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Tile university won the fnstest iin
door baneball game which has been
played since the opening of the league
season when they defeated tht MPs
souls Mercantile team last evening by
a score of 9 to 6. The game was
fast and snappy throughout and the
spectators were kept In a continual
state of uproar. The pitching of "Oea"
Bishop was a feature. Although a
trifle wild at times he was an cool as
a cucumber In the pinches and hurled
a remarkable game. Hie allowed but
one base on balls and scored rine
strike-outs In the seven Innings
played. He also batted and fielded
well and In every way proved that his
absence from the gamei Influenced the
lose of the contest to the pliders last
Lunstrom, who was on the firing
line for the Mercantile team, was
ragged and allowed a large number
of free walks. His support was good
except In critical periods, and the
game put up by the leain was unusu
ally good.
The playing of McCarthy and IUttle
for the varsity and Scrlbner for the
Mercantile company wero features.
The two teams lined up as follows:
Varslty-Plummer, catcher; Bishop,
pitcher; McCarthy, left shortstop;
Ronan, right shortstop; Marshall, first
base: Conner, second base; Forbls,
third base; Ilittle.-rlght field; Sheady
and Stone, left field. Mercantile corn
pany-Balley and Andersen. catchers;
Lundstrom, pitcher; Scribner, first
base: Lawrence, sencond base; Ed
'wards, third base; Doty, right short
stop; Bailey and Henderson, right
shortstop; Henderson and Courtney,
left field; Smith, right field. Umpires,
Cary and Ferguson.
The standing of the teams Is now
as follows:
Won Iost Pet.
Spiders ........................... 1 0 1000
University .................... . 1 .500
Mercantile Co ............... 1 1 .500
Whitehouse Club ........ O 1 .000
The Spiders and the Whitehouse
.clubs play this evening at 8 o'clock.
No admisslon will be charged.
At the Family theater the beautiful
story of "'t. Elmno." as told by the
Wilnston players, is drawing larger
.houses each night. The story is one
that is most interesting in Itself, and
when capably portrayed holds the
hearer breathless till the final word
Is spoken. The Winston players give
a most Intelligent rendition of the
play and never allow the intensity to
wane for a single moment. The proof
of this Is in the fact that the en
thusiasm on the fall of each curtain
has been greater than on any bill they
have yet put on. In the role of Edna
Earle, Miss Winston Is all that could
be desired, giving the part the lmtl
pllclty of the unsophisticated child,
and, at the same time. the calm, dle
liberate thoughts of a thinking
woman. Misses Lourks and Grey are
good in their respective roles and an
amount of good legitimate comedy Il
furnished by Robert Ingersoll and
Lloyd lHarwood without any straining
for effect. The play will run the bal
ance of the week with the usual pr!se
matinee Saturday.
At the Grand.
Crowded houses at nlatinee aind
evening performance yesterday marked
the last appearance of the Richardspn
& Lewis company in "Escaped From
Sing Sing." At the (trand tonight the
company will appear lin a new bll,
"Wife in Name Only," an intensely
Interesting comedy drama, the fame of
which insures a continuance of the
remarkably good patronage which the
Richardson & Lewis people have re
ceived since their first appearance
here. There . il be a Saturday mnati
The Isis.
The bill offered at the Isis tonight
is a comedy lprogram. "Th'Ie Romance
of Hefty Burke" is a delightful comn
edy drama' characteristic of life
around the docks and sailors' row in
New York city. The mainy funny sit
uations In which the hero finds himn
self will please. "'poony Lali" Is an
other. rec of comedy. Ploor Samit is
possessed of the habit of wanting to
spoon: what happens to Sam Is worth
going to see. "In the Land of Mon
keys" is one of Pathe's marvelous col
ored scenic pictures of the Bunda Is
lands. "The Evils of Betting" and two
beautiful songs complete one of the
best programs offered to Missoult
patrons this week. Mr. Weaverling's
new machine is proving it big attrac.
tion on account of the clear pictures
it produces.
The tough customer was struggling
with a tough steak in a tough restau
"Say, you!" he finally roared at a
waiter, "I ain't used to eatin' rhi
stoeros hide-fetch me something a.
l(ttle more nourishin' in a hurry!"
