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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, February 26, 1911, Morning, Image 8

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W. E. MeMuie lflamilton Is Chosen as the First Presi
denQbtllthe Ollimdzatio, Daniel Willlard of the North
ern Pacific Railway Company Makes Splendid Address.
Iemllton, Peb. 2t.--(8perlni.)--Pro.
ably no meeting in the llltter Root
vnlle, ever did more good than the one
called today Iby the country life corl
mission of the lliniltoln c.atjinl,er "oe
,Comnelnrce, for the lpuerporso of orgacniz
ing a liltter Root horticulturnl so
ciety. There ,wai a large attlendancc
of flitter Root frlllgrowers ut the
.esilon this afternon allid the. society
wan firmly established hbefore djoeurn
Inpnt at 4:80 O'clock.
The meeting was called to order iat
2-1 i. m. by Hamilton Thqe.her, chllir
man of the country life commissioln.
under'whose assplres the. citecling was
held. In a few Weill-chosen, words Mr.
Thisdbee stated the object of the meot
Ing. showing the great nee-ds of a hor
ticultural .eclety for the hitter ltoot
valley, to work In c.onjunction with the'
state. horticltturrnl society. .Mabli-r M.
J. Flaherty was then cnlled oin randtl he'
resiponded with a few words of wel
come. On hhehll of the mnuncipaul
government he turned the city over to
the visiting frultgrowers, with thie
atincere wish that a strong aind vigor
otis society be madel a working forp
for good in the valley.
Many Speakers.
; r. IR. L. Owrlles, prlsde-nt of the
Ilamliton Chalwheb of Commercei thene
spoke on the lpterest that organiis.
tion wasi taking In the mov-letment, anll
assIured the ftdlitgroawers ieresnn l t t It
all In tlbe hwer of the ehanlher of
commtr4 wuotld be done to Ilpl, the
-thing along. W. W. . arlan, one of tlie
"otetrl' aipplle griwers of the valley
a'nd14,. man who was instrulmentul in
getting the state' soeiely on its foet,
ate.s next called by the ohalr.
Mr. -a-rlnn stated that a hortlcell
turnl sonlety was cortainlyl nee'ded In
the valley. lIe aratled that a large
attendance at nelsc n. meetling was ilot
so elnenlinl as greatL enthusilllm--.n
thlinslacsn that is lAstling and accom
plishes redetll. Re then mnetLtinnorl
a meeting held In Stevensville In 1892.,
for the pulrpose of fprmin a soci(ety,
at which there were present one fruit
grower hesilde )limsel4 I newspaper
man and a farmer. Still at that meet
ing a start was made which re.niitell
In a flourishing rewi.dty.
I. A. BIriggs of Victor, Al Filelhc
thin of hamtlilton. Percy Platt of n.onllo,
W. M. Hncktet of llantlltozn, . 1".
Cameron of Hamilton and ljultaL -
Crousier of Victor nill slake of lis
great needs of ullch an organiationll itn
the vlle y.
I'poin ii, llou the ichair eapplinted a
cmnnlmitte e' cipooaed' of Al W4ilenthln.,
W. M. tucikett, W. f. lhirilul, l'ere'y
Plait and II. A. Briggs to draw uip itr
tilePs of organiziation, to ie suhiititid
to ithe criillng atiii the' Iafte lirln l s s
An sion as the aitte-rnoon esetrlon
was apelneeld W. M. tac'keitt reportedl
for the e,'lcinitteo acppeonlhted to draft
.a enaslitltion. The report wans nadopt
eed and another committee was theln
se'lectedl to nominate offce-re. This
erlllullitltec retlired hile lt illlal- lt illlinrd
of the Neorthern I'.tciflc Itcitiay -enm-e
p.eny wias addutrelssing the meetllng, and,
lupon r-.turningl , i'. WM. -qekett, is;
Hamimlton, Fob, 2 .- (Mr(Hpeeciall)-Mr.r
and Mrs. Len Iflftiry arrived in liham
ilton Iltat c-vfl-ing from c(litornrln
where they spent the winter. ltal'tery
hled down tire keyst'in'. snk on the
benetl hca)eball teatmn lias se~asnon and is
ellatled by dioth- liii iii mi for Anothe-r
Stiliitl s o(Irk rn the -"ltnt. Hli wahs
called awiay fr-n Illamiit t'- lnst fill
by huulins liE-ii attil~s tu,.lare t n fhe m sasr
WasIt acne. His it sL4pee-dy t lite I
ltilddr a11laiworkst nicely with Jialtleii
McQu~aid iirotund s~trandu. WitI bot hrm
taen in t heir, iilt p1EiElates itialitui fitnsm
PA'iil feel hatter. Ii't-It-r (tray andt
Third Itasemtan Nailly will 1eaiv." ('aii
IforlnilL fur Ijimiltoi MI rit r,. "Yale"
V.i iiims 115i at4 ing it little h14m-ieiil
stunt in Jaitralei 11at he 1141 4411ch~ w
he4art traim iima, l4nt Ii ttill siort b,
hni1EWill t 11tow 1r111 IIt tt h 11(441. With
hisl arrival thn- t414n will 14- 'limarl.
read'y fotr the ip-itlnig if liaot-ie i--work.
