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Local Boy Is Used and His Slants Are
Liked by Opposition's Swatters
Waters Robe Dashbaugh of Safety
by Sensational 8top.
(ltb- Won. rLast Pet.
(rient F alls ... ... 8 2 .800
Salt ITkek. N 3 .722
Missoula ...... .. .. 5 5 .500
Buitte ....... .45
Bonle ..... .............. 3 7 .300
Ilelona .. . .. 2 8 .200
Bola, ......... ......
Miseoula 3
Helena ...... 7
Great Falls 4
S a lt L ake ..... . ... ...................7
Sutte .. 4
Bolse, May 0.-The Irrigators came
oult Iif their slumb, ra today and Phook
off the. hoodoo uni in an evenly err-.
tested and highly excited gainm d'-.
futled Mllssoula. Timely hitting, the
first they have done for several days,
was, to a great extent, responsible
for the Irrigators' victory. With the
exception of the seventh inning,
when he was a trifle wild, Tallaferro
plltched excellent hall. lie fanned 10
men and held the visitors to seven
scattered hits. Applegate was hit free
ly. A feature of the game was theo
sensational stop mnade by Waters of
Danhhaugh's line drive over third ha.n
in the ninth inning, robbing him of a
t wo-hlan hit.
The Score.
olalse- A R. It. H. PO. A. E.
Blauer, (f .........2 1 1 2 0 0
Flick, 2b .... .. 2 1 1 3 1 1
Watrs, 3b ...2..3 0 0 3 2 2
Flannigan, If .4 1 2 I 0 0
Kellaekey, lb ....4 0- 2 4 t 0
Keller, rf ........4 1 2 1 0 0
Naughton, as .....4 I 1 2 1 0
.Mclntosh, ....4 0 0 11 4 0
Tlihtfoerr, lp . 3 0 0 0 4 0
Totals .... 30 I 9 27 13 3
.Missoula- AA. t. It. PO. A. E.
Dashhbough, 2 ..4 0 1 3 1 0
Murphy, us ....3 2 2 8 1 0
Coffee. of ........3 0 1 2 0 0
Elsey, lb .......... 3 0 0 9t 0 1
Nowell, r ..........4 0 1 2 0 0
Harmon, f .........4 0 0 1 0 0
Holland, 3b .........4 1 0 2 0
Hanson, c ....... 4 0 0 3 1 1
Applegate, p .......3 1 1 1 5 0
Beckett, f ..........0 0 0 0 0 0
*McCafferty . 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals ...........33 : 7 24 14 2
*-Balttll for Applegate in the
Soore by Innings.
Boise ..................... 0 0 2 O 2 0 o
Mi soula ............. 00 1 0 I 0 1 0 0-3
First base on errors-Missoula, 3;
Boise, 1. Struck out-By Tallaferro,
30; Applegate, 3. Base on balle---Off
Tallaferro, 4; Applegate, 4. Three
tilts-Dashbaough, Murphy, Coffee. Kel
ler, Flannigpan. Sacrifice hits-Coffee,
Flick, Walters. Stolen bases--uJurphy,
Bauer, Keller, Naughton. Left on
Bases-Balsa, 6; Miussolla, I. Innings
pitched-By Tallafoerro, 9; Applegate,
R. Base hits-Off Tallnferro, 7; Ap
plga.te, 9. Time of game, 1:50. lUm
plre-Ralph Frary.
Helena, May 6.-Charles Irby, of the
SHelena baseball team In the Union as
ualatlon, wvas suspended tonight oi
telegraphlo adtices from Secretary Far
rell through League President Lucas.
Irby Was suspended on complaint of
the MooseJaw club in the Western
Canada league, with whom Irby played
last year. During the season he broke
ltrs leg and did not finlsh. This year
Irby wrote to the manager of the
Moosejaw club and asked for a con
tract, None being forthcnmlng, he ar
ranged to take charge of the Hielen.
club, and the action of Secretary Far
rall in suspendlng the Helena manager
without any Investligatlon has created
much indlgln6tion among the fans.
At Iowa City--lowa, 1: Ames, 5 (1i
At Phlladelphla - Princeton, 10;
Pennsylvania, 8,
At Cambrldge-Vermont, 2; Har.
vard, 6,
At Ithaea-Dartmouth, O; Oornetl, I.
