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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, October 31, 1910, Morning, Image 8

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IC' CbMML$SION issu.s
- ýRýRPTe.
h Ia~r~l
I.ngtou Oct. o.,-Tile nntlonrul
n(3Iseston thans just issuued
1IIep enti$led '"The Origin anti
itlO of the Nationia lansking Sys.
This. books the work ,of Andrew
d ZaVis, the well-ktnown his
memPlqiesthe results of a t stdy
in original intanllripts or thei rn'
whih" Itcl to the *ntablishltnent
a.. natlontil bInking systtem.
The origin of the system, alc.,rording
the autthor, in proaIlyly ftound in thei
-iimt, e germ from whiIh came, in 1I:is.
NeW York "free-I,nbllKing" law. This
rmitted the I,anks of that stite to
ue. notes securtll by the deposlit of
tte' bonds. The success of this sys
tetr, also aldopted by a numlbr of
pthe states, naturally attrlacted tihe
4ttehntlon of the man. whotse insistIence.,
the author Itlleves, finally brought
about the passage of tihe, nationall Iank
'..lg' law-81mon P. Chase, Lincoln's
secretary of the treasury.
*"The first proposition on rtecord
.whlich can tk qtuoted as smgg'stive' o(
' anational ~bnnklng system other thlan
that of a central national hank was
Stmade qa early as 181t. A Ierenehmin
traveling in thils country from soltth
td north experienced nlos and, ciomfort
Iriom the lepreciation of the hank
notes into whichl he had 'nonverteid his
funds, He found that thlese condiltions
inlreased ans he journeyed farther andl
father from the, place where the nob s
were emitted. His trials furnished thei
foundation of an article which was
published in Philadelphia in the Ant
Slectic magazine, In 'Which article r-elief
was suggested for thbs statei of affairs
through a unliform currency which
might be based upon United lStates
stocks, the use of which flr this Ipur
pose would, as the" writer of the urticle
. phrased, it, give 'a new itprop to thel se
curity' of these stocks, by which he
Sprobably meant tlipt their market vlaluei
[ W ould be correspondingly increased with
tl.l additional use. This article was
lsgned 'W.,' and 50 years later a conl
Sttibutor to tile Historical magazine res
ciued It from the oblivion of the pages
of the Analectic magasine anti riepub
Ilihed It with the comment that 23
Syears after its appearance Netw. York
*sa.opted the plan, and that when the
Ilitonal banking system was created
sqbstantlally the sa.nme arguments
'were utsed."
In 1860 the' coullntry was still without
ai Iatisfactory circulltinlg medium. Thiet
actual amount of gold Ill ctrctlhaihton
'i'was Insigaifeant. A traveler' would
find It almost impructhabhlo to calrry
coin and would Ithe forceld ito eqllip him
*slf with bunk notes of uncterltlin
VjIlue. In his meomtirs Jay ('toke est-l
mated that "fifty milllnis of dollars
pdr annum woull not cnvetr t'he liesi
to the Ipopil of this enollntry growing'lg
eit, of brt'kenl hla ks., ont'ttelltrfe'lts,
altered otlls aiIdil tus'toif exchange eI'
wt' tWe i diffterent ptints."
t ''rt'ltary (Ihl't wa*its It lllhrd-IImoney
1man. Ills InIttgurattl adittdtrtess is gov.
ratlor of' (lthi lit l ll l makes this tho'r:
"*A soundllI allid suttffit'ltt currenc''y is
i ndlslwnnlsult to the wfllfare of eve'ry
elivilized ctomnlltluniy. T''lhe . I t prac
` tlcabie ('trrency, ii my uidtmji.oit,
would be it 'iurrency of ct'lii, ldmtitting
the use of larget Iottdls oly fir the t.cli
`, venlnceu of colinlllter. , h t ,r-.
rency, hlowtever, is onitl li tititillltilt.'
throllgh lthe egishtiIon of tngress and
the action of the gnet't'lal gWtttrlml t."
it waIs during IlIse $i itttlt"' of 1ltsil,
while deep In the I'rotdh"s o' waur
finunc'e, thatl Mr. Chace va in,' t o~ rw·llilx e
the IwenefitM to be iii t'l-lrt huntO "tiih
prepauratlon tutul idlivery to Instil itt hltI
of niuuitu Iprparleld oro cft t uhitliott titidut
nalliotnal dtirutltinui ait] to lit sutlred slo,
I(1 prouiitpt tonvirtlleiity ilto cItol i y
the pledgelc of faL~iled States Iu lid S."