It tank1i1 pretty mmmui4h lhu4 it r-c-Il htmi-~
ball I -alam, In-, Pril thisH lIunrIe
lHamilton, FJb. 1 &I - peciall) -Mira.
W. W. Mc.lrackin anti MrH. M. A.
'W'hlte entertained aI tlarg nutmber of
Tltamllton ladiesw att thet Mo('rackinl
home yetir'ltray 4fterrloon, n taterah
sours ppasse4 at 11* whist Lable. lte
foeshments were ·orven d dnnrrig n Ih
*4roonln. The frst pllriz was tap
tured by Mina Mo pa, the seconrd priz/.e
by Mrs. (learge l(0GCath, white the
consolation prlt was 4.s ten by. Mrs,
F. Dudley. Th se present were: 'Tlhe
Sllissa Kenna, /Cannon, -Harlan, Tcan
4 r d Mesduames ()'Nara,
~~~Sff1~~O5U NRd , -OA P, fq40lis,:
Pnsolat, flp on, Tiucknan, Welty,
' @W 24P'rt 69 rtt8 Robertson, Toole,
fore thu meetinl.
On the commltltee's iuggontion, the
fol.dowly (tflicers were elucttld: P'real
deti, \\. IJ. McMtriiry or liunlilton;
1/iie' pgrecitsits, Arthur Phial tof o.ana
I'. i. Con'rolt'n l f llultlltlJ, I1. .\.
lirlgA if Victor, George 'il'hiye.r ti
tteIvcnf illh. antin WVillnI zlIiIluidotl uo
l*'lorenle; ioc.retllly-treuin urell., 1L. L. If
iltdea io liinmlltii; ,lgril of IruistriPI,
Jl mlltui 't'l'hacher.', A. It, H'llithliln
jI.. A. Joilns, ll.
nlil (lI. Wnilhlrd, dik elo n lhtll lnxat of
the nl l(rthern Pacillt, was hle.ted i tby
the teliity am the first honorar'y tientl
her of t(e organzlation. A l.ommnunl
'tlllon from til(t Mte'vun \villh Il linnh.r
of (onmmlrce, asking that the next
meeting of the >so'ity be hei, at Ste
vemnuvlle, wea read anId the Iviltatton
( 'eCept ed. A tel'egranll cii n i lI. r, -
ceivedl during tile aftiernoon trol tIIeI
I rchllardI ioiiin,'s country llfo com'llIs
sinn otf Mi JiioUil, extending gUood
wishesll t)o the meeting II .id nsking that1
the isource tfo today's mneetng, the
o('lluntry lifel. (tnlnsrIsii In-ii minr
Ilncd a11nd that hlenator Dl)xon he (com
mended for his 1tand on the- Canadian
rvclplrtltity quest lonl. ''he! Itlltinil
iliChamber oif ('ilnlmerce and its exti'I
tllve committee itacl also thankeid for
,brlnging lbhout the nmteutlng.
litiriiel thlt mneetlng adjoulrnrted maore
thun 40 ilembers had Ibenl eII curedi oil
the ui(Jei'ty ' rolls. All lwas enllthuslinln
ulld tIle busine.n of tLhe meltilng \\wl
diispole, d of wlith dilltiatch.
ThIle feature of th e iceling, rontr an
Instrtltive standplliolllt, ,ain thie tfne
atldtdress gi\'tII 4by I)ev\llllmnt lt Agent
Willlard ot ite Nortlrrln latcilfli Mr.
WlllIard oame to the Iloeetlng with a
mneonagi toi every cliziitin of tlee valley,
iand his Inler'estlng talk wall one of it ie
bIt thingl heardl it local cI relres Ill
pOIIC 11ti . J"lrou, hlli reiti, rklt hlis texl
llmight hilavn en il oiln wrd "'il.
In iopning his tailk he it .tedi that
the two greuli Villy's Sir ci-.ipe-ilr.t
limn that hi kiunw rof w re II. ind Iiver
und the Hlitlr IMott. lie stateild thiL
the c('Jtnunlllity Witn greater ti;hln ithe,
Individual and lthe cultivationl, lprulong
niind inspecltion of irchards could eli
better dolnel if tlhre were. cor-perflrlllnimn,
or )ertfe' t oirganllizatlion.