At Bloomlngton, Ind.-Northweatern,
6: IndIans., .
At ANn Arbor-Ohlo State, 0; MIohl
gan, IL
Washnlllgton, .May 1.--.n the
grou.tnd tihat hnasehnl il Is aboItt tilhe
'ianly thing Under the tsun that has
not been made it sllhject of investi.
gallon ,by the demlncrnatl houln,
Represenntative Rndenhurg of 1111.
Itols, n reputtlhian, todaly ttftrodtreed
a resonltlon providtln for nn imme
dinte inquiry into the nutional
game. Fous., pop flies and two
baggers are specific among the suh
Jects needing special Inquiry. Urm
pitres are to be enmpelled to give
sworn testimony, but are not to
be sworn at.
Chicago, May 6.-Wihlln Johlnlly
Kling, the famous catcher, did not
play up to his form in the world's
series last fall, he still receives credit
for knowing all the fine points about
the work of a backstop. Kling, in ait
talk on sclentific methods behind-the
hat the other day said:
"1 wan a failure as a haill player
in several towns beforre experience
taught me that one play at the right
instant is worth ten at other times.
When I began catching, one of the
first things I observed was that at
catcher can break up a team quicker
than anyone else. lie need not even
make en error to do It. One of the
easiest ways for a catcher to lose a
game In to throw too much. Ile may
throw perfectly, and yet by keeping
the infield moving and out of posi
tion, expecting 'his throws and study
ing him Instead of the batter, he may
cause the sogme to be lost.
"My Idea has been to make plays,
when they count and not to use too
many signals. First and foremost In
importance in winning Is that the
catcher never shall make or attempt
to make tny play, especially a throw,
unless absolutely certain that the
other men in the play have caught the
signal, understand what is to be at
tempted and are prepared to make
the play with him.
To Nip Budding Rally.
"There ionme, tim.y Irl every hrllI
game when the opposing team has a
good chance to win by scoring a lot
of runs in a bunch. The team that Is
rallying and sees victory almost In
hand always is excited, and the base
runners take more liboerties, longer
leads and lose their heads quicker than
at any other time. Excitement robs
them of their natttral caution and the
catcher who keeps cool and keeps
thinking can catch runners off their
) bases frequently, and, perhaps, break
up a winning rally and save the game.
"Thb Cuba have done that many
times, and it helped them win pen
) nants. I am not claiming I won these
games. Confidence in each other is one
of the *big elements In winning games.
I The catcher who does not have confi
I dence in his infield in afraid to throw,
i and even when he does throw he
throws timidly."
SClub- Won. Lost. Pet.
Spokane ...........................15 3 .833
Beattle ....... ...... ......10 5 .6687
Vancouver ..................10 6 .625
Tacom a .............................. 6 12 .383
Portland ............. ....... 5 12 .294
Victoria ...............4......... 1 .250
At Spokane.
Score: R. H. E.
I T acom a ..................... ........... 4 bI ) 3
i 5poknne ............................ ...5 6 2
TBatterlens-lall and Burns; lHolm
and Ilasty.
At Vancouver, B. C.
8core: 1. H. E.
Portland ........ .................. 9 6 3
Vancouver ............... ..... 3 11 1
I Batterles-Bloomflled and Harris;
Engle and Rplesman.
At Seattle.
SScore: R. II. 1,
Vict'rI L ................... ......5 9 4
Beattle ................................. ....7 10 8
Ratterltes-elfonrd and Dashwnood;
S.outon and Shea.
Princeton, N. J., May .--Por the first
Stime In the history of the Princeton
T ale track meet. the Tigers defeated
TYale here this afternoon, 60 to 56
points. The final result was In doubt
until the last event, the high jump, In
Swhich Bimond of Princeton brought
victory to the New Jersey university
by tieing with Canlfield of Yale for.
first place. Princeton won first In
every track event and Yale won or tied
In every field event,
ChicLago, May 6.--'Phe baseball team
of the University of Chicago defeated
the team from Waseda, Japan, today on
Marshall field; S to 4. The Japanese
lot all their runs after the sixth lan.
nlng. The batteries were: ~Wosa
Mateuna and Tamagucht; Chltpgo--,O.
