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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, January 29, 1912, Morning, Image 1

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s5 f 'a' A if Will, r.. 1i 6^+ yý.. ik
X i!1`' ff ý., I "d ?ýya
Son, Near Helena, Is One Mentioned
. . ..'to Be D)ooe Away With at Once-
o.t Namedn fo lnediate Ex.cu
tf .EIght Permanent Locatines.
Weadtainton, Jan. t.-Jeoretary of
War 'Stk on, atlina upon an ex
auostive re o the general staff,
has teit'r 4tat no less thtan 16 and
x army ,poets should
b at once, "in order to put
'ah 'end to the extravagance and in
efficieno y re t Sfrom impropei din
tributlon O , bile army."
The,i sinned are: Apadhe,
Artse aks, Idaho; Brady,
Michi.t ' Texas; George
*[right. W p; Jay, New York;
Lincoln, , akota: Logan H.
Roots, si ,Sclntosh, TeatMq;
Mackens " M ilts; Madison bar
racks, Meade, South
Dakota; York; Ontyli,
New Tori e ichigan; Witdpple
barracks, ; William HWry
Warrlso*, and Yellowstone,
Of Fort AipShe, it is said a possi
bility oindna t~roubie near this post
still ~ 8a R-t -t 'ort Jay might be
retal .eWrWtert of the eastern
dl le slt. of the eastern
aother formidable list of
, while not recommended
g ae baonment, are de
a to ob located".with a view
of thy o adminpstration
ttUlh 'aensure of mitt
•' +ttsequently their
( pe h increased a
Is tVý` thiawn M to sueh
aY t: Io g bl
tter post is shown to bave
e to $at. 1 6,46. It Is said not
to ie ~5 a vide to maximum
, 'a report is mna4e
usresolution by
R tatve: V ltkeley of Ohio. The
n ;a dev6eloed, interesting In
t Eg rl'dinlw the plans of the
aliti ists o dr the future dis
position o°tne army and its improve
Tile p.dncipae object is to dispose of
th i lo wirNth distlpct
tre ,o iti la In cUe of war.
is dlrpt involves adequate forces for
oreIln grrisons which cannot be re
inforced ftom the United States after
the outbreak of hsotilities. With the
rest of the army a mobile force is to
be org$hised ad distributed among
abtout eltght peat strategical points in
)e O Uflýtd A .te, Instead of scattered
In 49 p uts new. .
TWO, or 4hres of these groups would
be on a iMue between t.e St. Lawrence
river ihd Atltanta, oovering the Atlentic
seabolrd: lieO or three grou at Wovid
be O. the line between Puget sound
and Leo A.a les, covering' the Pa
o.tio seab d at least two groups
t.tweii thi great lakes and' the Rio
(Orande, srvit. as first reserves for
ethes ree !o and foj the develop
eunt of the national guard and vpl
t4sedE oreo r to be ogalnized In the
retaland as strategc dne rt
t' t c onentration of the army in.
Clbt t iss sserted , the annual
Class Ad His.~ry
Thea loss of your btunch of keys'is one of the most
annayia experiencds that can come to you. You
need theis keys all the time and wJen' you lose them,
YU pre as badly off as if yoq had lost your home.
SThr. ei r .e satisfaction in fin"dig them and there
ia one best way to do it. 1Hpr 1.t an'H.sttration.:
PY5" *;, . . •fr
twose advetln met t this was, chanced
jibt-+t hoae of oa nealoTl the d1 obter
; + ,t read the ad. I know where those keys
t.' gir. And she went t i.. hoas of an
,bo whom ahe knew had-picked up the
s~*y :before. • Tiap the bwy, t.class ad
Std In all drseations. It colts
4, ;'*4O.y,', Q i f *ou rk and .nt.
4 etgg$ not1Vqft.
Fort MePherson, Atlanta, Ga.. (of
great strategic value with reference
to the Bouth' Atlantlc and guttlf cots);
Fort Sam Houston, Texas, (tie best
strategic position of the southern
frotlier); Fort Lawton, near Seattle,
Wash., and Vancopver barracks, Wash
ington, near Portland, Ore., anil the
Presidios of Ban Francisco and
Monterey, Cal., one or both dt whih.
aiay be Inoluded In the California
strategic sgoup.
