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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, February 03, 1911, Morning, Image 1

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TVoL X.v- I..r ,Ior reapportonmEnt.
VOL. XXXVII. NO. 274. Is'I0 'ILA, !ONTA\N., F il)AY II(01NIN , FIEllil' , 1li P ICE FIVE CENT9
[. . I I I I I i I I II I II I II I I I I I I I I II I I I I
Trains Around Kalispell and Wallace
Are Moved With Difficulty, Snow
Blocking All Tracks-Several Ro
tary Snow Plows Are Thrown From
the Rails-Mails Being Delayed.
]Hel'hlu, Feb. @.-(lHp1wlhal.)--'\ith
flllll thrlee to five f(iet of tiLekly
crtltel d t nlo w tinv. Irng I1, i grazing
lain, il ilte lih ickfoot Indian resevt. r
cold spells it tiht- hisutory of that s,'."
thin tof the state prevallig, lthundreds
oft' ttle are rileporti'l to hi-e perlshlng
dally, whllht Kra\'ve fealtl are felt for
th.e Mtfdt' of thousn l ils mlore. Il'ifty
thousailnd hal otl f range valtue ati ' lt
large on the rteser"valthn ant ulessllh
the present cul l spill, whihlt hus lbasted
sille lI eeeti er 2:ll , whit'h ,lvit o111e ibreik
of a feIw hours, . hieti servied only to
crust the snow, in replllactld Ibyr it
ctlnIooll befolre iininy hoursl, l a largei
pier ctent iof thenl , It i ' fi'tit, will
etart"e or freeze l to itelth.
Eighty in One Bunch.
Acciordling to A. 1. Mcte'iitlldge, the
Iltllta iof t lt i t taIndi li in t eel'rvIa
f'loundeitel in a singl slllh n t. drift , w rlt
, acounted by hlnlt tfr theit rin whWIh
brouught to .e ttttlll 'iot t towning
D)riven by tiht. bl#zilulr, thousands
of cattle flocked liilng the right-of
waty, and several thint's the trin wua
brought to a standstill whlh, the et.
tie, halif starvedtl ian h' frlozllen, werei
driven friomn the tralcks.
LJveitotick inloplllllle, lilowedli to puils
turat cattle tin the 'riervintlon by 'r
tte of specia'll permitti, it ln sal, - will
esuffer great Iliscs.
Of the .o000 hadil of iirange i t(.lle
owlined by the Sliun Riveir laind & Live
stock com.pany. It In fearedi hlliundredshl
will Lbe lost. Offi(els' of Ihe l,'hlw ofr e."
('little tonpaly, which als hts uiip
ptroxlimately ,000 hialid of cattle in tti
resetrve, Itlso featr anti enurlnus loss.
Allthough the Indian ranchliers disposedpl.
ofl a greatt portlion of their itiny li, ii
fiall, lmost of them stitlll have enough
on hand to carry thleliI for sPtlent tlime.
Many Indians, however, hav liarge
ilerds ion the ramnge. Iiandt for tltese few
hopet are entert tlned.
Mails Delayedl.
Kallipell, Feb. 2.-(Slpectl.)--Malill
were again delayedl and lllany people'
who wishedl to livi'e tlwon h re heldl it
litre all dayi on tOOllitint of iullittller
hiltickiote on the (lretit Ntllthelrn, nllt
tltu top of the eaitern islope ofi thte
Rlockles. Snow fell there iall night, alnd
stroing winds blw, lrlftlllig oyl'ie th.
tracks anid grllipping threei laiisenger
trains. Efflrts of slleveral rittuinllit
were not .ll uflltl-nl tol I, it tltrack
clear Ifor thle plllisage of traits. 'rto
day it riotary wontt lrff the triick just
after clearling irwily and blolckted It als
trains wereti reIatIdy to proceediI. 'There
io hotpes of gettIng tra li through to
Heavy Snow Fall.