Robertso anSd ifrd.
4'amhrillge, Mass.. May .-Halnrvard
lost the annual track and field metl
In the stadium hIer today hb 5; points
to Dartmouth, 6ti. When the runnkig
broad Jump, the lnsrt .vnt arrived,
both colleges were tied with 54.
Iftrvard was weak In thie sprintts
and D)nrtmnuth's unexpccted strength
int the field events sllurprised Hlarvarld.
The summary:
100-yard dstuh--Rinssell, flart.tnnllth,
won; time, 10 2-4.
220-yard dash-Rusllst. , ]anrtmnouth,
won; time, 22 BR-f.
440-yard dnah-Kittlly, )artIoullh,
won; time. -0.
R480-yard rlun-Pre.hl., fiarviird, won;
time 1:r, 3-5.
Onr-mile--Jarqlues, Ianrvard, won;
time, 4:23. hrenking tho Ilnrart re.
ord of 4:24 2-5.
Two-mils riun-Withingiont, lirvaiird,
won; time 9:0R 3-5.
1241-yard hturdle-$rnith, DIartmouth,
won; time. 16.
220-yard lurdt-c ll-mmings, lInr
A-nllrd, won; time 25: 3-5.
Itunning high jumnp---nright, lalrt
mouth. Won; height , feet, 8 1-2
Rliunning broadi julmp-Enright. Dirt
mouth, won; 20 I'et, 6 inches.
16-pountld shltput--Keays, lanrartd,
won: ditane., 41 IfetI, 8 3-4 Ilnches.
16-potind hammer tIhrowi-Tilley,
Dartmlotith, won; di.sitlnien 146 feet, S
Pole vanIII-Tie for first IetweenC
Holman nd 'Wright, hoth of )Dart.
molth, 11 feet, It Ipell s.
Jack Dillon vs. Howard Morrow, 10
rounds, at International A. C., Bltlf
fa o.
Interscholastic, tennis championships
at I'niverslty of Pennsylvania.
Opening orf twelfth annmal exhibi
tion of Montreal Horse Show assocla
Opening of annual horse phow at
Greenville, $. t'.
Opening of the season of the Blue
grass baseball league.
Opening of annual southern handi
caup shooting tournument at Charlotto,
N. C.
Opening of bench show of West Ten
nesee Kennel club, Jackson, Tenn.
Battling Nelson vs. Eddie gantry, 6
routnds, at Fond du Lae, Wis.
Opening of the season of tie Milnte
sota-Wisconsin baseball league.
Al Kaufman vs. Jim Plynn, 10
rounds, at Kansas City. Mn.
"Knockout" Brown vs. Tommy Mur
pity, 10 rounds, at Whirlwind A. C.,
Opening of annual spring golf tour
nament of Chevy Chase club, Wash
ington, D. C.
Opening of the season of the Kansas
state baseball league.
Opening of three days'. aviation
meeting at Bridgeport, Conn.
Yale-Harvard dual track and field
meet at New Haven. Conn.
Jimmy Gardner vs. Bob Moha, 10
rounds at Milwaukee.
Opening of the season of the No
braska state baseball league,
Race meeting of the Louisville
Jockey chub opens with ,the Kentucky
Annual open tournament of the Ilar
lem Tennis club, New York city.
* Interscholastic tennis championships
at Yale university, New Haven.
University of Michigan-Oberlin ten
nts contests at Oberlin. Ohio.
Yale-University of Pennsylvania boat
races at Springfield, Mass.
Naval academy-Columbus university
boat races at Annapolis, Md.
Yale-Harvard dual athletic contests
a[t New Haven, Conn.
Naval acdemny-University of Penn
sylvania dual athletic meet at Ann
apolls, Md.
Cornell-Princeton dual athletic meet
at Ithaca, N. Y.
Annual interscholastic track and
field meet at Dartmntoth college, Hatn
over, N. H.
Pennsylvania high school athletic
championships at Harrisburg.
University of Illinois-University of
Chicago dual athletic meet tt Minne
Wisconsin- Beloit-Pipon triangular
athletic meet at Madison, Wis.
