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211. Main 8t., Hum
ilton, Mont.
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Aeoulla4 Publilsing Company.
A cottple of days ago. Tho eMimsoultiin
Mslinted a suggestion by Colonel Salnt
Gordon, relative to the pledge which
Governor Norris wants from the rarnt
bt.s of the legislature, before he e will
sall a'extra session to consider the
i'timary law, This suggestion seems
to us to be the best that has been of.
glred. As The Milssoullan said the
other day, every member of the legis
Isture is pledged by his party and is
bouand by a personal 'promise to secure
tle enlactment of a primary law. Thn re
could be no general pledge exacted that
would be more bindlng than that which
SIs already in effect. But, as the Miles
City editor suggests, if Governor Nor
WIg will outline tile primary law which
he will submit to a special session and
then will ask for the pledge upon this
peci.fic form of law, lie will have some
thing which will be worth while. But,
as to general promnises, we Ihave as
much on this line as could be asked.
GOvernor Norris may bring tihe nat
tar to a direct issue, merely by pre
-esatlng a form of primary law and
getting the pledges upon that.
It is human to admire genius, to
woader at the man or wo.man wio cail
say, write or do things impossilble for
the cuLolnnon lot to conceive, evein.
Distllnguished mlental superiority" is
the inadequate definition given by thei
philologist; inadequate because it
does not mention the peculiar traits
* that invariably acconmpany genius.
A distinguished writer of tinls cuuntry,
dead but a few. years, once told a
friend that to be a genius woas a p.s
iUtive mifortune. Further than that Ihe
Would not explain tlo apparent puru-e
. dox of s tatement, wlhich tine friend
Who heard it attributed to the well
known peculiarity of the noted Innn.
Still, the genius was righlt; the mlan of
average Intelllgence land talents is
theore happy than hls .brllltant brothler
wihoml the world acclaims. A super
fldal knowledge of hbltory shows
that the iworld thas not been all roses
and sunshine to its brightest chlldren,
Farther than that, there nhas almost in
variably been somlething out of line inn
the life of men of genlius. Somlle of
them have left words that preach the
purest thougihts and painlt tihe innost
beautiful pictures, only to hlave post
humous Investigationl discover things
that, to say the. least, are tuartlitng.
In some cases, thiese discoveries have
not conme after death.. Then, tlhere are
other drawbacks to being a genilus;
such nien find little pleusure in culnm
panionship. There are not grengarlouns
posulbly on account of the "distlln
guished mental superiority" inmn
tioned by thle dictiuonary Inlan. 'tllcre
is every reason to believe' tihat thlnq
man of average powers accuonpllshles
more real good in the end and Is fur,
happier than the one in whom burns
the divine fire. Such in the balun of
Thie suffragists of Chicago have
found something new to attack. That
s, not soma thing really new, but some
thing that the militant t'ote-wainters
havv nt discovered to be a suitable
obJt't of attack until very recently.
Wt4 ist leaders in the Windy city do
$i:tk lke the work "Miss," as applied
a . i, unmarried woman. These
x ay that this label attached to
, . dfemales "a far-. tehed
WIt piSy a masculine sense of
º IaQ • could either perpetu
r ' pra sta.ia'" The suaffragettes
of Chyicaso-ag pardeon, the suffra
of . Iii sre for the re
"Mistress," which Mr.
,o ", woiina hoavinlg
* r 9arpp.' The
.... what thor togata
title prefixed to the name of a girl or
a woman who has not been married."
Thoe auttraglst were angered further
by another definition given by Mr.
Wbbster for the saime word. "To fall
of getting, to fall of hittling, to
want-t ."
To be sure Mr. Webster and his
nmodern fellow scholars ilide behind
the mIakesllift of putlting the "Miss,"
whlch mecans an unilliarried wolman,
and tlhe "Mllas," which n(eans to fall
of gelting, In selarate paragraphs,
but "why," they demtland of Mr. Web.
ster. and of the modern met who hide
behind hint us their court of last ap
peal, "why did they choose 'Mlss' as
the designation for tn unmarried
woman when there was'tho whole vo
cabulary from which to choose?"
