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- ,IM A iy
S April 1. --(Siteiai.)
iold days when Stevens
*f her pride as a pas
l4 b huge, beaaltiul shade
not oily furnished rest
' b ,the quiet little groups
4 5 ~t 4tiFttlsd on the betnehes
It tte heat J' the day
e of the ! ldenth of
'tiblquests, but gave to
' -tret 'ppearance of peace
.R, beauty, 'nd had Long
Sd otihr poets lived here, they
ueshad Just as great inspirt4
'ktd Could have written 'of n.tr
S'Smithy' and the "Merry chil
o~tg home from school." In
, before the era of com
S u t. arpd concrete sidewalks,
an of grtss grew along the
Bdge , the trhee and, Street, fur
_Slshlhtig f*id tS the', sleek and fat
mulch cows as. tly, .leisurely grased
along without da'lyear of a pound
master. Perhap'/every villagei has
bosated of a )fwn pump, antl #1to.
venvillle is no exception. In front of
the store of Amos Suck was the place
selected for our town pump, and a
dipper has awaayq been attached as
a fixture of the pump from which the
people drank,. and a trough was sullp
plied for the:use of the stock. Hadt
it not been for the fire that 'destroyed
the trees, it is doubtful If the hbuld
ing of large business hocks and the
development from a country villige
into a modern city, would have been
the reAson fOr shaklnlg off the crym.
ales that enveklmedl Rtevensville's nn
tural heannty, for thea trees that are
left today, as they enclose the, hotel,
furnish too much comfort for ,nnl
ordl Whaley's guests, to be in any
danger of being destroyed. Very few
of the old lqndmarks remain. Fort
Owen la nearly gone, and in at short
time all there will be remaining will
be haint Mary's mission. Today the
mllain street is being grade!d and It
Was time for thle palssing of the town
pump, so the old drinking place wasi
filed in, the 'hllge steam Ilow and
grader passed over the old well sand
made the spot as level and similar ats
the rest of the street. Anon Bulck
took a last drink from the old dipper
and with a sorrowful countenance
took uip the broom and swept the dlist
off from the doorstep.
Slperior, Apirl 1.-F,, TI. lHard re
cel.ed his appointment as postmaster
for ~Is place as successor to William
Mciltde;. freslned.
MI . . rrl.t , of Avery, T4aIp,
Is v(ti pg)s relatives here for a few
Mrs, Roy Bdacom of Missoula is
spendllng short time,with her moth
er, Mrs. Johniton.
A. I!. Black, section foreman for the
Plget Round Is moving his family to
jAwtston, Idaho, where they will make
their home on a ranch.
Dr. and Mrs. A. 0. Fuller are vis
Itors here from .t. Regis.
Mrs. 0. C. Johnson has taken her
baby to Missoula for medical treat
Hamilton, April Tl.-(Special.)-The
case of Peter and Nick iilindauer
sgainst W. R. Cliftord, a suit hn a debt,
came up this morning in the district
rourt for trial with Judge J. B. Pnln
dexter on the bench.. The case was
settled by agreement of the attorneys
in the case.
The case of P. R. Wagner ahd E. N.
Cruson against J. N. Schwarts, a suit
on a debt, will be taken up In the dis
trict court tomorrow morning.
ALL 1ep abso.,rly ist e arf 'tly fr-r
tight. N9. ,or col sit 40M map, thus
tbe own q right, with p put bhat the
u s i~iof cwwac ~boA Dint
meooes. You syplo i to unr twfce the fuel, not
1fru ng repair bt l, io y uothlpg ol
'mrr TRt~ q apuga
9typsir so ad b,, ll
io boroupiy
10 W ! !! , ' '' :.
!e !! li ... . F".v .. !.'r i
I what tou jst at. Il sourlg oen
youtt stm6aih 01 lis, like a lui.dp o01
lead, refUsiil to digest, or you beloh
is and eUqtate squr, unmaest4
fOod, or IIhI a feeing, of distl
heartburnt~tullneopp. nause, baild tlst
in niotlte'tbad stomach hedachrei-hl.
