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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, September 15, 1910, Morning, Image 1

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VOL. XXXVIi. NO. 133. AlSSI 'I., M) ONTAN , 'I'llI'I 1)A\Y 31IININ(i. SE T:I'MIIIII 19111. P ICI, FIVE CENTB
Dearth of Sensations Expected in Convention
Held in Garden City Today.
Gates Are Opened Wide to Delegates to State Convcntion,
the City Having Attired Itself in Its Best Dress in
Honor of the Visitors.--Many Notables Among
Those in Attendance.
Trhe pulIwi is ,r e loe 31 orhire I Mr 1a
41044 oft houn a4): t1ready on the ground.
Almost i014s Irma,,'4 more will I vieQ thlin
inornhing. lBy the tIme 114e cotention41l.4
414011(4 those I 1,000 visit. s Wll 1w(il e
reghit3' e4I41 tit ( 14he 1( hote(s and 1(l boadin
houw",. Tn ' twl ls alive with r'
Tholc 141)0 4(ftlcslJ4t4 4.4 (((((4(I1('l' 1441
pa(4rrot (I no In the confl'eutlo1( 1o(d14)'
4(414)' 51s '(e0ll ee'k ('x011i4404tent I4 oIlher
I(uartet's4, for the4re will 1)e i4 41(44411 of
sen('44ati1((ns(. The state organ44h0411o44l ('(o4
tijitms ((41 out 4(1 out Ins4urgeIlnts, jprogrl'4
1414044 141(n I nl('44(l,(' (4 (If the mid g1 ar(I,
1ut t144')' wIll lie o04(4 1(41444')' night. 'i'll)'
lattle ov'e4r olfrfice will lie of short(41
eiuritt 1n. Six, pIerh'14p4 se 4v4'n4, ('444(1 -
'latI t('(4 II e11'ter thlle r4(ve( fori 4.44llrondi
4'((44(4(l4(4olner, 14ut no( bilti(erne(s4( will
'4'('(IIt. Th'e1 (444 t4o4' U'r,4 or Jud41ge4 1'onI -
croy t44'l eI(4' II 4 d0 (( ther 14 1'444.
They') may3 thiit he4 is4 the IigIcali ((h(4(.
14ut1 tilhe blot'kers of Messrs'(. 14ellign,
Ioan,444 Mo1rley',' i.l~i(4444e'I, Walkert'4 and(1
lhldfrs')'. (1ee'4( equally ct'o4(ri(('I( I lthat
t1)'y h444(0 410cked44 the a' 1444clr.
The Treasurert (4444 rsta tvplbllil'44( ha1440
t44)1 b44en( li grlils over44 an(43 4f t1h' 404(444
other I44)4'iqj4 sf t4l4 count41r', ,In(..1i4 ('('4
IN a (li4'.Idd a(144i 2444 1towar4(1 d144' 144'',-po
gress(4ivee c45444p. At ((444 lIme it was(4
pre'dilctd that4 44 s411111 wo(uld ('((o444' (4v(4'
Plhii. 'I'h(ere (4 0(4 ((was n i 1 It b,r'o~I(
y04sterd'.143. 144 d(.l(V4('4441 Illsh 4444
J('ct 44ast (14gh, i4 well-know4 1i4'l'(4 Ia
repubtica10144 (4aid(: ''1t'he 14 is, 1he
.(l4e of ipeace Is i4 (ea'(. lie Is ((4'1or11"
alte4r 114u44', '11444t ('.44( abo(ut0 t1h4 s4tu
ation4 when' the d4'14gat('( r('llred t111(s
morn4in1(g. I 141'44(4443 will prevail.'(I 'l'h(4r4'
will riot 1be 4('use Ioulilltch of1ally' wsll . N
Missnoula Is ueqlulttlng Itself willI. No!
town1 of tlls( lize ever hand(ed 1 su1' i(1
c'4'4'ow(d biet'1'4'. 'I'lhos(te In4tru4,t14'l wIth
1140 pr44ci4g ot dlegate anr40 d others '.(41414
the ~"·nW~I lly~ca cit th· ic~l trainsl uud dirercterd the visitorsr~r to
A n4u44ber or 444','4'.1444441 dlectra41('4d
tlhitr pl1140e( for111 the '.'041ent1444. 804(44'
w'1indo4ws t'44ri(ed'4 elabora1.te 4444(1 a (0wl
Mclcacted displays of tilt, prodructs alt' the~
(4ity004 41and 1t'4 ( the coun ry oud Uc bo44ut1(4
H('II)'4444(1 the14er is414' Il pa't1(o41i co4(1'
Horu 'in(1 11eti414'r T1he cityll t' ad 4 ilIre
lights 14. T1140014o4 4 4nue.
