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Starts This M orning THE GOLDEN RULE The Most Popular Trading St Mail Orders Filled Promptly
28= Twenty-Eight Days to Do a Month's Business= 28
S Choice of Any Winter Overcoat, Value to $27.50 $17.50, $15.00 and $12.50 Suits Now $8.00
Come in and pick your choice of any of our winter overcoats valued uP 1 Your last chance, men, to get a suit at this price this season. If the suits are not all sold dur
to $27.50. No restrictions, every one marked in pait n figures. You wivll ing this sale they will be taken off sale and out of the way to make room for spring suits. We
S never see such bargains as this ain Missoula again. First come first served. do not want to carry suits over to the next season and won't if we can help It, and at the
T p. rice we are naming for these suits we predict a run on them...................
Men's Pants $1.65 Think of It---Fine Overcoats for $3.00 Men's Dress Shirts 69c
Hee iPleated and plain bosom dress shirts in a
Here is an opportunity men to get a bargain Youths' overcoats, values up to $15.00. These coats are of the variety of patterns. They are broken lots
in pants. You need extra pants for summer best material, in browns, grays and black. Sizes 8 to 18 v yeyn
wear. Cashmeres and worsteds in all best mix-aterial, in browns, grays and black. Sizes 8 to 18 years. and we can't use them in our regular line.
tures. Special ...................$1.65 Now ...............................69¢
PELT LINED COATS Boys' Two-Piece Men's Underwear Specials MEN'S AND BOYS' CARS
!1f 1 Duck and corduroy coats, d K u Mom's wool underwear, a neiavy ribbed gar- Winter caps for men and boys must go.
i! Duck and corduroy coats, pelt lined; values Knickerbocker Suits * mtt In tso nn color; a r ge ntsare Fancy mixtures in all shades; ear protectors
uphe.0, soprce. .........$3.25 i y ns a new shl n.at, finished. nad' usually sellon for 1.25 lined with fur; values up to $1.25; now 50¢
, Fa l e S ,,t n a d th e t . ...............................................
SMEN'S FLANNEL SHIRTS suit now, and during the gMi'n'" ,ottt f,.cd underwear: . ells rmd-. Odd and broken lots of men's work gloves
I! Ilny.' heavy cotontswetters inugrarwehrred end 1r111
Broken sizes and lots in men's flannel shirts. ut ean i depart- Ily at 0 garment; urIng thi sale at. 35 and mittens; values up to 75c, now ....45g
rant you can outfit him rea" i ~~~~~~~Boys' heavy cotton swweaters in gray with red andi blueAlnsVl e up t $15 toco e o ta thssl nal. W haealt owod hay wo so, peily go fowh ar ouintecl rm ng; ae......................................69
Values up to $1.50 to close out at this sale mnt yu can outtit him rcea n' heavy wool sox. spectally good for trn hng s; sple .............................................
ch.... wpto$.............. sable y. W hwlue.n who are oat in the cold so mc:ch:
Sfor, each ....." ... ..." .. .. two-pilec .~ults in broken ,regular price r 0,c, now 3 for.........0....... 0 Silk T ies
Boys' flannel waists, in red, blue and gray; lots.; values utip to $6.00: Men,''s heavy mixed wool sox; regular 25c; A Itt of four-in-hand and bat end silk ties; values up to
75c values, now .5 now ................................ 2.2 now for ........................................................25 7 c; now 5 , 3 for .......... ............................................... . 00oo
_._._._._._._._._.__._._. '_ _._._.Suitoases and Trunks One-Fourth Off.
Startling? Yes, indeed. Startling wihen one considers the reputation le have gained on footwear and good values If o. shoes
"Making way" means cutting prices low, very low. It becomes a case of resorting to what- even at regular . ices.
ever method will clear the stock the quickest, and cutting prices deeply is about as effective Our shoe department doesn't believe in just selling ahres. Anyone can do that. We believe In fitting then carefully, rtly and
painstakingly. So, despite the fact that these prices are very much Iowvered. you are assured of being comfortably fitte
a one as we know. There are about 20 pieces of high-class dress goods in this lot consist- couldn't think of selling you shoes in any other way. The prices show the saving in dollars and cents.
