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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, September 24, 1910, Morning, Image 1

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'I oday,-8howca~s colder. IVl E E 1t lt cIE A Ihik
'OL -l. XXX I. NOo12t -MirxcE IV C T
VOLI XXXVI1I, NO 42 ssn ,1O T.y, .T llM J xN~,S11''1JfE 1 11) PR!ICE: Pt) CEZ
"L. . BRWNE"
Ar Member of Resolutions Committee,
Notorious Go-Between Is Not Al
lowed to Assert H;mself and Very
Name Causes Unpleasant Comment
-Convention Happenings.
anst $t. IolHus, III., lAept. 1. ei. I,
cil"Noll Btirownell, ricently u,'ilatttetd of
,bribery In cnnetlllton with till, tlhecthln
of Unlt.d 8tut'e i'niiotol' L'itilller', was
I'tt'usedj t!ecuugnltihol today on tlhe floor
rYf thu tliliun dem iocrati't state coion
entlion heore, As a memllber of the'
resolutions cognlttie' lie he was told by
Illoi'&r C. *$9livahn, natihonal cotlmnit
tLoli'IaI Atot to assert himnself.
The platlotrmn udopted was illff'tenlre
lit launy planks front the draft which
the commilttee took intot its ion,. loud
wouds were heard from the room' .
'Th'su wero front Browne, witr tcalled
.sme Ilemberis of the party who re
:oently meitat Peoria "blackmillers."
l'rowne was nlamed oti the resolutlons
or:ummitttl' by memlbers of theil Twelfth
enalltorial district delegation. His
name wtas hlhtsed and chlleredl by delu
I I'euldling the IInt of Inumnbers of the'
tommnllittee, this secretary read the
name. L. t,. BIFrowne. A delogaute
asked: "Win Is this L. (). Browne?"
'This qucatioll was Ignored by the
hltuir, and when the delegate hllnsisted
upon a reply, Browne arose, and cried:
"If the gentleman wishes Informa
lion I am the nan to give it to him."
lie wal not allowed to; reply, and
4'ongretsman lHenlry T. Itallney, chair
Lntil, obtuinetd order under difficulty.
Seoond Rebuff.
Th'lle e'coind reblff cinle to lrouwine
Just as the convention adjilourned after
tfll adoptoln of the platform. Wilth the
motion for adjournmenlllt Ipending,
Dhruwne stood with his friends inl the
centter of tlthe hall, demanding rccugtl
Iln,. lie was Ignored.
After the coinventionl wais blrought to
a close he made lhis way to tihe' chllr
nmllun, and explained hl wanted to say
he could inot atrove. of that part ol
thie pilatform wlhich referred ito United
BLrte' Senlutor Il'liller,.
'r'hl denmltotruietc party, accrdillng tio
the platform, udmitting tlhat SHnator
Lourllnor wais elc. ted iby the votes of
t)lne of Its pIrty, dues not assume
that It has any politlical interest iti
Xelalllttr orllllt'r, and it t does nitt c('t
idtler l1 Win as re,irtsenting tilth' selltl
laeint of the purty. T'l'le il'etlolt Is
deplored. 'The original idraft con
dllmnled 't"btliroll.lr" itcthiHs andt "Jack
ptot" leglisltionl. ''l'hse words wet"'
ellllinl ted Iby tilt, clminittel., tcc lrtl
log to (e ' ie ti'tary, ibeituse ti,..'
w.r'e l bjectionable.li,
Condems Bribery.
'I'he revised platk read:
"Trhle tdelit rai l i paityl'l is uI uitell 'taily
luppiiseid to liihe gl'ilig oir lithe tulking ofi
brib'les y thos seeni king hlgislhtitvi fu
o1rs, and wri ct.nlldtleil In untneasoreid
termls tilly persotin or liperiltos, deollicrut
or relpluhllan, whol ay i la re eit
gallty of aily partltilltill Ihlierlin. unit
declare that in this clonU.iillltloin we fta
v'or the lectiotn f Unitelld States i1t
lurts liy dirlct' voltle tof tilt pleoplei."
A plunk malintulihtng that the peoplel
are tentitled to tin io' lo l rie's on l c'itool
liooks as prevail iii other statesl, andil
urging (1hat iffl'ortls lie lldti tio iltUainl
a reductioni, was insertell lin the conm
tilittee rou i.