Next comes a process of heavy
elimlhatlon, for it is held that probably
one only of the folldawn, posts should
be retained: Benjamin Hartisol,
Indiana; Columbla barracks, Ohio:
Fort Sheridan, Illipois:; Prt Dus
olines, Iowa; Crook, Nebraska;
OnMha, Nebraska: Leaveneworth, Kan
sas; Riley, Kansas; Snelling, Mln
nesota: Jetfertbn barracks, Missoutl.
Snellling asd Jefferson barraks
might be retained if it were decided
to make them stations of small arms.
Riley might serve as a suitable sta
tion for a cavalry brigade.
Four posts eeanmmended, for reten
tlon are Foet r4llOklarhoma; peculiar
ly adapted for `is6 as a school of
artillery ad musketry fire; Bliss,
Texas, and HusetwUea Arisona, neede.d
ac' atrvay but jots for some time in
the southern border; and Fort Meyer,
Viirgnla, where it probably will be
,.Aepltery to rq$a}n a small garrison
tear the natiobsi eoItal for esoort
Quty and other cerem6nitl purposes.
The repo't aysa that esOh succeeding
gottkry of weau hai beoe t impsred
Oetttir rid oat aeless did expensive
S b li "ti Lt fb less than 830,
000,000 has ben spent on such posts
in the last 10 years and every dollar
so expended becomes an argument
against their abandonment.
"Doubtless this argument will be
used again to prevent the concentra
tion desired by the present secretary
of war," the report continues, "and
unless approached in the spirit of the
great business corporation which ruth
lessly teare down a six-story building
no longer suited to its needs, to ere.t
a 20-story building found necessary,
the present movement for efficient and
economically administered forts will
fall as have preceding efforts."
Chicago, Jan. 38.-William Gothlar
and Mrs. Anna Schiller, under arrest
in connection with the death of
Gothler'q 5-year-old daughter, Ella,
admit, the police assert, having caused
the child's death by beating after the
little girl had been mietreated in
otler ways. Mrs. Schiller is said to
have lived as Gothler's wife. The
child's body was found on Thursday,
It was covered ,with cuts and bruises.
pack, arms, less and neck showed
deep welts. Ileighbors easert the'hlild
had' been beaten twice on Wednesday.
Tripoli, Jan. 28.-The Turkish sl,".q
yesterday resumed their ,movement
against Ghiriarish, a small oasis about
1l miles from 'VT.lpoli. At the same
(Ime another force of 3,000 Turks and
Arabs made a determined attack on
Ainsarp, asme mil. inland. The fierce
Italian artillery fire, however, com
pelled the Gesulting forces to fall
'*ack ,toWrl'ds the south and south
west, The Italian casualtles numbered
two killed and eight wounded.
- ----_.m~t Daae== s.limlt
,y, ,t i r yyqM ~ ý ~··p Yd~ +'
f f·
Washington, Jan.28.-The democratic
atee bill probably will pass the house
tomorrow. Majority leaders claim to
have assurances that It will have the
support of the republican progressives
in the stlate. SenatorP Penrose, chair
man of tht.l'tate finanqo comJntttep, is
being bo $airded With applkal for
hearing frta Interests whtich claim
they flav, not had an opportunity be
fort the ways and means committee of
the house. Whether the senate pro
grdesive will endeavor to line up with
the demaorats and shut off hearings,
has not developed. Democratio Leader
UnderWood and his supporters express
satisfaction with the situation and
hope to get before the president be
fore the campaign begins, revisions of
the chemlbal, sugar, cotton, Wool and
agrlcultuatl schedules.
Republican leaders In the house feel
confident that revision bills not based
on a report of the tariff board will be
vetoed. Representatives Payne, Mc
Call and Dalsell have had a confer
ence with President Taft on the sub
ject and they look forward to such a
The passing of steel bill from the
house to the senate will have two
weeks' intermission in Mr. Under
wood's tariff program and the time
will be devoted to other measures.
The pensions appropriation bill, car
rying about $152,000,000, will be re
sumed Tuesday. It proposes to effect
a saving of $250,000 by abolishing 17
pension officers In various cities. A
fight is expected on that feature.' The
fortifications appropriation bill will
follow the pension bill.
House democrats will caucus to
morrow night on the $16,000,000 pub.
lto building bill. Chairman Fitsgerald
of the appropriations committee, Lead
er tinlderWood and Speaker OClark op
pose It in the interest tf t olomy and
because, they say, It is imposasble' for
the government's architects tt under
take aiiy new wolk for two years.
The division of opinion amopg the
democrats over the proposed inv.itiga
tlon of the money trust is expeoted to
enliven the caucus. Chairman Henry
of the rules committee is presing 'for
the investigation.