Interstate high school track and field
meet at l.a Crosse, Wis.
Oxford, Eng., May 8.--Oxford has de
alined the challenge of Harvard uni
versity for a boat race on the ground
that there would be insufficient time
to prepare for the contest between the
date of the Henley meet and the open
Ing of the college term.
Lincoln, Neb., May 6.--Nebraskta de
feated Kansas at the track meet today
tl% to 48. The Nebraska mile relay
team won the deciding points,
Hitting of Roberts, Who Lands Homer
and Three-Bate Swat, Beth Sooring
Men, Is Feature of Contest-Thou
sand Fans 8ee Esxhbition.
IIHlel a.Mny 6.- Ttefore at "kids' dnly"
nllldience of 1.n00 , the Seinators today
won their aec.nd victory over (Irent
Falls, 7 to 4. YaIet wals Iotunled all
over the titld. Robert.I' homer il tIheI
first, with one on base, uand his threb
hniggCr in the fifth, with two on haiwns,
were the featulres. In the eighth, lived
tried hard to win. With hnses full and
none out. Huelsllnn, on the bench Ihe
eanse ol f ia gamel l.g, was sent to hIt
hut failed to connect safely. Foster
being thrown not ait the plate, ]leis
tman was then taken out of the game
and Cornelius pit in to rtn. In the
second Yates hit the, htall to the fence,
scoring two men, tlt fallted to touch
first and wa~ called out. This hbing
the final out in the Inning, scores made
on the hit did not c'Ollnlt.
The 8oore.
(reat Faills- All. I. IT. P0O. A. F.
Mulrphy, or 4 I n 1 0n y
Hoffman, as 4 1 2 0 5 0t
Toner, 3b. . 0 n :3 2 4I
IF'str, lb. , 1 4 11 I 0
Olothier, 2h. 4 0 : : 0
Pleper, If . 4 0 1 I 0 0
Smelts, rf .. 1 1 0 0
tlTueilsman. rf 1 0 0 a 0 0
Cornellu., r n 0 0 0 , 0a
Vance, .... 3 : 0 0 4 n 0
Rholnn. o 0 a 0 0 0 0
e, p .... 4 0 0 0 3 0
Totals ...... :: 4 8 24 IX 0
Helena- All. It. II. P0. A. E.
Zwclker, lb 4 I 2 10 0 0
l'vy. as 4 2 2 2 1 ,
Roberts. I .. f 2 2 0 1 0'
Irhy, rf . 4 I 3 4 0 o
Murray, of . 4 0 1 2 0 0
McGeehan, . 4 0 1 0 2 0
Klhle, 3b. 4 0 1 0 1 0
Kelly, e . 4 1 1 Io 0 0
Foxx.p 4 0 1 0 3 0;
Totals .. .....37 7 14 27 12 1
Score by innlngs:
(Ireat alils .. ... 1 0 1 a 0 1 0-4
Ifelena ... ......2 0 0 1 3 0 0 -7
Summury--Ptolen la ses-Zwlcker,
TIvy, Iry. Left oil bahnes-elena 7,
Great 'alls 10. Hacriflce hits-Hotff
man. Sneriflee tiles--Hhnnon, Levy,
Two-base hits--Meatc han. Foster.
Three-heon hit-Roberts. Home run-
Roberts. ,.arned runs-llotent, 6 . First
base on errors--lreat anlls 1. fase ont
halls-Off I'x 3, off Yates 1. Struck
nout--ly Fox R, 'by Yatls 4. lIlt by
pitcher-l. x 2. Passed boll-Kelly 1.
Time ol gantm 2:00. I'mpire--Wright.
Club- -Won. I)st. Pet.
Portland ... .......22 14 .611
Ran Franelsco .. 2 I .526
Pacramenlto 17 I .46
Oakland ...... I 2 .474
Vernon 17 20 .459
Lon Angles ... " i 20 .444
At Portland.
Score: R. II. E.
Portland ..... 4 3
Vernon . .................................3 4 1
Batteries-Steen and Murray; Ral
aigh, llltt., liall and Sheehan.
At Lea Angeles.
Score: 1R. 1t. ,.!
