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'Tonorrow-- 1'an u tled. .oulm with & cla, atd.
Publicity Plans Considered-Penwell
Proposes Appropriation for the Pur
pose of Disseminating the News of
Montana's Greatness - Meeting
Closes Today.
Somne 20 meinlliers of the Mtfllntnn:
(ommlll,, rclnlt N er'nstres.T: l ' u..ac.hl, itlon
Iteit fotr the t!tinuatl 'nvlention o)' the
organltlltin(lthn in the M us.aIIn. templllt
yesterdaiy Iti ruing ltit 11 -i'nelt. The
inetinig ln kted IIi littn hers , hiltt there
watN titI:htu(its nt enollth for hIIf a
dzen conventions., and the torder of
business was disoset1ed of with a snnlli
oaid i a dals whicth was dectedtly creld
itable. E ver3y metmber was fuill o llag
-toations and Iplans for the develop-.h
)tent1 anld explotlatlon of the stiute.
anti there was it stuidly eros.-f ire of
llscusialon gKlng t all of the time. It
was a splendid nmeeting and if thet
plans stitch were stlggetust-ed yesteilrdiit v
tnuter!alizt toiday it will have itien
ile of grout benefit to the state.
The Morning Session.
In oupening the nserliting mneetilngi
I'retsidnt t liteorge J. Mntlltews of oLew
Iltow clngratll'latlllted the organllntlin
tilpon the fart that it orlglinatted thei
Northwestern D)eveloltpmenllt ltnguel., In
cluding setven stites. which, in tiurni.
itdevelopedl the land show in the- TIn
cltiles. lie lpoke of puIlullcity woirk unll
isuggested that tile c('ntles lllll 'nllll
their efforts alllng thit line. Ilhe alsoi
spoke briefly ,of the inctreastttd Inhttlt
gration rates establlshted by 'the rail
Owing to the latnens of the hour the
talks were brief and the meeting short.
M. IL. H, Odea of the Hamilton Cham
her of Commnnertce and J. 1C. T.itlman
atnd (1. O. Thatcher of Hamlilton sploke
briefly of the work in the valley. See
retary Conser of the Baker (cthaltlmer
of Commerce gave an Interesting din
tiiuton of the work which has Ibeen
done in his section and of the I.best
mlleans for attracting imnlmigratllon. ith
mild that thile eople in the cities are
niiixluois to get out west and that all
that is neeooded is to get In touch with
"Jim" Shoemaker.
Janmes Shoemaker, the nlew osero
tiry of the state fair, was Introducedl
by the chairman as the "beat man for
his Job in the state," talked for it few
minutes about his fair, urging all of
the representatives present to help
Ilmake It a succtess, anti of the coming
Hlelena. at:tomobile tiour from the east.
He msaf that although Helena wtould
tie the objective point of the tour, the
rup offered for the car showing the
most mileage In Mointanla would Rtnd
the tourists over the whole statet and
Sthe whole state wioulld thetrefore Ittbene
Penwell Talks.
Lew4a Penwell of Helena, president
of the state' fair and of the North
west Development league, was the first
slpeaker on the afternoon program. Mr.
P'enwell enxplalned that he had no ad
dress to make, but that he w.ild ilke
Io suggest a few things to the conven
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( rýzA
4fX~~ 2rI
Terrify;ng Ordeal Undergone When
She Is Confronted by Husband, Who
Asks Her to Become Witness for
Prosecution-Attorney Takes Hand
and Chases Off Detectives.
L.ios Angeles June 27".--lepiresentn
tlive.w o. the Iprosec'llttion i the I in
AngelesI 'l'imesl dynnitllllng case
achllivetd I rd lIramtle ti-tIth unexpiecrtedl
even by the detectives today, whiien,
after they haIll co.nfr'llonte Mrs. ()rtli
MtMutanigal with t her husbaiild, ione oft
the accrusdeil cuonspirators, 11n an ante
room iof the granld Jury (-limlllbIer, hler
t'overwroughtI nervei gnv'e way beIfore
his. pleadings and she swooned. She
was\; revived by a phystItlun.
