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elation iftnual convention *111 be held
at the lMio 4lt churoh' 68tbh in 'thb
dRty Febt 'y 10, 2 anma ih,. besidles
lobat ip_ ker.n, those partloipating in,
.ttle prtdgl are J. A. Alford of f -el
eta, 'C, O.'Rtokhbn of Derby, Mrs. C.
L. Bldvard, o Heleia, Mrs. Harold B.
High tbt 'lissoula,"U L. Horene of
CbrVtlle, 'C. 1. Cunningham of Ste
vnsvillle F L, Salsman of Stevens
ville,~anh P. D1 Hartman of Stevens
ville. 1ife .)7dg·Yam as lsund follows:
i*rubry 20.
Service for school children, J. A. At
ford, dldlena.
Prayer and pratse. C. L. Horene,
Welcome and address, Frederick
Spencer.,.amilton. lto .,
Solo, Mrs. Gordon, Hamilton.
"The High Aim of Montana," J. A.
Appointment of committees.
February 21.
Prayer and praise, J. C. Irwin, Ham
Iltbn. .
Reports from Suluday achools in
Rdvaill county,
"Training 'for Service," Mrs. W. R.
Forney, Hamfltbat.
"The Organtied Class the Club of
the Church,' P. D. mattman, Stoeens
*ound Table conference, organised
classeS, r. A. Alford.;
Devotional, John ValIance, Hamilton.
"'Elementary Ddpdrth1dnts" It.~.
JHarold .H. High, Mlssoula.
"Should the Child Beeomne a Mem
ber of the. Church?" C. ,L,. OUtfitki.l
lham, 8tevensylile.i
"lliund 'gable," Mrs. High.
Pray and praise, D. C. Welty, Ham-'
"The Bible for the Teen Age," Mrs.
Susie Bullenger, Hdmilttn.
Solo, Miss Mabel Shannon, Stevens
ville. " ' f
"Teen Age Problems," Mrs. C. L.
Boval'd, Helena..
Fibruary 22.
Praise Ner9i'e, C. (c. llckman.
"emperance Teaching in the Sun
"'How"f.".fahdh the Unreached," F.
L. Salaman, Stevensville.
Prayer and -pralse service, W. D.
Lehr, Corviaills.
Solo, Mrs. W. N. Hassler.
"Graded Lessons and Hlow to Use
Them," J. A. Alford.
"Echoes From the International
Convention," Mrs. J. C, Irwin, Ham-'
"Missions in the Sunday School,"
Mrs. E. L. 'lovhrd.
Election of offlbers.
Prayer and praise, Rev. Lewis, Cor
"Why Study the Bible?" J. A. Al
Hamilton, .Feb. , 9.--(peelal.)-A
marralge licenie 'Was issued today by
the clerk of the aoort to Frank Chtef
fin and Etta Daihmer, both of Cor
We offer one bhundred dollars reward
for Wily "tcti "dl'eittr'h that 'dnot be
cured by Hll' Catarrh Cre ,. .
Ft., J. ( 19Y A CO.,+ Tol T do, 0.,
We, the uiderfsitied, hdve known F .T.
Cheney for the last 15 years and believe
him M$erflcfly honorable in all basihes
tralnactil "ad t ialy able to arry
out any o11t rha-made byol.ls..ll' fn
S Toledo, '0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly u on tile. blood and mu
cous surfaces of the sl.steih. Tetimonlals
sent -fre. Ptiee., T cents per bottle,
Sold by. all DrgIsuile,
Take Hall's Faintly Pills for constipa
w `, Nr, Fe' uary 0
Cut ut the abiove coupon and fiv othera of dItf.,d4t dOw whd
pPqnt #t at the Miesovi a' or Itmilth offlo. of The* Mbe1ovli#N, with
*'.eapenee benu if . *, ihrIogeo.oU.i the items of thseeet of Oaok'
Idi u* dln i ha fj ery.17*Mking, olerk hire and rrleeeeeary
e tli ,4 ` r LNtd''ft rbiý1 Dietionary.
