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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, March 08, 1911, Morning, Image 1

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Great Secrecy Is Maintained by Mili
tary and Naval Officials, Which
Leads to Supposition That Things
in Mexico Are Not as They Should
Be--President Diaz Reported III.
troops d41111 ton fleets 4 onlizing
for ilnnonivsl I neVir ithe tMie.xitnil
i'lh l urge t mIIi4oV I li nt ll tIII.
1ind VI tver i(11de1rta .ken in th11, e4ln
try In ti ll 1 peace.l i
11e1lnrlll hw White HiTuse lii(d 41
partments l'-onternelld to he oly fill
the prllpos'lIe, of training olficle'4
linf imen ill -'llOnprntlv4'e wvOlk.
A ln ll'l o11n i 11i| I lil'ee llli'g es f11 il
fantri'y Aniil. f ll In l 'lpendlelit rligale
of ovilnlary litlt halinaulets It
MiSan Aintllni, 1lnjnr (lenrlil \Vil
lin|l 1I. (.':irtor (. lnll iilll1ng. lilii
A hrliltltl t (ialvesitlii, Itrigadllr
eneratl A. I. Milkl commanding.
A briigad in the l1o.s Angeles,
("i., isttrit. BrigadlIer Ienoreal
'iTlsk.r If. TlliPs (otmlnlindlng.
Twl'o tlouitislndl manrilie to galither
ait filOntlnnllo, 600 1now" on thle
fleet tliihere ind to be lindiledl lit
lnce.; 700 on the Pralrle and(l 00
iil the Plxie, to leaIive Phllidellilt
fir (1nlntanlintllll ''hllrsduy Or 1Fri
Il' r or armiore(l Ir'sers1-T nntle
Fe, .'1(ntnill, NortIh (C'iarolina auind
Wislinlligtnli (:,0140 officors land
lmen) Ito ls4u(mble ill. iltnntanlln m.
liter Admiral Skiney A. Slatlton
(.mnnllnlnd Ii1.
M1s.t oIf lthe 'uclfic flteet tol is
se.ble alit San Pedro and Hnl.
Diego, ('Iltl.. Iteuil Admiral Tlllllms
\Waushingltn, Manre h 7. -The lmo144t
exti'nsl\e ili(i4v-mlienllt of '11i41s iiiand 'wll (1
%.sells iver exei'lutLtld n this .otllntrit
iI time of p-iel llIs n ) Ilndfo r w iiwy hby
ordlir oif th11e president, tIhe nhjecItiv
luhing t tll- outoll yl nll rl i'th of thl. Mlexi
('a1111 iLndary llnd the waters of iti1I
'I'Twently Ihim tiiil s.4li1ers - imllur
thiu lione-firitilth of the Artily 1of tihl
l'ifitill Sl iitf.h-f all AIIrms y thei
I'ullIn r fi'lll.l'n IIs ol li oiilll'y 1 itl'll.h , li
ci1 ihan llaeri foi, rlmnored ril sn lrs
ln)trisiig tllllhe fifth d(II'I4ltIn fI thli
1lAtlai l.tilc l l1 II he p te il ll ( 41l iii flral
Ilthorl Wutorai to the Iavn l Men.ion
it I l. ntl nl11 I, ll n'll. . a, mos. t of the
P iilf;t fltot is, or sholrtly will lhe, ona
i-t way to Lemble at Shlllnll Pedro
Aind Hllan Diego,. ('l., Anl .,000 inmairivnt.
alre preparing l ,l to nlIko thte -illnntln
4111 s0 U lhtlA (heir temporary 1,441
To Train Officers and Men.
It 'anin officially Announced At the
W\hitio ifoi.oe and At the war and navy
heplrt'intsil that the purpose of tiils'
graet mobilizntion, inprec.edented, slVe,
Iln wl" tIlmes, is th trlaiing of offlI'
cris and mein uinder servicelt ennditionsi
land practice inl co-operatiio(n between
the land Al navllal forces. Other paiarlns
were taken by a Ill olff1liflully Icinctrnelld
In the matteIr to give Ihils (olor iit I
tIhe sthudden n1ltctltl.; btll tlhos sltate
111tlli wlere nc'illt.-.d with IncrLueling
'There have bee.-n hniportant joint
maInntll vetr in the sllt few iyears, 4butl
tiyt1 hv 4t leeli pililnlnn fur liI ail
a'le 11nc 1(1 ('lurriOd ou4t without excite
4itmnt 'ror4 even evidence oif interest at
the ll Whte Illooi-,e. o'lday the oexecutive
offices were steeped with iilystery the
entIre morning 1.114 given over Illt
c'onftterences t.with offlcera of the wair
ilnd navy deplar'tments.
Thlis thlcl itinlnlsphler of 1mystery4
aind the effolrts to minimize the im
portiance of the business lent a slg
al'flianle to the fact that General
.eoinard Wood, chief of staff of thl.
(("olitiiiued on Iagle Ton.i
Ncw York. .lurch 7.--Mexico needs
no ild in ke.eping peace or In protect
ing foreign interests within her hor
dlers, in the opilion of Jose I\'es LI
,antour, Mexican minister of finance,
m. ho arrived here tonight from l urope.