"There's a re'ason," declared tone of
the rebels nagaint being vcltlnmled by
asny such scholarly JoIk "Alan, In a
desperate effort to dlscouracge women
froll coinpeting with him In conduct
Ing aFfalrs, Is driven to tlIe expedient
of trying to poke funll at thl, Woman
who does not marry, and hold up the
woman who does for special honor at
the unmarrled one's expense.
"Iut why do they spare the unmar
led man? Can they mainltain that he
is so merely from choice, while the
woman Is unnuarried from necessity?
They can't In twentieth c+ ntury
America. Apld thely cannot do so by
hidilnl behind dletlonaIrleC and mis
leading titles."
Thills Isn't all, either. There Is on
foot a counter-movement to call all
men "Master" until they are malrried.
Huch einlnent suffrulllst caders as
Mrs. Mlnona 8. I'ltts.Jon s. Lady
Tennessee ClafltinCook and Mrs.
Grace Wilbur-Trout Indorse this at
tack on overbearing .mlan with mtuch
enthusiasm. Mrs. Caroline Waugh
lMtLCulloch Is also on record as favor'
Ing the plan to label baclelors "alar
Wbihy not? Why not "Master" for all
unmarried lmen? The suffragists have,
nothing but the empty prejudicq of a
few htundred years to overcome. "blas'
ter" Is as full of matting and sugges
tion as "Mistress," Isn't It? After a
century or so our unmarried men
would come to glory in that word
"Master," and to find In it a title that
conlanlllllds respelt. That Is otte danter
the suffragilsts of Chitcago have over
looked, one bet of the layout of title
reform tIt they have faiuled to te'.
What man nould give up the full
sounding I 41i of "Muaster" to ibe
dubb'ed Inltle "Mister" for tile rest of
Ills life? True as it ig that the wolmen'
of thet' hyphletate d numlles have a
weiglhty object of r, form ic mindl, is it
not possible that they are toying with
somlethltlg that may recoll?
"The 'Master' pluan hams one draw
buck frotll the viewloitl of thie lmanle
poplulution, howe'ver. Mlany a I1an
who enjoys the protection of tihe pre
fix "Mllster" would be legitimate miat
rhimnonlul prey wre he entitled "Mlu
This "Mlistress" and "Maslttr" thing
is surely worthy of the moot careful
conllsheratlonl by the great tIlcnds of
thi country. It preselnts grave and
daulgerous possibllltles, anld, In matry
ways, ranks with the turiff all(d thle lie
suite Fourth.
Ipea,'lklilg of tilt, Ipro'tetionll of Iltbor.
dtcts niot 'tihe farmerll lbor ts Inhard ita
anybody arlid Is lhe not entitled to thlle
saet proteeticntl s ti he Iman who labor
in the factory? 'lThi is lthe very e*a
setllc'ey of the pr'sent re ,eli,rocelty ques
-lelenu., t secusr, cannot do anything
without runninillg it lilto pulitics. l:venl
1the Ltoo'sevelt reception In marred by
fuclltiutl strife whllet IItlhould be a
whole-hearted western welconme.
'Tle ,experimelllnet of reciprocal rela
tiinel with Catcnuda, if it Ic tried, tshouhl
inot be entirely at thI' expencse of tIhe
frtrler clld for the belneflt of lihe
tcculc uftecturer,.
There cere liediccatieols tlhcet lhe pl
lc.'e,'-coccnctcaaiot regutlulotta will pl'o've
a source of solle' exclcltclllellet tll
sprilcg Icl Mlssoulle, cts well an In
(trcat 1"alls,
T'Ihe report ot' the' Mittsoule. tuitlllicg
llsleecltor shleows li'ely eullcstrueliell
iceorl tlhls s1lring, but It does not secy
eilough about fire pIrotection.
The cee w spetaker kteows fiOW how tile
licon fu'le whel hlil claws tre, ellt'pped.
'l'e lc itte Uctec c one u ln clllitteCes inus ttle
reaul colltrol.
