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Hamilton. Oct. :.-(Speclal.)-Judge
I. Lee McCulltch hls completed the
task of setting the cases for tile cto
ber term of the district court. The
calendar includes 45 cases, all civil
suits. A jury panel of 50 Jurors has
also been drawn, the jurors to report
at the courthouse Monday, (rtober 9.
1911. In the dra' ing of the nantes for
the Jt.ry panel practically every part
Qf the county was touched, the list
showing the name of a mantl living at
the foot of the Big l olei mountatln,
while another Juror will report front
the line between Missoula and Havaill
county, the two mel, coming from the
extreme ends of the county. The cases
are set for trial as follows:
Margaret J. Woxland vs. Sarah C'.
Teale, *et al., Injunctions, Monday,
October 16, at 11 o'clock a. mo.
,W. a. Little vs. Northern Pacific.
Ratilway company, damages, Tl'uesday.
October 17, at 9:30 a. nt.
J. L. Humble vs. -R. E. Neaves, debt,
Wednesday, October I1. at 10 a. ni.
Jennie L. Chaffin vs. Bernard Noon,
debt. Wednesday, October 1i, at 10
a. m.
Tillie L. Tilden vs. Lottle Dlneen and
Pat Dineen, inJ nlction, Thlrslday, 0,
tober 19, at 9:3o a. ni.
Winfield Tilden vs. Ptrick I)lneen.
damages, Thursday, October 19, at 10
a. m.,
W. M, Jermaln vs. City of Hamilton,
debt, Saturday, October 21, at 9:30
a. m.
E. J. Van Duzer vs. Walter Mans
field, debt (appeal), Tuesday, October
24, at 9:30 a. nm.
W. W. C. Dickson vs. Sarah ('. Teale,
et al., mortgage foreclosure, Tuesday,
October 24, at 9:45 a. m.
Ralph McVey vs. George See, as
sheriff claim and delivery, Wednesday.
October 25, at 9:30 a. mn.
I. H. Kelrns vs. George See, as
sheriff, claim and delivery, Thursday,
October 26, at 9:30 a. m.
Samuel Dinsmore vs. J. L. Humble,.
accounting Friday, October 27, at 9:30
a. m.
Dow Pratt vs. J. G. Hendrix, dam
ages (appeal), Friday, October 27, at
11 a. m.
Gilmore D. Price vs. Bitter Root Val
ley iri'gation company, damages, Sat
urday, October 28, at 9:30 a. in.
Louis H. Fales vs. Bitter Root Val
ley Irrigation company, damages, Mon
day, October 30, at 9:30 a. m
Myrtle loekrldge vs. George F1. John
son, ans otahdBble, 'dtMnagem.; Tuesday,
October 31, at 9:30 a. m.
George Meredith, et tl., vs. Bitter
Root Valley Irlgation company, et al.,
debt, Wednesday, November 1, at 9:30
a. m.
Emmett L. Black vs. J. L. Humble,
debt, Thursday, November 2, at 9:30
a. m.
E. E. Smith vs. 0. W. Jenkins,
suit on note, Friday, November 3, at
9'30 a. m.
. 'Ohio Pottery & Glass Company vs.
E. E. Smith, debt, Friday, November 3,
at 10 a. m.
Alec Campbell vs. Ellen Campbell,
divorce, Saturday, November 4, at 9:30
a. m.
Ezra D. Titus vs. Anaconda Copper
Mining company, damages, Monday,
November 6., at 11 a. m.
J. A. Andree vs. Anconda Copper
-Mining company, damages, Wednes
day, November 8, at 9:30 a. In.
H. F. Pleckman vs. Fred D. Booth,
lion foreclosure, Thursday, November
9, at 11 a.. m.
First State Bank of Stevensville vs.
W. G. Smith, suilt on note, Thursday,
November 9, at 11:15 a, m.
John J. Allnutt vs. O. L. Kenney,
water right, Friday, November 10, at
SR:3 a. m.
J. H. Wileoji vs. George L. Burtiss,
appeal from justice court, Saturday,
November 41, at 9:30 a. m.
V. R. Hinnant vs. George L. Burtise,
aspeal. fiom Justice court, Saturday,
November 11, at 9:45 a. m.
