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$900 Cash
Balance long time. A swell 7-ronm
modern home, 60x.0l-toot Int, trees
and lawn, In a swell location; $2.600
lnsurance and this home Is without
doubt the very hest bargain In
Rhoades & Howard
Real Estait and Insurance.
103 Cedar street
- ----- ·· --
The Buccess chapter of the Amer
lean Woman's league, which holds its
meetings on the first and third Satur
days of each month, In the Roosevelt
school, met In regular session yester
day aftetrnoon. A special meeting was
appointed for Monday, May I6 to decide
the question "Shall we buy lots or ac
cept donated ground for the club
The program yesterday was opened
by. a piano solo by Miss .erry. Miss
Edna Chadwick sang a solo, ccompa
nled by Miss echryork.
Mrs. Winstanley, presiding In her
usual charming way, introduced J. M.
EKans, who then presented In a con
cise and Interesting form the fundau
mental principles of commission gov.
ernmedft. The ladies listened eagerly
to the speaker and frequently Inter
rupted him with applause. At the con
elusion of the address there was a
rlsing vote'of thanks to Mr. Evans for
his kindness in coming to speak to
the ladies. Miss Irene Cox sang a
solo, which was highly appreciated,
and the meeting stood adjourned.
R. H. Rutledge, in charge of lands
at the local forestry office, will have
today or tomorrow for the Blackfeet
forest, where he. goes to engage In
agricultural settlement work that Is
to be carried on extensively three this
season. There is considerable land
along the north and middle forks of
the Flathead river which is conald
ered very valuable for agriculture and
this Ins to be classified so it can be
listed for settlement In the very near
The district where Mr. Rutledge will
work is that which was personally In
spected by Forester Greeley early this
year, his report to the forester at
Washington containing recommenda
tions for much land to be opened for
Anyone interested in the enore of
consumption should get one of the
booklets telling of recoveries by the
use of Eckman's Alterutive.
"Saratuga, N. Y.
"Gentlemen: For years I was
troubled with cough and ,xpectorntlon.
My case was declared consutmption by
my physician, and I was not expected
to live. Another physician advised the
use of Eckman's AItenrtivo which I
took and was finally curd
"(Signed affidavit,)
"J. W. KANAI.Y."
Fuller details of above c(as,, on re
Eokman's Alteratilve 'la for Itron
chltle, asthma, hay fever, thront and
lungi affections. For sale )'y Missoula
Drug company and other Icatdlng drug.
gluts. Ask for booklet of cured cn'as,
and write Eckman laboratory, Ph11-
delphl, Pn., for additionnl evidh.,ce.
W. I. Rnogers of Hunter, N. 1)., i.
the guest of his brother-in-Ila., Htnm
J. Pulllam. Mr. Rogers was formerly
postmaster of Hunter. lie may de
olde to locate In Mslasoula.
For Sale or Trade
For a few days we will offer the
TREMONT lodging house at 246
Higgins avenue for sale or for
trade for real estate of equal value.
The Tremont, 19 rooms, has re.
cently been repainted, kalsomined,
papered and partially refurnished
with new ani high grade furniture.
IJI i loe and clean and In strictly
'flt.,Olas condition. Its location
g .oaso of the finest in the city.
iee 1only 1,U00, :Call for particu
Ja.r without, de~j
.IL Smead Co.
ias Bock
Bonaeman, Mlny 0.-(9RIecain.)-Thn
twelfthl anniual contellt of the stoatae or
alarilrll rnsnlociation was won tlOnlgltl
lly J. KeFnth Rialltlcher oIf Montanat c(ol
lege at )oer iaadge, hits lulhj.rt haing
"lntelrlnatiolnn PI'eacet." Miss .n .lilarai
Maxwell of the Montana Stale Norrtmai
collaege ant Dillln wa.s sronld. lier aili.
Jet was "lligher JIdMtlanion for «'n
m1en." ,Minn Filorerl,. Mathews ,of thae
I'nliveralty of Montltlnn at .linisnili was
third. lHer suhbject was "The New
Other competit.or were Witilllam
Winters of the State Agriri-lltatral ieol
IPRe, who had for hi sublject, "A 'Ila
for the ('onnervation of Natulral Ie
nourres," anld I~dwin J. Stanlley of the
Montarna Waleyan university alt Halo
ena. Mr. Stanley ,poke onl "O)r Plo
The juldFge were J. n(. Uter of (Orant
Falls. J. II. Ionote of Bultte and WV. it.
