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Do you know tIht diamonds are
worth 10 per cent more mtoney
In the New York imatrket today
thantt they were a ear ago?
They are. Another thing; do
you know that diamonds ar',
worth less money now than they
will be a year from now? No!
But know thlis-it diamond
prices perform in the future as
'Cy hate itl thie past they'll be
higher next year, and the ntext,
and the next, until finally it
will take a very rich persont to
own one. We have somtne very
ncle stones, bought before the
Isat advance. They arl good
Values, Comei'. see whatt bar
gains we have for yout
Florence Hotel Building
Phone 411 Red.
w -l ht. We treat all our patrons
norabl and In the me courte
a tcher That Knows flislusiness
evr takes advantage of the ouldn't
experience of new housekeepers by wi
givin them pfor cute or ight oney.
weight. We treat all our patron
honorably and in the same courte- e
ous manner, and cut them the best 0t
of the kind that they ask for- g
and when we do that. you couldn't n
find better for love or money. t
3ell 117 Ind. 431 n
Rowlaad, The Jeweler
•Waklu, lm=0ls. Jewelry
8pecial attention given to
114 East Main Street.
Stationery, Blank Books
and Office Supplies
114 East Main Street
Peckham, Pettitt & Osborne "
108.110 East Main Street.
Window Glass
818 Higgine Avenue.
Union Iron Works
615 West Main Street.
Independent Phone 1640.
Bell 1068 Black.
General Foundry and Machine Work
Take Your Prescriptions
Smith's Drug Store
O0-Passenger Tally-Ho-6 Horses
Across the Reservation
Leaves Ravalll B a. m.; leaves Pol.
Son 8 a. m. Arrlvta- Poison 2:30 p. m.;
arrives Ravall 2:30 p. m.. via. Ronan
and Mission.
T. LI, ATEMAN, Ravalli, Mont.
115 Higgins Avenue
Bell Phone 87. Ind. Phone 474.
The best of everything in the market
Fire and Life Insurance
Rentals, Real Estate
Several Nice Flate Ior Rent Close In
I. C. S. Offlca Subway B13. & A. Bld'g.
We Bell
All Products
S West ed.r , 11
el sis EQHUS: N Zu 786
They are calling now for Teddy-it's
ia loud, insistent call; they want
ST. R. to lead them
THE CALL lead to victory lOf the
i8 HEARD ftall: they have built a!
sturdy platform out of
fine and dandy planks; ' they are
lined utp for the battle-solid are their
waiting ranks; and the felltow thus
enlisted are the ones Who cast the
vote; read their earnest declaratlon
hear them sound the campaign note;
fromi Montana, speeding eastward,
goes the message, strong and true; It
will ring In every city; it will sound
the country through; it will tell to
frightened bosses that their power has
passed away: gone their grip upon the
country-"23" to their proud away:
many things are due to happen ere
this year rolls out its length; for the
people have discovered how to use
their n v,-found strength; we have
sent our word to Teddy, telling him
that we're in line: saying that we'll
pull together--pull together strong and
fine:; now we're waiting for his an
swer, which we hope will be all right:
just1 n5 soon as he says "ready" swe
will start n red-hot fight: let him just
sing out "('time on, boys," and you'll
s.tI. seeI solnething start: hock of
T.dhly in Montana. ready now to do
her part: so we're waitlng for the an
swer, hh'ih we hope next Mlonday'll
bring: then w"'ll start a western
cthlrue that will make the ,velkin ring.
John McLaughlin of Stevensvllle was
In town yesterday afternoon, on his
.way home from the
A GREAT progressive - repulblican
MEETING meeting In Billlngs. He
wais enth tisi.tt over
the session and its results "it was
a splendlld meeting" said he to the
Man About Town. "It was enthusl
atllc and entirely harmonious: there
was not a dllsenting voice to the
motion to Ilndorse lRoosevelt and Dixon
and there were prolonged cheers at
the mention of each of these names.
