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N (nrle's "'umping Jlltlptr".. Oct. 17
'The White ster".. . Oct. is
M Van Studdiford ... Oct. 20
1110n' Opera Complany .Oct 21
Misisuln thoroughly enjoyed the re.
tuirs of "The Third Degree" aIst week
It was in excellent hands and the per.
10lenanoe was fully tip to the higt
(talidard Which vpas set by the orig
4a0t company which presented it last
emason at the Harnols. It is one ol
the later dramas which In built foi
more than ole season; it bids fair tc
) take place among the classics. fI
" Inade the weik Interesting, though 11
was alone on the bills, save for the
very delightful performance by thI
-t4 ,
Whitney quartette, which closed the I
seven days as a part of the university
lecture oourse. This week will be busy
with the theatergoers. There are tour
of the stronget attractions of the
year billed for local performance be
tween now and next Sunday. Richard
Carle will start the week with "Jump
inl Jupiter." "The White Sister" will
be the second attraction, introducingi
to Missoula Jeanne Towler, the new
star. Orace Van Studdlford follows
in '"The Paradlie of Mahomet," which
has created such an Impression In the
east. The Sheehan Opera company
closes the week in "The Bohemian
Girl." Truly a notable list.
Richard (Himself) ('arle's popularity
was never better exemplified than
during the present season, for his lat
eat vehicle "Jumping Jupiter" has
brought the elongated conmedian his
greatest success since times of "The '
Spring Chicken." "Jumping Jupiter"
is strictly a "show" that Is designed
primarily to entertain, and like the
other Frazee & luderer productioln,
"Madam Sherry'". wins because of the
quality of its cast rather thatn in force
of numbers. ('arle and "JurmpiLng Ju
ypter" will be seen at the Jlarnols the
ater Tuesday, October 17.
The play does not rely on its star
alone to make its way biut enlploys the
services of a company of artists who
have been more than once described
as the model musical comedy cast.
Rtlchard ('arle will be seen here on this
occasion for the first time ans t star.
"Jumping Jupiter" was written by
Richard Carle and Sydney RItonfeld
upon the basis of the latter's farce
"'The Purple Lady," and a characteri
1has been fashioned for the star for
,the adequate exploitation of his
ounique gifts and oild personality.
('arle, who is always funny, has never
lteu n funnier in anything than in
". moping Jupiter." The complications
uf the play arise through his efforts to
eallape a tangle of lies Yn which his
rliends have involvhed himn.
Karl Koschna, comrnoser of "Madamn
~1orry," "Three Twins," "Bright
Ey s," ret'., has written a dozen
catch-y nunmtPbrs for "Juoping Ji
piter." Probablly the most character-I
istic (,f th.se is "'Ittle Girl I Iove
.ou," which runs through the play.
Th speed of "Jttlping Jupiter"
is helped along by several other pace
lakler's headed by Edna Wallace l.lHp
ptr (speclally engaged), who hbe np\v
er hoon more dainty in atppearance or
no coonvlilcing in coniedy since the days
pf "Fluradora."
IAoa tlhe ..LstinIgulhed people who
W it# Sister" when lt
Sthe Reliena theater Mon
. w ill be the Ridht Rev.
ll, blhop of HIelea, and
)hu Victor Day, Vlos gsln
'9e*s/ Yestgrdy R. M.
a its*( I. I poo
play. ctalld uI pont Flmlo pji Carroll and
Fll ather 1HDay and i xt.idedJ them per
Ponal Invitathlnm ti P,-( thet play.
Mr. lizlrria hind little Irgin 1I) II,,
ari fiar III llhul ('[iCrroll was con
eeoind. The htiholp inw the play lmst
year, when Viola Althiiii tppiaredl in
th leihidlng role,. nind hi w.'s l emphantic
In hiqs aiproval of i thei' illny ind ih i
moiiri. it tteach' MiS.4 InK the plHN
once., the hiphop :ald, only nmade himi
want to et, It lagalti, and . lilh Itlithli'
Day l)i he will hi' preamnt to are Jcmll li',
Towter, .ulid to be one of th' gr-Ia:est
i emotional actrelsesg ou the lirvoint day,
In1 the role whIch tlnde Viola Allhen fit
Although "The Whlte Rimter" Im the
fjtry (f a nln, It hrealthep of all Vie
paaiionat- romlinantl. love of thie 1 i111c111
'race in an Intenpiely humann manner.
It uia aill thqe bceulty lidl fragranci. of
the peaceful convent l11i and i s Initn It
pulatlten with tle fthryv mirlt of the
li-ptuoulm ildier lover. The' great
ti ollfilct 14twe'i thill woio na'i enrthly
and spiritual love It fought through,
four inplrling Neenes that Ihhl thve
audltors pelltboundtl in their -.ats :andi
never for onle setnild ti lo Ito grip
ping Interet until the final curltin
falli and the audience leavef the the
ater happy In the thought that right
ham beenl done. "?noe Wllite lister"
aflords opportunity for acting of mu
perifor quality and gives ,1tIs Towler a
chance to democlnstrate her right to her'
posltion tin thie nont bteautiful Amner.
ican enlotional actreos.