Is Indlgestliq,
A fuill ·gs. of Pape's Diapepln.
costs onpflO eiats aMd wilt thnerilgh
ly cure your mutiof.order Iltnmachr
nnd leave nufflelent about the house
in cas someone else in the family
may suffer from stomach trouble or
Ask your pharmacist tok show you
the formula plainly printed on these
tO-cent cases, then you will under
stand %.iry dyspePtic trouble of all
kinds must gn, lind why Dlappsiln
always relieves sour, oat-of-order
stomachs or Indlgestloh in five inun
ites. Dlapepain Is' harmless' and
tastes like candy, though each dose
contains power sufficient to digest
and prepare for asuimilation into the
blood all the food you eat; besides,
It makes you to to the table wJth a
healthy appetite; but, what will please
I ye most, Ia that yhu will feel that
your stomach and Intestines are clefan
and fresh, and you will not need to
resort to laxatives or liver pills for
tlinlsness or constlplmlon.
This city will have many Dlapepsln
rranks, as some people will call them,
hilt yoil will eo cranky about this
splendld stomach preparation, too, Ir
yotu ever try a Iliton far Indligeslton
or gastritis or any other stomacl Inls-.
(loct oulnePape's Dlnpeppln now,
lthi minutle, ani forever rid yourself
of stomach trouble and indigestion.
Victor. April I.--Rpecial.)-The Ra
vallt county interscholastlc meet has
heen changed from the 24th and 2'th
of April to the first Fridny and aet
urday In May, as the weather will be
more favorable.
The Northern Pacific railway has
granted rates to the Ravalll county in
Iterscholastie meet. The tiekets will
he good from May 1 till May 6.
Prank Weatherford spent Sunday in
Everett Babbitt spent Satulrday and
Sunday here as the guest of Munroe
Mrs. R. A. Metd returned yesterday
from Missonla.
Rev, Mr. Irwin Iheld services in the
Presbyterlan church yesterday mornhtg.
Miss Ploy Ollds was over from Butte
this week.
iLrt .n.-R. wrlres eanYehffdPred .
turned today from Pnolantd.
Jack loherne returned yesterday
from Missoula.
Joseph Hess of Pennsylvania is here
as the guest of Will Mahan.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Clifton spent
Saturday and Sunday in Darhy.
Hamiltop, April l.-(peeolai.)-Plth.
cr John O'Connor has arrived in Ham
ilton from Three Porks, Mont., and has
become resildent priest at the local
!Catholic church. lie conducted serv
Ices here yesterday. Pather O'Con
nor .presented himself at the offiice of
tile clerk and recorder this afternoon
and took out his first papers. tIe is
a native of Kerry County, Ireland.
Hamilton, April 1.-(Rpeelal.)-Mr.
and Mrs. D. J. Donaohue and three
daughters, J. H. T. Ryman and W. R.
Deem all of Missoula, motored to this
,clty yesterday.
i i I I i
bt relnlS TAntWP ON tte-.
'ansit,, April ,.--(Speetal.)-Twbn.
ty-four m!ly s ve thel moujntala
In a norlthedltt , d" IL n'ths
As I came"ItJ jt W4t he
Ii stage, a glodd
fnles, we pale tenam .te team
frel4hting household goods. farming
mpletment lumtber add isupplies of
btl stta lght. lobds with four b4or.e
.amI s laborlously trekkicng their Way
slonWly but sirely over .nas rough and
hard n trail na I have yet seten on my
The first four or five miles tip a
steep grade through the open foothills
the road wna In good shape. hut as
we reached a lotng stretch of timber
the frost was Just leaving the ground
anld the heavy travel-toy driver stat
ed he had coelnted passing 29 teauis
one dey this week--lha mtade sad
havoc of what I am told i. a golo road
In summer. Just now it is a fright
and :to induce this heavy transporta
tlon utnder luch conditions there mltre
ly misti hbe something unusual att the
end or such n trip: so I wait eager
to see CtlnRm and the Moeti.l beyownd,
sh.ut which I. had heard so musoh re
cently, and now that I nam here I thlink
I hatte seen ahout aill that is good,
hnd and Indifferent n1 thei reservn
On the trip over I have panred t 4mme
of the richest lookjng tlanids n somtne
of the tnost desolate on the whole
Ila theld.
