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S Latest
In the
Florence Hotel Building
Phenm 44 Red.
Butcher That Knows fllsBuslness
Never takes advantage of the in
experlence of new housnkeepers by
giving them poor cuts or light
weight. Wo treat all our patrons
honor bly and in the same courte
ous nanner, and cut them the beat
of the kind that they ask for
and when we do that, you couldn't
find better for love or money.
Bell 117 Ind. 431
1swland, The Jeweler
athees Blmes, Jewelry
npectal attention given to
114 East Main Street.
Stationery, Blank Books
and Office Supplies
114 East Main Street
Peckham, Pettitt & Osborne
1081110 East Main Street.
Window Glass
312 Higgins Avenue.
Union Iron Works
515 West Main Street.
Independent Phone 1640.
Sell 1088 Black.
General Foundry and Machine Work
Take Your Prescriptions
Smith's Drug Store
$0-Puasenger Tally-MIo-6 Horses
Ac .qu the Reservation
L eIII, i~· sll i a. in.; leaves Pot
son I8 . At* Afflv~d Poleon 2:30 p. m.,
Fiý, v U1a,, 11 3o0 p. m.. via. Ron,
T. iATEMAN. RavallI. Mont.
115 Higgins Avenue
SSIll Phone 87. Ind. Phone 474,
Thgq, bqt of overything in the market
I and Le Insurance
Rentals, Real Estate
ev lW$I Nice 'Flats for Rent Close In
,L t Q SMubway . & A. Bld'g,
Indu t s
Sing a song of Teddy-he's a-going
to run; see the foe skedaddle, now'
we'll have some fun. All
FOR A the boys are happy
CHOIRU since he gave his word;
over on the other side,
only sighs are heard. Toddy's in the
running, he will show some speed;
It's death to every octopus and down
with grasping greed. When Montana's
message got to Oyster May, Teddy read
it over--then he cried "Hooray!" &oon
he wrote his answer, saying le would
go; now the race Is starting and it
won't be slow. Things are moving
lively. keep 'e'm going fast: we must
keep a-hustling till election's past.
Teddy's for the people and the peea
ple are for him; that's what makes
the canvass go with so much vim.
Grief Is deep and dismal, dark and
edrear and damp, woe is sure abysmal
In the foeman's camp, Bome were un
decided till they heard Teddy's "yes;"
now they're undividedl-Teddy'll win,
I guess. Teddy has 'emn going, soon
they'll hunt their holes, while the
vote for Teddy big and bigger rolls.
(lory. Hallelujah! 1These are halcyon
days! Hear the boys a-shouting, hear
their pean of praise! lo slnag a song
of Teddy--he's your friend and mine!
When he Is elected-Gee, it will be
It Is like old timer to stop at the
grocery department of the Missoula
Mercantile company
BAIGK OfN this week. Bob Pupley
THE JOB is back on the job, aft
er several neeks of
struggle with rheumatism. He doesn't
walk with the lissome grace which
used to characterise his movements
but he gets around pretty well. With
a little practice he will hit his old
gait, but he has been so long out of
training that It is not to be expected
that he would got his old stride all at
once. "It Is good to get back." said
the genial Robert yesterday. "I like
the climate on the south side 'first
rate, but I don't care for It 411 the
time. I like the change which comes
with the trip across the bridge. It
inlnkes me appreciate tile climate at
home just that much more. My feet
don't truck Just right yet, but I am
getting a little better every day and
now that 'we are getting out our stock
of garden ,needs, I am sure I shall be
ill right very ansoon."
ManaIIge'r I'nderwoodl of the c'rocke'ry
depllrtillentt of the Missoula Mercan
tile conmpany has more
GOING blusitness titan he knows
LIVELY what to do with this
week. His department
Is condulcting clearance satle, pre
parato)ry to moving Into new quarters,
and for two days he has been sno busily
engaged that he has hardly had timte
to eat. The sale opened 'Monday
morning and here is what Mr. Under
wood said about it yesterday after
noon to the .Man About Town: 'The
opening day was the busiest day we
ever had In this department. We had
an extra force of clerks but, even
then, we' were not able to handle all
the business. Today it has kept us
busy every minute. I have had four
expert packers, putting 'ap orders,
since the Sale started and they have
not caughllt cup yet with the sales. It
Is ca rem'arkahle sale. We started out
te, mallke a cle'arance and I guess we
are going to do it. Ceertainly the stock
is moving fast. It Is the most Im
medlate return from advertlising that
hlave ever seen."
