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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, February 18, 1912, Morning, Image 16

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TIwt ttalhings will make tlth lii arlar
bMouse fr springll a.\tr with ell" ' taiL
lorehd Laitt taessentially mr,t t r;l :rtda l atp
t-th-tlranonint., andl t theme t. thlthings
are plenty .f lt e.' and pletnty if btl
tons. T hit . l a tt, will b".. put n in paneal,
bitler, or Iplastron effect, giving thia
blouse bectlna.g, litonag hliaes, tandt the
bitatonls will fIallolv the dirtection of the
ltace trimminng. blleing arranged in salll
g'c or doublie rows along the edlges
aaf illnrtlions; at the en(ds oa f brala
or atard litps iln m litary r ft'tat. or
r i'l;l.l ulilttg thc 'l ,ll..t l ,-l , r-I.'-ll',l , o1'
fitt.teling, Itt tugh vt ery i itaa I i ira , Ita be
sure, daaesa Ii tl,,uae buttalt with the
ihilla 1buttons uts.l far rllnlll ntal
ia t widett pro d Otr fr rjrin a atal
1i.(It' tat11 aPar utlll(. i tt 'i rr· I ar.tI P atlll t t..tl
attn loatasa has tmattat many tmana
tavtot lei if the praetic. ', pt i - a lhitt
n.Ist, which a. ty Ile reshe.hnlted dl
lightllly in th It lk with s.l p, i .ater!
lllts i th+ t I at'i.. a st tr atas which site
tlia, " tti. l w t tera-a. trill r asu. . ll .
ta i wt lt ltla. pustIs her faithll t siaaa
lalatita itt tam In atttttasatat tturt atasatable
hltt , lti . as ata st oft ti esh.a iusest.
Will a e at an t-aatatltta taI e ultra
asha'tIl ] ai tttil tllru a:r. itld t IiaI litslr.
tholugh t ", " I"ttt r till 'Id. u bn tdly
hate a tal t ,In, titm mta a ogue t i i ta h tile
InIi° ates. IU less the \erun. , tit irn
br.itaerit or hlae garatment is httilt of
high-priced na tterlt t , It<s 1l( t .ly old
tattatat ita lt, wlill a,'laai rt to c talainun
h lone-wt hite the first titnat It it .ul
litl ated to the Iland t et tlelt, aall, aas
aut. Il],t a ,t lit tat ' ai a, ,a avh 't a ;aIa'. 11ll11t-aI,
d'llli ,ed" il, tea ,',fft', e *"r .amle shlll ur
slat tioilti, I 1t creh ath ly int is Vt l"
a"ta.tta at-tat ittl at,, All It,. tatn aIt
i'',l" it atl a lt ti$ a i" it 1 t t h ellllt to tII
cattatl t.' itlt, tand th.se tlints atllt It'llt
cately at .t Itt racti vel with talte
ittownt , tuia . Itt t blues int prtll tne
uu hI rs.Il~N; bit, a,, he~n r' 'lii s4111tll.+
I You wthv h~l\, to ' crtd Ing fronm ,.hr. . inu sn alm kn.w th tthe so--alhqiled
"rllyspepsahl curls" tdo lt rv lliy suri ptrLllanentilll t , ,h t at lust only give tr'In
p)'a'ily rebll Thi help di tiel. tin, htl t Ii ii ust l he iken t l u'th tiule Io.no
i t1iti 'I i' t lt s it ltetter inlt
DR. CALI)WELL'S s"r'r wit, i .,,;tinuog i,.rnt ,n..t
lip l'. ndl that i . tl h O wue of sucth a +' " ,,'
is the Ideal Cur. for Chronic PEPSIN. ''her,. Is no denying the
Indigesti on t tlu If ill I 1u5 nl i a to (]igest ht,.
IIn i ill ;tdditlot n tLI this DR. CALD
gradients that ttne lil -trt llthenl tihlt stomac'h muscles. l'hoert' re alst, rec.
ogniz.td lux.titts protiltrlis+ wthich rei.tve from tilth bowels tll tiltler thit
should he elir.inaltd. It is ,'tesruuI that t retely for indigestion e etf
fective both ion thie stomach ntli tie b'ow elx, and this (can lte %ald of DR.