Mr a'nll, prinlilnl of tlhe lillitilgs high
Theadelnamatlion (antelt was heldl in
the asnembly room of Ile Agrillllallllrl
cIollege hefor n an tlndion of 600.
The hlislines meeting of the nll.ameln.
tin olwas Hehl thi nafternoon at thn
rilla rno.elage. li.asilen rltilne matters
one or two h things of general Ilnterent
were determined. Th'l officers for the
coming year were (.elected as follows:
Prrhidelnt, Joihn (;nrvin of the %Mon
Stalna Weslryan universlity at Helena;
vice pre~lslent, D)nnald M. rhappell of
Montalln college at D-err lodge: noer.
tary, Mis. IHlliJalbeth Rutherland of the,
Stallt Normatl collaege at Dillon: trrns
arer, C. C. Dickey of thie tnlverally of
Montlan at l MilrsInl.
Tilhe next coni.e.t will he lhld in IIn l
A decidely new dlaatr'tltre was taken
Iin the appointmentllll of a committee of
five to draw uip a pillln for an annual
caontelt in extemlorlaneouls speakling ien
tweenl the ,olleges.g of the state, to be
held In connection with the itate ora
torical contest Leginninglll with next
year. T'here wIas at detiled ,Interent
taken In tile new plhin and the expec
tation wans expresint that this new
foIrn of contest w'oIild ntadd to the iln
torest In public aponking in the varl
ons schools. According to the plan
adopted, It IIat of subjcrts of genernl
interest is to iae slbmiltted In stnlted
envelopen lay five reprarseontatlve (iil
zons of the state, chosenl by the, presl
dent of the na iJatiotn. The. e seiaPi
envolopes will he optened iII the plros-.
once of the contestants, one froll eacnh
institution in the asnriantion, three
hours before the time chloslen for the
contest. Eac.h speaker then chooses
one subject and il nllowed the time
until the contest for gathering mate
rlal. He must speak at the content not
Iesn than seven nor more than ten nlin
utes, and in to he judged onl his ga-l
Pral effectivenes is ar st peaker.
The Asnociation voted to discontinuel
the practice of payinig for an alternlate
from each schtool, but will, inlst.lad, Payn
for one orator and onae extemploraneousl
speaker from etch clhool. The school
any send alternntte nat its ownl expense
if it so delsires. The Judgles of delivery
at the oratorianl contelt will also le.
the jiudlges tat the extemporallneous
speaking conteit, The expensell of in
atigurating the speaking ca.ntest will
therefore be practically nothing ndall
tional. The two al)aolttls will he held
on the same da1y or sltc(eedingOd.atl y as
the school which entertains the assn
elation nmay decide. The committee
appointed to draw utp the plan enn
sisted of the five fa(ialty representia
tives at thIc meetillng, Prerdent II. It.
FPnnchler of thie College of Morntana,
.MIs M. R. Smith of tihe State univer
sity, Miss Anita Cnouclhmaur of tile
Montana Wesleyan university, Mislr
Hnrriet Dunning of the State Normnl
college and Professor Eldwnrd A. Dud
dy of the State cnlege in Bozeman. A
limit of 2,000 words wan fixed on the
length of the orations for the state con
test, and a committee was appointed to
redraft the conslitution of the a.nocla
tion so as to embody thie amn dmenonts
of recent years In a more compact
form. Those who took part in the 'tbs
lness meeting were the five orators
who are to alppear tonight inl th11 c(n
tent, their alternate, Missenll Horteneo
Pnatll of Dillon and Inoaex Dutenberry of
Bsoxamani, and dM.csarn. C. C. Dicieay of
SMitnoulta. I. Ka`slhy Rmith of Iltlona
anal l)amnld M1. ('hnppell of Deer lnalga
:Iiat Itlt filv ftl|lilty replres.r ntnt Iva'.
])eclddly |. ololr, )puntlllu d )r
sP\vrla light showers of rin alnd
then by brilliant hurts of snnshine,
the weather yesterday wa.t ntngether
I delightful. The showers, whihle all
onlly )regise'olre .01 Inches,. freshlllned
things ip nicely ind tihe colors of the
eaarly evening and the sunset Were
taautiful. The following flgre'ts .rminO
from the local burela:
Maxlmt iu .. . .. .
