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Todayl tlIow. To your AT Irnltor t.t wtor
Tolmnrrnow , T Hn . for reoppurttonueat
Accused Man Was Agent for Liberator,
a Republican Newspaper of France,
in Which Was Printed the Story of
An Alleged Morganatio Marriage On
the Part of King George.
lIaltlo n, 1'0",.. 1."--'the' rI lp,,rt, ofl
repellll.d, al t Kinti (t .,rg,", oblh, :t
tltlet In the royal navy, inorgin
atlti'ly married a dutighlter of tll
ilylthii, agent land d(lltrilb te iof the
IlanrLtol, l Uu republcll an i papr plub
lishcd lII PIrir, which revlvetd Ithe tthle
last Ni'ove'IIlber, iwas trletd on a charge
,f editllolls libel, pironlmptly conivlcted
iand given a imiaxiiiiimu penaltly of 1:
iutil i' I ilii orlx itnll nti I.
I1 pr.ntoucinghaltete1nce, Lord Chief
Jus1itice Alverstonlo said tlh' litsilh
ltnt ' siit a Ihidillute frl' one who hail
icllosnl Ii weapon fitr a plerlonatliil It
iltIuc Itplll i lllt lliiijesty, f.t'in the Iustl
of which every lhonolrale mall woluld
The story had loin current a longi
tlli', buil tt ltiltltlne spi)'lally lrritut
ling to Blritliti sintlihlltlex upon King
( iorge l' ae'niton. As plih)IlII.l.ed by
Edward H. Jamesl, e.iitor of the Lib
erlator, It noet forth thalt In the II(fe
tinl ofill Ihe )ukel of ('larence, lhis eld
,at brtllher, and lbefIltorgo bor ie bc.il
heir to tle tllrown, the fliture king
visited 3Maltu, where he fell hi lov.
with and married Mary EllIabeth
Ctulme-Seymoiur, eldest (laughter of
the admilral then intatll.tsd at Millta
is i'iiuimandeir-Iln-chief of the Medl
terranean sqluadron..
No Such Marriage Recorded.
This was sh'pposed to be In 11890;
but the admihalty rectrds showed that
the kiIng did not holtd tln appointmentilli
oln ally lhilll that vixited Mitlti bie
tweenl thll fall of 18181l indl tie aulU
ner of 19:1. The mlarrliage rcordsl of
thIe island of Malta were ltlproduced t,
prow' that no such mall'rrlige haid benl'
Admiral Culme-Seymour swore that
hilt twoi daughters, one uIf whom halllS
since diedl, lnver ha(t lin opplolirtulilty
to inmet Ills ililjestl..
Th'lle llaughter In quictllin, now the
wife of Captalii 1). Napler, elntiered the
wlitness Itoix and sllid she lhad sOnll
the kling ibut three tllit, i helir Ile.
Myllusn off('ered no testimolny and dill
not e'xamine the crownl' wltlnesses.
He conflned his diefense, which lie
collinducted himnlf, to technlicalltles,
anntrtlng that he couildt not le lo gally
tried in the ablstnitc of his accuseeur.
A Dramatic Close.
The proceedlings cale to a dramlatlic
'Ihi.o when, after nten'lli had beien
pirlonouncedl , Sir Rufius Iesac read It
letter frolil KIng (leiorg., in which
the writer set forth that only the ad
v'lce f Ithe offlcors of the crowl tlhait
nilch it c!ournu would lie unconstitau
ltionl had preventedl hIl frliom ultppllir
ing peril'nally in the courtrioom andl
publicly biranding asiH untrue the alln
irktlion thatL he had over entered inl hito
anly malrrliage allliance other thanl that
contracted with Queen Mary.
t'olumbllluh, 0., Feb. 1.-It was expect
ed that wvhern the United Mine Work
(rnr' (convenlltion met today it would he
tihe ft:inI HLrlol. Tlher'e was consld
crablle talk relative to the telegram of
John Mitchell, former president, re
garding the convention's action in the
matter of connection with the Nation
al Civic Federation. The text of the
telegraln was indefinite as to whether
Ito woulld resign from the civic fedrer
altion or thie miners. The convention
yesterday adopted an amendment to
tihe constitution, providing that mem
iers of the civic f.deratlon must for
felt membership in the United Mine
Workers of America.