Pending the steel bill's arrival in the
senate the proposed arbitration bills
with England and France will be dis
cussed ad Senator. Lodge on Tues
day will ask the senate to set a time
for the epd of the debate. Friends of
the, treaties say a canvass of the sen
ate seems favorable to their passage
with aoeptable amendments.
There is talk of a senate democratio
4cuous on the direct popular election
of s tors, the matter is itiU in
fltbletip9 wit/ the hite.
£~liir 1d w r uni t, nbbfr.i aM
*w~rl~i f ! 1'' dMA Y: . r
-MU , - ton-iftaw OS 0u01
PQI~3 .4;0 1 ieo ae
r; . « i Sq t {, '4Zj w . io n o ne
fr · ~ II. sp oh
~ cs~, ·rnl cif a
Seattle. Jan. 2s . v.lty-f!v.'
women, most of th.m ii fitay work
era in New Jersey i,.tilw , hlave
written to. Marriage I,Icnse Clerk
.laude sF. Gap expressing a desire
to be put it otitlnuntcantion with
the 1!t ,eAingI, .Mi'hi., bachelors
who wrote two Weeks ago asking
for brides to settle with them on
westbrit Wi8bimgton logged-off
lands. In at44Itlan to the Michigan
bachliors, Mr. Oa., hIas received
letters from 200 mn'll in ll parts of
the 1'nion ankttl hill t"I aI.ist lthenl
In flnding wives.
Washington, Jan. 28.--l.neral Ar
thur Murray, commanding the western
division of the army, now is In Wash
ington to enlist the interest of con
gIis aind the vwar department offl
clali In his plans for the participatlnn
of the army in the Panama-Placific
Money is needed to put the grounds
of the Presdllo and Fort Mason, which
practically emlbrace the exposition
site, in condition so that they will h
one of the principal objects of attrac
SGecneral Murray's purpnoe is to let
the visitors see regiments and brigadesn
of troops In drill and evolutionn, the
soldiers In barracks and at ii'ay end
the seacnast fotrlfications themnselves,
with the great concerted mortars aind
the big disappearang guns in action.
It his plans ar.e realised he is onl.
fident that the army exhibit will he
the most attractive ever presented at
an exhibition.
Los Angeles, Jan, 2I.-The third In
ternational aviatip meet at Domin
gues field olose4o ay, having lasted
nine days. AviopLr Rutherford Page
of New York Olty Was killed In the
meet, Howard 4Wi of Baltimore was
badly Injured ani other aviators will
share about $3,010` 'in prize money.
Lincoln Beachey and Phil O. Parmnalee
will get most of t,
The record for maklnl three fiure
eights in muccese b.p- , Rka n at the
meet by BeacheJ d.id 1;:00.4-5,
and a few momently by Parmalee,
whose time [email protected] 131012.. No other
records were made.
Night flying wa" a feature of the
meetlng and army and navy officers
said it demonstrated the .Se of the
aeroplane for this sort of *lbik In wdr
At todaY's eltiilbln $okey vol
pimaed fronp a4 ihbtof 5,00 fteet and
lanobhe Stuart Woott, the only woman
aviator at the maet, made some fancy
figures In the air
5l I'I..C3I"U*
It lenl,ll Jun. Y28-( lpecta-l.-WVith
f(llow knights lirent from Butte,
;t, Lt a':tlls, Dillingsll. Migula aI n
ollther Ilaces. the annual exemplllfea
tlon of the first. sucund and third de
Igr'een by Helena councl, Knights of
t'olumlllhe, to a cllas of 51 eandldatee
.tuok p.ltut todyy.
Thlus lorlllng the knights and nnv
Ices attended the celbration of solemn
hlih mauus at the Cathedral of the
Hacred l Hllar, and the exemplifIcatIon
of tlhe deireeus ean at I o'aock In the
:d E:lkl' hIll and wasl fnlshed this
evi ninig.
The progrlam of the tIny clorsed with
a banquet at thII, (Iraldon hotel, whllch
I as attended Iy 200 persons. Orandil
Knlght Ed P'helan acted as toast
m.aster, and tnaust were responded to
as follows: "N.oltle Oblige," t,. Itv'.
John P. (i'rlrroll' "The Cotllltutlon," T.
J. Walsh: "Our Il'ag and Our Presl
dent," It. R. Purcell; "Natlonalllmn,"
Rtev. W. J. Tighe; "O(rlastopher Column
bun." I,. P. Dmann'nn: "Knllht lood," IC.
