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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, January 07, 1912, Morning, Image 15

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ý.tý ý ýýý ýý ýý i ý, + Vi,. .
(611410 Q rseTW,
- odlit'er i n delight {
Vie,, oftenert is seen
S t It Was Written by
neashart and AVery
ltJo flet of tt1 created 54
sry. light hera Is onp qf thb I
fel of this piece, It Lil
S i allt, the hndge-podge of
sense of the general
p as designed to get a augh.
ort Hltliard, who appears in th'
r lo disbursd p'ly, "1 Fol 'sthat
" it"th " at s the aro tater 'bltI'Jp
" .14. s'11 d "a "b'sy aid dth'eelred
el r p tbts lie son.'vw6 mown
lm at)66r 6f tein from coast to
rhe Bohmnl.n strain hi him,
r , p tlcpad man of the
atiat y,1 tood htmor end
:'l cwih to wk tylends
aclhesement 'efarond of n it
m they. affectionately call
..l"JT'udCges, politicians, ~lnanclers,
-rlitw end clubmen lin/'hiis per.
' a111.Aiftces to their Ilkip g. The
,$. braughlin of Bfrookfyn
wanted to mlake him a New York as
"'4ehbl*litan. 'h3ut his head ;.as too. full
of' 4he stage ahd he declined politi's.'
ebttafhd Croker, now living in reotre
%%Mt 'abroad, has been for years one
'of ih tclosest friends.
"Wete I not an actor," mitd *Hilliard
'fit onre of his thoughit.ul moods, "I be
'libV' I'#rould like to be a criminal law
'$r. !I am considering not the money
Mde of'It, but the absorbing dramatic
g'terOt, 'the great struggle of minds,
'"ti. liolols combat of'intellects. As
'fpqodleutor or for the defense, it
ibot matter."
eriIaip''hil4Inttmate friendship with
A.Mnf/in'4nbers of the bar gave
rkll to'thtlisulggstton; HA wRs always
-Itd r'i srttdythg' great criminal trials
ld.1ll n's 'his tay he obtained many
thib.t that lent color to his vivid char
diterltlston of the unhappy convict In
"No. 573." It moves audntrtes to tearsl
just as did his love for the child in
Richard larding Davis' "The Littlest
thirl." which he played some 5.000
times in this country and In London.
tfless the examinations are too
stl'dentbus for the high school boys w~.io
lq~ep raptclnt fpr the minestrel sho.W,
-.,'lsntttalmntent will take piece on
ftie'tfid t WO'duys "of February. There
will be two performances as the audl
a;I was bpen packed in .the
.r.l*1Alwi1..wthsthls .the bept show yet,
Being played in a room with less seat
hc Mieacity than heretoforq, the man
O hae decided to give the two per
shutwees. When the show takes
.a.e' there rill be sprcial scenery. do
latolfby Mr. Harnois, three spot lights,
.0.itirn, ipecial orchestra and several
."UUr hotsb" features which are belng
hpld as surprises.
The 'voices of the minstrel men are
tfie best that the high school. has yet
".. - . .I
r ý .t .~Yl
: '. _
'a r
tf I&%ý4[ ( < __l
S' "Q "j f~.-.
ri I
' i . qy ,
16- 1,i R
, ypp}
but forthm* Most athein r,@h'ri d the
benefit of tle -course' in imiei* M b
11týffaehoot -4tat 4"' r' -nd 'that Oin
bd with the traifltUa* 41I4'th'ey S
ed eg noww, boo mrade mUdr1*tiS out
pt the wiolu ulhot. RThe .o 2fru lr*
t'ostly Uulit,. esty, oaaollr ad pflrttl,
and the renditlon #1* daprIPe rthm of
nonef, of thle b.AIK)'r jI& · oieel wb
are being.preperedar~ both .w alies
and new arldd IMool velefls of #d, oft"
Mr. Lever, the-tntewlooutOr, Mt wuiW
of the end men and be uas thst lii.
nrc roumnding into gjt nre of .lt C
stalge. Practice nearly every day has
helped a lot anld this will be kept up
until the play is produced. The after
shEw will c mnelst of several sketches
which have been prepared by *'oal
taleut. 'he fItet that they are writtep
by home Ieople does not in the least
lower their itunurd.as all those whg.
