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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, September 14, 1910, Morning, Image 10

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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HUt's Largest Grocery Store.
Highest grade hard wheat
Flour, 80 lb, onck.............$1.90
Royal grade hard wheat
Flour, 50 lb. sack ............... 1.85
Economy fine bread Flour,
50 lb. aack ............................ 1 ,6 5
Trophy pastry flour, 50 lh. 1.25
A car of Waterlnilnns and Can
tahlnula just arrived. They are
very fine and cheap.
Car Load.
A car load of Hlunis, Rtacon and
IJard arrived yesterday fresh from
the packing house. O(uar pr'l'c are
right on these goods, and no one
can sell any chealer than the car
load buyer.
Fresh Fruits.
We are headllnarter8 for fresh
fruits and vegetables. We carry the
largest and heat assortlment of any
house in the city.
Bell Phone 98. Ind. PlonB 644
For 5 Cents
ttarteri Knut }Ilk Intswr
Mtlak, tlays t ht k n III i s. ih'k, ani
there lit nothing h Itltr uI . , .ind
It in only Sc the h ottil
Our Big 5.Cent Pencil Tablet
Is tlht hIngge.t uanl haot 10 11(l|1
lablet muattd. 'Try O lne.
Our Crimson Clover Pen Tablet
for S0o runt lie heatt. t''lse' tire
three wlnnters. .r them In tint
tast wilndoL'. Bdlhool stuppllle of 11l
Missoula Drug Co.
Phone 16. Hammond BIk.
High School
Textbooks, Drawing Instruments
and Materials.
(Suctcesors to Mtellaffie lIron.)
114 East Main street.
Rowland, The Jeweler
Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry
Special attention given to
114 East Main Street.
Rooms for Rent
Steam heiat, tciephlnes., elth tric t
bells, etc.; single I r I I Hi tIIe, ulna
centrally located house in the city.
Rates readonabJe.
The Tai/or
Cleaninag, p)l'(.ssi , a Ilt er'l'inl
139 West Main Sjt. 1Thtoe 6 aItrl
Pressing, Cleaning and
ll]., ti u. r atI ta' alit I; a ai . lr
'.1., W . t'lred '. Ili osit ( ,tt'hlh use
Ind. P'lhne 1678.
w .... ...- -
Missoula Cab and
Transfer Co.
J. E. Gannon, Proprietor.
First-Class Livery In Connection
East Main St.
Bell Phone 33 Ind. Phone 633
W. D. Kendrick. Manager.
Phnna 69
Knowles' Slook, 204 S. Third,
? 118,r Miggin Avenjy,
nlion! Ie7. Ind. Phone 474.
<h et of ,vrythinp in the market.
\\+q+IH' Z hIlnla th. t y l l" of |e sir': hipl
iipiili thi: Lihilih|u'l'F ii Arthur l*2 Itig
WHERE'S fri 'i i or "l lll"
DOUlAL? \with inxihtt.v ll Ie wryrrr.
Whe1i('i Mt. ItllggiliM ii
H'lpted tll, r','potsibit liti,+. w hi'h sitL
t,'ld th- dli1'€ tbion of tht, affaire ,.f ih,,
it']+ I ,tII d mc r +i r It w .'i ha ltsiio b~
t uit rlzhI l f:lu uli k tillll iitt i uh l l. t tliil|
tuitilti I lnw hutDll. a n it tiirijiiyu
fl. ii rhit l'i witi ith IIni With iiu
il'u+'iiuitllll'i' filul IP \.lt l + It it h i' tutu' i"i
whhch wa'll tirol llnlmlt \W'+r'+,' |."+.+'ar
tlli i'hlil' 111 h'11 with ihi h'1 3 litn. i't'i u II
Imul ll iliti ul it i lllf'fli' ) titl l i' l. tn' ll ihi'
i I 'l7.ri'i \rt iri Iliuliu . Iil'fill l* tht li i+
IIltul itZ who P li ghll thll; fl.i.t oull
onII Ilutly Io ltr 11inut, I ii 1111tw illlli iiik
h.Itll Ubithl d tehl l pelltrc l nll ! n-I lo oli lt
the I.ulll i e trlll l 'ilil. TihIIn . w+( : w1"ll 1t't .
lilll)+ l~I1 II Il, Itlllll ll+; i rll ltlc · iI( tr tl-ll.
It h i uitil I 'I, i'till ' llitt 1 l 111. r 't't n ii o iit.
Illltll cII llilll lll'l I ' \ lllPII +.1 Ituttl.
llllc~l ' rllc+ r fr-lil t l )P v 'lllt' t I Il+ ('l'h.
pIilgllim iiioril r .ll tivllllingston) TihI
nl elitl, dh oltll th.' entllit'l. respl ondl-IIll
hlitly.% oif' Ill whlah jobli thati wa'l
Illn h . It w a s l n o fairllll '. A miil f rll ' d iy' m
Ihtl~l. IIP. lli Ili. +llll+l llltlT
Imii.t nilht thl+ recrounqllt lloiul,+l showe)+.
tip. li1' reprel'Osielt+.d il thl+ citlx t+olil
i'll il eitng t'ol il hbrief tlimle iind li
rlmal nitt er mLit tinl. lthlla ll~lt he + votw lalt I+1
110 ...%lulin tiotln o~f wlh.y hle lial hrft
'"Thel Ihill" tai ptatl fill alonilit. he terlrl'l
hie landll of irou. onsblitlll$. P'er~lhillp
todaylj wiIl ringll! 1111 sillutwor lto th
llft-I'lr ilepu l qlll ti onlll. It Ilii+y Ibe m tii
ldtiltolry. iind It lnnly Ilot (°'lrtiflin It
i.. thtit (Ihwrol allre llt hniilt u1. liliii
asiriti'ili forl tfloolli in $,i+. detn.il ntlelih
irallksi n11 thimlt. e ai11 I1%+l+k1 agoli; dil..