'"Aw, fade away, little one!" said
the punglist-waiter witheringly; "what
do you t'ink this joint is--a diet
kltcaen?"-Norman E. Mack's National
Stops itching instantly.
Cure piles, eczema, salt
ium , tetter, itch, hives,
scables - Doan's
nt. At any drug
-,, ~ 4 -
c·tr414414 14.441m r4'vIil it', i h sis 1
vr'4441ty 3I44t4r'41I4y. All ofth 414(114411 4
lwsrI' well al1t4n1414 and , til work
UtPr't04 otTff wIth t rush. T'i'he atloi4
4afl1' 14 Ills rctically lb4 414114e art4 that ofr
10,41 114Im4'ster an44( lthe prospet l4'Clx414
b4right4 folr it pro411144r144441 splrlng. A
n4umtiber oif ne44w i14)0sen arel' 4 1 belng of
fe'red at the' univerlity this slpringR.
Thte e'14'nltlltrlry Iaw rV£our,4v 144 Ihbe
4ult4'rctP~tede by i cours lit publii
hygl.'pe, IAhlv Iis to1 144 4'lsl4 t oIf 141'
t~rur by the' Ira(- dln (railing 31y44( of tin
c'ity and sntlite alndI by tfifferent inem'
berM of the university facualty,
Tiits course prrom4is4141 to he4 u1nu tual
Illy Interes4t1g, 411n4 the enr4lh444sit for
It wail Ii eavy. As V.414 11w4 as444h4 iaetIt
4'44444e'41 b)y the univerelly to a1ttend thl
meetlng oif thsll 41444146 14hich11 will (44044e
eat 11:70 on Tuesrdays and Thultruh ryx.
An i44te're'Nting lpro4gram441 1h4441 alread4ty
belen 14apped out by tll' unive'rsity lIt'
flcInals, 44nd1 the 11ear'ty ('14-ope4r4tj4on 441'
the phy9'll·laulr of the shal~e has fill
tilled alll3l'444 e ls't 114114414 4441fil
ftI'~l 4411I 4'xl4(4t 44444lon,
Anothe14r coulrseIo In'eltres4t Is thle'
course IIt houslehold4 chlemilttry whichb
Is to4 be giveln bly Professor 1111 oIf th44
dl4artmlletnit 4o chemtry Mr. HIll 1Is
4. 1 it 144'('iI4t In 44rganic14 chemis41414try
un41 1his co'4urse will 14e' Ilter.'444144g. A
n1umbeC4r o4 t'Iwnsrpcnpl 41 vo ,'m141l' d
as specials fo(r thisn course,·
1101(4444. i"e!. I .--( $t4'4h4I 1)--'loin
Jhtontalnal Assoc'tatioIII oI 1!olluuty $4ur
ve1y44r41 w4414 (4f4411411.4 14414 today a1t 44
eetintllg atttltended by nearly every
coulnty t'4rv'e'y4r lit the stlte. Officrrs
w.4'ere el'ectd'1' nd c444441 lll4Itif p 411
Iaolnted to t1k1 up4 wIth the legi4414at44re
the mlalttcr Elf u cl'ea'urer definittiont o4
t14e Ipoworn 41nd4 114mi1t41tions of counIty
uurv'eyors. 'lobet surve'yo4rs Itl lH 0n In
stances' fl'4' f 1e11 ttheir iprerroglatties
hav141 beenl usurlpe'd1 by c'omi)4ty co41444414
41uners. 'Ihe4( sur4'v'e'yors also4 Wanl)t to4
ce('EPrtIIn JulMt wha44t tlhiir dut)41e4 are
concernnl g tI1log building 41 co4tunty
r444 fll.
T1hiti 1'gitsl1i4 c144',' (441l14411 is c'1 o4
posed(4 of 1.. H. 1top(41, Ilelen'411; 1"rank
Ejorr, Butte: It. E. 1"411rnall1, M14es
(ity; (lily 1'. Klr414h4r, To4w1441e114I, and4(1
It. T. Hlurdle. olclndl\ve.
(lfflcers1 were clected 4s f4ollow4.4s:
Presldent, L. S. 1111114.4: vk14o rsIdentlcl.
Frank -Corr; ,e'r44tu1'y - treaH4urer,
Jamesw H. Banner,~r Missoula.