McMtnKigi. It itwas sllid, hal Ibee
taken from Jail to, plend with Ilis wife
io be a witnetas foi"r thl, proetltilon In
t-stead of the lefense, ttler ishe had
persisted nt re'fllsng to tnswer (ques
tins pt t hier before the grllndil Jury,
\even Iwhi shi had been told of tlh
power of the law to punish such re
Wlt'1n shite emergedtil, hystPerlit:l, from
the seclld iordeal Attitorney .Joseph
S'utt. an asticlato of ('ltanrrici . Dar
row Ini thl defense itf tile MeNamara
brothersl, rushed lamonllllg thie dietectives
isurrou'IlIIIng her andI brandishling
'l'nchled fist, swept' them aidell with
thruts or f violenti'' If they dil ilot
ctlnse. "ithoundinllg this womllan."
t,"tr p)erhaps half an holur Mrs. Me
Milnlgal remnllined with her lhttrnelys,
resting. T'lhen in their company shlle
startedt fir aIn elevaitor to' descend to
the grouind to takie anl auntomI)bllte.
The detectives for both sidtles nmade
nearly a iorrle altolgether. Peveral
detletivte In the empnltloy of V'. J. Ihurns
followed Mrs. M.Minligal a Iltn her ilt
torneys l to the elevatolir. .cott recoug
nizeid tne of1 threm tr(]d ordered himn to
"Yiou have hounded this woman long
enough," Rcott roared llangrlly. "Now
you don't go, down In tlhat elevator
with hier. She'es under a doctor's car'.
ind she shall not be annoyed any
more. Why don't you take a man?"
"I am going diown In t'hls elevator.,"
answered the detective. ,
"You try It." retlurned iott, rollling
I ul his sleeves anti shaking his fist.
At that the detective turned land
' mlad his way throllgh the crowd which
had hastily gathered and ran dwn
four flights or stalrs, reaching the
street before Scott, Mrs. McManlgal
and the others rit the party.
After tie detective's retreat Rcott
and the other eners entered tile elevator.
accompannled by two other detectives
for the prosecution, whose faces were
unknown to them.
Sleuths Follow.
When they reached the street n'l
left In an automobile., anther nmachine
occupied by the defealted Burns man
and two of his companions followed.
Hurna' men readily admit that they
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Three Good Sessions Charac
terized by Practical Discus
sion of Good-Roads Topics,
Leading Up to the Resolu
tions W'hich Will Be Pre
sented Today as Result of
(trlo r-adils for city. t ('mity and
iltatie it oe to t la 11 1 i ll h it hstin itai thtout
for th,, greatest good t1 tfit. greatet
nllnllier---thli was the kt 'lnte strlluck
ent y,,Sterllay A\ heni thi e seco, nd n-ill
0nl11 citoiventlin of the .1intattna (,lid1
RoIad" 'ongres. opened in .1lsnsouhi.
Tlhere wast no di1if li Ity In defining
the tntitment iof Mit .' 250 diltegatte
thatt hiave it tnhtledi hlere to conaldir
ione oif tihe otMtI iiiportant problems
that cinfronts the Trensuire state.
There was no dlivslion if lentlimetnt on
thies points nill there was no jeal
oiay otver ti ill detals oir lbetween
oe .'S or cithies ir sectionis of the
stute tlantintteedt in itnythilng tihat wus
done or .itld ait the convention. The
conttgriess is it work on biroditer lines
and there wnt nllthing yesterdity to In
dilelte that tlie unit of sentlnlntt a ould
be br oken.
The congrests in seceondl annt:al see
ilon Is already I RIt i'('ess. The i)open
Ing session tit the liarniini tllheater was
in lnspiratlion to aill fortunatet enoughl
to attend. To tile delelgaites Who camne
long dlstaneei to he pIresent to bring
it Ilessage if endelvnor fromnl their comt
mttnltles and to carry hollie with them
words iof cheer and aidvice, thie In
terest displayed matde their efforts
teutll worth while. To those comnllllg
frotl Iptlnts neatrer at hnlld, the en
thtllanm Was Ia litiht to their hesl
teney in tile limatter of good road un
The delegatnP arrived fromli nearly
every coutnty land city int the state,
and tihe iattetinildinee was in excess of
the fondiest hopes of all concerned. Thlte
first day's nmeeting and entertainment
planned passed off withouttt a stitIgle
hitch. There are bllt two spea:lkers
nilRsin.g onl the list of thei. whole pro
gram, W. B. Gerge of Billings and
i. s. RHOAOde.