Ing of Panamas, serges, checks, Sicilians and mohairs, in brown, blue, gray, reds, rose 8 Skating Shoes . Men's Rubber Footwear
and black, 42 to 54 inches wide. All go in at one price---$1.25 and $1.50 Dress Goods.... suting i. good now. Enjoy it in the right Way Men's Gold Seal. letther top-sale ...........85
by getting you a pair of shoos specially for that Men's Gold Seal, low cut-sale.... .....9..
Cotton Crash, 5¢ Yard White India Linen 8 1-3¢ Big comfort in large assortment ipurose. See the ones we have on sale; $3.50 and Men' Wales Goodyear. a low lace-over for
Cotton twill crash 18 inches wide Good quality India linon, regular of patterns and good cotton fill- Men's e,.ryday w .ork shoes; these snoes are .x- .Bosto 1 -bu ' .lewo-u ., loth. t...
5ens a w hsh n e t-kle, cloth toi. loek-over, feir..ng pc
with red border; fine for kitchen width, suitable for waists. Spe- ing. Special ........... . .95¢ trt we allde; $3.50 to 5.00 shoes now on ale Boys' Gold Seal, leather tol ............... 45
towels. Special 5 cial ardo ...................................................................... 10 S o s' high-cut shoes. ses 131-2 t - 51-2 values
......................... - Art Goods en',.s g lunmtnal and vici kid, Blue'ler cut shoes- to $3.50-sale...... ......... ... 95
sioos thlat vve sell every day for $2.75 a~nd $83.00-- Boys' and youths' school shoes. P1/A's 11 to 12
Pillow Cases and Sheets Yard-Wide Percale 10 Austrian linen squares, o ches, regular sh a pair ................2.41 5 go In tils sale, at pair ...................
18c pillow case, 45x36 inches, 15 pieces of 36-inch percale in ., spectal ....................... ...... ................. sOES
m .niten;.urg scarfs. size lx54, a very good WOMEN'S SHOES
made of best quality muslins. blue only; every one different; value at $1.60, specal ......... ........00 women's patent calf and vicl kid in button FELT SLIPPERS.
Special at ............. 154 just the thing for house dresses and 1lucher styles; In season's newest Womeon's tllet sliixr. mdei ist quality
--Notions lasts; $3.50 and $4.00 values. For this felt; are to go at one price-at ....1.. 5
15e pillow cases, regular size; and waists. Special ....... Stationery In large box, paper and envelopes vale .................. ........................... 6. 2.95 t$1.25 FELTS AT 9..
od lt S a 1 1-B d S Ito lqnatih. bei Box Snil o at ethbo containset twice, o.. iceeen fo o
Hood quality. Special12 1-2 Bedding Specials mo.nt a (rIry box, pO. ...........59 100 PAIRS, $2.25 PAIR. g;irls' shoes for dress or ,veryday wear, in
eavy hemmed sheets, just the Now is the time to buy your Wire hair pins, in strlaldht or lrhnped, pil 100 pairs women's shoes 1n patent, vicl kidl hx -alf, tan calf or vio kid; sizes 1-2 to
thing for rooming houses. Spe- blankets and comforts for camp- len~g+i, . ge ............................ .......1 .l tan ealf, short lines; values to $5.0 . 11. l price, a .............
Menlding tissue in olnvelopl.s, fine for mend- Sale price ....................................................92.25 Siz/s 11 to 2,.sl pl ice............ . 50
clal at ................. 45¢ ing out this summer. Mdi,, s Peciu .. l. , for Men's $10 High Cuts, $5.
