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;Tabernacle Crowded to Hear Evangelist, and Forty-Four
Cbnverts Press Forward. at Close of the Sermon---Plans
Being Laid for Holding Ground Gained---Miss Frances
Gage, Young Woman's Christian Association Worker,
Coming Friday.
"Youn ladies, when somee young
men conlls around asking you to
marry him to reform him-silmply
tell him that you are not running
a Keeley Institute."
"An itle man could no more he a
Christian than the devil himself.
Did you ever see a Christian bum?"
"Oh,' you say. '1 haven't got time
to be a Christian.' Yes, hbut you
will take time In calh in one of
these days. Then where will you
"You say, 'L'm not a Christian he
cause there are hypocrites in thie
church." Oh, don't be discouraged
on that ground-you know there is
always roolli fIr one more."
"I can afford to a*ssoelite with a
few hypocrites now that I may
escape being associated with thimt
in eternity, for every hypoctite will
be inl bell and certainly this town
will furnish her quota, too."
"An excuse is what you give
when you haven't a reason."
"I will only pass this way one
time, no I want to get all I can oult
of life, and put all I can into it for
God. and humanity. Iome of you
die and 10 days after you are gone
the world will not miss you."
"~Iow do you expect to be pure
whol you heep the company you
keep. I would defy an angel trom
the sky to come down hero and
keep the company you do regularly
and remain pure. How do you
expeet- to keep pure if ye live in
the getter of sla and Iniquity?"
The workers who are with Mr.
Lowry say that his sermon on "Ex
cusss" Is one of the most convincing
that ho preaohea. It certainly laid
hold of his atdlence last evening and
Ithere Is evidence of cumulative in-'
terest as the meetlngs draw to a close.
Plans are being perfected with the
purpose of holding the ground gained
during this saumpaign.
A most encouraging item of news
is the telegram reeilved from Miss
Frances Gage last evening. Miss Gage
,Is the general secretary for the
northwest, including Oregon, Wash
Ington, Idaho and Montana, Young
Women's Christian association. Miss
Gage will arrive In Missoula Friday
morning to look over the field, and if
conditions seem right, to help Mrs.
Moody organise the city Y. W. C. A.
whose need is so evident. The Chrls
tlan wotkers of Missoula will, no
doubt, give the secretary a cordial
Mr. Lowry chose for his text last
t.r.eing Luke 9:01, "Another also said,
Lord I will follow Thee, but-."
"We find that from the first act of
sin In the Garden of Eden down to our
present time, man has always been
excusing himself for living in sin.
Adam said. 'The woman whom Thou
gavest to be with me, she gave me of
the tree and I did eat.' The woman
said, 'Thu serpent beguiled mie and I
did eat.' They both excused them
selves for their sin, but In so doing
toey each really put the blame on
the Lord.
"We have a good illustration of this
text in the cead of the rich man of
whom Christ told us in the fourteenth
chapter of Luke, 'Which made a great
feast and sent out his servants to in
vite his friends, telling them that all
things were ready.' But they all with
one consent began to make excunses.
The first said he had bouglht a piecec
,of ground anld must go to see it. Now
" that was a poor excuse. If thie rman
had been foolish enough to buy the
ground without seenlg It, why, he
could have waited a few days longer,
if necessary: real estate is not ai per
ishable commodity.
"Thle second wanted to b, exc.used
because he had bought five yoke of
oxen, and Imust go and p'rove them,
that is, try thenm to see if they
would work. Why didn't hei prove
them before he bought themo? Now
that they were his own, lie could
prove them at any time.
"Tile third ian had married a wife,
and, tberefore, lie must be excused.
Why, didn't lhe take his wif'g with
him"? Doubtless she \would havte en
joyed the feast.
