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7 " - ··~
VWith vere 1', currllnce f i Nt. Plt-4
rick's day litie. r'enewed alppreleiation 4
of its ple'lrt'ureque possibilltles for so
c('al fUllnuc4tlns. Not so mucht' to c('Ie
brate tha mlir(eles and herolc deeds
wrought ly the g(ood old salnt. hut he
cuus.e of the romanllll t'e all d tradlition
w,4ven4 about his Ilme, because the
emerald Is no Vivid and liApppy inI its
deCorative efferls and hecanell the wit
and lend riness of tlhe' Irish nation
nlmakes Irish stnries gooKd 11, tell, a're
social gatherings 11hedl hi the Inace of
St. Patrick by peopIle ofr '.4i4(4os 4444
tionalltles and religious beleflrs.
With all thest..e St Patrlck's day pi'r
ties and the' showe'rs for Ih" hrhles-to
he. bOeslidel sevetrai w.leddlinffg, the week
just past hns ieen it lively one isoelally
In Imassoula, nd more hrmlllng flun.
tlons are prllloised for ne.'xl week,
Lucas- Layfield.
M11s, tiertrulh, .Ali'ce' I.l 'iucas 4lnd
Thomas 1Al. rfell were malIrried yCest.'r
day afterlllnoon at :30 clock ill the
Methodist Eplscopltll church, Rev. J. W.
Bennett offiliating i'lergymnsn. .Mrs. J.
C. Orr played the illarch fro.ll IAo
hengrin onl the oran. lr s tlIhe britla
party ente're'd the chlilrc. 'h ndtl M lndel-l
sonti's "\\'Wedding .Marlhl" ilfter th
ceretml0ny. lis iHelen .Mills and
groo111 and about 10l of I t 0hir mosti Ill
timalte friend.s werve prentil. The brlde
wore her trnllaling gown and aftltr iI
brief reception tit the ladles' parlor of
the church, Mr. aniid Mrs. layfilehl de
parted for 4i wedding journ.'" to sleep
ing Child Hot siprlngs. I'lion their re
turn they will be at home to their
friends at 316 South Sixth stree't eas5t.
A host of friends hasten to offer c(on
gratulatlonsl to Mr. and Mrs. I.ayfeld,l
who have 4made the1eelll4'ves hbeld.v.e! In
tuslness, ehurcth' lnd socllal circles.
Exquisilte in Its simplllic'ity tnd I
beauty was the wedlting olf Mliss title
nlborn and John Eu.gelne I'als.om Thlurs
day nlooll at the- ho4me0 of the lrlde's
aunt, Mrs. (Tus Schmidt, 140 South
'ourth street west. A dloz.en frielnds
walted 11 the parlors while M:iss Emlllail
Rnulter planye.d Mendelssohn's wedding
Ilarchl , land the bridal party descended
the stairs and stood bIonre Rev, liar
old G(riffi. Miss loulllhr played soft
ly the march fromii Lohtengrlli during
the ceremonyllll, which was rendered
wonderfully s.o4(,lllll illn 4 bIeaiutiful by
the piastor. The bride is petite andt
wivnolue ulwal ls an1d Ol1e Wins lpirtic u
larly so in ther fillmhy \white weddinglll
gowll, carrylng ia slhower bulll4quet. of
violet anti white roses After c:on
gratulatlins anld best wishelllsn idtl been
showered Illn ll.r. and 1rs. i.olis.m,
the guests were itn\ited to Ia table prIle
pared for a \\eldlng dilll.er. A \hlte..
bridal cake graceld the center 1of the1
table andl ab.ove it wire lfet.lloned
white satin ti4ll4ons ail pinlk 4ll 44u
tIons. Pink sweelv'1t pel.s were la id
albout the tbhle inll rtistic( profusionl .
The Misses Estella Stilth 4III1 .Mtilay
Grady served t 11. tu41i I % i'elit'lllnus
courses of the' tihm1lt4r. 'iThe guests
seated about the ta1i4ll, wire Mr. 1, and
Mrs. Harid tiriffis, Mr. 4and Mrs. t'.,
A Munison, Mr. a4nd 11Mrs 4l4i (4nlith,
Mrs. Mall K. Hall, the Misses Kath
4'rine (Osbolrn. Alb*4 illland 1ainl RIo4Ii4 . r,i
("red Holwaly Iof I' roaullis, .lllht4 l
eart sley., hlnlph 'ordz luin tie. bri'e
iand grooml After 4i short jllurl'lt
vlat. Mr. ,and Mrs. ,'lulsni \\111 t i e lit
hone Itoll h i l rl,4.' ri iat Mrs. '4-Iihnt i 4 t'
1hoset n44 South Fou'4rth 4street. MJ11ii
beloutiful .a d1 valu1able gllts t'ltified tut
the high tl*4vin iln 441hi4h both 11Mr. 4and
Mrs. h'ilon are 4 el4 bL4 it lst 4of
frienids hr', 4 and i4n distiit d..il.'s
For Miss Hart.