After nearly three weeks with his
chlckens andl the ' grippe, Uncle
Charlie Harnois
DOING 'emerged from exile up
NICELY on the occasion of the
anniversary plerforlm
ncet at his theater and was on hand
to receivi, the congratulations of his
felinds who turned out in such num
bers for tihe celebration. As he .-a
fortunate In.securing a notably fine
play for the opening of hIls theater, so
was Uncle C(harlle in great qluk to
ihaive' "The Chocolate ioNldier" for the
llnniversalery Monday night. The crowd
was fitne aind the round of ceompl
mlents wets ulllmost endless. "I have
been plrelttLy near sick," said Ilnucl
I'hatrlie to the Man About Town, "but
it is almost worth the trouble, Just
to feel so good tat Lelng out again.
I nam much ,pleased with the houes at
the anniversary and It has been gratl
frylng to hear tbe kind words that have
heeon said about the house. We leave
tried hard to please Missouln. It we
have succeeded we are glad."
Charles 1E. Lucas wrltes, from Men
rovia, Cal.. that he Is startingI home
ward but that the trip
HOME will be somewhat cir
BOON ulitous and it will he
several weeks. perhaps,
hefre lie ls back at the farm on the
tattlesnatke. He says the folks are
praying for rain down wheore he is
and their prayers are not effective.
There has been but one shower In
weeks, though there have been some
destructive high winds. There ihas
also hteen some destructive frest
'a hich has spoiled many oranges. But
it is summer now, hot and dry, and
the Montanps are beginning to get
homesick for the cool, fresh air of
their mountains.
Mrs. W. J. lllggins, state rogent of
the American Women's league, will
come to Mlisoulu Baturday for the
purpose of .delivering an address to the
19cal members of the organisatlon, i
Mrs. Higgins will talk at the Isis the
ater and the lecture will begin at 2
o'clock. She will discuus mitman's
suffrage, the republican movement
adopted . by the National Federated
'lubs and the Industries of the league.
Masked Party,
Mrs. Shoemaker's section of the
Baptist Aid will have at masquerade
party at the home of Mrs. George Pew,
601 Stephens avenue, Friday, Mleoh,
1. Iverybody invited, Retreshmenlnt,
S5 cents.
Profensr i.neher, YIHlti ant plips
lessons. 501 8. 4th. iell 558 Oragin.
We enpipy every pesitbi.
fle Iailng securate penertpts
dlspe)t.ng, and there i reoa ai
no ohance of an error here. All ot
our prescrlption clerics i1 ld':
uatee of a College of harny, ade
registered in Montana b hlaiin
been examined by the state bderd
,,f pharmacy, and have had yueap
or sxpermlene. Physiciaean have full
confidence in us and that is why
they are aldays glad to see ottr
label on their patients' medicines.
That label stands' for purity of In.
redlents, standard potency and
sctentifJc comjotunA.rig Try our
exeellitt iervie When you leed
medicine. Telephone Nfo. 1l-that's
us. We deliver free to any part
of. the city.
Hammmd. WkH Mfld.ti Avenue
The matter of the subway under the
Northern Pacific tracks at Waverly
street was brought up again yester
day by the arrival from Helena of Mr.
Whipple, deputy state land agent, The
details of the proposition were given in
a recent lssue of The Missoullan. den
eral Superintendent Nichols of the
railway company recently put the mnat
ter up tp the city council. The North
ern Pacflc asks the city to foot about
$6,000 of the bill, and the raltway
company will take care of the re
mainder, which will make its expense
about $15,000. It will be necessary for
the city to secure some school lots
which are held by the state, and it
was for this reason that Mr. Whipple
visited Missoula yesterday. lHe will
make his report to the Helena author
ities, and It is thought that It will be
a favorable one. Mayor Evans stated
last evening that he thought the
Northern Pacific's ,roposition would
be accepted and that the subway
would be built.
Felix ("Prenchy") Ir:,Pbts was ar
rested In Butte lust Saturday with
$1.275 worth of dlamnonds in his pos
session. He was trying to dispose of
the Jewels and was arrested. He
claims that lihe secured the stones
from a stranger, whose description he
has forgetten, for $200. with the
agreement that $150 more was to be
paid after they had been sold. The
local police have arrested a suspect in
thlis case.