Run I lranlelse .............. 3 t11
Los Angeles ................ .... ...6 10 1
Itatterles---rlowning. Miller, Monkl
man and Ilerry; Toser and Abbott.
At San Prancisco.
Score: I, H. :,
R.Sacramento .......... 4 11 0
Onkland .... .......: 10 2
Untteries-Pitgeraid and Thoiitls;
Kilroy and Mltse.
New York, May 6.-Tei4'anilni, tlhe
Carllile school Indian, finished first in
the 12-mlle modified marnathon rare to
day from the Bronx to City IIhall park. I
His time was 1 hour 9 minutes 16 sc-.
onds, within 3 minutes of the Amerli
can record.
Sterson of the Mohawk A. C. was
second and Harry Failth of the Pastime
A. C. third.
.Los Angeles, May 6.-Jon Rivers of'
Lo~ Angeles was the aggressoir
throughout 20 rounds of fast fighting
with Johnny Kllbane, the Cleveland,
Ohio, featherwellht, at theI Vernon
arena today and gained the decision,
although Kilbane finished strong and
had all the bout of the last round.
Madison, Wi,., May 6.-,Winconsin I
defeated Boloit in the dual track meet
at Camp Randall this afternoon by a
aoore of 1 8 t91 so ,-I, I
P'hllndelphin. May C. - (',rnell showed
inexplecled strength in the flhlt and
on the cIndir pllth todnay a ndil wn the:
nnullill truck meet from th, l 'niversity
of IPennsiylvtvnin by il larrow margin,
of one point. The' final score w .:
(Cornelll, 59; Pevnsylvania. 5R.
Cornell captured nine flrsts. Penn
syl\nnia getting only four. One of thie
fPatures was the dtefent of Paull of
Pennsylvatnia, who hohlds the lntertol
legalte record for a mile. He was
enten hby Jones of ornell., who ran
the mile 111n 4:I 4-5. or one second
slower than the record. Itayl'dock con
tributled en points to Pennsylvanlt's
to.ll. winnling both hurdtle events.
100.,. rd til h A l -MInd". | n l valia,
won. Time, 10 rseconds.
230-yard ldaIi--P'ord, C'ornell, win.
Timtie. 22 second-,.
440-ya'rd r1n-"-M..tlrlhur, ( 'rnell,
won. Time. .0 2.5.
ii0-yard run--Plutlntt, ('rnell, wvonll
'Time. 1.56 2-.
Mile run -.lones. I'irnetll, wall Time,
4.1A 4-5.
120-yard hurdles--llaydock, Pennsyl
vlnia, wvotn. Time 15 3-1 i-.seands.
220l-yaord h1urdles--Ilaydock, IPennsyl
vanin, wont. Time, 2f 1-5 smiontds.
Rhotplt--nKrlnz.ler. (Iret'll, won, 41
feet 5 1-4 Inches.
IHatnmer throw--lu anister, I'orntdl.
won, 143 feet 10 inches.
Pole vatult - D'Autremon, Cornell,
won. 11 feet I Inches.
hligh Jtlmp--.lurdhlk, Penilsylvnnia
won, 5 feet 10 incItes.
('ltlh- Wa'n Lost. Pet.
Detroit .... . 2 .90
('hicago ..... . 9 .r 29
New York 9 9 .f,.9
Tlntnn ... 0 9 .124
Philadelphia 9 9 .500
Wnashington ... 1 In .444
('leveland . ..... 7 13 .314
it l miiis . . 4 15 .211
Yanks Make Triple Play.
New York. May 6-New York broke
Its losing streak today, defenting ntos
ton. 6 to 3. in 1 gamln full of senna
tiona plyi ng. Itoacnh, (Oardner andi
Chase executed a triple pliy in the
ninth inning, the shortstop catching
CPrrianl's liner and throwing to sec
and. retiring Williams. Ganrldner then'
relayed tlhe hall to ('hiase and K.it
NuInemaker. R-eore: R. It. I.
Iowlton ... ..........3 7 3
Nei'w York . 1 9 2
flt.tteries-(Cieotthe and Nnlemaker;
orld ,and I'weeFncy.
Phenom Batted Hard.