''llct ('hileugo refornl ele'le'llt in Ilot
very earneest whell It peritta a storl'lly
day to keep its cln.llber's away firom
tlice polls.
'lThe Missoullai's adlvt rlltsers solve
lthc probleln of lestactr ahoppcing. ItencI
tihclr uilllco tc tllcellcta.
Missouhla's cwelcollle to ltoose.v''lt will
be tIle welcoico of thle wlcolo city tend
all wctterlc Molltuna.
bllusoula jolilns teeday Icl tlile IceUrIII
lieg of iulJtders coutllly for her lluost
dlatitaulgulled citcizen.
President 'Taft Ihas \,icl thle uppre
clion of the countlry by thle brevity
of lis ilcusgelll to coclgrous.
It:clprocity fallls to be ocipruoclty
when It fllla to rctllprocute, 3s iLli tlci
lrceaellt Ineta.clc.e.
Cleluago's nteW iceayor at least lputs
messes tlce advnltage u xerof exel'lc'.
A nlilloi doulars Is a low cestillate
out the vtlue of thlIasAprrl scno'.
April ab0wers, spplil or liquid, aire
vpo*lelwy weloome U# w'iet
Child Welfare Congress
ay Frederlo J. Haskin.
A few years aro it hanldful of women
in the D1Ilstrict of Colultlla organitz'ed
it lill' club for the purpose of studylitg
matters which would help themt tio be
Ietter mlothers to their chilllldren. Otlher
women with no children, bit ihaving a'
Inmaterlll t(,ernlelss to niall chllldhlllood,
desired to Join ajid study fur the matie
of tle little folks wiho had no mothers
to care for thein. t14onl the club In
eludedl teachers and other persons in
terestedl in children's wtlllure. lFromn
this small tucleus has growIn the
millhtiy movmenlt for cihili w'elfar:
represented by the National (noigress
oif Moullers. t'nder the iasplel' of
this organization there will he held int
Washingoiin this month the igrt.lest
Itfrnationllnl eioltigrr s oil chlid wel
far'e ever' held in the world.
There mnever has biuenl anoitheir m(i'*
gtillltlttlion whith inclltlluded so larrAe i'
numtiber of womein In its ranks aIs the
(Congress of Muotlrs. .tEnaeh week add.s
to the nuinmier of affllliatd organihan
tlions, because the mother Iwirt in unt- l
vernal and in every nation womrgn are
resipondillng to the appeal to work for
he betterment of childlhood conditions.
It is the Am.erican orgtllilzatlion whichl,
Ilends, but otiher eoiuntrlil aje glad to
follow, The Ittlllutn government re
cently has request(ed the women of that
nation to take up tihe study of child
weflaro. Under the dlrection of the
American Congress of Mthlrs, n coin.
mittee llas lren iplepointed for this Illr
pose wllh Flalnora Alda Orlando of:
Ilnle as chairmnn.
in the Argentlne republhic the' (Club
die Matldries has liately bei,en origanizedll
in luenos Ayres. It hlls seu('red n
pulie liaygrounlld in that city for
children of all soclal condiltionsl Alndl is
llanning a newsboys' homne. It has
disltributed plants aimlong school chil
dren to interest them in nliatlire study
Atd is taking tip tinny otlher matters
which the Congress of Mothers has iIl
reaty demonstrlated as helpful hi
All of thel civilized countries have
been invited to send delegates to this
htIlrnatlonl cionress of child wel
fare. Answ.rn have been received
froml Inst of the governlenlts stating
that their natlions will be represented.