On oltme hillsides thalt had been
fenced In tail stands of btlnchl grars.
thick enough to have been tultivated,
designnted ai fertility of tlmrtents
vtlilue, tandtl where It Ihad nol t bren
fen'et' the c.ntlhe 4h)ltl Ihe seen'
browsing on the richll green verdlure
springing tp as if by magic with thte
first toleh of .warm spring sun.
Again we passed streitclles of stunt
ed sage brluslh land. alreadly Iaketi
iiard iltd dry wVilhi otl a blid" if grass
to be seen andt co.nsplictotlnly plrtmi
nent were the gllnm of alkali
*H ere, there and e-verywhere, unites
and miles of new fencing, up ,iver the
hills, bare buttes, down In the sage'
flits; ant over romcky, Ibarren flieldx
stretched the wire mesh, itn each
sqluare at little shack tll.otitted It hlomle
Why alnyone wouldt travel over this
hard trail far awny from rlilrotadts and
iplck olit n homne here In this wilder
nessm wais it unystery to toe till Slld
detnly n. we turned a butte there canl.e
into view a beautifully wooded
glcbih with a goodly number of suth
stantial I ollses scattered amon) g its
shady nooks and on a hillside to the
north, an hlyv IIttle town wit hllild
ings,. aill nIlw Is though Iltlill over
oer 30 miles northeatst, F I41p told,
Alors almng siietOl oltg ttis p h ot
ttmns thronulh, whlie. runs. tbh, Little
Ritter Ruot river.,, These .lands were
pasised It) by the wise ones in the
first rush for fertile fields as worth
leas.alkali flats, yet a tew of the utn
sophisticated who wele taken in by the
iniqulous locatlon pluhnted their shack
and Innocently persevered in the cultl
valtlen ,of the no accounlt lands, the
Iutts of the jokes of those who knew
good land when they saw it.
Hiut, I- and ,behold! The Intriped
pioneer at his first attempt found a
good supply of clear, pure water but
a few feet lbeIlw the surface as he
siunk his well, and to hila amazement
and the astonishment ofr his wise
nteighborr, the seeds he pIlnted with
the aid of at little Irrigation sprung
iup, thrived and produced a remarkable
yield of excellent quality.
1dltth the harvest last fall came the
rush of those envious local ranchers
who Ihad allowed the outsiders to
gather in all the rich homesteads ait
Poison, Ronan andt other paris of the
reservatlon, and today almost every
40. good, had and Indifferent, has been
taken up in the hope that it might
prove ulp with the no account alkall
sage brush flats of the (Cama val
ley. ,
The fine flow of water so near the
surfaeo gave John Romain, three
miles northeast of Camas, the notion
that there was a subhteraneous flow of
some magnitude farther down, so he
drove a pipe down 298 feet and was
rewarded with an artesian flow of so
barrels an hour. of pure, sparkling
Dr. Brown, three miles southeast of
town, at a depth of 90 feet. has a flow
of 50 barrels an hour, and right on
the townsite, I. H. ('rahtree, at a depth
of 2? feet, hlas started it flow whicth
supplies the whole town with pure
water for all purposes.
Seeking further information about
the crole, for I will admit after se'e
inc the land I was ai hit increduloull
myself, I met I'. A. Pendarvls. the,
Itlacksnith, who told me that on his
place, one. mile east of town, lie tlhee
midst of the sae.ebrush, he planted 100
pounds of potatoes last year and
gathered a crop weighing over 1,900
pounds of as fine spuds as he ever
saw. He also -planted some Mcintosh
Reed and cherry trees from the MIs
soula nurseries and they added a
growth In the season of over two feet.
It is this then that accounts for
the 'rtsh to Mamas and not the
sprints, although I am told tour or
five'hhn~dred caiampers gather here ev
ery. sdtiuiºrlt ta~l the cure at the
thls f t gcw1tnmeattt has re.
nerted a.Y.j.hA fVe tur dOf the public.