Thomas J. Tynan, wanden of the Colo.
rado state prison. fnlth of these
speakers will be missed , ::r the pro
gram today, but their Idpla. a will he
well filled Iby aimne or the other dele
gates present a ol, will be selected.
Mlssoula was lol.tl sed to a fuill reall
zation that a conve\ntion was In prog
reas when the Missoula Iailnd struck
up some lively music about 9 o'clock.
This was the signal for the gathering
at the Ilarnols theater where the
opening session started piromllptly at
10 o'clock
The meeting was opened by Presl
dent Edwird Dlonlan who exthnded the
welcomel of the organization to the
delegates and briefly sumlmned up the
purlposes and plans of the congress.
"If is with pleasure that I open this.
the second Glood RoadLs congress," he
said. "I anm sure that It is going to
be a factor for the good of the state.
The first, as you. will remember, was
held in Hillings last year, and its In
fluellce has already been widely felt.
I ventullre t mally that more roads have
been built in the state of Montana
during the past year than In the five
years previous. The credit for all of
this is due ti the people of Billingl.
I have no public address to make, but
I imhllP merely to assure you that I ant
gald to welcome so many men from all
parts of the state and. the men who
have traveled so many miles to tell us
about good roads. I assure you that
the people of the state appreciate good
roads, for they are a benefit to all.
The farmer, the merchant, the whole
community, profit by them."
Mayor W. H. Reid.
Mr. Donlan then Introduced Mayor
Willlliam H. Reid, who greeted the
visitors on behalf of the city. He said:
"It Is my privilege to tender to you the
welcome of thile city of M issoulht and
the freedom of. the city. I was .to
have piresented you with tile keys of
the city, but I find that they have
Iben lost for years. Missoula's latch
string !s always out, a4pi Its doors are
buy' it. I hinv'i' ii ilet tl eelºh this
Imorning; it wle'liclle on.ly."
. C. L. F. Kellogg.
'. L,. 1F. Kellogg, preshdlent of Ithe
lMissoula Clhambe ofil Clll • t 'oinriiIerieir,, 'wasl
the nex't sp'lak.elr, Cwelml inloin: the dIhle
gates tol M S1t4ll i on bclll it'Ill of the or
nuliziaun of which lihe IN the hatd.
"As Ihe reprl'esenta:tivl f IIt.- M11isl ili
i'hniliIhbr of 4'lillollrce." l all l 1, "it I .
my privilege tII ext.. t I tI i y311 Ia cI'll '
dhil wi elt'llle . 'lThoIe peop!l Mf oulll
lire gllllad tIio weliollle any gotihering,
partliula' rly Ii lllc,' h it 1 oie 4i4 thi . l'i'roi
ildent I!111 oi" the OvI.,it Northerl i , rl're l
Illland many other m nl11illl.11 ' 1 14 l llll L, inl
in taying thalit the problem, I hlid, you
h'ove c'lmr' 1to con1' hr il llllN t14 41grat11o4
tnow ll.l for tli t. people of ithI e l niti.''1
tor thel bilth ilding of g4.lI rall, iNew
Yor'k sitite le'ling. I h4lliehve, t with
,something l li k111ii lltllll dn tili'.
"The iiirpoi e oi il' go i i i) i.lIs soml
'boy rides.' 111 Illy opinioni the griat
est misslon of tilt- grand road its the
lastl ly r prlassed l i. 1 ll1111 c lil lllatlig
thllle lh ol ditrll ait i lln the rural l 11'1
iitone-ro lln Icoultl sh11l thous I htl, I , si .
dane 1o4 re t1 1 i4 ,lr . itI ll lllrnt tle fitl.
thave been fo'il 'l to go toif tli l l ilt ' cl
fot ther ed113lltil 34ll wlt. g ting ti er' i'
have found that the lI ,ucitit th p'A1.led
lporti tion f1 ilitlles rl' 1 all that I e'si. .
swlhool rllnlst ,its ln 11l1nestth phsHible,
anal, lts .a result, the slogan of the
peoplie of that stae now is, ' 1tt.'r
If there is anythii g t ai. want to know
unok the young men t iith the 'Ask Nil.'
badges oil and th.y will tell you."
