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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, April 18, 1911, Morning, Image 12

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Missoula's Largest Grocery
Easter Breakfast
Swi~ft's Pro:ninn h 1m, l. 201
2r4"h h 5nm -r(wn g gm, d1,v 23
Preshr rttrn hotririý,e , Vry fine,
hot . 2114'
Fresh Vegetables
Wa'tiaL 1'nliti nvlpur'tun , II, ufo
1V'olin Wlnthe Rr',.n ~nI--n, Waow Wal Milill.
Rilnnuc1, grill I
3l2w 31nhhng24, 21nullt or a
her,., ) tpperrs, r t,
Don't let dbcay tart Miroh
are the enume. Th-y nrt
sugor into initt nettl. ThI avid
tnakes the nit vIty. A lini
tooth offI rsr nn Ii:Irbring r, rg
fir 4 miii, hi l i hiiae. T'h1 -
hr"Mt , bans.-. yout rl ni l- ue is rm
TifItI0" nerchsut r vIry unnak :un
cranny 1itre than that, Ii t
tt. tiI re . 1 ill gil * l j1N o K t op
the teetth pare, wh ite. Iro"dill y
and strenlnthhlnn li gomn, it
In insurnni r n Maullt ,lrnlii hills
PrIve 2t cants,
Missoula Drug
Preseriftion Druggists
Phones 16--459
Hammond Block, Missoula
II. ih. Bateman & Co.
Agwnte for Remington Typewriters
Rowland, The Jeweler
Walthes. Dlmmis, Jewelry
Special attention given to
114 East Main Street.
Arent for Uanderwnad Typewriter.
Typewriter suppiles.
114 East Main Street
Rooms for Rent
Steam heat, telephones, electric
bells, eto., single or en suite, most
esntrally located house in the city.
Mates reasonable.
Ii t t I r
NV 1, It ha
lug Wa rioni,,. 1, i,
gour 4n)44 jluli) n7."11, n it ni '
a1IviV -our reputation.
FII m n" an a m r ,.
u 14II4tll
renuinry a IIit n o ulu ti. n
what \tto h v i t o v , n i
e tl mLst I
Florence liotel Building
. , ' . t I ti t ithI 'oIlt.r
11, on,- Mithtl prt"$,n's1
BOOSTING li t. tshli and at''.
SALMON. it11 tnh' iII 1'1 'i
1i 1. 'I II~ .1't.s.itl int
,.i~i t tt. 1'1,1 it.I1 $ ; !11, 1 1 I: ' it i s+iti +"
Itt ltl it +ti ::11i .11tit ti llI hut ii itil it fi~i t
1" a 1 it S it it Is ttt i \ 11lit
!' 1 ri V if, r noon\ I' l,,h-.1 I nout
CN En ST e ii tug l loittet ttift
GOSSIn that r tilth.I it luI ii Iatilt
`1'1 i' t tit it1 1 i" imtostit t I f i t fli t it
I o tuiili I i ittitI fttuilrsiiitu nuatto
th ti I. ....I. ith hi t tutu in t iti
1.td Il 4ilis It Ittn hitlit iii gI l ltitt 11
!t1111 "111 itt h 11 1 II' llfit WtiN.I It. 1Itt ut1
US T hw P ittlrna 1'111 hii s kittt im
S aIC 4NS.. tiil it-tnti t1 l titt"tita
IItI 1,: 1 l it tilt Ii ntl li t ItrII
I1. i11 $1111 II tititi til/t lii fllit`.,it. I~
Is ti 14 til li It. I"t'101V u1,ikhuh I's,
x 1,1t liio titi- eft- ,- 'l ht' i ai ir l ll ('its
it itt-il Intl li t tlt itl i s Alin" ,II r
111 bt 1 .II i ittl <1.ll
SR G th,- 11n hit th, inlk litt" 1f1l1
ths ln o p bi ntit li lii- ittili hit.
s c It clilt it tit t iiir itS tnot I o
i1 t. spirt t liii it ifti - r It,, fiki I v. r
,It, hill ,ti iI innkii g 1i1tut1 pI t il
factor1t 111 lil dlev1..lopownt of lit.m \\'1t
sli..ii oi thit, bittii r II i ti . tiiiitti its .