'lThe platform tmiln ot sqTlsurly forl
lioit ie ri l 'or f ti'l s aridi viI llag'r e aft'i
the te.olhutloios lmnit.tlit.e reachItdi atil
ligreetneeit. T'' Ie liliik 'llslil ing the
tiiulltiivh.'e y~ teti of v'l ltig hor .hlgls'
Ittoers was elinminated. )tlii'rwlni', tile
lilatfonrn ott whi'h tile dmoni'tii'aiti
ipu 'ly will seeik votes iII Noveiiilbr
ivas the sait'i as the iirigitnl dralt.
nounl Wa'si the prnittitial speakerll21.
St, PeItor.lhurg, Hept. :L--The filures
shlow that during tiihe present chloleor
upidenl! there hI1.ve beeno 11,0761 caser.
with 88,716 deaths, throughout the
,ountry. I'or lth week ending S4el
imnbter 17 there was a total of 4.471
cases and 3,071 deaths. In the last
.ix days there hau\'l hco '01 new etaseon
and 81 deaths in Ihis city., In the
weICtC iprevious there were l8i9 ca.c.
and 130 deaths,
}etlana, Wyo,, ~oept. 2i.-After leint;
rowtrAined from leaping from a Union
Pacific train near Sherman, Wyo.,
Charles Burns, a passenger, left the
train here, acting wildly, and was pur
sued for six miles across the vage
brush before he was caugllt, Burnl
was placed In jail;4lAnta roceeded to
jab his throat with a nail file until it
was taken from him. He calmed dyn
later and was sent on west.
Severe Rainstorm Washes Away
Thousand Feet of Deep Fill ant!
Train Rushes Into Big Hole With
Terrible Rasults--Heroism of Engi"
near Saves Many Lives.'
I tvier, Mpt. :. Hlxtrt't p, s'nm s
lust thleir liven, ltit 13 otherst si.tlulinteJ
IIm w'n'I' Or i .never' ijtliles i' n , wh rek ,
alrly t nlthy, oi w.thllu I Reeltl c·k Islulull
ltassenler trnnll Nu. 'T, whk'ih \was
ull 1 I )n llv Iler at 8:'2 'c'luck this
iolrnling .ulrm Kunsus City. Th !
The Dead.
1. P'ICKI'JNIPAI~t;In, tjudlhtil, Kait,.
A, V. H11'vF'MAN, Kansas City,
hi 'Intgggnttatn.
J. W. tS'HIH , t. Denver, emlllluclt.r.
WILLIAM .III.L8, Irnul'.lllll
HIvyRMAN MUELL.t, nmith Cen
ter, KI<t'.
JO) HL8 )I'. ft0,yle, Kum.
WV. E. HIIIVlIY, Agra. KIts.
UtLMAI N M. YAMS, F'lller, .Ne,.
The InJured.
"l'ht. injured: G. D.i lIruckon, Ilne
manl, G(oodland. Ki.l., arm injure.d,
Mrs, 11. I". S.cott, Jetaingis, Kul., right
alrm lbroken; Victor Enlgle, irllling
ham, Alat. brulied and cut, not tseri
ous; .r's. T. H. Evans. . Lunglnll, Kau..
head cut; John C. Igler, Stratton, I
Colo., head and face cut; D. Dug'.n, ni)
address, side cut; A. '1H. Davis, Illue
Rapids, Kansas, left leg broken: Mrs..
Anna Smith, Colorado Spring.. Col..,
head and 'chiest utt; C. .. nSmigth, ('olo
rado Springs, hands cut; Hioigry All'
ler., Meata, Mu., alight injury; H. A.
tJl.esonl, Cloralud Spring-, t'olol..t
sllght:; I. 10. Murphy, Ii.uhstengel'",
Jgomilugd, Ku'n., slight; ". 1L. Only,
mall c lrk, Biurl' Onk, Kiln., .light.
How It Hiappened.
'The ' reek et'Lirredi in it ileep fill,
2,000 feet ol' whli'h ilcld I ten wasihed
awily. 'iThe 1trilln wsvu rllnllllig prie
tically oill timen, and was prieo'edilg ion1
ia straight stretchl of track. Ev'idently
thel first Ilntlimatilon that the engineer
had of' any dlangei*r camen, whllen hie r.eal
I.ed that til' forward pl'rtoll of the
traitn was running InI wa'ter which had
spread ilult tover thie trucks llneir tilth
fell. Ilteve. i:lg hisl enginel', theii
s.elll if' the train walls checkedl, Ibut
Inot enloulgh ti Iprevtent thie ,engiile,
lliggage' ali Il saggrt okelr going over
int.o the' tir'lire'.imn.
