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Ttd ai-- l , hroi.rm. For - (lau el i y o
• i i , , , , ,--- -
Five Thousand Guests Are Present to Con
gratulate the President and His Wife.
Great Function Is Attended by All of Official Washington
and Many From Private Life---Hundreds of Lights
and Flowers Add Brilliance to the Festive
Wiashliltiin, June 19.-The silver
otMeddlvng cehlbratton .of the president I
andi M|rs. Trat, the seend to he hohl in
theii \Vh 1i ' .iuns, I('ltl , to a1 pit1d toi
night with the ireicptlon o.l the Whit.
}louse lan,. Invitations 1h11d ,on 111 t I
toi clse to 12,000 ierslons alnd whlhe the
ofelhtlul count tof those \ii sholk llhands
with the preside nt was nlt given out,:
It In ctliin tedt that aIt least ",001i ir
Probably never in thll( hiluttry of I
whed hl \'n llr]lington. Trit, di1iipla lit i
e B(s, the 'llnted tes slightful.lr curt,
the Ilenat, Iult- tho houisle or reollrsen
tnlti)e1, the dlellarttnlents ofi tlhe govern
7ml 1.t, the mlt nili , h\vii,) 'art high. il I .1111ti
oli afl'irs liif the countn lry, it unit r n y, a
the navy anit almost every rwalk o'l IIn'l I
were represented. i
Brilliant and Delightful.
Thi c, ol, heiari night thi at 1italsti I
lre. eptlln hi n i the opetn Itr p rsllh, prI .
for l llinyi hadiul Iki0nl lfruhgl igt1 a t1 hd
the reeltlt lon not only brlliahnt a-nd
tosprtl, l i lThe g ,ests would iiave fillhla Ig
t'hll, White Huse to overinrlowing but
the gltId are mlple anIo ld Ithere was
iI('o crll h and11II no confllc lon.
tPi sslhy 1ii ,0ilc 0 r oph t le 'lotdedl It iollti
thel Ironi fen'R.h that h cril srrn the i
ioun.ils n ti llooked illt Iigly Iat the
eletrl/ dl, d play, hle sl i l hillnwir fountahin
It. on d Kets excitelld ahl.lt anyt'hln',
but tonight it hrowPd its iiler'iilt i.tly
the uIlniversanlry ofi the president nll
7lllrnistalkable fallin.l. The cards saidhl
lthat the t.,eetilon s wu1rshl htgln at 9
o'ilok lland promptly at thait hour, to
tile straitsof the wri dding h, ti h ut rar, lWno
~r' 'idn t ilnl Mrs. Tufl wallle( sloiwly
town the stilrease of the liiwn.tte Hoise,
preiedeld iy the iix plres, entil aillden
aind. followed by. the ainet. Out
through the d r.loo tro o thel relar, down
thei briald steps toi the Iln, lthie prn
slsonll Inlhrch]d, wlihere hundreds of
guests airiady oun the grounds n atetthed,
their plrogress. They took theiir stalind
albout the center of the lawn, eoneath
two trees, the hranches of which were
joined by 1it electric sign flashing
Big Bill Smiles.
luThe guests entereid bly the last front,
Innllell1 through tihei corrtidors of tile
Whitei House and out to the lawn.
l)uwn the winding walk tihey passed In
two lines to where the presidtlent, his
ifate wrealthed in smilnes, was waiting
toi melet them all.
Ablove the walks the electricians hdntl
touched the tIiis with lulale ant tlhey
blaed in red alnd white and bilue hlu.llts.
Fromi the till of tIle treasury a man- I
ster searchllght played iupon a new
Amt.ienin flag upon the s.mlile It of the
naltnslon. Over tile rear sirtico an
other flag In red, white and blue In
candesient tlInlmps * shimperedl andi
waved. The fountain In thill center of
the griounds, pilayetd upon by anoiither
soearchllght, sprinkled forth all colors
of the rainbow.
The Washingtoin monulment, a thou- I
sind feet to the si.iuth, brought Into
relief by thousanids oif lights, stood out
sharply against the sky, dark blue,
with lhere and there a star striving
slc'essfitlly against the IIghts of man.