Mlininmum . . 36
At 6 a. m.
;JTherrmomat.r 3 tR
Barometer 26 60
At 6 p.m.
Thermometentr 47
Baronetr ... ... ....... ... 6.79
Windald blew front the aorth,.
Multan, May 6.--(iHpellal.)-ln an ef
tort to avoid a repetitlon of the ty
phold epidemic of last summer, City
Health Officer Rolfe and the other
members of the hoard of health, are
waging a strenuous campaign against
unclean alleys and yards. A number
of John Doe wartrants have been Is
sued and according to the officers
these will be served promiscuously if
the health ordinances of the city are
n1ot obeyed to the letter. Last summer
no less than 20 oases of typhoid were
reported at one time of which several
deaths resulted.
i..neni hml.. tie.... rni.......r...e.d ml ST R.GL E PuCr linen he",atitchd, colored
II ~'(U Ilwn and Emeralcd baa.: A'~c and
till. cmitnotaulr lawn initial, plain LAO E ISE R C 7!{, values for 5¢.
while, hamstitched uni colored pl11 Plain linen hemstitched, 'Shamrock
Ina liatialkeri hi. 7. 14r, tad I14lwn pli nta nd iiilwt
GO D Er 8 1-a'. L EN RULE STORE. Missoula's Popular Trading Center laon n emral wn; /e and
Our May Sale Has Set the Pace
We list a few of the many economical values to be had during this sale. You will find many more on visiting the store. Each day will
see the addition of new values from each department of this big store at prices that are an incentive to advance buying. Value for value, we
will give you all that you can expect of any store, which culled down to the close of the deal, means complete satisfaction to you in every de
tall in every purchase made here. Our May sale will go far to prove beyond the shadow of adoubt that this store is Missoula's best trading
. Sweeping Reductions in Our Ready-to-Wear Department
Fashion's newest styles are here in many graceful models. Smart and natty effects that are at
tractive and becoming, yet possessing an individual ity of their own.
Women's Tailored Suits; Plain Cream Serges All Other Tailored Suits Representing This Sea
Sand Cream Grounds son's Best Styles
S '/ Off Regular Prices '/ Off Regular Prices
()nl, Ilt--e .only-taffeta, fulbards and Taijiah One lot-( 8 In ni-taffeta dresse, black and One lot-6 only-taffata andt pongee rilk
silk .dresse-formoerly seiling from $1500 te ,olors; forirnerly selling from $17.50 to $24.00. dr.ssesa; formerly snelling for $22.50 to $.2.,i1)
$20.0a0, now $9.75. I'hohie whll' they ia't at $12.50. Cholee whilet they bot at $10.50.
One-Fourth Off on New Spring, 1911, Silk and Wool Dresses
This will surely be the most popular place in the store. We cannot begin to describe the beauty of these dresses, and to think of the sav
ing to be had on them at this time. Beauti ful messalines, satins, taffetas, pongees, challis and foulards, at a uniform discount of 25 per cent
-one-fourth off regular prices.
W om en's Raincoats Three Special Lots of Silk Petticoats at Half and Less, to Close Out
o, ly, C'ravnvret rlnonts, In ton, gray and olive LOT 1-9 only, silk petticoats, mosntly colors and selling from LOT 2-10 only, silk pettlcoats, solid and changeable colors;
s$0.l:, 0iiall' af t. alntilh a il/ty of l)oth; fformerly $a to $7.0, now .. 5 rm rly lling at $9.98 to S1'2.00, now $5.0.
sio|llg rs, made o. sa t,) $1m,.0ti o\fl, Ati; form,(.erly RUSTLE TAFFETEEN SKIRTSr
selliitg fron1 $12.:-0 to $17 01. W'ile they Iast, ench, LOT 3-Consists of 1i il1k pett cants, mtuostly blacks and stripe Fifty or more colr r8 klr a Of N lTp taffeteen, looks
$5.05$ ' LO --ýssso 5.lkptl.ns, ,otybtk.ndsrp Fi:fty or more colored underskirts, made. or c.risp tnffet~en, looks
10 oinly,. ('ravenotte ratinoats, in blak, light tan, grany tlors, nothing in the lot less than $12.50, and from that to like silk and rtustles like silk, all good colors; formerly selling at
and oilve sahades, of good qritlity 'loth; formerly soil- $13.00, n.w ...... ........ .. .. .......... ....$7.75 $2.50 eac' h, now, each ................... . .. ......... 4
Men's $25 Suits, May Sale Price
In $18.7 5
" ' During our May sale you can buy a $25.00 suit from three of
the the best makes of men's clothing in the country; namely, the
famous Stein-Bloch, K4ppenheimer and Hackett-Carhart.