Attorney General Galen.
Attorney Gener;al Albert J. (;alit I
responded too hot e welclomes on h,'
hlalt of tli state. Ie spoke ali ftl
lo.,as: "()ti stiinlg lh l'iograrl for to
day's exertcls.. list evening, I enI
hflnlhorgasttld to) se, that I Was dawn
on it twale. I il to spleak i.t lnorrowV I
on the work of tI, coinvicts on iii
highways, bIllt I had lot counted oil
adlldressling you this morning. tioi -
over, I iln ulwayiis pleaised to do any
thing within my o)'ar. for the city (or
the county ofI MissouH.la. Since my first
visit here I have Ibetll fLn nthlllluiastiC
boster for tlhe' it ly. I have had the
plllastMlr of attllending your Ited Apphl
Ibllalnqut antl havit there become ii
iuaintled with your progressive spirit.
I Anm proudi, Mr. Mayorl'.to accept yor
Wellcollte and tilet of the prvidlent of
y'oul chambillr ofi coilllllierce.
"We ll .lrofited Iby the first mInct
ing, held a year ago in Billihng, luld
since then morli'e intceret has been
taken In the prolihmin of providing bet
ter highways for the state than ever.
Mr. Norris, Mr. Yodelir anid myself
aided by the co-opetration of Warden
(Conley of the stat penitentiary, hlave
been busiy Ilrling the palist year hlidllld
Ing roadils fr thle state and for future
gelnerlltions. A feW illles easlt. of lthe
city In the canyonll, antll down In niti
ders county throiugh tlhe Paidilse val
ley, roads have beeitn built such as nt
one of yOli has e.oel biefore. T'hey ore
tlndllng to build upl the state and are
not only betlefllcal but neolssary to
its growth, The ilterests in goed roads
Is .'owing all over the state until inow
it Is one of the lchief toples of the
public press. rThe work' Whjeh the
state has been doingt with t4lrosvlcts
is it fl examp41jl4 rf the moi4t inex.
144Isiv'4' HurIt II rnioiil build41.i11g4. 1.44t
yelar lit 141II114444 44 4441444off, r1441, eifn
itriilt'idI by tly l g4444i'l44444.11 ait aI cost
oi $t.iili, 44'4i4 slhowi4t the I IIi'iiigiltci
ii hIIIe'n igl''s: yit Mr. Nirrls, Mr.
Ti ilir fnd niltyi'F n*r'l nit awttlsnf'cI
with~ It, "'r i4'e 1ia4'e Vei4n buildinlg
betlter roadei tihtii Ilhil 4'441i4411'1i4' by
the l'''iteriiI 14m4 ir444i nt for it fonit iof
all143' $5iJ 4 , iiilII.
Convict Labor.
1 41i'4'i reIIIi Rolm lll Ii t t' this44 44'4 I1I(t
until IWJ( bil e 1))(,(·I1IInII IN stronger a ndll
44414iil44441it lil tip 144 ' i i vi Il 4411 thIei
ra44 4 44.I'4444i'I. Isg4' 1 1 I ll wil jel
I 3.444 f iii iii' ;4144i44.4,4* r44. rf the itiicll
11011. Ilill·l'ly, to hee·~l, well p enrlll('(
('4444444 l t l I1tIp ' 44 1evil f1r1on1t w 4vi 4ho113'y
4an st44 14444.' o4nl444 y1' l 1 444 11i14'fe ii,,II tiiy
lit4144. ( y14 4 41'.' 4 141.44 1a 444eir solitude
l114g44. '1s4 4414u 44iiy 44 444444 l ' Ii 4 Ia'IIt
IngH. 'Fame is no liii.. Lion but w ant)nnl~l
tI1i y Iti'vi'.4 d141 44ev. 11141 1144 4'14o
i \te1I44'i.'4r444441111 4ii441'eg 4Il lrwi1c
w h' Ihel i i' 411 41444414, 1411 I wi.ll till yo44
that yiii''uiiM l eil4'444r4 r m 1441it m 3'1n sig
lug 141444 144,.. it 14.44 I oi iiv44 4 i'ttn~ail
44141i il4444 4.4.44 14 41t, JOt1 . a y11 3 m11e1414
441443 44444 t, Wilily13. 1444141 4444i' o414 44414'
411i44nt1 t4 unit4 44.44 444444 .44414h fr414 the
p414444 4414444i4'41 44.4 i i' 4-4on'4 1't in ii
jl4''.4i'4n e 4'4* 4444 4 lilin. "'14 4444r sys4
I44 by3 it '444, t 44s 11ight, 414t( I liray~
t44n1 It hi444' 444444444444. I n ili44144g1t4'4
44t1114 , 1414' 444444444444 444 w~ 1:4' 4144 4mi'44
1boa:rd, of 44144444 I 444 444 t4'44 y444 t44
t1144 4I'I' i 44ii. i +int 44444 Ir444I4. It tl4i r i fit'4'
I144 44114 1444' th44 44414 tl'4414 444l'44'444
44lich' y444 Il v 4''... nl 441444 Ili 444.'.