Walltl'ace. I b. 2.-( 1i4tihIul.)-Con-t
tlnuetl hitav)y nlllo fall frolll the numl
iiilt of the ditlvite to \Wutlltiie Il making
Eutrd goilng fir snow plows, which, wlta
diffllculty), lire keeling thelt line iopen.
lnowu' citused twi\ Iltlnorl Iltclidntsi tit
dlny whllt n it. R. & N. train froim
Nptoltttne hllultled Just Ibelowt thle t'lt
with Its engine off the triecks, ullt ani
(Ctlntinued on ilage even.)
New York, Feb. 2.--Warrunts for
Ithe arrest of offocials of the Central
Rulalroad of New Jersey of, the l)upont
De Nemours Pow\vJer complllany and
others involved, will be Issued in
Jersey City tomorrow, in connection
with yesterday's explosionll that caused
the death of more than 30 persons, ac
cording to a statement issued tonighti
after a conference between the Jersey
City pollhe and the corporation at
torney. The warrants, ýt was said,
will charge Ilanslaugh'er, criminal
negligence and vio!htion of the city
Agents of the Duont D])e Nemours
Powder company, the prosecutor of
Hudson county, New Jersey, and in
Zpcctors of the bureau of explosives
of the ordnance bureau of the war
department, started separate investi
gations today into the explosin of
dynamite yesterday at the Communi
paw piers of the Central Railroad of
New Jersey.
No arrestst had been made tonight,
no catse for the explosion had been
fixed, and no additional bodies were
found. The list of dead and missing
stands at about 33, an the property
d.tmrnse is about $1,000000.
Macdonald's Measure, Regulating Sale
of Opium, Morphine, Cocaine and
Other Similar "Dope," Is Favored
and Passed-Whalhy Would Abolish
Office of State Game Warden.
l l l, 'h 'I a, I " , b . - ( . p l n t l . ) -- -t t 'r u) tl-( |
h/Ig day h1:14 nut i rltl|'ovtI til thr a1ll
titorial situattti l iton . It b ul' itght
nolrle h lln mlllll a feIwt inlllnati' t'httl
(hanltgel Inl the V'o t , Lbul t ,nothLin g ( ,Is "
worth II'mntiniig. ltu;' r(se(int ttve'
14nker tf' 1.twis l I'lnrk sltrtted it
l'llill bh Lm for Itelri'seltatilve (iwetn
hutll, today, tand tilhe vote was r'
c.ived t.lh npliliause in th, 'loutr and
Iin tlhe galIhrhi.
Rtepres.ntatlvu Law adeol hIls v.le.
tking ii twoi fill"r r. \wenhiiill . At
the tlloii .i' the ballot the vote stolod:
:;mnat: Hlouie Total
C'nrter ..... ....12 24 30
IW~\als. . 231 1X
it' tllrill..al ......... Ix
eatt( eri l g ...... S 8 1
lPatred itn t1 ui u elt, fear.
MiIore of Hilve11'r liow anltd Moolllre of
.l\'alh'y lid W\cody filal lurray were
taired tiaiiy.
Today's Meeting.
Many look forward with Jnteret to
I,'tll eeting tLmo rllow of the dent-'
oeldtte l''lll.t . ventral conuI itte , aln I led
together at the Instaneu at M11r. Walsh
anticipated, fir those whlo olioloe tlhe
Helenl In l hItave their Ilik'hoinesll
steeled fur just suc., oi'n .erirginc'y.
'IiThe () 'tIraid men are I ticking clInselt'
than brothlers lowldayst. It Ii rumoredl
thut some fn111, Itallnli iltatl II a woIk
In I ls elhnilf.
It is ail o reported that rllghty
fin ell | II o 'lz tll i l ttions are In thell I
gatiie '''r keeps now.
.Qulestionl la e tifluniles aore llhing
brougliht tIo lhlr on c.litlin repreL'l-ne
tltlves. i ire tofore the Inlerut1s hiivie
not lieen very active, plreftrrling to
stiiandl back and let the situation drift,
Iout tlheire are evidenlie of an organized
I ffolrt to sMll) ione over on the u
muspectittng att the lpropelr iloienlit.
Nobody, outside if a small circle, be
SIIveti that |Mr. Cotramld will will, or
tlhat solllu. f the support that he It,
getting is sincere, but he serves ai fine
purlpose jusLt at this time.
