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The United States civil service
comitnlssion announces ia competitive ex
amination on March 11, 1911, for the
positions of clerk and carrier in the
local postofflce. The civil service
commission has experienced considera
ble difficulty in securing eligibles for
appointment to these positions, and all
persons Interested in the service are
urged to apply for application blank
and full information tolWard,Rath:,un
the commission's loeal representative
at the postoffice, this city, or to the
Aecretary of Eleventh olvil service dis
trict. Federal building, Seattle, Wash
SBeson's Examinations,
The comnnlssloners recently issued
the following list of examinations
which will he held this spring, the
dates to be announced as they ap
Agricultural inspector. Phlilppine
service; aid, coast and geodetic sur
vey; aid, lighthouse service; appren
tice plate printer; apprentice plate
cleaner, transferrer and engraver, bu
reau of engraving and printing: as
sistant, Philippine service: assistant
examiner, patent office; assistant ob
server, weather bureau; bookkeeper,
departmental service: cadet engineer, I
lighthouse service: cadet officer, light- I
house service: civil engineer, depart
mental service; civil engineer Phil
Ippine service: lvill engineer student,
departmental service: civil engineer I
and draftsman: civil engineer and su- 1
perintendent of construction: clerk, I
Isthmian canal service: computer,
coast and geodetic seurvey: computer, 1
nautical almanie office: computer, i
naval observatory: computer, super- I
vising architect's office: draftsman- I
architectural. supervising architect's t
office: copylnst topographic; engineer, I
supervising architect's office; heating
and ventilating, supervising archi- t
tect's office: junior architectural
draftsman, supervising architect's of
fice: Junior engineer, engineer depart
ment at large; mechanical. Isthmian
canal service: topographic, depart
mental service; topographic, Isthmian
canal service; electrician, departmental
service; elevator conductor; engineer,,
Indian service; engrossing clerk:
farmer, Indian service; fish culturist:
forest assistant, forest service: forest
assistant, Philippine sprvice; indus
trial teacher, Philippine service; jun
for engineer, bureau of mines; kinder
garten teacher: local and asilstant in
spector of boilers: local and asisetant
inspector of hulls; matron, Indian
service: pharmacist; physician: postal
clerk. Isthmian canal service; press
feeder: scientific assistant, departlmenlt
of agriculture: stenographer, all serv
ices: stenographer and typewriter, all
services: subclerlcal (messenger,
watchman and skilled laborer); su
perintendent of construction: surveyor.
Phillippine service:' teacher, Indian
service; teacher, Philippine service;
trained nurse, all services: veterina
rinn, Philippine service; wirenman, de
partmental service.
Civil Service Notes,
The departmental clerk and the rail
way mall clerk examinations will not
he held during the spring of 1911. In
qulries In regard to these examinations
should not be made until July 15., 1911.
The commission has been unable to
supply the demand for male stenogra
phers and typewriters, especially at
Washington, D. C. Young men who
are willing to accept appointment at
an entrance salary of $840 to $900 per
annum have excellent opportunities of
appointment. Advancement of capa
ble appointees is reasonably rapid. The
government service offers a desirable
field to bright and ambitious young
Tn accordance with an act of con
gross an applicant for examination for
IL polsition in the apportioned depart
mental service at Washington, D. C.,
will be required to be examined In the
state or territory in which he resides,
and to show In his application that he
has been actually domiciled in such
slate or territory for at least one year
previous to the examination.
Application forms and full infornia
tion in regard to these examinations
may be obtained by addressing the U.
S. civil service commission, Washing
ton, D. C., or the secretary of the
board of engineers at the following
named places: Postoffice, Boston,
Mass.: Philadelphia, Pa.: Atlanta,
Sis.; Cincinnati, Ohio: Chicago, Ill.:
St. Paul, Minn.: Seattle, Wash.: San
Franclsco, Cal.: custom house, New
York, N, Y.: New Orleans, La.; old
custo0m1 house, St. fulis, Mo.
Tile nlanagoeennt of the Isis offers
an exceptionally good feature program
for today's matilnee, tonight lnd Moll
day. "lisliher I'rlk'" is a. blographi
fllm of merit. The scenes are takemi
ti Santa Monlca, C'al. "'T.le Curse of
the Red Mkn" should Interest MlIs
soula's public for the reason that this
picture was held up for an example of
the exaggerated Indlian pictures being
shown to the eastern .people. "Thile
Now Stcnographer"' I's It vltagraph
comedy. Special songs and music
hlave bcoon 'arranged. Ed L~vasseur
will sing "Sweet Red Roses." Mr.