saW the high schoolt productldn Met
year will affirm. So everyone reserv.
the flr.t or second <of February to at
tend the show. It will be worth It.'
lad.ldmn, the Algerian, who anlnlmate.
a drumati l.',cene in "The harden of
Allah," has her own. list of reitest
en, eºa thia buh ca onveetdjt
1 I4d eat on a barel of
teed athis'CwAury theater retia*IV,
annd Improvised `this rJ1Ntwwhll AS 04
;'ntw Nd0~ekeet~4JtE deja~cir
scee tp 1 pde C t Altek. ,
same tit' ' bldfw so E Atli.··8ei'
"First comna 0 ýOlaopar a, I*hy ., d
Bolded. " h a wa . IP*Wt que60n 4SI a
woman *iho knitw how to get the hlck,
tit °the r iisr , f btiebet 't ten(M, t
Worl onwne to tier 'said It ahnt ,+iet
ike theali she give them a kick. , x.I
'ue en! n I4 doo't speak thec Od
"N'Mext cormea MIA Garlen "'w he,
*whenever, she goae out 'for a watk'she
getstier nailis to theiewaspclore. Now,
If sheo cold not aing-a t ai andt afti
Maed ounly dIlced the 'Salome, yet she
{l`such *Itcb * , line womie that 'ev'ry
·body. begin that dahee of the " Miome;'
t ea site' ia a great womaji. What
yio thtnk` -
"And then c.nes Salome, for it. there
had been mo girl to make 'H.erd crazy
about her, Mary Garden could bhvev
made not such a big hit.. Blnce
Ssiomq's time there hAs been no such
famous dancer in all the Orient unttl
my time."
"And who is that dancer now?" vas
"It is I,. Falddma, of course.
"Then there is Mulami. She Is not
so good a dancer like I am, but you
should say her name first so it looks
_nicer in me.
"There is Little Egypt who was a
good dancer, but not so good as-"
"Yes: and who else?',
"CUrmencita was a good dancer. She
dunce in. my country. But-"
"Yes; and who else?"
"yva Tanguay Is a. grmates womean,
I think; and Lole i'uller; and Maude
Allah' mi.ybe, though her I have not
seen; ,and in the Koran is Miriam who
led all the people in her tribe in
dancing.. And there Is TettrrsltIl."
"But sho is not a dancer," It was
"Put she can sing high," argued
Faddma. "Also put in Vavallerl. I
think she is a most smart womahi'And
the most richest woman hbre who
makes all her money herself-"
"Hetty Green?"
"Yes, she is a greatest woman."
Faddma took thought 'for a. moment
and then asked: "You'vo got my
"Then put down O-Telmund'. B.h is
great queen in Timbuctoo. Under her
she has got so many men 'as f' all
Now York; big black men. Aidt when
she don't like one-phlti 'off du.k.hts
head. She is a greatest woman. Also
should the Queen of Englastd be poe,
for she has the largest diym)nd la the
world-the KOh-I-Noor. A$p ~n this
country there are matly great. womqlis
who stand up In public plages , d.trtk.
But that to me is not great for it Is
not for ,women to do. Should they
rtand up and dance that seems to me
more better.
"94t yroman you have 5ttt w.hO'di
a good thtng but she died. Tha%'wom
a'n went Into bansaa s where ' tong
drinks wer4 ggldato the m6ii ani'Wit
clubs 'sae AWith htai.meoi she di;aks
up those piles, their ilases sld ot
tl.Is, so that uae drnins are'~ llled
6pt opt the flor. Ap that wAs, good;
for to drinpk those'rinks Is fob'id in
the Koran. Wlhat ias thut Aoinan'
nn.ni=-1ike a flower you say it.'Car
"Carrie Natlon."
"That is right. Now,, that is 20 al
ready. Or maybe i ..ly7? Then put
down wy'saiber Pdq, i st . at he ,and
again a~jd tPat sbems z)|eer yet. Now
I must 'o to d~nce; but If you shi.ild
come again I could think of some
iniloe it othlr day."