The White luIuse lawn, clilpped and I
shavied i tlhe very quitck, niladlie a car
pet of soft dark green over *whIch
Class Ad History
There are a good many people outside the city who
are learning the efficacy of The Missoulian class ad.
These little chapters of history have told of some of
them. Here is another:
able womalndl for general housework;
first-class wages. Communliate tat
once wI1 th J. H. Wlinlow, superin
tendent Hill Crest Orchards, R. F.
D. 3, Stevensvlle, Montana.
This advertisement was published first on the morn
ing of June 14. On June 17, Mr; Winslow wrote:
"Please discontinue advertisement for general house
keeper. Have received a.number of replies which I
shall consider. Many thanks f6r favor." The class
ad costs but one cent a word. If you're out of work,
The Missoulian will print your ad free.
-rg l'In llked n t llt'hRav I i, t dllttl w yment 11\.1
t, vlgu 111and in the White House Itself
nt hle h igineers' hblnd vied with thmn.
enI Evavry ctolnlr of the natnsion haul Its
is own pi ,rtilt, ar light. (iII the t'irri.im,
it, thal t eixtllnt d fromn the 1t 4l ni liiansll
r- tonstatu.iri, and wvestwnrl, the h lunty of
the \%hitlh House conser'vat-wihs had
of hn poured'., Th'I e tall lIn l,.s that stand
ii nlig the d rs oftI. Pr ,l tll . u. ,rs hind
,e been shudeh. by n.ey, red pa petr, Ir,,
_t,' siiiilt ing I.iionsater popples.
l. t ,hiise who could \i'latle l l in 11i1 for'll
Ihou ir'to shake ha' n sh e llh ot . i l1i y w hir ht
• uriliuiltIl uir ee hued t.lll i ttll ti rnl l llii f f, I'
ptll of theli. h1111 ill S m.ght t rhe hO ll l
wi.tks, the chairs .ii. ailtll g lion the grass,
i 1'hti it'ut al' ll. I'rIIlt '-ul lll. tirh le iii',
Sortt i tndtted titi (lll through the lower
floirs of the auithnsioiiin. The pr.snl hes,
it that nIred in the lllhundreds i
it whose atnl.y value run high ri'into theil
Il thousans, ia ttrurteul tneny. while oth
wrs tinint i tlo il. Bth ui t ,tmai nl tihre the
. Prepar tion had hti n 'raftell for it000
i iests anld the refreshment tables itn
i i
ILt e r ,iln Iwirtcl'lllso t attl. Then It ti
It the dining room e'lte ias near grain- l
I hing u iti erflctly-goodh I tlalle o ll ll
ud grian. The prsihlent and the e tentbers t
In of ihi, f. ily, l with the , rinet and t int.
ir t.t, wer serit, v ont the oiut ter erlll
nluitid, with a tlilit Af Ik .hfln
gI but the tuests found their rnefrs ltlmnts
I, Mrs. TIfit surprised even those fauil-t
I Ir .' with the tim tprovmnt in her healthi
Ol which he ' ci shown, by mlninhlt blly
lin, all veeinr.t Sit, wore il glown of white
ig . tin, itiuldel with sliver flowers, with
in tie ur t train. Miss helen Tuft, whot
was near lit hand, wore ith gotwn of tii.
t satin, with a tuil e of pink hiol, n. t
IV Despitelti thU e llunusua l crowds, the una
1t mobilesn, lnder the watchful ee oel thea
I- ilL liltli reltlre. '
Spolice, chugged upli to thie east entrance,ll -
h deposited their ocupants and stnmld
e atry again it half dozen to the min
more diffo Clnlntli t ,the police arrll ange
ments were good and with a little
tightly refrredl t . 1n l(' iuasltllnty of il
rushing now and then, a l little dipl
Say hepres and thereny, sthey goti through
Sthe cr.owltl of the curnllee us. Morel than
n" 100 policemn were on guard around
n ti'i frence and the usual plain clothes i
Si men and seclret service llntguards werel .