Fine large sheet, made of best Good size cotton blanket in gray Ma.cy k . no. 0..,,,c, ns. 0 ,,,s lck ai t e Men's $10 High Cuts, $5.95
grade muslin, torn before hem- or tan, special ............55¢ i. cal tub ... . ...... ........o High cut shoes for men in tan or black, 12 to 18 i
............ ~ S .h.Ii 11i p,, s. ltl, . t ',, 11t il.. , specia~l. ih o t o $ 0 p cil n w a ,p i . . . .
med. Special ........62 1-2¢ Fine plaid blanket in assorted ah peia high, worth to $10. Special now at, pair.......5.95
An extra good Turkish towel, colors, blue, gray and pink. Reg- (,alne iu . ln s,,ap ,, .,,ell,, . eac ............Mhoo, n Men's High Cuts, $4.95
at, each ...............25 ular $2.50, special . $1.50 I" swaslhal ir roll, itary , n Men's high cut shoes, 8 and 10 inches high; $6.25
.................25 l r $ .0 p ca . .....$ .5 sh de, .. l,, l,,l eachu ................... , .special, per pair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Meow v'ould you ca're to hlIr\' )U*n|
elected sheriff by one vote and then he
called ulnlle o liace the skids under
the eleUtor "%ho ciiut that one votet.'
Not IImuch fun ,for It grateful:l ian,
thinks 'ranik Morse of (lranit aoutly,
whio catie to Mtsimnlht ystal rdl y firom
Phllllips urg. 'Mr. Mor.se was IIr . ,'
Rit papers fior Wlsitlnss.s lijali\ a .it
ltiit , in this county, slal wantiiidl 1
L (tau now ill the i'alti aie m Iyrl'
cou rIt.
It was ye.sterday that .Mr. Mlr..
told of the lp,.aull ar miln)IIlllilatlion ofi
circullistancesp that coilplled hin ii to
runi out olf Phlllllll llurg the alia whose
vote hl1u turl id ltl tlide for hin lasti
Noveoital r. It Ws.a'lllms that therll' ,.,i
one old mnlll in hihll,.iIpsirg who iiIad
delddal lnot to vote at all. The figli
for sheriff was beinig wagtod ,llitterly aid
a supporter of Mr. Morse worked ling
and assiduously IIn tailkling the old 1- I
low into a. fral..e aof wind that toilk llia
to the polls. T'here hie votod fr
Morse, saying afterward tlhat lie tiltI
not want to help hlltn so IniItI'h as to act
In defeating his opliponent. 'Ilut oilm
Vote did the business, ill right; It
elected Morse and dfeatledt the otht"r
Heveral month wenlt by and the n':l
.an with the balance-tiplping ballot
developed into a first-claas nuisna'c.
Finally, he was adjudged a vagr.atl,
and It was up to Mr. Morse, the shar
tff, he had elected, to tobaaggan a the
veteran. "I did It," said Mr. M reas
yesterday, "but I never hated anythti.g
so much In my life."
There are always some people rush
Ing around after everything is over,
complaining of their Ill fortune, Don't
be one of them. Trunks, bags, suit.
cases, telescopes, umbrellas, e(c., at
S ctual cost. Over half our stock sold.
Balance is up to you.
'I 804 99111 s Aveitaue,
Iast night .2 ,iiimvk InliIght waly
th i It-l' "IL. if mI Iilt. llbusl lilss change In
l.ist ilthl. by iwhh ih the i very t h'i li
IIof lrIii &r t I'irl. ih li ll ri l lseid the.
situ pI'lillrl l nIiilih cl t, i liii frt ile.
gtIIIull fF ll' & T' rstll C i ta io p '. t' y, ll,
hsnging i I'rs t oi sevltlri t pl l, but yis
torthlyrn atolllto ', , lllltails, olnlr' (
plt isd and tiiiii itrcfhti-g firm Itntoi
Tico i trinttl t illdnig;ly 111. ,ell l
tl it ig 'he court ilt be he lll t lli lvke
i·'iy innull liil' i I s tilli itced.