Ealch slate in the Inilon will send a
delegate elspelally appointed by the
wovernenllllt for this purpose. Tlhe'
Imayors of over sll) Amierican citi ets
ilhave been usked to sen.ld sileic lul rep
resetltatliven. In additloin to theer.,
theire will Iie dele.itesi froim hundreds,
o'f lldl\bllltl Mothers' clubs scattered
over every part of tilsl United ltates.
bIlsides clergymllen, teachers aud phl
tallthrophlts who reallie that in carlll
for tile child, the nation is mankin the
safest, sanllest and best provision for its
own future. Rteports will be) made oll
experlmlentls ailrelldy tried. New idel's
will be exclhanged anllld a mighty Inm
petus toward the child welfare of thel
world cannot but result from thils con
The qlestionsl to be considered in!
their varlous phallses nclude health,
erring and dependent children, the
working child., lie country child, tih.
city chld, schools. pllaygrolunds,. pollec.,
tlhe hiome and the chullrel. One or
miore ineet'ins s will be given ito enih of
dtieu' subliets aind ttoplr be bnring mpIItau
thellm, and tlhe programn will ncliude
Mont, of tile miiost distilnguished speak
era of the world. Amnotng thosel, already
knowni aIlr Amhnllllllldor 14ryce of Great
lrltllin, Or. imellr I1lewwrth 6rown,l
Tir. l'nytd Tompkinsll, Dr. Tlleodato
nmillth. t(overnor Hloolper of Tennessee,
Judge r)Dei-Tey of the Juvenile court
in the Distrl.rt of Colunlbli, and Mrs.
Ella l, 1?ugg Young of C'hichago, pirpsident
of the Natlomtal |Educatlonl asslilatlonl.
In coitnet io . witi heatlth, meansii
for prevent lln of the einormous amiouiint
iof linfatit mirtitllty will he considered,
Thits tlubjiel already has beenl valiantly
wreuthidl with hy the Mothers' congress,
In many of the largier titles. In the
tinemtienlt dlistriets Iof several citles
plainly printed cards entitled "llow to,
K'iep Your IBlly w'ell" have ben ci r.
uited. l, l'lhese cards give full it re'
tloins for feeoddllol, bathinlllg iand uir4e'.ilng
habliesl. cspweeialy durling thie licattd,
we"t(her. Mllltherl' ' leetnllIn iiVo, 4lten
hmld in public plees at whlc phymit.
tlaits lhave gi'vell friee lecturest on lil
l1i'. lcprltlcla lI ethodti s of home ln ,.ll:t
tioh. lit order to give every chill Il eI
ltiet itosl.ble conditiolns at the bhgli'.
ningi of Ins life, the t('Uonll're' oif
Motlhers, with the tld of varilous aflll
hlaed organizationsic, iN elielavori.ti t~
provide a traintled nurse for the moihr
of every new-bIorn btaby. Tile lnumber
of childlren underl' ont y.ciiur if age wllo
dIed lust year was over 375,000. linow
ing that miaiy ni' thxi little oneis 11d11
from the iginor'atc' of their motheri s
led thei ('ugre'sl'Ns o1' .Motllers to eltllib
limit ai specal Crusade Ili tthis (ldree
Ii mIost of the lItrg, cities, bltine'lnhs
of itle Cl'llgress tof .Mutler l·a itflfiita(
nceth'ely wilh the hlard of helltlh, the
I lhyl'ILiLina' ttssoctutl.iins, the Ilotrdl of
educatinill nlldt tll . Assutelaletl C.llurlth~.
The utlnty of forices s'eure1's mnitity adl
vantages, itn collntonietion wlIt thie sub
Jict of Ill-ith the ehtlld waclfllre cun.
fcrlenclt, t wi esOll olider lhe piosslblllllty of
Sa chilh hyIiKleil. l.urllu Ita Is it palLt or tihi
ilptirtienict tiof heaIlth iII every sltlP'.
This burteau s'll lloultL sulpervis thi.
Ibart. of heallh ilI the dlffere'ItI toin is
aitLi cildeatvor to securo uniforll r'egu
lititullos. Thile coigll'tess will also urjo,
nlat olnly the birth regsltritlctl re,
qulred by tile vital stutlstics depart.
IInultt, Ibut iluso a regtirtrlllon of the
health cotiditieths of u'voery chill borit.
The best letlalls of onlarl'glitg thel
seopo of thie juvetnlle coourt, the possl
bltlfes of provldlig fior the decpendeilt
tilhd by in nellilus otller thlanll Illnstl
tutional, thle elIiargetiellllt of tiLe iro-'
batlon systetlll, the plrovishlon coveiC'i
it the chilllren's charter lately grnltot,
In Ireat I'iltu.an at]d its deJsrahility ih
other coultries, a1re mllngolll the seulbje4.ts
uto be conidretl r id in ct'olllnc'itoll with
"The Errlig atnd L.Dep'ilde'ntt Child."