filiuntee reptort of Itucentllht'. ill;, tiiug
gu.1lttd it roulult~y for iih, rat t to y sit
;triopoxs. I'll to tilts tinit Slt sui t1
Iatittot tilt] iieti look'e d i I at ttll,- O'y
tef eurm 1uust ((11110.~lll 11~111~·rll·
The inet'Itt c~c~it of his f Lnc plan, :t- Mr.(
Cliu staloutts t his m lli h is re ll, '~ 11
in stocurity,; -o' r'i t utl tl stti'gitttid, if
effPcctiº attil 3-4 tl'iliti jt Irll llt lug~tun
louuues. nut dl iuoutt iuid IxiilItti~gIh
vhile' In till' oltuherations ll tll glm'
y' 'the'r urdets in IIndurtry g l lotitiliI
diminutla n fit ttit(n rhtg titf tcutrtst oril illi
A partlicipttl l i ll ht the Iiritt it f vilrtl'll
tion without triskintg tih A' il if it
"at loo ~nney moncllully. A further andllr
4nipxrtant advutlllgl' l tell Illelil 111h1l'
bse r98Onably lixlpcetltd in till' itil ltliuser
seCUrity tor thec unio~n Hlprirgh'lnL' (ruml
the rnmo~g~mm n intercrrt in Its presetvu·!ti,,ll
:'·~brPJttlBllb thle distrihutiun or its r nti(-kir
to ýeoIawhutiun tltrculrbtout till' colulltry
itsa -baula of c'irculltion."
'ails t1 I)an, Mlr. D~avis soya, lllve
jpunohe4 by SIorletyt loy Clilriu, ttil
:Rtsatu'histly adherod ti, in tpltit oi very
great oppositIon from Mlute talnlks anld
p4hor Intetoras, uintil .ontgrltsit gave
thej i ifttlaipa bantlng law. Ina t, ti'
d whMi 1a)portsd hIm was Allihonsn
t. " ofr Cincinnati, Ilse fathepr cif th
dent of the Uniedisu iUttet. Cis
i 0'tI..r i '1u wrote Mr. Chase 0om
J ing hlttt upon ili. report unit
.. I F ; I afgronareus sholuld atldlot
)wun44tIoxw it wottrid In Itself
:, taldet bjo (JuigttiMtitttn fur
.!A mado during
Way Wal bef
t, veru tt ur(Pb Hr
1 wlt is
5~i88i~i fn
every demand upon th(tm ):# now smnlr
sions of notes, thus increasIng their
depreclutlin with every lonn that might
be effected throulgh them. His anxiety
iver the adoption of his plan may ie
sen front a letter written t6 thle bank
by John J. Clis.'o on D)eeetmber 10, 1862.
'1 111n firmly clnvlnced," he slid, "that
the ado.tlion or nlolr-ldpltilon of this
plus Is the turning point of vredit nr
discredit. If It be ndilpted, tile finanllet14
-un ie plhutea oinl iI firm istld wntisfne'
tIl'y fsioting If It e noit utlil,til'l, thii'
flspnles are tlelivereld Ilrudderllles, to Il
tossed ihelpllt'siy on the gulf of irre
ldeinlllle currvency biy confli ting gillst
iof opinollltn until tlhe Inevitable wrteck."
In the pinlllnn oi f tilihe authlllr, the finil
aslige ofill ti I t' ot if l'ebrnry 1., 18 i ,
lr. (ChInne i tl Iet I lll leor jl therll'
tiMer . wirllt the illll , l i 1ll11 i, iSntroduced'l
lii' , 11I. Iilr lll rl\'l 'i l ll I inali,1
liiiiiiie ll il i ,is new ll l r l, h 11l1111{(',.
itllj he't hse, th lis leet l g e\ilth opep. l
Inpt wimtl r ultu C.verce.
Tilt' interlletlltlllo l o t' . lil ctllle ndti
other inkeis, th ilt. Mmpressive niture of
presidrtlil illtan l1 il't l lne , ll cI 'tr h
r.luted to nd l n lherllitl ' ae nttn"'letry ton
hr. (hasn made sienl. illt een 11t11 ins
the l ill, I trll tld. d It In lilt0 s nalte,
secured its pasattgt' tiller Ii fet'cftul
holuse. Hre in Its new frorm. and
All h exc lul i'ci ncltllnillt curI't n.' wll,l
1i11 4eI tl l 1i, r 11ll, ofM In W 1 '1 w"ltich lid1
subjeit to the ttine ipressure which
lhd 1Ne,'Iull Shrtl n't 11111 slupport, It nlow
mlet witlh success.
The oriinliiatinl of nlation ll ankl
pro.eeded very siowly. Most of Ih,.me
formed hlal but little rtlaptni. The
nltionnl #ank not did not It tnme se.
curlle tthe upport of the finlnlii worll.
itl Jul e 3, ( 184, the her, rllltn l nt waI
repealed and onti more tsnilsfetory to
If. ('halse enaedl. lnt even this did
not blring aoul tlit t nrtionall iration of
(hoped for.
An exclusive nrllttirnlul currency was, c
lIhowever. mnllltlde ce'yrthln by the p lusnge,
Ic tax of l0 per rent upon thellllll amount
of llntd e of stIte lllfnks which m htutld tn
be paid ount by tI 1ny I'lank or blull nking
atetnlnKtion ufter the lilt day of July,
180the. The effetivene our thit dralstic
measure eon b n o the e bt fo, lowing.y
tfigures: Thl' tue lnumbei 111r 1of nnk,
which was lli4,b n Novet'lller i . 1'I4.
hall by October 1, 18~61, incrllnsed to
1,6 6.