"Hut, probably that oianll \1,a like ia
lot of young fellows liviig In our ('loln
try today, who, while c ourtingr their
prospective wives, bec.omle very pieous,
and go to Bunday aschool cvery)' 8.1i
day. but, beware young w\coltl', the.
next Sundiay after the knot hlts been
tied you will lprobablIy find thait he'
wants to lounge arounid lhorne all dci,
smoke and chec, and read till, $untlay
newspaler. If it ay.eung ieee,, elec ct d'c
right beciause It is right there le
something wrong lite is inotvet's. Girls,
when a young man asks y)ou t, Iherrly.
him to reform him, simply tell hime
that you are not running a Kee'I.y in
"It ls time the young tadies of our
country wore lifting a hIigher standard
for tlhemselve asnd lot' tile yuuig Iee'in
with whom they keepl comnlny. Young
ladies, If you were to go into thet bir
room and take a drink, put a cigcr lit
yowur mouth and walk down the street,
no young mnan would be found In yeas'
conipany in daylight. But you will
rprmnt these thlngs in the )young man
land somne of you think but little of it.
"Until the young ladies demand a
hillheri 'tdard of morality among
.Itotnggln we cannot hope for' very
r I h lgnproyeqent4,
iIp' L ~ehO" j a young manl that spends
i Satsrdy. night In a saloon
Sand lembling and the other
L *.bouq of shame, then sticks
' , In his moptil, rings your door
das,'ia you oft to church,
,', is hbi Inecssttve to live a
"- # r- that he sa matse . dog
of himself and yet go with many of
the l,4-called best of you girlI.
Too Much to Give Up.
"And another shld, 'Il,orl, I will
foIllow Tihee, )but I hIlver too tmllc to
give tip, or the ('hristian life I4 too
hard.' This ,excuse( is a v'my cotmmionI0
nell, et'cliully aunllllmg yo nlllg 1 people.
The (christhinl lif.,, while It Is a colln
stant battle algainst Sln aind Hlltln In
oasy when compared to it life of winl.
The real excuse you are giving here,
Itoe much to give up, marks you right
away us being a lustful, sin-loving
"Dl) you believe Gold to be a true
Futher? W'het will the father do for
Ills son who pledgles hllllalr to i life
of obednllce? I), yloll not believe
that the fllther would do all Iin h111w
po1weCr toI Illealls the boy ralther thanl
endeavor 1,to ml1lke life hard folr him?1
It In not tile Wiay 4of the (t'IrlstIlln that
In hard. Ay 13li,1 says 1that thle waly
of the transgressor in hard.
"(n to tthat poor drllnkllrd who olnc4e)
said(, ('I cal drillnk or let it alon',' 1aid
lift him up and l y, '1)o you thilllnk
the way of the tranlgresear in easy?'
He will nay, 'AlIs ni,, It Is hard.' (io
to tlhat lNsr girl whov heigllr by ),.r'
mittling, first the Stffectl'inate cnrllss,
then the wanton famlliarlly, 1uli1 who
is now lnorchandising i4her ,body for
gain, a(ind may to her: ')IDo ylou think
the wily of the trallnsgressior in easy?'
She will answer you, 'Nay, not su, It
is hard.'
No Time to Be Religious.
"And another Mild. 'I will follow
Thee, but 1 haven't got tile time to tie
a Christian. You say youll haven't the
time for attending church; you
haven't the time for the family altar.'
What have you done with your time?
oled gave you 365 days last year.
What did you do with them? You
Ihave all the time there in going. It
only taken a moment to give yotur
heart to (lod and that most find to
be the hardest thing to do. The
mother says, 'Ilow call I be a Chris
hlan? I must take care of my chil
dren, I don't have time for religion.'
"Mother, let me ask you this quts
lion: 'Would it take any more time
to serve God while you take care of
your children than it does to serve
the devil? Does (lod ask you to neg
lect your ehlllren to be religious?
No, Indeed. He asks that you take
'are of them for Flhn. A farmer
says, 'l can't be a Christian: I have
to now mny wheat-I hrave to reap my
harvest.' Well, 4ow yolur wheat. Reap
your harvest, hut do It ftr the Lord.
The nerchant says. 'I' have to attend
to my store, I haven't time to he a
"Does it take leass time to take care
of your business and serve the devil
than It woutild to do your business for
the Lord?
"God exlpects you to be' diligent In
"He doesl't expelct yloul to neglect
your busllness to he a Christian but
carry on your business that you may
be more useful in His kinlgdom.