31'ls. h\'. I:. ( l 44 ,'nt, r44, in 4 V n-1
liday aift,'rllt.olln helr 144 (44(e on South
lo"urth street in c'minlhlinent to, 11ss
Mildred Hart w144e appron1v i4ng (4 ir
tlder i over their nelellr 411klr
thllrougi h 4 !n4 t dil,4 lightful aftlrnoonll.
'l'e'a was served. I lim it tuhle i'4llsitt.
ly daint:," \l(ilh pink ain I il \lit,' '4arnmi
tin i isunil lhik .hatied 4 t n les. .114rs.
'll4he, 54 --es1s 4er4: 14,Mesdiainl'es llit hard
4Hart, Jlhn 'Tl4(h . T4n4 t'4tinl , l: 4'
How Fat Affects the Heart.
Fatty Jiegea
cr'tlon of the
! Heart may well
Ibe a bugbear to
all fat people.
Ali ex('t.s of fal
ta artoun d the
hctart lnot unly
S I a p c det Its
M o i tilltite, biut
grtadualla changea the sublitance
cit I i ai ugl u'il, 'lae l ailt, i lut ilip
of till organl. I'lil, imilw' becomellt
wX ukarl . 'xit .,nlint jr exltra exer
tion auairar throlhllling in throat
and roii illt , lirta hr'l tha I o short
and 11. ht 10 Wiln these aylmptom h
Is th , fat, ,tRlits at ulllt h|l taketn
to remot ve l ilse lix'-e ftil, not only
frorm th, utl'f , cItllIti heart, bua t
frtom otalr parts of the body
where it Iaakii." its ul atlwel('iwlinla up
pettrancet. ..1aty si-called fat rt
ducers aare dangerousaa to the fatty
hearti, p)lacing uupon it an addedl
burden Iby ttimulating its aiicttio.
There Is but lae, sure, ihuariless
fat reducl-r knlownl. t o nlaw fIt
nouls ~4ulriola Ptrescription of i
De)troit p)hysi'iran, and its nore
con\ttnien I fiorm, M ltti'ataota Pt'e
scriptlon tabtletts. Hy IIiterats of
th.ulas huiartaleals ittle tamllelt thou
salndli of iterfat people haelal surte
ly and autely reduced their xw eight
at thei, rate tpf 10 to 10 oz. a dcay
1 ot 41ou ex Pso ur 41lu6.4111
#rmnsetl , ratt ita 'rablets
are sold by a d t, ta ' the
Marinmimt Com:uliny, 1527 Parmers
)tlda., Detroit, Mich., at 75c for a
large case.
~tllrion.y,. J. J1. uckley, J. 11. Randall.
Orville England, Frank Pealson, Dan
Arma, Fred tiny. L,. i. (tattlli, H.
ltdrdilt, Rulf, Phil lagnon, Prank Van I
Patten, J. .Istlhlz; the Misses Mildred
Hart, Ruth Hurt, (olette Morgan.t,
Phyllis i eignon, I'ocile and ('harllla e
.Johnsoi. Flsle Blake, iidna Power,
Evaro .\very. Nora Nichols, Stevens;
and Snyldr.
Weller- Hoover.
Miss Ruth Wettller and Albert W,
it tovyer were quietly imaurried at 7 I
n', liok \lednesdayv ePvetling In their
)ow it newl Iy-furnished hole at 135 East
Front str'tet. Rev. Harold triffi'' per
formed the ceremony anti Mr. lind
Mrs. W It. Fisher and Mr. anid I
Mrs. Nichols were attending witnesses..
Thin weddinlg is the climax of a
romance begun in C'anton. 0., dturing
the school days of the bride and groom.
Mr. Hoover is bookkeeper at the local
exchange of the Independent Telephlone
comlpany and his bride cattlie here a
few weeks ago from Ctolorado for tlhe
For Miss Tietjen.