H. S. Earle's Respons..
11iI'41i4 1':, I:444'4 t44 Iii'1I'441t Mic1414
ri'44441144iul rloii'if4 4444 44.4:4 M iii o ilt' p114
4144 44f thet uniied S'44tate4. "I am11 gulad
tho accept y t r ttct' r'Im. to " til lt' of
tho) pthtii. 1'uiltedt lStjlis,' hie sailt.
"Doin't think that thy at :ill ait hiine
13y ti ok !Mcriiittii is I iii, but my
tinier wil;cnl )11,411i ' l 1~( 1111. liia~t t In' lst pol
titItIitr' "ogami i l si tiis face was
tho onl tine I"I't l I lia El l1:l e fa u lli O'iy
1LI hall to talcs- It of rat". tho world t~l
wtilthout oup. I Itt tilt Ithat I wilt oti
ani Ott W+,,( Hi i ttti I cull $iE' Over
that the1( rn:1:i i arllllll tit' till is really
Sthistit lEiini; in ithl If tlie;tpeople
if thilly all c:1 in, lvily titti, wottlnt~t'
Duluth Lumberman Denies Any Ani
mus Against Senator Lorimer-Re
lates Story of Telephone Conversa
tion in Chicago-Governor Deneen
Said to Be Man at End of the Line.
Walshington, Juni 27.-FuIrther ten
tinll.ny Intendet tato show that Eadward
IlIin 1, ir,,ihhent iof the Edward I llntes
Ilillntht r l lmpany oal f i'ht 'alglo. latyedil
all illmprtant part In tile elehction fll
ienatotar l.Irinler anlid wa llinterested
In the enatoar's election. was given to
ally to the senate clominntltee Investl
gating the elehctioln of WIl. S. Cook. a
tltllh.lirallnai olf I uluth. M Inn. Mr. Cook
acknowledlget til l bitternese toiward
Mr. Hines anld diliclared he hail never
fetIt very friendlly toward him.
"I kinow hils way of doing buslness,"
he explaindlll. "Hines has n Iway of
goRinKg ablillt uitlnessi that I do noti
thaink it hanoraile. iliiWhen hle wants
to buy timber lie gets an option andl
then guR.n airianld Ir) ing tI hurt the
credllt (of 11 t s eller."
"('ivet lt Intllalace," challlenged At
torille.y WVlllin J. Htynes, for Mr.
"Jhni Mellan of the Alger-SmIth
compalllllny of Duluth," rettorted Mr.
c ,nk.
Threen del-tletven who tare aid to,
Iilhave b-eeni e.plllitod to shadilioliw ('lor
itale H. .lunk, genera. l matnager of then
Internatillnal Hltsirve.ter cmplany, and
stlr wtllness at the present trall, were
"dlithled" todayli by Mr. Funk. "Ditch
Ing" Is Ihta- thealehnletl llphrase for bleing
thrown , ff the traill. Mr. Flutk had
tiek dell. , i('l lv subponIllll alll.l wilneses
efre lit ith, committei, thusl leaaving him
unsIlhadowed.al I fror tile first ftimna in
'week, I I ls cluaimed.
i. Detectives Present.