IIrln.t hasi imllrlcedeldl the omiOple.te <,Jill
Tlhieni, thiit wasll lbe..towl!+ UnI ilrthei
ihlil conlltrol whenl it wn'II flr.t 104cog-l.
lized.l TPheret nmallt le it Iher iil e.
IMinnaio~n orp al r'exlligntiili. Trodayl. it
1n Malhl will dtermt. iiitle whlt'h it In tl
liP+ Bult tlierpt ilnltit hp iio imioli olf
thisl te01r011hi, uni ertinPt yll). Tllat' s nl
Ji1h two bont inaMld oI
THOMPSON llluckultorllt,r h o u ill.)
GOT WET d,,wn the river ly
watr "-- of cniurs1e -' wi
far iat I' s ittit It'll. It w8)18 i'xp"tti'lt'll
IlillI there woultd 1h1 d1c tks eln(ough .y,
lith: iime lrl'cllnht\l l ' Hwas rleacheltl d nlli
tIlhatl tli. Iarl't would thtrIl ta Ikt Irain
I'ior l tlinin1. It wait I i good Ill)ti . 'I'h'l
river wai -llid Ito he, fairly tlle' with
ducks tl 1nd there '"v vi' minny tlinln ..r
titnl of the boats pias t U ('t iI),' and bso
wasl thet oth r. Thrl, were tu,'l1' I ltn
in oatih uoilt-but 1hlre usa t no tio4g.
Antl that l, ' it) no't ou ll ofl tll,
Cluck dimne's was 1 'yr ('kd10 awl
sutn iit l Missltouhi ile' torn filikes lt8 r
dium r--tlhe, haud l ":.'t d to A.(llnt
goilery tand Ratittir't and 31M.liLpe' tlltd
TI-homlll Ln Iand t allker l an1pt Et',rittr ,l
truste. tto ti' t il te tlhat tit I,
had teen no m81113 t httlt' It for dn118'wer,
hlail to (111t ' e etarllltt ti t (1r I w' ofi
it b t s i e1'tIit ( I 4 t'ti. i it''. i'itt'r w li'-i
1 t(here the y toiok (the train lfor hlunt,11
-'iti flu r tt program III s lt arried outI
to the letIter. But thern were 1.1 ducksl( l
nll tilt: hiUgul e \it" tit"ll' he I"I' I 'rench
towIll tra i' lI, nlld wh'le the i l 1i1 " ''li
'' tslltld the' ittmt ,' port, thiy' drtoppel
I)T' tiht I tr I ' m l the 'lt Side and. I tiIp
toed tIo iltrII• holmles ( M hy wI'I + re.'V t 1141t
seen fur Y4 hour, and then they wtrl'
Ilill i ltll 'tllh liit' llYI Ii \ )II' hI i t'i)'
n it 81'1 utitl it wa s a sI I 'ittly
iec issaIry; fill' till) I' )iostt part they wl. re I(
iot a t 1' t- i t'-t ittin il n -nItal iv s a -I111
Illlill IL I o III itrhit l 1' tvit illi.+ h
It leaked (tilt yesti'diy - the awful
s' el't 'I1' that I'rilllt,+les ivoyag4l. And
It iwas iti ll y iThll ipsn .hi wi t h t lt'
14,cr4t. 'he file tilhl hl lt made schedule
11tlil' .I 1' ' t't itt( lt ' 1r1t1. 11 tihIi rivt er
i0 1th' (l'rai s l llhy slough . l'lhis-,it
ote l it tlur ing with (ti t andl Ii till
Iiboa ' ro- , tt'lrel' to shore. 'iThe - ,-i ils
bruudsule blroit down ftwo 1,go11 nn
I lii ilt- I (1- I'tihtilll ht itt 11-111 t 11 !'- )11'.
ith1 y Il l -- I'- ilL, t t 1- I Ilii.l-ii e l- tI '
hiline I , ll Ilry l'ody E4'l,,t. Il ut Tli liltny
ANOTHERs it )l, spurning ista.. , I
llapedI hinte she+ 41l' Ililt' t 1 t411111 mil l
FAILURE lhil- lis 1ii, iwhet'' 1iit
wth1ntr het"X"a enl t4 c nile lUI1 nilt!
t' u tlll Illl, Iiol o ,f t bir I1, 1h '
1.,1tll Iiial 'i| i ei al th le +, 1 holh !'t it
dulh t . t 'li el "1 " IIU 6.5h 1 1i .1 tll it'
1 I tralil 1 or s litiltl ii 4 ill tl'' h" ),u .n
f l.u's It (l'(s llti iI in ii I ilnltll .)H I
r- lUrnb l'.a tiof 1111,1 Unl tlul.M 4 AtIlli' tfleil
T• rilllit, turied 1111 ilI, w''l 'T 1'i X411-I1
1\1l, ` 'l t ct i' fdl ciol-'. , 11 ,i \ ell Ih:lt
weille 1t6 dogI t, lilet lt:, jur1 't" itit
I IterI lit,- < nill 1 it l it ll 4 lh. t -h. ih
I b,, 1. ht 4 ,ith nil ule fl+ i' : ".l i t 11,
bh, 1% Itci+ , ill l iII , I 'i t * - ")Id
1it+4 ll. hdlli l i le I' I ,1li i' : 10 hll(,"l h!,
" tilti dh ck, "t t: 1 ,1 ,h 1( t ,)h
'itl 'h li iln *lt I"1o I ! l 'l i 1,+"<111 ,
'- 1 . ri t (1I'- en ,;1t1' '3 . i l lb i, ;
ifti i tilia' 44l'11x(' o lilt 111 . 11l wa\
11i\ ll first . till Iln tho' dela\, 1, 1 11it a
,laii ,S' d 4l 514 1111i li ttl ( I il lh," li, ;' .U',t
I' llA'*i\ phui'l. T'htat i ' h.114 th l Hirt
, I a 't- Iiu i hi
peI'l'it',, ', t rv% ll, 1 1la ,d \v nt ~lt
, ht;. 1iilght ll his ;iult -
ANOTHER Ii ihlt. II,~ il)k 'rmo
FAILURE IIhckt''y ais astsl,
sho(it, 1' 1'\'a i'uotl by
i l re ho11us 4,xpelri''( cr', tlheri were nix
dlugs ltIad1ed i. o ht autoriobile,. like
and five lthers. Lite Itt1t night the
' automobile rl'tturlied. The dogs wer,
not oven wet 11nd there were sax on'r'
dJgs than there wore ducks, It is
easy to 118g1lr'e how nililly ducks the'r
were, Let "X" equal the n14mlbiti1' o
ducksi . Then "X" plus 6 equals tit:
number of dogs and ducks. As there
were 6 dogs, the valt:t of "X" by
elimirlation becomes "t)." Th'rtftre,
there w'erl n dueks, (l. 1W. i,.