The e''ar iegl of the smokeir ren'aliiled
tllthd in the eurth bank lnd thi chair
ca'r riIppe'd Its wuy Into the smoinker.
smi.ushillgi it to pI 'i'ces alll killinlg lor
injrhing ninny f' f the passengers.
The thlhir car Ltself was consiidril'
slily dlinlIm g t.d by the i'l'crlli anIll Ml'
eoral pu)u't'lngers rilingg lgg thls (;tr wler
lnjured. As tnie ' iits lang. lit le gllrned t..
tllghit, ll of tilnt' pltlli.elgsI'l ' killed
were oc'upunil of the magioker.
''To tile 'lulness tu illli uitt wit of
.niginl .r l'ickelplln nlgh, wlit, lut hi'
illf, s ulttrilbutedl tlhe asyv?'l -f ite
live's tof thosi. ' i is tapld. l,' nu bg:lal;.
10(0 lr moe, t is ci'rtali that lie
culid huvei' jiilili nd isvei' him
-elf, but he. rninhied it hlils post andil
did 'verything possible tol I pro'veil' the
train runnigng Into the diltchi. tlx
ainniition of thil' ,enlgine ani'i ailllrake.
siitws hat hat ha 'lll'laevei, ' ged lilvt leer
aid set theaill' lh' In iln 'Iffort to cheltek
thel flight of tile traihn.
Pullmans Safe.
irThe th.lire Ptil lans rofl ulll tld 'l' i tHllu
track ll d thll e ('l eullllll ttll ta its w ll Ii Iuh t.
As amgin as cogngmunglatiiln wgas had
Swith lllhedquaters, wrek il 're' i
and doctirs and nurses were t' isi
plateilid to thegi scenit' from lPhillipl
lburg. l'lTh, dead and injureid were tiakeni
tol Norton, Kail. None of thet li jurelal
Is In seriouis conditltionL, and it is be,
Ilevel'l all will I,' an le' to lo ve flol'
their holig.s in a fe.'w dlays.
STlhe wnlashult wlas repalliretld this evn.
Ilg anild traflfle g'i'.c g rnrledi. PhIllii Ilprg
Kul., .1 minles. from claytlin, ieint
(.hhief Jilptcher it nwtodl Illl nd'rartin
inga'er Eitis on the special to superin
tend the worki of cletaring tle track
anid startling traffle, anid they wire rit
Inforge'd ilgier by Supt. f, M. 'Putt fil'
Co'ulorade Hll' ging.,
Io 'lTopka tgm Nf I'e West'ern
lbase balul tleague, whilh wts s'hedlitll
to play it floupr-ganm series with Den
vor at Denver today. winding up the
ball seasoni here,. was in tili' wreck
of Rts'k Island passengeri traini No.
e7, leaa' Clyton, Kas., according to
reports received at base ball headquar'
tels here today.
Washington, Sept. 23.--The interstate
comnlerce cogmmission today suepended
Stallriffs flied by the Missouri Pacific, St.
Louis, ;Iofr-ountain & Southern and
Texas & Pacific. proposing advances
SIn both classed, and commodity rates
of the cariers named.
-" I
At t Cti tyie (ii 1, X. ,1.. 5ejet. L;.--1fter
it Warm deaeee of moie thiian ihree
hour's, the natieeieil e~ledeaeIeI.ei1lit of tiht
Grand A nuy eel the Itejeuel i. at its fitnae
sesahito this uafiei eoeln I ndefi iii tely peost
pored~e ac.tio~n onl tihe e'ntrve ersly oere(I
the' jia'ing or the' eetatus' f el'ilehert E.
Leeo In Stlltua~ry hull. 'i'll' vot' wils
133 to 1012, it mazicll I totel leoelleul reel iltie
the vote o' 887 caest Vent voiiceeeI Ce' ice
ci' yl3esiterdaiey. 'i'e le' IlvlIll elecit Ii'
jee'tei tlhe ipr'eipos itoln l'ec'veeeeleenosCI iieg
tihat vcngr'esee bee ceekeel it Kno'lit eacl
I ejlie e'etrrelle ie pie'lseiono ee 1 Si ee ily cci
iih'. but ieeeerse' iie Me u'lleleer sillA.