As to the outcome of the Inlurgent
struggle he added, the federal govern
mnent is eure of ultimate success,
"The spnding of American troops to
the hordir has nothing to do with af
faliri in our country." said Senor LI
nuuntnulr. "Of course, the presence of
at large body of soldiers might have a
good moral effect upon the insurgents,
but tht U'nited States troops certainly
;are Inot going auross the border to
"It is reported, senor, that if the
United states does not act immediately
to prot)ot the rights of foreigners,
10c.lcnn, M~ticrtch 7.--."Ttc' rc,.tccitnc
tIln if .% 1. llllllltgc'r will t'IIIt' ; IN
\y citiio ' nt\t s tt i . \'i lv t l i itIJ.'+it V
of' 18" 1'1" of' lth I'litei', Statt!'." 8.Ibti
lit tll .t . Itrltit l'. tf' th .is city., tIc
dAl.y. M\r. |'mintlid+.l \walh enunlts-l int' I
hi. It. f tIb 'i.. I n tl h'+ vllni rl'q'.1in alo l iI
i- ictll;it tti,, Ihti' t hid .'lr tthtr
tll h ,ii l vti t I i tnt ty. ' l it'- l g
itvctcigatttio itut his cnhitti Iti ith
Ihnt ai'c r c'l-icra lrt ti i h, th.c I' t clc. - , ,'
tht, ] h'lev hhm w + ilut lvdlli.tlts h rth\
Nt.r ttttlhtltc l it,,tc ~ tty 'ccc, i,,
'N h ltIlt' t ,h Ipttinttdt , t , I
W l te, ,If" € i·l tllt llllill tllhll 'e Iv €,h,;i
1 .thall \\' lh -s hi' :l l| t h 'h th
[IhNo beter appoihntmentdi \,ul n hdil
cccl'tuo ccl trcicliu fit' n stuticcuu it c ia ti
oing il ttirh cflinct nl' lcli lh'n rccrt
ticr cI~i ccctcci d,, ccc c'l ctcsvcil ichtt' t'ititic,',
" c NItug tic li i' i'ictif iilt ccitictI| ,,th
ic Nlet'tcn.
')n.' Ii'oI r WuI I lliiti. t I i t Itt'.
I'nittc-l Statcl'c clii ntil take4~ cccimc uctiic
tic i il cl.ll t i itre'tl Ls till ic A iter 1 ilc
1i tiit ii O RUM O
'I h fcll' owici ncc'iig cclii lc.'mt'n t wis Ic ccic'u
t iil ct'iiic n c 'clicrctly cit'r I slii ccii I'mIt
Icin t cci' thl' e icctilot It lili act c- c'i-lc i
'l ii'll~~ ciii- Icc.c'l iccc-cc ir'~ cc) tctclclitt'.(tict
iic~nRtticcii cIi'· cl' i cit ihcitll~~l i i t~, ' iiui
T.t Hiiiii, ''. ' iHt liii' liinti IN licii llyitl
Av~~ nton ia. T ~l., for the purpose of iieildr
trcc ititic 'it ccitcc'ts cind tccc' cn ccc
't'he i 'urth 1 puci''' icfl hicc niinlctcniI -
oIlv TherOF TRI he OO >HinbPSl i ML
citc'c ltot i foci' of ti rtc rc i etitt
icr thltc'ilin't' cttccclI' that tuin" igaicstIci
Ithiociti' t tu i Icc-its icy 11cc tici vy
'ttn li I t'lft 'c c cl t c c icithl -
'tcollc wIll irn i a ERi A iN
c tlittl'l i" t lii t lh s Afr Tili'sl l iictrtitll f|l
(tic'I hur otlllls lol h' i ,c'' cl h.r iu t),iti
11cc 1r thc. t i' liiti t't tt'tt'. ilt cilt icit ictit
oillcrlctitty l cd' ti' t tinit'triI uItn citf t
an itil r clo r \\ucit'enio ficit I th liir ii1.'
m'iti hit l l- tihtiich't 'i' tnittmit l. It c-llt iti'
past lii it rIct'iiittnt list 11c t tititiarid'
itiN ii.t.rl fic l. I li tllinm Itt i '. ci'tic'r '
cill ccmiii ritilci ht Ir'ovcitsiithnci dlvtitct.
lit' blithit aict'sil 4i. Antnic i I
cicnttt'.ndicc Icy Irigicil cr (bctncrai hiiN
'P hItt', fi c .ii t(mct iti ' tn clp i I ccr
tn thlit' lft'+ ucill tinil til if tl tigccl' r h nIi
ircil I.. A. 'cIts.
'Thi't roocpc in ii'ItccLo Atntiiccu chic'
tnrit -cc i ke lit ' , ih i l, 'ct lh i, tt'cil tc"' t'
it c"l' -tt th" i rh'itilt' nIcc thu iit h hi3' tc-i
clil'' fiot th ' ftisti h th t i',f th' fccii c.i-ll
Iccitioo s to Iun Antitccr.r i, whii illt ciii
I tcmifl s l t hol' llc'cfull ci t hici In li' vciiim
tciin nli'"cl Icy N ijur G n'rl' ctlr-ich
Troops Concerned.