Town Ready.
.41 lXuuII( 144404444 1(4 (1(444 I('4441 .41(44(4144
Missoula, begun to don t', Yitl ) )I1uI
t14gs(w 4t1114 the 4:0o44414 (fng '' (o(44 444441i
by 4441t1414014 II(it wa r'ea(41y '44, 114e. ("44
i'eisluoi. wInd w (rile44' 44 fill'11 ed1 '.i11h
d1isplays. i(4411(IlI'g lt,! rings'1444044 a(nd;
blnin(4i4g. Hull4 the (t41 t (''(1( Or" aglo'w
change404 in th44 p4er'son4 (el ((I 1t44 town''4
c'a44(e4 Tuesd44)'., 4(h4444 the' I":Itll(4'44I dl
(gatl4'4- 144 1'me royr()'Ioolor-a4'.I
riv.ed 4)4 teilt'cone: an4 d pit4che44( their1(
ten(ts at tile 14 lIorenu'e hote1. 't'le gltlad,
h444d w'as out 4ut ('04')' fery 'w hod roll!
Its 4404(11.. g le n iolpable pret(4sure until rh'
44(40141s co(444 te su444lie4(4 44.1141 orth,
wear414g4 reel budgesI , and 1'cr14.(14441
104110(. abo0ut 440'(( 3'('(414'('414 4l'414(4
th1xs thler'e (('.4( ((441141g lac log. Auto
Ilihe er'.'14.'4 441' 1ti'egute40 104141 I"('('1441
lIt'b (4(4 hurri1d 111 abo 4' 4he 1)' 414ty d (
11heir ul41h441 t'o se'' t1ha4 v''IslnI
About 444lddtyt1.4 illdo'gz1lu 14(4 the44114
'aste4'n1 portlioln oIr the. (414114 44('r4'I''.
A41 (44(4' h 4ter a' othe11(r ca4(44.'* N (44 11e
141(bls o14 o 4 o o11t1 s (('e'( w ll I'ill d
whi poitiian, t th~e Vlulreuclc tLlo,
brIght an114 14(41 co11 4(4. Aut 114 i' 1o 1 44'Bert
14114 'l'homar s Henry' c10 rter br41' ighleneld
the (4en0. Hie ws4 g'reeted4 143' (y oe an((
(II th ((it'll cordi,044 al I44(4(lallkei1 I'4d(1 a
Ihert)y .4elco.4((4. \%'LL4 1(1( I 44(40' 1ge 0lack
I*11 ulled (Ill Idow on' 11114 fIne nu(s4
(4114, head. he rolled a cIgar e'stless(ly'
In 1ilm moutht. 'T'hle (ilk t114 o(f. Wa'14(4l
i05144( had1 give ('44 ay( lo 14, th ro44 (
briln louch or Mo((11a01.
T 'Delightodl to 44e0 pi(44" mll th
4 4no4(4 congre'(4414tl. wi(('111 It hi4d word
olrl ev'erybody'.
Other Characters.
Not fur away)', In4 1144' c14Itor 14f a ('''
ile of lriends, d 4. t 4441 WIIIam l.1nds().
4(4(4', of 111 (444 p i ('est repeI '
leane In 11he (('('(. 11, '.14, w1as hap414'
contributed by theo National Re( Cross
soolety and employes of the forest serv.
iee in this city for those Injured in
the recent forest fires in the west will
not be sufftelent for District Forester
(reeley at MiWsonulhn. He estlmates
that $2,o00 will be needed and has
I' Il tl u l II2 ( lh'41:4 1 14'4 l'4 tillng 1f'l' r il 11I
t2tundl ngi h rI ' alln' l there h2 21 tll th1e'
lobby' wt ore grlat ps I' Lof ytrl splinellll rs.'l'
',. I 2I. 2M2 t' n w1a2 t' , llnlg s\2'eral
Fr14 ,l1 1t'h's I l'eItt .I 11i1) u i ni r'ecent
2tril. iiip thl' l.ltl2er Iln.t2. .ll Co11t'
\. m lilxling rIlth . b \ . . blttl,
lhluater f.udgeR Franllk 14. W ortly 42dr fteIl1
il2, wo r1i' r lt ' l lon2 1 . l.('l tilnS "W h nll (lhl
l, l turn r'epuI blit n." s( 22om2 ' 11 e a111' ked.