Thllere is iunietling in the wind, and
SIf the de.noraratic. ommittee does int
liink out It will feel It. All sortH of
dlverting storlvs are atloat,
r 'I'lle senalte killed Wheeler's "Sane
I hourth of July hill" today by dt.clining
I t. voncur in It. The (tourge bank
guaranty bill was referred to the nii
. Tate jullliary cimnilttee.
t uepresentative Whaley gave Ilti e
i f it bill to abolish the office of state
SgKalll' warden. lie would have the
I sleriffs liok ufter the game,.
S1Bills ilntrilluced by lll)tpresentatlive
hligginsl, W'oody and Berry pl.j ed the
ihouse on third reading today. 'They
Bills Pass House.
lliggln --A billt for an ;. il "I :
"An a. t to crtate anit estublIsh at sau
ellNool ait .lhltEnuula, to be votilductedl
and operated as a ii ; iirtiiient of thll
.Ul\nversity of Montvat, to provide a
ao ind iitmake all itppropriation
. thi-ref'tr."
- Wudly-A hill fur ;it acot entltn.d:
i "An net to provIde fr the taxatlun Io
t of mortlgages."
n I trr--A -.1 .bill fr an _et entitled:
(Continued on Page Five.)
"\'e tave goute ftIr enollugl now,"'
said Vice Presiletnt W. V. henler of
the Jersey C(entral, "toi e certain that
neiither we nor the authorities will
iever kInw what ittiesIed the expllohiun.
We knlow that tilhe railrad cannot he
held responsible.
"As einanol carriers, the law re
iquires us to acceplt expllsivew ait the
lubllishedl rates lnd under the super
v'lion andi regulations of the ordnanee
hIii'eau of the war dlepartmlent, with
which we conmlplied.
"Once we had delivered a ciar at
the terminal and the conslgne' had
einoe with his waybill to take posses
silon alnd had broken the seal if the
car, as he had dollle In this case, It
was lout of ouitr control."
in the othetr hand, the authorities
point out that the state statute regu
lating explosi\es refers specifically to
Its manufacture antd storate, but if a
freight car Is adjudJdge to be a place
of stolrage, the owners of the car are
Prosecutor Onrven nald "that the
finger of suspicion already pointed to.
ward certain persons and that they
cotuld not escape if theiy we're so
Nv'' Yok I'c h. 2.-A rtiliir that,
the Ily of Dorothy Arnod itd tern
iuntl In a (tCit rat piark Ingot Nias
'uttd on ilt itila(er IIl' 1 i I oard
to rrc` todaly and tell-phone~ll( d to 111
funlly, flat 11 It provrd as ilHaun~lot'SH as
all othelir clucoH thus1 fat tll~covcrlvtl.
Helena, Veb. 2.-4 l'al).)-A Msp'
cial eomminittee ap l,,iint.dl to invest|
gate the leaie lo f c'rtalii lIllnds bet.weien
high and ,low waler marks on I.' llinth l
lake, it Pouson, had a sprite!d mneting
ait the .lgcltol Itoday. 'thie me'lers iof
the itate lind board wtlere tcilled upontli
to explaihin hat right they hurl to
tlse .Mrsi . in cy Ttl Ipsl.u o' Helena,| [ll
1,210 f e"t iliing til, ha itier front. Sinllt
timel last year tIlt, l ,us w as aul le , f ior
$610 a yiir fur five. yl' rsM for .ii1nd and
gravet privileges,. .'1 r; . '1r ii illtn, l ior,
lhei agent, has 1'Ixe.l it high rlte fir
space for a dock. atiitator' Whiteside
askell fior a tintllitll lt look into the
lii tter.
(lov l,rnor N~\ rir'l , oAttornhi y" (;en rl'al
(Jitlet and ert.ii'ary of Stlit, Y hlthr
ttestified toIday. All1 said thauit the state(
had a right toliis ti hlils h Ia ion ti l,
]lke bettwenln high aid low WtvLr
m a rks. T h ,, P ol an. e taiiilll ice Illg ilu ,s
thaililt if this Is tue i ally '(oii, owningiill
r l ngt irltinl g the lak1 Is liable to Ill,
ftnctod I t, A I prli tt' Ii lt lis hi
vulvedl. ni t hi is Jiii .u.. ,. 4 ilnllig
iof ai fight.