I(e numde it llrong pi'oa Tfr e'ller
iduil.utll In ill kinds of work. W'ililather
ilthe man operateil s 4 v di.ry, or ,heilher
lie cuilltivte anl orehIllrlld, he will bP
hetter table to rrtilie tIhe- hiKghest Ie..
gree lof effi.icnll'y by duca.ill g llhll lill ll'
aloing hl pjartilllur fin-. "Yoi. lust
gat rid of thel" iu*il ionis there In theli
pilloy, hilury them oUt pd1111, li ian
their rchurlll s by night," dile. llrl Mr.
Willu"ld. "I a 1 li ith si.i.titli tiv'r till'
llitter " int IbIa urs it is luch a won
dilerful districtl, 'T'here ire not many
vall'eys \hlch 11414l4'1- the nilvnnli.ng's
ofi thils v ll'y. It will Ibe it veritableh
gardelnn of en If we ir i i wlit i we
shoutld. iue mlist work tloigietheir :l
cunioperate to bring It llii n Its own."
Mr. Haliltrd then mict' It plea flr
l'i,.tler (io- i ,rI tll ontbl e w il' vie'll t +e Ill't -
'li l1',I the v lii nllly nil the ri lr iads.
uhi.t youri wants" de1lare'd i Mr. \'ii
Manlley, \Plellivlr, ("ovltrroft, A bllontl,
D~udley, I '1'hae. 1'II1.)I r, Torrence,1'~'
Mhftain, Slloan, ii*:in, 'iiii,'iutild,
\%'hli*, T1'oitiuui, (;ICiF., Kiiiulll, %2i'i
(·llr, 1t11t1edge, Blcrlrlllt, 'I'slet, 11·
('ull'n-ii. Hulllvani. liqk<, $-t-a uit, Mtr.
K-uwii and (rlggHs.
R~'a24h~ingifl, Feb1.: 25-ip'-izuI.
'Jha tapplihatl Iii Iti Jjtilii'lii for the
Inritllihiill of i, regnuIir 1iy nmail
delivery wa2(2 pi-relsiI-l to thi post~i
offica deplllartmelnlt i)y. Senaltor I lxon0
today. PIplers WI-i-a filed sllholwing
(tnnditions fully 4 4tnplrlny nV wit the
1 r11quiremnts Ii tst' ooti
thV' illliW It·l ' (il-C (1'at I1g f r . says 'll
inspector tlllf'I:('I be sent to uw LIh.Hilton
In22121'. liii to insta ll r egu 111 v
t'arli t1 , V 1' . ii l& 1 0r 11 " -.l (Itu ll( U I'
Ho lmllen bhoI, bi thu II tlt lI Ill t eiliv
who Ual . tah mattIes a 1In N1,t"arildn
held area now'sdI far a112i~ $91.1 havad
Plai nsln 1t0.2,-(teln.--i ls
snult aguh bCllt Iter (Ilc, dIll , tu tu in tarni)
lnk the wan~we offelwe It, MI. tnnrinnn
for 4tnree nn ý it' ground of n\'nlll
New Mexican Invakion
At left, Willis Polk of San Francisco, the Betty Ross of the new republic
to be formed in the world's appendix-lower California. At rigbit, Rick Ferris
of Los Angeles, who heads the movement to establish a new republic in low.
or California.
l(til Iof h i ntxt .tIIupte.r wtitltn Iin tihi ,
hlctiory ii thei ,.lS, i ,ia rv i kliii.. 1ic1
verr I1 Ie, tit i le r Ing tle l prt ti t+elt lIdI
prI mar)y ,"I, llims tn ulisin * I'- the
4 til ntl i n i ft l lit n il 't ' giii \'t'nt r,
IItr'e ii tt,'I lt thi 9 he e , itigI. I'lihe p tni
INl t (cuiptl r l'o w r l ii t'llifriill lnd ('ll
v IrIt I tilt 1ita rl'pu t li I(, InI ai llinl, tir l
lIht, (tnllh1 Mtute..
hI91t oil' t .lnlit 1.e ll tie Prl'ei.i tll.ln 11 1' -
fir1'I4 I nstx, .vlt I the ," xt'n' iv , ov,'r
II ter 1':llilf~rnia, I",,,'rri t\ IlIl till hi
It i ll hi I ti , It l hllt ' 'il II i' x. "l', . retutv ,l(
h .l v111 n11·1111+l n1tI' 11 ) ' IIh x we ill S. rll
turn uvv'e lw ".r I'alifornin tot I'r"'ri.