Ilecw pet'dliingi r'elatingl t e Cloieseee' iccn
it wa05 l't'VeelleliIeelieieeI thiaet tie' plele.
dloli ril' for veteereile 06 yeurs Ci' aglc' hlee
ille'reu'C1ede ireem $i2 tee $16t ie mleenth, 7C
Sara'to a., N. .., Sh pt :. I'rt part'
fur ullione of t11' l, hlitr.tt erul ial,'a PI
the uta aula of telaualitanaa politis' fit
'conaltrol oflt tIlt t *lf '" t . Int I on, til
"old guard" a movat' l '1a Patiraloia toe
lighlt. Ti' otll y I.. W. 1.0a I 'ta1f a tilt d Is
tlhat the .t cont,.st will I.a calo-., IJiit ii,
s'till t 'tlfr l i his I hellief tiat the t ' C ll.
vl' lltanl' w ill Il(do 'e tilti' a 'lay lirllf' I I t
Vice Prel.vhiit ihP]ermall by tht' stalll
allnlaa itto li4 Itas tttmpotraal',y t'.ianlua.
"It It al quite lu a',"'' stil Mar W'a,,t .
ruff. "that we Ialv la. InXt aie l. dIolgats
would )upport Mr.. :Ihermlanh, hut as an
offset to these losses w' lhatwn ;rissr
anett' flrom illlt a ther' quartIrl''ls that d 'le.
gatea taaa l a ti by t11# 'ta'rogreas'ltt s will
itbe Itec t trd III t i. -l tl l llltll ' tllllu ."
New Yo k', ,.1pt. I. ,!)r. Fr"rt,lrhtk
A., ( aouali, 'ttih v lanishellld tex ltl'a tr . ltaas
bl.an r r aal htet i .n a 'iMlt 'l I 1ii t)4 tlauda 1,I
th tme In of MA ('. i'o ti L le l I'tn l nity.,
So illcirhal M. ftyau ,' If rhigdg.prt,
ic nn.t., has ri or.tl'A thlt' N.'w York
'w'nes, which witll Iphlhsh hic i a .(,ount
t mlTrrow ofa how l it' Ialnl the AltA:tori'.
'I turr't'iV,'d in Mi ictl h tai A;tgulst 1l,"
satid Mr. Iy.tln "aalnd onll ta'l' g' the
dining iulrail aof Ia' hotllI I was al.tat'd
to Seet Dr. (Lt, ak, haa is wife, asln anda
daughter sitting at ait tabile. T'lhert
WaS nao attemapt at dtisguiset. He wort'
his Imustachtci. tittl. slde whisker''s antlld
hlookd ju .t ike his phttogr'ath,"
Allentown, Pa., Seat. 3,.-(ilenn H,
Curtis Inl a hilplane Starte'd frl'rtl at
field near Muhtlenaerg college thi'a
aftlernoon n n an attemplt to fly to
Philadelphia. The distance is 103 miles,
He came down after flyting six miles,
yelars of age from $I6 to $"1). anId 75
yetl'M of atg from $20 to $25 a lmonth.
The, question of the Glranid Armly's
a1ttituhde on the Lee statue Illmatttler wa
one of the most itmportalit the eneIu1p
T 'lhIe lilsrnrrvlltive elilelnt clntrolled the
ChIll 11 1h111 h111d Ito l 111t 1ill y01Ir til.
enUl enlllnt and wton tlthe dally on the"
largutlIent that the bitternHl elngenll
dered in thie lvil war waas disappearini
and that sectional hatred Fhould not
be reviv\ud; thallL atloltn adverse to thl
Ila statue woubllti ih (d 111'mor harm111 thih
goodi, especially to tile (111ad Alrmly of
tllhe IlepublI', llld blat, but noIt least,
that tile state of Vlrgilla, unIder thei
llt of congrssn in 18 64. had1 thie right
to place in Statualry hall the Imaltge ili
Iny manl fro that i.tte, whoe Iemory.
it chose to perpetuate.