TIId first of ia series of brlte's show
ers were given Thltrsllay afternoon for
Miss Hazel TI.tjen, whlose wedding
with Hugh 1"orbis will be one of the
brllitant asinlit evenits of the nlotith.
Mllts Leotna F'orbis wan the hostesC
yesterday afternoon anld her guests
were ti" of ithe most ithitllate friellnds of
the bride-elect Itridge was played
until tea time, then the guests were
served dainty refreshments, all aglow
wlth ilink decorations in flowers, rib
lonns and faivolrs. For at final course,
I huge pink-triltunled clothes basket
was placed oil at table before Miss Tlet
Jeht and she was bidden to open the
latekages ihealupd within. A variety of
beautiful andll serviceable gifts in linen,
cut glass and china proved the lpterest
taken by Miss Tietjent's friends In her
preparations for a nlew home.
Delta Gamma Banquet.
According to the national custom of
TDelta (talnmina It tneet for an annual
reunliolln banquet ia near March 17 ias
can be nmade coinveinient, the local chap
ter of Ixllt (iilalrlun dined Frlday even
Slng at 9:30 o'clock in the banquet hail
if the Elks' clubhoulllse. The sorority
colors were utsed in brown baskets
filled witl pluk carnations and tied
with blue ribbonsl for table decoratilons,
inltertwined with vines of smilax. Mrs.
u(;orglania Post oif litte. Mrs. Edgar
I'ollteys. Mrs. \.. , htook, Mrs. D. J.
l-lavlllltd, dMrs. Frank Bonuer,. Mrs. t~.
A. Bishee, lims (Trauce Stoddard and
Mlius lilannalth Hiook were the alumnaeill
ilem hiers present, unId Ithe( Misses
Helen Wiear. iladys Hluffman., Madge
Ilieatty, 'lerete Stuattlhews. Mabel
Le.yden. ('ar Hitranoi. (Cecil Kramier,
Iess Wilde anid Mfautde Johtnson the.
etl.e no tber'l At i the c'lll usoltll
.rof the mitaterlil part of tihe feast there
wais ia ieligRltful series of toasts IIn
trollucued by Mrs, Ilook, tuoastlnistress.
A Tinware Surprise.
T'ell tlars agKo list Thu.silday Mr. ald
Mlrs. Itobert 'r. ('rilkihititk were itar
rind in .iiisk.gunti Mich.. and int the
evening aiulmit 41i if their frinids gave
thein i tliwitr' .irtprise III cetlibria
tliut if lii ainntiversar>. Thirty ir
finirty ies.i if . tiw tin kitchen iltuten
1Its lilildt'. : dazzling array when duly I
trisenlited hi tilt. gliatets wvhi tleu
proceeded with goin's ailnd 11111sic tmid
sitpper to speld it Itierry evetingt.
httwel're iof anggratuiilatiitns anid ginuil
wisies were. estViowed upoin the i. lllb.
:nili gnuli n who havi e won higlh a
Stei',11 durling their residence in thi:
l city.
A. Y. I. I. Club.
AlisL i Vg \Llnn glltiw oll \ihIn ion hto'
'riay eveninig for 12 yloung lad)le,
Imiii . 's of' tlh A. Y. I. 1. i ith. ('I11.dt ,
u11111 , both \ nttii alld l nStr mntla'lln ,ll ttl,
if III a d1 )1(o us l i lt l ,upit 'r mad eh' gaud th
r,'ptlhltlon for graelus hospltalit\
ngI 5ilnee iuttallted by MiMn Wigilt
man in her hume ln North Third
Thirty Years Married.
Mr ltandl Mr. A. i. iev' vin·s weri'
marri.d l0 yilral ago MArtch 15 In
Itlohester, lllnnosotil, landl to celebrate
tiihe unnlllverranry thely luked a few
frie.ndsl to Ilay\ cards itlh them i rlday
evening, ait their iihotte on North Sec
ond street. Masses of carnatlons, red
and white, ianl fItiit) of red hearts
lmade th roomlls bright for the occa
aillo. Mitiy wedding gifts of cut glas.s
'ld ilver' were added to the hearty
congatullltlatin offerd by friends in
MIlssoula anld distant citties. ThoItse
Irl'tsent Iriday everingll wre ;MIr. and
Mrs. 'Tracy, Mr'. lind Mrs. Crawahaw,
Mr. anld Mrs. PIlaste, MrI'. and Alt's.
