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I 1i nIL. LV Ln'l 4, LnVIJ1'4I IYIJZ~II'4, A 1i i4c, Ia I.
Montana Addition Is the Best
These lots are not remote; they are right in town. Montana Montana addition has been placed in my hands for sale. I Along with reasonable prices for this remarkably fine prop
addition is not an addition at all; it is in the heart of the city. have given great care to the preparation of the list of prices for erty, I have arranged for easy terms. The rush which charac
When it was platted, the name, "addition," was proper, as there the lots here and, in conference with the owners, I have re- terized the opening week of the sale of this property showed
was not a house on the south side of the river. But while this ceived their indorsement of a scale which places these lots how anxious. the people have been to acquire lots in Montana
property was tied up in probate court, there was a development within the reach of the purse of any man and makes it possible addition and how much they appreciate liberal terms. I have
which took the city all around Montana addition and now it is for him to own a high-class home-site in the choicest section of never had such an attractive property to offer for sale. It
in the midst of an improved, beautifully settled district. Two Missoula at a cost which is away below the value of this prop- combines all the advantages which any other section can claim
fine bridges connect this section with the business side of the erty, based upon a comparison with other residence property and it adds to them peculiar advantages of its own. All the
river. It is but a step, either way, to town. The land is level; in Missoula. The very best lots in the addition are offered at week, there were customers and inquirers In my office. I
the illustrations on this page show what a delightful location $750. The lowest price on any of the lots is $200. There are want to shc you there this week. I want the opportunity to
these lots occupy. On one side there is the river; on another some of the very pleasantest lots in the property at $300. The cxprain to you the advantages of this location. I want to show
side is the beautiful campus of the university; on another side prevailing price is from $350 to $400. This offers a range you the property. Call at my office and look over the plat;
is a line of orchard homes at the foot of Mount Sentinel; on the which makes it possible for everybody to find something to his then we will go out and look over the ground; then you will
fourth side is the finest residence section of the city, which liking. Compare Montana addition with other residence prop- buy, for the price is low and these are the easy terms:
extends into Montana addition. There will soon be water at erty in Missoula and you will see that these are low figures or Above $500 ................. $20 down and $20 a month
every lot in the addition; already it is at many of them. There the character of the lots. I esteem myself fortunate in being $350 to $500 ....................... $10 down and $10 a ~month
was never before such an offer as this in Missoula. able to offer this rare property at these prices...... $300 to $750 Below $350..............................$5 down and $5 a month
,- , • .ý y . .f .· ýi ,e .
S" ,' Walk .i
SJ._RHOADES, Sales Afent, 116 West Cedar Street, Missoula
.ý3'+N.S.PE4 ROSH. JLN. P.J. 2:tCUMI J1..
senator Penrose, chairman of the
committee on finance, will be a power
ful factor in the deliberations of the
senate of President Taft's pet measure,
reciprocity. Senatore Nelson of Min.
nesota and McCumber of North Da
kota will take important parts in the
'Washington, May 21.- I t,,,n rits t
the house of represeltati\is, hav.IIfg
disposed of practically all of I I.r eig
islative program excelt the wu,~Il
schedule, which is almost r ady for
action, are worried over the situtiati,
in the senate. The house del.moirat.(
argue that they took the ('nltadian
agreement as it cutne frou the Inlter
national conferees and the plresi.deut
and passed It as a. Imatter of tlttitll;l
policy without attempting to ontlumber
it, or embarrass the adminittlrttIo with
tariff riders. Thei furtners' free-list
bill, which followed it, they uarg,, w ias
an affair of their own and \.ioutl Iot
stand in the way of tht ri-l tlri ity
measure for which ditcussio the .-xo
traordinary session was calledl. Now
they say the republican senate is ju.
gling 'with the Canadian ngre,-ia.ti
Should the bill embodying it be a .;rni
ed and the democratic house be eitilled
upon to consider it itn an amilnded
form, the house leaders fear they might
be placed in an embarrassing po~ition,
The democrats are detpertlinteid to re
main in Session until the senate( h:is
taken action on the bill. A. fhial ulti
mtiatum from the house to the seilato
leaders that the senate also must vote
one way or the other on the farmers'
fre list bill and the wool bill, is re
gErded by some as a sort of a whip
to hasten the senate along on the reel
o+pity measure.