Washington, IFeb. 1-The eruption
of Tutal volcano alid the acconl
panying' disturbances In the Philip
pines killed 700 people in the town
of Tallsay, according to the report
of the governor of Batangas
province, cabled to the war depart
ment today by Governor General
F'orhes of the Philippine islands.
the earthquake shocks continued,
said the governor. Since the first
disturbance the seismographic ap
paratus of the Manila observatory
has recorded the unprecedented
iumber of 714 slhoks. The au
thorities are adopting relief meas
ures, as'the falling mug and lava
destroyed the crops. The Red
Cross society Is taking ,steps to
ward that' end.
Representative O'Hern Acts as Speak
er During the Debate on Woman
9uffrage, the Galleries Being Filled
to Overflowing-Miss Fankin of
Missoula Is a Speaker. I
ltchlh n, I'. b. 1. -(.ýin,,ldl.)--TdhinsK
wIT( ,l', llehr toaiy. There l t wa.i n,
el' ltIe in the sivitintrlil col .est, but
tl.t flight lln hIIe senaLte. over t he re
i llpportl onlilllt bill nlid the dis.'. .: lol
of the aolall luffrage Jprliesillton
dllllhe olly fir the presie. Thel re
plllirtllonml nt bill w is rleo0 innl ilell
fir passage by the collmitteo of the
" hole In thL, sna;t aind Ilhi, tonme
tre'iitme(it wax giveni the lionuiilnl hlll
hy the house committenlleie of the vlwholeh.
The lwa pr.lrlury pinln, Inclehlld li
ait bill litrsiltiedt by Senator lEvertt,
was p)asoled b)y the senate. (lovrnlor
Norri seniit ai epeelil iesisage to Ithe
hledistitore re ml. umu' inlll g Ithe PIIIIIhliy
or'. liability bill pt lrurea l by the corn
Inilulion he itippliiti)td uiiiti time ago.
The Vote.
'The vote' for a.enotr at the cloe of
the twentiieth haIllt follows:
(`artr, :5;: W lsh, 99; Conrad, 18;
Hecatte(ring, 15.
('lurad--H.leIItors f'luckrull and alil
w.y: Representatillves Alley, ilachk
burn, Croluclh, Du..ll. uffy of (;ra rtnie,
Iluffy of illver liow, ]Ebelrt, (.llls,
lHaiyes, lherloltl, Johnson oif Lewis and1ll
('lIrk, I.issner, Maicunahul, ()'Jlynn,
Wheeler of (unscale, McDowell. Total,
VWYltsh-- enatm's Dearborn, 1)ustnan.
((eor(ge, (troff, Leary, McCarthy, Stoult;
(teir ttirioittlvis As.lrlidge. Haker,
Herry, linllarloti, Iraduly, hlyrnes, D")io
hue, John. on of Ravaill. Klrsclhwing,
Law, McnlcMrry, McNully, M(iquilltty,
Mart" i, Nolan, O'lirn, Oweinhou,..
Roel, 'rTill e, Whiley, \hilheiler of Sil
'er Ilow, Ward. Total, 29.
Curter--enatotrs IhrsltophuIr, Don
uan, Dunnigan, Edwards. Keshler,
Lelghton, Mcl)onnell, Meyer, Setway,
Survaint, Ti'ooly;, Itlepreseni'tativeis B1er
nard, P.lak, hurt, ]idlh, Engi4lsh. (irny,
Orubbl, Ilvwett, Hickey)', 1li-lt, Holter,
Moore of Vallley, Nelson, 1Paul, Ital
uttn, Itoberts, Rodtlgers. sirtcr,
lHehwartu, Slaylonl, Steensll, Story,
Swi.lck. WVllhious. 'j'ult" :5.
Por Liutenant (;overllo. All-n
Honators J' irlingilne, Mc one a nd
Iykeoi and .Representatives Hell and
Flr T. M. $wlndllehurst-S-enaht.ors
('onrow and Whitelile.
lor ('rlgressnlllll Prny--lenat or
IEvere tt and Representtlive Retser.
For F. A. Long, Valler-Senator
Iarsion and IRepresentatilve Jaiohlinoll.
Flr Rt. R. Purcell, H.olelna-Henator
For Jiudge rh C. Weblster, lisOnula-
Repriesentatlve Higgins;
IFolr enalitor Moyer-TRepr.sentatlive
lFor Julie iDeplfart, (lrieat Falls
Representative atddly Moore of 8il,
ver HoW.
Total scattering vote 15.
Record of the Balloting.
Carter Conrad Wallsh Seat.
