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da 'L-l- ý!T t with v . ry
,r Witt tk oo.nhed to I.aitn t a miracle.
a ipmlt a s womaen rebels against what she re
S mI MI ati s lassesity there is no woman who would
S b free from this recurring period of pain.
e #. AelP. n f Pa npIt. Preoerptlon makest
ti "Ar f ~l and siek wromen
1,,Wb* fr-eedonm front p.la.
S.Pnb y, a abdees Inflteam
StUo and cates t'o
i "ak woem . are invited to oonsult Dr. Pierc: ny letter,
xb, . AJ oerrespondence strictly private and saorcdly
..eegssaii. Write without fear and without fee to World's Dispensary Med.
i aaoelkion, R. V. Pierce, M. D., President, Buffalo, N. Y.
V yel wat a book that tells all about woman's diseaos, and how to cure
S as lat home, end 21 one-cent stamps to Dr. Pierce to pay cost of mailing
. absI be will send you a free copy of his great thousand-page illustrated
SQ~ a ,Snse Medical Adviser-revised, up-to-date edition, in paper covers.
Lb hadsomet cloth-binding, 31 stamps.
kshington, Aug. 7.-A second sharp
letter from Iollcitor McCabe to Chief
, Chemist Wiley, both of the department
olt arlculture, for failure to make
wholesale prosecutions of "cure all"
patent medicines and other acts tend
ing to show McCabe's growing control
orf the whole administration of the pure
todd law, W#te brought out at today's
eearlng of MQCiab.bebore the house In
vestigaton 'committee. It was con
tended by counsel that while McCabe
hwi .o berating Wlley, McCabe him
self knew he had` power to invoke the
law against the drug interests.
Mr. MoCCbe, said Dr. Wiley. explain
ing that ha did Mot want to antag
onise Secretary of Agriculture Wilson,
who had ovrruled him with the iRem
se* bodrd'g t4vlce, had written him
that the Indlana authorltles wanted to
Stak the depolstlons' of himself and his
assltants, lbo had conducted the fa
saoat "poen sequad" experiments,
ftom which they determined that ben
abate Of soda was a harmful preseva
tive it tfood. McCabe expressed the
opinion that Wiley and his associates
could not be summoned "as, experts."
Testimony was glven to show the
extent to which the department offi
cilal partlcipated in the defense of
bensoate of soda a4 a food preserva
tive in the state of Indiana's suit two
years ago against manufacturers who
coatinued to use it in their products.
SFbTener Attorn+y General Bingham
and State Iood Commissioner B'rnard
of Indiana will testify tomorrow, along
with A. W'W Robinson of Michigan, a
chemist employed. In the federal bu
reau of chemistry here. Robinson, who
testified against the benzoate of soda
Ia the Indiana cases, Is said to have
been dismissed by the depnartment of
agriculture without a statement of
St. Louis, Aug. 7.--A skyrocket ro
mance that originated In St. Louis led
to the marriage In Ashland, Ore.. of
George Mold,. Jr,, of Alton, and MIss
Sophia lendel. Nevs of the wedding
h~as just been received by relatives in
Mold, while working In a fireworks
factory in St. Louls filled an order
consigned to Geonrge Illndell of Ar
tesia, N. M.. formerly of Alton. On a
rocket he wrote:
'The girl who finds this will be the
gIrl who will marry me--(4eorge Mold,
8t. Louls."
SMis Bindell, unpacking the fire
works, found the rocket and cried to~
I.er father:
"Oh, dad, here Is a letter from the
man I'm going to marry."
'She answered the note and a curre
asnndence started.
*llter the Bindell's moved from New
Netico to Oregon. July 4 Mold de
parted for their new lonme and met
the girl for the first time.
lin Branolsoo, Aug. 7.--Denlal of the
repeot that the pasnrnzler department
.of,the Southern Pacific Railway comn
paI.I haL iasued an older prohibiting
,the empldyment of women be·ituse lof
a tenaency on the part of the women
to Work only until they are ready to
,wed, Was made today by Charles H.