S th ti e reMoPoity bill is passed by
c A. D + egawate after the house has disposed
', Oe wool skhedule, some democrats
boq boile would not insist on
litOu-than a clear Indication
€ '5a*to that it would not act
other' tariff bills and that it
UMa* to a summer recess.
it S, NB.O
' ljll' l ll l| allal .' t', c\ , l g IIII Ia " \1taa I t -11 5
\Iilll {lll It 's tlo . 'al'oi, w;ya ;ld t l tuIll l.' u
In't.i t il, 'lahlllC d lll a tt lailt" rt e
v\1ei s, o \ , ,1 inwh Id jllat \ ill a tlaIal' r:ala
itoiu l tn la t fr' It' l. bill a t ill u' t hl111
Axi-tin r l' n l ra i Il I.nt ala pald talI
a ,r oj .it . Ir , t.n a ill;Illl, or It t eqll i\v'.hl t
lit l ' ad vill v Aor. in r "du l timl.
Inilttt'e e i.rI' .r f rtlc l ~ }ia.h bi y Slpeak."'r
('lark, t i;ljor'ill lo l. r l'l ndl l'wood,.
halrlarn llo 1' tihe l 1111 ,ltl,. andlt othler
1e t rtt mlllat ta til'catrs inll o it staLna
delfegationl wr callh lln. 'l'hia r(evenuet
slttlatton was xphtlainl.d to theta. '.'lThy
were told that it wits hItalonslble to aut
oat the $:1,000,000 i 1 in ravanu rlollt raw
Wool, tand W re Iask. l to poll their
delegatlions. 'This they did, .oith the
result that tlhe advoaates of it revenuel
on raw wool werit supporteld by t.
majority in every stlate delegaationl ex
cept New York, New Jersey and
Massachusetts. In the three latter,
thle free raw wotol Udvocateu were
Mingnaantaoa, x.11 Yo1 tn1111 1.Jl(. S·\ ~I~.
II l0 4 ;A l1 \I Al;;. iar 11, ht il wii
lit llIn l1i. fo IA1'r1 I ll. itt It. IllultI li
' iu yt IA,1, Vit I, bit V 111 111ii ,t , i \Il
itiII Nl'h i , 11 l, li, lit IAItIl I lfiir Al4 .I
11' slt Ifp lt 1i'1liti1":l t I11 I1 ..I ' tliI ( Ii
stat's 11 111· 11111111111111 rol·· Il r(11(· t1 tiv1111,
Ir.(rW.1 111('1'18''~ 1.;\.1 as :Iut 1IH 11 .
II( , fi-i t.i , lI t A 11u-I t 11 A .ilitI iiitIte l IoIt
IAI, till iliI. IlnlH ' XIil-Il hit1 1' l )('t ( tilt i,;
ti.ll I tH111' ,1ll · II 14,1114 . 11 Iarl n
llt, t'U1 1 11 'at", nti I II I-, conu1itlltit t Ai I I
111111 1 1 wculll.tl t u-il11S iit tile hIllii At -,-1.
I' 1tutu A11 11itog I. Hayii Ip tlus tat h
In till' 111141 10 days.l'( (1· 111·r(~;(
'I 'hl' .\1'17..,11;1 amt N lli 1 ,1 "x11., $.111;11"
11ll11( 11111 will co1m p ''. IwN'go t.
I1'11. 111111 i-l ilt 11111, 'Iuiti llt nl 'lii
1,? · 111(· 11. 11 iit ti, ; u11 111.1 11 u I -
I.(. IIII 111l rir(·I·· 1 t 11" $11 111, (111111, 11111' h 1-1
l'l l.~· 111. 11 IIIII Is tr 111'
hl' 'h' Nosl tc \. . 1 ,·11 I1I1· Ill 11111 r, -
I4Ilhjlllh 1111, Lo rina 111 1. 414 1 with it N.I.III
011 h s 1,s0111ton or : 1.11nvllt14; (111,11.
