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FRITZ bY WI?4 1 -
Treanportation Company Will Run a
Spur to the Grounds, It is An
nounce1, No Matter Where Ulanken
ohio a Men Wi:l WriW:.
Th local hRasbeall magnates are cnlt -
aldetring tie ball park qucestin with a
good' deal of interest right now, for the
plant in Montana addition In on tith
~ritz to a great extent and extensive
improvements or it nuew estabhllshment
will be needed tefore the "play hall"
call comes.l TI. mainter's winds ha\ve
not trelted thet park very kindly, and
Ith grandstaul is nIix honumn rIght
nlow. It never \las such') a fine stand,
either, and the f.ans will welcomi its
remodeling or its successor. The timg.
hlates ,have hern(l lpetitioned to buldl tlhe
t'pres statnd oItl tol| of the open air
thetter and the'y 'nay do this, althoutgn I
such It mov\ is not abslolutely essen
tIal to the happincess of the sports
writers of the city.
There will be street car service to
the park this year, it has been an
nounced. no matter where Blanken
ship's me'n will play. It is not certain,
absolutely, that the old grounds will
he used again this year. It II said to
be likely that it extensive improv'e
ments are made the local diamond will
be shifted, as no long-term lease cam
be secured. The addition is on the
Under any circumstances, it mill be
necessary that the present grandstand
be fixed up a lot and that eonsilderable
encourage.ment be offered the fence.
The wind of the last day of the ama
son took down a section and more
winds, and vandals in need of kindling,
have helpMd on to a more general de
lapidatlon. Local fans can be assuredt
that they'll see the games more com
fortably this season-in more ways
than one, too. Don't copper any base.
ball bets this spring.
(Front Judge.)
Mrs. Hoyle-My husband loved me
at first aight.
,Mrs. Doyle-I understand that you
met at a masquerade ball.
The Missoulian's Presidential
Preference Ballot
Who is your choice for president? Who is your
second choice for president? Use this ballot to desig
nate your first and second choice in The Missoulian s
Presidential Preference Ballot. Each voter is entitled
to cast one vote. The ballot must bear the voter's
signature and address, but the names will not be pub
lished. One week before the voting closes, the date
will be announced. Mark your first choice with a
cross (X), in the first choice column;, mark your sec
ond choice with a cross (X), in the second choice col
umn. Send your ballot to the Presidential Ballot De
partment, care of The Daily Missoulian, Missoula,
Indicate your choice by a cross (X) in the square
after the name you wish to vote for.
First Choice. Second Choice.
T aft .......................... _.......... [ ] [ i
R oosevelt ......................... ] [
La Follette ........................ [ ] [ ]
Cummins [ ] [ ]
H ughes ................................ [ ] [ ]
........................................................ [ I [ ]
First Choice. Second Choice.
Bryan ........ .... [ [
H arm on ............................ [
W ilson ................................. [ ] [
C lark ............................. .... [
Folk ...... .... E I [
--........................... .................... 3 [
First Choice. Second Choice.
D ebs ..................... ..........
B erger ............................... [ ] [ ]
Name .... ..... ............................. ...
A ddress ................................................ ........................
'I I * , , ,, /
dr YrY~tl~UI"l.R"d s·r
TOM MASTON, it j ,' L
Catoher brafted by Velnon 'nd Sq d
to klt 'Lake May Not I. Given Op
portunlty to VHar tle 8piglesa of
the Saints.
1Manager Ilankendhip will give Tom
I Maston, who worked with Anaconda
last '~etson, a tryout this sIpring.
Blankenship had Maston in his stable
when he, was with Tacoma, but the
pitcher, while as big ns a house, had
no control. "He had everythikg else,"
said Blank last night, "and he writes
Inc that he can locate the plate norw.
(Ig I'm going to work him out. iHe
may ii' a winner.
"McClo'skey writes to me that Mis
oaulat will probably open in that
town." the manager continued, "an.I
thiat he' wants us to train In Ogd.n. T
still hope. however, that Missoula will
ge't to o,len at home and that we may
train in the Hitter Root. I'm strong
for this sort of weather."
There Is a good chance that Harry
KeClhey, the Mildoula pitcher dratted by
'ernon and sold to Salt Lake, will not
get to play with the Saints this sea
son. There Is a baseball law that no
player can be sold back Into the league
from whioh he was drafted, if the club
from which lie was taken objects. This
puts the matter of Kelley wearing
Halt Lake clothes 'iquarely up to Pres
Ident damapbell of the local association.
It was said last night to be quite like
ly that Kelley will not be allowed to
go to Salt Lake,
Blankenship is hoping that Pitcher
McCafferty will return to 1Mistula for
tLe colming season. He thinks that
MrCanffoty irad more on the ball than
any of the Missoula pitchers and that
lie was one df the best twirlers in the
circuit. Mac is now In Bloomington,
Ill., and he may come back, although
he is known to have bhad several of
fers. It is rumored, also, that McCaf
ferty will be given a chance to man
age the Butte team. There is still lots
of good baseball In McCatterty and he
likes Montana and the west. So it is
likely that he'll be mixed up with
somc, Union association team this
yeanr. Mac was released on his own
demand last fall.