First ...................:11 18 28 28
Second ...........34 1 29 22
Third .............. 85 18 I1 17
iourtlh .............. 34 17 31 18
iLl'thi ................. 28 12 ,
Sixth ..................26 17 32 25
Seventh ............:3 17 3:1 18
E ighth ..............::4 17 .:' 17
N inth ................ 30 1 :4 0
Tenth ... .............. 5 2
Eleventh ..........17 13 20 27
Twelfth ............ 28 1:; :1 21
Thirteenth ........38 15 34 1
lFourteenti ......6 17 :0 14
Fifteenth .......... 17 32 13
Sixteenth .........34 17 29 14
Seventeenth ....30 18 24 14
Eighteenth .......: 18 25 11
Nineteenth ... 33 19 7 11
Twentieth ...... 5 18 29 15
Thre were two pairs t owo piII tiday, Woody
and Murray, and Kammerer and Jor
dun, a"id no uLisentees.
The most Important. question here,
perhaps, is that of reappliortionmltent.
henator George Introduced the first
bill, but a substitute wits offered-by
the senate committee on counties,
towns and municipal corporations.
The bill came up on general order
this morning and Senator Selway of
IBeaverhead moved that It he referred
to the committee' on privileges and
This was followed by a spirited gen
eral debate.
Senator Meyer moved as a substl
tute that it be recommended for pas
Senator Whiteside declared that he
was in favor of reapportionment but
not until the question of new coun
ties was settled. There was no rea
shn, he argued, that the bill should
(Contanued on Page Five.)
Charge of Dynamite Lets Go in Communipaw,
N. J., With Fearful Force, Killing and
Injuring Many People.
Explosive, While 'Being Transferred From Freight Car to the Hold
of a Lighter, Is Set Off, Blowing at Least Seven
Men to Etcrnity.
• iw Y,,i'k, I'. ii. 1 . A e]Jrii' rt
(l.'l~illll( ' hII tl'(lllLit f'r'lnt I'I ft 1ft (':C l
LJ t:, toldl ,' Ii l :htl.' r i i l), r.d :,t
ieuhr .Io. i, i(' liilt tilatw% ., Ja , lh*t a o
:il IllIA' I1 11iliii Jg h lll rllllllll |' !i(l~. }' I)
ynll'oh sualll of th0, Jertsll,, (ilty toi'Iii
liii ipt i l'h IiH ll sr in' it ,lllitl'art nI' t.ilt
ii~ l t ltt'ii v , lytiattt-iti. l ittll lliq litl i tl\\l I'l
Tl'hlrty ..,,,mn to bl. it con?..,I \'rvatllve
atbltil.a ! ol thit di l, ttid ptrulrt.
d'am tit hItt III hlrlt lety It at iiwIts $ liii
'lt' , t aliv'l I Ii ' the u oltlti' n f ilsi
vllt itutly lrll'li tlue to it i(ilt ttplin lll l
It illctl: ilt' dsin1111 ~llt n I ll to It Ilh rt
exl.Xoliohil iii a hoilt, Tlh.' causellil lplbh
a b ly: w 1II nlev r hc ..e k wl l ni~ l l.
t Shock Fetii lt Miles Aw4ttlay. y
Thu Jer mitt i'et so til' u'itntt was
ituitl' I. bittV In ",IItltttll rt l a ttnll .lll \Itlii
wrlui:nlilid; htShr f1,rly l Xtlll aItllhIe'
aItsli wiIirhe (ll ul | L'ltl'" .1''inthetu
Iuiii, :IsI - ftie liVl.tr, wnliTt a,·lken frllil
stet lV( l,; v\'ir lto t l; t.op ofli the H ]ll.i l
lronklyn al 8tli ht l island, andltl Io thel
lininigrallon datelntl lt dlnlon Elci
"lThe daml :, In olr w1t ,.ly d 1'lcta rttlre
thIl it Ihlr ils.inp. t.in tio ler ' thn Ilntlu
Itllrthl in tin llllMlh. l'nlgi elmt it Int
pl'aced ali(ti( $10.00 $ onli! llills flandl
t~hr-ie qilarlters~ if it miltlioln,
Thie, ll~ilhter receivin'gl the, dt$';mitll
--Ihii Kiithorline \I .. alwnitd b)" Jiillt"
l'llien in f J1' . r''. y < t'f:.-l atlin hr:l *
iutterily \w!11lls h l' crlew\ If I.,.o.,1 menl,
linludlngi thll ma~it, r, E]d',w..d Trav\iet.
A~longldho won Ili,. lighit, \Whistler,l
whh'h wils ial badlyll thlalt.,iei Ithat shle.