The question of what wna the pre.
volling multive that urged hecretary
("htase to mrnke hi great stan1d for the
nationnl banking systim nl hns ben ,enre.
fully c'onsidehred by the author. fIlm
conelusion Is that tilh, predomitnant 10nn.
Live In Mr. Chase's mind was the "de.
sire to secure It uniform c'urrency,
which sho+hld be mnore controllable than
.would be government notes emitted fur
the sname purlst.tn. His method of ob
taining this eurreney brotlght with It
the benefit to the market for bands,
the seouring of depolitorles and fiscal
agents, and, above all, the guaranty
that In the future there shouldh e no
banks iapabie of furnishing credit to
revolting states."
'No-w Yfork, (let. :10, -+Nol ine.' tiht' re'
turnll ofr the. AnIlirltn flee It ,'rlo its
fuontiil rounld the world trill Ilav'e s
minllly battleships lHo rn nelmNllhlted lr
Irll . 4 iieS, tl t' i vet has jll ust eIn | lr,1(
(1f. the w-:lh1r44. will have mIrtl', Ihlll
$;8Ilh,1II Il I 'exI'peIt l In seeing thii' towll.I
The fl''et has Jttl1 ri ltrned froml its
remurkuble tstNs it target prdtltie.
l(4'1l it ' s ow 11'11 st JI r i o1' d w l Hirlt' -
p sll.ed. lone 1' le lstl lliteres'i l .
teiturein ot te target woi'rk wias tho
dlilvi.sl l'iring, whenl f lr hIl IpH 1I(' It
(lvisli willh . .t sts.ll lhng )ui i singleh
4.i lulm01 , 5141 .lly1i apl'rltl lll , .l'hlhe fi'ing
Thl frli tIn 1tl'f rioltisldes, when It t11m.11
flrItnl iii, lp t i i i ti ll kI s k i t 11111'11 tilI')'1
in -h tl'g., was p1r1b,0 i uly the fti, ttll oti't
iti. tests. o
Cholera Impossible Here.
A .t'hletrh ealr'l is nl( loner lpossible'
In New Yolrk. TIhe reIllrts of0ll n l tl
S lulle ' o(f'a t'itlll;lll.ll'us ii r i In hl l*turlol lpe
In llnl ger cau ' ilsl'es e1 'I' 11 ripple oI'
u1lrI"I'I. Iubtii.I' c'nl fhhle er lll' the g \'o -
l nit U tiluhel'-ltirtlltln t Is well estnlg i tshed,
ulll vry prlwpterl ,s , o riht- re'ei rte
\ l, \a' Ott tl Utt" , t.I, .u lbllrlllr 44 h4 ' l.ib
H11II11h :i l h es ll t-i l:lhh . ,1'allle ' v le
i;'twos n vwry rt",lsst'urgia pl t11s 0f
thell' 1;1 1111"$$ v'ilcil:snee .,f thll' ..,etol's
4wh L wteh myr "arts. taring the pust
l ,kr 16,8 iht; \es l s 0 4e1' illlslectelid.
:In all 1h,:0,00 inhtilartnts were paI arell
Ilal\.. ;411 ~f this 1110mb11'''4' 30.14)0 were
1 . 411ld, t11 e .,lh b t -i) t:l l ' h e *',lil t of.
physh :l 1(r mental inoffikhinoy. A large
make stir,- that oil weasels entering
our parts 111vr tO s itar y cndirltima
lnolw l thet killin .f :,,3I,110 rodent.llll
'ilnl t tll,,y the inspetlill hnt ltlehd anl
+XIl+'Itllitu', of 2,04)l00() o',r pi ' tt do'.
Latest Custom Rulings, ,
A' ret rd penalt $ o, r smuggli lng hasOl
wtllse eoe ha. just o1144on loll.eld afterl
16 II; or nths' 8(41,1', T''l', ease has h lon
s(tled by o itying a 82,5011 fhne, with
Ault. ton i" neeklah e ontin. l'ling 302
pearils tn] otllier penalties, a| onot"ting
iIn all to $39t,000. Meai'wh.le, experts
In the l '-stomn 11$ 14 h )u 'telr p lZIe h ove1
OWa nlle Is being lmade t0 plr.I e whoth 'r
nllndy boxes sh',.ld enter the cntantry
. enter free of duty, si.c. it IIs Iorle44
f than 20 years of age, th(us est."alping the
SdlutV of 25 per (flit for "bou.ks of a111
it' 11.11 .noit 'pi'ee~inly provided for."
41114 Moherh., dlseumston In being' wagell
II 44 to, whether fll h fools shoUlda be
ppraisaed hy the pound or merely as
rodn wire.
