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((ontinued lrtn Prage one)
Swtlr showing how the legislative af
fairs of a city made up but a small part
of the duties of its officers and rarely
if ever was the cause of the evils and
coltti luns that it is aimed to correct
with the commission plan.
Question-As a matter of fact, is it
not true that the experts which it has
eien contended the commission form
of governmuent would attract to its de
peartmental positions have failed to
either seek or secure the offices? Give
instancee of experts securing depart
mental pesitions under the comnmission
form of governient,
Answer-J have not contended that
coeeission government Il one by ex
perts. It i Just plain. simple buseness
men and methods that have made the
success in every city. However, the
c elueiet ona of nuecrocs cities under
tihe piin have often appointed and em
pelyed some of the very best and most
able meelt in jiarticular lines of work
to handle special problems, with telling
Question-ilus it not been demon
strated that under tile election-at-large
system that the teisiness and hon-ton
sectiens receive the bulk of the tin
Answer-No! El-ipphaticallf no! Such
has been disproved in many instances.
No stronger argument against this
could be found than in my own city,
where I have fully explained what we
did in the district containing 10,000 peo
pin who, as a class, fought tht plan
when it was adopted. Since that timte
they have seen a great itght.
Question-To the extent that oct
state and national goverlnlents are
compused of representatives from va
rious parts of their respective jurisdic
tioes, givieg to tht se bodies a know(
edge and insight into the conditions
and desirgs ef the people everywhere, is
it not likewise desirable that a city's
representation should be comeposed of
counclmen fromt various parts of the
Answer-There are very few states
tmen in ilny party but who agree that
politices of any kind should Ile elinti
nated in cities. Ward polities are the
worst type iit existence. The system
tends to tear down city government by
strengthening the ward Interests, cre
ates dissention, etc. Cotnettissiuon gov
ernment Is all for the city at large,
devoid of ward influences.
Question-Is it not conceded that
the German and Engtait cities are the
best governed ill the world, and that
their city conllcis are composed of
from Soi to too members?
Answer-Coun'ell of German cities
have at their hlads a single man who
i ,It." lie is a veritebie autocrat and
the others are his advisory board. The
scheme works in tk'rmany but would
not he tolerated in this free United
States for a minute.
Question-Name a place where a
co'nellclan hlas been recalled under
the c'mmtisslln plin. Also give an
ilstaiuce of an ordintence initiated by
the people being submitted to a ref
erendum vote.
Answer-As far as I have known,
until a city oil the coast recently
Invoked the recall it thea not been ap
piled under the commelissiotl. Neither
has the referendulm been used. The
Very fact that leither have been used
shows conclusively that there has been
nli ne'e'sity and argues eloquently for
the enen ission pitta. leoth weapons
are in the hands of the people if the
ieceasity arises.
Que'tion-Is it not a fact that the
result of the commission system of
governmentlit i talveston and Houston
hits been al. inrerase in the hours of
labor and a reduction it wages?
Answer-I do not think thls Is true
to aley great extent, otherwige we
would hace heard miere about it. Such
hus not been the ease iln my city nor
in manny others that I kouw., I cual
nlt aly definitely whetherp t1ýi1 has re
sulted in the cities namned.
Question-Is it not it fact that the
plan does not iliocuclate efficiency,
honesty and subserviency to the wishes
of the masses into the systems of the
commissliaoers? And are not the fol
tiowing statements il regard to the
practlcal working out of the commins
alol plan in Des Moines absolutely
"Ill 1t08 the old council submitted to
a referendums vote tile question of
building a market house on a certain
specified' and centrally located site
on lied by the city.
The proposition carried by a f mc: -
fiftht vote. The first adminis 'Uhtiefl
uinder the commission f"rm of got
ernmeet bought two sites for twt
market houses not centrally located.
Shortly before the 1810 election the
market house deal promtised to loom
large. as a campaign issLue. and the
commlli~siuloers finally decided to lu
Orrine for Whiskey
and Beer Habit
Orrine is the standard remedy and
Is everywhere recognized as the most
successful and reliable home treatment
for the "Drink Habit." It is highly
pratised by thousands of women be
canke it has restored their loved ones
to Ilves of yobrlety and usefulness. and
the weekly wages which at one time
were spent for "drink" ore now used
to purchase the necessaries and many
comforts of home. Any wife or mother
who wants to save her husband or son
from "drink". will be glad to know that
sio can purchase Orrine from the Mis
soula Drug Co., and if no benefit is
obtained after a trial we will refund
the money.
Orrine is prepared ut two forms, No.
1, secret treatment, a powder, abso
lutely tasteless and-odorless, given se
cretly in food or drink. Orrine No. 2,
In pill form, is for those who desire to
take voluntary treatment. Orrine costs
only $1 a box. Write for Free Orrine
Booklet (mailed in plain sealed envel
ope) to Orrine Co., 641 Orrine build
Ing, Washington, D. C. Orrine is ree
ommended and is for sale in this city
by Missoula Drug Ce.,.H mmotd blook.