"Why, an idle man could no more he
a Christian than the devil himnsef.
Did you ever see a ('hristian bumt?
Circumstances Peouliar.
"Anli another .id, 'l.ord, I will ifol
low Thee, but moy e'lrt'lllltaneLLe Pre'
very Ipeuliar.' Bome way that they
would like to ibe ri'llglous but they
caln't Jlust now. The eircnmstance'ts
arie very pec'ullr. 1 mInott wait. Now,
(Ied requlres of yit, In splte of yur
clreumstances, to abandon your sin.
If your ,irctuin.ttatuniete are ai 0ocnllar
that you cnnlot servo (tl In theiat,
tllhen you must change them.
"Though yell might lie icompelled to
walk out orf your husiness pennillas.
It it it a dishonornible business in b, -
comniun a ('hrlstinn, yet (lid has
tpledg'e Itllilwtel to nitltalie prvilsiont
foIr youIi. (t Ian made provision for
sivinig ti1n, and all men. 'rTh promrise
Is Matthelw 6:: 2-:'. 'lFor your HIeaven
ly Iathller kniowetlt that you have needl
of th tlings., biut steelk ye firt the
klngstlll o (ind and hilx rlighteoltuness
and all theset thilllgs shall he addle
untot i you.' (toil, IllaI (Ilf, stands Uackl
or that promise, itind should you put
it to a test, hle would tlll a tltan all
the iw ll arounld this glo,: heIll would
ilheavenl , before It ,couldl fall. Thu,
'sttllllst sitl, 'I h lave beenl y ul.ig and
nIl I tu n ltl, yet have I t oseen tihe
rlgh oltotiu fis lak n lor Is i eedll lug
ging Iotr br oi l'
Can't Understand Bible.
"Alnd .,Ma ther saolk, 'la'ld, I will fut
lowl 'Thee, but I tilti iot understand t ho
lilhle.' 'This i ii dark inli mysterioutls
Ituilijcti it lilt'. Y iollu say, 'I hlave in.
t'll'i tui l dlifflt oulit'l . t) t' yl l witll
inlg, iiner fried, ito nl et the Jlt i"
ithal t lhe exl'ut, tntid iti y ') aLord,
'tisilou n it rtlu irtl lii' to in tiings
which i cai' ot udertii an"ti ld' Supposel
therine writhings you cannot under(
st,7d,. What st.i s whlive you tiaketn to
understal thei'? You \Vmllltd not un
deristand history l or si'' if you tgave
thwill hitii more it iht lind conct.rilnl
adan many of you hate the isibta.
"ood never f orces vloi knowle.ge of
salvation into any min's heart against
his will. Jesus manie the following
promise, saying, 'If any Inun willeth
to hto 1His til, he shall kknow of tlhe
doctrine whether It be of (tod o'
whether I speak for nitel'rl" (John
7:17). 'Ally Ititn whi aIlls to know
witll n t ihe long nl fli itig outi tihe
way to salvationa,'
"And another also said, 'l.iod, I will
follow Thee, but there are hypocrites
In the church.' ()h, don't be discour
aged on that grounld, there is always
room for one more, you know.
"What would von think of a man
pointing tut a stumbling block in his
way, and then goes and stumbles over
It? You would say he was a fool,
would you not? And yet that is just
what you are doing when you point to
nllne poor, weak, stumbling Christian
and say, I'ml not a Christian because
there are hypocrites In the hurrch.'
Are you going to stay out of busl'
ness beicause there are hypocrites in
Ituinans? Why, no, of course not;
you have better sense when it comes
to a thing like that.
"Did you ever reci a counterfeit $10
hill? Yes. Why was It counterfeited?
Because It was wortol counterfeiting.
Was the $10 bill to blame? No. Do
people counterfeit scraps of brown
paper? No. Why? Because they are
not worth counterfeiting. Did you ever
see a counterfeit Christian? Yes, .1
oit. Wity was he counterfited? lie.
cause he was worth coulnterfeiting.
Wasi he to blame. No. Now did you
ever oe an clmonttterfelt Infidel? No.
Why, )uU ask? limply because he is
not worth counterfeiting.