CALDWELL'S SYRUP PEPSIN. A snmil dote, takehn as the directlons tall
for, atlnd in t;Fere\ e ettl iH I tti')lllllllt i fr few days, will cure any tcase if I - i
digestion or rour money will Ile reitselcd. SYRUP PEPSIN is 1',)r 6i4
stomach, liver tllt Owi, t18 ltl flor the setfic plutlrposes hus no supierilr.
It is thle Idl J, a t'altllv 'e1m, dy 1and hoIuhi be in every( hotnei, ..fl.y.ff 't+I n i Ian t!t'
has been kntisn It ItIkeIp it lr ., tfillnttly Ill h(ealth for It ItIti tllIte. It Is atll
Inexpensive Wly of voidint\tilg docl'tor bills land the illeonlvtnlences of sltckness,
for where thiere is good dlgslilstion lnd gtloodl howel mnovelmenllt there is stare to
be good heealth. SYRUP PEPSIN cutil be taken with lnfetty and sure riesults
from Infancy to ,lhl agc it has n, superior an a laxative for thildren. It Is
mild, acts gently and without Kgritingl. It is also pleasant to the taste.
Dr. Caldwell: lDr. Caldwell: Dr, Caldwell.
After using the samlple bottlie of Your Syrup Pulit'ln, is all you .1 received your sample bottle of
Syrup Pepsin ¶ purchauted a large claim fItr It and doues l I work 1as lylup Pepsin and used it. It helped
also bottle and am .glad to say lthat rtcomletrlcend. Hav'e used your I1e Sio niuch that I bought a 410 oent
I was th.t'hly pleas'ed with the results. medicine In my ullilly with good re- lu,ttle and have used'it. It Is the only
I will continue using it. sults. thing that helps me. I have to.
M. I. Wllttour, i. Is,' tarr, hbrlitedl stomah trouble and have
1561 Litncoln St., Denver, Col. FoIlsoii, N. M. suffered with it a grea~trl.arvt of
my life, , L. J. BantleY,
1212 t'llrennolnt Ave., Pueblo, Col0.
Aty)ne wishihlg to makg trial of this remedy before buying it in tit re-. Dr. Caliwell:
silas . "f a druggist at fifty cents or one dollar a liarge bttle (family tilp) w'. taken two bottles of Dr.
,,.,8 a ....p,. bottle sent to th.lehome free of oharge by simply addrees'. e1i l. .jill {Ti Pls pin and • will
. ¶ Caldw ill, 405 Waslkington St., Montioello, III. Your name and *itiih dl1t t'' (I)er'niediicnes I havo
. gil'ge ean a peital card will do. R| ab. 13. D .. 4, ,teiastopol, Cal.
_ __...... ·ever t ke. I D e I. Ina in
I\lf;inth.r arrl\vs-the trrld. humild,
stliky. dog-day weather of early Juno
thl daint.\ white IIngerie aiaist will
oiol- inlt its o.n; for the prettiest
tni inIt r , atllste affair loses at
tractiv\nelltc s under such conditions.
Mannish Shirt Bosom
Four inttrurtive new lingerie waists
ar'( pictured on ttday's page and one
f' th*is waislt Is Ill the dinndelh pale
nvcr color. This is the model of
ver\l' .'h.r, pin-tuicked h)aatet with a
trl;iianiular imotli in front which nug
tl'iI the Sill't 1 ,Niltoni all thla n's (Idr·N
shiirt. Theise shirt-h.lomn effectls are
Iti "h trlnlIr crl" Just now. and are
Inl ofi tucked linen, of embroidered
t It, of Ei n and l al (', and var illts
other fairl.s, the shirt hosom i.iully
f-,rl ing a (,nlilt ast with the fabric of
IItheI I nnti' itself This pretty blouse,
by .len:imi' Illie. Is of very shleer ha
tint- in a ''.inny tan shade called
chanilljl , nni'i , inll th, IR( le' used as trim
sing is in 4y1 in tl' stoine champ.agnep
shhha le-. TlI. -hllr-Olonml mnotif in ofI
ir,' .ll it nlinen if 'xquilslte f ,ineness
nitlI tIiI l - i ninlihrilderv thereion is
aliso i.hiti, 'l'its i l t mllte imotif Is set
ill, t il. ba llh' - t iith narrow l inlny
shilrt I.noi)tn ith ,l is hdlero effect
alrrangdll l with .'hit'I embroiderend nlt
Sifus aind rol il ' tla. Insirtlin. M tlly iof
the n1'w inl)t'ig wyisint show this hbolrn
motif in tihe trimminlg and when tli.