"In lc' ici tjii it'lf-t'c t 'ifi lict fliccliliich itl
iil'l cct,.111h in ntn y f lciti 1dt, Ii hi
ccci, L'tculi
Iiciirtic IKinticct.s.
(i h.cc nitr'i iV tnl 'rictrilc tnfctttn 'v
soioe other power will,, Is this trueL?"
he was asked.
it i.s to laugh," he replied. "Thits
talk of Mexico requliring the aid oIf i
Ifolregonl power to do this when the
Mexrcan gove\rnmlent. d)os not re(og
nie i t state of war; it recognizes only
thlt Indivlduitls Iare causing troubhle.
It will tltIlI with these Indvliiulals Just
Ss11 the I'llited States would ldeal with
persons who are disolrderly,"
Speaking for his mission to Paris,
Senor Tlmauntour said dMexleo was not
Sin need of ilmoney) now hecruse success
had er 1vned his mlssion to dispose of
an Issue of 4 per cent con\'ersl I1
honds, expiring In 1945, and taking the
pIlace of similar bonds hearing 5 per
cent Interest. The Issue was for $110.
000,000, or thereabouts, he sald, tInd hi
had disposed of about half of this
As an End to the Long Controversy Between
Himself. and Former Forester Pinchot,
Head of Department Gives U p.
Waver L. Flishcr is Named by Prcsident Taft as Ilis Suc
cessortend at Once Accepts the Offer---Ballinger Re
signed last January, Does Not Leave Until Now.
10.ilstli tt~illl * II. 11 s. I' Ii starts
IIntll ,ll Iti,'h~nlI .%J I +im il ,'V' ,,f M"q -
:111'tl)(·, (1 ..ql'*1.l )i'. JI·f lh, 'lll 1)1'l1la' \\ 1.1
Vii;ie', lI, ihl ii :l I' i t Ti, t \ .i it -
W altljll,, ;I ll +10 -lh , , + '-- ,t'
itJi\\t ,,,ij 'lh'. l iii . l ilih * Mt . |,li i . +
Sl i ,r, \her h li ,i tu 1' , ,ulh tit fil,
\\'f it , l l fi iste th,, t )Ill, .i, t s (l',t l ."+
i' n "lelitriloll t;at'l h,' ia ill h ' lh q'i' shli'e
)ll llt l hil ' I. . Illllll '%0 \ I'!', titit It Wr;I
iit. l if 111 1 illl that11 .11 Ih ' 'lil hl'll '+ tl i.
it il the: f Ir i ntl fel 1int 111 .l i .I 111, I'l -l
IIRI ' hi
i';i~jli (ll~ I l''li~l' Xl i, lhr.l I'll ill' l 1l1. lit"
itiltit. 111,i tititsttil nleittI o1 t1C Ite I
I'|iuIl ill fit' i ti'rn lt.1. liTtlu lIut lite' illiut
u'if lii 'l i I I t furin t 'eg iu'lnth ix tiiv'$tititiet
Iti'i'i, iii1 i lie tiu ln'I u. iit'' llnlu iln t lll .i
11! ihl 1 ai1 i ii lll ill:) 1'1 '' Ihl1i Ixhi 11 +<+;. ('111,1
h I'C'I, r'lll l r'l i'tt Ih ilty i i l ii my inIIfix.
:sh Jt h le e lt ' Ih 't i th t it'll.l til lull
thul l 'Cihtu lit nit' il'l' I'i luig t hat h be n till
lubj ii lt tin vn ' luii' ii5 tie ti311%
MllI lill lilt hil'it hiv' lr 11 ttl i l\ y tti'
ili°I ll,' a -ii ui'tIthe unit l.l, xllle u l rtli n
r '~'i i11l ll, 1111liy . i l o h , I'lllu. il 1y it)
Il' i 'i-ItIu' hilS coI'I t I li IIth fa (1 l, I th ii
I,~ h '1e111, tih lil' f i l' If1t l'. 1it, , hlin. ill'
IIi ir it i'l0 hii h i Mi ' h ''ii liiit I i l
, l Ih i, l;iti lill' lliittti htet iii ii'lt ,I I ti Iiit'ie
Itl ih ia t ie ll l 'si+fi' 'l 'll'l, ' iltl
iu i ag n'ii t iill'i' lll i ' . fuii ll i 'lll' I n ini
fitli'i tiiiii' · tl, 11'tt, 11e. 1 Il ll lli 'u' li n1,"
113.' tii'iilhl." . i iiii 1 1 ' 1 il llP1 lll' iti lii
u~n, ili aii ilii f tutl Me. to i r i i
'til lll I ll tl r Lif lhii fiAl lun Itlel e'
mltehn. 'coai' ltum ll0 aellll ..t ien toto
pluhi'l' re inl thlia I nIi il t oll ('llill)cld: nl wnl,
.,,t'l'i' atlilr)" .' lltil\' l fiil ll lp l it' ll'. i nil·il)
;i,,il ufitlnst" l isult s·~i~i T.'I·,rn ! \c 'li~k·t u, +lr
IS' l+ l rl, 31isl h Ite ( llug tl illo , Ith n tr i lntory
il lli fl o . the-, c ll-lslXAitiinl llli niit
uriil ri- ll'+ all is v ai c "h' l,. en t Iol'
thel N tionallll can ierentiollln ast,. la),itllii,
ofl whlich l i lfl', r'. I'in ht~h l is Iprl+'klh~lnt
O fllft++,ic il ." thiat aIPssarliationll I+xllr'.+;sl'
Ballinger Statement.