R. W. Slater vs. George Corscadden,
debt (appeal), Monday, November 18,
at 11, a. m.
R. L. Perkins vs. John Allnutt, debt,
Monday, November 18, at 11:15 a. m.
Amoe Buck Mercantile company vs.
C. S. Walker, debt, Tuesday, Novem
her 14, at 9:30 a. m.
H. F." Mooper vs. Albert H. Wood,
at al., debt (appeal), Tuesday, Novem
ber 14, at 0:45 4. m.
Pred C. Manke vs. Northern Pacific
Railway company, appedl, Wednesday,
November 15, at 9:80 a. m.
.Henry Nichols vs. F. S. Franklin and
W. 0. Mania, debt, Wednesday, No
vember 15, at 11 a. m.
John L. Mills, et al., vs. Nory Luby,
at al., condemnation: Thursday, No
vember 16, at 9:30 a. m.
Mike Venditich vs. P. M. Endsley
and Pete Ivanoff, lien foreclosure, Fri
day, November 17, at 9:30 a. m.
Bitter Root Valley Irrigation com
pany vs. Thomas F. Porch, et al., con
demnation, Saturday, November 18, at
9: 0 a. m,
1 D. P. ,Frese vs. S. C. Thorp, at al.,
lien foreclosure, Monday, November 20,
at 11 a. m.
William B, Henderson vs. George
McGrath, at al., lien foreclosure, Tues
bay, November 21, at 9:30 a. m.
William B. Henderson vs., W..,P,
C'llrIen, et al., lien foreclosure, Tues
day, November 91, at 9:45 a. m.
Bitter Root Valley Irrigation com
pany vs. DWerlch Methmana, oondem
nation, Wednesday, November 22, at
9:10 a, m.
'. K. Parmenter vs. Clara Smith
debt (appeal)'/ Thursday, November 28,
at :9:30 a. in.
Peter Ivanoff vp. J., C. Utter, lien
f1erilosure, Thursday, November 98, at
91iS. a. m.
P. erI01noW ý vs. ~,rkh' C. oanle,
rL Kle.lloogf v ri.tx E. Buohen,
4~~t 'atay -ovemnber wa4y at It a. m
Hamilton.' (let. 3.-(.priil.)--Tche
work of go ttlig things ri-'tliy for thI,
op'nlng of thte tl'enlt Tlvttllll (coullity
fair on Thirsldayv no.rtlhg Is l)rogriss
lllg In fine shapel. nactrdlilog to a tlste
nllnt madell thlo ntwo byI HIeCreta rt .1.
L,. H. Odell, who hd ju4t returnrl1,
front a btusy foreoliill at tithe griutid.
'*the exhlbits arte coming in kat iI
ralpld rate," tletlalitd mr. o)(lea, "theI
showing at this tinto assurrlng i. s Ith;i
we aret' foilg to hNtvo a fine lot of lit
ter Root products to show our loatrl.ns.
So steady hats been the arrival ,f dlli
plays sand the call tor roiot hias tlci at
insmitent that wv- haveu found It nies 5-i
satry to enilarge the rooiti giveii over
to each of the s-tveral dlepartit(onts.
ndlications tire that thl, apple iat nd
fruit display will be oit, of thi tnisttn
comprehenslive over shown in wVestern
Monttann. Wie tire worikioig hiard at
the groundsl tIo get e Iirythlng in Oshape I
for the olipeilng dnay, but the arrival of
xI.xhihlt hai bI|,iti so stM.,iily that w\
have hailhard int rk kii-plulg itahad 'of
the work. We tire lutcky In heing able
to have Snl it slilendid building for
nur xhibihlts, the amount of avatlithle
spnce making It poAsthi- toI keel)p e\ry
thing undler cover. The raln of the
piast two days hli not Interrerrudt at
all with our wiork as we have bh-en
tnder cover at all tinies. Vlsltnrs ;it
the fair can rest nassured that theyl
will be able to view the exhibts on
dry ground, even if it rains between
now and the opellng day."