The mintlotra' clulbs, smtittereld oi
plentifully II, the rural distrk'ts, appeI)tl
to tile lOtt colliervatl.'v wolltllan be
cause they act directly upoll the hitoin.
Their philanthroples utre inunlerouts ald
varied but all tend to ilnmprove solll
condltioll affectlIng the welfare of tlhe
lt'hli4leti Ut the cOinIILnwily. tit Dhtuihg tili
Spast year liauny of the hlet i''lciiig
to Lhe ~ollgreos of Muthers have\ be
com.e eupecially inlterested In the good
roads nmovetmlent because doup miud and
illtaccus.iule roads hinder the child's at*
ttltIalce upon scilloI anid church.
Good roads maTke rural lifu happy alnd
illiteracy caiRot eglit where school and
ukv'ur pruvllageo ire witltut heaub o
every child. In one westtrn vlllage
last yeur under thi direction of the
presidenl of the Mothers' club. a ntm*
Sher of fahrnern' wives turned out a Ith
spaldel nd shovels. IJy practic'al ex
atpiple they shamed the men, of the
enlllnlulty Into putting the roads lea'd
Irng to the cllurch and school in better
.attel'rs of hIome smaitatlltirn, ploy
grotulll.s lid provisionts for healthy
reerletloln will be dirtinused whlle cln
sieritllg t14he needs of the city child.
It has been shown that the opening of
a tbaebnll ground In a con1gested city;
5sectin'l rln do lmore1 to keep dwllnW
holodllllltsn ilnd pettyv minsdifenorllr
thln nll theI l efforts whlch the police
nlltl fpult forth. In more than oneP n
staii'e one' pot li'ltltan less has been re
qrlllred In n distrlit sllortly alfter thtt
prlvlleges ol f spending their sulrplus
'enlrtl'4 I nn 4healthlfll game of hlall Ihas
ptrevented the boys' Itltinationll to misl
l)r. lme1114r l',lisworth I|rown , I11l open
Ithe confernrlle on schools withl ln ad-1
tidreus lupon the R''heltion of the f4chools
to, ('hi111h Wlfarle." TIhe Collngr'ss· of
Mtherii iltrlyh hes e vin been gii'ig specall
ittenlltl;ll t1 Inllltterrs Pertalning to the
h1,e4ll th f 'school children. In most of
the IllrgrE citiei nld1icl I'hlipettlin itI
the pihl4c schools hisI long ipa4ed the
eXlperinl(m'lntl stall and bi)eome really
Irl(ltllh'ni . The dental Inspectolln of
4w1hool 4 hllhtirn it now 1l:el4ng forwalrd
ell. Mll4ch l,rogreCrs hass been madelte
lim'ie It hais be(.en d4eoveredll that dl4
'sell n1i] defecr tedlt, teeth Iaiffect not
on4ly the indivi''dual l chlid, but thell cll-4
dtlrell lillr h1w1111ho are forl'ed to
Ibreathe the Ilr tllntled by his breath.
'IIhp ,I'co-operation of the schollnI a1nd
hmIlle' is In1 nblec't towiIrd whlich tilhe
congrls Il conelt4tnually striving. Milny
of the shllnI iII tIle tcl'Ienement dis
trl'lt hll4ave ete1llslhhed cliaslnes' for
mot11h'rs 1111ud'r the' hipiree' of a
mot111heri' 'llihb. i11 tlhesl ('cHane are
tIlughIt d,4o1'stlc' srl'eiile, Ilygiene alnd
n11tl"y other Inaltt4ers tendinglll to pronmote
the' grelral intllilgeene of the home.
