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Twice a Day Missoula Manager is
Getting His Colts Out for ExercisS
Good Tryout Is Coming for AFi
Hands Sunday Afternoon.
llamilton, Airil 5 --(.peial. I Th
work of Hlllutkenshiiie' men was slight
ly Interfered with todcay by the wind
which swoopedt down out of itlodgett
canyon at a lively c.lip, making prac
tice with the ball out of the question
so far as the forenoon workout was
concerned. Blank had his men out Is
early aIs usual, however, and spent
some little time with the men getting
a little more pepper into their feet. Por
several minutes the men were chased
around the bases and then told to re
turn to the hotel. They were incased
in those new sweaters and hit up a
lively enough pace to make them for
get the wind. Blank thinks a wholei
lot of his men's throwing arms, and is
taking no chances of leading his men
up to the opening of the league season
with bum wings. The entire squad is
possessed of good throwing arms, the I
pretty pegs during practice being one
of the delights of the workouts, and
the foxy manager is playing the game
Soon after the dinner hour the wind
took a rest and then away to the" ball
park went t.e Highlanders. The sig
nal prAetice of yesterday was repeated
for a short time, and then light batting
practice was indulged in for a time.
The weather this afternoon did not ex
actly suit the nanager-he does have
such a dislike for the windi--hut he
took the letul today in good huimtor,
as the men have been going at a good
clip since their arrival in Htamllton.
Changnon d fallidly recovering fronm
his Charlny-horse, and was getting
around today as usual. lIe ,was out
this forenoon antd took ai few turns
about the diamond. Blank will not let
the big third br.einan let himself out
again until he ips fully recovered.
Chang will be out for regular work
when the big 'game comes off on Sun
day, however.
Blank is going to give all of his llien
a good tryout on Sunday. He stated
today that he would arlernate " Sklp
per" Roberts and Moore behind the hat,.
while Carman and Kaefer will be given
a chance to cover first. At shortstop,
Callahan and Greenwood will alternate.
Bassey, Warren, Tolbint and Hlartmaci
will work in tile outfield. All of the
twirlers will he given a chance to
,work. With Gele.;au, six slabaters will
be available, and Blank expects to let
each go three. innings as fast as he
likes. It is very likely that sonme of
the twirlers will cut loose with their
best goods, as several of thent are' in
good condition. Zatnlock opened up ai
little yesterday, litting the haull across
tile rubber in all directieons. 11' was
especially vindictive when any of Ithe
tnative sons ualkedl t ic to te l ilate.
Hlammond thas pronmised Blank that
he, will o:n his dilnamond togs Sunidacy
tt lead the homee folks. ltaftery, tI'
beau, Marx and lIood will assist, whille
the rest of the team will cline, fOIec th lie'
Missoula tcamp.
Blank l usiing ' S.ciplpet' Itloberts
behind thei bat ait pres(ent. O)wing tol
ilthe fuact that i'erenanti and <aiiter are
showing up in finel shape alrouelled the'
initial sack, he decided to let ctlc sailelr
tr'y his haond with the big lcitt Itnic.
Prtt is showing tip in fine shapte Ie-'.
hind the plate and is whbipping tihe
ball to second on i IIte'.
Bla kenulhip stated thi ll l h or'llg that
Ile had mcade Shurtstop (clraet ali ftr,
agent, havitng rt rlttlen to, the ifith hier'
to that effuct.
No Errors for Vernon.
Sacraentnit to. April .-The \' lrnio
Ites played today their fourtllh rrrlne
gslIna In a row and got uawai to in a
to-2 victory when Saerutelillnto ion
tributed eight errors.
Score- II. I. I .I.
Vernon ...... ..... gx n0
4Lacramenlito . . . I
Batterlies-Brackenrldgle unld tirowni:
Knight and Price.
A Tam. Game.
San iFracisco. April 6.--Ouiltl;idl ii . -
fotoed San Francilco today in it tue
g ie. '
.core- it. II. E.
Oakland .,..... . 3
Sap FraneWlco .....2 8 o
>MottererA,.tnlaarkey atilil Mltze; lll
I'r and bhin idt.
" Lay for Anllls.
Soore-- 11. 1. I:.