Let Our Bricks
Build Your
House and Fortune
"The Man at the Desk"
.Standard Lime & Brick
112 E. Cedar Company Phones '"
New York, Jan1. 27. --19h viiltance of
Iret c'ustomllr Itspectors Ihas resulted In
loelle-tlng an intatlmng total in flines
froerincllolnlng traseslp:ersn in the past
y)erlr. Eve-n with the froequent stories
oif the rerord dullties 'aid, the results
ofr the year coieic l as Ita urprlse. l)lr
Ila 19 07, for inestance. the aveIrage duty
,pllil Idy eclh lpassenger was $1.44. In
1910 the average duty was Increuased
to $,30l. Leess than $500,000 was col
tected froml duthits o! p3iassengetrs' hbag
gage In 1909, whiles last year's ener
geIlle c'ampaitiiln against smuggling re
suiteed In the collcttilon of $1,775,000.
During the 22 mntllhs' service of the
preselnt olle-tor eft the port, nearly
$4,000,000 Ihls hIen rotle-ted In fines,
penalties and forfeltures.
South American Trade Grows.
A renmarkable Increase is reported by'
government statisticians In the tradtl
between Norrth and Houth Amerilte
during the lnast year. Tihe grrrwth is
especially sigKlficani t In view oef the
fNret thate the trade with Eulrope dur
ing the, last nonth of the year eslhowed
a sllght filltintg eoff. The totall e-xports
to Routh Aienrwria for the year will
ijprobahl toutch the $100,00000 line for
the first tiime In the history of our
trade relatlons, in November alonet
thei trade showed anI Increase of abolut
$2,000.000, htedng In excess of the- cor
responding nontll of i year ago. wh'ilo
for the 1i months the Inereasn iN fullly
$16.000.000 grelter than during the
alnlO ntllonths eof last yeIar. The United
State his Ilnplolrteet frotm Routh Atolnm
teit, dulring 910, goRnds to the value eof
$165l.711.t000. In contrast to the experts
amnountlng to $100,000,000. In the;
srnme twerlod we have Imported from
:.lrople albout $700,000,000 worth of
.lnods, and exported over $1,000,00.i
000. The' pronportlon of exporrts and
Imlports Is practically reversed in the
case of Southl America.
A Novel Seasick Cure.
Thile lantrest idea for controlling thel
rolling of ships In hligh seols is to ball
tiance the vessel bty Imeains of large
hndles of waiter carried i Ingenlously
alrranged tanks. These compartments
are built in the form of a "a'" and
are run contlinuoulsly down the port
side through the holdl and up the star
hoard side. The water is controlled
by a special device for hatancing the
upward swing of the ship. The rlow
device hls rpassed Its experimental
stage. An actual test has been made
on the liners "Ypiranga" and "('or
envad," of the Hamhburg-Anerican
lhte in tile Burnos Ayres service. It
wastn feodln, in an actulal test. that a
vressel which woulld roll ans ligh as 11
degrees uIndtelr ortllnary ronditions, can
|le -ontrllted tl 2 degrees motion by
ithe uise of the tanks. At the recent
coelgress of hlllip Ihrilsing engineers In
Goermany, the enlperor perronally con
gratlltlteed the Inventor of the sulIccess
of his pian.
Ites Mllinese, In., Fe''e. 1. - lrllnhwilif+
Ir todatly's llot Ion Unite(,d Htates son
atror itn tihe ltow leoglelature': K.en
y.n, 66ll; Younrg, :17: (larst, 1; Porter
(ilen.). L49. Alett. . Necessnary to
elect, 77.
Albany, ,N. Y.. Feb. 1.-The enact.
Inet %hf a dirastic orrutipt prtlctices
c('t with a tnaxiuihrn penalty of 10
y)earn' Imprlonlmenlt anfl $5,000 fine
for the fullure of a legislator to re
p.irt Inlnedllri latntry any ttempnllt to buy
:ir linflenlce li, voj' and the ndoption
of reforllus in thet fire Insurlnlce0 lawn
of the state are recollllendel in a
lengthy retport of the legislative in
ve'tignting comllmittiee Hsubmihitted to
theI Iegislature tlodiy.
I)ralfts of bilt which the comlmittee
proposed shall bI enncteed into law
are included in the report.