'1'11 1 . ; 1 II "'olllti, l ' r. -s-111 I Io11 11"1 1111+
.1':(1.111111 .'.( 111 11 ilt' 1',.1 , 111111
AIii i t y' c afii ~ st"p nhYle
Iiritrl{ Jhrh (utd's P"'rl' M beer.
t' , ,'1" o i\ itlatc is :t \i still
Mfiwlltitittl Si1tirtie t't., e·. t Aver·y.
XV. ]N'. Ke el, I-tti Peer ] ttkiic itlt Il
ilt 1nutty In Stll tltt--ttite II hit nguitti
wUelrly \'iLsrd herut wit h trletird. r
Ltuter 0. Mloody, sicretary of Etir·t-i
gehist Utter lowry, w1.o y intti'ta tiLl cett
Mar sh, the t ulc·tllyll rtak,"r. I'~ll- e 324.t
it't :i. \\h ll int. ' ', ll ti I'nir g t S.3l33.(
.3ý.31 I,3 3 ,,3,3, ; . 33' ' ll3. \\ll .33.'33 3 33 3
.-tlllllll'1' .
M1,t ri, . 'tl ' i'nd 3s3tr 1,, ti ll N113 Ii " C3l
I',.i till llr .\It.3. 1". 3\'. li.l.tu gs, 4ill
34 II' ,l.l4. 3HI,
3li 'ry3' .N3,l,3 ', 3i I;l 3" t.3 *lil u l 3.r33t3L-.
I3 I3 t l33 l3 ImI:i 3 h 3en 3ill a1l tl' l llh.lllh li3l3
hl 3. *r1' Ii 'll.. , 3o I,3 3l h h' l 3 l to a 1gain 3l -
null hli duties oil til ro dt yI rtr.diay
M1i,3ssoull3 ht' ('33., Airs3. 3 l33n. 'rlwford
lpro .l; ihon.-, Ilhll 310 i lk.; Ind. 2337
)Dr. A Ina .l nlllnes, ot ll path. Pl hoi t
834 black,. Il3igp1n3 l bloc13'k.
i'h' o,33 3 . -n3itll.h, lh' .genll h33il3t3 3'.
.ll. ndi b nll l tll i ,n I, S at l tle. His l laph *, -
33'3i3t3 lill 3 3i333 3 3l3,l3 3ll ')' .133i3l '. 113.. 3i'.3 ,
i It ,i- uig Ifllhe b'i. y itlls no l ,, g/tll lll
hItr3t3 i , Il ,,.n ~': l ll3' ith.
S'l33liewgra3ilh3'r, 133Dawson3, Mol3lli3tna i lllk
1Phone' 3i or 438 Ind, for caba and hag.
gag3 trallnýl 'r. I rell n I 'Ih.liLng ouse.
T hht , nill tt Ii.t n g t roi t k in sl l lle d Icv
3h,3 st33t,,l' i it' 3 i'i l l.ll I.i') . It3 ' I3h3
",13d f '3 11 h II geill t3 L ''hlr.d .tr3et
-.3 p.,it in I33 s yelt.. rda'll y lnl33l 333ll'vel3 n(
3i3,l, .lllI 3 iV'll3t3 lll3 n I3 t t .l3 - tr33ffl3 , 4'1
Ill., road.
l lndi3.y 3.'3rat3 1 p1 d(l 3iand waIlt.er
(ch'cks for l al. alt iThe Mlamoullan of.
Anyi' e - l isi. ng fema. l h4l.l Ilhone
'I' \\'.' I'. 3s3'.l 3 tl3 on3 , I h ll Ihile.
534, I1 l3. 5, ,
I'i 1l. li:33 , t, assis tu3 t 3.3,1 rill s33
pl''.rtell t. 33, ;11 \\', 1'. 3\3'33a3 r, us
llst:nti iani. ,i l freilght and ia., lngel r
t .aInt 3of' IIt3, I'v, .'t t.. ll ld 3'a nlp ay,
31.11 i l 334 ,i33 il l'
i,%ll their h.' 1,lb, bil tt ers I ll itltt .hln,
3333 33333l3 13-3 r33.334y to 3! lluke33 ' 33 1.'t
li113.3 'i a illl lleM company 1 I to re-.