Anothl er hturing ,will 1, hhl tomi i
row. S iinat)r \Vlillshl,,'l s bill, whlth
was prbii teld in t,Ii 'e Misllts uliai, we4s4
introldluc'd to int. 1) this cse, t is
said. T he ri ' ai t two ' hllls to the
ilestli.in, and i Ilititle royal is proin' -
iined. iThose herel f'raui ollon itli.':
liii Krailir, t'hurils I lyd, J. J.1. I 11z
iatrickll, Jlllnes1 \' lrst, Mlay r M:itchell,
Mhhiichel 'iTherrintlt tndl Mr. Poole.
The li lusle lit l l tonight and .iin
idered iloilt ii zl i t l, ills undl er g.tn
Iral olrders.
Sualem, ()r.,Ih, Pe. 2.--Alniost with
out Opploslitllitt i hillll to abolish thet
Iwhllilg oi t fur wtli' lealit'ler's in ()rl
guOn 1v4as passed3 1 tioday by th statell
legiilitii iitu . Th is It l was tii t'ed four
years ago ant dui ce it becamie a sti)
utel wife heating (c4s4s have ialmoust
dislpappiared. ''hl lut.tw is repealedi
ibecause it was cnsidcrd a blot lon thet
Atlantle City, N. J., h'lh, ,-EvI
Sdance brought tidaty cbefre the spi
- lal comminlttee to probe, election frauds
SIn Atlantic City ishowedl that votes had
Sheeen purchaised and pahl for In tilt
store of Thlionias McDevitt, a repub
L lican leader.
Stanley Williams, 4 frmei'r 'lIerl
a for McDevitt, tistlified that an iern.
. piluy.e of the city eoniptroller's offict
y had paid for 808 votes out of a regis
r tratlon of 1100. Tihe price paid, lh
maid, ranged between $1 land $..
Ili- iiii rilrl t 1 1. ,1 1t ii1111 ii i1lllj bur t '
hal 11 1) ,ll nIo I h II -h't 111, 44ll'0((1. wlll :I
Ilse I'r pl ted thisl thl 4 kl w 11 IInothi { I
" (Jhl. fh,.t nll''ropIhl , the one, thatI
we 'all thil r I'nu bmit , w ill II hero
a'bollt April 4it 1. I 4 i 1.,t l little tourlht' 't'.
It itt all rt1ady to xhip n 'ltw, but I
w,1 ltl to hI h e h n. h, "n It ( ll "( I ne14, liand
I haitIt to go ict'k it .Mllchlgtn btfI.I r
I all1 call hll 4lr h. i lstay li ny h'l Llgth
ontltlU it I wilt l I-' startei't .t' s ais ii'
Iigot hers titis si s : I i , Yit hitiit
t 'l. tirll+t I, tl ' tof i; 1."
S. 4l11,11 lri,' t'. Eldred, pr',..shldnt
of ildrI''d & t',,. and of the Kalbsta
zon .A4rop.hase 'omnsanI', whl h !s
nl khihg tih' air, -hilps that are to 'i1
b,. I'It'en .111s' I:ulI and I Itni lton .y 1..I
in Mi(144t1ht 44ith W. ". Coblhn, aft.,r
u ..sojoturn oi f a fI , ght In the Ilitte.r
It{,,t v'all'y. fIt h ' ., lel avu t lnigllt
for IKll iizooi ili.
"This first l1h1;"In+e," 2:0tstml n,'d 41,r.
IhIdr+.d, "fisIs a 1:-lfoot. spl red1'4 , \wit11
fouIr-foot ll;tlln -, .u.llperlllllmp os d; lhull.