Ith (('in the grounds. Pi. .)
While n o'clnock had been named as
ani, no time was fixed for the (-ind] of 1r
Is the festivities, antd it wax after midl
night that the englneels' hband struck t4
d. cast room .Walu the presilent font tt hat
thi from the presidency, as ,aving both -
,,0118 r ewITr 1DWAI2 "ORRIS. . OGD',N ARMOUVR.
.! ( 'l 4"lrlt, r Il il. I the llll lill d.It, l iL' ILl
c iourt tli; y IdenedI : tIn in,,l of Jl ,l f ig-L
IuE .i l Armour iul nine oilthr (rClilg a
pac'ker's foir it rehearing of th ,ir lit- th
till to tluiai h h in l llilit s . 1 ch1; i1" 11ng1 1
violaiii n of the 1theri an :utttii-trtnaI
ired li J iudige . nirpeh teri l i: i -'ii g ,t l ti
no reo, n for hi f'lilig llls. It Is now st
l lris n, Jui l e 1r .-,ti n e vnl h ll l l ( Statesi
Portugalt. T'hits follinH theli openiiig o'if
the new iconlstituenl t Is.l1mnihly thlis
molllrning, itt which the pres.hlnt ,of tll re
chlllmber rela I de i lte proclll lin lag liti A
abolilltion Io tilhe ' lonirchy' ;ann Ithei dl
htutishiment froit Poillugal of the royali
iiously apiProved. The imecrte wits alsi Al
iread by the presidient ti ihe griut in
rlirings whichl gatinrllll ouhlliie Ihel
isunemly h.llliing, alter v liltl - the
chamber adjourndti. oI
Geoirge L. Lorillard, Amerllian ll h rgrt ia
d'affairel h, In tlihe ilr'tl i) ll .llle iup- tu
on :.n.ir .M.allhid, ministel r Lio flr- ru
eign atffalrs, andl dI I'j\el' the follow- hii
lug note to hlllu.
"Whereas,, the national consltituent,
assembly lilts, this dliy, settledll up)nl
nld ldeflnitely pnllllllairid tlle forinm ofI
lgovernililent adillited by I.urtugil, I
haveo the hiniior, nicting itcc, rttiig tol
the instructionis recei'L.(L frolnt mly gov
ernmentllll , of h.l'reby Informling your ex
cillencLy thait thll governmet of the
Inlllitedi Hates of America hiasiL today
lfficially ri ' cognized thel gll ervtlenii t iof
i I'lPortuguese repl.ilc."
The day (.a4 observed as u pubIlei F
holldaiy througiout the( wholel coliuntry.
Populallr dolin traii tinii in honor iof' the I
iic'ctasiomlln wer'e V illl everywhellre, but no
ditlirdes re l' llirepo'tel.
Helenan, Junel 19.U -t-t l tr.' ) .- ll'
ge.s Aiello, ial JI llan fili nd i ltgl y of re
nilirslhaughter in the federal court lust
Ahello killed in llIndian on thue Fort I
IBilkniap resorvttilon Ilnst Janiuanry. I tl
Judgtlel Rtttnllh x,111 he wi Ionvlnce(( lai
ihi1 hai d ithe victim l.tll f Ai -l t lo it Ioi n
in IndiaLn thei jiury woiill] have found llt
lln i guilty of murder, (ir
ILor,, Angeles, June 19 ---A-,rdling t
John S. Myers, city auditor ofI Lio w
iAngeles, Frank Palints, ha lmd oif the IatI
tity's street o5Iesla illiLt n el llpirtinenIt, gr
confesltoed 1(0 ays ago to hiaving e r- a
bezzlcd $16,55.94 oif th(I city's funidsl i
within the last four )you;'rs. Pallllor s, at
who is a nmembr oif p'nllllllllt tarly iL
California family, promnliedl, Myers al
says, to makie restitutin. ie hitll It
not been arrested, ft
, ex.et1i that tlth thria ll I,,l be hI l"d II
Shaout n'xt o(,mber. ,I.