Wit 0' OielheMe water rnpp.y
and th' feinarkable productiveness di
the soil when cultivated and irrigat
ed, thet as no question hbult what these
age bilsh flats will undergo a won
fartul trnasltion and shortly blossom
forth with tretMendous yields of grain,
alfalfa ,nd produee of all sorts, aind
with productlon will come transporta
tion and -transportation Will make of
(Misns aothea credihle town in west.
ern Montana. P . J,.
Hamilton. April I,--(Speolal.)--A. W.
OI t Uonm and' 'mily uWill maove thi
•Mli hal tth %Itl vaest d bye . M."
SIat kiae Strm outh Irst ar .
inrb4 WOli nWdlnto fl.the abt
vacated by Mr. MoKeowld.
Dixon, April 1.--(pecial.)-A large
billboad eonlpieuouly placed opponlte
tbi Northieh' Pacific ntation at Dixon
attralta the #e0 of the traveler and In
huge letters proclalms the fact that
"XlOjQO O are*, of irrigated landsa don
(fIlb~ie to Dixo 'a material develop
ment," and i tUioam few nwnrds ex
*plains the oe' ae of the rapid growth
of this husnt1 p youngtT town.
The name aimhlblona at the a.inr
optimism I find here as I fipd all
over the reeritratlnn.
At Polson T ant told: "We hive the
flnett Climate, we lhave the grandest
scenery, we hIVe the Iheat water power,
we have tranaportation and we have
the lake which will make this the
metropolls of the I"lnthead."
At Ronan I am told: "We hAve the
finest clltnate, we have the scenery,
we have the boosters, we have thou
tailds and thqtganlds of fertile aeres,
we 'wilt have a atilroad andt we tre
in the center of it all, whti.h will make
this the metroiolR of. thef I'lnthead."
At'St. Ignatitu I am told: "We have
the cllm.te, we hlte.n the finest .nehery;
this Is the tand'that the Indnlan picked
out as the heat on the reservation; we
are on the un'rvey f the electric road
and we have thte missilon. which will
make tus the best town on the r'.*rvai
And now at 1)iont I am told: "We
have the clitmate, we have the scenery,r
we have the thollunnls of acre., we
have the h.at hall ttlll on the reserva
tion, we are' the gateWway to the Plint
head and we now have the 'ralllroal
Which will niake thtl the metropotli.,"
And the rae" Il on; hest of It all Is.
what they idly in all truel: ea,'lh see
lion in heat in tself for it In all ita
grand onunt'y.
FRvery't1nm1matrtndr I lhave met tlilnks
his tract trtg heet piece, on the whole
t'eerv'ation and n, aI while they are
the moat sanguine farmers alnd heat
honsters I have ever met.
lHere in TOuton I find iI the' few weeks
slnce my last 'viilt nmalW new build.
Insa , hIta been ererted and prepar
ations aret mald tIo -reet more and
larger halfidlmI hIlatks, and the North
ern Paciflio't) hIusy Ilaing new tracks
on the idings l andarranging to hullld
the new depot.
So things look good here, but Polson,
Ronan and St. Ignatius ar, nlan boom
ing and I refrain from making a glemn,
especially as there Is another new
section poppllt. uo, aserenely over in the
western end, callel d (Cumas.
-1. At. I..
Polsnn, 'Alle ti-(fRpecial.)--(. M.
Morfit of titI ('ltrlrrnt, Hask., Can
ada, wa n' nvhitnl in the ilty the lnt
ter part nfl'l;st ',mtlk ;nd looking fir
a Plathdil' :h'ie;
Many eontrdeto'rs wire in Poison
looking after their hhid on the conl.
erete walks, .n , hichh work will h,.
commencecd shortly.
II. A. Meek of ('hlcng wnas In the
otty lastF Prldy and Saturday looking
over the oonttly, While Ihre lie intr
chased 80 atreio "f fine land close to
The steamer IClondike Is Iacrhed on
the west shore of the Iake. The
steamer became caught in the Ic.
which shifted In the hevy wind, butl
iOdklly no damage was done to the
(Clats Erickson, whoi sold his place.
to Ben Cropper of (Cnnda, expects to
move to Beattle in a few days.
Carlton. April 1.-(.qciall.)-Rev.