," t ont badt b f
i eta ~~erp rotub t o hG 0
St evil' coutebte, a. '
dtee PbE* atullt a riijdidr
ý!ýº!:,tu 1bouotoi , 1. Pagee of rII1*Rble charts
In f1 19W I~ VIL bd tee "attr ?r Snrfnt-t eithe
506f! O aoiw'otaos etponGe -the eape .Os QA
"#Y MAIL, S3a IXTRA FOR p0 g'vA41k
Hamilton, .IB'eb. 9.--(8pecl)i-- t
oti fof'lnaorprYrtn for the 'Haillo
rblt asoeI ton were filed to ,itht
Cltlk ana Rtitdid~lr A. J. t. orli cop
of the articles alio being to ri'ded to
'thi scrrry of state at HlJ.aa. The
assoelitorn is incprporsad for 40
year,.fd i oppitalisdd't '$10,009. Thy
stock is divided into .~0000 `tihlrE'n l it
is non-asseessable. 1The prinlDi plece
of business is to be at Hamllto~. Ber
sides being Innodrporated to look litter
the regular plcking, packing mnd pgrd.
ing operations, the assoolation has the
15oever to bring about an IffHitattoh
with other associations of like char
acter, aldo to provide for schools for
instrutting in the grading and packing
of irbit, especially apples, T'he co~n.
nilttee, which was appointed at a re
dent meeting to draw up the articles..
appears as the incorporators and is:
Miles Romney, William Tate, W. R.
Forney, Prank D. Monty, Ward M.
Sackett, D. C. Gray, H. C. Lindsay, 3.
A. Johnson and W. X. H. McMurry. These
men 'have subscribed for a total of .34
share&s Miles Roniney, chairman of
the committee, stated today that a
meeting of the stockholdere woulti be
called as soon as the office of the gea*
retary of state was heard from. The
byilaws used by the Woodside also
clation will probably be adopted by
the local association.
Hamilton, Feb. 9.-(Special.)-The
chicken thief was abroad in this city
again last night. F'or the second time
within a month the hen roosts of Hart
addition were the object of attack.
llarly this morning F. C. Tivermore,
a resident of the addition, got into tel.
ephone communication with the sher
itt's office and with Chief of Police
Dave Bishop, and imparted informa
tion to the effect that his roosts had
been robbed of about 20 Buff Orping
tons, Plymouth Rocks and White Wy
andottes. Mr. Livermore stated over
the telephone that the robber or rob
bers, the number of fowls taken seem
ing to indicate that there was more
than one person interested in the haul,
had left a trail of feathers down the
spent host of the any in an investi
gation, no clue leading to the identity
of the raiders has been unearthed.
Stevensville. Feb. 9.-(Special.)
WVllfred W. WVhite, chief forester, is in
Stevensville and will make a trip Into
the forest reserve with Ranger D. L.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Samuels returned
this morning from Missouri where
they have been visiting this winter.
A crew of surveyors copposed of
Wnlsh, llnllndauer and Wlllldmson, ar
rived this morning from Hatnilton and
is at ,work on the proposed east side
railroad 'survey.
Wesley Walls and family are mak
Ing arrangements to leave Stevensvlle
and will locate in Woodside, where
Mr. Walls will go into business.
About 60 people attended the meet.
Ing of the Ladies' Aid society which
met at the home of Rev. I. N. Sfnith
Wednesddy evening. A very pleasant
time wag had and the guests were
served with refreshments.
Rev. J.- T. Bond of Boseman is as
silsting lev. Mr. Hartman at the re
vival meetings being held in the Meth
odist church South. The meetings are
well attended each evening and will
continue during the coming week.
If you are contemplatintg the pur
chase of a new Hudson automobile
this spring, I cdn save you $100 ,on
the ptlil thts. price. Any style of ma
dHine you want. Address, P. O. Box
3105, Mistoula, Montana.
A '
S mIt. .-apeo al..9-T.he,
Pi sgauHlh Republloin otub qt Hatn
ito. .hqJ4 a iaagelyattended and en
thWVtlaltica eetng 4stert toblght, elected
Wff+oe Prssed' resolutions and 41d
otliet etMngs aimed to make the ogan
Isatien sot4lv and exert a poerful .n
fluenee ln the field wvhich it has en
tered in ~otntana, ita parpobe. In come
aonwta. it sister owrganiations in the
ita, 'being • to help promote those
*vWtsnentn which will bring about a
mtore direct representation of the peo
ple, In the goveratlerg of county, 'state
rind 'altion. The neds.on -tonlght was
harmonQous and earnest and all of the
busianes transacted was With the
tdnanti.oie onsent and approval of
all -prsnnt.
SOffleers Were' elected as followk: O.
C. 'oOper, presiddnt;, Plank Coulter,
VJoe.preefdefht; W. B. McLagtahlin,
seoridaryu and treasurde.