J J'i llt' st 1m41II n.1 oi tl"f t i l lole4 fll'*
, a ruh :tr'ing of the mtw-Inmt I I to t'g 1h t
the i lll' t i tll1l'WlInt ' tŽ b I4 4 l4 rx. nt I llt It
pr me.' crtl. r In the Nt:lliardl Ill| 11n111 ft
Americalii Tro t.., in cll.s inl .hh'h tho th
wotrd "knre ll (t'1 4 hil" 1 414111 n toll, tI
\within thte m leanlihg of lith statute. 1 t1
C(lunseHl for the Iu lifr hel thalt lt
there had ll een no ) u el mna lllll' ble" rI'- iof
stru* nt lf ti h le p kll4ng Itlriulry tlnd . In
Itllllngs, June 10. -S, t'pt into, thel big
lrrlgation ttunn l oi' thir -illings Land I t
& Ilrlgaltion (,lto a1.11y |by the sw\lft ouIr- o
rnut, Otto, hihust,1r, aged 10 yva;irs, andl i
Am elia Youngr, 4,ad141 15, mItIt their i
deatlh hire hl4te yehterl ay afternllo.rn. fl
I .hIle playlng n11ar tho bank, the earth
ga4ts 1444Iy%, laia414h. tilhe ghil to fall and
She clughlKht hold of th- boy, punghllnK |hi 1
l nto the strelln, w.I.hr they were awal
lowed up in the big tunnel.
,..na Shuster,, the 16-yetar-old lster st
of the boy, 11a11 iat herole effort to fat
Pave themn, follow. ug them thromgh tlt. n,
tunnelllll Ilnto water abo, ut five feet dh,{plI'
runningI 1to swlftly 111tha It swept herc offi t ai
her feet several thmnr.
-- --*
WI I Ih.iIIItt4o 4, Julll4' lit .--A. mlo1 1 ' tllvle lt
h1afoot in Slolluth AI rh X!11i" lloonlltig tio t ll 1
renewal of tll' "Id uniion of the five s1
ropublh ,i1 1hh1h ril'hially forined the "I
(;rarnd I 1ublichl ,1 youth Anorleta, h1s I
boen know1 n to il.t statie dlepalrtmlint
for some tlnm 0l, tt. though dL iltlls ofI
I the extent of lihe a4itatlron havll e buell
lai'kllng, f
nldicalntions arl t' lht conferencel will tl
I' he hold hi ('ara114us, capital of V'en
izuetla, Just fo'llowing tle c tlebrati IIh
of the centent:ary ,'f the Indeplendence ii
of that country, next month. 1r.
Favored by United States. I
'1 The state departtmlent for yours has A
8 wanted the smattller republics i Houth It
e and Central Atrtriha4 united in strong 4
governments and W4ould welcomle iuch t
a- combination as that proposed, be. ,
4 living that It w044hl tend to mnrl ;
,, stable and reputable government. It I
Is feared, howeve(r, that the personal I
e amblitionsi of different leaders will mil- n
N state to defeat the object of the con- -
t that i new helaring shcntild hie granted.
T'hey tal plelihled that the provislills
a' i' tIhe Sherman nt rtle tii Indefinite
ito warranl t the rotlrn if the Indict
i Inents or iproseltiunl for alleged viu
t , tltion of its |inhihittin.s.
h'lihe next mtoe\' In thel( case will he
If for the pic;lkelrs to lenter a plea to
e the c:harges ,f the, i IIItllitt nents,
i 'T'olid:s action'.1 \\wis Ia arurlpris to at
ia trneys fir hth the )rosecutlon nnd
t defense Iad e.lther the representativeL
- f the govternmenl t or the puckers were
t In cou:rt wheln it was made.
g Poatello, Ihlth,, June 19.---Wlllain
It. Khid, rallrad i nd'lluctor. dead.
1illlllo l M 'Io li, dIputly heriff, serl
' 1idgKiar .agill, ralcuhlalin, w.'ounded.
ir ]t.i'h lfn Scioltt, atelllulan, three
Sflingers lhot itwaiy.