Now that the weutihrr has settle(l
and clear skies are once more to be
seen In the litter Root, the racllng on
thuslasts are cointing on a hbuncth of
fast races Ion a spllldidl track. No
effo)rt is klilng spared in the prt.apra
tlion of the speedway. It was liatrned
here yesterlday that Dellnimon'8 strinR
of racers will he here for the filr.
coming direct from Ht-lenn. where
mi mhers of the string mstriecipledl In
capturing several prizes. Indlcatfolns
are that the opening day of the fair
will see a large bliunch of Itorsep. preo
ent to take part In the truck events
of the three lays.
Hamilton. Oet. 3.-(Speclal.)-The
Valley Mercantile comiany is making
a splendid exhibit of Hitter Root ap
plea In one of its display windows.
Reve\ral bonxes of fIncy fruit have ,een
arrangeil In the fortt of a pyramid.
The papers have hiee.n hIngeniously re
move'd from enough of the nl apple to
form the namie. "\Valley Mere. Co.,"
which stands out In hold relief, the red
of the apples and the white (of the
panpr making a glaring contrast. The
window is attracting conmsidrable at
Hamilton, Oct. 5.--(t.peiecl)-A car
load of race horses arrivet'd here fromi
Helena today for the races to be heldh
at the Ravalli county fair this week.
Jack Fitzgibbons, chairman of the
racintg committee, stated today that at
least another narlohd oi racers was
expected before the opening of the
Hamilton, Oct. 3.--(Speclal.)-Wen
dall Jones of Havana. Cuba., has ac
cepwed a position as bookeeper for the
R. HI. Nicol Mert'antlle compalny. Mr.
Jones takes the place of Harry Jones,
who Is now on the floor of the store.
Restored to Health
the b d b nd nouribhing
of Dufy 's Pure Malt
key restored a very sick
woman to the best of health.
It will do the same for you if
you will give it a ohauee.
She recently wrote:-"I am a
regular user of Duffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey and I have derived much
benefit from its nourishing quali
ties. It is the greatest tonic and
stimulant I know of for weak sys
tems. I was very sick some time
ago, but owing to this elixir of life,
I am enjoying splendid health at
present. I should have written
sooner and thanked you for the
g6od your whiskey has done and
is doing for me. It is the real
medicine of the American people."
SMrs. James Craven, Waltham,
MR. IAmas CAVENx Mass.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
If every man and woman in the United States would only appre
dcate what this great family medicine does toward building up the
system, driving out the disease germs by strengthening the digestive
and quickening the circulation so as to prevent a cold or other
%iThof congestion from becoming deep rooted, ninety per cent. of the
ll l00.would be avoided. When people get sick they blame different
s.s, but if they would only stop and think the chief cause is the
sy.efib it allowed to run down; the blood becomes thin, the digestive'
.or W.r. not strong enough to do their work properly, the tissues
beiome i tkened, the kidneys are unable to carry off the waste matter.
The result is pains, aches, and all kinds of troubles. Just give your
system a chance; build it up by taking Dufry's Pure Malt Whiskey
as i4irected; it will build new tissue, help the stomach digest the food,
str0¶nthen thd heaft action, enrich the bood and invigorate the body,
bt4srat m olorvRs.
ird rna O L lY ( dnit . gsqccrd dealerf, or0dlr.
Our dtors will tend you wlvia fre t lerwth svauhble1
Illusated miadll. bpoIlet o rarpeu Thi Dvi0y M.$, Whiuliy . , RI "ohester, N.Y
Hamilt,)n, <et. 3--(.1n.'hl ,)-(',un
ty Treasurer 'ihol'itan J. itofliKg hasi
filed his rI port for Selptemnler with
ICoulty Ctleri. iland l.evcordtr A. J. Hlrk.
The vconditi tlll III tlhe counl1y flllntilves.
is sIihownI by tlhe reprt, follo%,s:
Lalante on Septolthlv 30t, to thr
vrcittlt of--
Ovlovtl'l fund -2$ 6 72:1.1
'olltilllgent fullld 11. 3I S6
Road 11i 1 C3 . 1;: .11i
lHIoor fund "i l i
tirlldgi fnld 0
Minkling funllld .. I 1i.5
Stitt rUndi ll ,f d . : L
(ueneral school rund
Is*Itrict school fund l1I, 3n.56
t'ity or IHa"mllton
'ity or Stevu\isvi\ lle .7X
Irrigatluon dtlistrrlt . 41).Oi
ltult fund .. .... . I .6
State bounty l'und 4s.71
Redemption rtind 4.45
Insltltlute fund . ... 115.011
Publik adminllntrator fu+tli . %,.o0
Totnal . ..... $ .948.6
lanlallr e ,n hand Npltemhir 1, 3,38644.t.