Few Deaths at Sea.
'rh, hlatest statistich prove beyond
lulu.ellton that Itn (ocean liner is the
safnst placei In the world. .omlnpared
with ntiiotmobillin, clrriage driving,
boatnllg, rniilr.ld Itrav',l 1Il even wallk.
Ing on the streets, the oclea.p crosling
shows n strikinlliig 'llcontrast. A nMl. trip
Is aL very hieithfll explrience,, o that
thet dlnllth rlat hll aboard ship is t' 1IllIl.V
li'.M iihii at tLll-' aver g llf' hIe ltlh rtesort
usiture. Aet'atl sttlistlls prepared by
theI. lviilit1lnrg-All1merliun line hllow thillt
thelrei .I n th'i t l iVir'all ,ily iolii; d.ljilh
III every 20 trips ueross the Allunthl,
anllii v' 'ss'l"s oti Ih .s servlice tlicih c't rll'ry
t lOtp il ti nil iqlllllI to t iha it if i Kooi
Ix.tl t liwnl, tr' frlmlll 2.010 to 4,1(10. In
iludinlg icrews. 'I'hl' lree.irlm show lhai
In iill inti Ii isionUii ther' are lull 2(1
, r 0 lthnlh iill all itetmu I s in hIth di
rldcti.on,. lI other w''rda , , lnel', thi'
11itl, cir'i liiies 0allIi lf .2 i,0 0110, tIlle tll'lll
r le I. bll t IIone II i I,00 i I per . 1r.
I'*i1 l e11M Il I W lll(t'11-l I l ii lll l ithlr
plies' that 'll-.,i thilr iow li'ipoti'tl.ion
nl l.ist l' there has been hlV'inted II
hlnger tha lll;hiold' ls h I nI II t c 'Oll
Ing whenl empty., Int renh*llt'"8 it unto
ultI1 tlly wheil wailer ;lldpressure It
turd'l ,l fill, s1 tlhat II il 'tot be (al'rrild
w. hern n, eeded
Notite f hei -Intiln of Ih, city minl
cil ir the city ir f Mlssoula, MOi-l
ltiunuu, .to 0,11,i 1 t I rlw111 lll l 'evvIn
I 1p'l'lil inlusessent and tax It de-P.
rfny ,th, i t otI' I lr ) hking Imtnprove
mlins In spee llI hlmprovllnent dils
I, HlanIIIel BI ell'w, lily 'ltr-k of the
city of MIssnulll, Montana, d, i hereby
it specalhl serwnsllhnt all tlx to de
II H~l 'Ihlil I I i *HIIIi'IIi llll0 ll i tIIi | l h'"
fray th cost of n1tking ilmprove
nllil hn speefhl nl 'pr lvl'erlt dll trict
Nio, 4 of thel city rif Misoulal, lllandl
ei.Stilhllol.h hy ritutiioinihul Nii. 112 Ai
on file iII thll off'le of the city il'I'lk
of tile city of MI.HinIII, hItje('t to in
iectllon Ifir ii p1'rimioll Iof rive daylly
froml oli lafter the 29th lly of (l'
toill'r, 11111, and all l'personsl clnlcerlinedi
or iIn lilly Wily Intlerestedl in lany of
lh1i liprperty dewl'rltbel IIIn lnid resi'c
lution ulinl againsl t whith the lspecall
ilHemHinent unil tax It htvi'hl by s11d
reeolution, are. hiereby notifidll thut
Frlday, Novelbter 4, 19111, lit H o'clock
p. mh., hlio been fixed aCi tIIhe tllmi', Idi
the council hambenhr In the cilty hall in
theli city of MinilullIl. MonltaIni, a t114he
I.pla'e" wheln anlld wilPhere sadlll coinll
will bli In lsessionlM l ll .when
lland where any land , all Il'r
nons whoi are tlh, ownIrs ol r ai n ig'IIH oif
IIlly iwnolir lT any ullts, pl'elesi or
parcels of land sltulted within aild
ile'lll Improvemenlt additionlt No, 4
shall h1uv 111the right to luplr, eltheor
In lp'ralln or 'by ou'nl el, and obhject
to or iprtest agalnst anlly lntneSlllelnt
or lax tlherlin levied or asumesed, or
lobject tIi or Iprotesrt against the final
palailgeI alnd ladolption of nIllld reiolul
(Sel.) AM : I IIW.
('ity c'lerky f the city of Milsoula,
Notice for Publication.
Departmenllt of the latel.Tor, United
Slatetes and 1Off.e at Misscloulal, Mon
ttlnn, Oetobt'r 15, 1910.
Noti'u In hlereby given that Emlnle
RIsRon, whose pd1stoffleo addresu in
Mlnsoula, Montana, did, on the 21st
day of January, 1910, flie In this offlce
Hwoirl Slatellellt and Alpp lintion,. No.