Los Angeles ......... .............13 13: 4
Portlqind .... ............. 1 A 1
Batterles-Tozer and Boles; telyglr,
Temple, tilligan and Hawley, L,
* ~ - I-- -----
'hi;Cleveland NapS sh1ud bi we-ll
flsed for heavy hitters this season, a.
soevn of the regulars hlf for .i00 or
better in 1911.
Old Big*League Player to Be in
Charge of the Squad and Schedule
Will Be Carried to Completion-WI,l
Outfit Boys with Necessities.
iAltlhough pric rilt .i t., r j fr I hII
high sehool ihas rfti'uid ot htil i' .
ugnition to lh hb, ,m hall I, iu. Its u',i
ponent parts state that theli will atrry
through thie schedl ule rece.ily ntl
trlnunced and that th,'y \ill pliny at
Hamllton, today Th' I tIanm hrls dropped
the nnoil, of the high l chil,ul aInd i
mioW under the ifnllgtf'en t of '1. .1
Judges. MIr. Judgel. its iIn charge rof
the Elite h all 41111 h m nanw!d his
IledIgling "'Th I:lte Club." Mr.
Jutdges htas agreed to qui, the the amill
with uniformsn and other ineeeesorliet
and expects to delvlop aI ftat Iittle
nine. Mr. Jltdges is : hIllplayer ,f
mIuch ability and it inl tIIl(e wats fI
the big hlow. 11i shu11.il hIe abtle tI,
work wondert with lh,. Ib.ys, ia thIer
Is a lot of thlent to Ie tound iit the
former high tschool ft.iia. Principial
iftejer has astsigned is his. rellsoll for
ditnllandling tie te:am, thlle fa(lt that
baeeleill Ilfterefe' with trkfi work.
The boys on the (tiinii fre enlthis titci
about the national pustime. honw\er,
Lnd care nothlling fir truclk Ilence
their deter inlltilon ti colntiltiu,' as an
Independent organization.
Los Angeles, April p 5.-- Losi .l\ngil.ll
slaughth'r(l 'ortlafls'm pitt htin tIfliy
and won easily, 12 t., I
I ____________________- - - --- _______ ______-- --i
I Pedersen Works Tohight
4 r ý
A ,~~ .4r:4Y;V? ii ""
r :
S / 1 "
1i:;i { t.t
JIIIM VtI siji, he-i w\,iMht i\rvtler
of YPcuk Ihroutlljx;, I1.l't y st--rdao a nlter
inoon a~t 1:30 rir ht. Ilnultlls, wirer, ha
Jll1a "Dutch" \VagaIIr tiIoght. iii
wuuI uct'unlplulrced 1,.% 'I'nat Sontag.~ry
with whom thel blg ll"hini has bhien
iyoclklng.. PIidejrouu will b, voi Litud tLo
win by lo-al mat1 tang, iii hri hlai
Atijengtii andl ii lli(ngnose ull ;t gi-at
capwcit) foru hard work. A MllIiti~ti
Z)Utf, Jlnluule liaiitcli Muttiuntai)my, will
All of the Cities on the birouit Report
Much Enthusiasm Over Coming
Season-W.l oan thq.loal Grounds
Will Be Commenced on Monday.
JMini .1 Ithl,ade. Intyonr-ce'hlet of
\tissnla aind thise'ball imlt gnate, rte
turned e1'stet.rdiy fromt his trip to oRg
Ii. weh, re' ht,,attended the I tnolt as
srihtatin.e schedule neeetlrn' recently
h1i.h there. 'It was veri .tsltlltnliet
net..lngy," said Ifr. Rllheotte, "There
w'ere' ne, sltllell S.l or ithienst'Itont and
'i.lr'ythnlltg hiet t thretIgh hlIarl lon(ously.