Wasihingllon, MIIy 6.-WasIIhingtonnl
defeatePd ')hlladelphin tonday. 7 to 6.I
I'Russell wai hatted hlardl. Pniutllnghan
getting n triple aind thre.e singles off
his delivery. Hionre: T. It. E.
Philadelphia . . ... 6 6 3
Waliti|nglton . . .... 7 12 4
inta Ieries -lturielt. Mon-gan and
Thiomans; Johnsoiin ind Aintistith.
Numerous Hits.
St. Lonuis, May 6.--Dtrolt won the
final game of the iseries fromll t. Louiis
today, t to 4. Euach team got nlmer.
onu hits., rore: R. II. j.
i fl troit .. 9 13 2
St. I luls. ........... 4 12 4
inatterlea-Mlllin tand Rtonagn;
(lcorge, (;regory, Ialley, Pelty and
Eight Inning Tie.
Clevelatnd, May 6.-Clevelanlld and
Chicetgo iplayed a tin game today, G to
5, play aiingi stopped at tlhe end of
the eighth inning to enaitle tho Cleove
I Ind club to antih at train. R.ore:
R. If. E.
Oleveland ..... . .......... 5 12 2
Chiago . ..... .. 12 2
lui terli-s-I ;llling untd Snlith;
(Olmi leadti , 'coitt, Wa'illt und .llllivain.
Tiornn, .May' G.--. n funcl tel' L ent
was made today that Ith conference
of rtailronad roffiia'lc of tlit Northern
Pacific and r()I'on-I.W\nhlnto li lnes
which has heen inI progress here for
the list three. days, had beetP conclud
(ed and that the roads were prepared
to ca'rry out plans for the development
ofr the territory abllrout Tacoma, Seattle
and (frays JIllrhiir. The conference,
it was sltated, had to do with only th".
d(etatle rof tnumerous contracts for the
construction of union stationts at Nev.
eral points and regardlng the use of
certailn tracks at these polints. Presl
dent HIowaird Elliott and V'ce Presl
denls Blade anld Nutt of thle Northern
Pacific left last nigtht for Portlanid,
whrie Juli llK rutn hnitt tt went to Se
(',lutnhi, 0., .May 6.--The (reeves'
bunday bartehaill hill will econnoe a law
at midnight tonight. The playing of
the game is restricted to the afternoon
on Sunday.
the Ireti-h avhiti, fel frorn i greatt
Iirlght triihiiy and watt Inelttntlyy
killed. Vallile ?1,h#Iut1 In rIM'ar and
t ai IgiIvi lrr ixhlhtIti.- lei thil c iinn
Iv In they hIi f of IntIreMtIng the
C'hIne- I, v.n"rnm·nI In mltitary av -
j light by an vinotr lin ('hlnt.
Il.mlltttn, M.ay t. -(S .elalt.)-llnm. I
tl ndll 's lltien did Ie noltied to ex- ert:
ti-ne lctiv-s tieleey to deef'eat the 4
".'tlltkeh.l otlue " tIam r f Iilen-it n i thli
first f a series ofr Iwe Rgames, by n I
scoro of 7 to 0. The game was inter- It
estling only .a it tfrnishe-d the fans an I
oplirttlnlity to 'si Vtit'ncei (riy get
nway with a classy hit of pitching.
The 4'allifornia twirler wans there with I
the dece'-,ptive goods todaly, three hite
heling ili the smolkes ctoulld negotiate
,o ff h il .t s p it te r , w h ic h tiiwans ofr e rlk n g s '
h.attlflly. In the matlltime, the
wnit'ls weri- jIlpoerihng King's offerings
.boeitt tihe Iot a-plenty lly. I port-ide
llllts Itiketd eatrelit:llly good to Bert
itWhatling. who ripped off a triple and
it double In fotur times tip. )ray also
fotund him for two stinging doubhles.
itelena threanttned to scare In the
ninth. liligerd. first tnp. waited fnr
fouIlr hald ones. llltcom then smashedt
"-nt of Olra)y' klnke oever 'illianmii'
head. The hit was good for three
sucks tiitt amnunted to nothing. i.s
"YaIle" winged the' )hitit home, catching
lllard it lthe plate. 'Wholfng, by a
quiick throw to third, ctught Bacom
ftlatfnoted a rod inast third and the
reilly was over.