"'Ne've'r tlr'n'd. Th'l' lt' mayor of tIhe
town told mie, 1.\ wear thlls wll help
Ni. I h2v11 not h l24 l i' h ll22 'ge of 2 'ailth. ,
It is 1 s Is oll i 412 lll tt l hII l4 I 'h1're'li12t4'."
"' ill it b y2," dle.hl rled It. W'. Kemp.l2
l2anl I). 22io. o4 f I elem' it was 2'n
tIlt'tulntl llg i party2'I) o2ve'r 4at lh1i, eligst'
Aclros lh, lolr i stood, vede All'
JIIIy, hl2u in4 g al t t 2u2ll 2gll 44e l 1it, :a4ll4in.l
a 2ost. Near hih was J2erry Murlilhy
of the Mo,422ntlnUt 2 okl,,lt.
At t .e .v4y4', 1he1 MIs2r,,inh, lhi'
irhapuP.d 2n22121n1 1 t4l'r hlntels th2rl2 we2re2'
s2m21a. 1l partieslll , bu. 2 Hi OlI 'Itl'ellt, was
'1.headq1Iuarte, r22 2otl'l lilr.e p tlers 1 laill p1l.n
stalre Ie .itral manlll i' I , iwasll l lunlg
tl4.' arrivals l fl'ro l tillr (Ir'as. II2 ,. 2 as2 '
2h2'y all day 4urr'l'lhl 2 i '242 f lue' 2m(
ei tion At lIglh n lun, 'x, ,111 \ s' h1 I
I ga. willl fall, ill the d'Ir'l aI't's will,
4,on' ltl2 n'(,, thhir' 1ll:;. lN. II. ('2l2nl''y
of l l r'4't l ("alls, II I lh'ersto l,. 2i2 i
le 'lllnpetr ry la'hitrl nll 0 wi; ill lmakell th
first 22spl4 2h of thile Clay. 4'2ll2tt'orn
Dis)ll I I2ndi (Curtelr nd IRe presal1ti'
Pray a2'2 ' laited for 22 le'2''1h . T'hl'
ni t12llution'l2 lo it e" 4lall2 I'e arl., f'or 4'424- Y
gross, ru2 IIIt'1 ll2 c-mmissioneI', 2l 0nd
clel'rk o the suprll' l 2 oll2 4!44l4rt.
('lharl,'22 N. 'Iray of Fort Ir lll. ' onx till
hIe re-ll nutl h ll2 t fillr llt,ongress wIth11
i tll oppositioI . 'I'Tell re' ub.il' .a il' tilto - '
stat21 think that hel hla l II u l2rde a 4o21thy
II. I i we'll-kllown 2land1 liked.1,,
'telt. contest of hilt oeao).Ition lwill i,".
ove'r it 4'121diidat1 ' for ralro')ad (' 4i2i2is-'
sinnerll . Seven l n are li( n t2 ( racel. It
2as 2.o2 t, generally'' , klnown until) yester-'
lay that o l lre than f, ur, M42' rs.
i -ohlvb'I of 111tillngs L logan of Ml.sI
I2ll2a, Mlr h'ley of Sill2' ver ,'ow andi
IPolllll roy of Kulisell. were Alit. It d .'
vel)ped early in the 2i2 2rning, how2\('22'r.
that 1,. A.% 2Wa2lketr unl l It'. (u. Ii ,.ilen
eck'1td' S2ller Ilir C1H' 2and NtII.h.nl 1(o4l
I'rey of .lew ll wnl Clark wens''r, Ie 1t
'The filnds of I L'l, ' thl h ah dida4lts 2rill2'
a, bury s2 i:i; , 1s till 2 h 11eket.
J2h1n T .. Athley'. I4, eit. rk Iof' sih, ll2
ole2llt court, will n2 Rt l 12.v' 22 2 lp
T 1here I 1 so4 ' talk 'f a2 4.4 r' ,+2 v
over the platformI llnd 1 very'' rIemote4.