01844, to purchnase the N. 1i. quarter
N. 10. quarter, R'ectionll 34, 'I'ownship 15
N., range 20 W'., Montana Mc'rldlan,
and the timber tlileretnn, undtlier the pro
vlslons of the nct of Judle 3, 1878. and
arts nmendalatory, known as the "TIm
Ihr landl Sto(,ne Law," at such value as
might be fixed by ul4pprnlsentlllll , andlll
thnt, pur)rnnltlllt 1to sucl(h appIli'ntion, the
Inolld and timber thereoln hve' heel
aplpraised, the timber estimated 25,000
bumnrin feet Ill $2.00 Ipr M. iland 2,000
pI4ts1 ant 3 cents eac4hl: and the Inland
$10.n00 that saidl applh'ennt t will I'ffer
final proof in suppllort of h44s III)Plil.a
ltill and sworln statemenllllt on the 2:id
hday of Deeenmber, 1910. b1efore Register
and R1e,'e\'ver, aft Misnoula, Mon4tana.
Any 4.persolln i1 aI liberty to lprotest
this pu4rehase belfore enlltry, 44r 11nitite1
i 0onllle st at 1any time 1befo're p)tentt
Issues4, by fillllr a r'44rr4horated alff
dnvllt 1 tlhis offlroe, lllelginng fnects which
wm44hl de'feat 4the entry.
10-19-12-19-1910. Register.
Notice for Publioation.
Depalrtl4en1lt o' the In4eroir, rh nited1
Slatlatn 1 d 1 (fl'h4 . a:It M.issoulal44 , Molnt.,
olpt'llnhller t. 19!10.
Nottee Is herehby gvl\en that illas ;.
Allen of Bltonner., Mont., Vwho, on Se14.
tntllher 12. 11. 104. lanld Novenl l'Llber 19. 1904;.
4m44de1 Ii44t44hmetead1 ni14ry.\' Nos. 2812 lanll1
3127, se4rht l No. 4084, f14r lts 1, 2 nllldl
G., I4'11tion 1, tIo. I sip1 ll 12 north, rl44ange
17 west4 M11ontlIIna meridi, 144has ftled
notce of l .intention tl make finall five
year pl'of to establish lahim to the
land above deswribed b lefore register
I and rlevlver tl MI ssoullllla, M nt)lll, ill the
Uetorg' D)unean of Mitisoul, Mont.,; M.
I. C(. 1111mh of Mlnouln, Mlont. 'l'he
run1 FCinney of b Clinton, Mollnt; .'Charleslt4
Ilurrli. of illntonl, Mont.
JOSIAH 4HIULL , Rlegister
Notice to Creditors.
lstate of .nr9 Bla1kke, IDecenase:d.
Not Noe ic hereby given by the un
derlgllntl, administratll or Lof tt,1 e estate
of lllar.4 I4 akke,, 4t14'4 s4d4. , to tlhe r1l4ed
it4's of ' nd a4ll perons havin'\lg t'hlll4s4
4llginst said te4 e a.'aetd to exhlbit them,
wlit the 4nee''.esurl'y voluc'her1l4, within9 :
'four (4) months 4 afte4 r the firs't publl
('ttlon1 of thin 4 n'tl .,e, Io the dl11inis
Irator, 4it the ofl'n'e 4f \VWoody & Woo4ly
II1 the city of Missoula, 'coun41ty of M .t
4ol44, nt44 44ate of Montana1.'ltl, the same4
i4 glll y t140 I3h434 , 4ill' 11rt' tl'nlll4lls'etoll of
lulliness of s it slate in tile colnlty
of '. isso.ull, Montanallt4 .
[ Dt4e4 (O4'(tober 22, 13910.
A. '. I,\AKKI:, AdminitstrU'to1'r.
,1V'4tlD)Y & \44 ))DY4 Attllorneys for
I. 10-24-31--11-7-14.
Notice for Publication.
4'. n 44l 4 l 4i44444 i 44 t 11 44 i41,444l ' 1 '44134'41
'September' 2, 1144.
llt41ad 4,hometed1 4ppit41 tion N. 2919,lll
Iseial ' llNo). 09044, 4'or I14' 44 northwest, l
tlar't4'r, section4 2, township 18 1O111rth,
range 29 west, Mtll4nt4l meridtin, h11as
f'lied ntl4lho of intenti4i4 to 4l44ake finall
tlh t-year proof Ito t,,abllsh 4-111111hn to
the I1ald above' doeslwibd, ht-fore reg
Illter lad 4 l'4e4v'' l' I'lt'ed Sta1l4 l4t4 r I
oflfli4o, MissoulA, M9o1., til4 Ihe 1, l. i
day of November, 1910.
(!lci inalt I44tlI4 as w14it4nesses: 1:d
.1ard lRlberl'dy, 101ery New',m4n. , II A
Morgalnl, WIllant She'r,'llls, 41al of' S.
S1Regi., Mont.
JOSIAH SHI.ILL, legister.