ro loan on Inprove d city anrc tarm
I'or thr.o or flve y.lrn with pirlvl
IKe of rnpaymunt of whole or
part in two lnil a half yeatlr
Winstanley Realty
Investment Co.
134 Iliggits Avenue
lhk i it rI.on nti'U 'tijilt't. " l A +Iit't l
Saht's rl hilt tsi r rl vtI. In altion wlll i I
here'.. Tlh- VtetI',41 ho,.un yvi,.tl'daly to.
htki lli it ittii g Ia i, u nllt Ii t l r i, I.h't Id+
lunul i hivn i lu~' da l rig st iri| iLL t i|i'
KtIr hllve Hlrrivt.l.l. In1 a d1it||itA W tO tir
th'lta)llNiitli 4t r Kl )tar t uf(' Kit I)v t;l I'[ l Nptlll
lhe'lr \viii Ill illI I1 s ' n IIllny ni ker'P .
hI1'i Iilr'ly i ' tl d l l tit I llm ti srsii i 'lrt.
MI'loirnc41. , III tlhe, pill'|)" wer'e~l'c {'. W'.
'ioineroy, . ,J. Alc i lntli.L , Ai . \. Mi rIi'.
flitd, itii·li ii u I ay t f Kii tI .ll, I i . .ii .
l l ll ll i tt' I111 ,1 (.i t . iit tiItI (rII ll. I'
Proi'lltoi, ule ('nillx ;Utl~ si
"+s)1(.'(' III'l.I\' , |l , 11r, I (.( ll l/llllil· l 11lch..i
ftJI1IIg, tht 1'h. . ,. 3lluut,,. hIn't i iirihi.
"lll ni i''i4, a r ii g tiin ig t at oI i i."
MI l.s uh I iii4 a ls ! .idlallltc tt+. fl+or thl:-i.
li,.Iti'll. lh ntii. 'lIII tll. t liV thll ll 11i
Sit ln iti ia i iii ii .i ll ,til y i lllil t. thi
uni' dulhly. of1 Mayor Anldre.w lauganlll
andl~ h1e will ,eI., h nlyl~ suppo|.rted.,
Blilll)n ,i:,mid M,, hll'h'r . th' ihculmllln
bol it i L I I I i
'Thl't ii lht 'll r ll th it n iml liItlitinI 1111r m
Ines toi bl ver~y spiriti41. Judge Pi, nel-l.
rin'uf.llI' s I gll is. l to tallnd b)y him
li tilhl' v r'h ilii . Thi II. lIrly l thIlll thi'
Lhih -vin " sit (,itIt l( \iii . Iit' iitii l' L h Ii " itt
n Irt o if t th I+ tit ihtthr , h w ht i h i hl i
(Ir\. n t N iIrth e r n sll l eil I 'S . The'rl llo r lh tlrn l
iut l lp I -lirit i 'tll a l i I Itt ' .
WI'lllitai I nhd1 ay of lDalware r tll i'lllslllv,
anlld Jerrl'i .%lurphyv, .411tr ofI tle .1n, \~l
l.tut 1ok)Itit IIt. I14r'il vieI lilth c'Iti oi l
th, m ll~ i ht tri11 n I 'ii r thi l t. t it'. nllllto .
.\14 1 iii ·\ ii 1 i 1 i~ l \ii~i ii1111 .11
T11 eiii 'hii l d hii l etl i nllt l i li l' tIlict,'
.4 llt'll'i. irr iv lli th, itt in~ iht.