l,'errlt a i keti hill h eist i t i l il i I 'ht Iit'
ter1 t'Iegr ,tI" metit w rtis thttle It I'rniviti, i
tire, w'itinhg fur :t. hrlgh t 1da. to t'.,Ii
itlrt, ,leIn /r , I', 1rri to , i, t infthrli, : ti
t Ie'r to Il ;,el'n l':l 'ii tas l tIl'ro , ,' nt.1
ntm l r rfl' thl in. J rrnc 1 1 ~1r ,., \t h , l
xrv,\ d nulJ t. 1 s, n tIlh, valiant r% l that|
II \,r illa t Ithl t1 , :.,-t, ~It ' lo f . ,t l r" hilt
It lllm lkt It '+mll pn 11ign itn1 t in+ll v I~+;t.'r I ':-li
urnllia, - ,t <;+.ii +al I',rrl w ill he. in
Ihl, vahltth.le tindt r the. hbanne+r thatl \%'illiý
|trt',+% w1an th ,ri° o, Ill h, htlv ;I lh li ,,
f "r II Inl.lur e tits.
J'trri. 0tun l~,ik tire n1i the, m1Jy
l|,ndr, In Iho n1\Y rl+publhlh rnlvt1nt.
WVialllllllightl, I b",h ,.--" · rovent
thi xtiiclllti'll oi r Ith. hIlt tRi lto ol
nlll1'|hl(' rll \\l'.'rilllillL'. I'rlllti l')tNe 1111 14 h'i'll
|ortlll|P rlnlll I ng, I fC nglrlellll . ns M n.II.IOQ lc
i lli i i dt i( i 111tttt h 1 ' K t rlli l i tlllll :It p ', -
IPrlhlin d hy I h,' I I't:Huro: llol' that Ilh tl tl .
alld it \was \·lr lllap ort'he byI 1 a11a b llll II(tlo
i 1 t11111 ' 1'r I t it l. ,rnllt r 'ilri,' t11t h% ill
ih ·,l l' , l (l i· ll ' 'l, ~ ,.,' lhlh~ll)l' |,* I f cllljn
1Ir g ll ' Ilet Ir to l )llnaol"Irh L.d 've fral'
olo)it i liii' p 'irlt. 1i t . .ttt tti 'e l lli'lt tIl'r
aIrI, ;ihl i ll ! .:1)1llt k a' 1 lon '. whid h iln
in 1110' I wll ' 'rh.11 1 ii, tli .1(.·sll o i ·oei i
dlttaik haly,.tllc' ofl falrmtlrs', hntl \illi
ot aill h II1 d I- i nl lll,, ta lII it lt tl0u
i'thnl. bi0 n strelan d rn
(·i·\' enj oy~ ('~,llrey ll (':Ipp y .C.ilN ( O IllIllI1
Ihll t ,' i l til t l iri. I.l wi llt l 'll rlanhu lliVi
i ii ~l"'i llP ~ '~lltjl i'i Il~lmllltllllH, )It\.'. (I1,'
"IIl)l 1 +.' n .. n llll i hlli~lll ll'll~, .t ' llrR ( I.:I~
iilld())~). .ill,.ll. ll. hll~h( n 1~ t'inilif ll.' , l i 't -
Il th ,l i . bli frt,' mltlV Ill l ix,
I tutu tutre u-' an'unidt''tn'' lUhiul'.
Tal rii qu,. fir asistdn.lNaiuticii fr a ily.
nl tiihillil ailtholritlio is h. iil#,d onl thi
inl Ytllowstonll+ Ii rk, \vht(,h il Illin li.r
Coill','l Ili' l'nillow ihng. a bith'l.l'la i froill
?tlailh l4.r AI. 4 . I ' rlrlll ofI th,, Si. Ih -
t I rl'b.ullg brl'illchi In rleftl'lencei Iin Ill
seizuii'. ib ' th, Iliitann ilill p lic., of' thil
boo~lks, :iln dom'lll~i l.nt i1' Ilia comiilpln%
I'ilitl \ ii\
" lilll l oit. i n g ,)l i . sl:fa cll .lly .\1 ,ll l
p tli vNii' hatviii; hlarge1 l,. ill',lI, v.iih
intillliipl/ihl sh ave )iil .1 |ii, theirh' dli,,,-R
illil (,:l i0l., llit ¢.,ll 1,i ' iilV ,li l.,:i lhtim hb
it spei(,,ll eni tlllill 0i ;ill intihl dt hv lh,.
"It I.,la is l'rou hlonli for nll stl tillsmlilln
the ]laizl lil piosterily l ouir~lilli staional'll
oullrreni.y," i'ollil'rkl<'d thle treialsllry ofli
"YIN." relhlilild Senaltl orl• ,. Maist4hi i i ,
"andll yekt did y1iU I'\1'1 kn,1ow% i n" bol
tol lhold Jil tol a l inhr llill l,)11 maInilghl
Itl lklnowt w holise li!{lair i:4 ,ll II1", .