"Tthe fact that there are hypocrites
show that there must he genuine
Christians. It is nothing to your
credit to point to some poor, weak,
stuimbling Christian and say that 'I am
as good as he is, if I were no better I
would not show myself in public.'
Well, you may, 'I don't propose to ns*
sociate with hypocrites.' Well, you
had better rotle to Jesus C(hrist, then,
for I can tasure you upon thti ground
of (rkl's word, that all 'hypocrites will
be in hell. Yes, to a manl, and if you
don't repent of your sins you will be
there with them. I c(in afford to lie
associated with some hyplocrite now,
hilt I do not expect to be uscltratee
with any In heaven for all the hypo.
•rites will he In hell, and Missoula
will furnslh her quota.
"1o you, may you do not propose to
be a ('hristian because there are hlypo
crites In the tciurch.
"Bomen timeu ago a woman ('ae to
tn evangelist and said: 'I ami not a
Christian because there are h'ypo
crites In the church.'
" 'Oh, you are not a Ohrlstian, then,;
said he. 'No, I propose to choosie mIn
company.' 'Well let us seeo whlom
yoiu have dltosen. There are about
300,000 harlots In the Ulniteld 'ttatet;
they are on the outsle. There lire
millions of drunkards: thllre are thou.
sands of gamblers and delbauchees of
all kinds--they are all on the outishm
Now, It's a nice crowd you've chosen,
eh? They all belong to you-they are
on your side.' You fellows should not
be so particular about associating
with hypocrites-these hylpcrites are
simply some of your crowd, some of
the goats that have gotten Into the
pasturage of the sheep without being
made over into sheep, that's all.
Don't Feel Like it.
"Another also al:l. 'lord, I will fol.
low Thee, but I don't feet like It.' This
is a very common excuse. 'I don't
feel like It.' What kind of feeling de
you tllhink you ought to have? Yoe
say, 'Well, I don't feel convicted
inough.' You know you are a slnner,
don't you? How do we know we are
slnners: because we feel Ilke' it? Why,
the devil will make you feel like the
beat man in townl just as logR as he
can. I know I iam a sinner beeause
(odt says so, and I know It by actual
experience, and here Is a. command,
ha.. 56:7. 'Lot the wIoked forsake hils
way and the unrighteons man his
thoughts: let him return 'unto the
Lord and he will have mercy uniin
him, and to our load for he will abun
dantly lpatrdon.' Now, here Is a conl
m0lnd for you to iobey. (btl says for
you to turn from your sin; never ndlnA
whether you feel like It or not. laut
another says, 'Well, I don't feIl like
people say they feel when they are
ennvertisl.' Why, of course you dolin't.
Your can't expect thei feeling of joy
'until you clnme to Christ. Cll. 5:22-28,
'ior the fruit of the spirit is love, joy,
pleacie, etc.' Nolw, when dio we get
this joy and peace? When we come
to Chrlst and not before. It Is not
'feeling' you wtant to 'maike you aI
Christlan, but 'faith.' Feeling comer
as a result of knori'ledge and inot as
a witness, or testimolny that we are
sarved. I know that 1 am saved througt
faith and that brings the fueling or
joy and peace.
Afraid Can't Hold Out.
"Another also sait, 'Lord, I will fil
low Thee, but I amn afrllil r ecan't hold
out.' Of courte youi can't hold out In
'your own streng(th. I ant sure I could
not live the Christian life in mny own
strengthl, .netlher lan any ottier man.
I. Petier 1:5. 'Whi ari' kept by the
power of fled, thriugh faith, rieadly to
be revealed in the last day.' It Is not
a matter of your holding out, It it a
matter of Clod keeping yotll
Here Mr. Lowry gaIe a ilnumber of
illustrations, showing that Christ has
the power to keeip every one thait puts
his trust in Hini.