Mfedcalfe will render an organ solo
from Handel With violin and 'cello ac
companiment. A special children's
matinee will be given this afternoon
at g o'clock.
N"atlck, Masa,, Fob. 25.--Pollowing
' coimplalnts from a nunlber of restl
dests that household cats were being
stolen, John lSquires, a Wellesly col
lege janitor, was arrested today on a
wal'rrant charging him ,with stealing
Natlck pets for use in the dissecting
rooms of the college, 4tqulres, tha po
r lice aay, has admitted that he stole
cats to suppliy, the coll50re l.aora~tory.
_ .r'c
Swedish Lutheran. I
4w 'el dlich Evangell tlt Ltlutheran i Ii
nl3)anuotl clhlurlch: 4c: ll, h d-i tc reet- i
Ctrl J. Reng.tonlc, pasttr,: residce,.irt'. 531
North Third street; li-,ll phone 143-
Sunday ischool at 1 nI. nl; divine sMerv
ires at 11 a. Ill. and 7:45 p. nt.: the
evenllng erelviucis will be In English; on
the last h ti hlity eveninlg of tach 1it1anth
the arrcclie will be In Ergl h tIlt 1til
fulrther 1ioi'hce; colttage prayer meetinglll
otl We\\'h-II.isday evenig at the himnl- of
Mrsi.. It. (Olson, 705 Allier street; the r
Lldhes' Aid society mieets with 1Mrs.1
John Ilenilgren. 311 North F'ourth I
sitrceet Thurl'sday aftcrllnolon i 1imciorial I
fsti\val will be celrbraltdcl at thle clhurt;h
-n Thulllrscday evelillng, when ai free-will
offering by mellns of envelolpei will he
tllkien to lstar't ci pIiarsonige fuIllndIt: Rlev.
II. We\etrlutnd from Spokane will oi
(clipy tIle pulpit that c\veing and will
aliho remaln with ius over the followinglll
lSunday: ont Il'rlday evelotnog the Youniig
People's Luther league will hold Its
regular meeting, w\vhn a goud literary
and musical pro1gram- will be renderedl
and refreshments served; 11io aIldminssioni
to Iiany of the meetiing1; nil i-candl
nvilan Lutheraitls 1n lnd Itbl Iout Ati.s
oitula aire mlost cordllally invited l to
c('ine lnd woruship with us Iland also to t
enjoy Ile social functions: no ,ffor.tsl
will he lparenl to Imake every n, e w . itho
collieM leel.at hotlle.
Episcopal Church.
(Churcch of the lty pllrltll, II. S
G(alley, reictor Quinnllll agiesitlua H·Iundayil
'February 26--Morilcg srvlci at 10:45
aI. in.; Hindayi school at 12:15 p. irn.:
(Wvellincg cser\vice at 7:311 Ip. It.; A,\%i
Wedncesday, the fircst day oif Lilent, is I
Maerch 1, anid there will be se'rvih'es IIi
the church at 10:30 iI. in. enid 7:45 Ip.,
111.; the reguhil monllthly Iy uetiIng of' 1
lth Ladlies' guild will be held at lthe
relildencei(i oI' Mri. 1-lranks Kelth, G61.
Wooidford rell'et..on 'l'hursday aftter- I
Ilnoil, March 3. H.lSpeeihl Iian.le will hI,
furnislhed as follows: ily reque.tHI Alr-cs.
Moorle iland II. M. 13alrratt will sing for -
the Iffirl'tolry tit thle lorlllning Hserrvice
the ductl. "(C'illn' Unto M'" (('alllrpanll).
The choir will furnlish 'sHIcilil iIalsic at
the eveliing iervicl , land J. J. Malrquette
will furnlish the offertoiry number.
Norwegian Lutheran.
Rlev. ()Ola ('lrefthcn. ipasiti of the1' 1
Norwegilan Evangellical Lu therln
chlurch of A(cnllletldi ll prcutch)l ihl tei I
Georman Luthelllran church Hnliday evenll
big alt 8 o'clock. All Scanilll\viilants Irc' I
lmosnt cordially invited to attenlld.