Fee, passenger traffic manager of the
St. Paul, Am.. 7 --tte tupleril-i
tendent of lanks K'.see.y hab:I today
closed the First ]iank of 131,1 s, Mor
rison county, aol Txan.., r Mtillird
was placed in charga. T[he hnk is r,
pnrted as having a urjIlus olf $1,l000
and deposits of $8l,0,l. The elhsing
of thish b ank is the ''esl5i if h-.ls
ing of the Lank at itoyalto lart we,.k
Notice to Creditors.
State of Montana., ,ounty of M-is
IDatato of Paul M. Itluard, dle.
Notice Is her by gi'niv I, . t' under
slgned adrotnistrator of t. e slate of
Pal' .M. Reinhard, ,I , i .- , t, the
creditors of, and all I,, ',,as having
claims against. thl Fsat! I e.-ased, to
exhibit them. 'withi the l,.-essatry
v'oychore, wlthan 10 ro!, ths ,tfter the
first pubIheatlini of tis nIotice, to tht
said adminttr;Lt r, J. t(. li~ih'lard, at
N o, 1'4 Weart Mainl street, lily of MIs
.,qjula, or at office of W'Velling Napton,
-o'fani 2, Masonic bul~ting. attorney for
aid t+drnini .ra;tr, either lbelng the
inc'· i for Ih'. trltnaNctlon O :' IlhI hust
ne-s. ti' said state in .the counlty ,of
Mlwsouua, state of Montana.
t mlnýliet.tor of lastate of Paul M.
Rln hard, demuaJyed,
Dated July 22, 1911.
7-8-6- 4-8I-5.L
New York, Aux. 7.--olondel FdlA r
II. It. Green, soln eof Iletty (Ireen. and
owner of the Te'xas Miedland railway,
expects to merry within 12 moncths,
although he (edoes not yet know who
the bride in to ,e. ,olrnel G(reen has
IbeenP In New York for somen time. c(on
solidating his mother's intersts unll
lier the control of the Westminster
In lnnolutltlncin thnt he proposed soon
to terminate his bachetlorhood, Colonel
Green told his interviewers why hei
has so hing 11ved a life of single,
blessedness. li. promised his mother
19 years ago. when she took him down
to Texas to teoach him railroading, that
he Would remain' a bachelor for 20
years. He has kppt hi word, but
when the tlgpe expires next year he Il
goilng to take unto himself a wife.
New York. Aug. 7.-ICllth Russell
O'ambler, the former Atlanta society
girl, today lost her fight for in separa
tion from Edweerd V. (;tumble)r, a New
York hank caslller. Jnlltllee Pendleton,
who handed dlownt la LcisJln n ithe sll.
prfeme, court, eawarded Ithe htushelndl a
writ of separation, while tambler's
suit for ttnnulment of the mearriatge was
set for jury trial. Justice Pendleton
found that Mrs. Camitbler was not de
serted by her huslnd, within the
metning of the law, because the deser
tion was not unjustifiable.
It was testified at the trial that Mrs.
Gambler wts often seen in the cman
pany of an "undentifeltld man." The
court says:
"This is scarcely In ncoerd with the
customnury propretily fort' a married
Itegltrding (Ilmbler, the decision
reads: "It is poslsble if he had treateJ
her with less conshleration anltd had
loen more selfish, It would LIavee beent
better for her anld both of them."
Keytsvtlle, Mo., Aug. 7.-This Is a
story tof snalustthn thlt "t'ne back."
Thirty years ago the Mllllzer faintly
lived on it farm onil the lCharlton river.
Allimolng the|1 |esslI.ns,. of Mr Milllizer
lwere two large )htllanakllkon atcth Iabotut
eight flot long, which lt hatd trained
to do tricks.