"Pupaii" saidl I,' dl'. ,lIh "Vht}ll is ;
"Whly, ai big frti'," rotllhd hi..i
S "\W PII, piliia, ll. 1 it lratif iu l l ti ,hbil
"I am11 huIl y. noiw, deiri '." replihed
fathelr asl ho teicapted.--N.tilonial Da.ily.
liiirsill tri .lf .l r I ii" pi i iir tii jtll ni. -
I 'r itll XI il n'llso, oIiil iii. lt II. ' llul
jr til t ltlu i I Ili-tl I. I fit liii is
i ill.oi.i It lit ri nll ( I tli .lalki In ) 1li
S I t: Il t :in 'I i it ' I iil)liI. .
a II alut b11: 1 . tll 11 11;111 it o f 1 llM 11
Srtll o itlin . h ,'liii rl I.Iick I'iit rit lls Iti
SVir 1 laInl i. "lttilt'l W 'til. 1 'lIi7l 1I Itht
!vl' rnliln' tl'll alll: .it lix ' 1 I'11 . stt' ll ; I
1II i !# in I o 1/ l!r o it ti', r. I ,11 1. '..tI
ii .lllllr I'rl i'hll i'i. g I )II l it l l turn ti n
lil- ' II II'Itll;i t it i" I-i " 1l. : i utu ,l'lt I
.tilt -itI 1s li, fii I i I iliah Ii h li'r
l i i trl ill l, f l l i l l lt, lS * l I i ll ti o Illi
h ,u li , ' t'litr ii I n' i :'t t 1iSi1t 1iii Ii llti'
!l \ , i ic l" Itlu 1l,;1 l l :11'1 .il-l :I V I 1--il
till, Ihl rb kr\** fiillll ;t .i
l rlllij; I',,11., iii I1,, t ia ll n, l th. l
Ill nz 1 .l llhtt1,, .%-;I 1 h,. ile i. iu ValII 'l ll l
i i l ll I .14 ill-ti ii I'h 1. n"" I1ll1 ig n {:
.i.gr ihl.r l. 1; 'tI h1 '.' 1 . ! i'l'rr :.nll.' lll
I W.' foili ill ;1 . 1 "1 t ' I t, \ 1' 1 It i
li11 j. nulli t } i'lllll, W ilis h rif.1 ' cl'.'lll'gl l'a
lt'iillrl" i ir' b e .I 'l l rl ' s to t'lir.' 1i l.`
Ilisl'. 'I'bi'rsl ih ' fh xIll I liitioll \"ill I're
i'r'7l11}' to 111'i1'1
Speaker Wisconsin Legislature
ilili Sviik~ lal-lI.) lg.\ n r1411 1 Irnd thl
II .ln III ~ lllt IitI' l l hit8~1'? 1 jllll'i14,111111*
1II. ill li-sll II i. i ;,l" fill'r~ XllIl I4 ii' I
Ii 'sr ~ :.1 11,1 lll 1,1. 11 1,))11' 1 Ii r iii i'i 1ihu
11111411111iii Ilj' 111' 1111 I III' 1144.11\~ I;~.
1,141 111111 iii1(, ii. r;.il~ ~i\~ ·~. ;I~
141111 11:1 .1 hIll i I iii '1 jill' ~I IullK lilli·P '1'11
lith11ll 1~11111 114141,1( 11411114411111i·H 11.1 111.
Ii lI.1l 1/1.11 1111111 141111 111111I'I I Il .IiI
11111l 11:'14 :11111 il l lull' illl ;l (lit Ill 111141
111411·;l) \1.11 .1 li IA'1 i('11111 tt~lii i·o . : II
thhr~lll. j IT1li . I:llil' ljlr :I
| tlltln U 'it al r ;.nIt t 1,','.' nrw m. . 1111
t iiis.iion, w;ts b u t i 1 Nxi I t 11i l tqit ,
I"t.atuk "' t 'lit | t . ', s"'i , 1" ,r'V, is I
.11 it fI irl,: lngill.h (|r fttr1 it Stchool i
ti 4i i. ; ;.tl II rit rit t ll ,f thit vil uii ,
t'ritiholl i r ltrisi , W1iis., 187tar - , i t I 5
,ipr l siil t ,l the ntr i 'hry ehll ,it Ia rt
W :I'lshini t,,: .,1'i,., I xi-!*12. Ile thr ilh -
ti,.ed in t t L tin colr' seai. flm tl ti.,
lshkosl : vioritl l School In 1hs:. )owl
' f'l".llll l`ll: i t'gs'ii i ,l'it.l lll. illltt t lt . ,list
ro t he lruih 'u :Ir it litic eatiIr sar tit of Is'"
" ns Ilv rlity It t ,' i W i .'e n lrt' I !<1. tiI.
ItIook II t' oth : tie court(l Iln r'(nel llr l .,
rh .istory iii l l t;li' i rtti l tii at it). I -ln;.