Lilly, Mr. and Mrs. Iornlan, Mr. iand
Mrs. Spaulding, Mr. and Mrs. Melaney,
Mr. itll Mrs. ('llinings, Miss ,llnfors,
MPr. \Wheler', Mr. Maloney, (l'llndnlt
Wright, Mlr. and Mrs. Stevens ndll
their dalughters' and sun.
The Bunney Club.
The llelllory of t t. Patrick was kept
lgreen by thie Inlllttllty tll)b Wedillneslay
at tile hIom of Mir. ,ld Mrs. W. iH.
tiunney, on Woodford street. The hlouse
was trinlllted with evergreens antlll tni
bleills of Ireland. Irish games w'ere
played anlld tile refresh ments served
were also suggeitive' or the land and
the hero. 'iThe .'young lpople who had
part in thil elinjoyable affair were: The
MIsses Helenl. IDunltean, Vern anid Altha
('hattin, hidn4 ,ilarson, Flilda Marsh.
Junll W\hitling, hirllt'ey Shunk, Alice
iarketll, May Anderson, Hazel Her
IlLanl, 'PrUn(ces AlnderslOll, Opal Hunt;
Mesursl. e lilhal'daon, Henicr, "'ardl,
loganl, i'letac'hmannrl bin, Pew,
;emuay, Marsh, Duncan, Tubbs, Snider
and Mr. and Mrs. Buntiey.
A Birthday Surpi'le.
A number of the friends of Mrs.
Charles Coy surprised her Monday aft
esnoon'in ho1or of her birthday. T'hey
assembled at the Coy home on South
?bartds trNsW west, 1:l rig 4I*g0 .0
Sl rday t
41 s mu ii we imttdps and
.e and guess
Ins cog.es'sn gmttwittselent and many
congratlatttions and good wishes for
the hostess. ~Itose prdeent were: Mes
dames McCart, Orr, Jacobson, Wilson,
('aln, Parmalee, Deakin, (antt, Gardl
ner., Freeman, Iteh, Hanson, Whitconmb
and Harmon.
Mrs. Roberts Hostess.
.Mrs. FI. A. Roberts was hosteds l'ri
day afternoon at her honme on ('on
nell Avenue to a company of about 25
ladles. Needlework was In el dence
for a time but was soon laid aside for
the more attractive amusement of
filling the blanks In a St. Patrick's
day story with Irish names, and tell
ing anecdotes appropriate to the day.
Ferns and palms were used profusely
through the rooms with decorative efl
feet and on the refreshment trays
there were many clever suggestions of
the Irish green. Ramekins carried
each qne an Irish flag, and a tiny
green candy basket filled with candy
potatoes was given each guest for a
Music Department Meets.
A splendid meeting of the mInslc
department of the IW. alltn's club was
held Monday afternoon at the' home
of 'Mrs. W. H. Moore. Besides the
imembers there were a number of
guests present to enjoy the good pro
gram. 'Miss Hva Coffee read a paper
on the opera "Tristan und Isolde":
Mrs. 8. H. Russell told of the
blanadlaun orchestra in its brilliant
season: 'Mrs. PeckhLam sang "Absent"
and "The Rosary"; Miss Harding sang
"Dada": Mrs. A. Wells played several
piano solos and Mrs. J. H. Power gave
a most interesting talk about "The
Boston Symphony Orchestra." In ad
dition to the feast for milnd and soul
afforded by tile program numbers,
there 'was a feast of good things to
eat served by the hostess at the close
of the pleasant afternoon.
Contestants Dine.
A jolly little dinner party was in
joyed Wednesday at Mrs. Cromberg's
delicatessen shop by tile basketball
teaml, the debating tr,ill, extempo
raneous speakers and two instrucltors
of the high school. Besides having
good things to eat, the young Illen nmade
speeches telllng how the victory is to
be 'won next year In each line of school
activity represented. The two In
struictors, David Lever iandrI Joseph
Dikeltinson. sat one at each and (of the
table, while on either side were:
Messrs. Fox, C. Prescott. IH. Prescott,
('utnsil. larhart, Hester, Percy
Stonel, Jiaker, Angvlrlne and McHaffle.
To Pisy "500."
Mr1r. and Mrs. Iilly asked sonim of
their nellghhors to their Ihome on ltuld
udard sltre't, .lMollday evening, to play
";,oO0 'lThe gauns was played with en
hls siosnlll alndl prioes were, w.on by Mrs.