Prom S. ' i
Nashivll , rTeqp., Feb. 9.-nl order
to und..ad c.ndtion. tID the State
pentenltiary, Qbvermor n el t V obper
of Tennessee stepped down Sfrom his
high oftice and remained the entire
night at the penitentiary. This is the
first time In the history of the Vol
unteer state a governor has gone
through this ordeal, and the result of
his experience may lead to some
drastic reforms in the idea of the meon
to whom at this time it is customary
for a governor to extend a pardon.
Another result ot his visit is the an
MOOR cwa0s
Irishmen to Quit This Week-Season
Will Probably 8o Completed by the
Four Leading Teams-Peeriess May
Be Dropped to Equalize Schedule.
It is more than prolable that, if the
third series Is played by the indoor
league, it will be finished by the four
leading teams. According to the . entl
ment yesterday, the Shamrgek team
will play its last game Thursday
evening. Several of the d.,.l, belong
ing to the Irish squad h;ave been
forced to quit the game and Cup
to play the season out witti five thitrn
legs with reporting time so near at
hand. "Dash" does not feel like re
porting at 'Memphis with one hum
pin. In view of these conditions, the
Shamrocks have signified their Intcen
tion of abandoning the remainder of
their schedule. As It Is not feasilble
to play the season out with five teamns
it is probable that the Peerless team
will suspend. A meeting will be held
at the close of the game' Thursday
evening and the matter will be settled
(Continued from Page One.)
noula, when he was roundly cheered by
the assemnled delegates. At a Billings
state convention andi, at Hlloena and
other ptlaces Jutdge. Ielourqluin has maide
addre'sses that always comlllUlindelt:d the
ettention of the representatives of Iles
Somle years ago Judge iBourquin
wrqte an arthlet In reply to an art on
h judiclary. 'This article uttracted
ioeticon of P'resident Taft, who, until
nIs last visit to tlhiN city, had never
met Judge lourqeuin, When the pres
ident wes heIre Ihst O'cthecr he met
Yudge BoRurquih an.yl referred to that
lfc'llse of the jlllithlary.
Judge lIourqult nmade a splendidl
rcc'ird as district j.uldle Ic Hilhver Bow
ccullty. After retilllg frocn the bentch
Ihe resumend the Iprnitloe Of law, and is
now a member of the firm of Kirk,
lourlquln & Kirk, the senior member
of whicLh, John Kirk, recently died.
Judge Bourquln Is cmarried and hlas
three sons.
Yesterday, Cltirf Blankenshtlp, man
ager of the Missoula team In the
Union association, purchased the in-:
terest of J. P. ("Pink") Nettles In the
Moose ,pool and billiard t'hl, just
across lrott street from the ?lgre ce
hotel. .tfr. Islankenship expects to.
inmprove the place a Jot. During the
comlng season hoe will fekartpre sport
ldg stews in gen eral And TShebdl 'irlc
p1rttiloair. Mr, Blankenship saey th.t
he intendes to mnakes Missoul .J tl
,permeastent h~ome, Which will "ble all'
right with Mlsuoula.
Peter and Leslie ollng, JBetter
known as 'Peteee ig ceottodne"
thls mornin for NwewJal, l Thl
town Is a sheub of t oltaa ,ni
was the hotne of the Bohl ft e1
Ii aising corn An4 ,thet rsp
nounc1nerpt that hereafter no 4trfpea
will be used by first and second
trade prltoneu Other refornis which
governor Hooper with work for are the
The shoot held by the gun club last
Sunday brought out a large number
of shooters and all Indications are
that the coming season will be re
markably successful. The flloa ing
scores were made at the shoot last
Eunday: Frits Larson, high gun, with
45 out of 50, Mapes, 49-60; Hartley.
89-60; Baxter, 39-60; Atltew, 42-60;
Mrs. Mapes, 42-60; AMcoll, 40-60;
Anderson. 23-90; Sturm, 25.-0: sMrs.
Baxter, 13-40; OlasMcock, Jr., 17-30:
G(lasscock, Sr., 9-20; WVlrd, 8-30;
Henderson, 6-10.
Another shoot will be h-ld next
Sunday at the local ground. In case
rain interferes on Sunday, the shoot
will be postponed until February 22,
Washington's birthday. The shoot
will begin promptly at 1:30 p. in., and
guns will be furnished at the grounds
for the people ivho have no weapons.
Ammunition can also be purchased on
the grounds. State Manager McColl
of the Iteminglton company and State
teprlresent:ttlr Elton will he present.
At the revival at the CalVary
C'hrlstian church last night Pastor O.
H. Gibbs ,f the Methodist church,
South, conducted the devotlons. Mrs.
Stevenson sang, ",Ho4,ntidy Needs
Your blove"-a toutl(hig appeal for a
life of greater sympathy and unself
islness. The solo was lirompted by
at) afternoon visit on the part of Mrs..