Ser lfty of herbl,., , lrmuny, in 'IN!14
!1t, and wi's honIrlry fellow llo se ix
tonsIon I'1 tllrr at thlt I[' lvlV rsi ty ,r
1\i ''l.consllrl ln I l 1 0'- f wasr u u tnt
ver.II ty f1'llowy tilt . fth lI,, nll' v.tl'Mlty
ih I.ill-9T, mill r,'.lh'd frm hlls .lin t
I nnitr thi. haslit , of . ili, ii).i. Il the InI
lior v .- ll; ll ' (in. tl slll i1 Ir l .uctori
'lt i r of 'r .o i nt. l Iit iiitisittalsI prt f a-ssi r ofi
lpolitic a l ll . 111t. i 1')n i(1s . i, t htslls
ico tinued his l u. llsi r'illy w. ork i while
serlI. 1.i i the com is<llllllli l. f It-ham
l IIone speell work for thlle inds itrSi l
i t mis i ion, tJlll t In ilt tertat c lirtnler
( ist sl illt, m ll Ii t 'll ur h'allt o t ll
Ir insportati on of t ii-l I t'rn iKli stii f u -
ll ii ultl)h i . llit n i l' 'thil',ill't .h ilslu.
I ,i-tl I - elll i 1..hl rll i . , , )1 it 11 it(1 lI. t; ile
1 rtlllo0 m l tll:.l ,'- ll 1 1l + ri'' li.,,I II ll je1"111s,
m ylt oi " whic(h I, puhlis h u hI 'i h
flt 'ilwit. .' ltalld thi,,. It il roald I i'
mZ ltt.. i;111 . b ,,lc, "Itr h ll way le ,+g h is
tlir. I. itsh I . is -l-lll iis'l ta ' Itil i a p h
+ 'I II.Sl14d , ho' b I ll+M t I n lla n ' ''.mlliop n; i l
a1I.I1. li, isi :1 a s" :--H r of dnin i r n
,+h i ln ri hf+ litiI l it .l i' a n il ivoir
ithel sl tI .t'snit II' tl ss celst. lnul r si
lIwai l l IlIt 1 5 'ritv i t( oo feator)I
'tt. ert l 11.i u Poltle e ilaln' t l hI,- so-' l
c lelhl "s;t lw irl" thi " o' tho , lr''lulhb
li..ls' 1,u rts lit ill \\'.ti , is il. f . ' li ing
'been t 1lit'spr Iit' oIf thi' pi o llitl
'lici,,st, i ii i st hilgh ribl l'i't I ithb i'
lwho oIrs ' lnt lll t' ilhl 5 list :' ofi 't'iI i it
post Is lilit I tiui i t has i I I 'r allowX ' 'd it
Sohll in be il*d -I r i lf ny att'nllp ,lt hi
b"tn lrh.fi t. ioti it for politti al pMllr
pow i.. i 1.4 1 ' t11h- tihhit I that first
hrougl t II1,, \\' l: ' .'io III '', ýi- rl l
fiti i,. Iu (nin nct i s Iyl. Its 1 i m. sinhi, li ltns
ifI Isi17. T h. "-'I .ii s fI r I 'm~s l(t'sfltinl h:us
h11" 1 pl' .ll 'lll ll fit'(- I 1lll :ll11 'h 1b ' 1 o f ::lt"
l- si'.o-nst s.ls il ,nlv t-o t hi hi ,
lihv ulw,',, & 8t . lt ul, th. I'hica(
NI 'rlhwty stI lrn ranl Ih,- i'hbt.l ,. tt.
Pa'lul, .\lilil.aponl, K' I in 'ha, ill uf
wxh i, h. it wa%. h Id, "-hnhld ild " thei r
r'ateys f'roI llll :, t . Tr= 1
opilion \teas + l " mll st s,"jan 1ti'ifi 111d
"x11th ,.1 \P - l .+.lu.ll ovv\ r writtl'. olll
lh+' wray Ilrdt the lusts o" allth'l.
It II' n ortl~ li'J . Ia I ll t I1. b,' :,filu l/1r't(ill1,
I -lrlto ll tilt vu' rou imd.u . of t irti.. It
im ialhersto.o. that Mr. .\h.y r was th' .
:,lti11,1' of iii , I 't" It, or, at ;i h+ tM, of
It1, t', l lrtrts of it dlrtilnt w ith the
dhrhing (l- in.hlxh1intm alte r,'dlh,.d to
71,, e uts, hi' l 1 nlilis.l ti cll re("ll l
uloitled d that Ih, railways w. lilhd S. l1
mileage hooks f'r '' ntllis ;t mil. The
,allw .'s co ulplied bath with the coal
ln is s f 'll l'ord e r a l d M i lt\ it< S itg ,.s .
tion lthtlt nilIhltge h,',,ts.