Iternlun, Mrs. 1tev\'e , Mr. Mr. Borllin ilald
Mr. LiTll. 'Thosea' present werea' Mr. andt
MI'r. lSteven.' . Ml,. al .Ire. Itortl'an.
Mr tndI Mrs. Crawshasw and Mr. anid
Mrs. Li.lly.
Ssns Souci Reunion.
Thie p'lsasure of havin\g Mrsc. Rtt't
('raven andi1 Mrs. 'W'alter tHayes pres
auit made eve\n mIore' thiin unaIlly en
jlo\'ble' the meetinillg of the i' ans Souci
',luh at the homile of .Mri. Kidney Inch
last Wednesday;s%" aftearlloosil. Th'ere wtas
;osl eslalbrat'e "c'overed dl sh surprise"''
tlilnller w ih I i l is eslpe. ial invention
tof th is s ,. served fromi a table dainty
witLh .'llow (affodils and artistic place
crds, ileach e'luring ia quotation appro
Iprile to the' guest deslgnated. A fen
Iture If the oc'asion Was a beautiful
gigt froml the club to Mrs. C:rven, who
"My Feet Were Just
Aching for TIZ"
Let Your Poor, Tired, Chafed, Tender
Feet "Spread Out" Gloriously
In a Bath of Tia.
I), O, glor, wihlat a feelin! Won
derful what T''IZ will do for your feet!"
lust take your shoes off, and then
pu)tt those weary, shoe-crinkled, achy,
"Julst couldn't
wait to take
mny bat offl"
colJIIt-pettUlredt. .pin lll.,rtuired feet
of yours In a I, hath. Your toes
will wriggle with Joy. T'hey'll Ibok
up at you and almost talk, and then
you'll take another dive In that TIZ
bath! Yes, TIZ is life to feet!
The man or wolman who says there's
anything like, or as good as TIZ,
never had a foot lII a TIZ bath.
When your feet ache, get tired,
swollen, tender or sore, Just try TIZ.
Your feet will just feel fine; also your
corns, bunions and callouses will dis
appear. You'll be able to wear
smaller shoes, too; your feet will keep
cozy: tley'll never be frost-bitten,
never chilhlailled.
TIZ operates under a new prillcillle,
drawing out all the polsonous exudt
lions that make feet sore, corny and
tired. There's nothlt#I else like TIZ
so refuse any Imitattlbn
TIr, 25 cents a box, sold avehit
where, or sent dlre~t, on .reppt of
price, by Walter .ltthet Doddl & Co.
Chicago, Ill. Recommandr t by
dru atorea, departmernt and geqral
"~"l~:··..!~i.~r ~ a'·--l~·-·"''·i5
leaves today for algary.. where ishe~ s
will be married on April 8 to Edward pl
GreenS, formerly of this city, The .q
ladies pr Int were Mesdames Craved, of
'Haye, Little, Stl! er, Wilbur, Prile, oi
WilltHen, Willalir Wilcox, Forbes, ni
-Idkenbach, J. G. . mith. Alex. Peter*- b
son and Inch.
- D
Sunney Club Dinner.
Mrs. W. i. .ttney entertained at tl
dinfter last eVenln 'her class from tile a
Sunday school ao the Presbyterlan 1
chucb~. The young ladles in the citagi f
have drganised into the "Bunhey clube, j
a tieir place cards last evening WvI'e
i h form of a shamrock lear Writ
a ltte bunny nrWbt posed beneath, I
draWri by the oletr pen of Mr. Bun- U
new. After the mnany delicious courses *
of the dinner Were concluded, Miss May 0
Anderson, as tokstmistress, introduced 'd
MIa iune Whiting to speak on "Bt. t
Patrick's D y," Miti Heael Herman for t
"Our Clubs' and Miss Hilda Marsh for n
"The Al of Out' Clulb." Theh she 0
'milled on aacll'of the others present to t
tell a story appropriate to St. Patrick's ]
day. Mrs. J. Wilson Moore and Miss
olive Wtight were guests of the club,
and the members are Helen Duncan, i
Vera and Alpha Chattin. Edna Lar
son, Hllda Marsh, .June Whiting, Shir- 1
ley 8lunk, Allce Barkell. May Andbr- t
son, HasIe Herman, Frances Anderson I
and Opal Hunt.
Cosmos Club.