Mr. Clarkston, Who has been assisting
with special meetings for the past two
weeks, left this morning for 121g Tim
Miss iAlilb1i has as her guest for a few
days, 1Iss Akvaih Orover of. 'llfilton,
Leo CottreU came down from Haln
ilton Thursday ,on a business frip.
Miss i' rumback i back home after
a pleasant visit in Mlssouja.
Lew Wemple, who has been III with
tnslllitil, In recovering rpiidly.
The Ladies of the \V. R. P. wish to
announce that their social scheduled
for April 6, hes been postponed till
April 12.
Word has been received here by
friends of the denth last Sunday in
Seattle of Mrs. lllhe i),hlinon, for
merly of Missoula.
There will be Ilaster services at the
church Sunday evening, April 7.
The Ladles' Aid society, will l;net
with Mrs. Verda Smiith ,n April II.
A carload of potat'oes Was. plllpedl
from here this week.
Hamilton, April -. -(lpc.lpl.)-Ar.
cordlnl to d'ldpatches fromn St. ouls,
"Welaer" Dell wi'vrked on Satirday for
Breanahan in a game against the .t.
Loulg Amerlctain, he and Sallee, whol
relieved hi ,'allowing but a IeW hits.
Another Hkamlltcn player s also mak
Inl good I11 the. big show,' according
to Walter ratsL, th.e sportlng author
ity 'of Salt Litke, who saya that Bert
Whaling has been transferred to the
regular Cleveliad team and Iy l.t:lklg
Hamllton, April I.-(Rpecial.)-Frank
nmblisqhb f.oIVeld the sad intelligence
Y(telw4y that 'hi grandmother had
ldd1" l hr te In Milwukee, WITs.
hTheh boys, Prank, Charles
-lid li all well kngwn here,
bl, the p9 ou ordhalrd land near
Hal.slltoA. Artl '`.-- 11e.lsfi );i h
ý Abp ydjteibay after
S appreciated.
Ni ll neoy
/ A~, Genius and Skill
Will ever seek to embellish and
beautify woman, and as long as pride
in personal appearance is felt, so long
will dainty, chic, entrancing headwear
be forthcoming. The present sea
son's styles are so attractive that no
mere collection of adjectives can de
scribe them.
"Exquisiteness enthroned"--A com
plete display of millinery fashions con
sisting of the finest examples of Paris
pattern hats, coupled with the won
derfully clever conceptions of our own
corps of expert designers, making in
all a display that for modish designs,
richness of materials and low prices
has never been equalled in Missoula at
$3.50 to $5
I I I I [ I 1 I
. |OP,
.'ltor, April I 4 M .'hltl) i v'i, ,
o)f thll frli lIlI. t i l alit.tli H viigs lhllull1
in to h." 1InI u1lit. I" In h'I lo .i ) 1\pril
1l1 iti 1 an In ... i. l' in ''r :'* ,to hll w
whnat *ih. el: .l t c . ii lniK. Th,'
halink t i w i i lgoing on. Ii third '.ir'
-iitl le..e iar I C" ti cl.po.h ll.rv 111.
nl ir .y $2,1,I1 ,11 i ,It li.a ilt. ll , , a 111
firMt oi' *Ja uli rv Ite' li.liaaiiat hilta.
alti itiahl|ted ll ; .,iH Ii: Lnt Iii, \a Ith
driawni is I .4110T, TheI a.v'raii g' di.
poltls for Ith first wrks of irl,' year
WPRaor $7:.7i aiid Ithil leragle. Ir'lkliv
wtilthdrhwnHlli;l l, I tl.ni. I,iilnt. as
wor' kly IIh: llane'of del'llsiti ov\'el alllli
drnaw.l o. $ G'.'l 'The ilVllni4 Inllk
Ir 4 Jl *in t r ll ll lrom I he timelll 1 , d
In l tt iTh I. l I l, i f h i l.II ii Iii ll d."
ItRnlln l, April 1. -( iin l i. l ) V. 11.