Ihr liiido. I ii utltltliun lilt
1't11.44. t 4i 511111 11.1 t.'t . t 1 it lilt Illt
,tr t 11-. t lan l ys utill lhe lit if tt
,-ntest'm, 1111111 1)'174 Is
CONTEST stil hunguslow which
GOSSIP Thu Missoution Is 11tt11
SN Wg III It'it h t n tifltiat
Ifs pi '1hr, lnv hour ni it hnnu manny
1 lsitorv lat lly it liti- n tow niti all
oft'I , 11 1 :1"0 .If h a",-ll h\ 111.1 th e e.
" I 1111 n gii oit Irizt I hIt yit ul'rlt
gilvig," sold 111e 111411 11111 inofkld vear
Ith.* tuagfisinw NAtogluly nit rernoonl "I
1 1 Ilightd w"ithf fit, hiltit ng - it's
it dinty IIt. honk, fit, 5i1 May and
i woos n1' than ptitni d 1xit, the in
Matlann it 11:11 (III inty platM~nta tills
nftl'rtnonn, but I Tillie tilt pine.. wouldI
114 aurneative fit ally 111,1. This aft
..rnooin, hosw,'t'r, II swirnrll i perflect
Iinlet far it hornm The v"iewa IM tint'
I n will fil- nrrontalintrs frs- 11 thnt
cmild 11. as1ked 1 tnineh-r"tund now
41'1y II.,1'111.4 Iut st 41 11111'ly find I luln
11tt~ing hntlreste.d msyself TIherl tits
onilt 1111' th ill U, wham 1 111114 tnksn
wlmn" internt Mnine tile ontatM .tartl-d,
hilt I antwes I'l i lt N-01 to get 111111 In
herI hahnIf now thint I realize whatt
there is far how If M1he w~n$. It Is a
tint' prize fint 1 $yntlpathlz,- x'11 lith.
girl', whn tn.' workintg for It; they
b~v. ., Irinh to fne dl-opl h114.1.4.$1.1"
''I'M nkng of ruhngt n." sntid mill Alin
11'11 y 'st4.rdayI 111 hl- Kill] i in dou le
te'ndh"rl,.it neon nor
JUST FOR pillster and 111111 horn
SICKNESS, and renhhnsg oni aunoth
(I", 'nutiIntlinst l:ddle
n oot In !nix thiturn till In d llivsry. ' I
have a 1hvrmfi, friend soald n,-1 hbonr
till' finlva I"bhh..in 11 vet1r silt Ill'
1nnk,"1 a list of kr-slt.t tan, sno , I nst
fall I%. r is ."n 11'1.11 ho e it ,.,ba te tII htu"
l1.4t14 1 it4ke.d lent n still. 411 111' .141
kr.Ilut Ii' w:t' g1n g 1, t inp t tip '(Th,
not 11111. I.' 15 sdils (':Iblih gl" I worth
10,1 tintlh rtion1y this fall, Itha, tl it.1
to 1.1 1,"..4 il 1 "11 4 fi t' Mirlknl"$ . I
t111il, 14 nin~k.' thr'5 nr foutr hurr,"Im.
t~ivhe, 11f tilt kraut' And that1' 41111t
I1, dill It. mad(- four hurr,'t", hilt I1
tlIilh ' s. It 1111ill'f it. Ill Just 1.t- t It
lit his ,,Io 'l '111 1114.1, 1115 maul Ind 1141x4.
wanotehing rei1olv It t'"1M1 of srknesMs."
V4111iIs listened t11 the $ltory int til h1161
erahi ell him ord,-rs most rushed ouit
front it." was$ thinking 11I the $l11rv
! 1114 110 h.'6-1x, till 1111 1n 11 a tti athhnge t
the t1rniar~ksin ent-utnw11r and 11hoved1
fill t."nvierinsll It. the 11111ar n d mu nhh1ntg
mIItil. The nmt) %%11, git lith tenderloin
kickd I hat Il.-elfion manf tnt the hone
1110 t-n1hhnRg didst' 1411111 : 11 h It lie
non-( 1,11 11,-141 I.Ir 110 sar
Mitl W itd 1 1 1111 it 1111 1'.1111% yl"u
multis'l nIItorning from 11'11'1'1 0011 allo
' "I""' I111 stay Ins MI' '
STRANGER s'1ula "'Pais Is the first
IN TOWN. t1'11, 111:111 eon 11'l the
formt, in two'" motith l11
nhil In. in Ili, A\lati .\h t To'1wn, "mUil
it' tilt tint that-c I1, v wet1 Ill \li$
!t .ila . o 111' ' it' .f lfit s I linvellt 1.1.1"1
11 11 f il1um ill'',, lot Itsatel 1111 1.
o inths .111, I lidin't Mst1 ther'1 this
14 u n'n ; I Intl 1 u.,iness d111.1 her1't
lollt I It'l .t ,-n com g .111ssmait ter.
