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Sermi .Annual hite oods Sale
Thousands of Beautiful Undermuslins; Miles of Lovely Embroideries; Snowy White Fabrics;
Table and Bed Linens; Remarkable Values Throughout
;.:o 1
of 40
00! '
A MONTH ago women commenced asking when our White Sale would be held and our answer ever since has been simply, "Wait, it will not be long, and it will be worth waiting for." It
has taken longer to get ready than we.anticipated--caused through a delay on the part of the maker who had our order for the beautiful Paris-American hand-embroidered undergar
ments you will see in this sale at such low prices, and, again, because of an accident at sea that delayed the arrival of the lovely St. Gall embroideries which were bought especially for
this occasion. But now, )vith unbounded pleasure we make the announcement that stocks are fully complete at every point and we are able to sound the message for which hundreds
of Missoula women have been waiting-a White Goods Sale so broadly comprehensive and deeply helpful in its scope that practical-minded women ~ill be quick to seize the opportunity
to purchase supplies for a full half-year.
At Every Point the Sale of Muslin Underwear Shows the Care With Which it Was Planned
The WhitM Sale of last June was hardly over before we began planning for this Sale. For months the process of selection and elimination has been on.with the one end in view-of making
THIS White Sale the best this Store has ever presented, whether considered from the standpoint of varieties, qualities or values it affords. The Sale will, we believe, fully substantiate these
claims of superoolrty over any white sale ever held in Missoula:
FIRST-Many novelties and exclusive styles, which other stores cannot duplicate before another season. THiRD-Better materials and better workmanship than have beeu known before at equal price.
SECOND-Greater variety of styles and greater refinement of styles, partioularly in the inexpensive garments. FOURTH-Better values, resulting from painstaking efforts on ur part to effeot deep-out economles.
Though lots are large, many of the most beautiful things will be sold before closing time tomorrow evening and cannot be duplicated, hence this suggestion-COME EARLY.
Real Hand-Embroidered Lingerie A Sale With Savings for All La Grecque Tailored Underwear
THE PARIS.AMERICAN GARMENTS AU our finer undermuulins, not Thi- ,,nuitl n . ori, i jierritly proportioned and iterfect fittin underwear is. nowhere
hat womn has not been eaer for the Par-made rments enriched th hand- Irnol I ii th' fam la reeque tailored lngero, which for many years ha
ernbroidered scallops and dainty designs in choicest needleart, deterred only by the prices Included it the lots Uspecially (.,. ti.,. ,orit,. ... ,aeint.l,.e w,.men throughout the country. '.his underwear con
which heretofore were beyond the reach of many? At last this French hand-e ni n foup es and priced for this sale, rm. tothe r,.otur sl vrios fnures with exactneh. tile result of many eareful
THISh it e wo an e thaeno been eager f tort e hars-mader garmsents d wiethecosdrdfm telutaded ointh lofaitis ,qaiesovlustafrd. TeSewlwebivflysbtn
broidery or lingerie has been produced in America and the difference In price is clearly ae fittings itnil n loe. lnwe hldge of the demands in both style and comfort. 0xcellent
shown in these special white sale offerings. The garments are every bit as fine as woil be saold this week at a -e-,., ,,an,re rful wtoking i nd dainty trimmings also contribute to make IA Greoque
the imported ones, are exact dupifcates, in fact, in cut and design, and the embroidery duction of Ten Per Cent. tlets, rees uln.hrwar ini chiei,r of to, moat deicrimninating.
s actual hand work. This unusual price concession makes this sale an occa- a Grecque Night Gon $2.75 to $10.00
Hand-embroidered Night Gowns, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2.25 to $3.60. sion .of rare importance to every woman, whether her Laa Grecque Prineq o ips $3.50 tot $20.00.
Hand-embroldered Chemise, at $1.25 and $1.75. search is for good, practical, inexpensive garments for La Grecque Co rbinations, $1.75 to $10.00 t ess 10%
Hand-embroidered Coriset $.5 Cover$1e.7 neee, 50c, 75c and $1.25. everyday wear, or for the loveliest, daintiest lingeries La Grecqu e Dra wers, $1.75 to $.75. 1THIS WEEK ONLY
which heretofore ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~L weebynGh ec fmnA atti rnc ade-gopdadpie o hsslf rmtohe due o Draertn , f$1.7wihexcnes tohe75 resul WEKo N
Hand-embroidered Combinations, $1.25, $1.50, $2.00 and $2.50. worthy a place in a bride's trousseau-at a saving. La Grecque Corset Covers, $1.b0 to $3.75.