dnklan is cuited It. the lines of the
filure it Ils very smiart and becoming.
It tile shoplts lwhere il'renclh Iblouses
are sili tlhey, sIhow oine dealchatile
shirl hitnint iof nhlir imaterial ani
ut'' which mtty be whipped over n
in .l, fine white blouse, transform
itig it into I dressy restaurant inidnel
it mi nennn'nt's notitice. When one ex
I I'' ino n o it day shoppinlg ii townn
and dini. laiter, nit in fnshinni ln
rest ltrant, en' of these drenss hUttle
nctiies h.ri hts nt be folded n IIn suei '
iper til ltikenl ilo e t llhe l ha lllndbag.
'l'hi'-n nhl In one frv'eshens up for dill.
ti'r lnth the i il l of one's vanity out
8~eeve Relac
fit, a acli , nw \vtll and slpothss white
gclhves may be w hinhlkd cult and adjust
ed over thle o se that has became
it litth lpitasse duriig the daNy's shop
plung. One of these adjustable shirt
bo.iomsi displayed In itn Fifth avenue
window last week was tf pin-tucked
IlreatI Iiet, anlld all arounlld its three
Isides (for the pIlldnt at tile Ibottom
had been clipped off o in square effect)
0w2nlt ia pileted frill of shadow lahce,
th1is 1 ee being, wide enough to spread
,olit lIt.er the. lop of the arm when the
,, eeiss'~try was in ipolitilon on the walit.
At the tol p I lls I honed sticik, attached
to the "ll osom.l" with (lunlly ntrt deulx,
111(and down1 the ( cent(er (of tile tucked
11lol iIltolliy lian filk n thrOl to be
lily hand-tnil, m.lk liseo i InvittlVe
anid t ihlet mhiallds. (Over a simple net
hlitLo or tiin -o siatin or ttffets in
tailllored stli yl' Ili.s gay nlit and lace
I lIiiss wlllild ffect a complete
Suit. Matched with Tailored Blouses.
With thi e Hslmart calt and skirt uit
for olly lllspring \\ar a blouse of the
titlllrlid or sei-tll-lilored type will be
The get -Mn
,es Ktmono8tyles
,--- - --- --------
most satisfactory. Severely tailored
blouses In mannish style art' fashion
able just now and these blouses are
made of luxurious materials, like satin,
crepe meteor and the changeable taf
feta upon which Paris is smiling at
the moment. Blue and black, green
and black, lave'nder and rose, tan and
green, and other color combinations
are seen in these new changeaslo taf
fetas which are so wonderfully silky
and soft in character. Waists of this
sort are made in regulatlon shirt style
with turned-back cuffs, button-through
collar, front pleat and small pocket.
They are worn with tailored suits of
serge and mohair, or with suits of
mixed worsted, though, of course, 'Whe
the suit is of mixed material,a blouse
of plain color is the best choice.
White satin shirts, cut In this aim.
pie, mannish style, are much faciled
with suits of tan and brown mixbd
worsted, but when the suit has a
Idressy character-as most of the gay
cutaway French suits assuredly have
the dressier type of blouse makes a
better ensemble, and all . French
blouses have this dressy character. It
is the English woman who adores the
trim, capable-hloklng, mannish shlrt
waist, and with her simple walking
suit of tweed or cheviot, it is always ie
perfect taste.