The Cosrhos club was entertained
Monday evening by Dr. Joseph H. Un
derwood at his home on the south side. ,
A large number of members attended,
the new members, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney
Inch and Professor and Mrs. Ballantine, 1
being present for the first time. 'Mrs.
Blanche Whitaker read a paper on "The I
Habit and the Law," which incited a I
vely lively and nlateresting general dis- I
cusilotl. Rtefreshments and a social t
hIour closed the.evening.
Westminster Guild.
Thirty-two members and friends of
the Westmlnster guild met in regular
session last Tuesday with Miss Ruth
Kellogg at her home on South Fflth
street east. The subject for the even
ing, 'INhtlonal Awakening In India."
was led by Miss Grace Stoddard, with
the topics: "Influence of Christian
Ideas," by MIss Gertrude Willard;
"Five Causes for Unrest in India," Mrs.
(I. F. reterson; "The Position of Great
Britain in India," by Miss Sarah Ken
nett. After enjoying a social hour and
refreshments, the gluld adjourned to
meet in two weeks with Miss Houston
at the Young Women's ('hristian asso
clatlon home.
At Frenehtown.
Mrs. P. B. Foster was very pleas
antly surprised by a company of friends
at her 'tome In l"renchtown last
Wednesday evening. The guests played
cards and made candy: they also en
joyed several piano solos, rendered by
Miss Clara Parent. An appetiling
buffet supper was served at 10:30
o'clock. Those present were Mesdames
Joseph LeBert, John Parent: the Misses
('lara Parent, Ntea Hitchins, Marie
Posti~; Messrs. Richard Gerlach,
Theodore Rouililer. Roy LeBert, Wil
liam Tetrault and the hostess.
At Clinton.
A farewell party was given In ('linton
Thursday evening for Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Martin and Fred Martin at the
home of tbeir parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Vital Martin. Progressive wlhist was
played with great seat and prizes won
by Milrgaret Peetr, John Pers., Jr.,
Mrs. John Peers pCd Leslie Northey.
A delicious supper served at midnight
concluded the pleasant evening. Those
present were Mr. and Mrs. Northey.
Mr. and Mrs. John Peers, Mr. and
Mrs. Dwight, Mr. and Mrs. Brown,
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Vital Mar
tin: Mesdames t'oont, Swartz. Terry
Ernest Connlck, IBuckley, Shannon: the
tMisses Jordis Norris, Margaret Peers,
Nellie Ward, Marion Mahoney. Blanche
and lBessle Thompson, Thelma
Northey, Lottle, Winnie and Alice Mar
tin: Messrs. Philip Betters, Roy
Hughes, John, Alex and 'Harold Peers,
Edgar Griswold, Ralph Coon, Erwin
Mason, Tilford Ward, Charlie Ma
honey, Ed Nettls., Lloyd Terry, Rex
and Ernest Brown, James Thompson,
Forrest Swartz, Fred Martin and Al
bert Martin.
Mrs. 'Hargrove Surprised.
Mrs. 0. A. Hargrove was happily
surprised at her home on South Fifth
street, last Wednesday afternoon tby a
company of friends who came brlng
ing refreshments and fancy work
ready for al good old-fashioned visit.
The time wan so pleasantly spent that
each guest expressed her hope for
more occasions of like interest. Those
present were Mesdames Fred WMass,
James Browns. T. O. Hayden, W. B.
Belknatp, H. W. 'Mossman. Bert Wil
son, George ('all, nalplh ooen, Henry
(Clinkenbeard and O. A. Hargrove,
several of the mothers were accom
panled by their small sons and daugh
ters who also had part in the good
Sigma Chi Danse.
Members of Sigma Chi and their In
vited guests dlanced Friday evening in
Barber & Marshall hall until midnight
and then repaired to the fraternlty
house for supper. There were about 40
of the young people to enjoy the de
lightful function.
Sigma Nu Smoker.
A smoker was given by the menmbers
of lJnma Nu at their fraternity house
Friday night in compliment to the men
of the faculty of the university. The
near approach of St. Patrick's day was
suggested by decorations of emerald
hue and by the use of short clay pipps.
Informality and good fellowship char
acterized the entertailment.
M. L. S. Club.
the 'M. I.. 3. dclub Thursday evening at
the M. L .H. club Thursday evening at
the home of Mrs. Robion on asut
Spruce street. 'rTh young ladies spent
a happy evening according to custom,
visiting and enjoying refreshments.
Humane Society.