The 'coming theeting of all Montana
progrenaiva clubs to be h'eld at Bilihfgn
wasn di0bssed at lenlth and the local
orgkitntation decided thht it should be
'ell' teprenentdd at thin session. To
make plahdr for sending deleltaten the'
following oommittee 'wds delected: J.
P. itNdhrds, J. D. TaYlor. H. C. Pack
er, P&t hainanon and Frank Hongland.
The club passed the 'following reso
lutions, or "declaration of principles,"
We, the members of the Progressive
Republican club of Hamilton, Mont.,
lhtvJng organi.ed and joined forces for
the purpose of 'placing the government
of the nation, state and county more
directly In the hands and under the
control of the people, and of doing
what we may to have the government
oonducted for the benefit of all the
people and not in the interests of at
few, do hereby declare and commit
ourselvtP, as a united organisatlon, in
favot of the following principles and
measures, and of doing everything in
oir power to forward those principles,
and to place such measures upon our
statute bnoks as will put such princi
pl'e into force and effedt:
1-We favor a state-wide close,
primary law, whldbh will place directly
in the hands of the people the nominae
tion of every candidate hereafter to
be elected, such primary law to apply
with equal force to electlve officers of
state and nation.
2-We favor the direct election of
United States senators.
3--We favor the Initiative, referen
dum and recall.
4-'We favor a stringent corrupt
practices act.
G-We favor a non-partlsan nomina.
6-We favor a just system of taxa
7-We condemn the Payne-Aldrich
tariff bill and demand a more just and
equitable tariff.
$-We condemn the action of the
last legislature In refusing to give us
a direct primary law.
9-We favor the adoption of a grad
uated Income and inheritance tax.
10-And, 'in general; we favor and
demand legislatioh, both state and na,
tional, Which will place all govern.
mehtal power again into the hands of
the people, and demand that the goV
ernment of this nation and state, and
all the subdivisions thereof, shall he
conducted for the benefit of the people
and not for the benefit of" great cor
To these principles we pledge our
loyal support, now and in the future.
St. Regis, Feb. 9.-(Special.)-Mr.
and Mrs. M. M. Ross went to Missoula
Tuesday on business. Mr, Ross will
go west dn the main line.
W. 1. Berry received a telegram
from Bllltlgs this evening, saying he
was the father of a baby girl, Mrs.
Barry Is at Billings with her parents.
The Hard Times ball given at the
C. W. Whitenburg hall last Saturday
evening was well attended.
Dr. Fuller went to Iron Mountain
Tuesday on the 1:10 train,
Fred Aleson of Spokane is here look.
Ing after business affairs.
Mrs. E. L. Wallace of Sago is visit
ing heri other, aMisB.S. :Ba&t, and als-'
ter, Mft. M. M, Ross
The A. C. M. Co. is shipping lumber
again from St. Regis to BUtte.
Jam .L.egard was.called to the bed
side of his wife, Wdo Is ill at :Still,
Water, Wis.
Corvallis, Feb. 9.-($lpeelal.)-'.Vhe
wedding'of James Applebury and Miss
4.ma Holloran will be solemnised at
the holQ of the 'Jlde's, mttlhr 'tIdh
day aorning at 10:30 o'cloek by Rev.
r. B. Reagan. Only the relatives will
he preset, and 'the couple 'poto to
leave for a 'trp oh 'the ifi h th
to Butte. Upd theire turn t (W .
'reside on 'the randh In the- IIJWt
Creek district.
Frank *I ff in and Miss ~. DaitatTr,
both Wvell ItPifWh 'li'thll sedtfan, 'e-'
yrised their friends Friday #l,
being quietly wedla at the b..te .l'
B. R.'C haffin by ftev. Mr. Horen,
Walt' @litCit til nd -Mien "
Chaffin lfaW tlsý,lte'w idblu 'ilt ril
reside on tihe 4ati rdlth Motithbhf
town, which Mr. Chaffin has leased
for the coming year.
.UIT bkbbW Mast.