A. r' o llar ILIrIa ' hie i l I li l.lll .'es
ingterd . t, ltlli ,l ll MI rell' I &o I tllin -
hI you drink: drink Old Mee t ker, cag per
cent tmallsler raln, sour tiait whiltky.
bu'rns 111 ']lslllheH e ha1.,' ;l hol.' Its at
%% e ) wettl' got l. inh la th'e bu. 'inllt,
thorn Inny' bl. srte, cha'nges, but things
will realllln ll hant tl' tht, \ lrl for thel
Ire II &E'I- h E lln atllso a' hope (to li.
W%'alhtlh, hbh, 10.-Imtprcil) -A. tel
grlnl front Wal, higton, I). '..', ii
nounes that the hill provlding for Iho
bolding of the Ialletd S1Lttes dlistket
:<,lllt 1in (''telr 'Alene for the tirei'
northern colnltier, Shoshone, Bonner
and Kootenal, at regular Intervals h|,
.i tsed the house of representutl\ e
Tie melttuwr' alrealy Ias Leon ap
of the court will be held at the Lke
ti'ty annually, it Is announced.
terday ,to MalkItInI MkMwod of ItIunu
If you drink, drink Old Meeker, 40 per
cent stmall grain, sour usash whisky.
linopke %'zn. Hooper clgars.
I' it Iblayis of I iotloIIa. transatled
business lni AI Blisst llu yestelrdaly.
PI. .I. 'ol N ll of itllling Il trIlllt ,eted
business in Mi 1 tsoula ln 'rhilay.
.AllonVly's cafe, opposite posttffh'e.
'the rothers' chle Mill tmeaet next
\W't'einduathy wit l Mrs. Ptaris Adlas.,
Drink Jtohn tiln'ts P'eerless beer.
WV. A. ('hilh.te, Iminatager I lLthe lilt
11tr 1' t t lInI, was ia vlitr lir townl
I r'. Ward, veterIit'arianiI T'el. 33 or 531.
ii. A. YVlung arrlived in tlasolla yes
terday front Lurel and1 will reI.in
Ste 'Itgr lapler, I.i\solli, Mltllll a b ltk.
l' a) rdl II. 1'arnialve, it ]a utte husl
.ness laIll, spa.et yeslterday with the
met'lchants of Mitssoula.
Marsh, the, undertarker'. .'htne 321.
1.]11. Weyer, it mining nln of Mul -
l.In, In t lusnllles vsiltor lit the (tur'
dalen city fl'r It few dtays.
]r Willard, osntopath, Ist Nall' bhankk,
Professor M. L. Denut, state fruit in
p L'pc'tor, is spendilng tie vweek at 1el
eli.a, attlendling the legislature.
It. II. 1 '. ith, lawyer, 10 il iggins blk.
IMr. tanil I'rs, Jolnothlllun Davis\ h, well
known reslilerts of l'otoalac, spelnt
yestierday in Misnotla. wlth frienltds.
l)re.susakling, room 17, Paixton block.
A. L. lieeMers, an Atrlh llelli merltlt
yestrl 'rliy Ii'iti.ae'ctiLtg business in lt is
TI. ". IHooks, who has belen a restl
delnt of the south shile for aIt lo titne,
hits sold hli home anid Is .preplaring. to
mtovo his family to Wanol, Tax., to re
Bear Creek Coal
2,000 pou.ui--one full lon-sold by the
Gardes City Commerecal College
Coal Company
South .lssoula
Bell Phone 416 bltck; Independent 566
-. C, REITZ, Mgr., College Building
Illi1ln iperml1an)ently. Mr. Htooks' molther
IlIves iII Texas, and it is onl account of
her great ago and falling health that
thIe Mlssno)llL mlan has decided to leave
Mointelitn. T'le Hlooks family will leave
hero on Tu'lesday.
I )r. I)ogge canl now admiilnister Prof.
hrtiilllh's i1i6. "S8 Higgins avenue.
P. D1. Molrs', sheriff of Granite
elolllty, tIrriv1li III M is4tuila yea llter'l;y
lillt nillg i1i l i'iileSs contl e te v 4t11i1h
his office.