('.nho1 n dI tH . Ii. Olliti, whai i ' ihi
Itonan for thil Iia1t1 few laysI , Iliif for
Mhlsntit .1ada Mnfrwc1111
lliiteirnan' an"'e sightlsa iiig ear allt'.
lti firn t riap frrin IIpt~ar ll to tlrian ..'
terday and will mlak,' rguinlr Iript
Miu I'tiLara Niniti if I nn vittllltl
RIt. lanati. s iatritav atand Siianday.
J. H. IggIRIns .r Iilaenna alhtuid n i
the oIInltriat I'rlday oi f liast 'iweek.
FL. 1). lSilr aiili I). Moffat of mill
Fork were' in Itianna last wink.
P. A. PaI(- and *|harla IE. llnrhbr
of Mi.Notla wir' riran'ateating htmni'na
lin a.R1nn P'rig.y.
1,. J. 1.1 tlia I all wifea of i.Issuiil.n
paaeaid ithrough hire. t atirlay '
P. If. Uirthlfr, I' it. tlryant and Joi
Ta.tcri.an of Poin.llin spnit Mattrdaai lhere.
(oorgi W hil. of P'lsiit n' lIltalti atI
the ('entral iunday.
TR. ithat if Itai,,lli was iII lt M nnn
alt the Sterling hotel anturday.
P'. A, .'Vai olli' f Hou splient a4i :ly '
In Ttinaan.
Iomner T'ain aof Pti'ian wa, ri It-maiiaa
alithtr da'y aj' lofanst wak.
tail'., Atia'h I t l a'ie'ii I - Mra. Peanri
'T'. 11ur haull vis.a ,,I IiI,. .h'iisa ls hteri
Miss Maud Willi air itutlhe Ii miak
Ing ti 'xtlinded vi-' t a i ll r l i'ltivlles
here' anli at Mlasauia
iolph lil IPrunke toilti Vi1,'l r Mliller
war. Miaiulnta viatiarsi ''Thursdiaty.
Mr laind Mrs Allen Ilohhiltt of ('or
vabsH tare vaitsitig Mrs. K I, Mills.
H t. WillIas if Mndaarw, Ildaho, Who
Is riturailaig frt'oa It a lla iness'i trip in
tie, i.i,, I l l*penint a fw' idliys with
11 ailirla, Mrsa `t`R i'A. ifught a.
P)uiIi'y APa tli, whlaa aa ttei Inift i h.
G*t the
Original .ad Genuine
TheFood DrinkforAllA 4s
IU NL. M A nT am er, W I
T.k' p..g. born
at4 ta, Iinnl',ri.lt\ , iI, Ml.i4 ltl,41 14 th, ,e l,
nlnd with hM poll e'nta,
Mr. and aMrs W\' McArtlhur wier
pliIrnntly stllrpris t Thursday even-,
inl ly t 1514rge ,owd of y1'4ng. follks.
The ''Vening w.l pleh'1ant I p4n14144 byh
inlt zc l ale r ia,' '.l ti n lnna l Lind n iel-f lniinne
g mllnt's. An .t'lhor tP hInI'h I allE 4l.rvl' l
I4i,4 in ilthe eve.'rlnK 'rha pr4e1 Ill'm. t
w''i. Arthulr and I.4ih MajorIi, Willmr
T'indall. The.on iholtford, AntiI 4and
Arnmin I illenptieh r, , V'Itor Miller,
1'liaott PIlle'n, WVillin.n A)bbot, tuy
Ilnahla, Z. ,%" i.,, %.W If Kuhn; the
iAmImet 1uti I 'rlying, lIa.el Ioliughten,
Mrn. M. i.' I"llrak., I' Irwin, T. W
S'arl Jull," e asld Johnny itl o atl."ln -
ed the revival meetings hel d I at (Carl.
Itn by 1.,v. Mr. ('Clarkston lane Thurm
day night.
I(. 14. lluliis, agt1et, In wearing a
ibroad smnile over the fart thath he has
a n'ewly painteld depnt.
Willianm Ktuhnr and Allrln i1Purdy
v.cr .111soln visit-ra .lntulrdiny
T. *- , Male land 4 nl 1 n 11 m,I'h rl , illide
r bul4lineltpS a Ir I to M11. Ilitila. li- n trdll'
11h111d Io4hland o1 f , llh firnm Iof Iow(1.