11t bet· nita much attat('hed to theim,
:and whent the family mtovtlt to Arkian
• nsz Militzer inlsisted the 1sta.:lkesB mut
gi along.
l'hr'ee weeks ago the tnnket ri'eturnld
and took up tl,c'Ir abode ,, In the hIllolw
'yearnore tr'e'e that was their home be
f. titheir trip to Arkantatit.
The 'il i(w owner oif the firt m'lll Iean-I
turedl tthe iillkes and fotuntid ithty hautd
etat'lh .to\l t o lit tearly 11 fteet.
It is thought Millizer wVlll \havethetn
r:llrlturnod to hlilll i11 A'rkansaLL.
tV.Washingtion, Aug. 7. - Nitutert').s
charges whieth have lbien made against
Iabtort I". DUw'e, 0'oltletor of tustomhs
at 1,agle Pass, Texas, will he reviewedi
ly Prsldtent Taft. During the Mexl
.an 'rvolutioho, rIeprt'sentatives of the
MaderoT lfact hin charged that icollector
)owe wits ,lpartial to the I)laz govern-\l
itnt i n einfortitg the neutrality laws.,
teveral' l lf hls selzures of ill'lllw a IInd
aiiinuIittion were criticizetd iand tither
chuttrgte were Ittade.
Plains,. Aug. 7.--(peial.) --KliIInk
Ling ,of Camras Prailtrie lt .lan t tiIs :aht
Dudley ,f 'Wenatchee', \llWash., \were
married 'Wenelllsday alt the holkie of IE.
G. Walklr Iby Rov. (', . Johnsonl, thelt
Congrel'gational minl.ster The grl'oilm
has a hol.nutea-d iion lIt. reservfation,
where the young people will live.
Plains, Aug. 7---(Si,'cla ) - lte'. V.
H. Johnson of North l)Duka,,n~ lull a . i
family arrived this week and will set
tIe in the Congregational pasonage.
He will have charge of that denomlna
tlon In Ilauln and Partadie.
Jiiil Tlrurtiuur, itI ý . aon, :'m r -
cen, tly c· mr intil slhlilltlir l fl.lill '. |lm
rI tnarl.z ile ilirt. ,try It. I~l ng t'I I r in
ltsu e t . iMar.ir.Is , tlhe v li t'll alInd
magn zine1 writ' r. Jllah s con ls of i.
lnnK lille if ,irls in r',or 'oI rs. 11 ,
wts bi. t ill it i ' \lts wag n tlw i a
Ilttle h hr ow In h;a in, i lll nh n ', . ,i iir
ago. In Itie wlalln slt tlhe (lthr. w s 1 It
i ttirsnPd l mit. ' hlf llnd l If . J . I ll++ Iv , l hl-M .
trained lion ctlimed near tn' If ti' id51.
'T'here Is n strI ng i r 'lMih t, r il'
fle'tlo tl t i hil , i pll tl ll l I r , liln 11,'
onhas ofde mlll'ns agili in ll parts,
of the arthll. Hllr Ie ll has hiteIr
full of trlal and hard expelrlie1., bat I
througih them all he has tmaintahed an
dluposltliln thllt o.fs the brighter and
better silh , of Ill'. Jul,, is sleevw lneI
of tile prlncllal clowns ittll Itl nglingi
ciron.' I (circtu. Hel rti. Il th, g'i.,
Another of tllhem Al Milnce', theoi
dream oft tle timle-honnored prof' mtron
of makintlg people cheerful. Ml.l'e.ii
the original Humpty I mtulity. 11,., toe,,
coms ofI many gen1rat1,ns of, , pantl-.
mlmlsts lind elrcuts jfstlrn. Ils frllhr
and his gratndfather before him were
owns. in fie I It born cimedhll llld
the sprlotinl dtlight of Ihe chllIron. It
Anlother elebrlated clown with this
cilrcus Is the.lrgei I oltrtru ll. T'h.' maIng
alrles all over Amerlca Ihav devoted
columnn to hites enrllr ls i huffl.n.
There Il ni.o, l J mellllrn rlrggs. tihe hest
of cliawn pollicemen; Max Helier, the,
human windwlll; John Rlator, the Ill,
py HNollRarn of lthe stawdust; ('harll'.