It J, :1 Ilod 'l hill,{ne'. W e 1l1:11," ourl
a hilh w hll , m·) 1 14." cu'ralI r 1il11Ie thnll
it 1y1 ' other that I Iknuow of; it is of r
41n design and j, proving prictical
111 1 1(11( ular. 'I'll,, 1111 11' 11111 h 11;1 1 141~
(ll tntl ct $1·lluFl l'.s 11h two Ih l ti1 . l u t.t, -
e'14; the .,'l ,I^ "d i 4;, 11111i ll h4aul,,t '
utul (l 1 high 4 ,l1 , 1 is GlI; m ih1.4. 'I'h1.
c(' .ryihg lp.)\wer nf lhis 1l114li1( 1" at |l0v
4lpeod Is 1,50 ) p inidl; this will aup
P h olelphuh , I- .h. 2.- 1'1(4,41h 1 1,-" in
att,,ndanl ," uiIll .\lr blshop Ityanl sail'
;it n1014n1 t.41hly th It till" .1.f 111nighI
41111u' it i1114' mneIH l'nt. '1'h1( y4 14, ll-'I
tlh fIll w'i g hull tnll:
Ill. h(' f 'll i14t4 :, > " inl-o.4latt1,..' ', il
11]Jll.n. fr'omll \,lsId, he unI y t 1' 1 . m 1,ay not
llullow ing at i. of formlour (lo',rn'll
'(t+ Edwin S Stuaiirl, Ar.'hbi.h}l,o) 1(y4'1l,
Wh|ill 1,I-4 1li :t wasi n -a mi - sl', I 1 l a
dilthi m41, ',f till day, r:tIlw1'd, 14i,1l
oIt' r' t,4, illtimlhlat. con'IIVeI athaI' wilth
his 4lltor, ;.lpl- ':tr ,It gr,"tlly Improvll 4 d,
his re.olve ry.
M£adrld, "''b. 1 " I lsw tc'hl revolv't'Ie
ho| ", r ga; itn'lI rtg' the ha 4 tc w roug h t by
ftll'. grl"nt ...torus' which 4we'ptl the coast
l ist flight 1r 11441 tr ' wreck ul' 1tll a un
blentlrlf d .tesua ,.r in which 143 1r
ani-s w4'ert (dirinnd, Two other stelam
. 1r' are re oilrted to bu in difficulty,
i fll,. Ill i g ~ll.uIIt" i tnl}' so In
I,,l'IIled .11r. Ar olfdu , the falther,, \W o
\'1.< tlln , ,.t the Ininllt of jllllling thle
tllronlg 1111laout the i Misst Arii llida
TI'Ie· i'c t\ t\.ts th," etmI orplt of rumotrs
bhil 11~I11 1; I itIrlhil d wvelpled.
I),lenver, I i, T2.---T'lhe monster labor
I)a111 ivr tailly, 111i In)"t" t gl.ain t ('otn
tImitIt tlnt tlltt, bIy Dis)Itrict Judge
;by ia sh I trattion ori I o 'al liiits at
th11 i,, I.uat, i c; itlI.
I.nI., tiI I, ii b dIi pliltying tih . lt le' lH t
:lr t, (r1 nll i tý .l nt t l " l h c 'tree du nl tlhe
alittl huil l ' .tliig 1,rll tiil ti lingingtl
ti ,t 1\1 r-,,illti.".. 'l irht leaderl Hhout
od - thi, " y mutr, ,'d:
11 ill Iu 'chI ll itir "li
I'r,.-id itt . h g .1.ii l,.llan of tl he'
i'St t' i "Di'f t i ti n ll it I, lla lr', \i.t prI -
;l"nll-, it l l chitiit' to till. i Iti ilaturltI
un ln.ln t ,Jlu g" Whilt ford, o.n whlkh lnl
i\\' i I- l l id it Illl;tl I f ilth parade. i 5 e
1t\%" ii tight ;11u11t Itl t ii t l. Iuind Il nh rli
tf Ittn I IlliP l tlt :'llt( lln ittt ght th '
l iii, tiily '11 .. t I' ll ti i it I , r, tit"ln t I itt
I),vn,,r w,. . it a >luiistill thls Ufter
lII ll i ' a i , 'u l r.li tgi' ul+ ll , t
Th' ,Itri.lu; co ' mlnIers of the
nrI h 't (r n P v',bld i ',e i l dirlr t hald Ite
Ilui rn t r li ut tht hi ad ot f In lt -
I:d t. II \\t j';un ittl t t fIlf cf thielf
hro tlh-r mnllo,,uI-tr that Judu go W hilltfr,
1utIInposa n >1.1l1, 11.4 of one year emilh
Ill . th" ',u ntL O il alt I,.llvtr for violit
i]g 11u. h1 inj nctimi ilrohlbiting str'llierls
f I' l l in t-l' i ng 11i 1 i ll-tl l,-lifort.ids Ill
.t th1 ,",oel fi,, ,f lilt- purltl e,
\whhih pa t,:-~"l Ih,' , Ity hnall and thet
, ls it l \ d tih itb i III turi f. .. l ltl l 111 11
ddl't :." . liv, .r,", by tex-(iovernor
h b s . H'i. Th'ai tis, l, w i ih ow a cil t
di ltlc f'u' thi . i' "t, l t tat'ls tw'iltour
-hip; I.. ('. l,' 'tlilln,'h tif' ('olum butl ,
(r ., or'g.l Ji 'l" for tit', 'nitel, M ine
\w.o' kers. of AIn, rhie, utlu John INT.