Thle r'l-operation hI etutueenl the m1others
anIId INtI('h4r'ls i ne (t'llplshhlling malTny
ltltdltd reflrtns, an11d one of the Illhnpr
toillt iranches of '' 'work llndertaklen by
thill Nlltlionll ('ln.lgress of aMothers'l Is
providing'lg h1elp fr organiattionsllll of
othll er' l clu' lb I connection with all
the puiblh schools.
Whle thell' :National Congrest s of
Mothers Is alsol1tely IIt li-sleetariltll
dy.tl, It does noilt I anylly y undllersatl
iolte the vlihl of church connections.
(lnlt of the mosiIt importalnt ilmatters to
ie clonsidered nle the collhinlg ather
ng w1ll Ie introdu'ed b Iy i11lr' fletry i.
('p1)le, o ('lllclago. prellident t of the
A. nrI'llelI Tnif'llotilus Edu('tionl ossocla
tion, r hi11s i]dress upon the rehltion
Iof thel c'hlrcrh tol chlld welflre. ln tils
I'nnellcll on will hI e . consl4idere(d I1tal4
i y111 11' thllJUggIIhte rellatlni to Hlundayy
school 'work.
(Tomnorr o'.-T--he 'cso "ri .)
Llbby, April fG.- (Speeitl.)--Tho
IuklllUian bIolthers of L.ibb1', whlo last
winller olt3 )3lilnl|]ed C("hlries 1. Ordish
o31 33n3y or his m1out3in. it IIJ hunts,
have Ipturtcllllwld the rtllious O(rdsli
patck of huIlnlltinglll dii un will use tlhe
aiu lllUti hllt IIIn1111g mountain hollns,1
ilynx andIi heailrs. The t3wo older (long
havt' Levu1 thoroughly trained for the)
work I)by (rdlsh, who has hunted with
thlin fo;r several I 4easons with renllilarlk
able sulcc(ess. 1)ill'llng t11h palnt H Ilnter
()rdlih nH('eurd " I)l mounta1in lions,1,
whichl welre lru n down and treed 1'y
tllh..se dl)gs, ild with333 in the )alst four
)years he 1h3s killied ad Laptured Inear
ly i hu13I3''1red of t1 h b11 u i) ts.3
Molne, ,l Aicril 5.-(-l.(pe'lal.)-Kuurtls
Z.'ltler of t)Oshkosh, W i1., who h1is
hieein visitnlg ia t tih A. J. Davcnport
blungalow in .1ol.se valley the pas3t twu.
m3onths, le.ft I n' In43ou331t Friday and
will vslt in ilaniltolll bit'fo'r roturnl
Ing 3314t.
Nt'l11os ,Martin ortf l(1 Imlt( fIulls returned1
fr313l 33 trip to .3isslOulht on buh3siness
an1d mvted out to hi s 1 i33llm Muin 3lese
valley 'Frida y.
1Miss ,%Norl3a L.. ('1rtis of Dixon visit.
td1 Miss l ess Austinl Huturday and
C'hulrclh seerl Vice \3ier' hlId in MolI.Oe
valley Inst 3 Sunday fly tl'llenoo ll Lt t3he
('l3uries 14. 1,t3,3l3 s of 1loieso valley
la hI I iiuinni this \43w k 3,3I business.
Hlarry Lynn l3 1'ft 1ixuol3 Tuesdary for
Steven\'vllet., where he wil \ll spend thll
next few monsIllol.
The regular mont3hly oeLetitngl of tile
M31oles, Valley lub w\\ill 3 ,e, held LFriday
Sunny Monday Laundry
Soap is white and contains no
rosin. Instead of being made
from cheap tallow, refuse
greases and rosin, as most
laundry soaps are, Sunny
Monday contains high-grade
materials, such as choice fats
and vegetable oils. Its white
ness is proof of its purity.
Sunny Monday is easy on
the hands, easy on the clothes;
can be usedinanykindof water.
-III II ..
IF YOU knew as much
about the clothes we I
have as we do, you would
want a suit of them; you .
would not look elsewhere
before coming here; you
Swould know beforehand
that there are clothes here
that will satisfy you com- .
pletely. k*i,tg ,
We want you to know our clothes,
our methods. Then you'll know that
we sell nothing but good clothes and
that you may buy here with every as
surance to safety..