'IThre wa1 anoithelr drlalatic lpisode
In the hlaring of the lourinier ease,
ldallly iwhen ('htiren-ae H. Funk, gene-ral
SIntnager of the Illternlattinail Ilarnrves
tr (cipanylllllll. anltlllnlll I thalt thr(ee of
four dltt-lctiveal about iwhose survell
i lit.ne rh told the onimllttee yesterday,
.(('were presentallt t ltodaly's sessilron. Thei
aomllalnlttt i sullnlulll d tie dete-ctlvei atn
wit inessies.
Mri. un'llk ailled attentiontl to the
maatter alt the openintg iof todlay's hear
ing lefor' e thet nst-natl, colnlitllttae. N.a
l aIw waIH flxed frl the testilllniinny of
the dIIetectives, wlh, \Mr. Iuniltk de
(('lantlinult d on Pagi( l-tlglmt)
T iday many of ,., Ji.0ola's Ipopult
tion will b,' gilien their first c'h nce
to see ai flying machiniihie in action.
Eugenelo Ely, who will make an Isce('l
alon near Fort .M11ssoulu this afternoon,
ooln after 4 o'cilock, ranks folrelmost
among the birdtlen of the country.
His fidt or descending upon the deck
of tihe batt leshi lp Pennsylvania malililde
his ifame secre and the .Missoula Iwo
ple that winll*ssed his ascensluins it
the hutlte Imieet will bear testmolllllny
to the clapablity of the mant. \With
good we'atlher Ely should be able to
treat the crowd to a thrilling exhilhi
tion. Ills feat of erols.ilng the dlvidh
near the 1 Itte groulclll.ln wt na tit mln
one, and, in the more calmhn air of tlihe
M isaioula valley, Ely should be able
to surpass the exhibition given lit the
Smoky city.
Street Car Service.
T,ookltug forward to iin lnIm, nse,
crowd, the street railway company has
arritnged for speciac l car service to, lthi.
aviation fiell toiday,. Elven with all
of the cars that (nll Ie used, therel
1 ill be more or lesis of a rush, and
those whoi ca'l go early are advised
Ito do so. The Mlissoula lindtl will give
a concert, begiiniig at 2:45 o'clock;
the new fort Il hiaindy fir Insple.tloll,
and the big bird with whiclllh Ely will
pierce lthe clouds will be waiting for
the early lo.es on the grouinds. Wihc.i
the crowd gatllers there will be little
ilhnce of a ('lose view of till ai'r
F'roni 1 p. inm. until after the meeit,
the railway Companlly wviii luhav aile
calr' on the Firt ML a ulua. line. 'They
will leave on the holr, 15 Ilsunlltes, 3ii
minutes and 45 mliinuttes past the hotur
-that Is, a 15-mlnute service front the
city. On the HIonlner line Luhlro will
only be a 90-minute service ut'tr 1:30
p. m., but for those who wish to go
to the uviltlon field a scplclel tar will
Iave Ilonner at 2:15 p. in. and go
straight through to the field.
S ervice on the Unlvolprwty line will
Mrs. Cora Carpenter of Springer
Ranch Tells of Happenings When
Mrs. Springer and Henwood and
Others Visited the Place--Jury Will
Receive Instructions Today.
Denver. June 27--lit tthti prose
ti ilon and defenne in the ,ase of
Ilrllnk illtitldh Ilenw-i dl. in trial fir
the niurderl l lof ilorg' F: c'lopl.lallln aIf
Victor. l'oloh. wlo di..l front a bullet
wound'lll ri'ec.tlved In ia ftillade Hiiwod,
firld at Mylvester iL. V'on Phlll, the
well-known St. liuih ainatetir lail
Iltiitll t, res'tl. their caetll todayii . At
tiirtlneys lintt ev\'ral hours golng
over the Innstructionsl with I)lstrtet
Judge tirrelny W. W'hltfiord. andil the
conurt Inllunnoued, Just 4. lfore adjouillrll
ninIt, thlat thlle. Ilnstruclltins woulldl
inot Ie cintiutniltlated to the Jury utt
IIl tiittinorrw nlornlllg at 9 o'chlik.
While Mrs. Johni W. springer, wife
of one of DeniVer'a foremost citliens
tilld rlhslt bttnkersti. andi hersellf
iproinllelnt in ocietyl', was oin It. standll
tlain today. e l loti nt w Initowed It re
tire without unbuontning herself oif the
secrits mite wasl believed tro hold.
