel'rs continuellll to fall inI
tile cilty, carrleill lowln by wlids fI.mn
lthe thllber.to the westwardl.
Situation at Gould, .
Helena, Aug, 2 (.--0luld. Milnit., 17
miles rroln HelenaII, In relitIrely su1- 1
rounded by a helavy forest fire that Is i
hoUrly Increadngll i inh Inteln ity i\ a i1
crqeeplng closer to tile tow\nl. Willllillr, I i
jullt over the ol unlin tt mi' i, (;id . Ie
il also threatened \with distrelelton ad il J
tie Inhblltanth are moivhig olt Iof the I
pIlaL.. The tilulel'r aro iind1 Lincll, a
towll near Wllliuri'ii, tI hitrnir g r dltll / If
aindg the vucuvlantr if r, e Vani'" e'l'eve1
and HarI onim rInchell( are packing
wagons annd pltk nm uldes hlli Luiieholid
goods preparaitory to getting out of
the danger sine.
In National Forest,
Libby, Aug. 22.--'he worst fires In the
Klotenai liatlonitl iforest in point of
Iarela oburned and tllmbler destroyed are
oin the head of Li hby creek and In the
West i'lsher ciountry. Settlers in that
part 'of Lincoln counlty have beenl
driven from their homties in ia number
of casesn and have coulie to Libby.
Good Progress at Libby.
|,llby., Aug. 22.-( jpecialel)-tConsld
I erale apprehenlllln las been felt here
for tipe lpatt two days liecause of -for
est fires which lhave Ibeen burning
fiercely aboullt foulr miles south of
town. Shliuiid the wind change to the
sounIh there is danger that the fire
woild sweep down uponl tile town.
About 200 ilen have been working to
get the fire under control and for the
pIast twenty-four hours they have
beelln making good progress. ires are
burnlng In all parts of the Kootenat
national forest.
Several Settlers Burned Out:
Through a forest fire which is burn
Ilug in the Lake creek country fifteen
mildes west of lierie teitl settlers have
been burned out. Iii omll cases ac
cording to the reports, tlie losses have
beeh quite heavy, some of the settlers
losing buildings, crops" and livestock.
Rushing to Libby.
Driven front 'their' i lt(imes by the
flames. settlers From tile southlern part
of Lincoln couhti ure conling into l]ib
Ivy to seek saufety from the fierce four
eat fires ti that 4 . ty, In the
ullountalli between l 'Il lI. and ndtllller
counties atllnmost tlts Wildtte country is
in flamles and( It is almiost certain that
a unumber of riun(h houses will hie
burinetl. Forest Supervisor Duieskeills
hles Just returned from this part of
the Kootenali forest and he itp'lrts the
cldlltions there us hleing the wr;llt of
any, I)ltrt of the forest. There are noi
tbwus In that localilty, the dllltnce beI
inil abtl) 5 miles froim Libby.
8Silvanite g Cn`I
eWheit sP s like authentic hirllli
tlolln hias been rece.ived thlat tilhe, town
olf Slivalilte in b)urningl, ia goli mining
cutup aboliiut 20 miles north". Aboute 100
peolple live in the town.
Heavy Smoke at Helena.
Ilelrno, Aug. 22.--A heavy pIll of
smokep overhangs Helena and the air
is fairly piermealted witl ashes as the
result of forest fires burning in every
dlrectionl fromn this city. New fires
are replorted today at Lincoln, Gould,i
I'letcher, Cascado land Uniunville. Thle
fires at Lincoln and Gould are attr Ib
utied to eutreless eatlners and they
will bIe irosecuted vigorously. l'he Jay
Gould miino at (lould may be euldan
gel'ed if tllhe fires spread to any great
(u)verllier Ntorris today received towo
requests 'ifor stilte troops to aidll in
fighting the forest fires. iorest Sup
eirtvisor t'onklillg at Bozemanui advised
the goverlnor that five sections of state
lanil had bleen burnedl over, and that
five inure were endatgereld. He re
quested that the company of state nil
Iltlh stationetd at iozeomuui e ordered
out, Mlr. Conklingl alson sent similar in.
formatito to the state board of laund
cti.lmisiisll ner ts.
i)ave llllger, president of thile irst
National iankl at Lewitown, called up
thie governor's office by telephone, 11
formillng Secretary Aikenl that the fires
iI the Slnowy imountalll dlstrict l.had
brokeni Oiut again. Hie said that the
I,ewistoiwn Chamllber of C.onlllerce and
the forest suplervisor ollted him iIn
the request that the Lewistown conm
lpatty be sent out to help fight the
fires. He said the members of thel
comlpalny,were willing tio go, but wantt
ed an official order before proceeding.
- - Governor in Great Falls.
Governor Norris was in Great Falls
last night with tie United States artny
enlgineers, en route to view the StB l
River Irrigationi project, alnd the bup
Ipostion I that le ihas gone with them,
although J. 11, Hall, coummisslonLer of
igriculture had, ia report from Great
Falls that the givenl'lor had gone to
libby tio securt e lersonall knowledge
s tol the lttuatiot in the Flathead and
Lincoln county fire districts.
Trestle Is Destroyed,
Htuttf, Aug. 22,-District Freight anid
Passenger Agent of the Northern Pe'
cifle WV. H, Merriarln i in rfebipt of
adui'ces front the west tonight that the
trouble near Tuscor, occasioned by the
forest fires, would be overcome by
midnight aull delayed transcontinental
irailts started imoving. Delayed east.
hound o\verland traltnl can be expected
ii Lutte.t early' tumorlrow lmornlng. The
Puiget HS1onil officials were advised to
day of the dlestruotion if a trestle near
Portal, in western Montana, by forestt
fires, 210 feet high and more than O0
feet InI length. Thls is one' of tile
longest trestles Viy thly lviretela System.
und will tie itp tile operation of the
reedl for sonme timne, foiling stock has
oeen placed in tunnels for safety.