The same' teame piny tomorrow.
"Weister" Dell, the Inenl speed mer
chant, will probably he sntt to then
sliul, by )Iltmmonld.
H,,ere hcy inningll:
Il:inllliti 2 2 0 0 ( 3 0 0 x-7
Helen,'a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0- 0
Tthree base hits-Whaling. Two
hom.e hit---41ray, (2), .Murx. Whaling.
Bluse hitsi--Hltnllton, 10; Helena. 3.
Struck otut--ly (vri'. 12; by King, 7.
Buap on Ialls--Off (ray. 2; Off King.
2. Batterie's-Oray and 'Wholing;
King ttandi Ma.tornpole. l'mpire-Dee
('ltti - Witn. Lost. Pet.
I Phildlphl .. 15 5 .750
I Pittshurg . 12 5 .706
I New York .. 12 i .6671
C(hiearoo It .5 9
Cnllcinnatl . I I .429
l.ston .. 7 14 .333
[ronklyn . 5 14 .263.
HI I.onil :3 II .214
Reds Take Final Gam.
('hiciKgo, .1i1a' C.--Cinclinclltt defeat
ed ('hi'aglll today in the final game
of the' series., f to 4. 'Weave'r was
wild and was hit hard at opportune;
timnlte. The. localts h)tl'hed hits off
illtrnsll i the oeve.nth inning and Gasl
p;ir was snIt n to pitch. R.etre:
It. If. '.
Chic'ago. . ... ... 4 7 2
Cincinnati .5 6 2I
Rattc-riee- Weav'er, I'flstelr, Ilr twn
and ,\Archer; lamrns, kapar andil ('1 irk.
Another Close One
Plttshnitrc. iMay 6.-Plittsbllrg today
I wonl atnolther clotse gami froln St. Loulus,
the se(ecorel eilug 3 toe 2. Scoret
R. If. E.
Plttsiblrg . ' 0
ISt. Loulls .. 2 it .
Itlttltrl.es--.dlamns nind (tr., :,t; i ' ld. I
eiin, Ilarion te l Itr-srenthait.
Doves Will Protest.,
IloHtocn, M.1)y l.--It inl ea,"uvy hilttling
game tnierrelr by e rratic fie'lding anti
wrangling with the ttumpiresn, New York:
defeite(d Ilo'ton todaty. 1:, to 9. Blo.
itol nonte'mlaltte.s protest on the
lga°me, aiccording to PIrelitd.,nt Ruisell. .
taore: It. iI :
Ne-(l York t 13: 4
itoston .. 9 13 5
Inatterle-('raendalI, Raym n nd, Mar
quard and Myers.; Iliehet.rty, PIarsons,
Tylor, Iriek. (rraham ndl Rariden.
Phillies Pound the Sphere.
i'l'tlladelphita, May t-Philadticelphlt hit
the' hall hard today lnd defeated
.Brooklyn. 12 to 2. Hnore: R. II. E.
Brooklyn ... .......2 8 2
Phlladelphia.. 12 14 I
Batte-riehs-Ruckerl 1 4ehaelrdt Iland .Ier
ge IO: .Moore tnd I)onln.
Wellacei. .May I.-( Specriai.) -Petty
thievles haive beon bicsy on the O. W.
it. & N. new statlonlt Uhlitdingr here,
'about $(5e worth of Itl-kelplated fur
nilhings having bee'en stolen during tile
past two days. At first the officers
awho aire worklng ont the case were in
tllned to btlieve tle thefts were nnti.
I Ing more tlhani th work nof Iartites in
tetl t upon defeucingi' tite' iiindsomlely
i furnlill.hed depot, hut recent discoveries
lave causled tIlem to suspect robbery.
Perforated Iron wheelbarrows have
been lvwented for washing gravel to be
ue La oonorete,
Manager of Mountmen, as Is AlWI.wt
The Case When His Men Lose, Is
Ordered Off Grounds for Penning
Umpire Toman.
.,u't Take City. May .--Lucky hit
ting and wldeawake fieldIng wos to.
day'. gaume for ma't Lake City, to
4. The Butte battsmen got to Mor
Kan's LurveN so often that he was re
placed by iHummel In the sixth, but
their hits were not made so opportun-.
ly as those of the locals. Moreover
their (filding was hunglesome, Me
C'loskey was ordered off the irounds
for culling Toman a "home umplre."