Nelw Yo1r' ,t', 800(. 23:--T'1h. l'r-.eon
\velllltllon flht bet een tile I'rpllll ilull'h
"oil gutard'" ald the, pt'ogr.ivii'e virh'.
tually ('h etl] tied-by. After a day of
:on1ferj'trl(ce witllh il iti ans fromI'H v riti-I
still parts txf' the state, C'ol llo l l, se.'
volt nidli th, ihunlees for vi'lto'ty were
even tl r h.t1r lthi yoHterdiy,, whein hi
predlteld that tlt progrl'xi'Hv'1 Wou il
have it majority of at least limi delI.
igates t t Hi uratogu convIctl' iiin ncxtl
C('onel tR.os'velt sprat H',ete time
titldiy it" going .. \'r tllt draft of.i a plat
forit'. A diri'et ptritnar'y ithink in par
ticulutr was considered at length, but i
nI oie was wi.lling to say how it shoulti
ie .h.ped. 'it, ' r'irr antd l tabor plittalks a ,lso
I;I 1; -, r x., H t. '3:...--,Au.tn uo
Ionlt wras Ilill,, here today hy a.Mlrriy
& .f., packer. s f el'Chcago, of the purl
cti s(iti iii Mvxih"o of 1,250t,00lt) ulr'es oft
land, whbith i- to (oumprlit olne of the
Ilurge.t ranches I' n the worl'ld. 'The'
tract 'reac'hes ix thin tt few ulles of ltihs
c ity fni thIe Moh 'll sIdoe lof tlhe r'ive'r.
A.t tI' .al ' tin e alno uttn mtl''llluti wit
i'1'v tHi tt a millioln-doliur packitig
plant would Ieth ostalih.hd heri, for
the purpoese or vonlverting the prt'.o
uct, of tlh r,11l1 i1 into food staples.
SH'ttle', Slelt 11,--'lT'ia stl.t r' V'i,
torJia, |rot N )ae, brings newsI that it
three dayts' tOl'lll, beginning Heptelti
iher 6, did greatl danUlltge to 'evera'il
vesson s arni lighters at Nomte. Anxiety
is Inow felt there for the schoolnert
Arcnle, which' left for the Iberlan conast
otn Julyl' I anid has not been heard from
in two Imionths. Richard Byers and his
16 - year - old step - daughter wir"
drowned at the mduth of the Yukon
durlng the storm.
Ill rt'llyi.g to lil'e argil l h llts, Judue
(riffith xtttti'tl tht in construinig that
act, the nlltent of theilawmakers atsltrhould
he conslliderld. lie belleved "that the
I'mblllleCl r of Ilngress who V'ltleld for thl.
ltw in the heal t of the iLvil war did not
contemtp!ute thot a southern state
would attempt to place In 14tattary hall
(ilt iatu tt fi' 4 ,ie or itl generih4 lllho
rwas tr. 11lg tio wr4eck the t'nilon."
Called for Darkness.
'The It eblte il'lproceedetld unti dalrknessI
I',llll wing I tll . ebatl, the elalpll nlltl I
ihlxtt ll d the nlew\+ly -i'|('l'ttd offclern he.
fore "tllps" were soUlnded, b)rilngIng It'
I'ieantlIplllini' llt to II cliose.
Th'e headquartersllll for tilhe (randl Arin
of tile Republici for thie next y)'lar will
lie lt tilte taitehliuseu', llosrtoll.
I 'ilinnatl, le pt. " 'rs.r sintili
''a ft's visit l l t I, (' ili intl '(\ II ill e l Ito
moIrIilow after(Ill , when 'l l ' iiieIlhe i lvI' fur
Wliaslingtottn lt lnet- th- ml+ml ers of
his l ' 'inetl fll or tl' series of l' lm 11l portant
onfiI ' ce le li '. 'I'od y tll prl'4es lllient
made it sp ti the democratic 4i4de ofr
llli(J It .l.')P ii liliat 4. 4444l4li l i'it' iiii(J 4+ -
plllll school 1du tw intl, . Mr. '!'lft wasLI
illradI te d from the Woodward141 high
schol. '1 al.4tle tii ''ppel'id lit the hollu
114' lre i'iu'g , wh4'l'1 h4e 1ri4l4 ly ahilel'' mdi .
alln itludin "' l li ' oii tayward biIl'ysl' . U ell(' 4
ot' thltI little frtlll ti ii w u whooli hulltd
tl' v t1the p4 sih t. l said' l4t hoped tl'
lrhw ti Ill till I., h pr' r!in ~l iar 141}.