Smlth, thel klrlg of clown h)urlemlrter
Reds Robertn, tile hnt of lil IDhutch
,clownII; the t)Deltrllis, onll..t Jntters in
.the ,court of the Shhh ,f 'Perusil; Slin
Sny Hlmpslt), the rube knock,'lout; Timi
tI tco, I)xoy minsltrel, andt Fred Jiks of
tvaudeville fame.
Then the.re Is At Whlite, then clvter
eat character clown In Alrlilca.l
White's elevear tict's come ila a urtrlIrlt.
to the audtienc. The Iprforrnaline In
half over before spectators realize that
he's a clown. He hat kept them laugh
Ing from the nbegrinning, Ibult nlo ,ine hla
suspected him. Thei womeln are the;f,
first to spot him. They nludge thlr
hubanlds and extplaln. Ron the truth
dawns upon the ludleniei. and White
Is given the heartlest applautr for his
splendid work.
The larger pottlon of thele mtrry
sky-larkers are from Europel,. They
are from the opera-lomlltu co',r.mpn
nlls of Europe, the pllllatlllm im I orglII
zations of famous ohl Drury 0Lan ', from
the coulrts of oriental p.terntat.ue and I
from our own vaudeville and muslt all
comedy stage. lior it itlltrttr of n
century this show has o)rilginated the,
Iest there Inl the profylsit.,n ofi
Iclownring. Thae hIrformtnlic'i of tlhis
seasoin han more rllun thaIn ver. E\.very
ipause I the tvxclting ctlcessio. n of
rling anld f stage dat s ftfiled with the
drollest farces. Ivelly h.kits, .levelr pant
to inllll: and tral\ow ties o l ,ullul( l and
polltncal events. Tlhre iaru md
Calp, Jesters, fols, buffoollns, hal'h
iulna. Jack- puddings, pikkle-horrings,
SPunchesll, chumps, cut-ups, Merry An
drews. Hillon imples,. 111 im 'rows,
Happy Jacks and ghldy gasln. Fat mien
hold their sides a.nd roalr as old maidl
giggle' and children shollt with joy.
Clowns pu1t ginllger Into ita perform
annce that Is. If they tre. goof d cin owns.
These are ill of teit very ,ost mate
rial. They have sifted the art of aInugh
mnltkling down to a science. They are
sure-fire comedins of the f'irst w\it
ter. This fact will he demonstrtatted to
the nttlsfacthon of the moat sor-owful
imope when tilhe show comes to Mlssoula
on SRaturday, August 12.
A childl labor bill r,·emetly passed the
Tennesee legislalture, fixing the age
limit of flactory employment at 14
years, 'clMd ollly excepting algr'iculture
and do|mestle ,srvice,
World's Prize Fool
e------11 TEET----***-*
At top, Bobby Leach, who is the seo
ond person to navigate the cataract
Below, Mrs. Anna Taylor, who went
over the Horseshoe falls in a barrel or O
Ootober 24, 1901.
Niagara Falls, N. V., August 5.
Bobby Leach is recovering from the in.
juries and bruises which he sustained
when he took the drop of 158 feet over
the brink of Horseshoe falls in an 11.
foot barrel. The injuries were not seri
ous, though he was pretty well bruised
up. Leach made the trip suspended in Leach is the second person to navigate
a hammook inside an I1-foot barrel es- the cataract itself. Mrs. Anna Taylor
peoially constructed of steel and heavy of this city made the trip in a barrel
re*inforced wood for the purpose. in 1901 and came out alive,
:al.itnIltl. A ig. 7.---( p(i(phIil )-That
si),e of thle hea\viest proie.rty owners
i I.h .Intln ultlllty will Inot subml)lllt I s- I
sivily it tiltr' propusd scheml, le to In
cranIe the ItSI.Neled Vailllntiln of the
eolnty IM ffih'lntly to i, prmit of its
division, Ii a Ilipparent froim the thor
ough pire'lratlr of nit he, t half a
dtuozet ofl the Iiggent retl ilIestate own
ers, Lrenluding the Warlanid Lumber
'rlnlllnay, to vigorously p)rotest against
thie fit n (of the hoard if ireuualthin
tlln In ;dopting resolution:l ercntiiml
pllltive o the proposed inlcrase. In
sooe, instii:nce prominent attorneys of
thin city have been rigaged unit thile
determlnation to make It d(ecided
standl against the designs of the
wouttld-he county divlsionlits is thei
1 : ll;t'rlprntly unI versal Uttlituel .