Notle, of intention of the .lty ftO9
Iil of the city of Mlhsnitlal Moi,
ante, to "adopt a retolutltn - vyin.
El jpc'lul u5m5nsmlent and tax to de
fray the cos.t If ltking ilmprove
nelrntlr In pe'loal Illprovllement -llm
irtt No. PI of the(l city of Ml'llalniI
I. Hamuel litlhtiw, city clerk of theI
city of , inssula, Montana, diel liertyl
give notIelc'that n rtsolutionr levying
"i HS pcb'Ial lHMe'i4melltntllt anlld ttax to Ie'
fray lithe, coaIt oif i kiniig imptrove
II llliM In spflcial hlnprovmm''l t distri''t
Not. r1 of the city of Minihllht, ltld
SbCtIlihedir by riialution No. l3 A, Is
Oil flit. In the Office of thie city clerk
of the city of Minsuulta, sub.lJet -to in
s~pt'c.ttlon for at p.,rll oif fivetY day
from tllld after the 2nthll day of o.
tuber, 19110, itindl all pItrtSl'onm acncirned
or in atlly wily Intoeresttid In any of
ilh . pirO ll ltly leslt erltled litn said reit l
hltiiit. and n Minsot whlh'h thet t l(pectal
I ttHtemt(rlntri' t s h Iv vied by Mild
r'vO tla nti, aii o herei y notified l that
I}'rldy,. November 4, 1910, at 9 o'ceinek
p,. In., Ihasl b.,4,1 fxetdl 11. ftle tille, Illl|
til (rco rllllI chllmlbt.r In thel city hall Int
ttll,- ily of ' issoulllll , ilMonlust , i S tllhe
Sll(e wheI I' IIII i Ct1rt 'll " so ltl rounllPtl
miii where tfy nld niil er.I
moioH who ar, the oVIwners or agents ofr
II1any owners of any los, pieln or
pal rl, s of Il ,ln shunt1,dll within hill
specl.h lnlpl'ovenentl rddlthio NO,. i
shlnl havlie th right t.o appear, either'
Ill person tor tilby tnustlt', aonl object
t. or protest nii nt iny isse.alnent
thr tx therein levied lta lttll. sIemed, or
ohlelit to oi' prottest against the inal
pItiteage nI d ldolption of sInlii ureol.d
(HeNt.) HAlMI 1,I, ItI,1.bl\W .
ilty C(lerk of the 'Ity O, Milrouln,
If- "0- "-31- 1 I -1 -2.
Nort. e ofit it ientlrn of the c'it.y 'lmy -
e"ll' of th city of MIss(ula, Alom
1tInI, to adopt l remolhtltiln levying
li spli''iinl gii n l ts i iitn t 1 lild tall to id'
frly the coMt of making |lrnprove
ni'olltI ItII lpei,'ll lln l pro\ I nL dis
trict No. 3 I f .th, I.Ity ro Mihloula,
I, nta. tel Ht ' elhw, clty clerk of ttla '
city iio Minoula, Mionitanl . dto herteby
giv'ie nitlet' that ni r'eoHltlll Iuttn itvying
wit sp''ltll as.lmxtlnt alndi tax to de
fray the cost of makinlg impJove
ment hs in pecithl implrovem'ernnt district
No. 3 of tl, ciIty (f Mlissula, and
entablished by resolution No. 61 A, is
on file in thire ffh'ie of the city clerk
nf the (ity of Mlmsula, suibjelt to Iin
Rap'tlll for aI period olif fitvin daysi
frr.it and aft er the 2th11 tdy of (.c
Ihert, 19111, aId all personns enti rnled
or hi ally way interestedtl 8 Itn slny oif
the propelrty hde,.(cril In sid I n',e
lutton and aglaint which thle special
atsemnlrlerlt .nld taix in levied by stidl
resolution, Har hlerclPy notified that
Fridal y. N lovembel) r 4, l!)10, lt 8 o'.lock
p. m., has been fixed Las the tlnq, and
thb (llnnell chrllc er in tlh city hall it
theo city of. MisnMla, Montlll, as the
plae whenl and whetre ntid coUhill
will be In (esnalon 'hnd when
and where any and' all ir
xons whlo iare the olwnersH or agents o
any ownlers of any Iots, pieces or
parcels of aInnd ltuatetd within saitl
speclal imlprove'ment addition No. 3
shall have the right to, lplpear, eithelr
In personll or b)y nollll.5l. ndrltl object
to or p)rotect LagainLt llly ilHHAdlll'lltent
or tiX therein levied olr Racnes.d, (, or
IbJ(ct to or protestL igtlull the final
lpa1nage asud adlpIetai of . alid resuolu
t|Il , ,,.
(H.etal.) HAM I.l I.I ,II VW .
Clty ('lerk of tho l'ilty 4 Misanoula,
1029I- .i-31-1-1-2- .
Notict for Publication.
Department of the interior, Unite
Statner Land Office at Mlisoula, Mont
Sepltemtber 6. 1910.