;.uink with hMr <fewg of" t;wo .,hilehe l
Swedl,.h bark'lintlin.? Incidh w,,, s.1"tri
!.,d of" IIer ri'l.ing and, twol do*rk hands~h
aboarld we.rl, killl.d.l Priolgmil(ntl' of one
i'hlldellhia, I'ib. I.--'T'he Most Rev.
Patrick John styuii, alrchhlish,,) of Phl!
adelphita, who ha. luln almosn t at the
point of death since' Int Thursday,
is still iibe but his condition i.;
critlicnl .
it the ilfternoon h gave what is
probably lis last mesUag,, to the world
andl his adopted coaut iry. through
Cardinail dibborn. ,who visitcd him at
the cathedrll residence.
Iate tonight the archblshop's
iphysiclirn salt his chalnces of sur
viving the night wre slender.
When Doctors Il al'lnti and Anders
left the sick room rarly tonight they
sail Archblishop Itysai's conditions was
much delpressed.
"Ho is very weak :iand his pulsoe
flickers," they addled. "He wau t till
able to converse wit h us, but his
speech is nott nearly so itluit as in the
afternron 'when Ihe :las talking with
Carrdinal (|ibaons."
Cardinal (lthbons ,tidle two visits to,
the prelate today. Inll the conv\'er'nat!on
the arc'hbishop saltl:
"If we k'lep our ,',untry conlllrvia
tth\e, nt country iill he as groat aIs
this. No coulntry iahs such eltments
of gre'tnress as this."
Konowa, Okla., Febl. 1.--Though the
tact is known only to a few in this
state, President T'ft paroled Nelse
Jones from the Unlited States peniten"
tiary at Leavenworth, Kan., two weeks
The famous deputy United HRttes
marshal, prosecuted by the Unitcd
States government as an oticer who
betrayed his trust, and conaldered as
a martyr by many people of Oklaho
ma, who were familiar with the case,
arrived in Konowa about 10 days ago
and will make that place his home
Jones was the deputy United States
marshal from wholn were taken the
MacQeesey boys, Seminole Indians, at
Violet Springs, in what Is now Senl
nole county, about 14 years ago. The
two Indians were burned by the .noh
that took them from theo.afficer. They
were charged with br'tally mistreat
ing and killing a Mrs. Laird.
ru in~'. . :,I e lt.' r,, ]fi ll ::11; 141',h
011 Lin .I i;o. ., I nj li
II,:li 4l t, v "I irr,' i r I I ,t ' rots 'th
tio1'11 11a n,1 1 v,.1.4 t \ 11 a.:.,.~
fillt Il J it "': Ii 1:, \ i izl lItiotizs
I't'tli~r iit tk:ir l to tl'P II 1 1,1 ,tII? In the~
1 3'a 1hz' \\41% zti'.1 S l'''i Iithati IlIM
t'\ l'h,:''. %t.r'! ' tsliii 1 i Ii h g fluti' ,
fii('ii tilt'ii "'it'' r tu Itu I''( I tiilt
1 laiis t'i' izi'ui ii c i i't ''I. , rtu'ilz' b curl
1 L' tiil, 114111'·1 i ii. hal
i' itt buff i it, tIor lOt'' ''it ur WIR flt'u
lii' Iihiglizil 'i ng Icuridu .' found Ing
ziuuuii'i ith t track". E '1'r ti tiig hlert ilt-h
lru:''i'ul luLL Il).t t~:,lz' , 11 f'iii of oho
III" ur 1(- l'i: t he f iuir ors r INg slae
wtic. h ul. I'hr' 'iin Il
Illi, I' "f in giuind I' 1'''" I I l e. lo rs, ru
tilt. isnuutl hi's-iizid A a'I I griinhr'
tii the '.Luuith,ruuuuii ira'' l izznked Il
ln 'ii t inle iuu'u'ui iiu ' uu .t' hii." a bl
Au~114 flth ut tit,' ui't.' '' kii0- l'o tlt''
rutr lii00 fei'titilt L' lit-? , f ill Wt tin'
ini'uli'i (y . 'lilILtti llanintluH~tlined b t.
flull fit' I'a t~tle A :1"I gondol oXaru v'
nn i..1ti~ t rio t c ~Iiiit,'"it ' ivu'z'hiig li
W'ashington, F',. 1.-Senator
Cartvr of' .Mo,tana t.day requested|a
the publitatlon of .: a dental of a
report that Secretary Iallinger i.
about to glvi plac,, to himself a'
,ecretary of the hia1rl,, r.