33it,. fr'i h st lilllt l Yiou cl ll tv i
loany n ho Ieadro,, goods.
l r' fi.r t-'l s Ilv3 ery, I' llr fer or a
igood adi3. , h. ll, call Ilt .ll.ey's barnl
I;..olge \. Whitillng ofl ('ith.llall,
Ilt ili , \ 1 1ii bI s e nte Ill Ml ,ssu1. la f'i r
3 .short tiin3 ., hi.s pur3 l u3his d a hllri.l3
3it 3:il, 333iii3teet W3e 3 3 3 3 st33 3 3 ind
.till till V| hi . ,l' 11)- here to Ilve in the
f;ill. Mr.'. \Whiting, who is int3.3.rest ed
ill il.rn':l il ' bus.in ss In Ml itlisolta, Is
lin ,,h i ' ii33 .3"3.- i with Mi3 oula aI l 3l3
S- 1 i i i h ;, l t , tu 'rral ge' Il blls ll les,
aiflirs \\ ill ctami hero to rIiubleo lper
riot your Si.yll y dlliner it the Y.
W . t' A. 3';IfI ri3 , 207 I". 3 l,,t3 - d lr 3 3 t'e3 l,3 ,
33il3 3 3 3., 3i1 s.
-Dry cut,.i'dwo, slabs and edginga.
Illbet dy l.3ih.1r (Co. Teleplhone 743
'l'h'. pl. 3, f first tric k dis 3lt lel3,r at
t33i I'ltlt tis nti station, 3hde V3eant
\ 1.la- I 31 ' l'hale3 n Ieft fl3 o" fel ,hni ,
tt h, ti" h., \\l, itrrtld iathld.ay, Il.s
., t i I:i ,t i hy t1. I9. aitlsonl, F. I .
Ilr,3in3 r 333 ' ..;lt' hl..-s takei1,i M 'r. ' 7an
..'l' c.' atil l dtil o tuble,
Glasses fitted correctly from $4.50 up.
IDr. ll'lflat, optical speciali3 t, 3 su3.
c "nsor to Dr, Ill,"sland, Hammond blk.
Ni, rce3, bright. n .ew milllwod at $3.75,
o nic7, It. Is. Lumber Co., phone 108;
3Earl Allt'3orm3 3k, of D.3nver, Ia cous
In of i3rs. , H. W3. D3awson of' this city,
(stopped it .Missoula unexpectedly 40ut
urday and 3 visited a1 day with his rela-.
tiv3e, li3 l'ft yestuerdCy to cont1inue
13333 7413
I . \\'. p I . jit.\, Ir.p tlhe i'I.r Sinr...ir
Il';i Ii1 "ll ';tlL li1 il" (.,111(.1 1~ 1hl, 11..- )I~,il I. 1,il
h~1100 , "(17 11 1 J, l '"llldill" ..lr,..l.
!;l''r". $2.'! I per Ulislll' lPli.ni.s IH ,1 670,
A,]li( ' i , iiilt' ' Ll', tt.t i r iuit' pu,,ii.lt.
11til. 2.72.
itle tw ' tirin u pri '. t'titta W ttttin i p t o
illitr . ' lr l the ill s it ,I'' I tiiilo t .' ilie
WIouse. A frull ''t ft h1e 75. Itti pk
flx i I 'tm1 th w' I hIh lllll .· r Ih Pill t
-lI llii ( l i lll, )1''111' ·11 1l·lll. 'rhl l rlllll Ii)I.!.
hll'l) l ill.~ thi,111~' !;lilll lr , I,l.~l~.4 i%,i 1, il '.'
inld lithe wolrk pi~~.rog..lsll ..oi faIst thiat
*. ''t ithi\ ii. i t l' it 'hii y Ifot th ' l'm i.t
gIp I t. tl i'r i lilt ti' t'i' h 'il' t Ii lit t' hlt i
Ifll t l itp tl t,.Hft.ll il , ith tin' t lilll -
tril;llf'( II l.Gl n tll h llhiinl sHi uilrnel
lritce i, I l, II. A ll call I I P Il
(Collnii ell~lll'P 1() ( 111 to c t ( '1 tlh . ilh
c.lit ofl II llv gl. I." n~lthing ',mir" f elt, hill
in twoI nilll .lrdlr 11 latlofh I .+ I ni- ith mill
woodI. A fiill cori'd for" $3 75. Ilhll k
footl t'ainiplli., pholei1l t h l I ndl hi 4 3.1.