A. Ilhbsalere; "IlllpresUlonh of a Can
didate," M. J. HeIley.
Billlngs, Jan. 2S.-Today's develop.
meants strimngthcenud the bellef of the I
police that Mhe P'ung, the Chlnese
woman hald In thoe city Jail as a full
tive from Justice. Is 0f1 en, wanted In
Portland, a)re., for complicity in the
murder of Beld lling, whose body was
found in a trunk in Seattle. Chief of
Police TalIo has so notified the pollce
in Portland.
A search of the woman's effects
brought to light today a receipt from
a Portland loan office for $ 2, made
out to Of Sen. T'ho receipt bears the
date of November 23, 1011. In a note.
hook found on the woman's ,person
was a notation which reads: "Of Sen
and Weg Dog Goly, married March 0,
The local police have been notfled
that an officer from Portland. accom
panied by a Chinamanm who can Jdbn.
tify the woman if she Ies Ih perpon
wanted, will leave for Billings at once.
Me FunS, or Of1 en, was I 10 Bllltig
about a year ago and left for the
coast. She returned a few days alo
and was located by the pollee tI a Chi,
nese rooming lmuse, The woman P'
fuiw to talk and deoUinds to bxplain
her possession of the papers bearing
the name of 01 Ben.
Los Angeles, Jan. 1S.-Gorge W.
McCasey¥, general p ger at I
Los Angetles for the Nor ef i Pllo
railroad, died o a
home. Me w 4.
beepIn l I I IInW the oi(t|
PaItic for Il
Menrer agent at lt. yA#U I a,
Blte' ta yýcnt . :. :! . .;
TEI At!' R9..Qw t110,©-Too .
Rest of Ireland II Content in )ellef
That Emerald Iale's Dream of Au
tonomy Will Come True, but Old
Town Cannot See Things That Way
and Is Ulp to Its Eyes in the Battle.
Lind.n, Jnit i0. -t.'liter lnow Is the
pMlttleal alorin conter of thie I'nited
IKIIRtgdon. hel,. 11I ui th' 11 hberln 1i14.
cUllled In rl ngllll anlld Meoltliad by
natlonallata andl unlontllat, ilt n
great e'nthusllnamni ehen I troll"le
either for or aglitnt. In Ireltantl. out
atde oaf l'Iter, Ith peoptle are firmnly
conhvllIed thley are to haltve htrlie' rule.
It'laturltea. however, are upt to their
byes in fight. Several big dlemont tra
tton# have been helt In vnlrlltlt parts
oft Ulster In protest IKgalnlt any eha)tnll
In the form of governnrllt of tlhe
(country. (one of the di'tltninesthuttlen in
iBelfast wnMhv y l(h Iy t llllstrhlnla; In
i()lltn h It was t e Illutlt' tip lof furlll'er,
entail Indt hthlers antd farmi il o iirers,
whlo alhow(ld jllut i.l stro)lng ,opiltltln
to honet. rule an did thei'r cit y brot.h
ers. In the latter llnie' again the 111.
aterltea pledged thcllellven to form a
prolvlonan l Igovernmelnt It the bill ih
hEvery voter In UIltettr, however. Is
not a unionist. 'rhre is, In act(, a
fairly large sprinkliln of intionallets.
In innny c('i.t th tIninllhnits members
Wer d tllrtrnetl In the Ihal elethllna
only ty by rrow nulorltlle, tilhe Mitr.
Quin of Ihlnlllloti, for Instlnce, win
nlng only by 1t10 votes i Il tnItlon
derry. (Onte divion olf lelfast Itself
ie repreen'ltted y Joseph larvltt, ii ni
tiontllet lbtied r.
A Lively Nilht.
A Lively Night.
in this dlistrlit the ia.tilegrotund of
homln rule. rill? the presen. at least, the
govl'rnment and nltionlalists soonl are
to hohld a meilting. WlVnston (churchilll,
first lord of the admiratlty, is to be
spokeslmamlm of tihe governmenmt for
homlle rull. aind hI Is it be accomli
pumtled' 1h Jolhn I.entllllll. the Irish
utionitallt leadetar and lby' ther Irish
Ipolltlicillts. The dllto selectetid for the
meetinm isn Fmblruar. x IlldI unih inlts
na ntumtionalIsts of i.htlfhit are pre
dliting a IIvely IIlght. 11h nllmutter where
Iih thImtilng ll held. Elaborate pollce
Iprem-nllutilons will be Itnken for tht Iprto
tectlion of Mr. Ichurcehill. lshoulld he
be joillid )by Mr. Redmonimd In thei drive
tr i tihe rest.dtnce whore he IN to be
a guest, to the p!ace of Iimeet.Ilg, With
Mr. 1tedtll.und's usual escort if nation
alisls it in allllmot c'ertlaln that there
will he tlnting.