The proposed reforms include:
Placilng of rate-roaking associations.
Inclulting the New Ynrk Fire Instlr
ile exchange. uinder control Rand at
pervislnn of the stiate superintendent
of Insurance.
Ve'sting the superlntelndent with am
ple power to prevent discrimtination
it rut. s .
tlinnetment of Iaii nilltl-reibnter law.
prohibiting sharinl or "splitting" of
preminmsn Rnd onllllting It a rmlnde
inelnor to give or aIee'ipt rebates. TIhe
investigating ceommtittee wasln appoint
ed by the senate rnd assnembly of 1910
to investigate corrupt practlces and
insurance, other titan life InsuranRe.
It In. composl of IliIieiiteri of iblth
bol tes.
In pIrobing corrupt practIces In con
nectionl with legislntion the tollllllit
tie, according to the report. investi
ganted alleged brllte-giving brought to
the surface In investigations conduct
rd In 1910 by tJue senate and state
suplerlntendent of Insurance and cer
tnin other unvarlifed allegatios. The
nlletlations, the report sanys, were
Inmade In eonneotion with the payment
bIy the state of a beet sugar bounty,
the passage of the anti-racetrack
amblinllg law andi of amendments to
the agricultural law with reference to
The committee found abundant evi
ldence of graft. In the beet sugar
bounty case, however, the committee
reijects the testimony of Harry 1..
Zhimmnerlin. who swore that he had
paid $3,000 to a senator and $1.500 to
an assemblyman, both of whom are
now ldeid, for their votes in favor of
legislation favo!ing Ztinerlin'i em
ployers, the License Boeet Sugar eo
fining company.
The report says:
"The committee t I impressed with
hIle significance of the fact that each
of tue legislators to whom It is al
leged ;,iyment was madlte Is dead and
unabti to face his accuseilr. In tile
absencel ol corrohratl\'iv evidence and
inl view of the alppearanc-e of the wit
l(lss ZIunmerlin on the staiid, hsl lmanui -
nler of testllying' Illn(i Iiis very alp
parent c('OfusionI of mind, the olnlmit
tee elnlinnt conclutlde or report that
these payl1iments were made tO thte
ilt llhers al nlelged."
1 . at inwlor, suplerintenldent of the
Nu.theIIr Ptaific, icctllll;tlomanietd Ily
Trnllllmaster D.. J. HtIgrty, left this
Imorning for Phililp.burg to spelnd the
(day n ns1 pection work.
Smoke Wm. Hooper cilars.
Alex L. Delneres Is in town from
Allowny's care, opposite postoffice.
Dr. Ward, veterninarian. Tel. 13 or 53t.
Mrs. E.lalre J'Illn is in the city from
Marsh, the undertaker. Phone 321.
Dr. Willard, osteopath, 1st Nat'l bank.
T. F. Lctterlnan is in the city fronm
Dreaslnaking, room 17, Paxton block.
I. 5H. Smith, lawyer, 106 Higgins blk.
C. IC. Itedeker of Poison is t vilsitor
in tiOWii.
D. 1). Hull of lonan Is one ofii the
reiservitatii, visitolrs in the city.
Stenographer. I)awcson, Montana Blk.
Andlrew IJic(kwith is In hlir city from
St. Iglnatlh'lcs nnlllo and 1will Iremnin
a liay or two.
Drink John Qund's Peerless beer.
Mrs. J. H. D)illotn of' Ttomnn in tlhe
guest of Mrs. George Grant of South
I'outrth street, west.
Missoutla and western Montana
diruetory for sale at Mlssoultan office.
Mrs. Bordenux of the F'renchtown
valley in In town for i visit. She is a
guest at the Shapird.
Dr. J. Louise Smith, osteopath.
Matonlo temlple. Phone 618: re,. 533 R.
Dr. Anna James, osteopath. Phone
834 Illack. Higgins block.
W. ('. lMurphyl returned lnst night
from it vdit in Helena, where lie
looked on at the capitol.
Go to Crystal barber shop, Montana
block, the finest In the state.
Dry cordwood, slabs and edgings.
Rihberdy Llnber t'o. Telephone 743.
h]Ienry CI. Stll' i. 141 IHelena for It
few iluays, u(hapIironinIg ChaunceyCy
Voodworthl and Hid C(oftfee.