Noktlee Is hereby given ttlat Maud
tClark of Mintssil.. MlAt.. \Viwh. oni AU
gust 19, 19090, tade homen'stead atpplica
thln No. 01426 for Southwest qtparter a
nortlihwest qIarter, north half of stouth
weist quarter, noltht':iast tUprtur u
sotwllhest qluarter, secttionl': ,; townsIh
12 north, rango 22 wtest, MontallalL 1(te'
ridlan, Ihas fl ied 1tit1e' of Intnteltion t
tnke. final cointintlitltIill roof to pntlab
Ilsh ('clain to th 'land n|bove dcth rlbe
before register tatd r4e't.iver at MIS
soula, Mloit., o.t the loth day of No
vetmber, 1910.
c.'ilninult nanmtes In wititne'ses: :
IC. IlstU (of oodttlllan, Mont.; Archl
Thallyer of olaI. Mont.; J. 1'. Plelmlin
Of W'otiditaii, MoniIIt.; \iuriin Shopp it
MltHoula, Mlnt.
J0l3AII 811SULL, Rleglster.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Ilnterior, Unite
Sit tiih I.,iand t'fifo f it Mlsioulia. MUon
R t'libe( r 1, 1911).
Notiie is hereby given that Geora
A. Itennett of Mlinnoulnl, Mont., who, OI
O c.tobili 27, 19044h, nmade Itotietead entr
No. 3002, er'lltl No. 091"4, forrsoultllwel
lquarter, isection 10, township 12 port)
rallurg 20 weNt, Montauna tneriQliun, ie
filed not le of intentioln to, make fitu
five-year plroof to estaibilsh culallml to tli
land shove dthletlbd b efore,, registi
nnd lrelIver lit Mtl!soulnt. Mont., on tli
22nd day of November, 1!410i.
C'InLIlant Ilnlle. a witnssll ne: Jobl
Mllonlly, Tyler WardViren, David t11t
hinlli, Johtn IBuck'Iholluse, aill of Mtissuiii
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Wlillium 11. iI. Dlckinso.
Nul irle Is h1ereiby given by the ur
deriltged, execultt'x of the elstate
\Willi:am 1. II. Dickinson, deoe.tseld, (
the creditors of and all persons haviw
c'l.L:iis againsil t sIld dle(inased to e)
Shibit thetan, wIi i the niecissarty vottnl
iers, within fiiour (4) lmontllhs after tl
first publlcation of this notlie to sal
executrlx. at the offie ofil' Woody
lWoody, In thie rlty of Missoula, count
,of Mlisiollla, and state of Montiana, tl
sainme beitng the phi e for tho ( tralisat
tion of busine. (of slid estate int it
cI tlly 'of Milssoulai, Montanall
Dited October 22, 1910.
i'MMA C. UIICKINON., Executrlx.
WOODIY & WOODY, Attornieys fi
Now is tho time, for all persons
residing near the reservation to se
lest homenteads.
I lenellimber, L am now rettdy to
assist aInd show you all open land
to take up as Ilhomiesteiad.
Leave Ravalli every Monday and
Wt'lte or call and see me for fur
I thr ilfornuatlon.
Lolo Hot Spring_
iL'avfng 1,1oo Mondays, Wldnesda
antid Fridttay, mtilakig connlections wit
trains eab way'. troe $3 each wai
The Bitter Root Valley
The Valley of Opportunity
A single acre of land in this valley has been known to
produce a net profit of over $1,800 in one year; 1500
Sannual net profit from an acre or land is a comumon event.
Crops -never fail, fruit pests lare unheard of and fatal
Sdiseases among stock, hogs and poultry are uniknown.
Water for irrigating purposes in accessible and inex.
baustible quantities.
The.beautifnl mountain scenery, an abundance of pure
water, healthful mountain air, unrivaled climate, good
means of transportation, convenience to markets, good
schools, close proximity to state university, and thle lowelt
cost of living all combine to make tlhis lonlity tihe most
Tlhe gracitfull~y-diesiguet I lit- Ideal place for a home..in the great northwest.
Sle Jlecrie 'I'oaster is ,just Write for free illustrated booklet.
th '".'"g' "o "' '"" o , .Bitter Root Valley
ing table . It., makes ori , ,.
d"ll"'tely browned " st-- Irrigation Com pany
the most delicious 'you everI
ate. Simply turn the switell HAMILTON, MONTANA.
and e heating oils glow W. J. POTTER, Missoula Representative, 128 Higgins Ave.
and tJhe heating cails glow re.€d
hot inunediately. Jput in ithe .
bread and it, if. quickly Iouast.
,bed--two slices at Ia time-t-1',
fast as three or four pensons c
111v? YOU ono?D
S issoula Mill wood at $2.80 per cord, cut to 16-Inch lengths, de.
livered in carload lots, freight paid to Turah, Clinton,
East Missoula, Missoula, Fort Missoula, De Smet and
SGrass Valley. The same at $3.00 per cord at Ilonita,
Lolo and Frenchtown. Get in on this wood deal and
cut your fuel expense to a mininimum cost. This is alS
nice, bright wood from the season's run of logs.