Iexce.,pt for a vnl t of hl.Jyd-Georgrr4
clutnei'lor ofll the exheei'iiuir, itm 1006,
Ilind anoIImitheir bI)' Mr. lJlrrell, ihi.r se'r
retary Ifr Ireltanl In 1907, nil Ilberal
statimenltll hsi spoken tIm lltltast iri 18
yenrs, and whlen Mr. Churchlll and
Mr. RTdmiond adldtress the meeting It
will he the first time a Ilberal catilnet
minlister and the natlonallt leader
havei. spokenl froml thie mine platform
itn the city
lUllonlrte nrar organl.ling i counlter.
,)lmomnstrlation, but the first lord of the
dndmirltty, in audvocating a policy
which his father with equal vehe
mence, denounced, will be thel centeir of
attrsction. It will be an Interestinm
nlomentll In the interesting lif. rof Mr.
Andrew onnear Law. the unlIlIonist
leader, will gou to Hloltuat on i:nster
(Continued on Page Nine)
T AKE a look at the west window of T
lan office today, just to satisfy yv
t1¢e correctoess of the assertions wp hake
the quality of Misoullan printing. In
there are displayed some interesting s
wprk turnpd o iby The Misao. ian. p4
are examples of staple printing--the e
hoads and envploe, of .everyday use
samples of special jobs--pamphlets, p
iqguqe, circulars and the like. You w
In the display and yoty will want to le
te work that is done inh Th Misso4J
$'Oii, have looked a the window display
offlie and ask to be shown some more.
ufuplod at the wide range of the weok
plgged by jts a o.qlence. The
s. foyur yobu. siness upon the b
~u oproduct. l , h lr. l. the added r
your work done ,kr a atsthis l a ,home
r .
*nereals tey, ""
Alfase, Ulpione
Serrno Ar ptUt P
Who Irok ite.
-Lights 4f ,[email protected]
nnyaquiil, Jan. 3
into the Quitt, peontli 1%.
It double uard arn tae
Ki.l Alfaro, irlavla
Alftro, UIptIhho bahtd
rnen, prominent revpt
Snuff dq
With the Pi ttlifg *t
El,,y Altaro, former p.
der; his brother, Ge00
taro, formbr' itntr r t,
Inander-ln.hl9et of the0',
forces; (teniral Moed
is Ielleved to have
the two Alfaros, and .s
and Manuel Serrano, thf
or I.ouador's latest
been nuffed out,
This revolutlon, altheo
a long time .brewlnIh..
aftier the death on ....
of President mtl. .
The first drasti ti
those Wihl OPga
carried Into e lFMtd
-lueyaq~til whesn "t
ter,. Who wan pro
the troops after he
was shut and 44
later burned '.t
irf MonterO .t ý
room ,i here',thgi
tried by eupprtMaU
16 y.,urw' imprli
wh&t t4M
after riddlng l
lets, dragge td
they dt Jt.,. It
and thiew Into the
and itead of the man t
popular hero In tlaidor,'l
fern and Geinoral f PaU . and
were captUred JanutiJPF $3lr
uitll, when governmlet,.' trdolt w
Cleneral Leonldtta Plaus fore l
olutionleta, who held Gtecvtle , 0S0
One Preelde t.
Ptavin Alfgro had qty` agtlo
a battle' a ftw da4sv t e
(t*liryaqull on board
body of rebel troops.
proclslmed president" o.
the populace in 10O0, after h
feated the govervn.tnt troo$
In Ocltober ef tiHl gaep att
elected provlilopal pre4.nt
nntinnal convention and h
or chief eteoutlife until 141'rL
In that year nlmillo i t r >'
the office with dlstlO Allrtlbai ,0
pontent and *ae elliOted a
of more than 100,00. " 1Mewl4
then started a it'd .,
aided by formerd
charge was ts4pIa
to seot up a ditot '
and in the firstf
the presidency
reverses. ICstr
n ere victorios 4fl
Iagalnet the revolt t AJ
In Augusi and t iter
harted for Pana1s:. t`
nducted Into dutIy
(con Inuet4 gdb?

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