Corvallis, Feb. 9.--(Slecilal.)-A call
has bei Issued for a meeting of the
newly ;lected direotors tf '}i s Woad
side iult Growers' assoolstien -t;
Weood e Saturday afternoo'lt'dr "fl'
ueteotiohthf [email protected] dtad ,hr'bthling
'!b, * . 9.-( l
*twJli Lookwaoo4' has been
shtmaster at Roiunas, 'lat
ty, vel A. W. Wilhelm,
9 alo Wow iong yot
rq goIng to eolstlnus a sufferer from
lnditletion, 4~ t or out-of-ordet
tl*dihtl 't.las in a matter of how.
oon ydu lbegi taking some Diap4ep
I~ yplatt stonmoh Is lacking -in di.
eWlve power, Oiy not help the stom
ach to do40 ts work, not witl drastic'
drugs, but a r4eqptorcement or dliels
tive agesit, sohI *as are naturally at
work i~ the stemach.
Pqople with wstt stomachs should
take. a little ipepsin becaalonallY,'
and therlwlll be no more Indigestion,
no feelinB like 4 lump of lead In thin
stomacah, no 'hi1tburn, sou risinglfs,
gas dn itomach or belching of undi
gestbd tobd, leMdaches, dizziness Or'
sick iltonweh, 'besides, whait 'you
eat wi ll Ut f1tt~it andil poison your
bralth nith .itk us odors. All these
symptoms 'eeul.4lg from a sour, Out-.
of-tdrder itJnkdl and dyspepasa are
generally yelievq in five minutes
after talting a Ittlie Diapepsin.
Go to 'your drugglist and get a 50
cent case 4f p.si Diapepsin now.
and you 'wilt anl ys ko to the table
with a hearty ajotite, and what you
eat will tiste ,good, because your
stomach, ald Intestines will be clean
and fresh, and you will know there
are not going to be any more bad
nights and mlisitble days for you.
They freshen you and make you feel
like life is worthy living.
Hamilton, FP4. 9.-(Hpelal.)-Jehh
and Iong, two men Ineated on the
Turner ranch on lanmillton Helghts,
will set out 38*x00 5sweet cherry trees
of the Ding an& Lambert variety thia
spring. o tfarWe Ii known here this
will make the I9lglt cherry orchard in
the world, at itltst It will he ronsid
erable larger thla any similar orchard
In the northwt$ly Mr. Joeb was in
Hamilton tod ýIhd made the an
nouncement tha the Anove .ntnth.r of
cherry trees wduld he at in the,
grolnd on their ranch. The Sweet
cherry is being recognized as onie of
the best orchartl produc.ts to he p'ell
ttured here, artntaillong with the Meiln
tohb Riced applel gives the Hitter lroot
valley two c h le articles for corn
eiU!par The swelt cherries
found a rendy iet in the cast, the
snply falliKg, to l~get anywhere near
to supplyinir theb' iead.n
Hanmilton, F'eb. 9.-(.perin)l.l-Mr.
and Mrs. (.. (. Chaffin and little
daughter left this aftern,,ni for ('or
vallls, where they attendted the wed
ding this ve,.ning of Frank ('hafrin
and Mrs. ltta l)ahmer. The ceore
moany wlas perforllmed t t the B. H.
Chaffin homen, lRev\. 0, l. liorene of
ielating. 'The couple was attended by
Miss (len.eviev. (ChaffIt and Walter
Simmons. ''The cperetllmny was followed
by a wedding surtl)ppr.
Corvallis. VFeb. 9.-(Rpec'lnl.)-The
annual imtelting of the directors of, the
Corvallis 'tute hank will be held Mon
day afternoon, Ihelruary 12. A post
ponement of same from last month
was due to the' absnene of President
F. C. TPaltonys. who has been living In
Duluth, Minn., the, past winter.
Hamllnn, Feb. 9.t(8pealnl).-.Thos.
T. Mace and Hilen Popham, both of
Woodslde, were married here yester
day afternoon bIy Justice of the Peace
Frtnk Peshick.
And in its place a regular cup of well-made
Uusally means freedom
Sleepless Nights
Meart Palpitation
'tdigestion, etc.
Coffee os cause these and other obscure ills in
many pbrsd~'Trho don't suspect the cause.
Such can flitd old-time health and comfort by a
change to the Tfood-drink, Postum.
"Thi' as r" easCo "
; o ptim Cereal Co., Ltd., Battle Ciek, Mich.
It.A0Itls 'oKktI1tR.
Pf Ink, Feb. A.--JbhnnRy MrKlay, lec
'retiry of the demntca9tic enthity cell-'
tral oitnmiltte, was In Plains 'to.a.i
tonsulting with the precinet comnlit
teemail. Mr. RKnay decided tO lUlt*
ai call for i gathering of the centradl
committee to elect a county chatitmKn
in place of D. V'. Herridtt, deceased,
and for the trhnlsactin of any other
business that may appekr. Thie cor.
miftee will meet at 'I'hompson nekt
Thuarday aftertloon. February 16. Mr.
tierrlott Was also precinct commlttde
man for Thompson.