TIhe si huirte was propostid itns n feas
Ib)i iopriiorn'.nlse between the Iu:.:reka
and illhb fiactions over tihe county
sent sI(lllulthhi ltnd . r(a l tluti)ll WaI
idntopted Jily hby thle lin Iln couinty
,llrld of ei luall Ition pat i, the w1y),n"
for tile nltigedl "equnllxntulin" of all
as.rssmenlts by putting thln on a
t -I utM of ntuntl cash value.
Inamilton, Aug. 7.--(S(oInl|.)N--Next
lSunday the Itustin.-Mirtulna1. team of
the Itltt, city leagtue will arrlve In
this city for II series of three games
with Huitlnt.nd's tmen. Much Interest
is attachedl to this series as the vis
Itors %ll . I nppitir wlth "\\'ler" Dell,
who hi:s beItn with Inmillton all of this
'seasin, iuntil the close of the recent
series with AnracondLn; ilnS, f'unmlings,
who has twirled most if the season
for the Mtlismtula Unin lheague team.
Thue ai:tls will appear mllnels tile serv
i'es of Dill and Whuling aInd local
Iflnc ar ie ,tlonering just holw much
the luss if these two ntln will weaken
the tearn. 'T'hero is no dllubt but that
thli te.m is much stronger than last
yeiar, even without -these two men. Ed
Marx , Ill be brought In from right
flIIld to do the catching, while Gray
or (Ole'tieu will probably take his place
whllen not w-rl lng .p the box. With
thlose t'i o to irlr.s.l i form Hamilton
has rnolthing Ito fear from opposing
tiamns, and in the hitting depirtment
tihe tiri a pilllearli as formitdablue I
Wnalhington, Au. 7.-That trees
tllli' hear trgl'lll fruit, Was lit t t c ll
vict in to which two pickpockets .e re
foriceld tlhen Polic' loeutenant tlath
ers and aunother ofll.cor dropped to the
ground froltlll plrches and put the men
IItunder Ilret. r Many reports of robber
1'i of persons sleeping on park Ibenches
hatving reatched the offticers, they o
ciated ileepert late at night and
cllimbelld into trees and waited their
gmellll. In due ,Urse It appeared, the
sleepers were "gonel through" and then
the officers dropped to earth, catching
the ulpttritA retd-hanlded.
Tie last annual report of the (troth
trhood of Itallwvav Trainmen shows
that more thinit $2,.0,000 was paid In
death anul dullability claims by the or
gulanizatiolln durlig tlthe past year.
. *. : .... _ .. ..... ...
For the Month of August
All purchased for the first half of the year 1911 must go before
outr mind-season inv~fitory.
$5,000.00 WORTh OF OIRe$TMATED
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Boys' Clothing and Ready-to
Wear Appgtel for Women and Misses Will Be Hurried Out
of the Crescent Store
Fifteen Da ys' Sale
* NOR 47 7/fJw&&%£ CO.