I submit the question, giving the people
the choice of reaffirming their former
act, or acceptitt the acts of the cont
nmissloners. The people reiterated
their demand for the central site. Has
anything bets dune to carry out their
Aiiswer-No, The revtrse has been
detiholstrated and provtn in every citol
up'lelti n3t under the plan. There is not
contplulittI hot at city has expressed it
diesie to turn back. The "msses5"
oatt do this IC they. so desired. In
t'tl Moldes only recently 100 nent
bers of the trttes and labor council,
representing every craft, alitost, in tihe
labor world (the Iibor organizatIons
being against the plan *when it was
adopted), took it vote us to whether
they desired to return to the ward
5ystem'n. Out of that 100 Wien only two
voted in tavot of the old plan. These
thing seeml to indicate that the wish
es of the nausses are being subserved
and that efficiency and honesty gen
erally prevails.
As to the mnrtuet-boost, matter, I
have ito definite information. Thern
has been a squtbble of seme kind over
the liutter lit which the "east side"
and the "west side" of the city are
of different opinilons. There is on
doubtedly good cause for whatever'ltc
tihn has been taken. Even if such has
not been the cuse the matter does not
Irgue against the suceiss of the plan
In t(es Moines or against the general
features of the measure.
Question-Is it not true that while
the Des Moines plan provides that It is
a lnisdenieunor for any officer or enm
pioye of the city to accept a pass or
frank from any of the public service
corporutions, that it has recently conie
to light thatt not less than 6.+ of such
officers and etnpine' are riding on
free passes furnished by the street car
The Iowa state law provides that
transportation companies may grant
passes to certain classes of city tm
ployts. If others, not included in the
law, have accepted passes they have
done wrong. They should be recalled.
But because one man does wrong we
do not condemn humanity as a whole;
because one church member backslides
we do not condemn his church. There
can be no argument here against coln
nistilon government.
Question-Is it not true that during
last winter there was quite an 1,1 -
detnic of typhoid fever in Des Moines,
that a former city physieiln, it report
to the commisslonerm, had called tit
tenlion to the danger of fulling to ex
l)nmine the water supply from tillie to
lIme to preveit the typhoid gerll'Truin
getting itt Its work, and that the re
port woo pigeon-holed? And then
when the epidemic was at its height,
didn't the comninssuoners import an
expert fromt NeN' York. who made
practically the same report and the
senme recommtendations as the forier
city physician. and also present it bill
for over $1,600 for the 10 days hu spent
In the city?
Answer-Des Moines did have a
at Ige with typhoid fever.. The cotn
missioners did seek the aid of a spe
cialist and if they paid him $1,600 the
money was well spent if he caused the
saving of any lives. Public boards
of health under the comm1isulo0 plan,
are, wherever tihey have come undvr
tiy personal notice very efficient and
satisfactory. Even the most carefully
guarded communities borletines be.
come' a prey to disease of this nature.
I am Inclined to believe that every
thing posalble to prevent such Was
done at Des MoInes.
Question-Is It not true that during
former administrations in Des Molines
that the snow on the sidewalks il the
residence districts had been required to
be ret'oved within a certain i1mit d
time after the snowfall, and that when
the property- owners were negligent,
tuie city removed the snow and charged
the cost to the property owners? Is
it not true that durbig the past winter
the snow has been allowed to remain
on the sidewalks, and that several ac
cidents have occurred as a result of tilt'
slippery conditions? Is it not also
true that the comlnllssiont r of the
streets and public itlprovements, who
has charge of this matter, and who
gets $3,000 a year. was absent frott
the city for five weeks during the wil
ter lecturing on the Cuties and if
fitlency of glverntnlit by co'llis
Answer-I hlilta11't hib tit lies Mlines
sinet last September. I du know that
before the comlllission plan of govern
nient was adopted that it ItaH tte 0of
tile dirtiest cities in the world. Its
streets were uInnst filthy. Afti'
adopting the plus its streets are kept
clean, and I say this advisedly. They
aro flushed anid ohipb t .er+' day. It
imyr be titat tile slitll 1111 itfi 1) tiit
sdwk by tile "dead people" tilt m
Tile streit eonlnmisslonei' as you ettl
11i1m, wa't ocnt1 hy tile people of Des
Mdolnles to several lolwns to tell of thle
success of tile t'mitlsstott planl. The
people of Des Molnas were glad to pay
bll salary wliili' le waaM..engaged ill
this work, They are proud of tteli'
city and of its plan of governmlent
ttnd alit uns51lfisll enougil to wont to
give other cities tite beitefit of tht'ii'
Albany, N. Y., April 17.-DIx haM
accepted all Invitation to preside at a
meeting of the National Civic league
May 23, when William J. Bryan it to
speak. Mr. Bryan will be the guest or
the governor.