In 4he case of Tiarley Remick
against the Orris Muskic Touse of
)4issoula, Judgment In the justice court
was entered in favor of the plaintiff.
'the action Was brought to recover a
livery and dratyage bill incurred by J.
Mf. Ward, a one-time agent of the
music firm. The defendant claimed
that 'Ward was not authonrled to run
accounts for the company.
Dorothy E. Kagle, djlef operator of
the Motntain Rtntes Telephone com
pany., spent a day In Plains from Mis
A. "D. Tose, representing the Mon
tana t'ulvert company of M issonla,
was in t'lains during the week calling
on the trade.
Deputy Oame Warden W. WV. Me
Comihk warn looking over his territory
P. A. ltenlder, general passenger nnd
frelght agent of the II. . & Q., was
Interviewing usittess men hel Ire last
R. A. Thnrnton, Nrtliern Pacific
auditor, and C. 1. Harden, auditor for
the Northern Express company, were
hero this week checking up nIle,11nts.
lanmltton. P.rb. 9.- -(Hpeciall.)-Artl
cles of incorporation for the Regitl
Clothing company wie' flledl with the
clerk and reedrder of this county yea
terday. The company in incorporated
for #$16,00U, which in divided into 3s
mariy shhtlte. The inctrporatorl nor
Pred Lott, Dick Pnrmenter and Dell
Meeker. The firm Is one of the ewell
entabllahed business houses of the city.
Victor, eb. 9..-('Speclal.)-theriff
ee wt n n tow11 yesterdat(y iorllilng.
1I. A. Isriggs traniacted businessi In
Misoutla, Mlonday.
Mir. ('ostelloand non, Wlliam, .itt
to(, Hamlteno yestert.y,
Dr. Miller was Jn Victor Tuesnday.
Mrs. Myers and Mints Anderrnon ,twore
lip from Misnotlin Tue.daty. In the Ihi
terests of the n Humane ,oclety.
Joe Miner was lin lnllltiltor yeiltr
.Maertin ltoi in inll li trry I.itichamitn
ar eionstrutlihig it ttWnitlil 11 their
tlmnher land west of tlown.
Mrs. S. It. Plller ind slnter. Ml ta
Ktehibratuteh were in iSte.venvtille this
Arthur iHtnLitt left tlndtly Ifor )lli
honel at Warsa w, 111.
Mr. and Mrs. lrank lgllogr t'ft
Mondarliy mIorning' for Portllladl.
Mrs. Mtel IiHooper oif S3teven'.'llle, i
visiting with Mrs. Miller IINntlle.
Mrs. HIoll in In MIIsiuoIa this 'itekI..
Ivnar flacik wenllt to Darby yeit'Heteriy.
orvallis, el, 9. -(Spocilt.)-li'rank
Stevens hadiii one oif hit feet Iatltly
crushedl, this noon while at work un
it htly-halilng machine on tlh Preel
'fitger ranch. lie was bIroltght to
'oodelsde for ilnmodlate medilcal treat.
Illnmilton, 1et,. 9,- -(tpeclal.)-Mrs.
T. It. Hiannen of this city was Itcom
plninidt to Missoula tilday by her Ihtn
bunI)dt. Shie enteret HSt. PJtrclk's how
pital to snllllnlt to an oleraltion I'or
It l -ltntl jtl4
Mlrk PL ua-47.5o Value
A aklt 'that's only in the house two
daas and marked to sell at $7.50: big
bargain offer for today only: finest
material; nvlu that's it wonder..5.50 lac Silk
Snlat sizes 22 to 34 Inches Petticoats,
ment of 500 best quality
astyles and Swiss finish
sites. Extra soft taffeta
special today on sale today
$1.68 $2.50
A Broad Choice of Routes
YVi gent rntll y e..ipet to Inhiiie Ini yt lr e.atl.rn trip n Iitnurtn r of the bIig
'ltih' in the nih lh, we,.t, It I. d irnhq l yr to 1e tl'keted ViAL It riltirhud thi t
mr hc :,h tih" gratt nt number noil, s p intt
Minneapolis-St. Paul and Chicago.
Minneapolis-St. Paul and St. Louis
Billings-)Denver and Omaha.