(danger "of a c.'uIf'lict bijtweell regulars2
22and progr'essives H414. 2the 2o242sensu2 -
Of oplinl2n at 2 t at(2 hou' r 2 l2 t night
was that 224 Ight h 4ou22tl r2a4ch thel I
flor of' the (onv'ention. If there' Is i2
4f1'rl'tence between4 the l ' 'aders ' its t2 2
w221at 2hould go in the pl4ttfo r'l It will
b(h threshed out behind clse1 d 'doors,
The Montana republicuns art, d(t et':
mined to 1 pr'e1;nlt a united+' front to the11
Sn4en0m' thi4 fall. ''Therel'or,, they w'll
niot t2ash any 222 lled 1 I iln12 In public.
i'The platf1'rnl Is ntre opa'(, 1I Jot 4 to
Ibl a4 2 i'npromlis4. 'Taft will ho' in
Ido'.,t'd 2121 [RuCooevelt given it vote of
thanks. It I generally' believe1d that
Ithe Missoula county resolutlonts will be
fo'tllowed. The views of Senator Dixon
'2on this subj(ect 42are 1 own. In his
speech before the c2un)r ty 1co4Vel4tion
Mondaiy li' saId: "I slholitd bhe 42t1
illhatedl if Montana alt Its onventionl.Jn
on T'hursday did hut 22 Itself' on re,
ord with 1the progresiv'e el2hlment of
Its party and county'." That ils plain.
Thu convention will c"nslst tf the
4'4low I iig deloegations: fS
lLt,'eaverheadJ, 14; rlroudwater, 1 ; ('1r
bon,0 19; Cuscad.o, 31; C(houtlau. 23;
C'uster, 1,5; D)alwsof.. 14; D)oor 'Lodge,
«i1; Fergus, .4; I"udthe'.d, 19; (lu)lituln,
(Continued on Page Six.)
asked authority to appeal to foreut
servlce employer, asking a contribution
of .I each. The officials have taken
no action, but have requested more d?.
talil on the sltuation in the fire district
and have sak'ed what efforts are being
made by the local charitable institu
clone to assist the strickon ones,
,j j~ ,','.
- ii
"N I
1. i,\'' , -
y -.. S-- "-.---i VY.
THEFT OF $113,000
hhL'b ul ~ ', , let. I . 1 I.,., rII , i \ I' i
oYHr'ali, i u r r alllr.l tt i. 1'li l4 hilJ 'r in the
(hic(ago tderal s luII -tr ,ea.ury, Itas L ir
rexted today by Dep.t y Il LedLI bltes
Inashal shlh rt, d wlhl .il l ' hll. I hrt 'eIn rious
theft If $178:000 fI'ii tlhe su.L-tre l,.lX ,
on .I'b'LI'uary I, 1107. I"il.I Lt'e lh was
arrested (on II be)clh wartllltl ll ol l ll II
dict llent rtIIIned sL t l Iriliav I.y i lfedo aI
grLland jury eI ' u I aLry IT, i111. 'Three
days after the iLliettl. Sit was sLcret
ly retlirneLL and sup ltliIsseI, on I el
tuary So, it ilas a oim 111 d that the
stlop LJossble tisi th ruIl )t i tLLL l thL
pIculLi r case. IIoIIL liLenL with this rnsl
by the aL.thL rities ii eret rlLIL lt Lin
of the Iformer tller 'ite t le Lt d an l'
Discoveries Ma'e.
I)lacitu.crieas iadei by thiese ir trot a,
Mervice Ite'U n resulit di 111 tll'e ordl" lr or I
lVltzgrltl Ul' ' ii 'rl'r st. Mlirislltil l ndur- I
tteli, cllelf' 'of slpe intl ,lgents of the! t
ldepartmtlenllt i Jstle, t Walter t
l'aliright land ,41. '1. ilniiik r, iialrt,.ld I
'litzltera ld ltt Iis rl'h, ion Ia.Sa illf
street, Just its thf frI'tl rleI-treasuiii. ry
tell .r wHits eatinlg flr i lls i1. o. . I'iatz
gteritl wais lir.t uii lii i I'lnited Sttes
IMarshal 1iy's I '. i'l(" l1 iii l'oih'rail
buldingllll, lwhere t11 was uciiithei, nlii il|
euffed and Ipluted iu a clII.
F')tzgeratld tifJ 'cifeied it liiig s jatrihtd
anld fri fit l iw f nil te wlll ' il ili elllll
utlltewhIitt roughly by thffi deputy
uars alsl . .liftt'er i ,ill hour's illlriln
inent ltz'geiaI1d wasi takI.ti Il'~rt.
Judge Keiel iv l ndtis', 11, was
formallly' u'rrtlltitl and his hall I'iled
ilt $10,0110" 1It o w s tli iin to th." i.miunlts
jail, unafble to Il v hafll.