MTAis rnemrk S ate the prSsHlEME nte
text f',r his ad.uri . :
' Iii S't klnlowt thl at I 'ilr \un co IhI
4,44 I lli Ihi'll 1Ii. It'll1 42 4'4; 4'lll44(i'Ui 4'Ilia
p'oll'l'l It' r 4thought t I , 'liIles tiltl- t'
tiin4 of i et. ry 'tr, i' le , Imin 1 lh 1 11 et;
yen ht r'e"'' Ie ruaid "It is one of ll tn -
''r't t Insiderati4 n 4'' yo, und ai 4ll1
'arnest .Ish tha14 t yriou may r1111 iIlbvVi
the li l'41rtnlI ' o1 l hiave Jsu'l'flredl' u41
hnip'lov, th(e op ill't litlll gRiven by theill
l<,s o n s yp o l r eI ,< lv e h e r'e ."
J' li, I w. pl 3, "'l . lakiing wihait is
said to i' tihe, Irilst ui text ful flight
ever IIInat' t i sariti' hl tudeib t or
!.boi fr ot. I, t', M ars, ill a ('lurtil ii
hplane, who will g\ive exhlbitiytn flights
at tthe state ait' 14ltext lweek, tioday
e'iached the track, The first flight
was wil.estiitd by the governor and
a fete prolr t ltIt ciltlz llN and was
made forll ti l'e purpose of testing out
ithe sntitichlile in this altitude. It was
Sentirely succeptiul. ýN xt week Mars
Isays i he will fly across the I llan range
of the Rocky miountailn, altitude
habout 7,5U0 'feet, thug equalling
n Chavez's perfornmance on the Alps to
Birdman Cro.ces Range Without Acci.
dent But Breaks Both Legs at Dom
odoisola in Landing--Prize of Twen
ty Thousand Dollars Awaited sBut
Short Distance Off.
S I[n' nes i airll , lnI. , Sept. ..ip . " 'I 1 -' h
uro'ul feat at' erm.'sing th1 ý1ulat 1now- up
Alilul haorr r il 'bet (.leen Swit'e'rla'hld 81l11l
Italy It t li it vle.r-tlilt -ulr I.ath iliie
4 it. w'..on pl|ishd tohay by I 'eorges,
|iut z, the young PI'erIviIn avin.nr.
'rhe plu,'ky lero of the exploit. hiow
(veer, Ile tlonight In the I()ontdonlsh.h
hos)ptadl badly injured its tihe' result al
aLll riilcilent thalt occurred just us 1 th
had compelted the most arduous 1|nd
nerve-rminkig portion of the tusk.
Itthl his legs are brokenuti. his left
thligh Is fractured and1 hits ibody Is butllt
ctlIltusedl. but phyltticlltxt are of the
ptintin iht the se htirtuitswll nut prO'tv
Hurt in Landing.
,T'hheildint nturretd its ('lahave. %.amS
r iuK to Iirh ' a Illllnlg here. The
Alpis hlud ieeitn troisitd sucessftilily andi
tlie v tlii to" wt duscendiig. with the
power of hil machinelth cut off. When
itbotut 30 fooeet above the grioundI. it isui
den gust oif wind setietd it catch the
lunoplilane, which turned over and fell
When the crowds that had beebn witch
Ing the descentl ranl up, they found
i'have Ivhug, bleeding and unionielouit,
beneiiath the twisted wreckage. Will.
hIg hadlts lifted the aviator from thll
ground and hbre himn to the hospital.
,I'fty mIles atway and over counltry
that Ias none of the htautards of the
Alps, aIy Mihlut. th itiegl (tt'hlttve was
seekit'hg in iti endheavor to win na prize'
iof $S1.)0,000 offtered by the l I1111tn Avis.
ti ll o ..ityt for thel ftlight. ('hlltve
Ih d list the rl'e.
The Start. Il
IIenivirg the g'round it his ilmotor a
running allt full II'speed, hii roa(il IIIn \'wee'.