Methodist Episcopal.
Fi'rst fitelludllst pllis(nc.li lI c 18hul1ih;
(onel'llr Melll ndI \\'illllnW hingtll slteets;
J. \V. oennett, IL.ulr--Cllaess 111meeting
ut 10:15 ii. IIl.; I)orirlle g si-ri'cIito at
111:45; Toplc, "lRuth's Choice"; iun
d(ay echooIl it 12:15 Ic. IiJ, Je I it-IhcI,
nupel'rinteclldient; Epwortlh Ii L-ucgue ati(
6i:15 p. nl.; 'i'v-ing Mcermonl at 7:3a
e)'chlecck, sulbject, "Not Ashamied"; the
ordineance, of inl ulcll will Ibi cdininlil.s
tI-reld lanl d iew meil belrl's re(c-lived at c
iin crel g iiand Iven tig seir-irs prayer
iccetlng Wednesday evening It s
o'clock. The follhcwlig will Ibe Ilh,
mieiicc. for lihe daly:
Mo'ining--iclco (sh'lectlc , l . ii . I ,ll
Allister; suelectlion by ehcrcus it 'f 50
vi Ives.
Eveclicg-Silung service,. 7:1 i 7:311
o'iicloct l -cd bIy the hi-lccii iInd iia ol ir
hcslura -if eight Ii-ec.s; Inl-' chorus,
"iFr You alnld -'r Ml." Methodistllt
:ilpicopi. l male c-hcrusc; lidles' chorus,
".oeii Day." (Iarkl),. Methoist Ipls
colipal ladii-' ichoruso; sllcilal ilumnbler
by the iichrua.
Second Methodist Episcopal.
Bundalul schoiol, at 3 o'clock. cladwin
Calrtel'. uplll-'rilntelltdelit ; evenin(ieng csor'
lec, lit 7:30 o'clock, in charge iof .Ioh)li
H. Patterson. A cicicdial wciicoulce i
extenllded to all thoste serkI"ci.s.
St. Francis Xavier.
Th'I' "'orty-iours' IDe\votion" htgil.ný
tll t morning at Itthigh Imass, which wil1
be celebrated lit St. Xavier church at
11:30 o'clock. Th'er will be, spcial
Inuslce. The chulrs chii' will sing
l'arlners' IIIIIah , iiandl MrsI'i . . I'. iPettlilt
will be heard in it solo. Profw.leslr (ius
tar llacher will asslst with violil oblt
liicaunuiel Iaptist churleih; Illi,' and
W\oody streets; It\'. C. II. Allien, Jr. 1)
D., pastor; reoldccnice, Gl6 Alder street
--Ilev, J. D. H. Riggs, I'. , ).. will ihe
the ireacher at 11 a. ii.; by lspecial and
o urgenlt Icrequest i(e will speak upon the
tI)ple, '"Numibelr and Nullbcl 2":;
Ilble school at 12::15 p ini.; Young
I'ioplie's se-rvice iit I :3; 0 pI. i., pIrt'lil'i -
try)' to servilcce hi the I1,pper i'(ello at
7:30 p. ni.; at thlliN crviice thi- .casti)ir
will speak lpIoi thl, tole, "The ])ls-
cllile ainiid Ils Blblel," bollg theiu f'lrst of
a Ncrclks on the gi.neral tolic, "The
cullutlre if tlche Chilistlanll llf-'." which
t(ii, lacitor vwill Ipreachl oin icucceeding
Sundtiayis. Thli cllhurcl la thle homi
Iclhirch fic' licoicii |ieoplli iind for icitople
awcey fro1i homii. A-cclit tilis cordial!
SIlnvitatiol to woralillp (od oillt ci.
Methodist, South.
IrlI'st Meth(.lllnst Elhlcolul Ichurch
i.hi: tic-'riiecr Ho.utli Sixth iwlttt uiii
H azel ctli-ets; (;. I. Ollbtcs, phaitor; rels
idIlnce in reail of chureh; UBell llhone No.
8112; Ilideclendillt pholie No. 738-Clunrs
a nlmceting and Iprilsce service at 11 a. I1,.;
Ilunday rscliloul at 1:l 1, Ii.; Elpwul'rthl
r Legue at 6:30 p. 1i.; ipric'iitchilg at
S7:80 p. i.,, subject, "(astinlg Ou()tt tli
1l' Evil Spirits"; prayer iicetling ThursIday
Seveninig at 7:30. All whlo imly wish to
r attend thiose serv\'les will recc\iv' a
cordial welcome.