1:11111 Iook14 g11,11 and I ,:I i met, this
II I$ grow ing it Int. Y. -1 ft'hls who akre
444t4 llt 14 1 111N' f h l t lIi. t. 't,, . l t
.11l I:4 4 4'i 11441l :4 II f'*4* v 'i4 t+.' 1\
t .,, 1;11.." 4~uu %u ;t444 i .1.4 r
4 4414444 I
qh1.2J50 lwu ."`'Ia44v 14Y ' { ,d . 4441
.114 4 tint 4444 444 41;4444 $1414444 +
44 In $10 Iil~ 444 lll.444
11$ C.54ltl44'ood 141rt-et
Indii Phone4 527'3
Ti lii "n imipr.oved city and farm
Par thre or five yrn with prl I
lease of rrepaynwnt oif whnl or part
i an i Ia ilf
Winstanley Realty
Investment Co.
134 Higgins Avenue
44)35 Its 131)3') is4 ,I holed, it is4 fir'3c~
.111,tl Ilk,' ', I4-' in 111,1 111"+11153 333143I
4433 i11) nih ,t rim 333w3t II rash. 33. r,
33 13'P e l'.333 111111Sr hall, of)i 343h3
3)4 In 11 *4t (')43l)14'l%'11 14 t ill last ligh
it3 till, al.) 1111311, I 4 11a. pth l)44'l~lll
and nl'i,'4' 34' 4r113l44')!4iM". frlE3illllI'r''i
1ir'11141 tiIt' 143 il it the4''3 3)14)4. of li'i) t heii
l\'e'il'l 3 1(331) 1\e)Il'iIg lha*''ll a tlt'd341t
or. 4h1 44, /13443 t''4i)431' it hoes 1411'r lf
liiu',' 43if, 44114433, ''ints" Tlt' I3)41)'3, K's
4,I I 4 Ist' i "or Ii ll p l'i4 i34 11)r lh~ x
Phllharmonics, Rehersal.eeenn fa
'lN. , 4`131- 344.4 "3.33)343' Mnnl e 44' f1434
the1443 tIrlyd Ill.g "M11I-sr3n143 ale 4)1413ty iss
\lI444')' I 144'' i4'4)31')lf 4411ilt 1-n 44414 '1
14 t~ld (~'4 'ii)'~' 4413 l i It' 4,4)4'' 1'11 ,\ I"I 3
\1,114)1,"i>', Russel 1 ,1'fllh'r34 hi 31''44).
L OAEC EYPh i l h r m o n i L Rg e hS o c i a l. "
'I'll'r t. r il l "' l it'':3.4'li lh' .3~s 1 ))I'' 13)4'a
Stit' 34'tilt-14 'rhetI'a.'34' b~11 in~ han
to 111111 l1-3,4 3' 1It 14 (lit 3 3')'l'i''4111l,'1It4is
cia I llt-111,! 3l's 11i',"11111;.3)01
1,1 Ile)3331 'iln hr l4''4.~ i t 11','1.
'11"i.4)IM)' if 3toss11 .il 3141144 '3i1.'l
I'bu)I-'. 4444 ide, '31'it33 44414 Juio 4'' u1
331444 3113'33141'i I~nch
144114 3)331.l ''i3. 13141 11%)Ic1443d'' 1t
.411.. ."'3'gi' M43'.4111M1.'I
41. , " :1 Ils, 44.43)4 S 11413" 1. '1i.
4111144 4)334', "''N ''1l')l' hoot"31.3,
34.4,'i g, tl.\ 1N1 1
13'l'iha134 ''il" )4 I.4'''4)3 313'iet
4-'I 1'' ,l3t X111--- 31)13 lid, to41
W. R. G. Meeting.
343')IIlu i' 1411 3,' \ '33431" 'I.)' ,Il 3 31'11")13
this4 14333') )43) inl II). 3 41, it. V. 313111
:1)3343x. '('ills is l ' I, (I, I. when34 it3 lt1'
44144's:1'1" it' h, 3)')'pi'old 3 rep resent3'3)
Il 3''Ill 3l 13) st1)434 4')3''3313)11433 44'1114".