The men of the convention were
earnest and sincere. The platform
which theI' put forth seems to me to
answer the demands or ,'s. time and
the conditions. I am glad that I went
to Iillings. The two hundred men
theel were representative of the sev
('ral seetions of the state; they were
there for the very lpurpose which they
aconmplished and they 'were all well
satisfled when the twork was done and
they contemplated the results. I have
notiiced in some of the reports of the
meeting that the statement ls made
1that there was sonme dissnsilon. There
could Ibe nothing farther from the
truth tlhaln this. It was one of the
molt harmnliout meetings which I
ever attended. There was a unity of
purpose among the mnen there which
wa-s good to see. I am glad the meet
Ing ic.ra held. I look to see the re
stits tmagnlfy as others in tilhe state
learn of 'what was done. It 'was a
great mc'ting for Montana."
Secrta'ry lBrettntein of the chlam
ber of cinllniirlltiee was at his desk again
yesterday, after a
ANOTHER week's absrnce. He had
FINE ONE hern at Great Falls, In
attendance upon the
meetitg of the stact horticultural so
Icty and the co(untry life clubs. He
was e*ntlhustastle yePterday in his
'corient 1 upon the ,meetings. "I be
thelliev the (rarrt [all I meeting was
,i(, of the t thuat that tie oclety lhai
veor held." sail 1he to the .arn About
Town "I andt cotlfident that it did
muclII g1, ).I. There, were some fine
addlre.sss,. .o le earnlest talks and
sai, instructive hietlires. Almost the
entire lirogratm of the week Iwas de
voted ti the dllicuslson of )practical
topicsl: there were many people pres
ont whon are new to Montana condli
tlonls and who had many questions to
ask regardnlllg th, rohllems whi'ch they
tave enclounteredl In their work. For
most of tlese questions there weor
ritoily answers, E Xperts fronl the
atnte agricultural college were there
anm Imen of long experience In prac
ltinl wrik wer reltdy with the re
,ults of their own efforts In working
nit the very pirohlehr whilch were
blrouight II. I havr ntever attended a
mIrting of any sort where there was a
greater Cdegree of ar.nestlnes than
there was at this <;tret Falls gather
hiir. We were splendldlv renlalved and
well entertained. The tlreat Falls pen.
Iihe did all they coild to make our
Ptit' Tlcasant and tlhey iwere su cess.
A visitor who was cordillally welllcomed
yesterdaI was Jerome IF. J:iwobs, who
iused to live In Wallace
AN OLD and who now holdi
FRIEND tfrtlh at Bolio. HeI is
nlow oil his way homlle
from a tour of the (mast. which has
blen leilsurely andl enjoyable. Last
year Jerome Wian married but he was
so buly and there were so many
things happening in Bolse that h·e was
Barber & Marshall
Bell Phone 20. Ind. Phone 420.
Making a
Alone, would not be un
pleasant, if it was made
from our "Judith Queen"
flour. The loaves, so
crisp and appetizing, have
a flavor that appeals to the
palate. People don't eat
our bread from a sense of
duty. They eat It because
they like it. So will youd
when you come to try It.
'We employ ve'.y posaIibls method
for inasuring 'Aeeuntte iserlptton
dtspensing, and there Is practilotly
no chance of an errtr hfe. All of
our prescriptioan elerks are grad
uates of a college of pharmacy, are
registered In Montana by having
been examined by the state board,
Iof pharmacy, and have had years
of experience. Physiolana have fall
confidence in us and that is why
they are always glad to lee our
label on their patienti' medicines.
That label stands for purity of In.
gredients, standard potency and
scientifit compounding. Try our,
excellent srvice when you need
medicine. Telephone No. 16-that's
us. We deliver free to any part
of the city.,
I10 J. COPPEE, Propriete'r.
Hammond Elk., Hig0ns Avenue
and Pront Street
unable to make the sort of honey
moon trip that he would like to and
he postponed it until this winter. Last
month he and Mrs. Jacobs started out
and they have had a fine time. "We
have stopped wherever we wanted to
and have stayed as long as we want
e dto," said Jerome yesterday to the
Man About Town. "We made a visit
with my mother in California and we
strolled along slowly up the coast.