IX ll l· ldh l llt l i II 11l111 iilll+ ll' tll Iltl hlIii
t'I ll : ii "iii liIw | l l g' +,l". Ii"itt.' 111i i II'
l itb11111l ' i'ul ' iie Illl r Iill i llll inti.'l II
11l13' ii 4 1ili ll," Iit ' I \Y lltlrtitUl l ltlillt
nlh ri ng, l,f r t in I v'll b Ie l a leli+.+
IIn t ll llcl \holl o thouti l l Ir , hl tuturda ,. III+
uT ,.st lnmrit',, boli thi +I| rledd(,nc't m+id+
thi s II ts fo, l+ t h ll i sl dll, ohl, . I|I( b ll l otl
Usere th erb~ will b(, Ushh, l lut (lyt! I,,
(1.4 r(n linst ,t l biir wi'+i4 thi lld e (ll the
upsel t prl'ice her ai>t, partylt h el hlb' tl )ils
ormoel''' tsK < u li-hrd the hh, thell~l{l hmun
of thel bi d wIil l ;111!11 ul..shi 'll;d Ilto ea 'h lo
Thll ral roald''ll fII,'IlrIIN o lurl'l, r wi1111
]4iit ron I til e nl++++(t llri4 In r ui ng th , ',iii
Th.rms I etlh~iirlld le hh, b -ltlll ih I
itlve4t (D. v. lop rrn com,,t anl' . Plllt wel'lr
|Div.,lolltill 'lt runsill yl l ill)l let+l'ii, M onilt
.1 llill CI'l+\. ,ll i I W11 at . I ll {hitP +l) ll
ye' tlod ayl) ;it Ii+, he+,lillg plantlt llf thl
Al11e.,tilii 1i14ht &. V\,atl tp c 'llii lanl),
wililtih41 iin thl' rtverl Intlllk liiial the
Ililor ita il ill'o ltih hl'hil4+, Wl+h(4'l il lil.\
ddllilt ial i4 belilit io'tloi4 1'itl .. , Tlhe
uilhlit ioi , to+ liiikei irolilm I'orl {extr
hb illt'l' 0101 ltip he.lterl artrl'iil tt~i!lit ofl
Ih.. lei ng miii. hi neryhh l.) ,iiil lipiowl, w ill
hatvi, ,I Hour ..ltil't ol "' by' (!ii fet.lt
it blityhi ,'c l.i'in l'itru le u t l Us i s iu h iend
'+1 thl, pr *..e t hilihling. It ist tol bi,
not rili elt,[i pilil o i t i.. h ig~ht mullt h Li
reint! Irhilk It will ]itl't+ a conerelt'lt e
Maiiiig,,,I hin h ill thl, i'ompianiy staihtl
hiilt ihl. W+..ilk > ll+ h I ' ll 001,l 1illih (11 I
aboulllt .li day)'.
Sm'l'+Hn 41 lll' . i, pt. 13~ -Uti l ntl'l Plist
('ana e nldt frli m l'' ni l l atnl d til' ll hel'e to
day£x toi ttttlndl the tw nt4 ietth annulllll
nme,.tingK ofl the, Amerlietall+.l Elot+tro-'The.
r eit.llth asoi.. t.ioJnil, w\hic~h bleg nil toi
da andVillt \\ ill tconlit'itlv Thulrll'd y,X
rhe. oii n ,f the Alcb·,m b etallntl yI
higAh re:hool broug.ht thb. Inrgr..,.t 1|11n
her ,,f .tlldmlts III tlhe ll.tors ,f th,,
Sc i c cl l i 111d I 'I cl'.ct clirtrihc ctlccliiiNk
fir tl, i lluc r. I 'rlcc rI ctl C i tltnlcul'l,
howe\v(,'r, \wap no~t knolw.n un~til yes,
Miiciit'i hail glcht tc n1 n'4chl if thl g
T'il11s k' hiF M f .cicci III 'IltF llr in ll gIurc'J -i.
1 l iii 4ll lll ill l,, i ...'trc ll I cli li1 sllt.,
I1the havll.e n, llredh,( a tot1 of .30 sttli
cIIl-, This is g linsi in cia c ov.cicir
In iit r11 I llltii' CIi' .2pl l IE' ,llN l lll 1 It
I'i'u· lli.,ut 1 . (t Ir i i t aq c I l cI n rolled i
yesthldal" Ihly r (l~lj lt IIIhV r I llt2 l f tdeInt i--
i ic htii -w1 litli Ili n 1ilyciv I. liiUled -
tw(een th l ti, 1. n1tl att en A.I..I,, tblgh 't
InntilIc. TIhcrIi' urV' 17 ctlhcer Ii w Mtu.
lentt. whll et, ll wi"",'th nI halter c'hlul
'Ic'aI~o (IIh n fre lhl n uull I )d 123 ,,f letv
.1(11l',1 h Iil l tc llrcil mal (,l(, i fl'h l TH. l
I1 r lln ci cll m rll u p butlln k. 'hul a.-fcl'l.r
I ll, lcIId ils. c xll i rtsrn'i l Iis.tlt iii i glI
Ilil hl ivrlik '. 'tI iN c 'ilctii ly c gi )l
sliiiiiin .,'' ccciii ln'rln hind i~i~lt yvim
. irili 3,. i, Ilnl ulll'.n II'i llhi 1111 wi ll.
tendioubIcli'l iii't'il u ll iirita. i, 'h l rV(ill, oi
in e(xt) l himmndler I n i hI11l.r141'i' llll .fIi' -
pa tietll ,~lII thlll lregisltration.l work l sl t'
aii, qll lll ted ld r a rltlhlr cint or1"
•ill Iil t~ IiriI'r iv ( n'd, lllc diysl Lin
cii ilc'iiouit ccii Useii.ar. r'
li1! i'cicci imi lg m,'iic, iicci' 111
i 1 11 a111'1111 ill i lci' ll, Il l'i'0 tif lt'
, t furnituI'iil l l ri faic r c miniell oif'
I1i' ril l (l, hI'lly1Iil' bit ri li'l l, tI''il'lc hl'Il
:tlriic ll(cI Ii c i,1 \ Wlu .% Iii c Ii iiihiil ill
hccl line icllyn 11118 hncc'in the re-'
i'(i.tl I'll I'c ly lfi lleu ik f)iWr t, Ith
'I'iccrr' I'cflh ' a'iirc un tlii' w liay l8 and
Intl ht. llr It wirl be hl) 1 a tLatIaIIIt in
ii11, Ici3 IiII nlll alti' I1' . 11 pictill | i ii plu'i
1c iblllhii uni I layl cvii lii c lii' ucc f.
1ml84' h111 lll two rlu ruiilg aie
ll I n b utnllily refltIed with rii i tIllur c .