Thisl~ tm the t a tlil m'll'lt whichi M.1 .
"I !<hall limnmedliatll' returlln to Rl,=
;ittlt, lilt , aifteri lse+€Ulingl~ ithe necest.+.iary
reo.t, willl natitvelyl ltalk. tup imy.t lpro.fe.,
iMa<nall w%'i1'1. Thlt prliden.ihlt hasi. ,.
fuilllI I'xprle'lsed hi1, 'onlflidenlt'l tn milt
11 in + his lttl+rl that r htiv'. \)ll. tol aidl
thiit I go~i iolu It'o off'lil' fee~lling thait not
,.ulpporl'tei thel I hilvte lbq an ly the+
li ol'll ntl'l ilt til timest ilnit hi. IhalP nt.
Insti' ;lf.! l iy andllll m y''lll Ilili.rt lit si
"I giv'l' til Illy" li0i. \W ithouit inty Ito
grt-s''l+ i'xct'll thatl ofl lpalthin.g wlitl Imlst
agreel abtit ll+ lt,'ol it'iil nill. In fuiit, I a11
;1+ hltlplpy tll bl fi'loi of thl+ biulrdln oif
I hl+ offlJti, its. ! Wa't,. rlleh taltlt lto iU,
+lliton tit ill.
"Tlht+ ilDlurltine.nt in tall lts+ huii'i ttMl
:#++tain thiin over iln its historly, lit
whilh h I li,, ilh, inll*p ie u l , w ..ie toi net
t~I rlne ito thr. c.11+,1' tiinl o~thllr offl'eet+';
at fill mli+uin-trl'i il jilit i'nunndl at~l+ i olln
forl th,,ir iein.rgy.%, len.ityl) iilid delt,\ ionl
to~ till pulillt N1 r'vit+.. Tlheirl uis+.li.. ncet
lilld t'o-tp flll' llJI hin'v , been~l ia Igrlt'l
gr atifloultioni t inIl c
wor'k+'l, addd tlot tl he' trin'~il ill cot endil~l -
, lii. agi nstr.! Assau+illt..• fr' m l i' \ kllll dl tili
diihoilnetil mienl, hai i e- i oustl'yl~) |iinju're
linyt healtlh anlid thie i'ost ill Ii1.% d|flense
lille niit hbeel lesstt hail $23.,00ii--lealV
"It is rny. |pllnllmtt |( prollsll+,llte thel
alrch-consi~rators wlio have been to1.
I,\, Ing - et- lt, t ti t e ;1:-'. "l. '.h Itlt'
T I,' .iItiit l shatll i kn il 1, 1\ i t, l 111
jl l of ll' th t II t'c ' it I ItITkI - i n
Thl re,11 llr tltll t lof in 1, D :.11 c, ;114,1
h11," ,t ,u111 111 1' I a t 'ioll-il li "flt..
II' hI ., b I Ill Is 1111" 1 11~, 't - l -. lti'n ;I
ll1 1P' .1 f1 l thIl " ll' o f 111 ' 'I'.I t1,1 11111l
"las tc l lir 1la ittles ltl ' l Iil r l it I" ll.
I..l I' 1 1 iallll l 'l'ID I ' 1 1h11 III.pri
Difference in Poihcy.
I! 1,, J'tl": tillh ;I it Dl'I','! l I , i* 4I 'l -
It liill i l i . t lif III h '
'Hi on (1101 111 policy tl1wa trP l il the " tr it
l11.1l . pii llI ' lands, by l i llty tiI
fol' st II esl rl'v ., Ibetwe' .\ 'l 11 \i Dhillil-"
glr anl t I lt its ' I i nt li n , talie A i taaf
fo'\tl'1' 1 the U'nl ed Sllll til. l l l hoIwe
l-'ll , i. I 'l i f I s-'l'l llpr 'll '-; II, l \I. I!