I .1-ul rIl .lllther , h tll , e.elk pl rI thlle r .t1
4a. Ir n. III fit fih litter Iloot .r4 e4 ~r
orv. nNVIII, AprI Il - . Ie 'Lial.) l I-
Y.'rsterdr . al'I*l i.m.IiI six of IhI, Jlk
that w err turnrl ."l loose in the Vainer
tilri W r l' l, rit r fI nufed in tolowno
IlntI niKhl t hV ,\ 4411 |1n 1r . llh l Ite r'l* till
i(tll Qlls4l44 rslll l'4 n lrtll r, 104444 h-re!,
ill o11 " ofn t thlsi. t.1 tlary fitl 1 I iny I u h
*i.141n4 4 w. TII ll l l I hk Ia nI a1ttrt1
tIl i'r hI4 k 1144 p ihi ' Itllrnt I rzi lirg lli.
WI'orst i*r, . nr InrnL. . oI thl vlollnt
s"'llr larm, ldl H ye4a flior that ornllIe t
mix or eiglt SluOre elk Helthtred or
(thorv aI , April Iys, -(He mol.)- 1Tw
iowbis y arrlrIved h1-re Sunday for tlhe
txpr 54 purposne 1of driving the dlairy
hIrd of over oIlne h'ndrIed haidIrnl ifrm the
O(lo Que.l rnh north ror town herer.
to fl flN IileAl p rluke dai(ry f.rn lt .i Mi) -
sIr ,lt itnlty. Thli sti.lk IUole bele
iter will here, fedh l h rel Wradnetally
for the pD.l st four Irmnths and trti Il
f1.rl1 r1TifIh4.,.
A We INnpe.
Ilamliton, April 1. -(fSpercal.)-T-saa
WaTkonl er, , tin Irnae of the cont, bo
po-t farm, diel yesti*aday morning nl
the, avgo f 9 year, n r ix months. lIft
rnld o n at l'the frbytn for twi yluears. M1
far its I, known he{o he has nn IIas
ri'I. . v. Irwin. T1'he funerall will rb
hld tomorrow.
amrvlIton, April lI (Sielelil.)--Tly
first roity MesAn o th cIty yacletray
Iatputy will the heald hotr Wednesdayl.
April :1 Delegates from every town iI
Yol ty w ill look on hanoo d to dl.cubso
rt rInd of vttrl mnterelt to e ftor iouali
anl ranche hmbrln' r.
amrdilto t, April 1.-( g pecral.)-
r oal, and yourt arnd Mcary If bot
of ..levenllrvii, were married this aft.
ernoon at the Presbyteram church whih
It, Jll. 'Ict. Irwn. oale by wi all ral
aide sit il'v.nsvilie.
Hamilton, April l.--(Slpeial.)-Clyd,
13114S a nd N. D. Ricker of Htevenrvvilh
were visitors in this eity yesterday
stopping at the Ravilli hotel.
You will look a good while before
you find a better medicine for coughs
and colds tlhan Chamberlain's Couagh
Remedy. It not only ilves reilef-it
cures. Try it when you have a omugh
or sold, and you are certain to be
pleased wvith. the prompt cure which
It will effect. For sale by all dealers.
Over the meant
we nell. Just
looking at It Is
enIIugh to give
people a longing
for some of our
melts. Just one
taste of it Is
enough to make
them resolve to
buy all their meat
h are hereafter.
AIAnd, when they
find our prices
are no higher than
those of ordinary
meats their roan
lution Is clinched.
Come,, look and
The Central
Meal Markel
116 W. Main St.
Bell 11 Ind. 471
t. Ijqll
... ... ..as i.. .... . ý.. . ,
Gr'a e s--s
I Garden City
Missoula, Montana
Spring Styles Now Being
Received Daily.
Missoula Iron Works
Brass and Iron astlldge. Maoblae
work done to order. Corner Toole
avenue and Bitter Root tracks
Bell Phone 541 Bli0kl Ind. Phone 2201
nseouoa - MNe.
Itching piles provoke pro
fanity, but profanity won't
.ure them. Doan'a Olatmnent.
cures itching, blooding o r
suffering. At any drug

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