'h1 . tart of ltulf ' lh', < illl ,Si l i
w;IS mi e ll1i.4 ay sr , O i, 11i+i Sol 4
1LIlll hit, r i hill tw' hintroll. d iI
thit Stah le ,gilatllrs, re riltlh'nrV t flhti
2-cent rate. TIh nrlclh1rs w\'+ t be
fr,' the legislat lre aid lried to gl.t
it not t r ass i th bill. Itllt tlh, S-c,.nt
l'at'e I'ra - . ha d lilt \1 'Isconsin +s !la rd
ts other sl;ltts, ild thlt bill wlas
lIsswed. It wa;IS chl'fly In onn. "n en{'
of this that John lIntitws resignud 11a
chalirmatl of the . lnunlilSin. 'flT e :
"tiL |urr lw In \i.' c+nsil 1thn Itaover
h.,tn tunt'.stedl in the mot..s. It probh
! )Historic|Blockhouse Saved
I ',1 ill 41t1. 1 1O4., 4Fll.14i1-4 tiIlI Ran
IIil iIn it ixrnt 4litl'iuty ofrM I1ticI i
% II 44 Ili. u 4v4 LII tl41 t tlity. p1a { will
I'l.llllt~ljllrll thh~v'I Ilr l'n iln l'llLy IN n
Illalll lria~l to (:('1('1..1[ 111(1i I;lIItler. (;on-1
,,i Id' i l t'an ir 34 II)U: 1C f ll, Iiii'&it''' lt'it blt I
li~ihlill for ti ll'I Indians anal, 1 11 l 'lu)l)(i llr.
finiti tIle PI'aCbIot i, 4 11(11 uit I- m 'ed
uUlt'y fr i llt thyt1 O orall Iiterto th
Ilnllwc, together w ir~tli' a Iop ttrhkiidn,l
ear.ly in 1866. Genleral Palmer ob-'
THE last issue of Standard Lime & Brick Stock to
be offered to the public is known as the "Bonus
Issue." This means that the company is making
a proposition to subscribers to this stock. Do you in
tend to build? Do you intend to drain your land?
Can you use any of the products of the Standard Lime
& Brick Company? To subscribers of this last issue
of its stock the company offers as a bonus a quantity
of brick, drain tile, coal or any other of the company's
manufactured products proportioned to the invest
ment made. To illustrate: 1,000 shares of stock will
cost you $250, one-fourth cash..and one fourth in sixty
days, one-fourth in 90.days and one-fourth in 120
days. With this investment you get $250 worth of
brick, drain tile, lime, coal or any of the other pro
ducts manufactured by the company as a bonus fig
ured at the yard prices (i. e., if the yard price for brick
of the desired kind and color should be $20 per thou
sand you will get 12,500 bricks with your investment
of $250). In other words you pay for your'stock and
the company makes you a gift of its products equal to
the amount of your investment. The purpose of this
plan is to interest the prospective builder, the land
owner, and the progressive business man, for it is your
influence and good words that will make a success of
one of the best manufacturing propositions in the
"Ask the Man at the Desk"
Standard--Lime & Brick Co.
112 East Cedar Street, Missoula, Montana
tell I1 10 ' Independent 1683
111;11 iii tll I'll' l\11t ii (l.iii )1' 1411111 -
.114 t~ill' il ll' tp~illt'l 'l~l~llll ilr'1i11'IIM, 11
~111 I I:1 tllI(lllill'lt lIi~i Etclfli iii SI Ilii
\v I II Ii' l'i MIll. 1· 1 ! 'II lIIIIIIIII
Sl"1tij1lt '1'\ rIgs i-jlll 111 ·I'.I~ L I~.I)( I
1111~1111(111,1 lii I II Llti'i'Mflt C~ .'1111111I41'I'l
.11 14I~ (IIII. ISL' '111141411 II1 9 44lT141(·l
411.I1 L..IIlIlIll I ill' jI~l.4(411'' (If I144 iii.
ii Ii11 I'll\· ll .;li~(iI (IIIttt 11919,(·)(f~I 1111· t·(lIr
I 11111 l 4'4111'111I11 ill . 1411 4444 rl'tf'?( I'(L ~I Ii
1117, ~·,r'lrl tll I huh 111444 III hill.r I t ll'l'ft
1194' ll' ()ljrlill'f Ill I1(I~ln' fit1 l r4t~t'l54'fI4ild,
talnedt a force of United States troops
f r the (de''en .e of th " sottlerH and the
mIn "e't° slattoned at the bJlikhouse,
I hi' h waI s Ini ed i I'( 'n .i, ain, after
liebtentnt Phil $hllrld'ill. wihi) was in.r.
dliid hth ', \itih I'lill l .}\vl A.