Diavld SBelasD 'Wili have theater In
Chlicaao, !eat 'seaatn,
O3nims, '. m s doeners the i~tdry that
shbe is td g~'e up filaestA erea
5ohn'lU I ell is isd 40stht In New
Z:eagrnd I't p. Y 't e -srtoh,,
Wttlliam Feaershaa will nakse trip
thr4u$it tb *0*th*, piiying in y"The
Cia'e Uu iis has reeo ered fronm b'r
Ielewt $ln 9sands ' has tesumed liahr IU
'WVilliafn utler Yeats, the dramatic
poet, is ~Vrtlitn a poe.tlal play oto Mrs.
' ea s ythWAIn beeame' dn Retreo.a
pnmnalrdr', he 'ie ptirchasiteii nvýV
I'buly in the present yeasrr '4.tjirry
Sa rtatI pi *1 "niat .A nemww'hn.l.et1 ~
r a` hie'e dAntitled "Somewhtre' isi."
E- 'itlltly:lotPaki sal f6tlitie ?, o"
In the' upiport of tetltFur..w.
* ItS Inveetton it't
.M'thur Jones is to atake an-,
to this country with the
eo a pWay for Mirgaret'
an has the .Amnetean
un rishts of Robert Mach.
"lalbl Dlottna," in ts 6t1a
S delitte 0 .enee. Mitib, "
to the etage, rot jto 1
e w ill be seen in . a t th *
Actor hn the Wirfd ii 9148
o Pinelli, who re.ently 'eel
b 110h birthday anid 4 livtng'
ld he,.a been ' oijaed by
C for' one of tle leading
Ol"lCdest usamnie," tn which
Ir Is starring.
illlnman has replaced 'Robert
0 in the cast of "*lhe.'aile' of
'W"htich David Hteaseo h-- 'ro
SFranlces Starr.
. Powers is soon to'?Itave a
" 1I piece. The anule will be
Kirker rand 'tie bbit, ,,as
ly by Mr. Power himself.
Sheldon is to have a now
P ced this seausn utmdt the
of the Shubeite whilh beears
th lle title of "'The 'Msrdderew"
Mqrt has signed contracts with
ikt ' Id Iudaer for the righ4e to
'WJVNt opera, "The Gylpiey' which'
*IUWe.loduce qarly next'tlhtiat;
?eat' ason uhrrile. Fobtnan will
3avi tellos by Alfred Sutroo Arthur
eydin . !Somerset Maugham ''hoast
Li tlt H'enry ntites.
y Nellie McCoy. the danclng
tIn "The Enchlantress." Made
ittotpipiet the fatuln.s dance halls on
Ithe-.lee l"a'lt Hide of New York for
-lP ' Ss ,Among the dances she dls
cove.Yd we.re the (ltlhallm obble and
the £msnpbtuck Itar.
Spil n it id Idaln, Jan. -.-(Spe*
dlol he detl has been completed'
6r:.e transfer of the ownership of
't1Wa t tworks plant to the city of
Salmon. The bond, amounting to
,llO000.;"lave been signed by Mayor
MIll'htd'.Olty tlerk Miller. They are
a*.rp'eht' bndls, and have been taken
at ;pdtlby theil Denver firm of J. N.
right & C(o. The city will soon,
begin work on the lpropo((sed extensilons e
aut'd ilntorovements to the present
.Waterw rikt plant.
At the Odd Fellows' hlll ,on Tucs
day . -4itg.t Itocky Mountain lodge,
I. 0':. F.. Installed offiheors for the
seiuslil.Eyaitr n feollows: V'. A hleer.l,
'N1J Ot, e. S nyder, V. (1. J. A. T'l'ur -
bull, qecretuary, and J. 1., Kirtlehy, .Jr..
h Thej eat tilnpertature recordedl
I this W ir .alle on the ad, I:lstatlt,
when tl hermometer registered 13
sl degrefg ll OLro. A cold wave -
stmtefk Mltilnon Iter' - vallevy last
Baturtlidti 'the 'teather in very cold,
it though bitght and sunny.