"Another also suid, 'Lord, I woule
follow lhee, but I nildo a itiirt once
litefore iilnul failledl.' I can syrnlpathiae
wlillth you thlierei. I nmade a start int the
('lul'Lihin life oncei' antd went hlnk lbut
it tit simplyI bec(use I hadi not Inmad
a full siurrendelr oif mlysielf to Jesus
t'hrlt.t, (ld will l nit accept a half
hiurted sllurrende'l r. I tllhuight, 'Well, I
hlin't v.'anit Ilto K to ,hell,' so I mlllaltd
i profaes1iiin of rellgion. I wantled to
he tavedil, biut I wanilted Jiesul to ailve
nii,. lli.n and nil, tihl hlii wouldn't do
that. I \vwent lalck iof ourre. Tlut af
terwards'\; I hllalrd te word lpre.nched sm
pihill that I saw thut there was no
two wvl).r about it, that I bmiast he
at (t.'hritllln. I came to (lod nmaking a
full su.rr.,ender and lie gave im1 eternal
life andl hl' hiu. keptl it'e ever since, and
f explet that het Is goling toi keep me
to thll enld. John 10:2"-28. 'I give
lunllt tihcnl eter(al life a ind they shall
never pllish and noi o1ne( shall snatch
theln out of iyY hland.' He had not
livt en n eternallll Ille libefore b'eciause
I \tl.luill n t sulrrenll er iy sinls.
"A little childl \a1s one dayi' pluying
with . valuable vase, when hle put his
ha1nd it1, It and coutild inot withdraw
it. bis flather i('nlle and tried his
hbit to get it out, but all In vain.
They were talking of breaking the
VlitAs, t hll tIlhe fither salid, 'Now, my
soll, try onll'ce more; open your haind
anid hloldl your fingers out straight as
iyou ee nC dlolng, and then piull.' To
th'e astonishment of everyone he said,
'Oh no, pupa; I couldln't put out my
fingeirs like that, for if I did I would
drop my penny.' He had been holdlng
onto the penny all the time. No won
der' lie could not withdraw his hand.
Hlow many of you are just like that.
You want God to save you and yet you
are holding on to your uins. Jesus
(Thrlmt anloe to save us from our msln
ant not in our Pitne. Too mlany are
raying, 'l,ord save me, but don't ask
me to 1 ive up these darlng Minis.'
Drtop the penny, surrender your life
and Glotd will give you gold.
"Another aild, 'Lord, 1 will follow
Thee, but not tonight.' Oh, how many
have said that oince too often. I think
the salddet thought that can haunt
any moll In the lost world will be that
they were no nearly saved, yet went
back alnd were forever lost.
"Mome years ago a matn was set to
watch It drawhridge on a certain rall
way line in this country. His btusiness
was to turn his bridge and let the
boats thrtougfh. One dlay he reclived
strict orders from the railway super
Intenldent not to open the bridge until
it special train comtnng down the line
had pamsel ovetr.
"'loat after boat came allong the
river epunn,,d by the bridge, but lihe did
nIlt let theIlrt pias. At last the captain
of one of theme btoats kept waiting,
who was a it 'riernd of his, overpt-rtlladed
him, telling him that there was phnty
of time for the boat. to paIn. HIe
openerdt the bridle 'finally anti the
boats panse'd through, but Just as the
last bout was Passing, he heard a
whistle alnd eoutld see the Itcitlll tralin
around the clurve, comlng at full
speed, the entilneer, of OllrRse fully
depending on the bridgelt-koep.r's
obedlence tol orders, The hrhilgeullan
sprang ti hIb I lever but it wilt too late.
Blefore I it, iould apply it the train
rllushed onl tllll a plunged into the ihyas.
Hit looktl)tll dllwn., Re went lmad and
was ient tol the lunatlc tasyltium.
"Tlhere ,vay by day ont thought
ptsmelsed ilie disordered brain-he
rusllhed aroulndl the corridors, wringing
his llhand and mlying, 'Oh, if I only
Ilad--th, If I only had obeyed orders.'
"Jif, In splite of all that has been done
to bring you to ('hrimt, youl go ont re
mtinting the pitrit .until you are lost,
yoll will walk up and down the enr
ridorn ofit hell atying, 'Oh, if I only
had! (Oh, If I only htad accepted
Christ and been saved.'"