SHarold Hi, (J'Ilflfs, pastur; 1h'll lhioint!
i10914--Bunday uevlces: IPreaching in
the niorling at 11 and in the evenilig at
7:30; aubject of morning dicourlse.,
"Christ alid Comllon Senseo"; subject
of eveningl discourse. "A (ollplanion of
Fools." The ordinance of baptismn will
I be adminaltered at the close of the
- evening ecrvlce; Bible class at 12:15
Sp, m. We are cncouraged with the
growth of our Bible school, rand have
- been altering our bulldlng so tllhat we
lmay utilize the roomis of the pursonalge
6 for the Bible school classea. The pas
- tor invltes all the men of the congrt
i gatlon to Join hls newly organized
Bibla lasiu, "Thbe . eIaJgbht i the
J1I ingtkIll . Chrsll. |ll 'l. 412l: n l.llql';.· 11. 'g,
Intg it i:t30 p ii.. I piei. "A Missioniry
J'ull'ny A5rould the \orhd," I.tlid'r,
Mlis J.unit' {Grel.,
Christian Science.
Ilrsi t Church ,"of 'i hrI. , hele.tlt l s;
"''l'letlr of P ne tt a ttt ' r' :treeti
Ilirvarus lteii; y In,' r li i uit 11 i 'li',clii';
Isubject or f les ttnt S.rin Is "(i'ith'tl
Jestis'"; `Stttty s'chool uit lI i n'hulolk
nIol ; rtytintonll l tl e lin.lg ednt'h ly
vetii g lt ti o'cloc ; t its ktil: Iii ' et1 N
is mainatlned, where ('hristian . elence
literature llmy be rrad and p uri ch'sed.
IAll are tordihlly invited to attend the
services anli to1 visit the rtading lrolt.
Swedish Congregational.
w.'l i' sh M 'l'ly gregatillll l t uil hi l , :t'.ll
W es'i.it ii .Spruce it' .l: u I'. 1. .1 . l ,-t ' t
hlJrg. pastr; llidl l hon, ,%:Jl l r .d..
undllll" schooll l at IIt . Il,.; the vallstr
d'si'rs toll cu'l attentio n to the iti, l wllT
Illi hliss i iand linvite Ilh,'Ii who ftrd
hot h.lhng tl ac1.t l tIlhle ,hiss to Join;
pul chit ng a t I 11 . III. l ila 7:3' III. t :
the l,'hiirh ,ll 1s iing t the eliei 'Ii sert -
ile : Y. ni'ng ll'l pl, h's m n a'll, iillt 3 1. tii ;
,there l 1 will lisn hie ii 'erviei, l it lt ti tril
at :i t. Ill.; lplunc' hing aclct lpr,.qr lueoot
ht W., ednesdny XetVlh.g ai 1. 'cloek;
it Th l', y t . . In , thg , ,ti ,a l s' A. l
s'.i'tyi will meet 'i t the hnl oi r Il. Mrs.
i. I l'hu'tit, ,ll i A 'ler istreet't. .\ 'i orurlhi
lit iifntil it s f txt tl tld 1,1 . tll t.h Itli
nII tIIVIl' n to ult it lyl tIh se rllSi " ti'. s.
i 'iir yt 'ir. iuyterlian chillnh. 1ur tf
I' iil e Lnd Stevens s iieet; ii .t Jt
ll lln.hi , I1. l l,, inlt I l lstol; resiid.te,
tnt320 StItvens stl'M ld-- illllhi w rllo h 'll iIt
11 it. i1i. and 7:311 p. n11.: Silldaily school
ito 12:2' l p ll i . t l. l. S. . E.I lil' I ter
ll t.,tl lg it :l! i I(li.; Sl trang''lll's andi
ovilt.i'rs will find i l'lllird l iwelltm Ileat
l'uny atn ill of th .,se .lr'icen.'; wetektl
I tl'ayt.r till' lt 'lg tl 'i dei illtsdi'y ivelitii.g
at It Iclo' k.
German Lutheran.