Slp honli.. .1 i.', "1. 110\", II. M'. \\il
;.HI. i1 i tft I' l't ll il4 HI t!'), h(:ls rt .
Hig4'il'(1 111. p t-tonll'ite, oft 1Jl gohi-l' oill
C-onll.T'i'gatl i ,IIibil r( hutI, .,lfl.'l'l ve .Itlli{
1, Itl beeii nellli ihlll lihl ir ii I slid'v hotll,
hin S1pa.l ii,. 1h' \.111 ll'l;i th t,\o w r-1'
tit l sI III1l l' nldullt Monlg. lll',l.., ever-I
'lilll' I'Vl'lr .illidlly hi th!' hoth'l lroo l
ls tl'il'l, \w hih'l l'r 'teriile h eP'. ! h' tlrri(illi,
deck,1 o1 ani n('l'lis liinler, anl; I.,rfot'im 1th.
ollriginate 1 tli. ne e .lt$', di'('lar t' h lie
in ';l I',i l.,,m i< the, fh' t hi the. I'niili.d
Shilt,. toi hial', li re l~ sl y-iil rt.- l ain;i lliI
thllhis.h 0 l" l ii ts m~ilplay.' i{ v.\'. M i. \\ll
Mal IM 1.n M .i ntlh. l e Of il '.. his'i'll n the; i
Stacy Adams
$7.00 Shoes
Pateint or dull
fInlshed shoes.
They are the
broken sizes of
several lines, yet we rctn fit "most I
any man with a pair of them They
certainly are bargains ...... ...5...
.ll-r ll; , 1 t tl i l ll'll ., oood \ l ,l ; ll th i. ( l .
l';' , t i. 1 1 1n', .th lit w ith tl h IIn,. '
tmuin lllJH V 1l:l II , l to i i prolu ,, bIr dlistri t
fIth 'i ls n (I 11 ,hl , twe1 ll nld h," to l0
] '- : h hit I lls 1 ' . " ,1 I 'l'lr nl I" the,
I Il r.e rwo. d l . ni II.,', ".i;llni ml mi Stllld;rs,
(; ~r, t Il I'll., 1. u}I _I. '1'11," T I ;, th ihl.t r
f'rl' tle.. " nlt, h , to lilo. lt ulltl rnl o
hih, ,.uiiI r1 ,;- h,,id tln. t IFII-uls II'ni.i
IInvre this f'tI l)I,"rn onr ;ii l 'ls 'inl n xt 1.
I,, last : ,' ,l rries. - h, e at, c r 1 ll
Fitted at This Office
Commercial Photographer
Viewing, Framing, Enlarging, Develop
Ing and Printing for Amateurs.
Higgins Blk. Bell phone 925,
Frank Borg
.V' r ,p;lir ullaythlllg In our lille. Eye
gilu .a s filttl d.
"h parisian
Missoula's only exclusive
ladies' ready-to-wear store.
Jtartling Reductions
on .Cadies' Coats
and Juits
will continue Monday and
balance of the week.
These prices should rivet
your attention
$45 suits now............ $24.50
$30 suits now........... $16.75
$24 suits now........... $12.45
$35 coats now .........$18.25
$27 coats now .........$14.25
$22 coats now .. $11.75
On account of low prices
-no mail orders, no
charges, no approvals; al
terations extra.
O(ne-jalf Off
Any trimmed hat in the
Call it our offlic, where full In
forml'rlatlon wil be furnished rgalrd
ing tlhel :uiv;atlalt; ges and resI'' urces of
Mi'.,,ula mutl the five rith and
fertile trllbutury valleys.
Chamber ot Commerce
111 West Front.
Bell 67 Ind. 454
A Store Where Ladies Can Trade
Are you watching our
.Saturday Specials?
The house of
Liquor Bargains
Phcnee-BeII 57; Ind. 594.
Free delivery to all parts of city.

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