Attendanoe. 44
Previlously repnrted .......... 51.300
Wt'dneutday evening ........... I,e00
Tot tl ........................... .........53,100
Prevlounly rleported .............. . 653
Wednesday evening ................. 44
Total ........ ................... .. 97
The subject for the Thursday after
noon Ineeting will be, "Home Don'ts
for Ministers and Christian Workers."
F'or Thursday evening, "Thle Self
hardened ilnner'.. Doom."
On Friday afternoen there will be
a meeting fir ladles of all churches
led by Mrs. Moody.
erlday evening will be espeeially for
the recently converted and it Is re
quested that till converts )e present.
On undlllay morning at the mniton
service the subject will be "Resurrec
tion." The last meeting for men only
will he held lSunday afternoon, with
the subject, "Tite Great Cpholce." At
the samne hour Mrs.' Moody will con
dutt It meeting for women. This will
Ie In the Methodist church and the
subject to lie considered is "The
Three-fold Qestamion." On Sunday
c'vening the last mIleeting of the series
will conslder lt,he subject, "Almost, But
Cottage prayer meetings will lie
held at thie fullwinglll homes today:
Mrs. I. SM. Roblertson, 1121 Poplar
Mrs. C. E. tllllntgsworth, 934 Toole
Mrs. t'. II. Granlt, 511 East Spruce
Mrs. Charles Elderkin, 708 South
Secionld street west.
Mrs. McGuire, one block west of. ecar
line on Fourteenth street.
Mrs. W. . . Walter, Riverside addi
M'rs. FI. . A. McDo)nald, 305 South
Sixth street east.
Mrs. J. L. (,loodwin, 1303 South lixth
street west.
.Mrs. George Matthelws, 1711 Cooper
Swedish prayer imeeting at the
Swedish (ongregatl nltl church.
('hillicothe, Ohio., I,' b. I.-Charles
H. Mathilas, a youlng tailor of Chilli
ctthe, is being besieged with gifts front
thie crownedil Ieads of Europe In r'e
turn for it slniple invenlion of a trav
eler's check hiook which ihe brought out
a few monllths ago.
Already he has recel\eod more than
$25,000 worth of gifts from abroad,
alllmong them being a bautlful ma
hogilny' piano player .whih sll valued
at $3,000, froint u rMoli'erolr Vlllilam of
(lerm'Iany). Tile govermnt of Flrance
prtsleFtIed him with a sill\vr loving cup.
beatring this Inseription: "'M. Falllleres.
president of Franlce, plrteseonts this lov
ing coia to t'. H. Mathlil.s In recognltlon
of his invaluable servi'ces to the people
of the world."
The exact thing for twhleh these val
uiable gifts have comne to Mr. Mathias
'wasi a little check book anld a scheme
for the paylment In im)to y of the coun
try In which the hittal'rer find theni
selves for little checks ktI, be taken out
of thi, book. Several imionths ago Mr.
Mathias conteinplate'd a trip to (.eir
many, and in ma ing his plans for that
trip saw the diffl'ulties with which It
was surrounded. He therefore thought
tlut Ill a nlihn of a universal check.
About this time the gov'ernment of
Franee offered a milver loving cup to
any one who would fit in the plan of
International money a scheme to get
money that would be good everywhere
it was used.
Plains were -sent to Sir Oliver Iodge,
the referee lit the oontest, and Mr.
Mathltas won the prize.
Mr. Matlllhis lies recelved presents
from Anton Lang of Oberrrmei'aru,
fromn the president of Mexico, from
Prince, Taun Pou of Japan altd from
other people of equally high rank.
Houston, Texas, Feb. 1--Forced to
land because of darkness In a field
nine miles frhm the aviation grounds,
Itoland B. Garros, the aviator who, to
escape the ravages of souvenir hunt
ers, flew into the teeth of a gale this
afternoon, stood guard over his mna
chine several hours before an auto
mobile picked him up. He will fly hie
machine bauk to the aviation field to
Rene Simon, who was also forced to
take to the air, landed a mile from
the grounds and his machine was
rolled to the hangar after the crowd
had dispersed.