Is)3. Il he hed li Iti) t, 31)14' 3. 4, ;, and4)
.,l. 'i'Il.'r,' t\ Il) 3b" 1111"','' oil' 1333444 d3'le'
)itl'l)311, )'hei3.'s 11)1'. 3.3)414 3333343-.34 33'343
.4334444.311. ,433's. .1. 44'llson 3 ''ir"' Is de
p artme nt4'3) Ii)'' 341lt. 31144. "41113) 333)3''
l3'.y, l'3'l'.t l'.3M..:11311 3))s 333114,"1, 11 I~ l1.,
Episcopal Ladies Meet.
guild o1' 333 333v '.3 e)3M13) 4-1'1 /-l'll4-11 3 wil h
held 34'44)313 3' 43'3.3'333.33 3by %3's, II. TI.
44'1133as 13)3)n h3)'s. .I 1'. 33.4v.', i)3 lilt
hi , ..t 4 the hatter. ;331' I'3l4','l'.st3l t e
11111. ('114-1'-'' 34331 It..' if sale34 i1 11,1111.'
e 1433' ht') I)4'l''M)4'.3 ,01 I.' 4433') awl'
Westminster Guild.
it3))) 313''htrlli 44' r.'3. \%33) l'l' 113333.
t\ ill, \i 3- .43.33. 11)3.4Il i43 her'3 111111,'.
,4-1 Phillips s.3)et
Wuith Miss Gagnon.
\I4)3,.3 -h 331)3)33)13 Ill33)3')) 333)311333 is
t33.. 11-''.), .3f 3335'. P333ý 3s 4113.333)33
33331.i3 ('''1.'I33,3it 11r.-., hi'Ii) aunt.4.) 343';I
llt' 3ell .~h't3 .4 3.'t I'''34)33' r33 in 3vu.3l
3')')' 3. M333.t 3.0)33)3 33i33-. 3)3)3)33 133.'
\3'.) filling 43)'))))' .4:,all.\I1"1.1111''1'1 1)"n
fro and 331)33) . l 33)'' 33.').' S1)3343 t as'533
trill bI "I n ki d t itojii I y 10.1 \\i1 \t1ii i' '' ts bt'i'k
i1 aii,- fr'-ii lI I Itxfg il.m 'l'ltl i fir It
\\hiiri, i f Ih ,- rV tillne tilt' KSl nn it y It nti
tirlutioln .ranpuny ninde inst revenltin to
Ill- cll., -onneil is xrutnt il. Themn
anini."atiol front the newer, company>
'tiirteit t itlt of talk Inst night inul.
I:mpilli-.r is,\,- ringen In his bill' 'ril
right t kI t' , "" liii' Iiti tr it in the
.III - I of t1e t uiligltfitr '1' strul t
.a r' ute i tr' " lii' Nt'ttii4 l to IniI.\, lbitV
im '-it Iii titl tr le t-itti, it0 ttttti0 'nittlfipanty
I ;tling 'util ts h'litti a e its t'i'esl.y
Uni' s 1.11+ is ,liar. During 111." dis
S it n tlt * riti ntt st of Ith. li nni ltyi
i tIu litnn t, iMr. sttnilt i-itt en tilt tt Ii i
"i".n t~ reite-ralt' hIs desire thalt tit,
uniltary Ms wer- itler the sitn.' be
111ti1 I Ill' t iet l tt er of tiht , stlire'iti ti
-titd of tn nn std, an uontumtint'd.
, 'l id thatIit It: i llsrtl he itn. tiitho-t
mIlitio n expense, ns he is intIrsted
- -wll . nt i ug'li, n giv'. g ,-ti oitly is
g.."1 s ill. tit i.,,1,.1 the flitredt plums
,thlaAut Thlgio edi Skmunerati.n. A
sunj'urt'y of the niderm'n gunve In
f"'rm:,l ;IIpron1,I to trie enguinter'a
iih1' hi ll it eemns likii'ly t hat tiit ,th
l'nt- r plins i t illi he lihi ngt'lt I s it
w ihew. i ' illut tI - I i 1 he i i sidered t i t it
speli tiii s nIltl uli led for 4 nh' oik thii
,11 1.0,1 u- sit n Il t' tih- i petIiitin lii the
ICinni''-y ii oI stru' tihti t lint' lit inl re
gard 1' i h'' sttIilt iutr t lne lit ll he
t;1il0n kill 11114-.
Judges and Clerk;.