The S.ore.
lButte- AR. R. H. PO. A. E.
Perrine. "h 5 *0 3 1 0
Matthes, as 5 2 3 2 4 1
Iries, t . 5 I 2 1 0 "
D)ruh.t, rf 4 0 I 1
D)uddy, 3. .3 0 0 2 6 0
Foley,. b ..2...2 0 0 1
Marshall, lb ...2 1 2 2 0 0
Hannah. e .3 0 0 4 0
Dockateder, If ...4 0 3 1 0
Quick. p ............3 0 1 0 3 S
SBDrown .. 1 0 0 0 0e
Totals .............37 4 12 4 1
*--Fatted for Duddy In the ninth.
Ralt Lake- AR. R. H. PO. A. u.
Spencer. if ....4 1 1 3 0 S
Van. rf ... 4 2 3 0 " 0
Blankenship, lb .. 0 1 13 S S
Cordtz, f ......4 2 2 5
Orr. r ......4 0 1 2 4 0.
Devereuzx; b ....3 1 1 '0 3 0
Pendleton, tb ...4 1 0 4
Perkllns c .........4 0 2 1
Morgan, p .........2 0 0 0 At
llummel, p . 1 0 t 0 O 0
Totals. . 7 10 27 14
Score by Innings.
liutte . ........0 0 0 0 0 1 0-4
iult lk . . . 0 1 2 0 0 -
Thred-base hit-Mathes. ias,
Cordtz. Two-base hit- Marshall, O,r.
Hlummel. Sacrifice hit-4-pencer. Il..
riflee files-Drubot. Hannah. Rit
Off Morgan, 6 In 5 1-3 ainnngs; oft
Ilummel. 6 In 3 2-3 1lnlig. » a"
on balls-Off Quick, 2. i.Stru out 0y
Quick, 3: Morgan. 2: Hummel, 1.
Left on hbuses-Ilutte. 10: stit 141w,
8. First base on errors-Butte. g;
Sale lake, 2. Hit by pitcher *..Qglk
and Duddy. by Morgan. Umpire- -
Toman. TIme game, 2 hours. At
tendance, 1,800.
Club- Won. Lost. Pet.
Minneapnols ..........16 rl ,?
Kansas City .. at ;155
Milwaukee ...........I 10 .545
Loul lln ........ . ...... 10 .
Colum bus .......................
St. Paul 1.............. 10 .1 0
Toledo ...8.... ....... 12 .040
lndianapolis ........ ..... 1 .
At Minneapollw -Loulas1lle 7T. Mlie-.
apolls 3.
At Kansas City-Tndianapoll 1,.
Kansna city 4.
At Milwaukee--Toledo 8, MflwaheL
At St. Paull--Columbus 4, Pt. Paul ,.
Ten innings..
'tluh-- Won. Lost. Pot.
inoux City . 11 2 .46
W ichita . ...... ...... 4
Denver .. .... ,4
Lincoln .. . 7 5 .8
St. Joseph ......7 .50U
ornaha ... 8 '.4!!
IT)e Molines 3 1 316
Toplut ... .. 3 . 10 J1
At St. Joseph-St. Joseph 7, Omahl
At Vichita--Wichita 7. Lincoln 4.
At Denver-Denver 7, Topeka L.
At Sioux City-Blouzx tty 3, "d'
.lI,lnle+sf V. '
Annapolls, May 6.--Crossing the tin.
Ish line four feet in the lead, the
Nuavy's senior eight this afternoon won'';
from Pennsylvania varsity over th*
two-mile outer course, doingt the A
tance in 11:25. Only a few
beflore the Navy freshmen had.*.
the Pennsylvania freshmen ova*.
und a half courso and won by tw -
a halt lengths, In 9:31.
Lafayette, Ind., M)ay t.-Tael
of the polute It the lastl Ilx st
nos d~elfeated Purdue "l tht,
-leet on Stuart field tb
so 1-2 to 47 14 PQI3Sý
Purdue. wan the ptar ib
ning the 100 4as4 ;
tfat tiUMS,

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