Garros and Simon had Just returned
after brief flights in the face of a
86-mlln-ln-hlour wind, when the rs4r
enthusiastlec spectators broke through
the barriers. Before the machines
could be returned to the hangar, the
people had surrounded the aviators
and their craft and were .pulling on
the machines, threatening to tear them
apart, when hurried orders were given
to reascend.
Revolving of the propeller blades
drove .the crowd back far enough to
permit starting.
Himon flew low and came to earth
as quick as he was out of range of
the crowd. From the grounds, how
ever, the last seen of Garros he was
u speck In the sky about 2,000 feet up,
headed east. Automobiles were sent In
search of him and it was not until -10
o'clock tonight that he was found. The
meeting will end tomorrow.
Nan Antonl, Texas, Feb. 1.-(IpeC
clal.)-Interest In Irrigation in south
west Texas is growing rapidly. Some
of the greatest projects of the kind In
the nation are In this section of the
state-In the lower Rio Grande valley,
near Laredo, in the Nueces valley, in
the Pecos valley and along many other
streams in the state. But while these
are great and have attracted nation
wide attention, they are but the be
ginning of a movement that will put
the entire southwestern part of the
state in shape for cultivation. Farm
ers in almost every locality are ar
ranging to conserve the storm waters
of the rivers and creeks. Dams are
building and reservoirs in course of
construction for storing water to be
used upon the land when needed. In
addition to this the artesian belt
sweeps under a wide section of south
west Texas. Hundreds of wells have
been sunk tapping this everlasting
stream, and others are being put
down. Wherever the sill has been
tnouched with water it has proved so
fertile that results have been almost
startling. While some great Irrigation
projects of the north and west have
attracted attention and the Roosovelt
dam in Colorado has been heralded
It is but merely child's effort when
compared with the Irrigation already
accomplishd and preparations now on
in southwest Texas. By this effort
millions of acres will be brought un
der the domain of the plow within the
next two years.
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Turning to the streets below, they
saw thiemI bhlak with a surging throng.
There were Incipient patties here and
there throughout thle city, as far north
as the Bronx. 1Fir engines were dlash
ing hither and thither in quest of non
existent fires. 'ITerrified tenants cmade
matters wocrse by turning in alarms
that had not stundedl of their ocwln
Rhineihunder W\'chld, fire comntmnissilon
cr for New York, alnd 'Fire Chief
t'roker, were arllong the first to retch
('ommnlunipctw frolnl New York. A
pickl(ed bautd of *New York police ac
compahtied them.
Ancbulallces cohld not come fist
enough cancd express wagons were
IHow Iccmancy n\er' inljured never will
be known, Ibut tile cnOlt of those
treatedL inl lihe New York hospitals
calnone waIs 100, land icn those of Jersey
City, Hoboken, Inllion lill Iand sur
routndlng towns, more than double that
nulmber. The estlmated number of
dead Il 83, of whom five have beenl
recovered. The knillowll dead:
The Dead.
It'RtNET'T. tt)OHRT, New York;
captain of the tug John Twohey,
blown fromn Ile wheel house.
MltRlIO, GIAN'rTONMO, dock hand,
killed on tilhe barkentine Ingrid.
M'NEIL, (:'HARLEt, engineer of a
yard engine: blown from his cab.
BARBOIURI , Rt)BERT, incoming Jer
sey ('entral passenger, killed by falling
ARM'PRONt(, JAMES, captain of
the boat Whistler.
Unidentified. man, one of his crew.
The known missing: Traver, Ed
ward, master of the steam lighter
gatherlne. W.; Heinzeman, Louis, engi
neer of the Katherine W.: Ackley,
'rank, crew; Ackley, Henry, eitw;
Stolpe, Oscar, crew; London, James,
crew; Belgian, Louls, crew.
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using sage for restoring the colr of the
hair. Our great-grandmothers kept thleir
Ioek` ol't, d1r'k and glos:ly by u;ing a
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or took on a dull, faded or streaked ap
pearanve, they made a brew of sage'
leavets lad atlli,'d it to their hair with
wonderfully beneticial effect. Nouwadays
we don't have to resort to the old-time,
tiresome method of gathering the herbs
and mnakiir. the brew. This Is done by
skillful obhe.ists better than w3 could do
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