Maid Disappears.
She admill tted randidly that Von
Philul wal In the habit of corresilwnd
Ing with hier, signing his letters
"atlail," Iut hlxstrict Attorney Willit
V. Klllittt naite nli teffiort to inquire
why ili tullel thI tititne. thi ad
nilllited lal that lth, lIlttr In quell
tirn hadtl been written ii htier tiy Vonl
Phl,l. blut hitl hlIet. rllent n care of
her inill, Irltna trulacilh whol, sinceP thie
killing of itt PIhtll andl Copililultd hasl
dillut earll edlrttl and baffled till tffoirtts of
both the prosecution and defemtie to
find h r.
Perhaps the most copniposl and
iffetiv.. .l itnei s of the dat y was ttira
C.r lititr, ii" hutl. kPrilper alt the
prlllilng'et rncthll. Ilrs. trpenteir told
of ita lit imade tiili tihe ralnch byli Mrs.
rlll'ngero. lenwo, .!. Mrs. Springer's
nwither, and her brother. lHenwiood,
she said, oietlied the "red" romn.
which witas connected With Mrs.
Iprlinger' l edrooii tlhrough li it bath
ireiuntt. Whisky wais elrvied by the
imuld, liwhoi hadl, preiviousrly beetn lmildly
ejected front the rooms.
The followhing morniring Purs. plritg
irs ied shiwitJ ilgitn of VItniig been
ocilllii, whlhi that ill tIle ire rt oom,
(C(otinull .iI Pit lKig liIs.)
he culit to a car eve'ry 40 minutrae dur
Ing tIhe alfterno.n, tlhe arls Il\e.vlt
town at 1:00. 1:40. :2 0, 3:30, etc., un
11 after the Imeeit.
To facilitate the nolvemlent of thile
crowd it Iias I).been dileidlld thaIt 'evetry
onei' atte'nding the meeit miliot purchase'
u tickeli t ir tihe city inlefre boardingll
i' h llat Fillii IIt It hi' t.1h ' t i l'll'l{ i '( lL.
the ears Trin.r the Nrther il train.
'hereli w ill ill h on the street withll
thie ti kets f'r sale, ia they hiln also
lte pilur llased at severil of the storL1i.t
in all parts oe the city. The ticket
(illi i rlt fii'l it Iu itndi frulin t lt w avig -
tiri itet iiilnd t io hlihttanilte tei the fiblt
will c bst e tlls. The lt ri:ae ofd
itickets ' .fil rii hun rl'dir g Lars Ils t' hlit
that ellilil Il.ilit he lil ll tike ld.
o Spcial Trlains
rThe Nrtlheri Pia aifih will hle bissily
trains 1r.l 1| tilt) ' i l lnlatin Lu i of thise
l.iihing teo s.el the' I lyIng exhllitiun.t
and also leer the hitter Huet visit-rlni.,
be ri t the flu(l near thel f't, VwherIO
1Mr. 'y , \' a iii akte him flig lhts. Thliu
specials going out tee the gl'ronwls will
leave tse Nrtherll n Pifl'e ll l passllenger
tllti n at 3:45, 4:1,S tnd 4:35 hi tihe
aftelrnoti. Two trains will be ri l to
Mlieula rl. ti the avi'tihrn 1r ondl
'T'hie first will leave there at 5:45 ynd
the .se.o.,ill at el' I;. T't'he Nui'therin Pti -
,ille: \\i1 gih', the valley vis.tnt i it
chaineto he get . uik home tnligt.iht, lFor
thl. lsc iinudaoll n of ti le flitter teoot
,i c tinge'nt a speciil train will tie rui
to Ik)nily, leaving M issolilla at 8
I1:'ý ' ii m iichalitllsi Iirfr. Roue') ancd
Hide',, arrived in thl t ity yesterday
and suptrhitende.l the trl'iasp rting of
the leh line to the hangar whlch'hia
iropilani, will be put together aind
tasted tills nrling and eveirythtii
will be !n ret adiiess by the tlime,, sat
for the flight. Mr. Ely a4ill atlave 1 for
.Reno, Nev., as soO lil t as he f iilshes ils,
engaigeiient here. He will give 111'
exhibltluti there on July 4,

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