TLellllh ledge No. 11. A. I' & A. 5i..
listalled oflllcers for the enlnlllg
year, on clt* Jeohns' night, i a ftellews:
J. L. Kirtlty. Jr., W. M.: K. Hile..
II. W.; J. Watkins, J l'.; It. It.
H erndlon, 'steretary; A. Otreene, treas
SThe forty-second anniverslrly ofr
RLa ocky Mountain lodge, I. e). t. F'., weu.
celebruted,. on Monday night at t Odd
L Fellows' hall., F. Cowen acted a1n
.n chairman at 1 there was a short pro
gram of voqil and instrumental imusic
and an address by A. C. Cherry. At
the conclutiion of the program there
was a daIhde, and light refreshments
were servd,.
o Sheriff Mahaffey returned on Mon
day from 'Blaclfoot. where he hlad
taken lsll W. Leech to receive his
sentence frOiti Judge Stevens for rle
t bng a sheepherder of a purse contain
ing $125Z.- leeech pleaded guilty and
Was given itn lndeterminate sontence
of from otli to 14 years in the penli
is tentlary at Nolse.
The Iloy Blouts of Salmon gave a
I dance at the opera house on New
Year's night which was well attendedl
Tile local detachment has more than
50 elmlbels et rottlled, with comfort
e able clubbttb ir oni Main street.
Miss Cata 'lte McDonald dfed 'slid
denly HatUlt Y morning at the home
of her ni6Uie4', MrS. J. McDoflnald, he
had hbeen Illl lo.r some yars ' pla.t.
e bit latel a1 aP pLared to be recov
/ I
G 4.. ý
r+9ýiýý ý
Prices $2.00, $1.50, $1.0,50c-.Seat Sale Thursday, 10 a. m.
, .
6 nPi e $ . 0 1 5 0 1 0 , 0 c e t S le T u s a , 0 a .
ering and took an atlive part In thil
Chriutma Rathterings of her relativeN.
A Ilrge number were Iprltnt lt (th
Ifuneral aertleeu hold on utnday Iaftr
ioon, the tev'. W'. I.. Hltrnatlle of
fliltating. Healdes her mIlother. Mian
McD)onald lI survived by two wisters,
Mrs J. G. Sims, county uilerintendeit
of schools, and Mlsn All(,, McDonail,
a teacher itn the public scihols of tal
mon., and one brother, J. MrltcDonahl.
The local office of the United
Staten weather. Iureau relorlts a man
temperatulre of I..:3 degr-,e, for the
month of I)hclember. 'I'he maxnlXllninl
recorded wasr 40 dlu'rel, Io tilh
minimum eight Ielhw aZero, I he Ist
occuring on the a1th. ci ring fhit,
nonth 13.5 inches of niow rr1 ll the
total prelpitatin Ibeing 1. 6 inlhes:
The mInltt WaLs UIIUitlly Ivirly,.
there beint five learu dlay , If; partly
cloudy and 10 cloudy.
Ls a moral dyaumo- masasine 4evoted o
oluslvely to 'te whole boy-s magazine that
ilbues the boy with high morals, honor and
manliness. 600,000 boys are now enthusiuatlo
readers overy month.
The American Boy
oontaln. storles of the tini hbo alike to read shnut-adven.
lure, travel, history, photograph., stallni el thrilciy, oar
pantry, sports, currant events, etc., all heaut fully illustrated
And a department devoted to the Boy conotm of America. to
which Ernest T'hompsmn MHeon, E'hief Sc. at, cntributes an
illustrated pae eaeh month. It Is the best magazine for
boys in all t h world.
The American Boy, 1. year $ .. 00
Farm Journal, 5 years...... "
Daily Missoulian, 1 year.... As dvshi
A Cool, Inviting Place
At the German Grill Ronm of the
Palact hotel tile uoolest of re
freshing l Import4d beers are setved
with dolicious lunches. Ladles are
Invited pnd assured courlteou
treatment always; 4 p. m, to 1 a. m.
Palace Hotel Care
Music Wednesday and Sunday
eveninrs durtisg dtinner hours.
Comiutation meal tickets, $5.50
or $5,*o. heio .meason'a mzst palat
able foods. Cuthlne pierfect. Serv
Icei . feta4Ure here.
The Palace Hotel Co.
Mailed FREE
Buy the millwork diedt from asi big heWroy
for oe.dhiird to half of what yoe would pay
your local dealer. We operate our wo
and co ua .t r G iec wemto bg
Se.. W uIAMS' sý-H fnd D'obsIi
.paoai door.. IS sir.. $1.30. CraftsmanD
bungalow do6rs, $140. Busgalow Mroas
doo, U'aid lS. las .
hi .d pan t* f ust, 80. .
d f h rip

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