There was a large attendance and a
lively interest in the meeting of the
Humane socelty Prid.y afterloon. An
election of officers tiade, Wht. H. C.
Myers again presldeMt, iWss Alioe
Woody, first vioe president;' Mrs, J. C.
Anderion, second vies pfaldeitt; Mrs.
., A. Wheeldon, sI~retary: Mrs.
Prank DBokwlth, tregsurli I. L. Wad
ce, attotrney; Dr. T. A. *tsgiirad,
tysiolan. The poolety eda PN
telt to the publlc that i.y instance
cruetty to aildren or alit be at
toe reportgd to Its l tlbrters by
eans of telephone JOe. 89, red or
ack, or by postofflee box 781.
iyj Addition Mothers' Club.
'A Special meeting of the Daly Addl
on Mothers' club was beld Jrlday
sernoon at 3he hoyel.-gj .Lr Earl
owllie, 1181 gouth Ninth st , we t
the purpose of hearingl Mr , . W.
chtft :o9 ' Ih
.e fnt to hear the ex ent
tlh rVs. ichter made a o, the
r t need for tbreita to t the
shools tbt only once 'n a le, but
rtes, to give praise where 3raise iI
he atd to co-operate with teachers
> remedy ýhly defects observed. At
s b>tidsibfl of Mrs. WRchter's re
ti.ai~ e was a general di1letisiop
Sthte sbiect; then Mrs. Novdlid with
le asesitanee of Mrs. "Pis Harris,
ire. Koeler, Mrs. carl Bale an4 Miss
ray Osboan, served refi'e~hfenes.
In IndOer PIonle.
'the' ierdstioh club of the Young
Vorten'e .ICltlitlan asr5oeltiod will
ike its. sediad Walk tueday after
toon, leavlt "hid aedociation home at
b:1 b'clodk and Wtll.nhg up Hell
late canyon. inllce the wekttler is
till rather chilly' for pliniclking out
1 doors, the club will hold' ah In
loor picnle Immediately after the
vlt Tiuesdly it' the officb of the
(otthwest' Abstract & Title Insurance
ompany In the Montana block. This
icnic and, frtice will begin at 6:80
'clock and young women ,who do not
ake the walk will 'be welcqamed by
he club, as Well as those Who come
or the outing. l0ach one fs asked
o ,britt lunch for one persoh and a
upt Picnic clothes will be in regle.
t St. Patriek's Seiel.
The Christian o ldeavor society of
he Presbyterian church will give a
it. Patrick's social Monday evening at
o'clock in the church parlors. A
Program of Irish songs and recitations
vll be given, followed by refresh=
/eeper Service.
At the Vesper service of the Young
'Iomen's Christian association which
vill be held in the association rooms
it 4:80 o'clock this afternoon, Mrs.
larold Hlgh will discuse the char
acter of Rebecca in the series of
totable women of the Bible now be
ng studied in these afternoon serv
ces. All women of the city are
:ordlally invited to be present.
Btrollers' Club.
'Mrs. T. A. Munson entertained the
Strollers' club Tuesday evening at het
'ome on W'est Spruce street. Whist
was played and prizes were won by
_fesdames Ilse, Barry and Sheedy.
Late in the evening thes hostess served
a dainty lunch. 'Mrs. Barry and MIrs.
Cy'r were guests of the club. The
next meeting will be held at the home
of Mrs. Joseph Gallagher on East
Spruce street.
For Mrs. Hoskins.
Mrs. IErl 8tillwell asked a num
ber of her friends to play "500" at her
home on West Pine street, yesterday
afternoon, in compliment to her guest,
Mrs. Hoskins of Ravalli. Prizes were
won by DMrs. EIarheart, aMrs. Sparks
and DMrs. Butherland. A 5 o'clock the
hostess served an elaborate dinner.
Hie guests were 'tMendames Woodson,
Swanson, Gallagher. lEarheart. Suther
land, Sparks. Eastridge and the guest
fon honor, Mrs. Hoskins.
West Side Woman's Club.
The 'West Side Woman's club held
its regular meeting in the Lowell
school 'building yesterday afternoon.
The hour was pleasantly and prof
itaibly spent in discussion of current
events. Mrs. Galloway also read a
paper on "Clqanlng Day for the West
6ide," in which she pointed out very
definitely just where the most work
was needed. Music was furnished for
the meeting by the Lowell school or
Lina e*wing Circle.