The production li mtrikingly plc
tureielue and uiresenteed with the saine
mnliute attentionl to il-tall work that
chlaracterlsed the original Lhebler &
(o. production In New York.
"The White Slster" will be at the
. 4
CI /'? ..· .
tII Halrlilvi lithater Wec'dnesday, Octo
r- Ii r I1.
i "I'he Piricdise of Mahomnet." in
ihhh it it expeetd thl e I pinl)ilhlr prima
II dlonna, Oriace Van Ntuddifortoid. will
Sr agtll II claptivate our th It .tr-goerl,
SJust ia silce did seviral ncltnln itgo ccc in
at "Redl I" tither," hIcarnm the Parician
trude mnark. Manager Jfnlel V. Ar
SIthur bound It holding the boards at the
lheatre des Varieties Iln Paris with a
Stwo yearsi' run to Its credit when he
l, 'ln t albroad amutilme'r before last. Its
In Amelri'can prcitentation at the Herald
!r. Sqlluarp tIhtter II New York ln*t .ea
rmon with (lrnice Van Sttuddiford as Its
i tar, showed it to be ia mcost welcome
It ImrpLrtltion, and the vcountry at large
it hiti b cl 'a t rlir nicKg tlit- N. w York wel
-. Olne11 tlllW til ellaOll. M iaa Van Stud
Il fiord Ihas Iail Iti criwlled hlouS' wher
-vecr she has apllieared.
'The hic ook o "'''lThe Paradlie of Ma
Ihomet." which wai originally written
bIy thte cclbchrltcd I'retch playwright,
iclri cllri)lclhdc nc, and Amlericanizied hy
Inllrry It. and Robert It Hnmith, tells of
c the dlfiflel' ltlem that lc'set the pattlh of
younIig rince of the Tulrklih empire In
hil courltshi) oif a beautiful widow.
A fliry--temnclcr'id b)it highly impres
linnable alint of the widow threatens
clIc1eter to hl pluna nit .every step
til(. Irlince tackem. A gypsy girl her
Ielf cIn love with the itngllchnlan to
whllom the aunt has plciihted her niece,
Iproviden tl strate'gen that eventu
illy leads to the ccinqcueqt of both the
iaunt and the widow. An American
clhauffur arnl a n poolr hecnp nckrd see
%nd hlIunbalnd (of the nunt are entrusted
with the c'mieci|dy which is said to be
a'ong vntirely originatl lines.
RBt it i. In its mauich that this Im
plrted off'erilg Is uhld tI be most un
usual. Its brilliant Mcore Is the work
of the world-r'rnowned IFr,'nch com
poser, IRohcrt Plnqucl.tte. Among the
cPv-ral gems that full to the lot of
Mis. Van Rtuddllford are ''rhe Rose
of the Orient," "My Weddinlg Day"
wid "When fili IEyes ltook Into Mine."
Edward Mora, the well-known tenor.
whoi wit tIle prince last year In "The
Pcrln',e of Pilso,n." has a beauttful
number in "I 1Have Payndc Them All.'.
cncrd versattle Laurat Burt. Madtoe in
"Old Kentucky." who han never falled
to score whether a- a leading woman
with the late Sir Henry Irving, has a
duet with le-0ceveolcomedlan, John J.
Mcc'owan. entitled "TherA Is aSome
thing Abhot You Dear That Appeals
it, Me," which always takes a dozen
An a sulerli spectacle for the eye
ly with its wealth of color and pictur
glc enllalcnesc In scenery and costuames
hi cind a choice array of beautiful chorus
id; eLtrls. "The Paradisne of Mahomet"
p- caleaves nothing to he desired.
In -
r Joseph F. Sheehan, the celebrated
tenor, does not need any Introduction.
r- During the yeais that he was the lead
ing tenor of Henry W.·Bavage's com
c pianlie he gained the reputation of
ie America's greatest tenor, and him
'at praises have beet! sung In every part
& of the country. During the past fout
lie (Continued on Page Three).
October 17
Seats on Sale
10 o'Clock a. m.
JIn the Big Musical Steeplechase
Edna Wallace Hopper
(Specially Engaged)
An Excellent tompany and Some Girls!
Fifteen Song Hits T
Prices; 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50 and $2.00
dna Wallae Hopper Seats on Safe Tomorrow.
Pride of Missoula C. A, HARNOIS, Manager Theater Beautiful
, ONE NIGHT . , ,
Wednesday, Oct. 18
Morrison and Ward Present
and a Special Company in
Viola Allen's Great SucCss
White Sister
Dramatized From F. Marion Crawford's Novel , Jeanne Towler ,
A Play Every Christian Should Be Sure to See
That People of Every, Creed Will Enjoy
Prices, SOc, $1.00, $1.50 Seat Sale Tuesday, 10 a. m.

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