"Pleaano deny the report emphat
hIrlly, ao fr s 1 :I n concerncl,"
ratll the s, ltir'. 'and you Imt(y
add that under . iting condItlonrI,
I would not ac ;,t the offlce of
berr ltary of the in rior."
f.er, tlry Il?;!hil r vigorously de
nih4l he h..d any i::tentlon of rc
VWashington, F'P 1.-S,'nuaItlr Borah
resoluption Ipro'vijliua foir the eclhtion of
senatitrs by drilrl t vi.l a of tlll i . lt ,
but nmet obj(cttin. from his c(,llhague,
Mr. Il.ybhirn. Contending fo the
right of' s.naator ,, be i:arld on te'"
r',.solution . llotr, Ili, vote, Mr'. I I, rurnl
paid hi"' iao'ual b,' Iprepared to spitak
unlltl l t hla' fIl io rtih of M arc'.h,"
awhl; thle H 'MNS i will terminiat a. lid
the raesolution l i. I a not l~r,,vijoua, lly
act-,.d upon.
.Very well,' responllded Mr. .rarh,
"I vwill tcall up the measure and gic,
the e.,Intr atll opportunity to pal ali t
"ultil the fourth of "Marth."
Now York, tlFe'., I.-A-cairding4 ta
Adatlr E, Fox a New York owner of
two moving pleture shows, who ro,
turned from a visit to Ilavana aboard
the steamship Hamburg, there is no
censorship of moaving pictures In Cuba.
Mr. Pox made the journey In the ex
pectation that he would find In ]lava
na a geoodi field f'or the moving picture
onterprise, but what he fo'w there eon
vineaud hhn that the American r,oot' nf
show would not stand a chance.
"Nathing Is ton low for Iaortr,ayatl hy
moving lpettlres," ha said, "I hav'
seen some pretty racy things In Par.s,
butu Havana! It's awful. Parl-a t a
Sunday school when comparea wlit!t
thu Cuba: port."
h;. 1. :v I!It hr' ii V,:ii ' ()aiOn
III lit :.:..I a :.ý t, 1. I; ,lit '1.11 h ," 11l1 l,
. 1 ii i,. r inii t;ilti .1 ; I " . -
tl ,"1 : .v o .,', I : . II 1.1 is I iib and 111,Ii
twliii iiN f111 t thi'1 fitiiaaai lihouM.,
m i f;',llu.I irlanl 11." ft1trilr I. tIunutl ss
111 t"1". l 1 111* ,C 1 I~ c'i~lr
'lll I iiiLk IIlll II) t :I lh ldrr huh Ml.*
%%itI % wi W. a if t I. . I'ita'e wrp iii+
iii lt. r "li i lt hay i I hlair lirai ali.ln
1iltti. iii Iig hun h, inii riui htad
inuil 'ugr.. iIg lit Illt· rlvar.. n\-lliif
b.". n rj li Itahi Ir it'l giti. ia4oll
iiil tla Sulatiulwul to1iiurnu ifraiii tin
riii '.i li" Ihra tis l llai l ier houh, it
ito, ltu ir' tat lit liifi.ii-alvil w.-r1hir.
htiutiglu itllt twi fI-uit il11, Wiui hin
adItui. 1i ties 1i iths ltiihat tha il~l.K
ati o ii Illi .1-utaaayr 4)11 I' uin tny1
i l he i'Ilf.4 t l ayit inill ti i rui ~itl
sli >,111. ul t N 'ii t Itit. a-la~w o d a t aaf i
Jutiding'lt- into it'u rIvvy Ailt~t ot
I i ii, ii in " iu vliiliiil andtna Ml'ittiI
knw ut ittutu ti I tiiaitnlpurlwar.
'Washington, Ftb. 1.-fncar Admiral
('h-ar:cs Stillman Sperry, '". S. N., re
tlir' , who couni:andicd the Atlantic
flit t on the ln.st I'3" of Its rullnd-the
wordl crular, tlýed suidclnly this morn
Ing in Garicld lhospital here of pncu
Adt., ral Sperry arrived In W..hing
ton last Friday from hii home ini Now
pirt, Il. l., for specinI duty in the
state depart:neit iincldent.. ti hls rei
r'.entaton of Ii T'ntilt . S ctates at
thi t' t·ofreunco oif na\val powers of the
Vv ridl at Londoni. lie -was tatken Ill
ihirtly after hils rrtivat and yesteridty
afternoon hi tit!ter.d the oval hospl
The death of Admiral S-perry- was a
shock to Ills fellow officers in the
nalvlt diliiprteiiinit, which had coillntoed
Iluch on Ihis a, slstaill' Ill perfectilg
it trlaislatll of what Is known as the
declaratlion ,iof London.