St. Petersburg, April 17.-M. Kry
zhealky, the landscape painter and
member of the Russian academy, coin.
mitted suicide during a fit of despond
ency today. The artist hanged himself
in his home.
Paris, April 17.-In. consequence of
the anarchistic conditions in Morocco,
France will reinforce her troops al
ready there by sending thither four
battalions selected from the colonial
Washington, April 17.-(5pecial.)
John G. Eppers has been appolnted
postmaster at jqntwow Fergus county,
Moat., vbJ4"4& K Mstone, reslgned.
Reproduction of a "Wanamaker" Talk on Laces
Lace Is Queen This Season
Fashion Heralds the Return of the Laces
After a Period of Neglect, A hnost of Disuse, 7hty Have Comic' Back, A/ Exquisite, Billowy Tide of
Loveliness, That Has Swept Over the Entire Fashionable World
Lace is everywhere. dent followers, and which is not used on the 7in' i/urore for Wide Bands
Ninety-nine out of every hundred of the season's gowns, with exquisite effect. Be
new gown creations are trimmed with it. sides the two mentioned there is a penchant One similarity runs through all this im
Whole gowns are made of it. for the new shadow laces that amounts almost mensely varied taste in lace-the use of the
The only exceptions to its almost universal to a craze, together with a widespread use of wide band. Nearly all the laces are made up
use are the more severe of the tailor mades, Irish, of Cluny, of Brussels Point, Duchesse, in this form. Bands as wide as an all-over
and even these show sailor collars and'cuffs Point, Milan and Valenciennes, the last two trim the bottom of a skirt, or finish a tunio.
of havy, handsome Venise. chiefly in imitation. They are used to form almost the whole of
*A visitor to Fifth avenue and its most ex- a waist, particularly of the kimono style, or
clusive shops the last of last week, discov- they form the upper or lower section of the
ered just one gown among the hundreds of sleeves. One quaint style showed a half
models that showed no touch of lace. one side-of a waist made of this wide lace
" -band, the other half of chiffon.
The Lucky Possessor of Emubroideries Too, Feel the Effect
Tetifrel s tHere the distinctive notes of the season are
The owner of beautiful real laces that have 'the embroideries on marquisette and voile,
come down through her family, will have the and the color embroideries, with edgings, in
opportunity of many seasons to display them sertions, galons to match. Embroidered mar
this spring. The fact of their being slightly quisette all-overs in white and colors, are
yellowed with age is an advantage, rather among the most charming suggestions for
than a drawback. Nearly all the new laces, gowns. The two-tone embroideries, two
and the imitation, are in cream and ecru, shades of blue, for instance, on white, are
rather than white. novel and beautiful. Among the wealth of
A skillful dressmaker can usually i'anage embroideries, both colored and white, there
to drape and otherwise arrange them without are many more new things, new this year,
cutting.and new to this city, found only here in
cutting. beautiful white goods in our own embroidery
The Most Popular, Lac. And to go with the embroideries are dainty
Venise and the filet laces woul 4 sm to white goods, embroidered marquisettes and
be in the lead, but it would be hird W find voiles, mulls and Swiss, plain and embrokd
a p ered crepes, colored marquisettes and chiff
a present day lace which does not have ar- *fons in lovely profusion.
Is a great big, well-chosen, well-assorted An embroidery stock that it would be
stock of fine laces. There are valenci- hard to beat. There are 45-inch flouncings,
ennes in matched sets from 5c to 25c the 27-inch Irish crochet flounwings, corset
yard. There are real and imitation tor. cover embroideries in Swiss and nainsooks,
chons and clunys, filets and Venise laces, ...... - fine Swiss edgings for dress trimmings,
and a large assortment of gold and silver bandings, beadings, galons in matched sets.
allovers, bandings and edgings, besides silk In fact there is a wealth of real beauty
floss and colored cotton goods. It's a most in the things our embroidery department is
comprehensive assortment. showing.
There is a beautiful display of laces, The popularity of laces and embroideries
bandings and allovers in one of our lug- offi wl demand the very sheerest of white
gins avenue windows. f efabrics. Ask for Slierette.
Silontinued Pron Puga i ine.)
in connecrtion wilh tha proposed reel
proelty treaty for his Information. A
Vote of thanks was tendered Narnator
Dixon at the conclusion of the session.
The Sheop Industry.