Muslin Gowns. Princess Slips Combinations Corset Covers Muslin Skirts For Children
Dain ty les In good muslin., long- In white lawn or good muslin, trimmed Of good muslins, soft nainsooks and ire. Hundreds of pretty garments in fine cam- lrinces fitted pettlcoas and other style Childrene muslin pants, plain and
lace and embroidery trimmglr cpes with embroidery or Val. antique or linen pens; trimmed with lace or embroidery, brits, trimmed with laces, embroideries iry f uncets and lace edtis; pocrialld three special groups In the sale at
l lacly priced a e rouie at lace; specially priced groups at and ribbon run; spe.ially priced groups at and ribbon headingos tpecially pric,, r priced lroueps at 15c, 20c and 25e
I l cul pricd twork2. nd25
69c, 79c, 98c, $1.25, $1.50, 69c, 89c, 98c, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75 $1.75, $2.00 and $2.75 t'haldrun'u skirts, lace tod embroider
aatrimmed, regularly 25s to $2.00; atnd
$1.69 and $250 $1.25, $1.75, $2.00 and $2.75 and $2.0 , 35c, 50c, 59c, 69ce and 89 , e nd . d.tire.n sirts, lac no s$em b0 roi
$1.69embrande$2.50Skirts made with under-ruffle, lace and children's g$ewnn in various styles, rag
Other gowns, variously . Other Princess s ips, various- 10 Other ombination., variously '10 ote, cor.se -ov., aru.. ,l 110% Ci"'""'"'""" rtrimmed; kiularly ularly ct'' $.50;all re 10
priced $2.00 to $14.00, less . I ly priced $3.50 to $5.00, less.... . priced $2.50 to $5.00, less........ - priced 7Ge to $2.75,. less ..... $1.75 to $4; Inl tilts sate at, less .... duced .......... ........
EXTRA SPECIAL-Women's Out-size Gowns EXTRA SPECIAL--Women's Muslin Drawers
Splendid haragins for women who wear extra size garments; all of t O One qf the sale's best attractions, affording exceptional economies.
good muslin and in various styles; wtlbh high. round and V necks o l it l l unsl. drawers, good quality add neaty trimmed with lace and
Regular $1.25 gowns R.egular $1.75 gowns Another lot of $1.75 egobriiadtrt in all "ires; "ee5lally priced as follow:e
in the sale 75 I the 1 125 gowns oan It.75 gaud 1$2 ° 35ceg. 5Sc and6 and 89eg. tmo andr
at ............... .... sain ..........t Aed • ale at .....t.L.eUV tdr'nwtrn . 690 drawers,....UUl~k 890 drawers.,,.'arU
almbrolderles more beautiful than ever; embrolderles finerand more richly wrought than ever graced a white .d rc.
-sale in Missoula; every woman who sees them will grow enthuslastic over the offerings, and it should not
Oth be surprsling i f some of thesPe lots were sold out completely the first day rof the sale. White Sale in the Domestic Section
Lovely New W hite Materals Embroideries worth to 15o e E mb Embrolderlesw worth to $1.50 y. le ,o.3.. u.rn tisoW eatr ies, ow., ti, towely ni and table win. cail
"A White Seeasonl" says Fashion. Accordigly, we have planned. a yard, in the sale at ................... a yard, in the sale at ....................... to t a-keat duvrnrh a ne at ri, tty housewiff wil f at
and the new things are more lovely than ever t aeavnaeo
n Rose Suitin-A nicely' finished fabric that takes the place A thousand yards, insertions and good, strong edges 27-inch Swiss flouncings; very fine quality, with Muslin Sheetings-Standard goods, upon which we reserve the right
Eo lseh asyto aue oes o br d es we n36 2 to 5 Inches wide; prettyd desinsn worked on main, heavy embroidery in new designs to limit the quantity that will be sold to any customer at these
45, 72 and 81*ingh widths., at 55#, 85, 5O# and 65.. 9ruit of te Loom," 6 inches wide , regularly o r ..........#
Frenoh Cambics-Firm. soft-finished materiasi, for waists and Embroideries worth to 50c Em2 "Fruit of th. Loom," 214 yard. wad, regularly 5% y..a.....r.