Pre.hllent Lucilna held the proxy for
Great Falls, E. ". Murphy represented
iutte,. 'llubl' Irby, HIelena: Dick
('Pauli·y,. ~Mrt lake., rand Mcl'loskey, Og
deln. The Itolse franlhiae was d(
claredl f'relIted. President .ucas did
ev rything In his power for the Idaho
'ity, hlut the prl'oeh, there wouldln't
treat the leagte right. 'lThe holiday
gamels wera~11 given t1 RSalt Lake,
uttlle andrt reillal. T'rhis was dlone
-i aci.wr.nt .oI thie flnanelA41 end of the
gmilllte. "rThe' r'cei' ts fIr tholse days
will .he ptholed andtl divided among the
Viarlens tints in the league. In this
way It will he a hensefit to all of them.
Mlissoula will open here with -Butte on
April 2.. We are goingl to try to Vet
the mnnyor to declare at hltf-holiday, so
thllt e.veryne, canll turnl outl and see the
"The spirit In all o( f the league towns
is juset is str'neg ais It is i Mimssoulta.
I:v r'. r i, p'it l s-lit t l t ihe meeting
ie''.lne l. te. 'teI ,,le ftit le lt i ln tihe meupport
rofrterv the I.,tcIh tonliht. James will
oliv\' thiII t'terIIt n for th Mission
to\ n. 'T'his will Ie, iiructiully, Ped
,rmiHn'- bow to theziji wrestling world,
tld he \will give Wagner all he has.
T'le chive sa ia goiod picture of Ped.
clar'ln,, '\ve if it doesn't give a good
hidm of his physhicual development.
You'll hlve tio seei him In aptlon in or
der tL relaitte how strong the black.
smits h really is.
thaEtb tPth l IF i thlg.Atis
of peapt g,. waltqr
the proal'~ tth'th..t ls t sa e
way Iti di.. d all of the other
reprei setrongll for. ils
yeat'p..ý .
Mr. .hf Stated that John G.
Pendrl$t ! . , apuotntad offtolat
scorer tf* wring the domntni
season. M . : is an old ,ball
player aspdlr teiit iin every WAY
to hand'r ~.t . Preildent Lucas
confirmse i t a iilntment at the
schedge m. t '
,'"We-will b4 rk on the grounds
Monday," eont ld5 Mr. Rhogdea, "and
we expect; toa.$ ,e rouitO in good
shape within,. a short time. When
l3lpeilktlhp . s. i8 men return they
will fint eve;.tOng in readiness for
them and wiJ0114,ijle to famillarise
themselvy .ýVtt';ttl $ glrounds before
the season pptp. ·'ho grandstand ,will
he praettcally'" ..iLtIt and we' should
have very attrsative grounds when
everything ,hai beeh finished."
Manager McCafferty. who will di
rect the destinlep' of [htite's Union
association team this seasott, has a
job on his hands. From .a score of
willing and classy ball players, everl.
one of whom Qelyers the goods ev
ery minute, ihe must pick a team.,
Those who have been watching
"Mac's" men worl4 but this week do
clare it will be like pulling teeth to
let any of thetn go, but fate 'has de
creed that only' the 'Otltest shall sur
vive and the least 'paoi.lislng must go,
says a Miner dispatch from Gtegson
Yesterday's workout served but to
emphasize' the dfffldulty of MetCaf
ferty's task. le 'is strong for every.
man down here, litke their action,;
their hitting, fielding and judgment.
His chief regret is that any of them
must be released.
Yesterday morning the team went
through stiff practlce. There isn't a
lazy man In the crowd and McCaf
ferty is putting them through a rou
tinte that will find them in great form
before another week'* end. "Mac" be
lieves that if a team can be rounded
out in two or three w.tm'ks, It is tlet
ter than prolonging the, agony, for the
training season is a thorn in the side
of every .ball player.
In the afternoon the cold and wind
put a ban on hitting practice, for
whern a ball player 'n.training stands
around In the cold" his muscles stlffeh'
z up. So .el4ing practkae was declared.
the order ot-.the a4eralawn., It was a
fast session, lasting a half hour, dur
Ing which the boys ran bases and
gathered up hot ones in the Infield
and high ones fart er out.. At the
con!usilon of. the workout, the squad
w alked out five milit and, ran bugk;
A dip in the plunge ;eliowed the run
and took out the a MpiµtW.