Billings-Kansas City and St. Louis.
Denver-Omaha and Chicago.
Denver-St. Joseph and St. Louis.
Denver and Kansas City.
Kansas City and St. Louis.
Kansas City and Chicago.
Omaha and Kansas City.
Omaha and Chicago.
Omaha and St. Louis.
Throlugh tlickts va il ll lh i in tell' hinorertd iover Ilth direct line or vla Denver
to the lInut. The f.,lder trill h4kw hol. a thlro It/ iket over thI, Burlington
will ilnlude runny of th, -," lIInes,
The initial egent or the undersigned will be glad to
point out the stopover and diverse route privileges pos
sible to holders of Burlington tickets.
H. A. BRADT, General Agent. C., B. £ Q. R. R. Co.
15 West Broadway, Butte, Mont,
. . . . - . ...
KICiia,ggI, lh. !i. L( pahli) -l-tHon
( ,r fltr, it t H rtim r an eispI'ted :n h Ih
hintlker lill JIll llll\,ll v 'n mine, InPt
in|ll tuh d1, ath WhIIrtly Iftlor going oln
shift lhtt night, helttg htrutk on the
head h}y the swiftly dreni.lhnl skip.
ltn hlad t n- r rihotl ltrnh l and the heft
hh t o f t hII f ti l l ll r trn nw lny,
(l.e fr utun I i oL' lll t llil hld hll, n
sltmt to line tlt' A alt' lit tlh, No, 12
Iev,,r. (l r rer was pmsling pllnks Io
hihs helper, who h.ard the ship llAning,
hlut not in mlt to wiarn the unfolr
tunnt ait uti . A'eordllingl ti t thie state
nOtits oft the ihelpr, they tlad failed
t notifyI tthe holll ist ttan 't of thei' pretI
enre, nnd hltnce louthltntet for the tn
hldent l ittcitelesl to other etpllloll yt'i,
(ir.fllr Wi in0 yiyear old alnd was not
rnm rlrllll. It' wiIas at tltInhuur of the
Intttlstrial uniotn nud or thtie Youing
iiMen's Christi tI tinn it eitatlon. nd thiitiei
organizutions will doublehic condu(t
the tti eral, for wh i wh th rrtnglnmIt
(lit.h, Ariz., l'b.e, II- Innumuratinl
day in Arluailt hul h i-e1 changed frol
tllnt herl , tloday
TThe antlsrDttP+ powder to be shiaken
into the shoes. If you want reet and
comfor for tired, tender, ching, wot l- the
len, swating feet, use AlIen's Foot
Mane, ltelives corne and bunions of
all pain and prevents blisters, more and
callous spots. Just the th i trl for Dat1e
Ing Parties, Patent Latfier Shoes, and
for Breaking in New Shoes. It is' the
greitest contfoft disuovery of the age.
'ry It today. Bold everywhire, B5c.
Don't accept apy substitute. For IA'RIiO
trial packane,Isddress Alien 1. Olm
itead. Te Roy, N. Y.
"Whedlh of dlelion"-.Dram,
"FPrelting Altntie". Oomrledy
"Girl of the West"--Drama
Codfish Indultry--Deascrlptivo
Erre Chante Every Dy
Stops itching instantly.
Cures piles, eczema, salt
rheum, ettter, itch, hives,
herpes, scibleS-Doan's Oifft
menat. At all drug stores.
Order tlnursery stoek now and be
redy rfr tho, olcping of the season.
Our sticulc is complete. Orchard
tree.', hnedo trees, ornamental
lhrubh, Iherrlus, perennhllls, annuals.
Everything for orchard, lawn and
HomHe grown, free from Infeotion,
perfectly accllmated.
Send fJr our 1901 catalog.
Mlssoala Nursery Co.
Greenhousee, Orchard Homes, Tel.
45. City Store, Montana Blook,
Tel. 192 Bl, Bell52, Ind.
Prize Matinee, 2 to 5 p. m.
Evening, 7 o'olock
It's ia euniiellll(,r in the worldl' current
eVeIllt. Just out.
A iulghc-prudulcer
A dlrulot:te story oh' n artlet's love
iiild hil I work
A reel runi-maker
New Musio New Songe
The leading cafe in the state-
the beat of everything at reason
able prices.
Tureday,. Thursday and Sunday
evening a flue Mflidctall program
will be rendered ny our oWh or
Commutation Meal Toiket, 45.0O
for 45.00.

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