Th' ersuiaittee on resolutions recited
uarong other things that the sheep ir
dustry in Montana represented ail in
vestrent of $46,000,000 with approxi
tIutely t.7u10 employes, and that the
labor and shearing costs are the high
est in the world. The entire country
Is' interested in wool and the woolen
schedule, and the asusolation calls onr
the members of congress to protect
the home market against foreign in
vasion. The proposed Canadian reel
piroclty treaty was protested against as
being productive of no benefit to +4u.
sunrers In this state. tUnprfinst dry
railroad rates are opposed.und efforts
at remedial legislation Indorsed.
The 16-hour feed lnid was in
dors d and also the National Wool
Warehouse and Storage corpauny for
tltr moral strength its existence tans
given toward keeplng up wool prices.
Miles City Is thanked for its hos
pitality. With the adoption of these
resolutions the meeting adjourned to
the ball parrk. A wild west exhibi
tion, with rope throwing, bronchio -ust
ing, freak races, and other equestrian
nor'eltlhs, followed.
Rev. J. N. Maclean, Rev, T. A. Wickes
f '~erd Kennett go today to Aria
coaftttlteund tile semi-annual meet
ing ut the butte Vresbytery, which will
he b hld in tike ititst Preshyterlast
chuich in A iiuondi. The general work
of the districl will be considered at this
meetlinl iua i delegate waill t-e elected
to represent the district at the Pris
byterti g aecal aatsemibly to micet iII
Atiantic ([ity in May.
Prof. J. lawrence Laughtin recentty
desirlbed ilet suffragettes as "hen
mtindedi wtoien," and then withdrewll
and waited for the storm to ltdss. But
there was no storm. Much to his sur
prise, the wtomen accepted his charac
terization m iL conmplitnent.
"Why dies a hen cross a road"' ask
ed Mirs. li ira Pitts Junes, president
of the woman suffraita party of 1111
nois. "Pure comoni senuse! A fool
roister would stand in the middle of it
and let til automobile hit hint." 'T'hen
she proceei td to onumerato the vii
tues of the len, as follows:
"She Is Ute greatest mioney-miak-r vin
"M4 le us more exclualve ability haun
any other creature.
"Her mind Is mtore inventive.
">;he ls constantly industrious.
'Sihe m11nin her own business, while
I her husband ifilids every one else's."
If the tirofessor, had the better of
the argunlit his advantage Iln't up
parent to the naked eye.
(Succaa Migazilne.)
Wheat the husband gets ready to re
gard hi wife as an equal partner in
the liarrialge firm instead of as an
employe with one share in a tilliton
dollar colipany. Or as merely a house
keeper; when he is willing to regard
his incoiii as mnuch his wife's as his
own and nlt put her In the posit!on ou
a beggar for every penny she gets;
when lie wilL grant her the same privl
I }e deniatl(. f? r himself; when he
in w Ung to allow bib Wife to live her
own Ha%- itithwit rtyiig to "isis" lir~,
wP ehull have 111.11 true tnurrligil.
suppler hoses, it hitgher (.lil~zution.
(Sutens Magainuile.)
.nAla 11bama negro wtav l 's Iefntl In
court by intoitir .1ircgni. Ilfuinn
clhired the njurgo of to ciilargie, Ill.,
senatur bald to situ, "ita tus, did you
really steal the sluib?
t'ell, .11ar .\Itrg tan, it Ii u A jst
lithe this,'' .jut Jtaitui: *t really
thought l did Rtal dat iuh., but aftetr
what you bait to the jury I Hus con
vinced I dhidnt."
You will find our agents at all
trains to care for your trunks and
haggage. We do a general transter
and storage business. It will pay
theatrical troupes to make arranwe
ments with us for moving their
trunks to opera house.
Scavenger wagon also operated In
the city. ,
We have the U. S. mall cantraet.
Telephone No. 571.
Hamilton, Montana.
Asthma! Asthma!
gives instant retiet and an absolute cure
in all cases of Asthma. !troechiuis, and
Hfay Fever. Sold by druggists; mail on
receipt of price stoo.
Trial Patikaeg by mall to rents.
Georoa Fraisheirner. Proprietop
Dress Shirts $1
Worth $1.50; negligees, 30c
and SOc, worth 50c and 75c
at Darbee's closing out sal!.
Going to aint
If you are
thiuikuig of painting
"your house, or any of your out
Mouse bulddings this season we want
ou to come in and talk to us about our
paints and supplies. We know just how
many ,allons of piant you'll need, how much
oil and white lead. In short, we are in a posi.
h /,* non to suggest and furnish you with ideas that
* , will go a ling way s toward cutting down your
al' cost.
Please remember, also, that we carry a
complete stock of household needs, from
kitchen utensils to lawn mowers.
All at prices unrivaled, quality
considered. See our complete new
stock of stoves and ranges before
you buy elsewhere.
Interior decoraitin cannot be done(,
right without ALAllASTINE -I the
beautiful coating for walls. We sell
and recommend it to you for all our
interior finishing.
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