i )Nill, olat',ir of tht(- I'lnlted lHit tes
Sli nllI' t.lh t ahl], . of t eil juil nlltioll.
;lb tt,, I", h. ? - U o, L'ti.l- St. J,
l cg, Ifn th,. su111, part of town, \,,.s
dlanl;i,. by fir' h t'. Li, t night. The
fhir caught trute th,. f+rurtnc. The peo
pl,.i- th1 g-,t to thi, lutt,- first worked
hartld to ptlt out tl, bltlaze until It got
beyonnd them a.dt thu talled the fire
d i.ntrlnlnz t. 'hr rno,.f of the boilding
fll in wlld tito itterint r %\.1s . ..ltk d with
\\1ter. The isiurtlnl ,- \ill cover the
In.sH. Lee H tng.r, son of the chief, and
Joe . ,os, I'rl'e at n, \\wer on the roou
when it st:trtt-d to oto\Ve in and just
buhd timeo to iniunn for thei fire 080000.
Doctor Was in the Wholesale Murder
Business, Inoculating With Diph
theria Any Person Whose Death
Was Desired By Relatives or Other
St. Petersb hurt, l.b,. .--hrel'r, wt.as
sli;111 f the trial ' for , inur oit if C unt) -
pl1y, l the ili t r ti iiiur (li r hlls
Ilrotheir-nlll -i , Coun lt :is lllha I uluur
li, thIhe ir iito estates of ati estt
iuted vti atu' Iof $;,500,014. ini order
that the pinperly iight he inherited
Se11 ill( III defnsi that hIe entll litted
the crime while under the hlypnoltic
influhncei. of the count. As the. trial
liprogressi lie waveredl ii Iatter of
ldelail nid lhi lawyners l er quick to
lstrengthllen lh i, Iriginal . efenl e bly le
clting that their client en, was still uin
der the infiineie of tli initet ti such
Ian ex('nt ithat he wn M1 lttle y little
retrneting the vital plints of hist ofn
F Today the public prosecutor took
elgnianlc of the situation and, aft er
referring to the roximllty o the priU
oner in the dock, made a motion that
the cartlinal iqu(stioi as to his guilt
or Iinncence he propoundeii d agaiin to
Pulltchenllkll. leit iaid that the replles
of the lprisHoer Ihd heen unnatist
fitelory throughout hu" examlinatiiaIn.
ille, court grantted tiht moition and
the format qluestion ofI the indlctmntl
winJ again rest(l. once i more tho aged
phyil uh.itni , replied that lie was guilty
of itoulurlin's death.
Ills exaitinitiill was tlen continued.
Askeid whether he had adminlstered
lpoisn to his victim, Puantchenko de
nIurred, saying lie woulid answer thllat
ir I iusatlin alfter the data of the medical
if experts hllo hall mlde t)lhe puitmnr
htenii, ihal been presented ini court.
- Thu whole empire is iiteresteid In
e the casen eciuse of the wholeallu con
lt fesIsllin inmade y P'antclhenko.