Some of our suits are priced as low as $15.00; others
as high as $45.00; and all prices between. We call the at
tention of immediate buyers particularly to our remarkable
showing of orldrt j Urautb Clothes which we offer at from
$25.00 to $35.00.
The popularity of the new model "The
Master Suit", of .oairty j graub Clothes
is the hit of the hour; when you visit us be
sure to ask to see it; any of our salesmen will
be more than pleased, to show it to you.
• ...1
\eening alnd will be folilowed by thei
Scttlers' unsui'llllot II b Cnes mI tingulll
All ineitlI'rs alr requested to be pres
ect it these liectillng.
Melssrs. McGowa\tn iand Hart of Dlxont
were guests lit the Molese Valley club
house a'uturday evening.
Miss Helen Whiltaker, teacher of the
Molese valley schoul, spent luast Sat
urday at hter hluli. 1i1 Missoula.
Johnt WaSliainl and brother, U. Wa.
ullull, settlers south of Itonan, spent
Slaturdllay evening in Molwes valley.
Thie agricultural exhlblt car urrived
In )lxon F'rida:y uaternoop as pert
schetdule anid was thoroughly appre
etated by the hl'ge' uttendance froml
the surrllnding valleys.
Mr. alid lMrs. It. E. Moff'ett enter
talned Mr. and Mrs. McClueson of the'
mission at their bungalow in Moiese
valley over Mundtlay.
Miss Helen Mccrackenl, Mr. and Mrs.
McCiasllun, Messrs. Hill, Sperry, Pier
son uand ('ushnlulIg, ull of St. Ignatius,
WJl'e guests at the Muleese club Satttr
day evenling.
'The Mouleu club gave one of its molst
ollutjyalble dances Suturday evening and
about 70 guests were entertained. Ii
splite of the storm'y night there were
many present froti St. lgnatius and
tile nearby valleys. The dec'orations
were tastily arranged and, as usual,
excellent nmusic was furnished by ;r.
and Mrs. A. J. Davenport. Supper
was served it midnight by tlh enter
taiuinmntllt coummilltltee, consisting of Mr.
anid Mlrs. C. F. Blacklnon, Miss Har
riette P. Gegler. Messrs. H. CE. Fuller
toll and Eaurl elhouollo\er,
rWashillgton, April 5.-To nltroduce
a system of sclentific Inaiatgell tnt liu
the shops of the navy yards, Seeretary
Meyer has appointed H. L. Gautt, Har
rington Emlersonl and Charles Day as
a uominlssion of experts to vislt4the
principal eastern yards to develop.:lm
proved lmethods.
-Wallace, April 5.-(lpeclal.)-Pro
bate Judge Wlurstell hasd dismissed the
charge of embezalement brought
against C. Ii. Steach, salesman of Kel
loug, by the Portland jobbers, Hehln
Co, on the ground that tht evi4ence,
General ltilit Motor
Runs the sewing machine, grinds, polishes, sharp
ens, buffs and works in many different ways.
Cost of current to run motor, /2-cent per hour.
Motor fits any standard machine.
Will last as long as the machine.
Built just like a big Westinghouse motor:
Requires no more attention than electric fan.
Gets current from a lamp socket.
Runs fast or slow as desired.
Can be stopped on the stitch.
Can sew a single stitch.
ws insuIfflcieJnt to justify the court In
holding the accused four trial. Steach
withhell d sogme tponvy he had Lcollected
for the firm anld explained to the court
that he had done so pending a settle
ment of certain commissalon which he
lh'rled rI,' d(1 hllhn I'rum H1-telmo & Co.
Denver, April 5.-George lihafroth,
third sun of Governor 3hafroth of Col
orado, died this morning of heart fall
ure, aged 20 years,. He had been an
lu.valld all his life.
Ask for Mandy's Poultry 8chbol.
1811 CwtIlogue of
"Diamond Quality SeWda"
oIltry tuid Orcharud 8up&plko
Now Ready Wend for It.
Spokeno Seed Co,, f.pokan.. Wegh,

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