Chief of Police McDomeid returned
last night from Butte, where he was
called to Identify the Jewelry tin
"'renchy's" possession. They were
not taken here. The arrest had been
kept quiet In Butte until yesterday
morning. oarbets has been in Mis
soula for several years. He conducted
a messenger service for a long time.
i'r. (}. Bukow, who recently rented
the bauement room in the Hammond
bloole, formerly occupied by Kennedy
the Plumber, opened up yesterday with
a complete stock of Never a4ll rasor
etroppers. In speaking of tills new In
vention Mr. ttukow htad to say. "Thu
averlage safety blade in expected to
gitve averal shalves antd then nust he
thrown away. You will ladnlon usI for
sayilng that these several are more or
less heroic. With the NVMIR MAIL.
the same blade can he used indefl
nitely-and with pleasure. Dozens of
menl write every week that they have
been uelsng the same Gillette or other
blade daily for months. Pick out the
one good blade from your lust (or
first) dosen, and you will not.-change
It for a year with the NICVIEII FAI
to keep the edge. This is not an idle
statetent-It Is u Mcrious tact. It in
Important that you know the econolny
as well as the luxury, of this popular
0. A. R. Card Party.
The ladles of theo 0. A. It. ,will give
a curd party Tllursday evening lit
1. 0 ). annex. Prises and rafresh
ments. Admission 25 cents.
ber Marshall
Nell Pbhpe 2. Ind, Phop., 40.
A Siver
Will catch these fish.
"svea" Safdlhls,
Small and genuine Nor
wegian Sardines, slightly
smoked, put . p in pure
olpeil, 3 at s Eer V .,
a g K ip ItN
It wu-* net , o RIoosevel
supporters. that fK - tn it erst,
hotef ti g tote"1 1
etotla i pea i net orgalsaton
there was Wme:gtine that .pter et t
meeting mnl6 t. a any othdl It was
the spirit O. loyalty to RIodevelt I4.
a determmasUon to do evrytb.iti pos.
ible to seote I his nomination anitd
Yesitorary Chairman W. R. thran
cook dalled the meeting to order sik
the minutes of the ladt session Were
read dad appeved. Chairman Bolton
of the committee on permanent orqtan
Isation read the report of his comzpilt
tee. Th report, was adopted by e
tions. Th ame of the organlsatldn.
is "The Rgsevelt Clphb of Mltsnoul
Qounty."' y-laws were adopted by the
meeting and the gollowing offlotes ws
elected: Presidet, Dwight Hughesi
vice president, W. R. GOasseock; see'
retar'-treaeoter, Fred Knlsely. The
exeSptive committee consists of the
following: Dr. .. H. McCall, L N.
Silmons, A. L. Stone. James Hartley,
Mred Steddard, `. R. Ward. Floyd
Logan, I C. Bolton and C. A. Har
The teeelutJona.
The committee on resolutions (hen
brought in Its report, which was
adopted with a few minor changes. The
resoluttons read as follows:'
"Whereas, We believe that progres
live principles are "most admirably
exemplified In "The Roosevelt Policies,"
"Whereas, We are heartily in accord
with the nation-wide. movement to
bring about, the dandilacy of Theodore
Roosevelt for the predidency of the
United States of America; and
"Whereas, We billeve that immediate
conditions and his previous record
combine to designate him as the logical
candidate best qualLfied to bring true
progresslves of ail parties under one
banner, and produCe a return of general
prosperity to the people of this nation
in the shortest time and most per
manent manner; now, therefore, be It
"Resolved, That, irrespective of .party
affiliation, we pledge ourselves to the
support of the Roosevelt policies as
being fundamental to good government,
and be It furthan.
"Resolved, That we hereby Irre
vocably pledge ourselves to work per
sistently, aggressively and unceasingly
looking toward the nomination and
election of Theodore Roosevelt as the
standard bearer of the progressive
element in the coming national elec
tion: and
"Whereas, The distlflguished services
of our fellow cittsen, the Honorable
Joseph M. Dixon, our senior United
States senator; in the interest of the
entire state Ipoint him out as a natural
successor to himnpelf; now therefore,
be it
"Resolved, That we, as loyal citizens
of Missoula county, and this state,
without regard to party, heartily in
dorse him for re-election.
(Signed) "P. H. KNIBLT.