In 1S61, after the elvil \\'i bry lt,
unt, Llo'utcnalit Whorl'ti and (1.aptin
It:.St .ll wer' directed to leave' (.lrnde
Hoiille anId t'io't for servicei in 'tile
east. Illeurteinant Sheridau rose to the
riank of general and 1( ptain tHu.i.II,
ie(a' In 'iommnd o)llllll f il dirlision un
'br (hl'enirt$l Sheritan, ,was. kitlled in
the bLtle of Winchist'r.
Amo.g oth"r lutled Ilulillury Wten who
vIite1 'nort Sherdlan were Gecneral
('rant, Major liy. old|, (General , ' :I l
t ild and Captain A.tiger. The old
btockhou.e has stood practaltly un.
c'lhialg Itll theosi yeairs in(i will ibe
preserved carefully in the future.
1Ynalinee, FP,.!h 2.--(SpliahI.)-Thet
rontranrlnes o.tisf Ii, ii nvii\'cI, when pl,,n d
oat the w ,itne s I. ltil . allt, tIe| r Itll t
wit orf tl v colnviel.' ulltgedl nctlllnllie,
.rId Davis. iIi trial for robbing flintr
Peotrsozn ini thli city of $1itfi, nearly
put l'roseling AIttlirney Wvayne . oitll
oif cnilirt todny.
The (enOlviet. Jnies ITanlat. hail
pll.aulhd g l yti ti lht charge and hb d
Ipronllmisld to tell till about D\fla ' palrl
In the robhlhory. Ito was\ii Hiltc:ll'iled ini
Ithe penitentitanry, tnvis dielined ltoi
follow hils pinrltler's xsilt. II enitered
it Iplin of not guilly. liloftly declinslt
h fr 1 m f li.l(tridt ,lidgo WV. \'W.
I'nntlnl oif the nlaistlnllce of nill ttor
ney, Inid ulndertook hisif ownl ilefensel
with much cmpillenlllln nnld mtIHldpter
i -tleh skill. Ills qiit tilnt ilng of tIh
Inhtocal acnl, ey, was unot Il to li Irl
point Litnd 110 dlisplhityd tSi mitch fiinii
ilrlty with court ltronedre is ItoI suig
gilt previ'ious experlience.
'Ihecn Iiantinl wlAU pililPdl on tlhe
stand und mllw thei brave sholw nlmall
lby I Is rplll hli yoiiloled lind finally dlo
clinedl to S-ay a word In reply to the
questiIolni flred iit hin tt 4 the prose
eilltlr.. As lthe lIttler hail rolied liplon
Ilanlln'ls tltmlnn ny to snerui tI(e o i'n
victliol, lte ca'illied for a recois tlndl st
aIlboilt fllnding uthlir tieutlrimony for ithe
it tille.
tilon the Intelrnatlonnl Congress on
Tulhirculosis melts atL home next
Nolltemher, representativeu of over 30
il:tional and privitn.itlal altAdilllttio ls
orgalnlz.ed to fight tuberclllois will lie
riesent. iAmIIng the lnsshietanllns
It,+hltch will he reproesnted are the,
Iitnl led talitois, ( ttnld ii, (i'tt , T"rlnlin l,
lIweln .i, 1DentIrk, IRussli, le'rmuny,
i nd, Polrtugal, Italy. (t1rei, Ilulgalin,
llIngary, Aultrishi, Nt ivw Zoiatnd, Ja.
pin, P'ap Pol .ny, Argenlhti , limzil,
I'hile, New' fn' t inin ld. It llianlin,. I'rl-.
".Ihy Iihvo l'll suluddlnly chlirlge~ld
w'ur ittliude on Ihis reclprocity mlat
br? 1" lYou usied to he strong for aI re
uliition of the tiiriff on foo(dlttffs."
I lno\, iat I Ilnderstand thllt It
will ihe possible to bring egg' normHl,
,1t, ihrder free if we have ('lanadian
"Yes. Aren'1 you in favor of cheaper
"Not by It longll shot. We halve t
hins '11i w I i and are, si'llllg Ii dozeon eggs
a wueek to oullr nliolghblors. 'Thsl whol e
piroliI, ilt Is out l'-."-CIhngo
Rlecordl -Iherald,
Jdpalu Is not lagging hilnd in thI
flight lL inslt tublercul.is. I'llThe Japllaln
I{iiiltth atisoclation has n.er O200,40
locul mlelnbers and calrrIes on a Pcam
ltilnli of lectures in tihe eltlet and
towns of the country. Tublerellonittla
Inoreaxlng in Japanl, and chefly, Prof.
. 1~iltsato of ''oklo says, to the rapid
development of the factory system of
Industry, tile Introductlon of modern
methods and inannerl of olvUlsatlon,
and the Inheliitng aeutenesu of the
struggl. for existence.

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