The first i'(,rlnll 'vangel.lehnt
Luthrnlil chlurch; t s'rI of IlInze l ird
uith i'xth wst: (llustnl.y Mlrtz, plsU -
to'l; resid-i. e. 234- Edith strlet: i ellvll
pi llte 1078--i ervies for cil ll' il nu lll nll' tl tlt
Sbegin ait 10:30 o'clnek; mourning wir
i hllt with hotly coillul'ttan at 11i
l Citrk's; iiunday ii lt o i ll ol in lait 12:10
t. Int., c'il.sesit are taught n bI llth the
lierlUia l snd Ihl algllh lllanguages.
Lltte- Day Saints.
1lvhig Ja . Iillard, preslident Norith
gItostern tets ItnlTint f Church of
Jesus thristf 1ttO tter n S Siints, 'will
hold spciail 'a'llgitus Mrviers lin the
Strlacls hall vein'it' lilurs thostel'.
(Tlde hy eVtlin.i, Ihebruary s7. tut 8:15
" hitucl k. Mr. ullIlhrlld' tl ihJeClt f. l. thlt
ev'eningl will be .lple lly l illitlrestingi
lto the people o trll M Ie isltlir.
First Congregational.
SCorlnetr' outh ' ill tult l Cstlnutl
strl' ts-a-- rllh wol'shlli lit 10445: the
d nogistor will lprechilhtl ot sulJectn will be
t"A tlckl ('hurch." Specit l uile:AI
Istheit by titbihh, "Suffer Little lh'lldre'un
ti n'cml I'm t Mllhti ie." llfrom thl llratl iol
" 'lhrist iiand 111ic s Sold irs" (Joil n
l liialner). Mr Mri uttl tei . . will ihlig the
solou Isn't of the aIItihe'mI. Sunday
school ati 12:1i0 I. Ini., AM. RL Marshall,
superintel tll'llt the pasti r al nnolliuncesl
the lues's tits w. ill have Its first
mlooting in theh newly fl'urnished roeamt
itod )ll, i1ndi d lesrs . la g nl le, ttn ce:
the l.,en will go to the leooll ut thel
Ibglnnihg olf the Sunhidy -wlhuol hoot':
evening service itt 7:45 d'rlou'lk; at this
lservice e shaMlll, frot Iiow oil, htave i
hlarge llH thoruu 0 l'r, and devote tl'o lurgel
liurtlt of the service to singing.
Weetk-)la Notice s--Th'f un llell
meeting of the churleh will ell held
Tiluesday evening at 7:41 ou' luck. This
!s i very important h neetig, fur v.w
shall pinn I't' larger things ih outr
1 church work and churc'h Ilif, this year,
t 'Thle id-weeok iileetiig f.r priiler
tutu! Bible study will bi held .e'dles
fi ) " e v e n i nl g a t 7 : 4 5 '''c l uc k : I , lst , Ie.ts h di
ol'ureste'r W. 1i. (Grevlchy nuis received
tilt. fiundli liotilnictioui alnl progrmiii fir
the steond anlual conference of dlis
trict foresters and ssocliute foresters
w( lilh 1rill be held tilts year at Salt
ao.f tile ap~proach; of the tratu.
Handbags Women s 5 "S
1.50 hand bags, - $3.00 and $3.30 ytlues,
$1.50 nd andags, lath- plain and pa1ent lethers
cial Moside and out;spe- special sale Monday at
ial Monday, atonly
95c o. 2.00
Missoula's Bargain House $200'
It's all about the future (SPRING), with it's bright promise and our still brighter stocks
that are daily reaching us. SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS FOR MONDAY.
New kid gloves for wo- Approval follows inspection. Come to this store, in- gingham in all colors of
men, the Luella brand, spect these new spring styles, after you've seen checks, stripes, plaids,
an extra value glove; the many new features and weaves noticeable in etc., here is 'the best
comes in tan, gray, red, this spring's fashions you 'll approve. A varied as- French gingham on the
brown and black; on sortment of styles and materials, put on special showing market, priced to you
special sale for1.25 and sale for Monday at, only Monday at the 15S
Monday at $ 14.75 Monday's Spring Atiraclions $14.75 special price ....