Phone 38 or 438 Ind. for cabs and bag
gage transfer. Green & Ellinghouse.
lilghlandlers' card social, Thursday
evening. lFebruary 2, 1. O. 0. F. annex.
CharleRs W. Donnallly of the resor
vation relaiinatiion service came down
from headquiartelrs last night.
Missnula and western Monnlna
directory for sale at Mlssoulian office.
Handy scratch pads and waiter
checks for sale at The Missoullan of
Judge C. C. \Villas mldel a flying
trip hIlioe and back yestbrday, pro
trnding that he had to go to Plains
for sonie frrtesh air.
For sale, at Mlssoullan oftlce, nice
leather pocket pencil pad holder, 75
cents. Made in the bindery.
Dr. Biruflat, optical specialist, suc
cessor to Dr. Riesland. Rooms 2 and
3. Hammond block. Glasses fitted and
grounlll on the premises.
Allermnan Finle'y returned last lnight
fr.tm his trip to Calgary anid thie
coast, where he went to Inspect auto
lloblle fire trucks and to lqulire into
the piuavelnent question.
Iatndy scratch pads and walter
checks for sale at The hMissnultan
Home-ouitdo bakery goods. Royal
iBakery, 120 South Higgins Ave., Ind.
1687. Promnpt delivery on all orders.
J. It. I)urston, managing editor of
the Anultdlla Stantltrd,. caine In on
the llutte, local yesterday noon to par
ticipate, In the proceedings of the
Country Lift'conmtissilon; Mr. Durston
spent the afternoon visiting friends.
Credk, Bear Creek and Carney lump
coal with the B. 13. L. Co. Phone 106.
Independent phone 743.
King's Daughters Saturday,
The society of King's Daughters will
have a sale of all kinds of cooked food
on Saturday afternoon at both Orvls'
mlllls store and Coffere's drug store.
Tili, proIee(ds of the sale will Ie ursedl
for ItheI charities adopted by this so.
Paton. Smith.
There will he a pretty weidding
at the home of J. A. Dwyer at
7 o'chlock this evelning, when Miss
Agnes Paton is to become the wife of
Hermann Smith. There will be a
charming color effect of pale yellow
In decorations and bride's maids'
gowns. Everything is In train to
make this one of the memorable af
fairs of the season.
Harp and Shamreok.
There was an uhusully good nmeet
lug of the Harp and Shamrock club
at the home of Mrs. J. A. Dwyer on
South Thrill street yesterday after
noon. I, addition to the usual four
tables of members, there were four
tables of guests. Mrs. Lavey won the
first prize for members and Mrs. J.
B. Armstrong the first guests' prize.
Th'lel members' consolation fell to Mrs.
Schable and the guests' consolation to
Mrs. Harriott. The decorations and
refreshments were all worthy of the
Eastern 8tar.Auxillary.
'There will Ie a s meeting of the
ladles' auxlllary to the Eastern star
F'riday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
W. I'. Iloopes, 508 South Third west.
Tillicum Club.
Mrsm. Torrance entertained the T1111
c(u;m lulb yesterday afternoon at her
home on North Fourth street. Whlst
was the game for the atfernoon and
three tables of players contested for
the prizes which fell, first to Miss
Rublerson, and secont to Mrs. McTag
gert, The guests who enjoyed Mrs.
Torrance's hospitality we'e: Mesdames
Kritzer,5towe, Fe.guson, Martin, Mc
Taggart, Monroe, Bronson, Sweeney,
Hiut, and the bosses Ruberson and
Civic Section.
The regular meeting of the civic
section of the Woman's club will be
addr'essed by Dr. Stoutemeyer on the
subject, "The Delinquent Child."
This meeting will be held Friday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. Forble,
5238 8outh Second street west,
GOLDEN RULE The Moeat Popular Trading Store
Ready-to-Wear Items
Women's and Children's Winter Coats
Anything in the line at a discount of 33 1-3 .e' cent
--one-third off the present marked-down price, which, in
many instances, makes the garment less than half of for
mer price.