The Lina circle of the Daughters of
iHermann lodge will be entertained
Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. H.enry
Hubert at her home, 824 Vine street.
At the Y. W. C. A. Home.
rThursday afternoon and evening, the
Young Women's Christlan association
entertained the ladies and the girls
of the KCongregational church and on
Friday afternoon and evening the
Baptist ladies and girls were guests.
The ladies on each afternoon sewed
and visited and enjoyed the music and
refreshments prepared for their
pleasure. The younger people on
each evening played games and sang.
Friday evening was more especially
colored with the at. Patrick's green
and the songs and stories were of
IrIsh extraction. A delightful time
was reported by each of the four
With Mrs. Spottswood.
Members of Kappa Alpha Theta
were asked to spend the afternoon
yesterday with ,Mrs. Spottswood at her
home on Gerald avenue. Those of
the guests Who cared to played bridge
and others sewed and visited. The
rooms were decorated with Bt. Pat
rick's colors and the dainty refresh
nmonta carried the suggestion in varl
ous pretty ways. Those present were
Mesdamnes J. P. Rowvk A. WW Wilcox,
Pharles Blair, ,.. -K.Lucy, Tame Son
ner, " rHoh~b 1elatufit~d: ",t,"'' a nofes
ilotis .'$nowles a..c ga , Lucile
MarsIhall Annil ý6 , Louise
Smith, Alice Hardenb rlzh, Hasel Ly
man, Katherine White, Gertrude
Whlpple, Gladys Freese, Bess httoades,
Grace Saner, Merle lKettlewell, IMar
guerlte Bonner and lather Birely,.
R. G. Collins, Postmaster, Barnegat,
N. J.. was trdubled with a severe Ia
grippe cough. He says: "I would he
completely exhausted after each fit of
violent coughing. I bought a bottle of
Pbley's Honey and Tar Compound and
before I had taken It all the coughing
spells had entirely ceased, It can't be
beat." Smith Drug Store.
Many sufferers from rheumatlisp
-ave* been surprised and dell ted with
14 prompt rdlief itfordpe i' ipplyfbi
kimbefialn's Liniment. dt' on 6ie
bt rh6iiuatim in tat1 requirS as.i.
idteridat tiatlmiett Wiktevbr. This lit
thbtnt i .i tis b* 11 dealers.
Serr of te ar ' rwa so b
Itor, otout: L 4 ots, cr of r 4 0
gaee you Treat me with c i on ag I wll be
a ilory to rou."
With the above words Lillian Russell, an unquestioned
atuhority on feminine attractiveness, places no uncer
tain value on nice hair as a beauty asset; Unkempt,
uncared for hair not only cannot be attractive but is
actually a disgrace.
But why have illkept, untidy hair? By devoting a
few moments regularly to brushing and intelligent ap
plication of NEWBRO'S HERPICIDE, the hair may be
made to yield wonderful returns in increased personal
Dandruff, wlicn is due to a germ or 'microbe, is the direct cause of more
hair trouble than anything else. The hair becomes thin, harsh, uneven,
and falls out in quantities. It looks dead and lifeless; there is no luster.
The scalp itches.
IlERPICIDEI will destroy this dandruff germ that Is causing all
the trouble, cleans the scalp, gives the hair life, snap and lux- 4.
urlance. The hair stops coming out, the Itching ceases almost
at once, and withal there is 'a most gratifying sense of clean
To the woman who wishes to make the most of nature's
gifts by having fluffy, beautiful hair, NEWBRO' S
HERPICIDE is a toilet necesslty. It is exquisitely per- * L0
fumed and Is a delightfift hair-dressing.
The large size bottle sold and guaranteed every
where. Applications at the better barber shops +
and hair-dressing parlors. Send for sample bottle. /
,,,°o_,o,. ./ ./
S ee Window Display at ... .
Special Agents. 4'r 9
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Amateur Finishing
bring me your films.
Higins Block
We Do Not Claim
To. Have Traversed
the Earth
We are not the only photographers in the United
States., But we can give you the best of ideas
in portraiture. We are continuing our inquiries
at conventions throughout the country and you
are the one that will be most benefited by it.
You will see portraits in the best homes, made
by us.
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fo*Dldkikson Piao Co.
xurtumann, ' nabe, Baby grmad
pta6b, zunuioal haatrument ~and rliehf
N eit t. bldtn Ralf. MSt,
i ·l lJaJLdLM~i"' ·`

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