I rl '',llll \\as i ll part off l u tit, d, tlll.nt
cf.ll ' histi rilll t inI ill 1 t'. i'ii, 1li 1g.r '1 ' l
hin it t",i' Balln il th'e R1 ei ..lll llhId, il -
lt' ' it l ,1nlg l ., ln l l trindt I or. .I t t,,ir lttn t"
(l tll'l tt ;lrlltl' 'iti li' ll ii tilt'i't' It t
ly to iilIt lt I tr atI l int by tlill,'. gl" mIt i
I Ii l l1'11 Illirlt ll' I|i l' -a'-li- l'" alr !;'l. t ila' -
tl'l'rl. Illgit lllll lit llil-' lil'rt'l ' ll' ilr i
hrl.d tr flI, of tIt slhTi w- lll't "I'in ing- 11il
1fI rllittlnll." ii1 mu ll landst inl .r111ska
wlrl'f'l flb d with t e pro.i idl' t by ' I.
riavlis, Ihllf a i fiel ugent lltIt Hl nilla D
o .I I ', t- ll ii' t il 1111 ,as
bfor ins.ibordlhlnont by ord,. 0' Il
prl'Iid lnt. c ilkm.11111]i t lllon l\ I'hif '1 l'r
tIr;ll oi'r DI .II i't I, ll r y td , l'tt'l ' .tr fit-r
aIlt.is'l hlblt. I i tic·11· lll'.' yIII ll' tIanlli' lilli*
Iil'nator.l tll ,' lr lir I fl h l, tl , a' t 4di s
m iss-d b thbyw secrvtary ofi' ir
111\\ · i. e under orders fin t-nI - preat
Battle Rages.
Fr1..1ii timwl li D h. O lattll* rIl 'ld
With nllc'as'i. h it lndll filially cul
minatei IIni l ongressflo uil ilnv*..slig. tiol,.
Not 1inct- the fulnoti HIll i y-Mnillaison
lo t 1nt versy lnd1 ur(' lr oI l ililnir'y ftl" 1
tIl-" Hlnti h-Arnl ri' in \%'mar hIla. lffit-iul
W e1llhngtoni betenl so t 'rn into fIlell.lln
as during hth. hiarinvs ill thi. matter,
" Il.'h 1 'ali lnger-P'in lhot contr v, rs}' i."
Ev.\'n hi t I tl n i .n llll il tlf 'couldh
not get Iogt.lher oill thit stIIJe' of Is!
report. The ldnmoeratlh,' minority ol '
lhi ,I nndtlltl l e "Stole :i lll'rh" on thli,
r, ipublie Iis an d ,\ at Jliillo pol s 1'"1-t
ildopteDll 1 rlpol' finiitg - Ie'crel''t y
Unailltingtr guilty of , tl<rig' u tagi n-1
hhim anl die man ding i ll 1 ri i iil l Ill'li
nn Ilnsurgeltt rlylbllclth , also i ssuiid a
report hD lilll l l to ith , . , 1retary. ILiit.-i
the rpttblell n mlaljorily t' l l t lit I'l -
'ago a tli adopted :t rIpilort, si'hgnel l 11)
ill the repDll l i.ens, Ix,',"lt . j Mrii I
onll, which w.\weptingly exontlrai.ld Mr.
nliling . . No ine rIv' it- lport , 1is
ac(,Itid Ilpoil Ill ;111% Il rii l ' by eonll
gr'ss, to which they wllre multlillted.
P'residi nt 'raft, fro'n the outset, Ilas
been Iggresl.ve In the defons." of
Seclr'ttary Il" l lingl r :ilid his fitilh in
hli e'binl I t l'li m er Iias never wVl
er ld. It Is douhtful whether ail any
lini has ho been n I.i on e1 mphatiei l -y
The D lttittut of his mindi on tit,h
subject Is clearly shown in the letter
which he wrote to .\lt'. I3allinger it-
c',pting his res.lg lintin, lie is tilt
elirling in hilm d nn cilation holil of1
fli. methodl nd iof thII motives of
those who sought to tiring about thn,
dow\'nflll of the sec"rl'ltyD .
The Correspondence-Taft,
't'he story of Dhit- rig'nal ttion anld of
the prl'eshld nt'i ui'net;it. In neeeplt.D
of It Is c'learly set firth lit tit- ,.r
respondlnne whlll follo\wsi,
IlThl, promllenlt',. l-itter of ace8lnii'e'
will be lluoti'd first, :i the logical
Climax of the o.lrespl'dl i nce. It Is it
ration of fiilth in jlt'. Itallinger's pl r
s-iiil chlricter and iotivus and hi jis
offl ul'l integrity stillll c inp-teny.
It wais writlel tils morning :ilt is
as follows:
"DIlear ilr. S.,cretary: I accept your
resignntion wIth great relutllinn. I
ha\ve hail Ith fullest opportunity to
kn.w you, to know your standards of
servll to the governm.,nt aind the
putbilc, to knil\q' your motives, to
know how you h.v( a\dlnilIstln'
of thool who have asailled you, I
i| il.(t \on Dinue onl\, PaigeLlll si )'il
I 'i iili llill . ,ia l . lll l ! ,'! ! i ll I. s.r ,
i lilllar 11"' AI asa .l I \ ia la-1 il r: I', - w I
t It01 i'' t. It ' , l . I,' I 111 ' n i l' (jif orI
I'ai\ 'lnilt a 1 I.la' . i.i ". 1 I t l a sIIt atll ln Is1
I ''lll '"l l l-. 11I l ,.- l l - l il .-t .1l il" l na l ti Ia -
l~t , .U l \,ilit l i i.. , , .. ,1 , 11r-, , ll h rll.
at, \t. \I ah -a lt- i: l, iLX I ,a. l ' ii i i-' % -lj.