Ing rt'lles unttlil lih hatl reaciIhed an a1l
titudt' of 7.300 feet and thin triii'iId 1
his muncilne south over the terrifyingl
Hiimp)lon Itwas. Aft'er' croxlsing the' di- s
rlde. ('havez turnedl tiowardt tlhe tolw.
rl'lg m Iioin tal l Il'if a 1 Mi'nt Lull r k
whit rises to ia height oif 16i646 fI't, ,
saii plised down above the f.lolullI
gorgi. it ll, gulf bletw'een sCheer wall, '
until II.h reachled tihi oIlln valley of
Volll'l i tlll thin di' eanllde1 vnitllly tn.
wardll' Illollusilinaatl. It was here that T
l' itcc: i ihJ'iit iclltlrrled. The 21 5 lilhi
Ibetwellln Brig and L)omllldoslslah, whirch
It took ti, lrmlies ofl Napoleon itll fort.
night to negotliati, ('hiviez accompllshel
hi 41) iiliultea.
After treirtment l the hospitnl, lt
I 'havvz rI'gatihed ,onsI'intlaitane Il. t11
suffereiil terribly fromn his hurts. 11i: I
lild hi1. was ' lli to expilai how the t
ceit' lvllll n 'urred.
Yankee Sympathetic. I
Iiyr iii 'I il, . id AIwo in r i'u il'iesful at
IepIiits II the Ilrig'-M ilan riace tLI iy
s int i I l'i'gi'iiiu of sym-'inpliitthy' ti (;ull 'L.
A ltllug Ih 'lllatvi didtl nt out'll'lt'erd In
'winlniigli tiul prialzn of $20,0!u0, haivilng
failedi to rliailch Mlllanl, uiln, iof tihe
Iium'uoihu'lru itf ti t iitiuhit i'uliulnllttei airi
ii 'llfavor of tiurning iui l ot'i li.e up to tI i
h lliit l an ld 'e ill it I III 1i lIUIII t I ll lll.
Incirt'i l iionll i manII' first flight lu'r.su(
the Alps.
wilii, put out of mlli,.lmlibtun 1 biplane
miuit and opi'lutel d by llow lrlld 1111,
novle aviatorI, it tilhe stu fair Ihlel
today. (ilii, who was secured by tlit
lair inanagelnilit after the contracit of
i piroffessionlui av'itoir with ait "high
altiiu''" buiilanel' hail it'rmininated, igot
away atll right. 'lh.i'i machine rose
't'aditly tiut appalii''ntly undeir pior'ftet
cm itrili until it 're .chetl Lhi' hoiglit if
io'i t 10 feet, wheni ti gust of wind
iupset its eluili'hliit and drove' it to
the griound It wits htaldly ui-il u..-l i.
I \! ;llowlLt-n, pt . J I + p - 'ciatll I " hi
I 1ypoth t"-k M.lining m'iutp ln , uv in1 .1
iL ioppei prort ut Kiniiitt!', ha lii.Ii
f tided tL install (,'eetric'al pluwer in
place iof stitait powuller, uis.titL iupreselint
the wu ltituttion to rust 1it,0011. iost
of the llypotheek stockholders rite't
rtea idnlts if iuotust'jaw, Canada.
of Wallace, ehpt, 1,-pecl.h-I" ,u
a guatuts ii'ini'e anid bride arrived it
SWallace tLunight. Tthey w'tlre tecuOm.
g panied by M. W. Bacotn of BuLttue. The
party toouk ronts at the Sainuels
At Convention at Springfield, Illinois,
Veteran Speaker See Platform In
dorting Tariff and Approving Ad
ministration Adopted and Makes
Strenuous Speeoh.
l'lringit hIld. III.. Sept. 23.--"Uncle
.Joe" ' ttInol, ahich Is tiln proper ap
plltiton doill'w Ire, wlhere many years
ig the younIIg hInit ye.r Joe I ntion, rode
the circult with thrlee law bolks and
tihe high hoplle ft )oulth, attended the
republlcant tate con\venlltion today and'
enjoyed himself. He saw a platform
adopted meeting his tariff Ideas, heard
addresses applroving the work of con
grass and Preshalent waft, put his arms
around many old frlends, smoked cigars
aind delivered a alpeech himself, amid
vociferous applause.
lie swung his arms, stamped his feet
anll shlouted ..4 hle talked and and cca
illnally he smiled. True, the platform
adopted did lnot menton him bl name,
but the reason did not Ue in himelllllf.