Ih ltbif rLt 4 iley, co stli.ile;ui , woiundel d.
t' These alre tlht fiiil'owtf \Iltills of an
Iioutflaw as ptille(in iuiil lnathperitfe as
' ever' defiied the fi'tr'es of law It f the
nIirthw\',st. Addvid to teseu Identified
SHfft'erers there mlli nay)' be others whose
,1 fate hals yet to If lteautned. It If li -
ni'"red that tie fI, rndift has killed his
oi'iriier pirti'),ti rfirftirie and there Is
(-i un1onfirm etd ireport from Black
fit, Idaho, tfat within it few hlours
h., slhot ;l ilt] Itllhll i bul y to secure Icos.
a Pssfii.ion.i ofi thle fresh horse thle lfll was
fi llgh Whitney IN thet (inoe lnfder
whih tilhte itldespera';do In known t to the
'ffi'ilt'. lls tIriul of blood ecteltds
hli' \\;ty across ea;tnrn Idaiho,. A
whol.. r'eglin tuls be n' terrorized by
hiii i,',' Is and flill' tihe statu Is IIt
aI'a1. PI.i.leW IIll l ilnt fromn every
tuwtn, bridges I II e gluardel'd as In tintes
oif war unit th te goiv. rlInr oiif the state,
HII .,tir .lff rting l I reil.w rdf for his ,lu l
lr.,, ilf ).~liuhp riingt the pinltn of alling
out ut itillt itf tlh. Iti iho natilnf l
i ut rd. lll.lhiitu nlds haveii taklen t p thill
t tall at tiIIUs, lly it)o be helud d by
the uini r.imi IIInan clllling if the fugl
tilii iillltlllt . A liore formlidableluu, pulr
rsuilIt is that Ii guln tidfay i a buaid
c ' If i;l'tkfu'et Iliflanl s, tvtti unite with
lithe ,listll t of the iioundsi thite sugatlly
o u1.' th co S ut.
i ( New Crimes Expected.
'litc l hi, t" h ll fuainrt I alg ft llgu. or
r;Jll b,,f.lrei the u.llns i' hls hiiilunters,
I there i Ill I,. io rlest fo) the isolated
.i linch fi tilly fi r the lonely shl t ep-i
,itoutrly tias ling til thie duesperate trhan
I ait u ll'Kge.
Vhlitni'y is tlei ".shLirt hiat" of iti
Itt I InIteId'+nc Illn hol dtul p fit !onJ dtt,
I MLont., IIOII ]rlvdnV. It wai to) avoid
ih ltrial fl r this crime tlhat he shot the
ig offh'er lwhi hid h.u in eustlidy and
it fatally t'iiundl'd the I)reglon ShoIrt
SLihne. 'coindilet'r wi' hi tsateucd the offl
It hl siuiting lilierty--Mgill wats shut
al buectiuso h, had a horse the bandit
I- needed; cu tt, ieit use he was guard.
(Cintnutfdi on Pague Five.)
Demand Is Made That Some Propon
ents of the Measure Speak in Its
Favor-Threaten to Urge Lifting of
Tariff on Manufactured Articles in
Order That Farmer May Be Helped.
111Shnlgton, June 19.-RepubhIlhan
tei)slltlIn to the ('nadianlll recllpc tcity
hill in the sennti reached the stage of
tIt r,'evolt today. lid hby Fentortr
n)ixIn of M.ltontnnIii, who Igain fulled In
his Idejtlt for n ll xplanation)ll r ac
mp''t' t'h In favor of the hIll from ,ime
of the republi n eiaders who chainl
pIaned the ma.uret , the repiblican h
tn ihers d'eltred that if the bill t
passed many republicans woutld Join
the de ocwratsR In an Ittelmpt to lower
the ditties on all nutiufactured
productlt 11 s. 1
"When the iernerstone It pulled nut h
of the yetle'n of prote'tive tariff," said
Minsiter Dixon,i. "whenl the farmers 't
Iprotltt are thrown into ai frete mar- I
kt whhil hti purn(htlre continuellll to he 1
Iprotected, there allre many good prol- h
tet'llnists in thei republillean ranka hern d
lwho will vte, to have the duties pulled %
down io Iron and steiel, hemicalts, cot- t
to anild many other thilngs." to
Fight Coming.