The Indictment.
'The Inldictmentlii agauinst iti.izgwlrluil
rlead in itl Irt, sp l flef flea t ir tiil s
'llhriee chairge iemlii)ezzlltrinlt mil l ell
I'oul'th char'ges hi'r(ny. I'lnd1 I hr"sn
Icharges ia llXilllllnl mPIlte (iii oI 10
yours In ithe f'ederal pirlain or ai fin
equal toi the l ll i otlnlioi ilei Is the.
pienilty Ilpol c lnvfiri tlil n lu vii'i d j (l i i
thie 'edtl rIl stlatitltea.
Attaches of lthe distlhrl.cl ititrlney'
olffice dfoilare thIlat slln.ie rlho Hitl'tllng
d(ulppearanre of thl' $17:3,li000ll fr't tlhei
sub-treasury FIitzgerald hIt done
the following tlhings: Irgauiiized the
Illlnoin at 1allllli't lll'itng (.)llllltpany
with Ita 50,000 plant at Hait lllnnond,
Ind.; organized tile Illrnoul Ioull, Nult
&Forging company, with ii large plant
in Ohicago; dealt extuns:l\ely in stoc!ks
and honds; noved ftriI it ioillloest fiat
to a 610,000 resldence in Rogern Park,
a suburb of I('l.eago: paid for thils
new home and furnishsled it expenilve.
ly: lived In exllensrihe t it, lnl dIntter.,
talned fri nda lavi\'shly.
I'lrti,41441. !aluiii. Sllt. -I.--Two 14'4
I141141,1441 4 41441h 14444 44tll4 1 444i44ti4 rUllnr4''44t*
atives will (ons4tit44te ti' t (ext Mai nec
4144gatit o Inin It4 (ext hlouso'. .)oub I
41 to4 thoe nakOul r 111(the rlegation was!
414e4redl 1414. tidaIe, 4rlenI bIclatelL returrns
front roll '0144 1oan1s1 or tilthE 1.r1 tit
htilt 44i144.%44 (1he r4-e~lection1 of Vrank
1((4rioievll pllllality. Mr. hi ur'rlean) Je li
11441 444444 ,'444444144 ton1ight biy 111$ 4144t.
44r441i(, o 4tl44 (4,44t , urge'g4 c V I. 44tl 444I4 Itf
'i llient 4iri 44 ,r .Mir 4'(II11. I h 514441$r I
1'Iar" uiet'tillon if Asher t'. lo ds (re c -r i
14ii l 4,414t ) iii I ie I Itt dis1tic t 14(y 744
viotes4Is hoilte ant14 14444 rare it, gifll IrK
14 ll4A unl44II 1441 4l 4444 (lt. Inl the Stout,44
441441o'l'Iirll h irddistrilIs tihe 4101 nioer44 4e4
4i44la4v' 1)44 e 11141.1J. .\l4:(.llit1 y 441r4 sa1'.4
I.. (Iol4dl, wA4in 4144isll lly.
Attor~ney (144414'4. N. Johlluloll, a4 prone1.
(lant ldenue of444 4 VI'utl'rviill, is t4 (44
y. .1114d144t4 for4 ((4 tIl- nit(4d States4t14 4(.
ate at thecol in (44444(4e$4sion of till leg.
(sta1tu1re. 'fiti4 444dy( wll ir 4414444.
cr4tic iby 4 4., ed ii 1 4 ti;1lt in Joint,
htill 44 a 414.444.4rat t144ueeeeu 1- lt4
H ole -4 4!.- -- -- -
1)c("r L ·'I l " . IIIII l 1I1 I I. (1· l1 ·1 1111()
Ilulnilliltl iil 111(" 5,1ll,\\ ·iiig 1.1111iit)'
t.ItIIIty 'P(ir gnaii
l) it' Voi' .I'hi "x i (jtiI', Dav' Id t.