Co p1 The Missoula yard is making deliveries of this wood
at $3.75 per cart load. Phone 106 and order a
cart load.
First Natonal Banlk LU MBER
oF, MAUSOALA Our mills ha-'e constantly on hand large stocks
of well-seasoned lnllber and laths. Our factory makes
Capital ............................. Z,00000.00 anything needed in Hash, Doors, Mouldings and In
Surplus and Promts ...... .....O ,00.0o terior Finish. Retail yards at Butte, Helena and Mil
Country. tate and United Mates moulat carry complete lnes of Building Material.
Depository. Estimates furnishelc from plans. Write for price
8 "PER O.NT Interest paid on list.
savinge deposrs.. Standard Size Apple Boxes Kept in Stock
OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS. at the Missoula Yard
F. s. Luk., Prealsent.
Edward Donlan. Vice Presldent.
1.. o., Aitat Ca.,hir. Big Blackfoot Milling Co.
II. 8. lHolt, Assistant Cashier.
A. it. lamllmond, A. H. Wethey, BIONNER. MONTANA.
C. II. Mholod, It. F. Samuel.
Missoula Trust' and DO YOU KNOW
Missouna TrustIAR-that wA do cleaning, pressing, dyeing
Savings Bank CHAS.. MARSH and tailoring?
Mlssoula, Montana. Embalmer and THE PANTORIUM
APITA ..................................2 00,0 Corner Main and Stevens, Opposite
SURPLUS AND PROFITS.... I$50,OOO Funeral Director City Hall. Bell Phone 963; Ind. 798
J. M. KITH................................President CHAPEL FOR SERVICES. Phillips Brotheis
0. T. M'CUIhOUGH........Vice-President Ind, Phone 423. SBell 321.
A. H. JAOI ................S............ Cashier Relidene 259 Black. The New Men's
R. C. GIDDINOS................Asst. Cashle1
124 West Main
Directo° Store
J. M. Keith, T. i. Greenough, J. R.
Dally, O. T. McCullough, P. J. Kline, 212 NORTH HIGGINS AVENUE
A. R. Jacobs, Keonneth Ross. WESTERN MONTANA
We Pay 8 Per Cent Per Annum on NATIONAL BANK
Savingl Deposits Milssoula, Montana Peer Of All Machines
CAPITAl ...................................$2 00, THE 1910 MODEL
SNorthwestern Abstract and sunr-us UND .................. so,ooo.oo E. M. P. uS0"
Title Insurance Company A. WOLFPresident HOLLENSTEINER & NELSON, Agte,
IFurnishes correct and complete ab- JNO. C. LIsH80 iISOU............Vice-Presildent Nso__ ono.Wet_
stracts of title to all city and county J. H. T. RYMAN...........:..............Casiffrer
property. Estimates on abstracts fur- Direotors
a nished on application. Ferdinand Keonnett, M. A. Fish, 0. A. I . , . t. e
104 Main Street. Phone 147 Red Wolf, John C. Lehsou, J. H, T. Ryman&V * • .e ta tW
A Genera alnlnl ShlinM TraSacltd STATE TAXIDERMIST AND
BOURDEAU'S --- .-..-..----.......-..--- FURRIER.
BOURDEAU'S Won Medal at St. Louli.
BARGAIN STORE Look for the pretty packagelt 136 East Main Streth
We guarantee you a saving of 25 gawa114
per cent. on clothing aend shoes; car SHOE SALE
fare to purchasers.Rolled Oats
825 80UTH HIGGINS AVENUE. Ro led Oats
. ......... "- .. . ull two.-pound pac. ag, . W orkin men's Friend
Scandinavian American ^'wA RH.. T NS.eso,
State Ban._. .._,_ ON _ o ._.__ _o.
.OF MISSOULA --- . --- ---- -- New Family Liquor Store
A General Banking Suslhiess Transt ie TOGG eRY " 184. West Coedr llt.
aoted. rOpposte the Postofr.pe.
-...peal lne o COLLEGE TOGS All promlnmiet ~phos sdli at out
PAINTING PAPERHANGING AND 622 South Higglns Avenue. priese.
DECORATING. South of Bridge. -
We will meet competh.u.n in price, ONE DOLI AR
anti hen a little lower, and guar- T Fat Thai- . r NE oAR
Santee our wurk. are tryngl to imitate our goods is in rtiek or bmolkets, wtll buyks dimolds; ,
WN,H,IN..O , soknowledgemeinf thit riprs I "i5THE curtains, blakets, watiei 4Ilaon[a,
.. Pwell Blook, South Third St. BEST." MONTANA SUPPLY a JEWELRY 00,
SlMl Pihte : $184 l . r,_, Garden CtY Balker¥ cs Hilgins Ave. Phone . SBls ol

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