Glass Carpet Bargains . Rug Bargains Turkish
$.Toweling " I """' '1....... ... ,,,,. ". .,.-" 180,l.o,,,I ru",,r., by "1-i ' Towels
Towel. ""ng 75c 't: '" ..'" u'"" "': $12.00
I.nrg, l n t s lt $1.25 lrt, 'ls, , ,l; , \ tilh 1Iniin $20.00 I risr ll r ,ng t9 by 12 slsz ; Large, full and
,il...t ,'h ; I, i,'. $ 15,,t , ,1 14. t . x t r a t hti vy,
'hllt'c k. I 8 i llnch .. 8 5c ' ' " 75 .
wil,'; flt t- . d ubl, w a r p
Ilsi,. Vo'rth 1lc. $1.5,0 1',lt,.t ,t.i'l,. 1:. ,I liltyt $25.00 V.J, t thus; 9 by 11 siz.,; towel. Rt'gular 360
4a,... ' ... "'s '". 98c s,~ "''"; ;l"". $20.75 "peci· ,
$1.35 VVIlit cut,'ar 'ts; with at d l $30.00 Axanntµitr rugs -3 by
."1 'it'. t "'"t ""'" i l ' 85c"" K sli "b'e 'N"t " $22 50
75c Linoleums, Best Quality, 60c
New picretine percales; Truly Fascinating New spring suitings in
the best on the market; all the best shades; also
comes in both light and Fit and finish and stuff and style along with the law
dark colors; all the best price are the big features in these new spring suits. The in checks, mixttres and
patterns for spring wear; new cut coat, full satin lined; the skirt, man tailored, the fancy patterns; strictly
full 36 inches wide; not a most perfect fitting suit you ever bought, and on sale an all wool cloth; 42
cheap cloth, but the best to you for Monday, at only inches wide; barganized
at ace chap 1 $19.75 Extra Good Suit Values $19.75 for Monday, at 75
price .only ..........
New imported French ging- The final cleanup day SPECIAL New wash ribbon, in blue,
pink and white, fancy; spe
hams in all colors, plain, on all winter tailored $1.50 lace curtains in big cial Monday, a bolt, 10
fancy and plaids; 32 inche suits and coats. Mon- range of patterns; a full yards to bolt.........25
fancy and plaids; 32 inches day you can buy them at rwidthtcurtailoii yards
wide with high silk finish; almost your own price; widthcurtain; 3 yards Nos. 40 and 60 Ribbon
guaranteed fast colors; for almost given away; not a long; best quality net; an In all colors; taffeta and
that spring dress suit in stock but priced extra value at 95c satin ribbon; values up to
buy here; only.... ,. for LESS THAN HALF $1.50; special. .. 35c; special .......23
Fisher Brothers Making Good
1Th,, I'uln il' .1",rtliWv1 st (' niltn rel ii,
theI' iclh'lic i organ of ll E l o ttlel' (h lliln
bh lr of 'nlillP erel , i. llltalhi an artcll'Il'
itsi lt lic it li an i Ili ,, e i i ) ti e t . I .4li 'r
'louiring M111. lllilll.iiiny o'f ,iA ttule,
that twill I,. ilf i l,', l fo a hi i t of r
Iflc' ilcl.c of t111 fl i in 1 11 i"ii" lit this
icciliitlliiiy f iit i Ihi'l l iiOiilll lci cc c li,,
ciLont ulhty .n1111 11" throughout th1 stlati'.
iThe lt er lcri hers, I untl i ct fw iiiora
1"tnd. to H I1utltt(.l 111 11 , later l t t i\n tlii th1i"
flouti ' .li, m i ll ll. hill- . \ixcl sively athi
liz icnuint . fi riii ing l iiil i Sire):i t'11h in'I
iliclers they hai l i.i hto i ti coast iit
i d esci'liild in thi ti'ry w lhih foI
lam .m, Is not Julst i, :1,1* I ," t 1 lllnionll
nfrl I'itll I uil
i Tci the icic , i r i low ing MI Ii l
niill tcc f iit fH lihl' i iiil littn thi rilwl
(illLt i t ll' oif h i c. ioflein I he inly ri iiustuff
pridu . c ,i li" Ai 15m liiii i h' ii liitleiti
tllh't ll i t l "i ihi i i r.lst ir , n iltl tllhe
lrieii t. (lherin . iiiili e li t'iniill iigit i oih
lulltic i inc ti i. cci t (hr'oi gh f ,cc :- I t
I.I'4 an 1 111 go'its; hit thle Se.ttle firm),
nli' uIctls.c l nt l i il ll e rli .iir ls a l ll u -i
tii i wi i the ll t i. inii marklll ; tl the
otlh r si~tie ori ih c I tlf'le, ii s Il:u.c 'li
0ll i Xctl tic li i c. llI 'iie . b luc, ictic w, ici
llHolg Kong, In nrl,'l' to g(.t off right.