These clothes are this spring's newest styles and colors.
Come in and try them on; a suit .. .........$18.75
B ig Rosenwald & Weil English slipons......$7.50 to $25.00
Preiss Bros.' "Presto" collar cravennettes.....$15 to $30
iShoe MEN'S HATS $1.5 Men's Work Shirts, 39a
A lot of men's hats, in all Better supply yourelf wth work
+ hirt now, 65e. shirts now ......... ......504il
shapes and colors; values to .en', c. on.o hoae. rh valf, I3 aor s5e
, D e p t. $3, your choice ...... $1.6 ,5 A .. ,, skotto. handkerchi.,r~, 0e vai.n.
1Men's cotton ribbed underwear, satm
Mo, blue and natural, 50o values.
'S P N T , 9 5 no .. . ....... ...... ........ . .... ............550.
~MEN'S PANTS, 9now, .n,,
Men's caps, vauines to 75e, now .......254
A good pant; suitable for en's. leather gtoves, g'aruntlet or wrist,
men that work; worth $1.50, $1.00 values. for .............................694 -
meMhtwr;wot l5,~ en'. .ilk n~ekwear, ottur-ln-hand, hat C,.;.eIl
Still greater ar' the vah.ies to bae found in this busy nOW ................. 950 enads tnd aws, 50c values, now....3 5T. H K.e.,sn
depairtment. Itindareds of satisfied acustomers attest Ci
thel splen'did biargains we aren giving in men,.. women as
and children's ses. Fair this satl we offer tie fsl - D
ithy last laOa pGr.
W, .a.....,' via, ki't Oxtora,, hiat,,k ,aaly-regitlar ,,ra, A lot of dress goods, consisting of panamas, serges and fancies of all kinds, in a good range of col
baw .... ,., t, i ,.a i.0. wa, ,hu'tey ,iat onq. ors; 42, 45 and 50 inches wide, and selling in a regular way at $1.50, $1.35 and $1.25 a yard; May
\\rni.. 'r whitilis aan\'as tixfoirds-j.nit the thing for sale special at.................... ........... .....................85#
wrm1waiati i rii' f aiae- .ti$till SILKS sK.Inch cotton voile, in black, navy, TURKISH TOWELS
' anl -inch colored teassailine, in light bltua, (Fooanhugn and brown, .pecntt yard : O Bleached nad tunhbleacted ]0c and 12',%o
pmitt, patent lonther and vit khd sho--in inen ink, white n-d red; aeglliar 75T, ape- towel, 6 ion.SO
n| ht'on atyli's--shirt lint's and tirokena slzes--$:.00 cJil ............................... 4544 Bleac, 16 2.Sc
lariat $4. 1 vaihia's. Vhilh, they last, $1.25 air. 20-inch all silk pongee 7Tc, sp clal...59 TABLE LINEN Bleached and unbleached 15e, 18 -344
22 -h,.. 'h xl k f om a l'j in n a vy n li g 1 h t rt owt0 p e l , e a ch ...... . .. ..... ... .. 1. e.