We went to Wkllace. of courpe, and
there we met all of my old friends
who remain in the camp. It was a
pleasant experience. on the way over
to Missoula, we stopped at Quarts.
where I had a little visit with our
old Hilarity-club packer, Snow. We
haul a good time, recalling some of
the experi,ences of the old club, and
then we came on to *Missoula. Over
In IBoIse there are several of the old
members of the Hilarity club. Carl
son. ILockman, eSihnson and I live
there and there are some of the oth
ers who drop In at times. We have
some pleasant reunions. We are go
Ing from here to Butte for a visit
and then we shall go on home."
Captain W. C. Hosking, one of the
well-known mining operators of Butte,
was in the city yesterday. Captain
Hosking has extensive Interests in the
Corbin district and has properties in
various parts of the state. Just now
he is busy with the development of
an old -property at Rochester, which
has been operated on a very small
scale for 24 years. It is to be worked
systematically and upon a scale twhich
promises good returns. Captain Hos
king was in Missoula on business con
nected with the development of the
Mabel Rae property on Eight Mile,
opposite Florence. in the Bitter Root.
"We are working four men there
now." said Captain Hosking to a Mis
soullan man yesterday, "and are pre
paring for extensive development. We
shall organize the Mabel Rae Gold
Mining company and get the work go
ing properly. There has been a good
deal of work done already. We have
crosscut for 40 feet and have not found
either wall. Our Inclined shaft is
down 200 feet and is in ore all the
way. We have a fine report on the
mine from Professor Rowe, who has
examined It thoroughly. He found
values running from $5.70 to $61 and
an average value between $20 and $30.
His report was so good that I doubted
it and I experted the mine myself.
My first examination confirmed the
Rowe report. I have since made an
other and I expect the returns from
this inspection in a day or two. We
are going rig'ht allhead with the de
veloplment as soon as we can get the
organlza.tlon lrfected,., It is one of
tile heat-looking ,properties I have ever
seenl. There will he no trlloe In get
ting all the capital needed for the
dfevelopment. I think we shall be
workihg a, laurX force early in the
Aftfer belng out 1:' hIurs, it district
court jury last night declared Joe Noel
gullt)y of robbing S. Hill at St. lRegis
severual months ago. The robbery was
committed In John lample's saloon
and $70 was taken from Hill. The
case went to the jury yestorday morn
igR at 10:50 o'clock. The puniehmlnent
of Noel was left to the court.
The case of the state against Dayton
('oneff, who is charged witlh second
degree assault, began In the district
court yesterday morning. The jurors
ran out and the trial held over.
Mr. undI Mrs O. T. 'hulmbers iareo
the parents of a duugahtlar, born last
nligllt. Tihe chihl weighs nine pounds.
iMr. Chambers la an operator at the
local Western Unlon office.
Attention Reservation Travelers.
From now until further notlce there
will be no more trunks transferred
across the reservatlon by stage, on
account of bad roads.
Food Sale.
Mrs. Elcra Koch's sectlion of the
Presbyterian Ladles' Ail Society will
have a food sale Saturday afternoon
at P. M. Rellly's grocery store.
Mrs. Shoeniak.e's sotion of the
Baptist 4id4will hold a food sale Sat
urday Is tths ~Imond Annex, at the
north *q of ti bri'e.
Clear ance ..
6 4i
Began yesterday and will continue until our
stock of second-hand and used pianos is dis
posed of. Never before have we been able
to offer at one time so, many genuine
Piano Bargains
$10 Sends a Piano Home
nod You Can Pay the Balance $5, $6, $7, $8 or $10 Monthly
Pianos nearly as good as new are going as low as $175.00,
$190j00, $210.00, $225.00 and $250.00. We guarantee
t every piano sold to give absolute satisfaction.
Hoyt-Dicklinson Piano Company
In response to the gosp'l Invitation
given at the close of the meeting at
the c(hritian church last nillht, 10 per
sons came forward to affiliate with
the church. It was the greatest service
thus far in the revival. The meeting
was in honor of "Mother." Every part
of the service was related to the sub
ject of mothherhood. White flowers
and white ribbons in her memory were
profuse. Mr. Ridenour sang. "Homo
and Mother."
Evangaeist lltvers preached on thp
"(lory unand Ieal,onslblity of Mothers."
It was a message freighted with rich
truths and telling llustrations. Mr.