I rhi , Io ic 1 \oli ' ,h1g lhlIN, ' i i iimclh i'1l'
hmlhtd I n t will' bI, i 1111 i 11111' f i(l"k
1.e t l. mI .II ngl .
lii'iii' iccicl cclcl ictc.l I t11118 VicirV. iI Pc't.ll
hay thatt the, hilt vh ool(.l will -Tf,,r ia
c'nrcI i Ii lini' thli s yiar. It I'
hopl.d l,, IIttake.this enterls.( comII|Iplet
11 xt lilIc i' . If ithiIt t n ic ii iilolic tniu
,worlk wounslsmited this yv... w ill be'
.rediltedtoq , tile. studhent. II the reoKularI
a11114111c. If ' I' ni it I hi l fc rci I r llicr c
'hll Ii' cigUllc 418 dIlt' Ior u uluctNilicii ni
11111 111 cirid its uI ('lii l i'S c which di
IcI. ix.(tn'4I tholii ugih II ticn11 of t111o
.your'.. Ho.wevI.I, thr,;ughI it .lp.tial arl
l'r- I cI c'liI. \ 1 till c t , I'nivirsity" u'
.IuIilntin . ill wo'ril hi iFlr'.ltc ! cc1Ill be5
c, cicichrIr whc c the 81tud, ili nlllikies
Tl'hci tii cct hel lii th c iiiviiic' Ni|'liitt-cI
''li'. : lIiI'(rg 'I'c ,h n1occ lhctinl: Al c cic t.
8penlcei'c'', Iii4gIIlih; JIlh c J.i1iicci. ,m'I
i'ce' I'c111cI!. Mlii d,, .kI '. ccit ihic al' -
ticc Nc'ile h r nc l ' h1141. .1|hill
14' nc'11i rt''glI IIhc 'cliricc Ji%'l i I lick icc)
.111, N lcllc't Isel e gccci , gy inc 1ciYsIio lh
.%lilgccli' Itlcciili usiii nitci icc Laincl
acid ich lctr'ii'iccl' icc i"i'i'iiih, .\li'c'
Hil'l' ht, .lcl4ltl'ccc'icc c ' ;ll lh Iii cilM.l
I 'r~l ti lllrils(cc N ic' i ll ii 1 N | i ic
rigi t asiccc t nlll lli 'ih 1 11 1.
"111111 Ih ill ' lccci'icc ccctl'i' ilUtey ilicc11 11 i1
cliii ttlkilcc tructi ' l icrc I ' il l l ' i ti.
Tlh.i*Ic IcII, U tr' 1 I 'r c tic llh c i t 111cc
licicili. icci,.lly. (IlIc NIII ciII lcIII g II. .\ cli
Icicll cr11 ilccl ti' h iilhc'lhiI h111c1811( ccli.~l
cc11ii' 11111r Ihl'lri 1111 liiil' N cl'rit Ilc
,ii'lc't It1' l dsi w1i cll il 111 li cln uctli1l
lc'h ccliii' idll h iwi'g i I cc/ l 'vi illl ,I.
hid ccc Ili' I'cliiiii 4ciciclcrh cic .i1icI Icilc.r
ill11e y ,,ilciih r ii I1c tii' cciii1 ricf ci tiln
Til III I,, , hor. wlli v.'l 1, afll. rtou ts wil I,b
:cli II ' cl rachic ic to..l. . l ' .'liii tlic
e'112c' iiic r Nilillg icc oIiil lNtlliic 'chtil .
pl' liihli'i 'iicd cr icil'l'l . sIIII 1l'cc hili 'c
ciicca lg cccl,'iI c ci l 'lcicc'h it tIikec ichcrg'i
'ii' T h ll iianlll '"it, il iililpil c w
o" Iiicc ,,i hlch ill l cri 11h18 cciiei ihh
I,, th. hliph wh,,,l ilnd~ lhi,. will Ih.
c ic ' ii i l ciii l lhc i ,cii l h l illcu d I r i lh l hil .4
141r1i iccii .
At Ioalock eat rdhy morning a
p'3t,ll m. it lI I li i a y wl fllit tI elt'
hlatedtll l tll ill' h1+0lll, ,J .ll r, l II | M rs..
,l a rd xII, , 514b \\,,)id ford Nstr.' t,
whenl th ''eir hlestl itt llttete, LEneline
Ilil 3l1h, lt'ublliln ti , wit'ie of Itnitlil
.11hrtitn, ii yotuIg hu.il'', man of O)tis.
Wash. As the relult .- th I cerem)Iny
al isn11. nl has i i.t a t ihr ln ing you' tll'
wolan f IIld Wi ll M tmilli m ..n I Ive III up ltw
'of h li' l l uAsil.ll st'l , Ot' young. ll laldy
hta'Ing bl e lr n'll it lI'nll , l It
. 1 M a rtin i a ý un .,.,-..lf l h uwll le s s
ulla at tits. , l t, 0 \ i l + 1 . ul t li l ti, I i le.;
'Bar berli 6iptnli r & I Mr's Martin
will aPho thnir 20. in , lPhl i left20
fr th. n Olll.H I. ger No . R
1) r . .| i t , a il l o l' t it , P lr e t ,h y l t e rl' lia n
.hurhl'th rilrl'ih ttvl it ti + ," inrl'1'h tgo,
After thrl' Jil's ,, e'rlathln the
l"orIt .1iss. tilt el'<tri' t<ar servie r hu.s
pr t'Ven to I) v'erý s' l l - a ctt'll'a , *y verly
thing about the , "l,'truction! of the
line tl s proved |. he i nI fine slhat)h'
the lf'if't r'fit hat' trip Su.ndI y mornI
ing. 'Tht lutrolllalt.g hltr been excel
Itlent aid the extenslin will prove it
great cont-el+ nienltl i ii, ftort and to
Mi'V "oulia as well,
Barber & Mari
Bell Phone 20. ind. Phlme, 420.