Other northwestern re.ublicans slx- e
nlfled by their approval iof the Mon ti
tina t(senator' words that the paitiCage
of the reelliroa.ity bilt, which, It Is ad
inltted, will Imv a e majorlity In the
senlnte, w ll hle attendted with a fIghtl
that threatelns to throw opent the whole
tariff subject. ,
"We want to make one11 killing." de
clared Senator Crawford of South Da r.
kota. "We' find the senators from 1i
Pelnsylvania, New York, Connnecticut, d
Mansalnichetts and Maine, states that a
have ulways reaulped the greatest her- a
vest of protectlon, advocatlnng this l
measure that pIroposes to put on the o
free list every msingle article raised In
the northwest. I wanit to deal with
this mitter In Its entlrety. If Penn.
sylvanlia. Missllssppi and Maarachusetts tI
hav' joilnd hands In a new poiltical d
Proulag.nda It 4a time for the rest of d
the c'ouintry to, strike out on a new P
track." ft
"If you c'ant get enough senators on I
that slde with you." returned Senator u
Ialley of Texan, '.we will take one ot d
these hillse now c(woming over from the
house and make a whole new tariff law
out of It." tI
No Adjournment. It
Rnnator Balley said that there would "
he no adljournment until the' senate c'
has acted on the free list bill and the a
woulent bill. Re.iprocity came before
the senate today with the Root amnend.
ment, affeotlng the Importatlon of pulp a
wood tiandl paper from '~Cnada, tas the
,matter for Ihlnmedklte conslderation. t
ThIl armeldniont was aigan laid aslde
because of HSenator Root's absence. h
Later he came Into the chamber, but
isad he would lnot be ready to discuss e
the armellndmllnt until W'dnesday. ,
Oppolnenits f tlihe bill the.n demand- c
ed tan explatnmtlon or speech from some k
one int favor of the measure.
Mr. (ttnmhts said he wanted to a,
speak against the Root amendment, but tI
would not edo so wl.hen that amendment to
was not officialully efore the senate t
and had not lbeen expllailed. Sellators t
Dixon, Htlley, Smlith o,' MIchigan, and I1
others deelarted they would make no 0
speeches against the hill until they had a
heard some word in Its support. a
Senator Itoot made a brief explana- 1
t'on oif the( reason for offerlng hie hi
imendmlnt, which requlhes Canaltlin i a
('onitInuted on Page Seven.) 5
to Washington, June 19.--Unlttd IStatta
ivl Senator Luke Lea of Tennesseelll to
r- ave theo iLe of Ills will, hIroically
tsacri fic.d a quart or blood at Gerw"
ly W town unlv'erilty hopitutl yosterday, and
tonyght hope for Mrs. lIea's rtecovIery,
which hltad almlost been abanlldoInedl., I,
prvtitc.ally assured, while the youngest
, nr ltnttor of the nation, as heI lies n11te1
:. the baxdsihl of hsla wife, Is recupelratirig
Ill laie strength.
I,- Mrs. Ire's condition, serilous for
dI asnlo time, became allarming Sunltay
1 after an ope4NtlIon the day ibefore. HIer
atrength, bcause of lack of blood, was
nIt coe, and vitualty eats fast ebblng
id a.way.
e Senatr Lee, upon learning of her
id condition, deltandod that a transfulson
rt operation be performed, and prepared
'.I at once to submit to the ordeal. At
dL tending physlola.w and surgl.ons mnade
lat arrangements Immediately and the op
lit oration, which followed, was declared
d. to have been very stoomesul.
- Senator Lea withatood the operation
well, though it left him greatly westi
Great Torrents of Water Rush From
Hillsides on Edge of Town, Carrying
Everything Before Them-Streets
Are Torn Up and Muoh Debris De.
posited-Lightning Strikes One Man.