Thi t ii lit inll n, i.lnost otif the fiict iti
th , ti ihtier i'louring c IIIs ci: anil ty I y
clii liluts i ess tial it i't llu'c but I
s;t4ull mtrviy ' .l'f 1 , Dlai t which th''I
h iv i itcit d itc l thi . tcuir r ilc e it' tihe.
' iest. uti't, ierw icl tio sit thitt tcii y will
t1lf cbltlc to h lle the businessci i wheni
they gi't it. "A.l rina's t'in'st I'loul -
inlg .MiIt " i s the ...i 1ian thali t hayy bcc nii
iclo1tectc bIy this ntitrprisei, Iand tihe
right to nsl.a IL hal b."rln uplil'or°(,l by
consltructi'm ex,. ,.rts wvhl) have hal l an
opporltu ity to g or tilt( Plan)'S 1ll(
the plant, whtichli is now rupidiy neir- I
i ulg coi11tpletlon.i
Site Ideal.
hT-he cite, icc tici ing 4 if inig ucal t
half acresu of filldil-in tideland ionI
llliott buy, was bought by the ivoii
pcny on January 1, 1910, Sthirtly
therliter, giroul was brloken and tihe
c.onstruc'tion work hastoned just as
rnuch as possible, so that by the first
of nlt, t month actual operations will
ble started hi the new milling plant
that represents tun outlay of something
more than $400,000. The capacity of
the mill is ouch that it will require
I111,11t IiilI Ihl ~i' 411, -itt t it I. I fI
I iii' l1t ii
Iii t11 su · + 1: ., t io iii I t'h+" t', it relt.e
Tho Mihihouse.
dii iii, htor'.uI ii lni itti iii ii i i i ' l l ) ' '
I I uIi .111 tittI'ti' iltIt lnIi
w est It f,"hl., intl! i ntt ~ "" II It u1"i
Ir~rlll,":: Hil l l,o14l lll" ::1·! 111+1 ; 1 IT'j% I'll
"I!IInll t rl\j((· :Il t ''n," ( I·II1· ll;; 4 1, Igued·
to iitliii'ir ll" t.Itl ~ lii i t ill Iili'i
l'l;:l ll`/.; 11'. I'+ 1 Ii~,r" I II1 r,"1 '.I! it 1 /11· r
Tr~ansportation FacilitiesJ.
1110 IN 111ii tll [," it -I ,ii' L 11 11 tlt lit'i,, . t t
potul of ln;-+1'n1ll " It,- -1111 1 111 11ll I null'\
Iuijuinei' l 4i'it'Vi ii ," t UIn, l flir" ',I' Itlt
i)icittll, lit ll il, t, ii tnsu Ic I"t c"+iii:;
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tI Sitithit ' fittiI i' tttilfI int' , lt it I' i4 1.1' h
1i 0 D. lYiatier. it ;n o hut t had a Krn t t
4(4141 of1 min111im 4'xp 1444144441 l(4 M4141t4itta.
a141-r o( ' (ilI. ,'4 lny. 4 4 1 ii ~fI J e4r4
4.'lait, , vice 4. l I"lr ltlrt W . I'. 11lehlcr.
I 4'1,1.4 4 ,1 '4'4' tl. ((444 (44444 li l 4'(44'4'1441) J1 4.V
41r4414(l41~ 14(\1'444 41 l1.(1) 14(ii))1(4 44144 illy ,I
, r .1ast (4 ' V 4. ' i'lu' '(l ' V44r 44ic· t(4&'
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It'trall Irllll'l' $ý,ll(IOl))' lit ll nt.(. ill l
I h.t ll 44(444( I S(4 44 41 1 (44I4 'I' 4.v ar
lallm l>,t niotl"I? c lloldt~ il'x inl ( I·it," \il i 1''1)·
tact ilulldirlg t'unl pal11y, lit . ( t'aur li11i i
.liijral'i, 1.u111.1 , flI, 1 4444 1p, al l 14I( (
4''rr: · In SII ·lt(I ' 1 441(11· 144 (14144 ((4141~r
I.411 i44'' I (14' 14411 (444444144 441.