T'h1 e·nltrc , city.,. ec n ll li,(t t, iat
iveitlllg in rgalllllr i'MinnIlil lnldI t'ranI.
ai.tl 'tI I llrge a1nounlit of iiusiiesi. The
Ililg-talk.d-otf Irhtlge across h IIr
nattltenits e crleek at line stlrec't lhas
lt uleast Ii.tn dlstloisced of and thili ('ul
tlic(t was Itwarll'Cdedi tO ()IUtsa lt & Jo)hnol
whoi were low bidders y It larit ge
Inajurity. There wa' Itill1 ci collpetl -,
thlol Ii the bitdllitg and n relnrkalhu (i
dliffereilti Ietween ihie high and low
hiltlers. )lsonn & Johnion's bid was
60,775, ntin;l ('harles (1. Flhritcy ,I'
Pocatello, Ida ho. was high. with a bhid
if $1 P,760. flIllowlng we:ro the bhts
oi thlle work: Security Bridge colll
lannty of IillIngs and Mlnninpoll.
$12.900; Henenellpin Bridge clttplntty of i
Minneasgitis, $15,98t0: J. I". lHarilng
ton. $11.954; bIrden CIty (;unstrlue
-onn enmlllanly, $1I01,|0s ; I)lH(oI & Johnlllqonl
$6,7'it', antl CIHartis ti. Sltelety of
Pocautello, Idailo, $18,76(0.
Tthrer. blids were Ireeitved for tIl',
Ilandlhtit g i"the city gul'lart.e Pieter
Itaehi wa.s atwtrded tIt eontracl fur
thi)N work fir a Ieritid of Liiitee ,xtll'id
Itng flritln Siei)pti'ttiter 13 to ,ltaiury I,
1I)1. It In roitng to ih, oii expensive
piirot~,althon to have ia cat oit i1og dti'
O n l y o lu r ' elnlln .i ,s, aIn l IIf aln nlll llll l
weightlng over 00· OO tiIIlt ilt ttlooiltit
Your front yarld ns a filal resting
ilace ii, petition of hanklhruptecy Ii Ili
ordetr. Different valuttliuons w'ere placed
oil cats aultl dogs, onle fi'Ir iLL( ratig thi
remnvil iof leatl (logRn ult $S1 anlld eats
at 50 eints.
'I'Two bids were recelved for lti, wolli'
on Stephens ni.Velie ih iilmliroventeilt
dlistrlict No. 7. Oie, hIu wtls firoli the
Mlraole-Trlpp coinalany and the other
from Wilsn & Mayo. iThe Miraloe
-'rltiip iompany's lbhi was $u1.79ti.n,
and Wilson & Mayo's was $1).942.3l.
The contract was awarded to the
Mlracle-Trlpp cotpliany. A warti
argument ensued over the aplpoint
Illtent of iin inspector for this work.
A petition fronl the residentsh of thli
dlitrict asked that 'ratnk ('. Iven In,
ul),liintted inswpector. "Moses" Itlih'y
warlllly comhnattetd tlhe payllg of $7
to Mr. liven a Isnspector, owing to thi
fict that he Ielotlgedt to union whiose
scale was onlly 3I per d(Iay. The Illil.'tr
was finally left lto the cintrltets and
estlmtatecs ciiltiiiittoc.
The pelttion of J. J. Mrri'Is for S1iiOo
ilalt.isges oln acUIcni't or an ticildeni
which c'ullsi(d ,the) los Ii hisn son'n
eye was Iit over ilntll the next
nicetilllg. Thue Iuty wsu struck in the
e'e by a Iltete of cplhNIlvo frotl u
alne lused for ixploditng caps, Jand hais
Ibeen cufl'ferlng ai great deal, beilg
ufortced to go ito Butte for tralttnent.
'llty Attorney \Woody said that no
litblllty rested with tl. clity). The
tcase will bi Inveslglated and t tiollti
talitll Iat the luxt llleetling.
Al urdinanclle crearting a ftulld for
pliehiail linlirovelient district No. 7 was
The ohIlewalk qllestion III dliffereit
pilrts if the city was giveill allnother
hiie 1rlii, i tlld sit'e ralt . oii linta wet'r.
imad'.. A lP'tlltl ll is presented by
41rs. \WIllIaN Dwil anlld others ua.ilna
thatul lit iultilig In of i sdid.wstllsi on
iithe lllrl ship of t'oper street lie
liostlloiteit. As thell walk Is now in
irly gotlod coidithin lth llh tltion was
'ihi, ptltuion of SL~it tituitid tind tiotti-.s
l opt' Iii llhey iln bheck 4, ,\icQulrk's
a dditioli. was rc pi'rte'd ott fvi'aubily b.y
lhe otret'ts uiiid alleys euititnittee, and
tlt city etglllceer \waHs iinstructed t.i
iurul tile Il.(. isa ry, linles attlll t t o mak- ii
ll'lr i I th' li-perty It will lbe
u''u'.ssai- L utociiuliu'.
'T'he+ lt'iLllia f . (; . .11000 l an 1ld
lf llhief' Ir i e I rtl.tt l cli> tl tsi ')ll Was re
t IreIIf tiell In- re t liii. rili l lt'll Iit
'1115'l'nd othIs willght ali i wiII atiri
'liitilti Is i tii, 'Leul
A C iolit litetiltll was li iii,i'l l vle fil'l, A l
\\lll., Illl'di~ii (.'11)ix ' I? lll~lll'llellll: tllln
1[(1 Garden City Costructon co
Slilll" la nIl Ittr tn ill uti holl aili i tIhit,
Lit l ik 5. $llilta.r l.lt w ,irk. i :l 0-ii tili I
Till t I'lsl+,!s if lhl . 1 . 111o llst
iihicilh tiarliL wa g lir t - tlh ll y l il l l
I ll iiinv t ir icel s it ehuii riul hll hiihllie.
luee V liliii r to nl t-ii. l dulit- gu 1t
(;con, il'irl'l lll oI l the, o· til er tbulhidin ,r.