New Fire at Bozeman.
luzelnaen, Aug. 22.-At a o'clock tils
afternoon thie fire' sltuation' was not
greatly Imlproved. A new fire has
started at the head of Bour Creek. A
llnumber of lunmberjacks are fighting
the fires here and have edlled for
help. More assistance sl called for at
Hoffman and Boxenmrn Canyon, alnd
men are sent out hourly.
A l'umnor over tihe telephonlle frot
Bear canyon reports that 800 sheep
have been destroyed, supposed to be
a band of George H. Webster.
Northern Pacific at nooji sent 65
section men to Hoffman to fight the
fires. Supervisor Conkling received a
call at 4 o'clock front Cinnabar, in the
Yellowstone, to come over, and fight
fire there. Tile Nortilern Pacific has
asked for more section men and Gov
ernor Norris` has been appealed to to
order out tile Bozeman militia. Captain
Wil1ams says they will respond In
stantly to orders.
Wallace on Increase.
Washington, 1). C'., Aug. 2..-The
population of Wallace, Idaho, which
has been devastated by furoret fires,
was 3,000, as compared with 2,205 In
1900, wihen the coens enumeratore
itnade the poll of the city' for the
thirteenth decennial census.
Fatalities Inoreasing.,
Spokune. Aug. :2.-Specials to t the
Sokesmnan-lteview tnligllt from tl)u
forest fire sone ucnecentuate thle I.o
rorr of the situatipn and' Indicate that
the number of fautilitles is hourly iln
ereltasitng. News conlte fronl Wardner,
Idaho, that F. Ml. Bedell, of Kellogg.
foremalln of a crew of .70 men under
Ollangers Pulaski and Lewis on the
Big creek fire, was brought itome last
night in an tltolllt blind condition.
His arms,' hands anti face are 'badly
blistered anll show the marks of lhe
desperate fight for life. T'hll crew was
working on tihe east side of the fire
iet the Iig creek basin. Their posl
tilon becatne untenable and under ties
leadershipl of tile rangers they 4ecrant
I blel irn the dim light of the fire to
thle crest of tile ridlge expecting to
pass over to Placer creek and out by
way of Wallace. On gaining the lI
vide they Were confronted by ua .thior
fire on tlhe Placer.
l n ,\LAntonllh. 'I''xis. Aug. 2.~
Though tlrhe Texas. Arklntla's & Louis
iann railroad is onlly seven miles in
lengtil and doe's not figure on Wir*
street, it Is the' Iollrneer itt tilte use of
natuiral gas as ar fuel for locomotives,
The onle enlgirrne of tire systernt, after
burning coatl anlld oil, is enowt using
inatural gas to get up steam, and it is
claimed that tlhel lust is tihe best of
thielt all. There are neither cinders,
snlloke or smel- lncident to Its com
'bustion land stentir ktops ur with a
rengularity that would be tile delight
io' ally enlgineer. Moreover a saving
orf 2,5 pe' cellt is effected Iby the use
of glas. 'l'r '.the' regular tender, now
tWerless except as a carrier of water, i
stalndard geeu tank Is uttached. No
pressulre' is used to fill it and afpfr the'
roulnd trip' or fourteen miles there is
still souml chiibon left. Thre credit of
the innovation tbelongs to J. H. C'on'
ueljly, of Carthage, Mo, Whether
iuttural gas cane he used to advantage
by tIrcrcoltives making long runs has
not beenl determined as yet.
The rdey of tile use of salves and
greasy lotions iln the treatmeent of cc
zemna and otlhe'r Skil and scalp dis
oases 3s done. Time has proved them
not only practically tuseldas In effect
ing permanent cures, but also' uncleari
and in reality breeding places for dis
ease germs. The ,SmithitDrug'e store is
plesaed to announce Itself agent for
ZlMO--the modern, clean, simple and
inatllible ireatmtent ..for tosetin,' pim
plea, blackheads, dandruff and all itch
Ing dtiseases of tile skin and scalp,
do confident are we .of Its.fflcacy
that we say to you--te. ZiEWMO 9
cording to dlrections-tlheen if noi ost
isfaotory, cotrn and get your money
Ask or ,uJplggQ tEillng hpw to , .
Syour~self 94 AveYtF 'lty) :'ibid
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telephone industlry ill he Unit.ied.~ tes,
telephone exchange hllas been openl'. forl.
service at full capacity. The Autouiatic
plant right here In Mbissoula holds tids
I'P*ec(l.or .
tSuccess never cones without a cause. t tuccess in this
instance is attributable to two causes-pride in a holnie en
terprise and a widespread appreciltion of a service which,
aside froml its nIoderi advantages, has shown Missoula
telephonle Iselrs the difference between piublic service and
private service.
'Mllsoula is now connlecte.d by long distance litha with
Itutte, Anaconda, Deer Lodge, Stevensville, Helelna. (Great
a Iils. ]lozwtian, 'LivingstoU, Billings and intermuediate
po lllt-all lndependent and all better.
Enj.ye. i nf l ..
iOi Oi I ild Age and Youth
S It is agood, cool, sweet
B u' y a pakage or plag today
r No adulterations -al id
tobacco-Union made.
Sold by ll first glas. deailss
John ,!Ftt A non
S "Fresh,-Air
P Ar. Waonderful Hteqt Producen
, ": They 'Heat Where Otheir.s iFa
They giye June Weather during Winter Months,
Are oconomJicll in Fuel .!releaily Managed. Thput
sands are in use all o.ver the UT. S. giving beat atifa-tii.
Install theie popular ~..eersif Comfort ·if:s.
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