Stovenson to the home of a lstk moth
er unable to reach her child that is
lying at the point of dealth In a local
In his evening sermon Mr. Stivers
continued his analysis of oonverslon,
discussing the subjectr of respntance.'
It was a stirring prol;imnatlon of the
noetsslty of. righteoineneii, both for
the individual and for siclety. He
spoke as folldkw: 'l'nltlght we con
sider repentance, the siecond step in
conversion. We care very li4tle "bputt
what tmen say conce rning the, st-i
Joct, but are mnightily concerned with`
that which (God has to say. The first
thing that concerns us, In *egard to;
repentance, is the meaning o it.,
First let us notice what it is not, It
is not sorrow. Heroid was sorry .or
wlhait he had done, but he d.d not're
pent. Again, It Is not sorrow ogib~e4
with (onfession, for Judas was sorryj
and confessed, but did not repent.
Neiwt . Testament repentance s' a
change of mind leading to. a ohMIge
of oonduct. It is turning uwayi. .
a life of sin to a life of arl ol0for
"Why should we repent?+ ;
Christ commands it. Is that Ot
enough for any thinking mar.t In,
Luke 18:8 Jesus says: 'I tell ye ,
but except ye repent, ye shall all;ail
wise pariah.' God- ltlwa yl w "
fore he punishes, ?ah "
people to live , .'rtllgtl u.
the flood, Sodom was
righteous Lot.. $doked a
twbrhed by Dahiel. Jesus
krusalem again and again, d3
proa'ching doom. We ~ve been
again altt1'RtiiI to t at ti'oni m
if 4we 46 rat, 9e shall p
has done all in nri plwer to
butwe must .obey Hlmt h6i'u~
ever live with Him hereaftnr,'
Subject of the sermon for thhis -e*!
l.a, "What Jesus .itdured t J 1'
t r . ".
·06RWOt Cea ;
ýWJ :
Indetonnizm, eettenr se is *td A
aset14ence; aluo a law whist: WiI giv
prisoners' dependent relatives oms re.
suit from their 'wOrk *in .Ibon.
(Continded Prom n*age Five.)
"We aim to teach one thing," said Mr.
'onhley, "and that Is nsot 'to 'put In youre
coal faster than your draft appliances
will admit the air. It means a waste
of fuel and labor."
The next lecgtur whioh Mr. Cotil
will give in Milsoula'wtil be on '"Tihe
Properties oft Coal." This talk will be
given Thursday afternoon. Elaicr of
the lectures .ts reDeated several times
In order that all the men may hear
(Continued From Page One.)
patty-tand no "pgrqetive -1raalty In
the 'anything to beat Taft' Idea.
"Moreover, Roosevelt has laid down
the course of his future political ca
reer. Ite stated himself out of the
presidential arena when he made his
declaration In 1904. And he will not
come Iback Into it--and surely he ought
not to come back into it-to contest
for mere political honors nor to help
a fictitious revolt nor for any but
somut, Imperative reason that will in
contestibly Justify, in the. calm Judg
n.ent of all high-minded men, the
change of a deliberate high conviction
and the withdrawal of a deliberate
irofound promise."
Governor Chase Osborn of Michi
g;Ln. who followed Secretary Mac
Veagh, charged that the brewers of
the state with whom the governor f.
engaiged in a heated controversy are
trying to control the state in the In
terest of President Taft's nomination.
"Take back notice to your re
spected chief," the governor said, ad
dressing tile secretary, "that an agent
of the brewery interests went to
Washington and sail they woul¶ ,e
ltver Michigan for Tait-a thing tihe
brewers cannot do. t'he people will
decide that question."
Jack tlrim, the old Brooklyn playA0,
will manage thi Newark Olito State
ICnague team next season. Jack has
had quite a hlot of experience in 'tl't
minor leagues since leaving the bll
EAT AT ?945
The leading aAfe pn 'tile
the best of everything at i.eli
able prices.
Tuesday, Thursdayl and SU.lay
eventng a fine musioal pro-V 1i
will be rendered -y ouar on or.
Commutation Meal leliet, 5.5 0
for $5.00.
•l I .3' !
E.P 1
for .yo r io o i
~bpsd rf lr + seth'£ .
estn P er
aconda onner, Mliontanla
ill Loc d at Hatlton, .Montana.
St. Regis, Montana.
Pine and Montana Larch. Our facilities permit
of getting out bill and special items with the lelit
delay. Shipments made over N. P. and C. M. &
P. S. railways. A large and complete factory in
onnection which makes anything needed In
Sash, Doors, Window and Door Frames, Mould
inge and Interior Finish. Large factory for it
manufacture of
Bu Shook, Fhrut and Apple Boxes.
Phlme -Bell 106; Ind. 742.
Can any household afford
to be without it?
ý' 'ýk1 1ý 1týtritllilll O
.M, Nom slo* vdeet
* SatNU,1l
sq 0Jd#RW#
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