1 in 1111V 11-4 (44n11t4
'[I 1 i il .\(lll, t 1i 1 411 , 4' l l ( ( t' I114 14.
l 1111 1 1. 'I 441 11411t(4 141 1444444 h 1olot44
rI ·llo l· jlr"·, t "=·. "rll c v look u on the il l, II
1 1''fla IP 1 ll.,; 144.it 1114' 4)rI 4t. j
t 'Ll, n up. This IIII,!(Si~ll Is ,"Itlll po
II.' ,'ot:-l;114 [11 4,1 4 141444141it tl' )na1 foci
4ý14 4.4 1 I r 1114' iii till Ill4 (4' 1' 4l ('111.11i
Illn , l i l' nl (4144144 44 14ilp in ' wll4.
XI i 1. '44ll4' 1 41t , 1444,k1 1 ' l(
44 (11 iI I ,114," 'I t mac (4, ,, t at 1, 1s I
111 4144 Ill/l ( .11' tin, 1I(,11,1, ',144'i 1114
4Ill : I tI 114 441 ' 'III, 4444it t' l 41 ,n 11, 144141"d 14
;4 11 1"'rr ll~"1:, ",. ,If I-, It.. "n o pt A lder
.,IIh!I '.f1 1(11'" 1 41., b it INtorder.
111, t 1 '. ],I 14,u~ l4.44l1 u, ''r41141
.1 i i, Ir. I ).IM . lI II 14.41 ntIplo h a4
(4r 1 41"1}' to ,1 r. 11'1, 'I~x tI a~x and 414 l4 1,
,I.r44 114 4(1'4' o l ..t .1 (1141 1144(1(4 44411tis l a
44(1411 a41 t~ui 114114 4' Isn thlli (441.~41
(4 (4t' (4~l; 1," I ,,'1 4.4 1. 4 l,,lI144. ' ( 144 114411''
' 4,1( s (II. 1"I,144 11.1 l11.lzn g a11 4444 xNl4u1 11
,1,411111( .41, 1.11' 111 114 41'14l''4 (t
-l toai1I,'11110. 1 n il t'"t
4411 hII 114 A,'l14 111111 tria htl (144'
1, l tl411'4. as (I'll ('r41h1114411'r 4(rash,14
taatRoll' or ht Skatin Rin.,cla
'(Ina Ii' skin, IIIl r'"lir In witll eoft, ais
child..d~~'He4 lg ac .o le
(;eta I 140011 tndw1" andl keept hrorder.
,Sp. .Ie,, Feb E-"( Chinese i b)y)
ore bv.'ing old In lthe IproiViIlceet mouth
tfr the fulninel distriht flr $6.50 a
piece," osav Alfreld 4. I('lliulan, who
h1l1 jlust reaihedr Spokane from the
"I 1't Inllt' w I.,. AU llul, China.
S Jii .[Ia t y" lI,. :lnl '·lnntltrds r id a
tllhlulllilMn11s rfri'geles froml the
if iline v istrhit were -warnlling Into
All 1ful. Tilt gateways ,f LuchoW
Wli nil' ftilliil u itll stiarvlin people;
$1 .4 ill A mriml'i nl e IlIll'y will f'eed a
Imanll Intil lll lllthr rLp growsl," ald'
11r It Is w an.
eIlntiliilig, Mr. I13uwvialli laid:
"(li'ii, i lfaitlitl s thait hi ve only
girls are in a hal way, aill lril catll
nlt ''. s"tl ait as lowi a figjure . 215
velit ;t pitc' ."
IItin , 4i'-, ell. 15.-- tOgden tll ills
It,'ll \,i N\ew YTrk, sitn o.1f \Vhiteliaw
lte l. , .miihba i ullr " tio 10gladll , tolday
hlliId ;i Ii 'lnie to wed Miss Helen
'lits It ,,.a.r if this city. whto at
pI reeti is eIngailged as private cerie
;tary tI, Msl'. W\lhitelaw Reid. The
marri aglll' will te sltlutllll ed in the
lItuline ll llllee thavel, i .March 14.
Family Theater
In Arizona
One liady adiitted free with
,very 44uid o10) ticket. Two ladiea
oil rit, ticket, or one [email protected] tll
r and lon lady on one i$Oe 'tcket.

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