It El'very nysterious dleathl i recent
y ears has beeni recalled landl there are
Ii riinors that the pirisnir may have
ue hiei engaged to cause the dieath of
iX imillerls of t he rioylll f lhy. lit has
t- admllltted that ei' imit a businiess of
killing fir lre, heirs, rivals in live.
to insistent creditors anI, lin fact, any
c undes.raul le persons wios eneny was
lprparild toL tiny literally for their
ii tuilin taking off.
I' nt doctor, i iiiuini toL offlchaIs,
''- has killed mere than 40 persnns, re
iich'iihig fiti ii blht us $230,000.
His Method.
i r H .is method wais to i noculate the
le putlirt with cltholrha or other ihaiell
ifter he had been called to the b- i
l lldelll Mn Ihi Ir-f I al ein atty. I lHi
I- Is niw ii rdited by 11 ine with having
, ` ýll utinued oh i i ilag Viv Io
herstlilp of :11, lm ait prrelnt, w\vi th
congresrsional r'eaIl rtl in lllnt plani I
agrel upon hvy the rlepubiciin eulusllI.
jof the house tonight. The prlnosltlon.
llle bhy ).11r ('itmtpbiiilt Kansas, tas
first liefeilel , ti li to 91, but lit ri' r'e
conllilertld and tio(t lped, 70 to ",5.
About l0 llrepubiliean members of th i
houltse itt,-hded- tnlilght ito de.i- i11 I .t o
tOl pa ty l"y, lla' ts ilo ceongrel siinllll re
appi rtionililn t .il tlhe h tllis ofl the latest
The, fir.;t bill consi..telrel lwas thallt I,
portld by iMr. I lrupnk' r oflt,, Itnllt
ehairmtan of the house mtun.nitte on
i tnsus, fixing the htouse l'embershi
fteor Mtarc'h u, 1513, at 433, ion a ratil
of population to represintaltives "f
I11,877, as against 1i l4,1$2., is it Ipresent.
'T'his ii ltld ,s Arizona anld Noi \I'mx
io, and any netw' states aill't'r the i d l.
fixed will be ddiltlomnitl to the 433,
whlich is the. I'nvest niuiber that wo.ll
prevent anlly state from lh.sin4 a reltre
s'nt at i .,
M r. ' tru i ip tlk ,,r ex pih ln e t h i, b ill in
i -ta l l t o t h e c a u l t I . 1 ( , c ew i h ,,;w .
u tmider the 43:1 plani , no stat' would ' luxe
ai membioelr, New York woldl gain six.
1Penniy1 lvaila ftur, Caitiiorll11 t h n (1
t klalhonti three, llinoist , Massact"hu1ett.,.
N..e Jersey, TrexltX 1111'1 Wasilnlgton t ,wo'
and Alaihmou , i'oloruad , l'Plrlda, (o.; r
gli , Idahllo, ](llalunll1, Michigan, Min
nesotai, Montana, North and South tDa
knotl, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, Rhode Island
and WVest Virginia one each.
This laction, togathl"r wtlit the defeat
Federal Troops Dynamite Train Carry
ing Insurrectionists. Killing Several.
American Nurse Obtains Permission
to Bring Wounded Combatants to
Hospitals in El Paso.
I.:l Pls. Ttexap, I "h,, 2.-II. ports
helre tinight. Itl lvedr. tI) h)e authen
tli', are to the effect thait the In
surreettis will atltnk Junrez ait 3 a.
ml. and that it a iessengr from Oroz
cu, to thlte (lerian and American
c'lnsllls was arrestied by federal of
fli'ers on reiohinng Juarec and is now
held inom nu nluladni. 'Ho far aSi
known, the Insurrectns have no ar
tillery capable of bombarding the
clty and no fear In felt from tills
There are no Insurrectos apparent
In the isllmediate vicinity of Juarez,
and tlhd general opinion prevails liI
EIl IPas that the explilte'd attack will
not materialize until after daylight.