Friend. of Conservation.
ii ll.iaP- l iv '.·- 1 Iil- t Inal
N-Ix t 11It , -t il Ii t~ i atl ni t .a:- , IM r.
ii 'n r \1 ill I.," I'i , i', ,111 11, ] a s1%':i + 1
h ut i.' \Vli..h i , \\. \ i, ,lull ri', . . s.te l
aI.sis . ii . 11 i, I ,' . t , 1 li . t,, I ail.'1 4.. I1,t
tillh| bIli .- ha h '.'h i pr 5 ti , lls I'hl
Friend of Conservation.
II, hI l. :lI i I, t ;i |k. i :1 tlh utpI. 1l .1i
ii 'll at l i tl il llt 1 i, l a I h' - ,I - h I'11111 l ,-I it s
', rlii to h , I' it' r I i" l lih li '~ln l 1. 11: ' - ]11t;
l',airl a-'it anl ii , . ' "li -i h tiiaia t Ill
Stit' aaiit i t I r- . ii - 111 '-I - hit . t ia a . 4a
I'1 t i ir ,I i 'l Y . l - ; it Ir ill. itl I
fnr -1h. it1 it,' ,,, r= ) , I 1 pilt Ii
it' - II a -at1 .I a;i. l I I li t1 I tla- ,nae
'h,' t al i iI 1 i 'l, , , ,I hu la -l .i ti. 'i
la-ti aa I - i- it f ra i a
II l i l ' Ii l a ,il 1J t-' 1int1.lla -
tall-i Il ili ', ahe l, -bilit i' or
i lal; liti iii ,if -l. 1 ,. il I nl Ii s ti tt' -f
i 11r I' hl r i. vi., --In '." r t i 'i thil
I. 1 ' i l" 11,i,' I,,l~lb.. ,' .; ,' lil llý
I 'liT ' ,s s t .- I . n, I m k ,ll il," ' nil 1l i'e;t
ife h1 l I ilist.. , I
Io1t1 N lN I N I HA lil t
8 I i( rI tII.I rI
·llrfl I -. ll [.t , l, . ' * ' . ·11 ~ 1 : I; l li i II,'
at. at.II' . ' t aa, . a I a ,'tf at ~ ,.!11
i , 'lahatat a -lltrl i.ttl t1e -1, |,
a· ,,1 h 1. t,',
tI( ~ l l ti n trI1I" 1'iet l· :(ard1 l (141
'itos i
thi t t tt .t it ,, tt ' i t ttI i t'> < I ,t
1M, 11i .11\ 1·h 1 all ob e .11·~ I 1.1 tilo his to
,lI't l i, i h 1: I lI , lit I I1 hlll , t11 ibi
',\ ~llhl .il,, 11:,' 11, I II1i iI~I .Y \\1',jl-l~
I , l',als ,li. [II III It I th , . r ll
h,,.rd I,,.]I
IIs w\' nIt (1, .'i iIM t,. s t% ill ,.lhl*
IiH 11t1i I .1 iii 1 .in l ili, 11lI I'N. th1 1ll
i,.,l,.rn h ,, I lT h,.r, i.. litII 1, .,,ub,
ilh l th ,, s iI ii tua ll lf \\ i . iniil.4 1 1ike I •
I .I, llitl i lt, a r h ta l , - ('r s l. ,,i :it ) -
W h n selt today . I t i')1 itt li'(tn t''e
tat atr lt his l ih v .'r in th: atanvalla
I.illlatIr,' f't Jall.t l llata I ll a aI,). la., t, Il
tabut' o .at) ll I. I i, tia',' to r,'llt h tat a'
tiltllat l a s t*a tili" IttI , l\ h uMl i t Ii.") II us 't
tadat-.t 'a' lat tatk'tt hat- i fair ~ ~atantw
h.Ilit ,.at i A tl..t I I l r l di
ti'atl , t h i)'l tt hIt : ' t Iilt · a ilva tat rWa nl
lu <I u lllli.r €,, lll sdl,.l':lllra il f,)r .)iii, tuiine,,
I will aI., H.!nilify} the..jur,,r' f,]r thl,
l1Cl' 11 'lf' a',ltrt'l II lil m't)llllly, a 11 1 a
lh. I ' (la I' of my re'..nt 'i..it there I
.r,| c..:.l .i ,llenlflll tll u)(, .111. h, 1lll ull t |tw o
\w-titek'l' a 'ti flh r i' th . Irt. I It.tl h Irn
'laltd I, t IIItII" t 'I'.4 4,.os l n'll 1 y ( I'r
r ;. nlh. l'w ll¢,Xl , c., aI h.,l t ii jlluldg !,o
.., ~ll 11%%') 1~ IIII]'". I 'll~l f . I \\.JIII|. rl ,.~
IiIn ,, 11.% I.I;,,,. It is my.% \w,' h to s,.