The infield Is begitigli to t.ak
great. "Mac" is stu~' Oi~ tthe con-'
bination and the fais ere Jave about
It. Whaling is playing great hall on
first: Brewer is a bit.'sore, but he is
rounding out nicely '.nld 'iem.ens to
have a place on the',teamu cinched;
McQuade is In the pf pk of condition
and is dloinlt some tnllhty fast work;
Duddy is" th sam ,el rul4atblle :lthird
baseman of old. The. pitching staff,
too, is looking better }With each, suc
ceeding day. With M .Cp fferty. Jachn,
Matloney and. Druhot, . Butte has a
bunch of tvlriers of real cluss. John
son ulid Altermott are making every
body sit up and take notice recelv
,ng on the sack. DrUhot, since his
arrival, has donM much to keep the
squad in good humor. Gloom hasn't
a chance when he's around mtnd the
blues simply can't survive in his at
MacCauterty yesterday received a
telegram front Portland asking him
if he wanted Frees. who played'en.
terfleld for Butte last year. and Bird,
a Helena pitcher. .Jsi,waived Butte's
claim to both qten, as, he already has
too much good tnIkteriat from which
to pIiC a team.
At St. Joseph-C(hlcago Americans,.
second team, 10; SHt Joseph,. $.
At Phlladelphla--Pbiladelphla Na
tionals, 0; Americans, 4.
At Columbus--C4olumbus, 3; Cincin
nati, 5.
At Washingtoni-Washington, 5: Bos
ton NaUtonals, 7.
At St. LouIs-St. L[oule Nationuls. 7;
Americans, 4.
At. Ibouleville-Louisville, 12; De
troit Americuan, 7.
At Mobile-Mobile. 5; Philadelphia
Americans, second team, 1.
I .. S
. Program fbr Tri)lht Ohily.
Speoial Children's Matinee, 2p. m,
$1.00 to Some Girl
$1.00 to Some Boy
"His Mother's Slbroud"
Dramatically and powenflutly por.
traying the visitation and pursuit
by a cruel fate of a poor Russian
mother even to the lia, whe' s.ie
is, enehrouded in the windling sheet
"AUll on Account of
A comedy of new" ~atlever elijTaa
tions, delightful a.ttI.f nd tUlo4
slnd ,laughop
"The GG sq9t, ihe
A Biograph story that's #i dandyi"
featuring the Shaw
Ne Mwlo Maul st:"
r;: t( .- J Jl l.. . .
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of the' iih standard attained in
fie cust o1 a" e clothes, we tin
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Premier Clothes
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The fabrics are our own selection from thou
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We guarantee every Premier Suit to hold its
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Premier clothes fit-we see to that; rather no
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Still, men who cannot be fitted perfectly from our
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When a Man's Marrie4
A joy tonic that will make you feel
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A Victim of Fhe.Water
Dramatically and powerfully por
traying the life of an Indians
A very Interesting drama' bound to
impress and carry convlation.
New Musio Ney Songs.
It's the Quality
That's Why We L., .
Bitter Root
Eighty acrea: water rightf dltohes
nwde; six acres 10 and 12-year-old
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splendid soil and located in the -fa
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buy this on your own' torms e,
per aore ............. ...........
.. . A Sld. ii.ig
ilaruls Theater
C. A."HARNOIS, Manager.
One Night Apr.10
Mort' H. Singer's Musical Hit
With the Sarm *ppeidid AlIIStar
Calt and- Brauty Chorus.'
Price ............ ... ...$1, 0 to .06
Seat Sale, 14:00 a. m. Tuesday
Spring tyles Now Being
Received bDaly.
r.~~~. a ."+'
Harnois Theater
C. A. HARNOII, Manager.,
Extraordinary Event
Tuesday, April 9
. THE .
Saint Paul
Walter H. Rothwell
Mine. EtiUlIbh "Rookwell.Wolf
Mwrlua Kllerinan
Oiorge' Ha~re, Jr.
Matinee, $1.50 Night, $2;00
' hool Children, Olc.
feat Sale, Mongay, 10l0 a. n.
Garden City 3
Mlsoula, Montana
loy,,tlcneon Piano Co.
Kurtamnaltu, KIabe, ]sby Grand
, pe l jtruaentI. spllm'i"
Ci, yIUIC''·' liiý&ýýT~'·" N ,"

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