1\"1tit-1 - lot of ' - i-ioini - s it itiz ' nu
it" 0 ir t tilln I Edito Ifithriln i t tils
stronglly thrunkt it in tih snuttillini
firm oi liy g'tiettnment, the 24 nlngll
1111,10 f'urmal pr nrpnrtlin I'~0 th1' ,elt'
tlon thant till sivello wh1,ther or not
fill new 111,11 shall he. miu'dIls hh1swte" dpi d wthhll m
I hrng,* frot th'' list uste', since' Mit
,.nulu Iwolith' \ as youlng. Ill tilt VI t'rsi
wvord the vitinig hnoths trill h'' set sti
In tht. flrurn is buildling, ,iris tilt
tir","' friim the )Ill Stand. Tilt col01
plitr list, pnllilig p~lner*M, JluIges knd
clerks. I' 111111' :
I" irt 1\'.1"': Ilarnols hidhing
-I h, rg," I':lilo t, I'" A. hurt, I'. E:. I'1dgo,
Hetnry W1oli' unld John IPop"'
S'.k0t1l %1;1d: ()lls c"it\ hill, pnlthe
0,ourt--14 d itohkra mer, I' 1'. Jo1ne14
fI;,raid Hitlgin14. 1ot Jon', 111i1 ,Min
'Third w\:Ir'1 'to th 0111,- ii'' It ation
- 1. it. I atlin, C'. \\. I1l-1g1", J;rntel
(Ion', t' If. Alh~n 3111, Ilmghi I'1rb~i4
I''"nrthii ward: Itottling Wo'rks -
A1lunst flianbrouslk, A. K, Andertson,
1'1111010,1 Il,-ndervon. .1, .1ts'iaggart maul
I'1st Aluterain.
A Tangled Skein.
The <tly nlffichals ,-v iteel it lot ill
lit.m ' Ii tinta gling tit, affairs 'If t1
Ipr~l. ma lt disrth I N''. ',, whlich eln
brnr.'i a hi street. . report h, 1'ity
1~ga - r : h 1 1 b .11'I r tiu ht out that tit~
'i r li \a. fltinish,'1 iii that tae situ,,
if $1i117 is to to. pal.) to innabllh.'y.
'rie ronri'"lny that started this wo'rk
did nit finish it mill the uondientn or
the comcer n, to praotet themselves, 11'"11
athead 11.111 it. Th'ber.' ;1e many tfanims
agntinst tOw mloney tit, city Is yet to
;illy Th lider'mine drecded tha~t s0,r
tain ol ains \l'r0, to Ile paltl at litre 41111
that the ba.l ance lift honidml be placed4-t
in till hanld" if the ,'lurk of thin sti
tri i couirt, tile othe'r cbtiinnutts to s,-t
(ie ill,- matt'"r in 11,-11 ownu wa'y. 'Ill'
resttolitl wa.. aiddlit I r''nehing this deP
cl "un lht it I Hig P. partI from ('It' .At
t.'rn'y \W aoll.
The roultell gave time to n it lt of
ronuine husinrs'l, hll 1-,11 decilvim ,('
lion linht ),1 \ Iinstance.s. Tilt adeer
men, re,1lly, 11111 littleh ilt prepalre for
the s''smin ""- astledu A f'or this after"
noon at d i' ilo'k.
If you dllink, dtritnk fti meeker. 40 poor
rent salli grain, sour mashi whisky,
The sixIth mnumbr of the univ'ersity
lecture enit801'$, given ll the Hmnrnols
theatier inst i vat'ing t08Ulthltu an1d
f'a inatli ing, Its w\ell it. ilNstrmettle. Mr.,
.. . \ .. Itit re du Ii :nl ii pa 1 HO il e""
Barber & Marshall
The South Side Grocers
lIon 11ti(o .0, Ind Phone 420
Il he : ;r nor Ih I of hngK~
Ch nin; 1io in I th iu he a ut Oki
in n III,
-Wh I , I .* 2
Nanl l har .10c
10., n \un tr .10c
v, at h, \\'theit " It nu, Pihke
Whits, hoth Kirk.' ., ups, bill' 5c
. u ,no i holtte 1:, :n( 25o
\IBIarbn l Ma h ll
Barber & Marshall
Tailored Suits
k Of Ideal Refinement and Fitness for
the Well-Gowned Woman
We are showing exclusive advanced
models in suits and dresses at once
judged by the discriminating as dis
tinguished in style. A model in which
a new tendency is clearly defined, is
made of regular mannish serge. In
fact it's the same texture and weight
that is found in the best suits for men.