(iýugh s Ili'iti ahuviii u rIllIulM
tip sun lutu, u"I'tlil Il)(lguv"itnM
cI. nty ll tI j n(-y, I rls Whluluulili, N,
Il):uil II. I. Fuutu, Aury Mu
Avon; uiiiit I i Int ipnl.n of It rluiilA
LFrunuk4 V.Jý. C. Hu, illllll Ta. it
Wi 11I ri hi'I Avol, A in uuu-iuI-i~t,
thu niti(, ('uie itr Imerly uueid Frill
Ftan mIt (i} JuirlI.It~o~t
Lou]' It rill' • '";' ' I pt i t. ( . nrp II nn'I I I I
iJlli ti, I , l -lIi 1- ii I III ( i,Mt -ri . thll l
('lll~ilhlllr,.· Ill thP~II'LL'hl() hl'(a,,.Tli)ll:
uait r tiihi lth t li ngI ut tinv liti ti Li
nir 1 tttll *i,, re Ipli f I t H theI st (mIIeI IN
hi llt r ih Ih pii l el ·h III' mbelll lllti l' f lth,
nitiilitii'i h II l hii yso yioil rtitlu:
"Tllhu itt.llatem nl i ily lplr i.v uilhrk'
[l'l t |i t illi ' li lltl il' ititliti l ulll hilt' III
M ih liiI, ial thlit it l t ti rhl-'
publienti memir of the milital its lhii
uilly 'iii ll|'il', l .s III ihi IhI 'I lIL +' , u hultl Ly
llolt (I r(' l, l1 ke ll ali l' II ' ie l \ort )sI lh,'
1ll llilng r calir , i llil ifti1r" thlh e -
Ioill... Thlf ;Ia lllllgl Io , I,t. l,'r -
part iW . 4 Forde'l'Ja , bIl'y bir,'ubligL i lll
" .\· ll1c11 Iir \r· ,,i l ;l l'llcr i'li illcr N i"..' .rl' ,Irl
nill I ojlrllll Ill t alhl * llialllh 1'lN ,' ('1rk
IIIIrin th , , i lh tllhl s II m' olln thi. h c r1. 1 I,
l Il, uponI the H nlhlllrag r rl'lortlsl . )lh ,l
he0 laird. ] I .uhl lld l hav, e h,,ell
ill Mhinnaonip Mena.Oi~tor VlIln stat,+d
lposiliv I ly th.t hI, wmllhl d ll~ · It ; pr,,.
l~lll~ · is I11I)l ' (I 1I iltl l tlvl, i)] IIII-I#°H ))rI. ll
, ;III14c"ur i ~ llll S. il/ SI' I i l~ l ( lI II o aII'I.I:III.
whcl'h h+' Itlhough l l arll' ° l lull.ol t thani
hij it plh. usi, I lho e. r l inilrlY m itiga io l of.t
hi abll'.s . -l-t(1R'l, n rit lltl'lel rll ilu
Ill+ ll: III wasilH i)I I I tll h awnecs'l ill, I ll
0'4 li(rlfilr lled it.
T'lh+, .ltati'lnl' t lnliiJl, hy thei 14 ntllh -
lll'l thatl the u ti ng-III .'.lhld r l'lpl i
Wrllither ,. Ill .1tilllrwapIall," w|a. If the"
lpurplose ,.f co, sidI(a'ringI. mull d~iscull4inl
trtll I walll sllOi speifica'llly a' r . o ll dtI when.
Iw)I ahdj lll|ourn III' Wall-killgo" 111 melp l t
li)' III M inno lp lil. H f op t hem 5, hatIt w',
porl,.t~l an illlling ilt tol thIt ('l~ 'it . |i f'l
lh W, o.wii nl1 Ilit ) t ,o 1 th lil ilop l ;to Mill
them. this rlllep ,r t Iil, Heartl Ih- llh -l
hiilil, if +%1i. Jhtilhing,,l, Jim gultlalilin ilf
il iil+ iiillionlil of1 tl, ' peoplli'l'i lll'rolp ty',
1V~n iluý 'M ll. pl 11.--)11) h1
('A Irlajipo i. lul iln was ro be u-' 1i
jowels, Vnleid at avir al tieiiiuuid dol
Thisl is one( of the~ Riuii)y rulhlearlr,
Mihlchi have taii'iii place 0n tialna ain
In voil I uvui I sls in western ('anudt
lately.. whichi hav'e nLLtted the $10bbe0
a aunti eatinlated at nvarl)y $100,009.
Wants Regulars to Stand by the Progressives
in State of Washington.
Reports From Western States Interest the Colonel Very
Much and He Immediately Urges That Both Sides of
Republican Party Unite for Victory---Colonel
Leaves New York This Morning.
lc', iii I r iiiie t, t \Vllhiii t il1 rh'le i'tl
T'hedlori lln ).,.,\elt ltoniglt ait d 1l., llln
llteihtely lrgett that till fit.tionts if the
Firtv tellite tIo nllupVprt Rlelrersnrtatilvi.
alie, 'ltiidixttr fr the I' tllte Sttitt,,.