El Paso, Felb. 2.--Cllllald Juarez,
across the river frntl lhere, it lractl
cally lePipliulated tonlght, thle resldents
having fled to this city in fear of an
attack tfro Insurrectos, which Is ox
pctedil before dayllglt tomor-ow. The
Mexxican positufflce and two branch
banks In Juares were .closed up tonight.
after all the money and records had
been brought here for saifety.
Federall soldiers, acting Ilnder rders,.
took ldesperate nmeasures today to check
the approach of the Insurrecton, whoi
tonight were reported within 20 miles
of Juarez. The Fourteenth cavalry was
sent out to dynamite the tracks of the
Mexican ('entral ralkway, over which
line a train was traveling northward
toward Juares, loaded with rebels. The
train bearing the inaurrectos ran over
a mine of dynamite, which exlloded,
shattering one of the coadhes, but It is
not known just how many persons
were killed. The coal passer on the
engine was blown to pieces, but the en
gineer, susliectint danger, leaped from
the. engine and was only slightly hurt.
The engine passed over the chargic of
explosives and was not badly damaged.
A battle between the Fourteenth cav
alry and the insurrectos raged for sev
eral hours.
Thirty-two federal cavalrymven are
,helleved to have been killed, the esti
mate belng based upon the nulmber ot
riderless cavalry horses wlitch strayed
Into, Juarec today. Six Insurgentts were
killedl. Many 'were wounded on b.th
Residents Aroused.
Itshaldnts of this city and the few
who, are lieft In Juarez were arusedil
tonigllllt by a hiavy detonatloln, and In
Itedlitely the attack on Juarez was
being Iproclatined' by them.
Inv\'etl.tiltion developed the fact that
the Henry eiggerman powder husllle,
two and a half miles south of Juarne.
contalining iluantitlel of powder anti
, idy mtiltite, was shut off by Mex'an of
I 'iutinund till Page Hit.ven )
""f p', t l t, , off-r t thi negr, difraltn
hise.l me.ero t it tlthe south, 1urg,7l by
I, ýNrii . liv uwt. t alln] (O ",tt of N t.\w
York :irl ,ipp.lmed by MrN'. tirinet ofl
\fet Virhginia and ,othl"rq, .(ur|11'1", i llr
tlig th, i.i -hlour sll e .[i to t ,ra tcall us.
t.·.l r ;il prp.a ttih ,n4 ,",r,- p-n, g,
inl llu thi,,r t'.I IIthell !'re, lposition,
ilevi,,h the house as i t l tlr.oi today:
.A ii+ropoutlon bylt r. hI a"vinn s of . tls
iNil, favoring 40, menmibrs; it prol>'*
tlt!,n by Mr Stafford of W'lsclt, sin, for
:!s7 ull ,,hlbers, rripresenttl ltll views uathl
l.. |e I, h 1.1b l bty Speak, r I 'l nn . n.i nd
.,thl r hli. , lIt n ud r.id id lll -, l 'rnllli
pa" l,,.r!• iih of 4331 mt lntbters, url ,iid at
Ajlli, outs t' by its author. ]
I'T " t'anphlll pla hn n a firt t lak'n
till mi l fmill" put throtugh, the d tall:l
iC " :trin Ing olt (hlt, 'M" in 1-i11g lift
to the cr'tsus e. t ni lttce. 'i hh h will
i',r 0tl' tl0lt' 'i" " y for U01,0i1 :lt this se4,
eall",us ,,vlor l into r.ltr.r a
storm.' ".n, \h. tie t nseltt~ t anti-~,lH
frinchl'is.n.'tnt plan was propold.' . Th,
lprlt osit-.on direeted thi preparation of
at bill to durt, 'y out settilon ! of the
14th aieirnd eont to titl, f',"deral cotnstl
tt oitio. so 1t to cut dlown 1tio reprti
a ,nttintoln of any state exiltely to the
xtx lit thnt the legKio'o were dis
fromt hisod lay s'tCh a atatr.
This repi sitbtio was hefeate, , after
co lsiderable speechmaking, '. to 48, tile
a-nt, number of rpt.ednltativeo voting
agistaliIt as voted against the tnalid.
er'attioln of reapportlonlinent t.t this sea.
Sion, when the vote was SS8 to 49t

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