French Blouses for Spring Suits,
Two typically Parisian blouses for
wear ,with street suits in tailored style
are pictured. One of these blouses,
designed by Bauer to accompany a
Riviera sult of khaki-colored silk serge,
is of khaki and black changeable taf
'feta with braiding and button motifs
in black. The arrangement of the but
'tons-three on each side, with button
hole motifs made with fancy braiding,
is most interesting. The other French
blouse is also by Bauer and has a
strong oriental suggestion, the upper
part of the blouse suggesting the shape
of a peasant's bodice and chennlsette,
while the color scheme is essentially
oriental; cream vollo, Claok chiffon,
orange chiffon and old blue embrol.
dery being most cleverly combined.
The narrow ,upstandilng frill of black
net at the throat, with a trimming or
fringe below it, is much worn in Paris
Just now, though one can scarcely say
that these frills at the neck are bhe
odnming to many women.
Both of these Bauer blouses show
the sleeve-cap or shoulder dropped to
Ithe upper arm, the sleeve emanating
from this low armhole and having
ilQulte a bit of fullness at the elbow,
'while a cuff finishes the lower pork
i tion, This sleeve, which some call
,the "early Victorian" style, divides
favor with the straight e6it sleeve, set
ibht a rather wide armhole, ahd thsei
t*ot aleeves have entirely sut`ibrsd4"
thb kimono sleeve of la a ddon, .nrl
the'Woma. who desiree '. be Is top'
with ths adoel will espaedy.is 4iaapa6e of
sleeve-Tu.t attektbow
her last year's shirtwaists, and set to
work on new models with armholes
more or less distinctly emphasised.
The champagne blouse by Hallee.
mentioned earlier on this page, accom
palles a spring coat and skirt suit of
checked material in black and white,
and, the lacy, lingerie character of the
dainty blouse accords well with the
dashing cutaway coat, having revers
of the new cotton material that looks
so like Turkish toweling. With these
suits are worn neat boots of white
buckskin with buttoned tops, or chic
new-fangled gaiter hoots of patent
leather or tan calf with tops of cloth
that fit down over the toe In gaiter
effect and lmake the foot look very
smart and dainty.
Practical Tailored Blouses.
Several pleasing blouses of the
fresh, dainty, washable type that will
appeal to the average woman for early
spring wear are pictured. The tub
blouse, maide of all-over embroidery
with a border of eyelet *work is admir
ably simple and shows the favored
paneL trimming in front, and the set
in sleeve. The border of the em
Every woman is invited to consult our Staff of Physicians, Surgeons and Speciailist, at the
Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N.Y., by letter at my expeirs-,YR.V. PiEct , M. D.
There is every reason. why women should not trust their delicate constitutions in the
hands of unskilled persons., It requires a thorough medical eddcation to appreilte and
understand the female organism. There is every reason why she should write a specialist.
As a powerful, Invigorating tic "Favorite Prscription" imparts strength to t hl
system and to the organs distinctly feminine in particular. 'or over-worked "wornout,
"run-down," debilitatpd teacherss,spillitiers, dressmakers. semtresse, " pii." 4i
keepers, nursing mothers, and feeble women generally, Dr. Pierce's Favotite Prteicrlpon Is
unequaled as ani,apptizni! cordial and restorative tonic.
As a soothinga str ·~ .tb .
ening nervneFavorit. re
allaying and subd'g neryus ..ervo" ,`w#.i"o **.*. ..
exhaustion, nervous prosra -wotht a oa ý . . •tm. .........
tionneuralgi a, hysteria ip isms, ' ...... ............ ...............................
faitiommonlg s s and otron o.......... m ............. .. . .......
tressing, nervous symptom ........ ........ ...........
commonl att.,d~ai dit'u on.
ans. It induces. r to ::: ......, I ....u
up by, pa n vast ex! nee inthe treamtment o woman's maladies, ts ingredients
have the o rment of Je neesq' hysicians in *J chbolo b1 praic.