1.111'llre Ii jtdg , fr'I n , i\ hitlll |] ti. toiI ,, I,.
re.lh 'i , v H, me h,' [IrII' w,,',..I oI courtl', hut
ifIf" | Zll i, i|I, ,l I, ll|;that I w ill fhi lsh
th,, tw.., wq'Ik ' wo'rJk lnyi f.. l.
"['ii)I my rII etu lI lrn " I)iii T]hompll ol I
ha'm i wh,'.n IiihIaI'. I.)mpl.I)t.. thef | I.o
iilnor Norris. I h aIv'.'.l lllatin| hm [
\\, I'II |. I'4.MIII11 ' I~,l~iyl'l.l.lll II~l Lh ll) ('.)%
\\'rl'k, I a.ll ) 't o .,It aI wa r W sh
inglrul A pilI I.'
inll.tol ornq hIs lpart'i.'ipati,)l |II th,
\worllk ofI i',pngr'... durllng. the extr'a.
N .e...fll ,.lllsig, .11yler'. sai| : "I i,.x])oit
to filll a hnttabh, lpo.litio inl the .'lnatl
thli. sessionII Tlh,'r,' i.I on1e thingl I canl
d,,, though, m.idl y'o, mI y I tat th.I i.II
NewY Y,,rk, \!ilrch 7. \\ht Gi ;fford
PiJnt'h<J, f'or'mlJ'r d'iJ.t f'or"';ter of' thet
I' ilte'd S:ttties, \wIIho.+ ht~.ll'.i,,- | l,.tl Nit
tht, ll,lll ini +,.ir ;allllini -tn l ;i ll It ' ,I n l toi 111h
d i1·.tli)l, 11.,';> -<n h+'r't. t ,ight411! th +'r++. +
Resignation Inevitable.
tP | til'/ingi i ', -iglitiiii w s i-, |li
+'v it, th *' ." I b' .- l " 1,i il w ill ' ). r *lv',,
wIlljl .,lls l 111l . -;ll l-l.1) tilll iti aL 1 ,\\ct"
t++l m'+ illl Mi' '.' I+ t toJ the gr+ .l,.'illi. dt ertl
ltillllt - htti . lo ll i lt' e ilitrll'StX LLt '' Se It'tp,
'>'l'tlt lll~li lll llby u lie ' \ill" is . ll l h ,'S
ji1 iilllJI·ilrlllhh. I ,"j"lh. L I~l'·~Itlll ..ll'idllti+,,
) iils . %,: rable.; I, t + , l bv it il ,lilth tfl
lhl,· 1'lilllllll'lg ill' th,'. Nillitllnll (1_+t(1i:L't
frIl eIllll ti' , h ,+ w +;l++ in ,,gl l t lll it'r Illto
II1,,i i.J ,t ii i t i + l l l #
100IIIlllll. Ilir+t \\' ltl tl'l. mulll bl l ..
the founels at 110 Natoa ontv
High Offcial States That Great in.
fluences Have Combined to Fight
the Reciprocal Agreement in Mont*
real and Toronto-Policy of the Ca
nad.ans lI the Word "Advance."
w (tt t ,,. l eill., .h r. lr l . Th ,1 r.I'
pi t Ii I, ~ .. K e-,, t , I ra l.,r i fr.,d, h. r-lty
1 ' t Ii lie cafflrmetIed, u exer-xatluion
Re-, Ihlae tlivelo.pmet of (I.nievitbl
l el, lit l i I n I ldt {frlen , It i p be 't .Cu er' l
,l t',., (';ic, h il:. ti l l d )Ie 1 r'1 1f," n c ' ,,- .'te
,:te ly Ihy Kl' illri I:lurirl', pr, CI.
o I," tI eo Ie|) lhieel , l n l i ve ;.. t , "e r h h,
hl l dellilvered n, lIc reeirelec/ deleht.,
It '' ' I' t.I 7 ln c',tit, , I~ \\l' ultlll " r' ih'"i
Alelrl n l '. "e. 'llet, ho C.neerlgrte'd, that
('Celil talc sheehll hIbI leclle' a part coft thee
l 'lt.rteel ~eI,. AlthgIh It waner flat
trhi, eI hI, It, Amee'rhl'cn prhI|de that
Ithe lerritry f" thle, rep leih aShetell ex=
Iteld oerer the.' wItloel ontalnent, Ie trged'e
th.I his n1 e'ighbers rem'ember that Cat
e.eel iceene were ernc unel ers hee ieene
fleg It' In tl enleest.tr a, £o the' AmerlrasIt
pole, CL felcg enler whch' Americana
ceece ." hve Ce eceffe-reed ocIcier.sslon, bet
whiCh ,te (Cealenaiel nlnl. 1 bee n anel in
elellre than over the e'mblem of lfreedoel
fllehe rilen mlnlustes'e eea cll h In re.
g aeeelr c,·i the m' I e ieelll.llt elllell llla t utte,. r
elneel eillee' ie lh' (' I ne eellelee(I .elee of the
I 'ie. h ,e entl'.e t with st Ch Il'h It wIlC
ulntiialted aCic eleCl y pcrowde
.l elehrhe-le eceel IeIee lel' e . lee,.. e ettlerance'n
Cwe'I'ee rele.-eld with eeelnheeeI;eelle', dee.eonl
hIe .eh l: 'it Ile well IlleCkCw htlhlt fill
-erec ni'gceeceliIe he:a hlee.en ereer ed In Mon
trletl aellld Te' elleto tie fllh thiln acgree
meeell+ I eIe neet enner-i.'elimatee thle
Inlert Ice if h e i e le v. ,t e ele le r ii ei
oie .n eet lhie hlee +e if It.