!$tiveru showed his ability to fit the
falcts of religion In with daily expert
onee. lie said:
"The three greatest words to Ie)
found inll the English language are
'Mother, Ilnmi and Heaven.' What it
homi withlout montht, and what would
hairven he without love and the tie of
holmt? Mother's name Is a saored one,
;In ought to be held In the highest
esteerm. In all of my ministry I have
never hieard anyone take her name In
vaL. BuIt I hVOe heard men take
i;(la's name lin vuln. If there is any
lthing that Is low and contemptible it
is the oman that uses profane language.
Men, if you are addicted to that habit,
for the sake of your wife and family
stop it. No one should take God's
name In vainl. Mothers have a great
Influence in'this ,wmorld. I knew of '
son who left home and went to clerk
Ing hi a d partnment store in Chicago,
and as he left his mother told him that
every Sunday morning when the bells
were ringing for church, she would be
down on her knees praying for her
boy. It was the next Sunday that this
boy gave his heart to Christ, and 'to
day is a prosperous business mn in
that city. Again, think of mother's
prayers. They have girdled the earth
Swith their inflqence. Mothers, don't
stop praying ft. your boys, and .boyr,
be kind to yopr mothers. Treit' he
kindly, while she is alive. Give e` a
flowers now and do not watt till slhile
dead and then get a spray of roses and
place them on her casket. Postmortem
praise dotns no one any good. You can
psttpone your mother's funeral by
treating her kindly. Many years ago
in New J..rsey a by was breaking his
mtother's heart by living a life of sin.
She begged him to give it up and live
a righteous life. One night lie comes
itoine front his hllalnt of sin finds hlis
mother pralying for her sinful boy. lHe
atsks her forgi.vceua and gives his life
to Christ. The nieed of the world to
day Is Chrlstian men. Great men make
great nations, but don't forget thalt
back of great mIu n ore great mothers.
Napoleont %le one timo asked, 'What Is
pIrance's greatest need?' He replied,
'Mothers.' He ought to have said.
'Christian mothers,' and then France
would not have that falsehood written
on the blg arch that leads to the cem
etery. 'Death Is an Eternal Bleep.' If
lrance would have had Christian
mothers she would have been a mighty
nation today. This sarvice tonight is
in honolir of 'Motthrr.' Have you ever
Unswered your mother's prayer? Why
not now'? Come, while we sing."
Mrs. Illtly's Bunday school class of
the liaptist church will hold a food
sale SCaturday at 11 o'clock, in the
store formerly occupied by the Walk.
over shoe store, at the north end of
Higgins avenue bridge.
Sale of Lleotrio Lighting Plant.
Town electric lighting plant must be
sold to close estate. ,.Reserve rlght to
reject any and all bids. iale Feb-,
ruary 26. Ioom '3, First National
Bank building, Plains, Montana. Della
McGowan, executrix.
Professor Fischer, violin and plano
lessons. 0t S8. 4th. Bell 553 Orange,
Will Go Anywhere in the State.
Stevensviill', Montana
Automatic Telebone
Boost Missoula and Western Montana
ONE PARTY BUSINESS .....$4.25 per month
TWO PARTY. BUSINESS ............ .75 per month
ONE PARTY RESIDENCE .......$2.25 per month
TWO PARTY RESIDENCE...-~$.00 per month
FOUR PARTY RESIDENCE......$1.75 per month
ORCHARD HOMES .......................$1.75 per month
Use Our Toll Lines to All Points in Montana
I :_ , _ _ _ I" III I. JI ;.... 1- ...T- -- -
$11.00 Buys Two.Cord Load
$60O0 Buys One-Cord Lead
Beat grecn-cut and seasoned wood
Get our price on car lots,
We Are Headquarters
for Sawed Weed
Grooeries, May Grain, Flour, Ito.
F. A. Mx esbons
200 Bouth Third itreet
i V'.P,
40 ",1# looprsp
Mms'~: ' iICd C~hildren's
WLesot Prices
OpptaIt. Migh aoheo
625 Kouth Higglns Avenue
Cake Sala
0oemon 4po fip s t c.3E2
4J54- did; £ad4.pn4.d t 1i17

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