Iltcclvpledl nil ahargll.(I tr
Ing month ............. . 2.,1 7S.40
'futllI .. .... $4082::. 28
Il'hl out during nlollth .. $4,874.67
l hn , . . .... $:,4t;
Received frolm delinqullnt
taxesi $ ' 4.Rg
Rceivcted ftroi Ihicene .. 191.00
Riv'cl\ved from ncoullty offli
cers' feet, ...... ..... . ".,.Aa
fleti.'lvd fromnl othr 4ilsoureti .. 622.851
Total... ........$..... $ 17.40
Hamilton, Oct. 3.-(Spelal.)--A cer
ttlfd icopy oIf tihe artlels rof Invoar
poration i.' the l'ltlheald Independent
Telephone ciompaniy \van fIlld Ilhere yeo
tirday alternoon with Clerk alnd lIt
cordelr A. J. Horl. The Incorlporator
are A. H. Steihns of Hamilton iiand
V. HIf. 'talhoun ind F. ('. Wilhelmn of
Milsoula. The anmounlt of calltital
stock Is givetn a $s0,000, which is dl
vided Into 500 shanrs. Three shartsM
have nactually been nslluberlred. The
I company is Incorporated for 40 yoilr,
the Iprlneli)al picet- or Ifumlnopp to, be
alt Missoula.
Hamiltoan. Oit. 3.--(RipIeal.)-Two
of thie hilgh-grnad stallions owned by
the Bitter Root stock farm arrived
home this morning from Helona, where
they were exhibited at the state fair.
IBently ('onjuor," a hand.mlne horse of
the Suffolk Punch breed, captured
first ptreminum at the fair, while "Far
.cur." a Percheron of high class cap
tured a second. Both horses arrived
home in the best of condition.
Hamilton, Oct. 3.-(Special.)-Frank
Mclall of Victor, at least that is where
lie ommlitted the offense, pleaded
guilty befory Justice Jones at Victor
this morning to a misdereanor charge
and was senteodced to serve 10 days In
the coulnty jail. McFall was takeni to
Victor this morning by Deputy Sherift
Hurch for his trial.
us New a blg
Silk and l snd,
Chenile Tra. g
TIaels and Farcy
and Cords. Buttns.
SNew Autumn Coats
The word new is emphasized in these
Coats, and our stock is being replenished
every day with express shipments of the
newest things in coats. The third big express shipment received
just yesterday. In this shipment is a line of
Women's and Misses' Coats
Made of double-faced coatings, semi-fitting and box backs, large
collar and cuffs of plaid materials in blue, brown, gray and green
stripes, checks and plain. Good values at
$15.00; for today's selling - - - -
Another Is the Sealette Coat Black Broadcloth Coats $15.00
Full skinner satin linings; the new collar Made of a beautiful quality broadcloth; semi-fitting;
and large cuffs; a $35 value; today.......................$2 00 full satin lined; a $20.00 coat; to- ....
day ........................................... ...... V$1 OV
Coats for Misses and Children
A great variety for the children and misses in a great variety of styles, colors and
priced; the new tweeds, plaid backs, chinchillas and broadcloths ...... ....3.50 tO .12.5
Hanmiltoln, Oct. 3.-(fpeelal.)-At a
meeting of the board of county cotmr
Inlssionrlltr. yesterday, C'hairman o. '.
C.iolp'er wais abl)stnllt, the hititnels of the
meeting being tranlacteil by John
Treect and Nwtorn Tillmatn, the other
mermbers of thl, boMrd.* The rej'ortks
of the sm,\eral road supervisors
throughout thet county werr examined,
approved tanid warrants ordereid drawn
on the proper fullds for payment of
the same.