'nitilt i l In the tfr,, Iiree rro, ir iv'i e. It llr.
IrIers. forl c')I.ongren.
"JuuIt iIn itouth IDuk f ta, t htie tlie
t'rewItl'rt won, I trgei thle IrtllrreglrIveh
tI nxllplport tile rulhlgiri hetirirly," hit
saki, "'t I mlttt earnetitfy uirgi' tlthtI
the priitril'ivotfueii In Wiiiilifngtoiln, wlhcre,
I ii Info rllied, f.Mr. 'i,,hielthxtr hax beln
Inldorledf fir the nol'ltte tllid tllt tiltrec
Il'c, q ~llr081q v I'llnllhlitldl .~ litivl. ll)t l)
W iilltllt nito. Shplf. It. TIlhi till,
iof il glln t. is rrunllgedl ,ir' h ol'l ol~g
ho fly:
A h ititiitlII I)rtruft naIed a
t i um t to ild reiu arti I lll out IIf
A, |lilt olfli wlP l t llw l hikll 4 lll ,it
if Ittltfll.
A Minll *h ' r it ing t l , ,I in ltt
ill 101, Ill ' h I~r,''ld. l~u~'rc ~~
terreifit ulfidp Nainiy tl noet.
Nuinityf' gultr blhle Il,10 bill,
etu-iihl It.
'fit'h Iti 3' trit~vftfliii liii tiuiJ' oci{', it lil
tell lllwl.
r 'co11 r. thiei~il) bill ltitii yi Ikilll ii
Iiew hillII
.I 'll i,'t ,, 1. 4 I l).ll ,111' . ,,r hI
.rIh t I tl t ltl fr til I lt i l itt ihtI. e
e it litl'i tt" pri i litr li ll n hi ii n l IIl
retl1 ,~I t 'tie) . fe r fin iiR huit'ui l tI Izio , ta
d ttih'' s ' i i tch th. v ing i
"-l)(i) illl ll<·I t·~n~ ,,l'll tlir ilr llllll, lll'i~ll hI,
that ~ ~ ~ ~ 91il'? 1 wudki 1 raduyill)
Haiohl ll' tlhiturrlli ifor prh,, p I nw i o,0't ,ll
io',rid. T' J e electi o h I oallll dl! Ill haII',
(10 ildetet ivellsl. l illlt Iii \d\iltlaInl oli
h11t r leitlur .ulllu ii, i
li',elntu tl- ulitve. i t Ijtih is t ,. l i_ i.li
Ituri, as~ we'IIll . u ll to hl. nl llo,ild t'onl
gr'ws will Ibe nlominatei~ld, N!'iil'y) |ll
Ii lof t Ie n+mo'atli(, rielr'lei ntaltiitv.'. usll
.,.iatttr', whoe voteldi to sen Wlim\VIhil
Lolrhiiir toi lit, t'tlllid Statil,, unlith
lth ani l lle. dt 'll i' lll' h rniid 'l , \vh f 4 t.<
utit llti'il hl.a t wl,',k oif aI chargle~i io
Iblil)Pry) in b hliJ f iof Hieiniltlr ].,rimli!r t
alt4ll l,;lke, Se,],. I.t.- Tlhe' demlo, rdlib
sttell onlliVelationll will h,, h,'ld ,.t Pri'ili
lgilll l'r w g T nl oii ,llll on it ..tih'
ip i Ig a le l 11. t.. It. -l' lg e .
ntali .l Jilllt i ý1. elir l&iianl d1'el Iratie
till' 'riiti4IiiIM vei.eti' by till re[)Iteii~la
'I''t'he 'It II ri It4 Mr. Mulisnia andi till
IdI demIloiIrats were tiI ll f Ie ain I I the
Illt pstsessi t of t leripubilean meimltbrs
rs four four' datyst, giving amplle t110W fur
poitilng out any error or 0e'ticts that
laiait'ld foIl' Iil{Inr .. gre'i, Ini' glent"
l.oyal u:llll port 1hy th , iIII;. lis "
Labor Planks.
lodayli) n tlkilnl. wIit .Januli,, I. I{yln
olti ofI' Ne York. n,~ail.;tllt l distrhi'
allttorney. ', e saHld tlher Ihl talk,.l ,ver
the libor plinnk in Ilthe retlullhllr'lill ';ln:
pilatt"rall and liid gine 'iover 'l.eral
laubr ciinditionn.