Admiral SIperry was born In 13re.k
lyn, N. Y., Iln 18.7, graduating front
the naval aealemiy II1 186i.t
li sI ita r 'cglizted aniiiii.orlty oi
taltl . and one of thlit rnost llrlll:tit
strate.glits In thelit st"irvit. Hr. liso wu
in nullth rity on t Intcr., t. ttll rl li Itw.
Admirai Spjrry was retirid for age
S-tiltinhbr e , 11, 1i.
Ito.,n, P'cI. , 1.--The ti.rribll, outcome
of it holiday joke is rlleport, ' fl'r,, th.
wilti of 1ihily. Two young twon t.
whio had ill~iin ipart In .llme holiedtl
fc.ttlvithis had endled tip at a tma.l-k
ball. Anna t iln l andl her lii.I, Ai
tntlalr Po lozl, a girl ,t' t16, tho.' ht !I
wvoi d hi i t grantd Jok.e Io vi sit re!
aliv , Iliutl Stvitrli . untin urd ni the
big estate near Parinico, dre.~rtd ait
Sicilian riltm,1is. ThIeir dlattulle was
all ito cfflct-tive. fr twhen th v tip
iproteh.] i.,.arln' houiteA he iiistooit
thm f.l"r theii' reai l hrlil, rain inldo rs,
ain out on thi' lal(ny ., ind mit n in
hald, enllted 1ot: "WIvh.i' that" ' lile
tWi, wCtst,'t, did not r'eply, but pointedu
i }lle hitrui 't i, unloaded t 'ea pin
etraiu>ht at the fr .l:itnii OtoWarit,
Stvarino tlihen firedl two sahots, t in
I ilhed thu youtnger wilimian and thi
other .ui'lousl Inijre(d her nit. Onil
diseovcring liis mistake Savtariua
tuk to L0 li. hle:a. lic is still hlltng.
Speaker As:o-ts That the Relations
eltwccn Lorimcr and Stnto lteprc
sent.tive Lee O'Neil Browne Were
Such as to Admit of No Other
Theory Than That of Collusion.
\\'."hingt nt. IF'e 1. "T'h.t . tien tor
lCoriler Jlu I fill! kno l wig, aor the
brlher." hy whticih, it Is) chargedl . Iti
e'lll ctiin arl provcur I, was ai l\'lrtd by
ionatior N..iis I awn of .vhr Ni kL In
tn nddretn hberor, the awnutie tidiy.
'J'I'In a's¶rtuin wa a it p 1iin advuan
of tany that Ihad bIa taken on the Nub.
J i.ct or tIhe el.' t n o hll f the t lilnl
Junhir HettII ntr n IIIn jf tl('ci ted woulh
result i .n Mr. I.ttliner'i exiiullan.
Mr. ir..'tn iia.llrtnolk to nh).t that
the reltin hbetween. Mr. ILriiter and
S it I 't sn hier en t I lt L, 'riNetil
lirotnu Ili p ot .. r t .,h :t s to I*1d, l r it
n rbian th.t . L o 'ii, ' r 141.1 hir, itt -
i lhu-; ill n ,1orim:h 1ehnil'. 'LoIr thi' nit
Il h, iio t "r uldc oi iiio , k to . 'o that tllK.
tll.U ,rt or 'Mr'.an• :,lml 11h 4 3,U Imo
through Sp ak+ r .hUrtlrff, th., ,,omn
mnate tnl.t wa nm frienl u. !\r. Loriler,
sanl th,. + ;+'1t r Lninltr c .4 BIrownl
h:ul 1. t In brolght togelther tihey \t orn
in e-nl.t.ant lo,+R-retnc,, mt,' ting as of
t, a i. a dozentt tim."K I1n olnt, tvening.
What Did Thej Talk About?
* W33ut her t e thos.1 ciltttercncob
33 ,318t ' a334k888 Mr. iHrmnvI. Mauind~g
n;Iv to 13i3 i'"' in in3'tnlty. 130 34331d:
*1I' IN 'i'lltor I, ir,' 3-330 wi tha.t
lh«"y ircal d I.. thc travs will mfl31
no rati tinl (Iw ry on 8. . '"ody c-.n
Slade thole t.rlntir 33888s una3dvla14' byV
1irow 830 of utiythilf i 03; 38 irowne dli1
,,r bite note tr tot '18(ttv3'1 18r, 3 did afld
1'hnt sr lifficI~iltI' ltrolvo 330 el3U
3 333 dli 13131 ('33nc1,33 for supp'lrt amm~n.