'1-fool . ali ll, ill Ib, h'l'e t fi tr ttLlail. tIo
iuistli'c Liud tuhs will v-t t itt' n.alitm uin
Tlii ,' I'iillii t if lh ll- oi l i l s toil,
ii Il ets lrlil a l ' ht tl' ii., l dI ii, ' -u' l fl,
iliuucelti and, Wethsts ultilte sticsio-u
Vi'ruilL ii ti hlLh eliii itiiiil
le Ui, n, iil li l I ,ft l h l lley a i
cloerk i, i i 'itiual Widui Ii ht as sootll
..halllt tltt[ It was prlacltl(ic lly' tiilspum
rly.i The lialllltotllI w rl s l' l li 'll l it tll
niul 'I'i cili illi Ilc Illlllt, ll
,it ofsiltu t tllt'ln u g theli li rtclle
'i'ilili i l'tit iety $il, I 92.4i1 eft'd airk
iVell tii , roidi the n'lilld llt aienu llii
°.llil Ieit'tioli of' Mary Ollhii I'orl nil
tnel einn i f ttimu ilt sits ihiwl. t
'tlitruited er ii Ih0 tig. ne o M lh ali
Wo'(ody htrleatl. Swa I'te'lelld toi 11t,
streeth(t lnd ialle,,v m'Oiiliitltt.,
Ileorlgell N.iilk tol*, I"W%. fielrwln wasl.
iTh pet\, itinofFan laes
otuhelr. forl n Ilgiht ion tht, corn'i,,l iof
H anhlllt h anlld Wie'st Pinle i.sLtreet.- w\'il
Sre'l'er'ed to th1. Uisl t colunlilttee.
Tlhl, hbolndl of Matili tJllow uil 'elty
('herk lmlll Tlhllllul. Woodllforld til sut-lll
lhary t'. minloli nitl erl wel'l aillpriived ai nd
o l'ltrd ind filllud.
+ Ai .ll iisimtte allllw ing the Mi\ ratle,-,
Trlplpl tmlini puniy $3,197,t0 1f1' work
Sdoit oi~li the, Uhnlvest, '~y ai\,tnuel liin
pilovl'llenlt dilll'ivt was~ allhowvid,
Tlht, t+olUllel adljoulrlled untilt nllxtl
Morntindt) {+Vanlilkn
Wallace. Sept. 11."-(Lpecial,)-.urty
c'vclt ccatses of typhoid fever have been
Irepolrtedo ill Mullan Icn the last few
weeks. Tlhere tire practically no cutses
from other parts of the district. The
latest v\lttim Is Charles Lambert of
Misuoula, who has beep visitjng at
Mullalt for the last two weeks. He Is
at Provltence hospital In this city.
When the want ad that WIll be worth
more to you pereonalli than any ever
prinrted APPEARS, don't overlook it.
Sale $2.50 Warm Kimonos
Twilled Flanneletts and Double Fleeced
Kimono Cloths in Handsome Designs
See Big \Vinnlow lDipldaly
Abi.lll.t ) 410 l i'L 'll of j) r'ltl. Wiiit'i' kilulilus, il v4'l , V $1s1 4t14'
illId (Isigi l 'hy, i14,11 (1 stkY on. 11 -.II 4Wil Ii $21.:1). 'i'h,',t1
I'(' ttri' OWl, g, 01I4m-t, gi ' kn, tlXm(, sk, ll1 1l ill .i1ds )11' r14'41
g l'OIItl(IMs, KhOI phlill with lIlllmtilol ('l Intºl'|'l owl \l l fl)lrll
t1ll( t'oll I 1(''v1 '0 . dtht IP('s vIh W ill iI n o PP Vi4).i 'l l 411 iP 'l41Ill
colot'iligs. Some11 willhl x hak('11(1 linilm knol sh(,ves, u)ih,'Is
wilth I iapil', hil':, MhiiP PLd sh'.VP (' 11ves !1 hiull. I rtii'ti, s$4sln.
01(4' of thi' Iinlaliy I1I'gais 1 hs til N1 .4' will I 144 i itilltUilly
givimg fr' , w (eek to w,.ek.
\ '($luggest 'tihal ouiih ii,14' .hl.YIert'I'S tikt' (Ii'who I h '1'
allight, al t111' $1or 14' a14 (')I onvIe~iee' and so11) Ihc'k. We
(f41ll MAiVI' VIl i4illy fi' f ' iIll your jillll'111l.s.
.I VAST', '1' 'iO 1' 'I'IoII',,H $'2.,,0
W.I;iIh KIJI ( N0.. .V0 ,A"X 1 I')',., $1.65
E]X('Lt 'I, I;I EAlI)Y.-T1OW- L t I 1'O1E
Combine business and pleasure and take the large Packard "Sightacer"
automobile leaving IRavalll every (day at 6 a, m. This car Is thoroughly
dependable and comforthble. It maikes the 135-mile run to Poleon In four
hours, affording patrons a splendid opltrttunlit to sce all the beauties
of the Mission range. Buffalo park. the new settlers bullding homes,
amongst the prlnltive 'Indian telpees, etc. I'sare $1.350 Rfavalll to
PoIson. This car handles baggage ald £xpI)ress anld (connects
with steamers for Kalispoll. Special attention tde camping and fishing
Leaves Ravalil 10:30 a. m., after arrival of No. 41; arrives Iolson 12:45,
connecting with lake steamers. This is a 7T-passnnger 6-66 Pierce auto.