7-(,'a''a'i tan ,'alf Oxforala--aizes 2. 1 4½-..ga)oal hile, regialor lI5e vahltt.................. 5944 60-tnch tabte linen, strictly nil tinen and Fixtrat large aand heavy .regubar 50c, Bps
stla's 'rib r~aian b ',~hy saelling fr'aro $7.00 tat $4.001. Whiilt 26-1na'h diragottial .11k. ira tan, llight bhlte. eiatna heavy, reguatir 75c, special ....4944 cal, 2 for ...................................$I.1.00
they last, $1.25 laair. green, red, gray and plum, TS7 'vahlte..3 66-inch bleached table linen, special..549
nmt{s It__nt hlthr ani vil kh_ shes h_ __ttt_ 2?-inch napktins, $1.75 vilalue, now... $1.20
and hlvit'ar ilbt--lbaad styles andtl fin" range of si.gis COATING AND SUITING PATTERNS SHEETS AND PILLOW CASES
- .bhit-ai formiil' Iv atibbllinrg lt $3.50 and $4.00. W%'hirtj 12 pieces of coatirng antd sutiting in exclu- LINEN CRASH
thiiy last, $1.90 Iair. ylve patteir-ns, in nittvy, brown itbd green, 45x36-1nch loiden Rule 15e ease tor....11
Miaaes' aatiat ch'hiirr i'a whita canvas shoee--Jaast thai 1-3 off. it-Inch bleached and unbleached linen 42x38%'-inch linen finish 20c case for 15[4
sl f)r Iattr w, ntvb, the y r36-inch Ilanish popular clot. in navy, cras., special, yard a ........... 11 45x36-inch hemstitched 18c case for 154
li a . i n a s ae wiarmr. i ' hblaa'k, tan, red and brown, 35e, spc. 17-tnch linen finish crash, 7/c yard, spe- 72x90-inch sheet. 59c. fo.s .. 43 4s -
v'aiaes now T754. cat ...............................294 clt . ............................. ..544.. 8ixC0-inch sheet, 'Ibc, for ..6. 1.3.
TIfantI' laticnt iciathar HIant viot kid shoes-goad
r'ngl of atyhes--ii,',s 2 to 2 oarly-formerly oelling at DOMESTIC SPECIA 8 25c hose supporters, ira black and white. Bay rtim in 1-pnlat bottles, regular 7to
$111 noiad $1.27., Whit, thiey last, 6944 pair. Best quality calico only, yard.4 -24 t art ................................154 bottli now ..........O
Me''' amass shoe,, waalt , roak 's and Oxfords-black Aron ginghars in assorted patterns, the White cotton tape all widthl roll .. n-pint bPttles bay rum, 0c size.8 .. 4
iaatii haill ia',athla'ri- hlst nIatny' left In this ioat--.fonir rla.n |)aat anade. at, yard .................,.6 1[444 Horn hairpins, dozen ......................1044 Pond's atxract, $1.00 size ............7.... '544
salling fram $i.50 toa $7.00. if ytrr size is herhey m onsdaala roualin, regularly soah for 12t/c (arter's black ink, apecial. 2 for . 5. Pond's e nxtract, 0c si te............. 8
wrill L'asb yeat $1.50 plainr.t and a ]5, ow ...................5..i 1[-34 20c, 25c and 30u finishIng[ braid, in 20 Colg~ate's Daental powder, 25c value....1944
4$-Inch pIllow casing host qualIty 21c different pattern, at, package...... 154 Colgate's Talcum powder, 25e value..1044
Men's solid, sa'rviceababa work shoes-in black, and yard, for ... .................. ..15 ool skirt braid, 5-yard pieces, in all P'rostilll faie cream, 21e valte for....194
toal la'atha'rs--4 iariai i-iiath tape-goot riang's of 1i544nbee~ sae lanl e~ ulW colors, eacha .............................5i 1[-844,
forn~rl st~lila .t $3,50and 4.0. tirey t~alte ,, 15e duality for....................[........... 1044 Spool, holders, a. handy article, sell forHIR IDN
$2.25. Bleached twill shaker flannel .t, yd # 21ke, special hair.rib. 1bon intf e s
Drs ee~sI o at hd.adpt Wide hl'rbo nrfe&ndm a
Men's tai and black Oxfords in good, noabby styles.- Dress percales ia several shade. . and p.itt line It. several shades, sells for m5c yard,
regularly worth $4.00 and $5.00. While they lait, terns, setal yard DRUG UNDRIES now............................................10
2.45 pai. Palin'o toilet soap, 10C value at ............ Be ee the specials in women's, mlues'
you will make no mistake in looking over these NOTIONS Buttermlik soap, 10c value at ..............5. and ch~ldren's undepwear and hostery.
'aroious lots before making your pttrchase. They are Good quaalty common pins, pa'kage....144 Craddock's medicated soap, cake ............$# Embroidery and lace department will
exceptianar values and represent a big svaing on Hook and eye, No. 4, two doeaea on card, Pond's Extract soapa 250 value, each..1$49 contribute to tl41s May sale .with some
avery purchase. le prompt, as these lots will sell card ..........................................1 Hair nets, an extra good quallty, spe- extra good bargains in lace and embroid.
qaaitckly. I,argo box wir, hairpins at....i....... ..4 cl sal, 5 for ...................................... 1544 ermr, See them.

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