A 1wtltlon fromn James Tyack, a resi
dent of i'lore',ice, asking fior a retail
saloon Ilcense. %%waa read, Tuest4day, ()(
tobpr 10, 1911, biIng fixei as the time
for thel hearing This petItion opens,..
a queslion which ha b.een oieicn ' si"t
tied by the bourd, when ptitions, fromn
Tyack anttd 'rtrett for salon IIhPnsesi
were, dolled. A protret against th'
issuance of thel license was flhed yes-1
terdtay by cltli.erns of 1lIrttelnce, sn a
later he-aring I:4 necesisary.
The resignatlln of James Warren aR
constable of Skalkaho townhli)ip was
read and accpted. The resignation of
A. J. \hltl aits constable of Ward
townshlp was road and accepted, Frank
Peshick hlInig appointed to fill the
vacancy thw II created. 'he, cotunty
supifrlntendent of schools w,~ws allowed
$200 to dtefrnly expenses at the teach
ors' Inititutt, si Missoula.
The pilt of' VI st Woodside was pre
sented by Jlohnr Dunbanr. anti was anp
proved by th, Ibmtlrd. The board th.ll
adjourned tinIil October 10, 1911.
Hamilton, ()ct. 3.-(8poclal.)--Tn the
distrlict ci rt here today Judge R. ,I e
McCulloch r'\vokp the restraining or
diir llrec'ted jaga inst W. W. C. Di)lkson
and hils tgilnti and appointed (1. 1,..
AnsiIOn its reive'r of the ltrol rtty uin
der contrnversy. Mr. Annon will tA:t in
this capat'ity until the case eontltl
W. W. C. Dickson against Harah .
Teale, a motirtgage foreclosure, tl set
tied at the pi'(sienllt term of court. Thel
receiver will llt under ia Itond of 11500,
as fixed by the court. The 'ontronvtrsy
Is over t, tract of land situated near
Hamilton, Oct. S.-(Special.)--Mrs.
R. Lee Mu,'ulloecb expects to leave
next Tuestluy for S:t. Iouhis, 'where shlt
goes with Mrs. T. J. Walsh of Helena
and Mrs. Williams of MUlsoulat to re,
resent Montana at the congress of the
American Womal's jeague. Mrs. Mc
Culloch will leave her children with
her parents at Wichita, Kan.. wherW
she, herslif, will visit en route hoit
from the cuonven.tn.
nHamilton, O(t. 3.-(SpocIal. )-The
Ritter loot court of the (Court of'
Honor was organlized here Ilt even
ilng at Mnith & BIrown's hall, offri'er
eleted iandi the court started ofif
In a rousing manner. I). W\. Penny
of Misnlotllu %as IBpresi-nt and iIn
mtalled the otff'leer. 'rh new lodge
Ih tt frateral;l Insurlanle organization/
and will Iiee t the first aind third Mon
dayn of each month. Attolrneys John
son and Taylor are dintrlit d(eputilelJ
for thlo olirt. Ali orfrlcr or the c'ourt
stated thils triorling tlhat thiings wir(
looking bright frior thwe i.ras billdi which
vIII be iuaifltainel( i, i J'iiinctIion l. The
orgunintlltlllll hHa all iIll rllu l entat ioni
or I i plev'cn u the l)resenlt lilllle, andl In
IunII1r the leadiurship of Thomalas Dray
toill. 'The offliers' if thie co urt Inltulled I
laslt eveninlg hly Mr. ml'I-nny aire A. fol
IJWs: C( haitIelloi A. W. Miles; past
clalJn ellorl ll, I-. (C. Jnlies1; vice chan
cellor, .1. H. Polple; c(haplllinn, l Inlda
Hee; recorder, A. (i. Miles; conductoir,
Margaret ()ertil. The directors aret
am follows: l)r. (.. A. (0trdonl, A. '.
flood and Jina YIoung.
Hamilton. Oct. :.- -(Hiclul.) -- aul
ttiles ot Victor pliiaded guilty to tlli
anJauli t chliirgw, iit luNtlce Jiiieis' iicourt
In Victor todi(iy ani was rieN d s0o. lhi
w;is IiroilugK t to, thl ity thi ltod y urail will
Htrv. o itt thile tllte.
I" " IlI i 'i in.d "r HI elling wl itikyi
to Ihltian war(Is v,.ri hriught luifore
[tiritc-d States ('m minln ri(o Wallalh
8mllth y,.stirday. Tllhe. were, J. A.