New York, Aug. 7.-The number of
United States naval officers who have
comnmitted suicide, suffered mental
breakdowns or disappeared suddenly
within the last year or two have be
como so large that officials of the
Brooklyn navy yard will recommend
the appointment of a hoard to inquire
into possible causes. It Is stated that
within the last 12 months 20 commis
slonted officers on active duty have
,lther committed suicide or dlsaup
For eight or ten years such eases
have been on the increase, and within
two ytars the increase, especially
among the younger officers, has been
The matter was discussed at a meet
Ing of officers of high rank In Wash
ington a few years ago and a number
of theories were advanced to account
for the tendency. Some of the officers
held that the juniors had little to do:
others were strongly In favor of r.
strltling shore leave almost entirely. It
is believed that many cases of men
tal breakdown are caused by unfortu
nate manners and metlods of enforc
ing discipline by commanding officers.
Spokane, Aug. 6.-Walter Shore's
Wonders, a team of local men wearing
artificial limbs, and Joseph Adams'
Mastadons, composed of nine men
weighing 2,825 pounds, played a match
game of baseball at Recreatlon park,
Spokane, on August 5 for the benefit
of Viola M. Schumacher, 16 years old,
who was crippled in a railway
accident last March. The game was
largely attended and provided funds
to pay the girl's hospi'al bhills and
buy an artificial leg. The Wonders
claimed the game by a score of 37 to
19, but Fred S. Radcliff, formerly
sheriff of Whitman county, Wash. de
clares the Wonders got away with it
by the 'score of 23 to 7. Radcliff, who
weighs 410 poundse caught for the fat
boys, the pitcher being Dr. T. E. Calla
han, 290 pounds, who played profes
slonal ball in Baltimore, Md., years
ago. The lightest man on the Masta
dons' team 'eas George BrownleP, 240
pounds, others weighing from 250 to
300 pounds. Eight players on the
Wonders' team wear artificial legs.
and Manager Shore has a wooden arm.
Both teams are pleased over the Ahow
ings made and another game may be
played in two weeks.
Utica, N. Y., Aug. 7.-The north
boutnd Adirondack train from Utica
this morning struck a two-seated wag
on containing several persons, on a
crossing about seven miles from the
city, and killed four persons and in
jured one, or two others.
Chlasso, Switzerland. Aug. 7.-The
official report of the Italian govern.
ment on the cholera situation shows
that from July 27 to July 31, inclu
sive, there were throughout Italy a to
tal of 802 cases and 319 deaths.
The number of women employed in
Germany according to the latest sta
tistical reports is 9,400,000; in Prance,
6,800,000; in Austria, 6,600,000, and in
England, 5,400,000. The women pre
employed in manufacture and trades.
Push or pull.
Mud guards over wheels,
cushifoh seats.
Bungalow Snap
$2,250 -- $500 Cash
Close in on south side, house 1 year old, four large
rooms, two c(losetr, bathroom, large pantry, big, roomy
hasetment, cement foundation; range, shades and electric
light fixtures included. Fifty-foot lot, fine, heavy lawn,
young shade trees, 15 feet high ; apple, crab and c(herry
trees. small fruit, garden, chicken house and yardI; the
whole lot fenced new this spring. If you bhought this place
through an agent you would be asked $2,500. At $2,250
it is the best buy in the city today. If you want a home
and have $500 cash, you can't beat this. Address
J. L. W.,'Care The Missoulian
i -lmmll
Washington, Aug. 7.-Tn accordance
with Presldent Taft's instructions,
Frank Bloom, battery C, Third artil
lery, the young Jew whose futile ef
fort to get a commission last spring
attracted much attention, was today
ordered to report at Fort Leaven.
worth, Kan., for examination on Sep
tmnber. 1. He is understood to be on
furlough, studying at a preparatory
school in this city. The examination
will be. mental, physical and moral,
and, while the papers of the candl.
date ,will be marked by the examiners
at Fort Leavenworth, the war depart
ment will have the power of approv
ing the recommendations.
London, Aug. 7.-Robert Bacon,
Amerlcap ambassador to France, who
planned to 1all for New York from
Liverpool on the steamer Campania
Saturday, changed his plans and re
turned to Paris.
There has never been an unsuccess
ful exposition west of the Rockies. The
~an Diego expolition promises to be
the most interesting and successful,
contidlritn the money outlay, ever held

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