Women's Long Cravenette Raincoats
In black, gray and tan; formerly selling from $15.00 to
$20.00, marked down to $10.00. Now, your choice of
them , only ..................................$7.50
Women's Wool Dresses
Your choice of the entire stock, with one excep
tion, only................................. $13.75
Formerly selling from $15.00 to $20.00; materials are
serges, mohairs, Panamas and broadcloths; black, brown,
blue, greens and reds.
Silk Dresses at '/3 Off
Every silk dress in the stock will be included. Taf
fetas, satins, foulards, pongees, messalines, in a wide
range of colors and designs; all new and of the latest
style. Not a lot of shopworn goods from season-to-sea
son styles, but new fall and winter styles.
Hundreds of fine sweaters to KNITTED -VESTS FOR WOMEN
be sacrificed during this sale. Every woman that is out of doors
One lot wo.ien's and misses' mnlucih hlould have one. They (rtn he
sweaters, six styles in the lot; worn under a suit coat and conome in
navy, red, gray and white.
colors, t hite, gray, navy and The $1.48 quality, now....................754
red. Formerly selling at $2.75, The $2.08 quality, now ................0:. .00
$2.98 and $3.00, Choice of the - On all othee sweaters we will make
lot ....................................... 1.5 a discount of 33% per cent, one-third
off the regular prices.
One lot misses' or children's ()One small WIt chlldren's .Tersey swent
sweaters, sinzes 26 to 4, in white ers, sizes 16, 18 and 20; formerly oill
and gray. Flormerly selling at Ing at 98c to $1.48. Your choice of
$2.00. Now selling at........$1.35 the lot while they last....................50
Taffettu, Ies1nll- anld plaid silk waists, representing a wide range of
colors and designs; blluiks, blues, brownls, grays, greens, old rose,
amethyst and all this winter's best styles; $6.00, $6.95 and $7.50 waists
for ................................... ........ ... ............................................................ ........... 914 .7 5
On all other waists we will give a discount during this sale of 20
PEIR CENT-ONE-F 'II.H--off the marked prices.
Koehler & Campbell
Best on Earth
for the Money
For Sale by
ORVIS Music House
Fitted at This Office
Newton ft. Schweiker
Trains leave Paradise for QuI nn's
llot Springs every Monday, Wednes
day and F'riday at 7:30 a. m. Leavo
St. Regis Junction 2 p. in. Tues
day, Thursday and Saturday.
M. E. QUINN. Proprietor
P. O. Address, Paradise, Mont,
Asthma! Asthrpa!
ives inastant relief and an absolute cure
In all cases of Asthma, Lronchitis, and
Hay Fever. Sold by druggists; mail on
receipt of price sz.oo.
Trial Package by mall 10 certs.
Geoge* Prelsheimer. Propriler
London, F]eb, 1.-Porky Flynn of
Boston tonight won a fight with Jack
Burns of California at the Olympia,
but lie ftailed to knock him out. Though
terribly punished Burns managed to
last out th~e 0 rounds,
Send the Little One
I'or the meat you need in a hurry if
you callnnot comel yourself. She a III
be treated just as well as If shie was
the koenest jvdge of meat. We will
give her just what you order, no more
and tno less. We have no poor cuts to
work off and no poor meat of any kind,
Koopmann & Wissbrod
Thu will find odr agents at all
trains to care for your trunks and'
baggage. We do a general transfer
and storage business. It will pay
theatrical troupes to malco arrange.
'ments with us for moving their
trunks to opera house.
Scavenger wagon also operated in
the city.
We have the U. S. mall cantract.
Telephone No. 571.
Hamilton, Montana.
505 South Higgins Avenue,
We will clean and prese ladies'
skirts for $1.00; we will clean and
press ladles' suits for $2.00; we will
clean and press men's suits for
$2.00. Remenmber these prices are
for .lebruary only. Our work can
not be equaled in Mlssoula. Send
your cork now before the rush and
higher prices In March.
Phones: Ind. 2226: Bell 446 Purple
505 South Hliggins
Our work is sure to please you.
Messenger and Parcel Delivery
Day or Night
Phones: Bell, 997; Ind,, 475.
Delivery tickets at the office or of
the boys.
Three-room home, corner lot, 80x
180; close in on.north..jlde; ib$ cas.h,
$15 per month--S050.
Booth, McIntosh
h Fisher

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