dresesa; 16 inches wide; two qualities, 9SS¢ and 854. a yard, in the sale at-------..1... a yard, in the sale at-........ .... ' .ruit of the Loom," 2% yards wide, regularly 40c yard............588
Shie4'ttes--n plain weave and in neat self-stripes and checks; .2 C 22-inch allover embroideries, and 27-inch flouncings; 45-inch "Prult of the Loom" pillow casing, regularly Sic yd....tS1
lnches wide: .94, 85B and SO#. Corset thver embroideries and flouncing, 12 to 18 the first mentioned in Baby Irish effects and Prench "iiiixcroft" sheeting, 1 yards wide, regularly 30c yard..................O
Maeruisette Voiles--A new. cotton fabric for walsts and dresses; inches wide, in fine and open patterins, hand-embroidery; a good, heavy quality that will 1'epperell or "Aurora" sheeting, 2 yards wide, reg. 270 yard......55
,dn.s in dainty choeks; yard, 35&. Embroideries worth to 62 5wear; the fiounenng come It exquisite patterns and Peppareil or "Aurora" sheeting, 2% yards wide, reg, Z0o yard..35
6ttornsn Piquee-The newest material for dresses or separate walsts ai25c will make handsome dresses, Pepperell or "Aurora" sheeting, 2e yardes wide, reg. 35o yard..3Tl
or skirts; wale stripes In various widths; yard, 855 and 15o0, y in the Embroideries.worth.$3.00..... - Hemmed iheitsl
Sh0dow Voile-A new sheer fabrlc with self--stripe and floral de- 200 yards of beautitful corset cover embroidery, 18 Embroiderles worth to $3.00 He mmedo' "*o "eete-.................. s
signs in shadow effects; 500, 60 and s8s, inohes wide; fine eyelet patterns done on fine carnbric a yard, n the sale at......a. f o' "l.oonomy," ilxiQ inches, aeamulse, regularly 71kch ... OO#
Cj-epee--Plain and fancy stripe weaves, in cotton, mercerized and Embroideries worth to 75c 45-inoh Swss cings of extra fne quait in the "Liberty," 81x90 inches, seamless, heavy, regularly 90c each....1O
puire silk; yard, 5O# to 9.50. prettiest eyelet embroidered and Insertion effects we Pillow Casee
,.a yard, th sa at ....................... have ever shown: also 22-Inch alover embroIderies "rn.," 42x26-inch; or "Iureka." 45xl6-"nch, regularly 20c..15
Real convent hand-made oorset cover embroldery, 18 in Baby Irish effects worked on fine Persian lawn, "Thihtle," 45x88-inoh, extra good, regularly 250 each...,............1.
W hite Sale Specials I.n.. wide; very neat patterns done on fine nailisook " 14 different designs. ."Lenox," hematitched, 45x36-Inrh, regularly 200 each.......5........
Longeloth-1S yards in a piece, Serkely Csamb.ioe-s-lnch wide. a Imi able Dmaes-,lo k Towels-
no pe~e Out' N, 60liouaiiv 1$-5.1. mnerterls'd, reg, iio..65$ I5c buck towels, lixii-in4*$
no. i o0 u-r -.5"n, No. -*"utr . 0Set Special Aprons Specially Priced Bedspreads all-linen, $1.50.... ,o oo::.,,:l ,ow.,?,
No, i0Q,-,-531-n, 1ie qual.. 1.60 No, 150-Si8c quality ......1 O•r7.n. ,.l-l~nen. !.0... ..0 .oTrlhtwl, 82,50.
Nod Les-45-B2., snhesti de -$*,P5t aa" w Oddments of La Greoque and Neat work aprons, made from good quality light A special White Sale offer- I0mbracad in the above offer. l52 rurklsh towel-, S0x40..35$
India Linmes-.83 ti~ho,,w d~e-- Pe. n wnisn -... Bon Ton corsets, sood mod- and dark colored prints, with pocket and white n o r e x are sons 15 aptterns, all
l pio,. , yarda. ....... 50tS gr aw$de, $886nch wide....51 eil; mostly large sises;,rogu- tape trImming; smooth fitting, without a logther, upato.date, Wash Cloths
Sicq~lity, yard. ..,....... S.. icO g1oirade, 52-lrish wlde....3S$# , ar prices .83.50 to l1Ath] 60 onlV "Stanford' crochet...... ..
Si" tI#ty, ami 'd.* ,:.:;.....:,.l. . c 0 i!*:ado, 4*.In h wide....$ 5.t,00; sale price...... .IeW Aprons without bibs. 1 , with tbs..............O bedspreads, sie 7577 inches Hemmed Nepkl-Oood qtlt White or colored, ex. valuen,,
) "errls "Good Sense'" costeet Polly Ann Jane" aprons in black and white per. with hemmed edges; wegu- en -oer nsToweling-
4vaigiftalld-Iii lSd qu*1i4$ 'M*rsensod .Sstite-Soft.',\shedr , waists, black only; regblarly onas, trimmed with rIck-rack braid..............# larly sold at $1.75; in 9- 18xig.-i,, res, $1.50, dos.. 4 , 131o all-h.ten r suh, .
' lt"tih; 8Sin,..*.#o'gu*.,.,1* apnd silky. "t1 i .I this. sale".A Aprons of variutts sorts An lawns and gisnham; the saie at, each .'2 SSx22-Ih., ret, $1.75 dos..$1.3$ 111o* by.ihed towll- .
fp ,, ..d",6 . '4iinch wide, . 50 quailt....S. fa r '.. ................ C plan.' bib and . uo stylds ........ aTO 1.5 ......4x-4.I,, rg. $2.00. dqa...O 1o. glass towel lnlg .... ..1v4,

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