No Cause for Alarm.
"Yt Ie eel lethik llleeret lee caumce feir
nl;ir in lhe' ere'rmellnt. It iln a w~on
elr tIe, ei-I Ilhere el'ellel he' anyl oce tie'
lire at el, fer wce hICve' CenleC at'lc|hv.e+.
rIeltliee,. wth CIIee eielghherer ,Chieh all
er tlihe in ":neda helceelee ele'l ae"eklng
"Ice' thlls I('e nnde 4 ,e r ('hinncI ? TIce'
('hielese. hIVe elt wvell eneeeeeegh alifee fcr
4.11,11) v-,eriI'l. They ieveeelle Me .ile"Cewder
:eld tihe eeee.elp,+ anl elee-el neeither.
CC, lee h el. ltt lhlh Chllleiese ehellichv
oln. r elr w. l C will drelag lheene oln,
Cell elineelteal th11lr wC ill eur pol.Iy Inl
An Agricultural People.
W\'e :cr.' lehovee all cene egric'eelteerat
,w-,lih'. e, el, eeleJjeet te-hay le tle eepenl
thle d,,le r t(e AleII*rliCIeee ellerki'et ; eleei
ehlei;ll wIe lee leehl lh1t1 he,(:eielhee eullh anr
-llrrlee-emeeeeeeeet lee tle g, leetee (ffe.e.t ateel
*eeeeeelleCial \ogeteblelhle, eeleale alnd fruit
(Cnll hle e.tlee freet'. of liety Iy thle
AlnIeerle-nn pelpelel,. It CVIII ll e all oeeC-r
with tIlte I 'eee ilalne l',tllll tll el id r e vele ll
Ih+I liriltleh eleipiee CCIII rel elp en it.
"l.eIt tI dierlefee rI o.+,1Cie' treaka elf une
reasn.cieeeleg l1.i-. Allee Cli+k is tee ol1
tIh lee r l hee I 'lle lanlde alla CC lhe w'e)l'k, hl
hie flihIl ehle llstl leesiblIllee remelceernera
-le r ie lired lelle tht thn rrr -
fllelel wColl dlv+ert ('.nCdellall r trade tea
C\llr iii eleciClelal.,.,
J1,,41t1n, Miarilt 7 -Il-ar Almirlt
J hln c'hIarl ,s -ra14 s.initz , imnltnl t(|da.tlt
'i ! t h e ( 'h a r h 't ,,4 ,t a n a v y y a r d , ir :1ti
yiar1 ln tiv . Il I l , Ift . ri s 'i*vl ai thel ,
' tlnti tlllt,.i n 'avy, tlll dad ,f" he.alrt
disu. ili, ill h iml. att thi li.y yard,
tnihtl. .'i- hf 'ta.l .11yl ilt li h 11 t i-ll
Indist,,.:L , 'lpo ' for , rilse da , bullt n\. s ha| t
lt g with 4l- l is wa E. ife lwi t l 4l ig d gllts
\ht n fltlib ov-itoank hini.
A~nurl. Hl POu moilnt r wa orn liun Sunt
llS lllo 'llu';ll .a) tllt r+.,'yt ycr, Jn ll , ·ll
Ii 1 7.7o , lu 1l, 14 1 , wi- ijol oIi
11,i,' f th nl,,ral J,,hn ,'. £"rh n|l t,H 0 t, ..
11+. .l';+ in ttd. t'r,++ th,' n lh no: d -{zl|
,mt+. ill 1.7 .,id ill 18'+ w .Is. aklp , lml
", t,, th,' +'oh tin not ,, tii,' U ni~t, ,;
S-tatt,: >hip l'hztt .t In to .'lslt'd il th,+
Lu-t i si ngY . ofIt t. th,+ l',t*( iri ] tl iltl~l'.
in 1 77.
Oulltll, i lt ( l1 , S lanih-..\ el ealltln wa~r
I, ,tlillil ltbl the.l i tolr i do 4 41t11 1vlr
, I" l 1 t i Ith.4411 uitt11 ttl Iti th. t war
4144i11 ma td ia..l.'lt i• if thiet niavy
rd f' (t (;IX'I , 'Phillil[ino lhlnld-,
wih ,i ' Ih :lint i uii til 1 t144 , Uin:
1041-7 lit' \11,i1 tI\t l lltt cl.i t l 'rriI
lad $t. Pit-r'I'.rg t.ollut for two y~e.rMr
Si, af the Lalulttlvhtl itth y h 4ttl'l1p Mis
oft tihe 12halrles+townz natvy y'.trd, Janli,
unry 1, 10J,9,

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