Irld, who was gilveln ; heiiring, In
which iprobtl)v vautw was foulld and
thoi canI sent flor coooodlrati) 1ito the
grand Jurl . 'l. J. ',ilto1, Prank W il-I
lianis and (i Jos lirooks, all (jo wlioJioi
Wlti'ved exiiiJination andl ( rt, e Hilit ti)
1iolna for firthlor priotedingm (lforeu
lilt, federial graind jlury'.
Duilith, Minn., (Jt. 3l.--Abindoned
biy her crow of 13 nien, the stoamier
A. I. IHopkilns, lotoded with lumiber,
is adrift on Lake suli'rlor liI the
path of vessels bound to and from
the head of the lakes. Tho news
reached Duluth late today fronl Ash
Iland: wher.e itbe cre"w wa,' taiken by
the orp carri, likey. The (iroW was
jplcked 'up at 8 o'clock today.
It Is Curing Thousands Daily, and
Saves Time and Money.
(set a bowl three Imllirti.ri rfull of
boIling water, and u towel.
Pour Into) the wiltter u ,cunt tea
spOOnill of Hyonil( pronoluncer it
Put yoiur head olver thle bowl and
IO'v.,r htiid andI "bowl with towel.
]trentthe the Vapor that arltme for a
few mrilnllte., and prestoi! your head lu
as (leiar ai a hell. and the Ughtlemea
In the lithet IA goi.l.
It'l t IlalI lnant lre. yit'll enjoy
'briathing Hymito, I. YiII'll rfet at oune
lt .Its s thlll , Iheltling and benefLith
ffects als it ilpasses over the Inflahnid
iild iritutted ii l einb iraitine. 50 ICeptm u
Iottle. ', it drugglists vl.rywi.her.. Ask
to(ro-l'K . I,'r.|lh.int+r for , xtri hottle
Illyi i l lthalehllt.
(C tIirary%' to nll predleti.tl, by the
lilpe lsn ieAltl I i it l'llt ti nilaw y.ittrdll. y
i in thli vitlliyv. ltiinted, thit diay wam
one ol f ure dolllghlt. ']hi, rect' rd. tll
Maxiltlliutll 57.
At 6 a. m.
'T h- rin,--'l' { ttr r . ".
S11 rnl' ll 'to-r . .
At 6 p. m.
wI'r 'i hitti ln . .lu h
t Iiitoni , ( c t 3 -T i' Ig til est to,
d1t(ermlline \whI'th1 't No4,. H}r l pllllwlsl rl* or
M nlua c ttll . .n tt i 'nttith li t' lti" ilhtl'
ital.nciý ttx on th. ,,sta:itt oto Mrs. N~a1ry
Ithier ti hlI, % hich i1 tdaueI at iirt
L|th $ ,0 () ,00), w "g ltlll t,)&lm )I,
r-er Jutlgi, Mitnt , if Otl Sui'ltple
For over three decades a favorite
household medicine forCOUGHS,
at first sign of a cold. Quick, safe
and reliable. The Bee Hive on the
carton is the mark of thge nuine.
refuse sustitutes.
Now on the
At our greenhouse and
city store we are now pre
pared to fill orders, both
large and small, for these
beautiful flowers.
Missolu Numsr
Chas. F. Dalimna
Ind. Phone 526
Bell Phones 45 and 192
' Getting
In sptte of all ob
stacles, Is a habit of
ours. We carry
lprime meats and no
other kind. Our aim
Is to have the beat
qualities only and
let other butoher*
handle the interior
grades of meat. Con
sequently our regu
lar customers know
that for prime roast.
lamb. mutton, veal
or pork, for all kind
of poultry in season.
and for chops,
steagm and cutlets,.
no competitor can
appr oach us In
quality. The same
may li said of our
spllendid hams and
515 West Main btreet.
Independent Phone 1640.
Bell 1068 Blsok.
General Foundry and Maohle Woep
20-Passenger Tally-ho-g r'hei
Daily nemousme.
Leaves ttavailll 4 a. m.: leaveI *pds
son. 12 noon. Arriveo PoIson, Lt, lUX
arrives RavaJll, 4:40 p. am., S ~
and Mission.
T. G..ATUMAN, Ravallif 11gt

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