Senator Irlorimer's name was omlitted
au a starter, and, after somle dellbera
tion,. ibut in order that Its absence
mnight not be too glaring. It was agreed
to omlt the namles of Senator Cullom
anlld the speaker. Senator ('ullom per
sonally caused the withdrawal of the
plank complimentary to himself.
Cannon's Talk.
Mr. Cannon declared the Inturgents
were trying to put a halo on their
heads at his expense. He continued:
"This in not a time of war. Thank
Und. It is an era of peace Int thls coutn
try. I recite thin Incident not to stir
up animostly, but In the contest touch
Iog ecintlomic policles. in the presenrc
of olsrepresentatlon, in the presence
Sof false prineIple, ihI the false repre
sllntation abounding everywhere, but
lliatly the uplift magazlines and a
large portlion of the metropolltan pretss
it is the time for the repulblical n party
in ILllinola and all over the country to
stand tip and be counted.
"I pray God to help the great party
keep tihe rrepublican faith, whether we
succeed or fall. It Is better to fight
and fall. stallllltg true to correct prin
.lples altd policies of government.
which iunderlie the prosperity of 40.
001.000 ipeoplle, thlut cowardly to turn
yolr oack to the contest, fle frrom the
eI emyll,', apoloigze and excuste.
S'"We mIade a platformn iln Chicago
i i 19108. We IlOlnltlated and l ntihue
Iquently elected Taft. We elected it re
pubillctaln huse, with a nominial Ima
orlty of Imore than '40, alnd ltiLost two
thirds' mIajority 1ii the senate. Taft
Is a great man. He has the judichtal
ti-isiperantent. I aiiii proud otf the repsu
ltaItill. I atll proud of the athieVPeltOlnt
of ev\ery great relpublicanll, wletiher he
he lit or out of public life. land I aii
rmolsll of the record mtade by the Sixty
firut inigress.
Crucial Moment.
"Whoa~l It Carn~e to ale iruclal mu.(,
nit, 'ice had iL 'bal'e ImiJollty If only
mlomlltrlgth in whi-hhill per has, r t'elu ntry'
ldwil lnt wI'II'rstlInIl-h'ut ae ki'ipt the
phledges I 14t werl' aadra Inl th.' t (1141g.,
plat form. We t'hLL'tVo the Paynlet tariff
law, w.11 IIith 111s boell huliel and nmll
rrcl,romuntloe·l from every sta ncuidpoint, It
haLII Ilol l 'l mIIuLh au hUi'L that lilllml
olf tll' olLlltI'I'II InI tile CotU itrI'y' Cry allt lli
IL loll thlly WILkiup inllth Ith ight title
tariff law IN about tol Iltilr 1111'
"When w ~e elitcorel upon lilt' revisiont
of~ then lulnglr·) ula, there u'tce SAM",r
rl' 11bl)1 s who 1 nirl w'e WV ('nLI I ILt
make at s xorlltlll l· lit iston: we diet nrot
know tIlUglh: tV(11111i 1111not. hae xuffl -
flIlllt i ll llll II ('1111m VI·t I i trI'tiLLCnn
and' thl'r' lIl wantL to may Lthat sIIlol (a
aslli. Iti 1141'I I IAma 01111K urIvII wIII ilsl 11,
Irllll'x tIl I nIgll)g It tariff i w thIst ie
Iricnt, that, trusut sic pasrtiil by it lm,-L
iluri ty of the IILhous aniI sLIIILL 11','p11111
1enti i ter'l l l I t 'rrilt or trill'Lhii a,''11
over' hlas lr ever' will LII' e11 lrii 'Se (SI
it pI'rfl'It tI' vt uII III 'I'll' ll L' I
gutl 111(1 eihl' 1111 i lni' P~' I L v" ilf (11end
tt '1111 tiL ht 1111'ril e 11111 '[tlr l' 'L"nni 11 141
I111 am tlackrIt n p l l' ii l.ll Lt W lilt WI)tl
1111W) ·tirqUUPh five rCvilli)1i8 I If he 1111'.
Iff an ti Ighve w1itf tha (Liu nilr.loniixlt
t'1a' CfxUwis iNt dtr nod (it ItoII1UIIJC
wIercwolns d olaing tfe thaf. 'v1dlik lae
It I andl aI havopen the atlil a~t tltIt.
that ensued pet dtpg anti sorntitnee;~

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