Anaconda. June 19.-(Special.)-=A
cloudburst inflicted thousands of eol
lars' worth of damage to Anlaconda
shortly before noon today. T he. floods
calne down for less than halt an hour
but at the end of that time the
gulches and ditches front the side
hills, north and south of town, were
bringing down mountain torrents that
jolned with the streams in the city
tgutters and Imade a river out of Park
avenue and Tllird street. 1). R. Mac
Rae of Park avenue suffered the
heaviest Ioss individually, by the
flooding of the basement of his store
In which runf, carpets, curtains and
a stock of shoes were soaked witll
muddy water In spite eef all efforts to,
hurry tile stuff out of danger. The
damage will amount to $2,500. Prank
Mluller's tea store and the Co-opera
tive grocery were damaged to the ex
tent of $5300 each by the flood reaching
flur, r.sugar and groeeries in the
warehouse and basement ,of their es
tablishnments. M. Rliberdle's grocery
was also in the path of the overflow
and much stock was destroyed. At
the store of the MacCallum & Cloutler
company and Joseph Balkovats. citi
sens formed a flomd-fighting corps
and by the liberal use of flour and
bran in sacks, stemmed the tide un
til the storm had subsided. The cur
rent was so swift and strong that
huge boulders, weighing several hun
dred pounds, were swept out into the
streets fromt the creek hottoms and
an Iron ore car from the old quarry.
half a mile above town, was landed
one Eighth street.
Aooompanled by Hail.
The storm was acoompanled by hail
that cut the foliage from the trees, anst
dclid immense damage to flower gar
denus. The flower beds at Washoe
park were left In ruins and debris
from the hillsides was spread over the
lawn on the north aide of the pleas
ure grounds. The ball field was not
Lightning Strikes Man.
Chacmuney Beal was driving a trot
ting horse owned by C. A. Tuttle and
had alighted to close a gate at the
race track when he was knocked un
consclous by a bolt of lightning, which
also felled the horse. The animal re
covered first and dragged Beal 51'
feet, though it did not attempt to runl
away. The driver came to his sense,
and was able to come to the city, buh
is still suffering severe pains in tih
head and back. He describ:es ti.
sensations as that of sonme one 4hittir
him over the head with a club. TI.
storm was limited in area. Its paltl
extended from Willow creek on th,
east to the race track west of th.i
city. It was the worst storm of It
kind known in the history of the uityt
Birch street, that leads from the hllh.
south of town, became a raging rivet
that carried down from the hillsides
tons of rock and mud, sidewalks and
fences, and left a pile of debris be.
tween Eighth and Sixth streets that
is four feet in depth. At the corner
o[ Birch anld Fifth streets the floor'
sweplt over the top of the picket fenct
and lilto tie horne of John Verking
where his wife was alone with a itch
boy of four years and an inflant It
aurllls. Neighbors came to the rescue
and carried the children to places if
ta lonred. For hours Ihe could Itt stantd
to altlle. Sullrgeons assredt Ihim that
Ily without tihe saIrifico which the made,lll.,
Mrs. Lea could have livid but a ftw
3nd 1t will be two or three days hfrno
ry, Mrs Lea i(. altogether out of dang;r.
I . Senatop r Ieit. it s expecte. d Ill he able
St i to leave his r'euInl nit few dtays.
Ot Ji ,caLtse a prime ftAtor in trttsfu
its sou o)lertiottll is that the bhlti of thiI
two bodlies be fu.ible, teutL were Ittilt
r)r ordered. Lt fore the analyais was com
aty pltt the sargeons. fearblg that dueati
[or mligiht be swifter titan they, dcuided t
ras try the operation anyway.
ng Just as the senator's arm had beest
bared and a tube insteed in an ar"
ter tery, word catie that thI bhlad of tho
on husband and that Of the wife was fues
.ed bie. The platlent reapoltled to thi
Lt- treatment fromm the fIrst. (kadu4ll "
xie the color was restored to the Iitpl.tant
p- cheek of the suffer.r. But as $Ira
'ed Lea's color waU rstored, the tI.th
Saded from the cheeks of her hbu
on After the operation senator krfretr o
k*- the floor t a ftlalt.

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