Fare $5.00. Be sure you got the Stlanley Scearce Auto Service.
A new b1n)1 riuime is tiaight to
ha vr bce-r wiirkted at n o' ithe locIaulI
hotels nighit befre last. 'Two mnII.,
who ga\'ve their nurnls as Coolper anld
l olt, entered the hotel and., after reg
Istering. Cooper left $80 with theli
clerk, They wenit ti their rooani and
in the milddle of the night liolt aniie
down and asked the clork i for the
money, preselltlng Ia written order. Thei
money was gl\i n hill and he de
tllrnjed. In the rlornling Cloouper lip
lpeIaried autI liltlllld tuit to havie lgned i
thlre ird .' and the mIIIauIagcllllnet was
conpcll'd dg to 11 p $80 lmorI'. (opel)rP I
Ilip eat'ed at the glt Hloulnd deptt ai
hourt timie afllterwards atll red to get
a pass to Buttre, c'laimiiing that he hall
Iben an iiriplooy, of the llrilge depaytt
Inent it l trysoon. -lih evhide y anld
worked there'', as he was uci tiillllndit
with the foIt'ren li. and lfliferlent mlieIn
at v.lrl thIer i. hI , iwe il r telltld tralns
|orl'tatinll lllt Itlft nl th~ rLe 'lninug
train foir llileu. nit irpeuri'ed at ithII
rII ptt sihortly afterward and ailso
iaskedl for tllispior'ltltiin. It was re
'fusid iand he left, bult didi1. not get the
train1 out. io urrests hliaV ei, i iiinadeo.
Complimentary Dinner.
A dlinner w'as given l .at i'viiingl itl
tlir ' lltler lr.ot Inn iy JIIrs ltuth
Slr cinl ugh. Th!'h' affaiIfl r wasl I I.nor
i f . .li. Payl Ki'nIt of liitinta, whtn is
\llps li rl' t igh's le.st. Th rillp ea
mlttie by autmnl| lli' alit w Ias hi'+!bly
I illll.
To Ro.Enter College.
Tllre lissis itl thi IWore t uti 1Mitay
Itankiii ti-r'- In a few layt fir t
a'st to re-t'nteit'r WVtllesley ,+illg4e fPo'
tie to' intlgll year. lobth youl laIltes
arie vteriy pt ul hu Ii sl i tiy, alid thit'r
abseince will be greatly fe-It,
For Sweet Charity, .
iThe Kiig' Daulghters will avie thi.
pleiisutl'e of placing oln exhiiition next
I'll ursday, Itlihday ltul $aturlll'day i vetry
iwonderflll plicture, ptmtlled bLly \'ltor
Virgonu. a Fl'renilh artist, who dlield but
recently. The palitting, which iis eln
titled "The c'ruelflxlin of Chrlmt," Is
In ti lal' cr tge 'inLsL , six feet two) nchesl
long and flve fet stix inches wide, thi
figiurie blin. lifg' sie. The story in
ciinneetlni with the pitture is o.f III.
teroest. ''hi ulrtist, Virgeol, conjsid-rel d
the pictlure hisl i.asterplec-, alnd tile
stubject too sacrel to soill It for mriore
gain. tie died very soon after coiln
peting the wiork, and left it ini trust
to hllm friend, Mr. l'refdorlt, Jdanmes
!':., .. is known irs a wualthy
phihrllathroplst of Kalgoorlni, Australia,
with express Instructions that It should
be exhlibited in different cities, a nom
Inal charge mud aund the piroceeds to
go entirely for charitable purposes.
The picture. which was shipped from
Australia to San Franrclco, is being
taken east, and has been shown at a
nultmber o' cltles en route. In this city
the King's Daughters will have charge
of the exhibition, thre proceeds of which
will go to their organization.
In order that no one may be de
I fallolous the world ovir, but no
more so than the frat, juilly roasts, cut
fronm prime' beet! and mIIutton, that we
are conltinually serlvilig our patron.A
with in lMissoula. We select nothing
.but the choicest to be procured for
our stock, auno heitg expert judges
know how to Ilhung it Ianil cul it, So
wlhen it 'eiellew youir table, it L irim
ply dlliclous.
130-132 Higgins Ave. Phone 117.
I hll w, 'll .ill i, Irll mai l I'dion
ail y I vll ei s l''l, sn n I"ltitll!' , enn
etin. . iat
Lumber Co.'s Yards
All Building Material.
G, (i ii I 'lr 'rIic .
Fipe Watches and
Repairing Diamonds
Jeweler and Optician
120 Higgins Avenue. Missoula. Mont.
Take Your Prescriptions
Smith's Drug Store
Agents Easltnirap'a Kodaks and Kokes
Rarher RuniIlhs
ive I nr d verylli l l iwon rful p llet ll', t
iimllllssl n l re t . li ll Ilha tle so
trifling as to be ahsurdl, whienl eet, n +,,.
silers tilhe uniiumual opportunity that
ln ofler°ed. 'The eixhlbltion w.ill take
plante T'ihurndy. Il'rlley 1il11 Satutduy, S n
2t 2la $tevtn. streCt.
Miss Norai Nill.l I1o(v1N (lltoday for
Butte, here ho will attol)( thle olur
Nrage oif ,Mi 1.lIan illon a1 h nd Curl
Mr. anld Mrs. W. hI. Williamsonll, who
spent several dayIs here with Mr. 1tul1.
Mrs. Arthur Elu.ibllt, have returned to
their home In ':u j'lval. W\s.
Mr. and Mrs. Flrvey HoIton. jlto t
spending several dtXgs. with Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Houtonll, hilve 'returned to
Wallace, ,

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