... " tF "v~ot risc pti nas cknown hV ' a the standard remedy for dilsases
women and has been e ed for the rs and more.
z~p up r t p a " qp Q ' a edicin... ,-,i , '
COýM IgaTq, with a recor of art ears t. Sold by a enl r t
ad r, ` _ b'iolb One to
,ý . F w~..'..q. ,, ,+ý'k.:..ýx ~A ' ~n a "..y ý , .« .w.'MM~r 16U4MN
broldery forms the front panels and
between them is a simulated opening
witli' cliohet buttons on a. nattow
plait. The 'blouse opens at. the back
-the only satisfactory Cashion when
there is a high( boned stock oUptll to
ipariup.late. The sleeves of thli prac
tiUl blpuse are. made of the, lnml)Vol
dery, used crosswise, so that; the bor
der of eyelet-work makes a pretty tin
Ish at the edge.
Another of these tub blowul Js ,the
semi-tailored, model of handkerchlef
linen, and this linen is In a very pale
yellow shade, the , hand enbroldry-
forming a yoke effeet-beitg done, in
white. This blouse owes its distine
tion . to. its perlect fit and to the
handsome materialse use The set-in
sleeve.ls pot gathered at allast tips top,
but the gro'up of phl-tuiking give a
graceful effect whlch breaks the long,
severe lilts of the sleevp,
A tub blouse, reeentl, sees shows
how the Otbeon pleat has been, re
vived, atter an absence of several sea
sons. This blouse .mis .mand,41, fine
'white lawn with a panel tr.l mlins. oi
embroidery and lace and ,the broad
Gibson pleats cover the armholes and
give the front a graceful fullness. A
plaited frill of lace Is set under one
edge of the embroidery, which forms
the front panel and the blouse has set
In sleeves, tucked from armhole to cuff
in groups of ,pin-tucking.
The slender little table, standing tbe
side the bed and bdrtring nothing but
a candle and perhaps Milady's prayer
book gives a finishing toutch of dainti
ness and refinement to the bed
chamber. Nowadays, the ready-to-hand
candle is replaced by an even more
ready electric bulb, which may he
switched on in an instant i occasion
requires. One of these bedside can
delstick arrangements In up-to-date
style is an exquisite affair of white
celluloid, matching the celluloid bureau
fittings now no fashionable. The can
dlestick Is a tall column of the cel
luloid and the shade is w latticed af
fair of paper-thin celluloid over a
shade of pink silk. Of course, no can
dle flame Is used with the celluloid, a
tiny electric bulb is hidden under the
shade, and a white silk cord extends
from the bulb to the electric button,
convenient to Mllady's hand.
An excellent gift for the departing
traveler Is a pair of tie soft suede
slippers which come folded together in
a case no larger than an ordinpry cor
respondence envelope. The slippers are
entirely of the soft suede, and, of
course, ha. no stiff s0le. Placed, one
over the dther, tiby'ni'y be doubled
in halt and tucked lnti the small en
velope which is of matchif.. suede and
closes with a meta) snap button. These
slippers coose in black, gray and a soft
brown shade, and may be slipped on in
a Pullman tralh, a steamer stateroom,
or worn about the hotel bedroom wilth
much comfort.
From Vienna comes a dainty table
appointment, which offers a siuggestion
to the hostess seeking a now, and in
teresting dinner table center piece. A
lattice-screen having six leqves stands
in the center of the table. The srreen
is, perhaps. 10 inches -high, and the six
leaves start out from a long, slender
tube, which will hold water, go that
violets or other 'snall flowers may
cover the top of the screen. In the
ttlangles formed by the 'latticed leaves
are low, round dishes designed for
various sorts of fruits. The whole af
fair is dainty and graceful.
According to a Heidelberg university
professor all the human organs are
radioactive, the brain the most, the
heart and liver to a lesser degree and
the spleen and kidneys bhut .slightly.
4I -
A Cool, Inviting Plase
At the German Qrlil Room of the
Palace hotel the coolest of re
freshing Imported beers are served
with delicious lunches. ladies are
Invited 9nd assured courteout
treptment always; 4 p. pt. to 1 a. m.
Palace Hlotel Cafe
Musip Wednesday and Sunday
evenings during dlnner hours
Commutation meal tickets, $5,50
for $5.00. The seaqon's most palat
able foods. Cuisine perfect. Serv
Ice a feature here.
The Palace Haotel Co.
(I:.--7-i--7.~· rI
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