A copy of the above resolutions will
be sent to Senator Dixon with the re
quest that he forward them to Mr.
Roosevelt. The meeting then ad
Immediately following the adjourn
ment of the regular meeting, the mem
bers of the executive committee gath
ered In the lobby of the hotel and made
Arrangements to begin active work at
once. a0
A restrainlnlg order was yesterday's
feature in the Potomac saloon case.
In the morning the commpssioners took
up the 'petition for R. A. Eltey, who
desire a prenewal of his license to re
tail liquor. They deolded that the
petition hat the Ieceslaryp number of
qualified slgnatures. About that time
an injunction' was served on them in
this case and they were powerless to
luue the license. A heariflg will be
held on March 9 to determine whether
or not the' injunction hll41l be made
permanent. The plaintiffs named in
the eomplaint that calls for the in
Junction of yesterday -ere: Albert
Hall, Frank Dries; J. H. Morris,
Jonathan Davis. W. it. Gough, Pat
Hayes, George Chandler, C. I. Gilbert,
Kenneth McDonald. The threO county
commissioners are named in the com
A letter was received by Secretary
A. J. I3relteneatJn. yesterday, from
John C. Depa; Ilorarlan'of the free
pqblic library in Npwark, N. J., ask
Ing for printed matter to put on file
in the businoas branch of the library;
also that the branlch might be put
on the malllng lilt for Missoula news
papers in exchangll e fr The Newarker.
3M. Dana qrote: '"outr iity-lits' n
dustries, resources;, usiness faeilities
and opportunitlie-has be~ the sub
ject of frbquent Inuitry at the busi
ness branch of the Jlbrary?
In view of consrierabl .atl
f4ig over tboundary Btade ' 0 I
--earl T. anrlarshll, cot sup .,
tendent of scho "wbl it d.s
that the i.
lalg i such,, [email protected],
AL ý: .:
,oi, od
Some of our best vaUes are stl . to. b a rpilno'
·! im , ý' '' *
Pull Upright Grand, bal Domingo lasi, tIs? .dm5,
very artistic case desils; one of the most beautiful
pianos manufpctured. $lO ronthly.
h all off
l4ttsat deulgt, ` ' ,1db t a; on. of the
p `a ma I Sklewar nom..
The teinway i' ohe of th beet-known . ane i 7 a r lauet
the world. The ca-e of thb oi is eboied, duet ,Full, Up~rgbst Grand, handsome walnut case, three
music desk, full 7Ti octaves, overstrung bassa. las pedals, tone and action very satisfactory. A, rare
beautiftu tone and ip a rp q bargain at Uh. barsala at $17.00. Pay $e.00 monthly.
We also bhave alI Ine of few pianos itRclmdng thc.laowlp oWI..nowna mOk*-
A RA URY, MIL'PON, haapsnd styer Pianoe.
,,,R ligg s Ave... T
di~sk r 8lavllC~,o
A well-attended meetlng of Gerald
avenue property-owners ga held in
the council chamber of the city hall
lest evening,. There was no protest to
the forming of an improvement dis
trict on the avenue, and the only spb
Ject for discussion was inL regard. to
what would be done. It Was finally
decideo to pave Gerald avenue from
iourth' street to Heckwlth avenue. The
material for this improvemrent asIe not
chosen, but bids will be advelised for.
This will enable the district to recelve
bids on everything from bitullthil to
Hassam pavement and will make com
petitive bidding feature. As soon as
the resolution liab bleer' pre)Ared an
other meeting will be held to hear pro.
tests' against It. If there are no obi
jectomi the resolution will be masmed
and the advertisements prepared. From
the sentiment expressed at the meet
ing last evening, there is not the
slilghtest doubt but that the pavemeht
will be laid this summer. The only
thing that remains to be done, and
over which there may be some discus
sion, ig the kind of pavement to be
used. This will be decided after the
various bids have been received an4
Civie Seetion Fridayr.
The ciic sectidn of the Woman's
club will meet Priday afternoon at 4
o'clock In the superintendent's offloa
at the Roosevelt school, J. U. . WIt.
llams, city superintendent of eshoolki
will talk to the club on "Whpt Schooll
Are Doing for the Health of Chil
dren," A large attendance Is cor
dially invited, not only of mothers, .but
alsp Of ay/ parents and friends who
may be titerekted Jn the subject un
der discussion.