Atslsolu h uln western lontanii
ilirtectorry for .lil. at Mllnsullallln offie.
Thrillgh tile Orr-Mi.flclihael re11l es
ileto im)pllllilllt- lIhe T. A. 'Wickes prop
'erty on ilirlld avenue wals Flold yes
terdlay to Mlrs. (ertrude Aase.
)tr. J.. ll iso llS. ithnllt <so tIlll Ii,
.lusancll t liph1.. Phone 61t ; res. 513 3It
Alte Johnseh n i yesterdiay mornling
plead)d guilty' to being di'lrulk .. i Ie
latinlg it dl.turbanf e on ll'hli'liurimlay
night. Ite 1.1is fine1 55, w(hV hIe 14p1)11.
1lidy s.rat')lih plads and waiter
chelks for sill, at The AMlsxouliln of
fl'c .
('. Ii. Itilhaii'd.n, sl1 erIntll ndtent of'
the Il )er dl01tmllall' el ll)t 14t iof th lillrk
companlllllt.s, reltl'd yesterdllay fromlll
lMkaille, l% hn414l' liit. tIl1S l lt fl sel veral.
l)r. Alma J.ii.s, osteopith. Phone
834 llIack. Ii.4 gins block.
W. IT. Alhlbsri iiand E. 1-1. ItathbunL,
ibrakemenll i.i le Northern Paeitfic,
letav' this llmorninilg for Los Angeles,
going by way of Portland. They will
be gone froim 30 to 60 days.
Dry cobraI .1,d, slabs and ecdgings.
Ithberdy llliiber l' o. Telephone 743.
Mr. and Mrs. George Moody, the
singers who alited Rev. Oscar Lowry
iturling tle evangelistli series of meet
inls,g whihch cllosed last inunday, left
ycsterdaoy lmorni)l'llllg for Kllspell.
Alinssulat nidll iwestern ltMonltana
directory for Hile it MIssoulan office.
The I F. I'eterson property In the
Hammnond ldditlio was sold, during
the present weeik, to Mlss Priscilla
Smith. The tldcl was engineered
through the Orr-1cMichael Real Irs
tate comlpany.
Plico your orders for Diamond, Owl
Crleek, Bear Creek and Carney lump
coal with the B. Bl. L. Co. Phone 106
Independent phone 742.
Oscar Jacobson, a Bonner resident,
was haled before Judge Smaill yester
day morning to answer to a charge of
fighltng. Jacobson at first entered a
plea of not guilty, but iw'hlle "on the
way to tlle Jail changed his milil and
adiiitted his gullt. He paidl a fine of
$10, lnd returned ito lionner otl the
first var.
Dr. W. 0, Melnas of North Freedom,
Wis., who Is making a tour of the
northwest, has been spending several
dlays in the (iCarden city. Mr. Melnaus
will go from here to the Fl'atheald In
dian reservation.
1'honei' I or 43K Ind. for innhs nii hbo
gilage tr'iansfe'r. (Ireen & ElAlinglHise.,
H. V. Ilerriit, agency director for
the Northiwister.n National Life insur
ance com('I.'., returned yesterday frlom
uplerior and St. Regis, where he hasl
spent tile greater portion of the week'
looking after business.
I'llace orderstl' for (oal at ShiIliard
hotl. A miie pirodluct, $S;,00 per toin,
The :ilks .llnstrels' special train,
iwhhIi wals seheduledi toi leav Mlta
soulllla it o cl' Kk yesterda:ly allfternoolllln,
\ias held 15 minutes to plernit Mi.ies
i,1st and Adair, thia Iwo niewsgirls, to
board the train for Hiamilton.
Home-made hakery goods. Hoyal
Iliikery, 520 South Higging Ave., Ind.
1697. 'Prompi t delivery on all orders.