Is flit'o l1ci fir Mr . Ifr r. Leiaz' mtou.t
13..8, twI'ii mll333481' I:nw 111 to him at th11e
3'3333rcL'(' (('3 381 rid l..p3.133l('31ly oif an~y
direc(''1tv I'-t1'nI33' 'in t)333 (iU3<1t13if It
313c33t 13e. co33(Itictui it t :1 good~ (,-3s403
3138,! ev n.- tiric' tha.t BIrowne toncear-tI
:.3'31118' f133.1l I33 t..ll Lcr anld thlat 13r'llnt.
did ~o''I3hI1g to furthevr the election of
J.orlmn'.r that I.'rt300r lid 0 not kno31w
biiout 38t 333(3 It 11333. This c005tru38t13
's supi,, stud' by evecry uiulvput, d c:: -
'3313883:333- 138rl'881333113g I !,v. tr'3i:3333
Ii 3ll.
Competling Force.
"Qu3tin'' thee I'3ro03nc'4 1(utcmcnt,
333''!" i34 houund I y' 1t33 t8833183183y 0?
ttit.t witncess: t1he s3ate8 is bound iy
33. It has it c(8833333't 333 force that
333131334t 188 realm, d in ll,- lIgt of t1133
rccord an3d w1h1en it is ctI t3433('rd in
that t3e3 .8338- 3of it 3 lIast 3',ur ltCm
3138N33f(hi I'g1I~itu3'u t1: 84 C 33t133'I1t.'
31.31 hill!1 ti38- k3Io ',c'h''g3 and 31113th Ul
"ot~ri.,nt of `fr. torliaor anr] wheni tall
fact is ct·jItIt(hl , Ii (133 rlis ted (33(s
; 80i - of late are talc'n (oUt of t ;is case.
'TheII o3l' th3ieorl' (33 w31'ttiI the clcc
''3 ' .113. I.i..'1'I 381(.31n b," sustalined
t8 1'ti3, fn' 333, bibed blyo 33r' t3wne.
to t,18, ,3t, .r3' hul. if 133(1' o 1. ifIrulbt
,rbt 343 Lo-11 I338 1:1. It'3 8.8:1 if afldwn
33833 3831ul d t 3 831183n t138'.83'3y f'3reti'tw'.
:i1l tit:,) to tie oi'l'. Andr i whfln tIle
0833tlc 11 tte(' agrl'ees- deal 3Iii13113 four 1' 'tee
brlibed 'by Irtvr,8'33 I 33w~'333i8 ,'13.ctIOI
sti,33 ,' 8itl 'rl , 313 (onc ll''"' 1. 33 31 ,
3'83('i '1,1 u338'' th' i3I'01'fOt a333 13(11'
3333(33148 andt prw'3t', It 183 3318i'i333 3 that
iy8it.333' 333,333 311 1t 1113th3t 31'r3ine did.
Trust Betrayed.
'1.1'ii, l'," I 3 31o.II 3' :tine t'11'im th8 ' 1i con
.~ 133 331 t'~'tl8I~ut'lt' 3.3333 ni3'3 8333831
3nr118313383343 33 338313318i~'X 338(4111313 138333 3r
183381',,1r ' 138''3rIy Ias 'l', 33303334 itie 313h(to
it ·ri! brrtrr ttnat tt'I Tll honor
;bred IIItC ctrt~ty, "d tlutt t Cii);,t The~
33831la 30 a 8'' '03 ,8 33383 ul 838333,val te' and
''I'3-II":, 3)3 ' 1111: ,iii 38-383 1.83 13-'ilu
Jo33 3.' -38888 ' an8 388 3I-3
t 8, i .,t ,I' ' It :,8 t8.'' , 8-1 338
, t't ;I I , 3'''''. "ii '33 t 838 313' 3333
v' 33- i " 't'1It' '333'.. 133'e II.3 ('811'133
ill,'In 3333' acl:"d 31 tV3i3v3 J33318f-e
3a 83k.) Il-3 33''', 33,'a~ d33133.t1ju !
.,"t i tt '3. 83833:1 33- n ''8.: (,an
83n ' t,'3 '1 it' Iii'.833 333331 tg
388 I 'I ,Il;: ..33-3 '.3181 d 133 ali 3310 d 388. i
0. 1~i333311" 11838.t!alh Iill thei3 il 33(38.1 t'3u81
FI't.383 tue'.'8 that 1.83033 (t'11333. rltt 11834
Ii. '3 '''888onl 3383333' 3 j'd3 1.1 ~ 33,3 '.S 113U~d
u:;'I'uua 1.1833113)3 L 3h'8<or.