A. C. A. Meeting.
Mri, rC A. Dunlway will elteoiA l
tihe 'Assolttion of Cplilste tAnoi
in regular session tomorrq. aftteroon,
at her home south of the p'hive.j ty.
V., W. 0. A. Tee et.po ,
The tea which .wasi, nhied for
Thursday afternoon at .te Tyoungt
Women's 'Christian as5QOcl tpnD mP
has bden postpoqed osne kwop soulA;
edtnt of ti fle i f ofp ,pg itmou
equnty Slunday 'shool co0viention
htitusday 'evening.
tr Clitqe Pr.. ý,; ,. , rs.
_=., ...¶e /,s.
elpot. After the bautiful gifts lad
bqai duly adtmred, the; ladlee were
eiated about tables and: given. the story
of "A Faoral Wnddlng" to complcte
by supplylng the name of a flower for
every blank. A delicious supper was
served at the close of the afternoon.
A Pleasant Affair.
John Burdette and 3, Freeman wera
hoits at a pleasant party a.turday
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
J. Freeman on Cooper street. Their
gueste were -Mr. and 'Mrs. Harrta,
Mr. end 'Mrs. Clarence Lawrence,
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Clark; the useis
Georgia and 'Mattle Burdett, Eva and
Il1le Minch, Bertha dppilaton, Bese
sle Clarjs, Nellie Glsae, Georgia and
Jolie Freeman, Ina and Martha Har
ris; 'Meyrs. Albert gh1d ICharlej Shaf
far, Palmer, Clark, Statues, Hoffttmi,
Pierce, Hovey, Hilport, Burnett, Earl
and Frank Burdett.
A Set!on Meting,
iMrs. Shhoemaker's section of'the La
dles' Aid society of the Baptist church
M~ll, meet this, afternoon at, the hg.ne
of Mrs. A. IL. Kennedy, 316 Stepfend
tAs-You.Likp-it Club.
One of the beat qmetings of the year
WAS enjoyeql t!y members qnd gues's
of the As-you-lJke-lt olub to the
number of about 60, yesterday after
noon, In the hoae of ,Mrs. F. T. 8ter
illH on OGerld ivenue. Miss Lelta
IhtiDonild played a piano solo, theq.
Ot. rReynpidp of the university faoulty.,
opened the subject of the dramaa that
lq to be studied by the club during
the Ialt i.'alf of the year, with an en
lightening talk on "How a Play Dit
fors From a Novel."
Louis L, Howard Marritd.
Louis I'.. Uoward, formerly a real
dent of Missoula, was marrled to Milss
M'tbel Irumphrey in Butte, l6aturday
;nfternpon. Rev. C. 5. B3lacklston read
the marriage service In the presence dt
a few Immediate relatives and friendil
who were assiembled In St. Johb's
Ep)lcopal church tp witnessee the cere.
.mohy. Mr. and IMrs Hweward went
to 1ouldoi Hot lprlpgp toti a few days
and then to their neW home In ~"ote
man, where 'Mir. Ijowar4 Is ngaged
n. business with, hlsl b{ther, 8d 1Iw-,
ard. '
Charles Gaudy a nhltye of France,
. earlsi old, f r t ohr` 4 yel; .a
*pc9adqnt. of!. ,onta e a 4 for syerl
,y.eV,4nta uentl oiriiit, d Ile at,.7o k
ylsterdNiy moning' th t, Pa tck'
hotpital. 'An effort. Ia being made to
!Wt some relative, and tuneral ar
N ent wre swaiting the result of
th6 seatr'
I I C,"' ul O, Oh.. :.
1l4, . ts IfgAbt; and,
Men's, Ladles' and Children's
Beat Shoes In Town at the
Lowest Prices
Opposite High Sohool
850 South ilfeins Avenue
$114. Buys Twoe.Qrd Leod
O$6.00 uys One-Oerd Load
Best grien.out and seasoned wood
Get our price on car lots.
We ArM adqlrters
fir w Wor e
Groeweles, Hi, .qrin, lo9ur . f.
F. .MI4 ois
200 outh' Titld Street
M e' " Met
Home-nsiage nothing but the best
fruit and meat used. Once tyrld,
always used. Phone us your orders
,for everything In our line.
Bell Pblpe 415; Independent Ult
CARS 3R` n1ottPb)O(MItd
Q9teIte, Ha gile " Teator
. Jl
v, r rt , w

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