W'V. J. Smith, the young nmlan who
was airrested at tle insltance of (ihladys
SSnith, it woman of the unlldilrworld,
will hlave another hiearlng Ibefo lre Jus
tIciu II. v l. Snulll today. Smnith is tic
called of rlbbing the stomalnn.
D)r. hiruflat, oltical sireliatlist, sle
essior toi Dr. fliesland, Rlioomsi 2 and
3, Hallmmndi blick. GClasses fitted and
grolund ionl the premises.
Attorney John 11. Tfolsn, who has
liecl iII tanlmiltonl looking up legal mat
ters during the greater part of the
week, returned to Missoula yesterday,
and after a brief stay in this city, left
for Plains. lHe is expected home to
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Lansiing and
their two sonll, Harold H. and Lewis
t1., tre of Mlilnneapolis, Minn., and
Lincoln, Nelb., have arrived in Mis
soula to make their homne. Mr. Lan
sing is connected with the Polleys
Lumber company's Offices here.
I. H. Polleys, president of the Pol
leys Lumber company, left last even
ing for Spokane, where he goes to ait
tend thie annual meeting of the West
ern Pine Manufacturers' aesociation.
He will visit Taol.n, seattle and
Portlanid before returning home.
Word was, received in Missoula yes
terday that the engineering offices of
the Blackfoot railway at Bonner, had
been closed, and will remain closed in
definitely. Chief Inglnuier C. .. Allen
and fIll asslitant HI. (1. Cailkins are
still at LBonner and expect early orders
to opien the office.
Th'Pe Missoula club. thr ough the ,aves
of its infl4h(1 (1ers1, will give It r(leception
in honor" or thle tladls who nlceomplany
their HIIu141nds from HelI IlenaIL tro aittendl
the Ited Apple hnu i tlli, t14) be held
hert 4on the. night of I'ethrl4ary 19. Tthei
eI'e'l. Jng will beI, con(ldIu''l lle hIltw enll
tilt' houlrs of 7 lnd 10::,0 o'cloc'k.
l'Nor ale, at ull.'tiulan office, Mee I
leather poIlket pntcI1 pad holder, 75t'
cenlts. Made ill ti,, Illndery.
\'l'lllhe, |Ich. 10-(Nlpeclul.)--"erl the
fllrst tll im during the adllnlllistrltlion
Iof Malyo4r WVititr fl. Hansonll, 1LI(Iand near
th enlld ofe il trill111 l oflllOfi , tile po
li0 Ilhave begun to enfuorce the
law prohibiting the sait of liquors to
Il1no)1s4 [t11d eight 4lllloon kt1eepers w'lUr
ll'arrested anI1ld alrraigned before)l' Judge
WVorstill. The ac(tion followed tilh ltr
rI'1.t for drlllunkenness of twoi local (lad.
Aceordiing to tilhe mnll arrested tile ll4
tivity of tile irllae wits duo to politl
('ILl activity., Is t4ll the alIloons halve
lbell floltlih, tilhe law lnd the men
charg'tled are opponenl1llllts of the city ad
many advantagets; the edge» arte
less conllsplcuu.ai; no dazzling re
flectlions fro the rea'.
Newton H. Schweiker
Commerolal Photographer.
Framing and enlarging. Developing
and printing for amateurs.
Higgins Blook Bell Phone I92
Frank Borg
We repair anything in our line. BIe
glasses fitted,
Koehler & Campbell
Best on Earth'
for the Money
For Sale by
ORVIS Music House
Today's Special
6 pilnts (i r'dh City 13ier 0 )............ 0
'Iognac or GIrap, regulam r prio
$1.50); ep, il sale. $1.. 50
115 aast Main Street
PHONES-Bell, 571 Ind, 594.
Free Delivery to all parts of City.
You will find our agents at all
trains to care for your trunks and
baggage. We do a general transfer
and storage business. It will pay
theatrical troupes to make arrange.
ments with us for moving their
trunks to opera house.
Scavenger wagon also operated in
the city,
We have the tU. 8. mail contract.
Telephone No, 571,
Hamilton, Montana.

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