Reia Pur.o:o of Commission Set Forth
by Chairman J. H. Dureton, bSeeae
tary M. L. Dean, F. S. Cooley and
Others-Organistior and Plan of
Work-Spokane View.
At the univ.er:dity hall last evenij.
thiere was one of tile most latereeting
sessilons of the week of meetings in
Misrtiuln. It was that of the State
Country Life commisslon, a board 99
five Illimembers appointed by Governe
Norris, Its mInemlrs reslding in Ve
rlints parts of the state. J. H.
i)urstas. editor of the Anaconda
titladard, Is the chairman of the com
mislsion and he delivered one of the
Iprltinlpa;l addresses of the evening.
State IInrttculturi'.t M. L. Dean of
this city sl secretary of the commia
sion auld P'. . Cooley of Boseman.
Mrs. C. .IU. Conrad of Kallspell and
Mrs. II. It. Mitchell of Great Falls alre
the olther members. Mr. Deas and
Mr. Co,,ley both took part In the pro
pr:un last evening, the ladles of the
ctllmllliaslon not being present.
1nn account of counter attractlons
the audience at the unlverelty'lait
evening was not large. But it wea
appreciative and the numbers on the
program were all much enjoyed.
lPr'ellent I)unlway of the university
presided and opened the esasion by
calling upon Professor Gustav Flsaber
for a violin solo. Herr lIseher was
encortd and then Mr. puraton was In
trodluced as first speaker.
Country Life Commissioen.
After a few remarks of a llghter
vein than the serious 'portion of the
subject, Mr. Duraton annouaced that
lie would speak but briefly, first giv
Ing an Idea of the commission and Ne
puirpose and then a few words on tile
good roads question in Montana as It
applied to the rural distriots. He
said In part
"Montana's (oountry Life commis
siron has five members who are serv
Ilng it the roquest of the guovrnor.
'iThe lealslature and, except the govy
ernor, the state authorities have no
official knowledge of Its existence. Its
aim is to be suggestive and helpful
with rarpret to betterments in the en
viro:ns of rural life. The purpose is
to do fir the country, through this
aue'ncy. ttat which agencies of the
iamo Fart are doing for the olttes. It
Is crrpha'lrally true of the cities that
in the initiative of the few, through
civic organl-atlons, many things re
h tlnfr t' life's comforts and amenities
nlnd b'essings are done, which but for
tills Fuyg'vtlon the many would not
doi for themselves. Millions ofl s
really know enough to go in out of
the rarl. yet. figuratively, In our
evoryasy experience we fail to do it.
City lift has been wonderfully helped
and lifted by leadership that has re
suited In the making of common
causc. Country life needs the same
ladig.. ut a hand. It has never had
"A rrcrt amount of material Is get.
ting Into print in the presentation of
suppcsad paral'eis or oomparulsons be
tween city and country life. The
truth is that there are very few real
comparisons; In great degree urban
lif." and country life present a series
of cotntrasts, and ume of these are
antlagonlisms. There are contrasts 1i
,illploynlent and opportunity and
methods, and, perhaps, tastes. There
tarc Ilenfil contrasts with respect to
ho,,lw and i ~rll etI i cnditlons and en
i'rtainillnt and facilities for intel
lictulal training."
After dea.ling at further length with
Ithw.· cu,,trasts oaf country and city Ule,
lthe. siakter sail that the rural com
Illtllll i in llltllllL htatve as yet failed
t, di.,lpt ilnt, t.eir livlng sonme lea
troni if th.* eastern country comn
Inumniti.s that had been dropped out in
(',ntinued on Page Three.)
\Vahington, Feb. 1.--The rules
ii.u;tte of the house, as a result
of the investigation demanded by
I. pi',setntlve Hitchcock of Ne
I',~slkt, has not heell able to flnd
out what happened to delay the
Ballinl;Tr-Plnchot Investigation re
prrt. Publlli Printer Donnelly ten
tillid today that he had given due
diligence to its preparation, Out
had not understood It wal a "rulh
The committee will present 0
chronological story of the proegrwa
of the rep ort "room the day it osgq,
into the house until I. fiPally
rt-lelh.d the agrioultural domaLItte'
and wlil let the house [email protected]
whether blame attaches to any oi0.

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