Toolllilrroi" morninRg ('iol'illIl Icl, ltvrlt
will lIs'e by autllomobille ror tl\lsrhrudl.
I,. 1., tlo make an addrealas it the Sollfflk
' lntty fllr. The 'oi, tlo sol hl e ri ini'l
leave New York Parly' ftlllrd;(y morn-lll
InKg fIor yrclule. where heI(' will l)speak
at thIe state fair that afterntlon.
)-IverI. i-b'pl. II. Ui.n el lirii Jhl I".
llilifritl easI r nulllilllll ate'l ItotiglitI I,"
til 'nuiii l heren , iti ltih first ball',lt. I'n
uffihil returns givi". hliim Stil vote'.
I,'eilillr~l hrl'P c·1, wII l.,frxt blrulkll l'rl
(.fl('lcP I~l rloll~lrnMllr, 1))'. llllr .')I) VI(· tL'.
rThe :iiilir i9|' Vrte'. r-.uilirid for
nttitinital in is 01.'~
I irt.1 '. 14,in . I --ll , - lT erril.r , i ll. of
lt le c.rtmlll' tllt lll y alllnla an ild Inie of
lIpliti.'al s.gaL'it3, wrt cr. clihalkled ii
againslllt (lvernorlll J. IF. lhafrotl,, in Ii.
rael flr ni nllllatlio, by IIIi. iplitlilire t
in ti-h ldemIintil state t i'nii°il titlimnt
i1, lo.st till clilaii', of seating i 4 dIlI
KUi,,ti frI)l DeiV'lle'r favloralill t him
andLI Iy tllhe other was iredited willlll t
lIniling the suilllrlt of tIn' howefil iand
laasihly lIeterlriininaile l'uilli lihiugo
N! it' tltti l imnlln llttin , , .xl.lllilt
mali iun t'rllI li' tadl itrcilll ' li Ill Ii l
lapl lllll Hllelnlt, Ilego lll"r .r I Iullpl'ltel
itill utirsu'rtell[ at thel I iil' iiiiigiii ' the' l
night .si-a :. thaI lih it sli tt i I-,v.!
tIm I, l: elliot of rattllll Ihn ;;,,l lit,'
n Iilcesi ary til ('li .ii,.
A Mis-atop.
\'11hut I ail\llllil tol hai',' I ll Itl,'
ntis-i-tip waa iieade thnt: tlii i-41ufrt'tl
i-legates frond.-t lier li ICut, in l l'
i t t,' ii liruituot agI nist li'th eating if
llil~ ~ ~~ ~~~~~11: Ihl ,l.. lllll 1 h...111(1 i4,.
tl i llct i-i iti fI I lu l t'r lieia iito L:., flile ll t
limeiti ii Itat they di tinilidI tli heir ill
pllunents' ;i-ets or that the lhtttc-r wi're
I a'r.ongfiilly uoeati'ui. Thb ititl -hlifrii'l h
l' tllereifut'i. were aulliiwuil to -,tu
'iit vuites fil.: the adilivi-r.- ri'p rt I n o.i'
*in hy thie eredi-nitials ''illll ltIii A,.
tilhe Irieliit wi '. adouldul l i ;i I
' Il olil'ty, It wa'i,' lli ii,'' hiil''h i
lnt thmat liin til' aiit -htilr Ir l h ul.',
gftioun: bmie:lt Octrelulteld ri'''i1 'uluti In.e"
.'itherl of lti, sho e hivl ill,..tionl , thi.
iinelrlall. itt l i'l r , wearinig1 th!. .Iilmlth'l
Second .liah.
t hi . iiii' lll tu i ll u i ntl lwh l ill 1
*t .u " \ il'lmin i II muo ll - lf r gui' I .; tii
0L: iti a n r hulruitl l l.t.itiuitim
('riti('izing thi, niiilto iil l iplyll ',,ta: hi,
brothell whlll'l)ile la,
thi Iilrlii~l'(lll .111 1!i~ ;il ii (1 ,1,1·
(ins iyl~~:Ii Isi~lnjistly inslBl lnyOl, ho1W uI&eriy
cp iiid ( In ihujinin it Ir to W~lbhuii~t
hi' y·inn tgi'·ittluii I h thiu ittiur hyud,:
if ue~ hanli tn·wel itit itriret ttrttt p~lut
ne'rvanlt pian it lwr Wrott· to lUl thlU
putniti know~ tiLseut it'"

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