% It is strictly plain tailored, both suit and
skirt, and a dark navy color. Price $25
Other models range up froin $9.50
I~rnest .% ýh, nnon whn l.t intel here
lin t ."v'oning on till manlnfll oil 1n 1 p lano
government, is ano'l fri,"nd anul noih
hnr nlf :Nlupe~t enl enth n '. 11. NJ1-0141ll
of the P1 hot i tannt railwny. .11r.
Marshall tih arrH u et tin take the v'ti
Itnr ,n a trii lhroug lh ti. ltt.r1I Root
Srll.y Codar p. hey C ill Co.v this
morning o n the. Ilitt I. not tralin anit
I:, to , lowr1n 1" I, 'Ilm w"h" ro the}" w ill
re taken thIuly 'ii thi uilpr. tner n of vhio
valley byN :notmoninht throulgh the kindu
ne.ý+o nthe Uu litt."r Houi Ir~rimti:lon 1",un
Card Party.
1.. .L o .1'A. I. II w"ill giv, a eait I
parnty inl basomntvl 1) I atholle chnurch
Tulniuluy ev.l nino . 4 \1 rliii 11. llr'hilt -
.1011. l
Star Carpet Cleaning Co.
('nrluell lenty sl i hv owmanrl i ystem.
I'p.h..ist."ring in1"a l tn ttles5 .,hiking.
I'urniture, pna bl l will r*-paired. 4115
IK. Fromnt Phones Itell. 7T: Indt. 659i
_ Music Lessons.
Prot. ruutav I'ische.r. t."acher of vio
lin sadti tainn . 419 K aril St. Itoll 299.
in 114 West Spruce. It'll I'lihinii JtI
Ti, trtu.t" t lleno park
ad'llhl~n is anxious In rlonn til 1114
fotr t n-ol l lot. leftl in tlliv ;11(11
tion nnta lott nothoriz.ed its to $f
f. r thorin fr nu i"i -,tih at f'_' less
thnIll.n the r.'n t ninflit inlu."
$100 to $125
If t o ha b n wiliting fot it
mnny, tn . ine 11 a nd Itl it.
It I t I1iggins \volli
115 II1 gtins Avnuite
Boll Photo 17 Ind. Pthnte 474.
The best of everythingein the market
Pressing, Cleaning and
ut:Ite and over.roata mudo to order.
FLOOD £ 8HUPELL, Tailors.
216 W. Coutatr, appoelte Cnutrthnttue
burd. Phone 1871. -
The big sightseer "auto," 33-passenger capacity, is
now on the run and schedule has been changed this
season to connect with No. 41, leaving Ravalli at 10:15
a. m., after arrival of No. 41. Fare to Ronan, $2.50.
-Returns same day in time for No. 6 for Missoula and
Butte. Be sure and get aboard the Stanley Scearce
Auto line.
4-foot dry wood $6.00 and $6.50
16-inch slabs $5.00
Half cords $3.00
16-inch dry wood $7.50
Half cords . $3.75
4-foot dry slab wood . $4.50
Know'ilo k lintk. 204 South Third
Phones: Ind. 74. )toll 377.
Stag- runs lrorn fnona to Sloan's
ferry etvry Monday, Wednesday and
Frilay. pare $1.00. (',noetilons made
wIth all stages. Lin ' ion) at 2 'p.
in. At Slnan suaddli. hores and rigs
Ior hire.
Sloan Montana.
Smith's Drug Store
andSouth Side Pharmacy
Agents Eastman [email protected]
Window GI&ss
I11I IK 4s Avenue.
Why Leave Your Money
In the Bank?
and draw but 4 per cent on your investment when
you can
Standard Lime & Brick Co.
and after the first year make a big profit on your
StandardL e & BrickCo.
Phones: Boll 1000, Ind. 1683 112 East Cedmr Atreet
Tih ILLcu+i tinl y finiLIL Y ggi tip t t0 1
have no be ttel r l n llomitlnintenlt than
a stir'. fromt our wugar-t uraIl 1h11n
or dainty hantenn. In t1he meantimen
we ha1v'4 any llelilen y to tempt the
,-print Itpp4"tite I--pr'ing III mb1,
tspring broillers, fish ulnd tchoice.
Bell Phone 117; Ind. 431
Fine Watches and
Repairing Diamonds
Jeweler anu Optician
110 Higgins Avenue, Missoula, Mont.

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