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LIt$B ` - WORIi
.... ewe. --;;
-.,,s,, April .-S G, . Aewi told.
Ia the Tttited sl.tates
'..f t: bpe pust 'eve this
ia llUdnin his home and
pow 1.1., in the Lewis
natAlle4ln, his eftorts to saie ,In
veStols. .Jews, .who is on trial on a,
oharge of ueing the malls to defraud,
testified that he mortgagit his hIoma
In nv.tyra!ly City for $I8!M and,
'turned the money over to the iraa
msatiton ommittee, Be sl4i e41 carried
$460o000 life Ineutathoe, *part of It ,ln
endowment po.tnles,
On rthese, he said, $d?,000 had ae
crued In 1911. Hte dtrw that, many,,
be said, and turned it vtr .to the com1
"There, was nothin left," 'ts said,,
"and I borrowed . igettlit $600
from each of foUli ad went to
California in order. d4*w the attacks
on me away fronti. if enterprises."'
Lewlis explined Mns dream of mak;
ing the Lewis Pu~lishlntg ompany the
rreptest in the -world and Unlvertity
City the center of activities $of inter
national extent.
Lewis spoke'so rapidly and enthusi-,
astically tlhat his attorney frequently
rutd to Interrupt him and give the jury
tmne tio asiminlate the testimony.
JAwis then told of his proposed snh
way.- He planned, he said, so the in
crease in mpaopulalon would cause the
value of his University City property
to equal the subway's cost.
He expected It to increase the vnlue
of the property $26 a foot, and he
planned to have enougj land under his
control when the tine came to make
this Increase amount' to the necessary
sunl.. In order to do this he employed
secret agents,' hle aid, to' get options
on land for him, for it holders kneow
Lewis waY seeking It, they would boost
prices unreasonably. After the build
ipg of the subway,. Lewis said, he
planned to sell it to the city for what
it cost him.
Mpntpelier, Vt., April 9.-Half, the
Vermont delegates to.the Chicago Mon
vention were chosen today and Taft
and Roosevelt supporters split even in
the struggle. The delegation will be
conmpleted at the state convention
with the choice of four delegates at
large. Taft delegates were elected In
the first by IL Imajorlty of 78, whilie
Itosevelt dolegates were elected In
the second by a margin of 30.
As many of the delegates whfo took
part in the distr.ct convention will at
tend the state convention, Taft lead
ers said tonight their majority of the
totil vote would hold good tomorrow
and give thlen tile state delegation.
O)t the other hand, Roosevelt leaders
said that many new dolegates would
take part in the state contest and that
they had a fighting chance for the del
egates at large.
Helena, April 9,-'inlay MoRae, see
rtotary or the demnocratic plate commit.
tee, died here this evening following an
operatlon for cancer of the pancreas.
Mr. MeRlae was one of the hieat-known
menit of the stati. At the tllme ofiis
death lhe was gralnd, treatsurer of tie
r'laternal Order f ICagles. lUe was
chief clerk of the house of representa
tlvee of lihe last leglslature and served
a-s ivlerk of the 'district 'court of this
county for elight *years. 'lie was -a na
tlive of Sentlapd, bhut had spent most
of his life in-Montana, le is survived
by a wife, daugllter and twao sons.
Heletaa, Aprl.9.-tSpeelal:)--On the
quiestion of ultimate liab!lity -only; ot
ounty. comlpsilionVrs and Load super
visorI,:th ujrtneme Court today grant.
ed a rehearing., tnothe dalnlae sutlt op
J). W. SBmltb- against Henry, Zelmmer,
road suplrvlror, and the' board of
conminlli.lolers of Lewis and 1Olark
county. In the original declsion the
Isupreme court held the officials to ha
individually IlUhle for damages aris
Jng from at defective condition of the
lFollowitf lih' t1iaelon, the county
hnoard 'vbaendoned it. plan at building
i. r, Vir kvfl..tonnld pass, ver the
alni nt of th' R1ckles, and 'ithn
Pcellled I )iplldatlon for' a convict
road .l.Wt dot. o work.,
TQ h. lve t' iniing theirl bilght
est, the b i doltld be kept full of oil
and the burners free front oil and
charred wick. The burners dn easily be
stleaned by b.lipt'oeasi60ilWy for half
an hour -$ .a ,Strn solution.. of Gold
Dust' washing powder; wipe on a elmot
and thl, r.i bep0 Ca now. Clean
the ehicy by 4 washing in wanr wptat
to which bp seebn i&ddd aI teaspeaonu!l
I God' .. ol*
. + : -. :...; "; :g. ',., :·+ . ,:. ·.·; .. ' :
,+ , ,~·~l +; · ,+
New rYork, April I.---ethry M. A.
Page., a well-to-,do ca ihmisalon melr
lhait $ad a . mporter. ti linen and
tnni, was anrrNted here today op a
wma yfrom the Distliet of Opinum
blr.a .eb, ng him with lilmlte Rep
eseltattd Henry D. Clayton of Ala
lmant. chairman of the Nolbe eoin
mijttee bn judlrlsry, and ether memt
bers fC catngrees.
Pse took his arrest coolly, in fat,
he requested that the feder officers
ie notifled that he was Wit~tin for
the arrival of offlers. W'lan ar
raIgned he gaIye $.,00 hond for his
appearande in Washlnaton, where he
will go 'without fighting eastrleon.
In the Infllotment, witalet oapstlns
three 'counts. Page is oharie with
having clrculated alleged !lbelous
matter'in a pamphlet bearing's a title
page as follows:
"The. Crime- of the Hon, Henry D.
"Congressman Commits Perjiry."
On the title page these captions
were followed by these questions:
oath to defend the constitution against
all Its tienmlest' "
"A.-'Ves.' "
"Q.-')o, a'onrngreasmlle k'eep thip
cath? "
"A.'NUo,' "
"Q.-'W.hy do not congreasmnen keep
this soleom oath?'"
"A.-'tiernause nil congressmen are
cmroklk' "
This lpamphie'. addressed to all
members of the houst committee on
Judicinry was eltculated among the
menmhera ,or, the Sixty-second con
San Diego, April 9.-At a meeting of
Heinselman post No. i3, 0. A. R. res
olutions were adopted tonight by a
rising vote asking congress to make It
a felony to carry a red flag In a pro
cession and to establish upon one of
the United States island possessions a
penal colony and deport anarchists
to It.
The resolutions also urge all Grand
Army posts In the several states to
recommend to their senators and rep
resentatlvef that such action be tBken
Iy (iongress.
Blutte, April 0.-"l've been a good
fellow; I'm up against it now and
while I did not get all the money I
am charged with stealing, I'm going
to stand the )runt and will take my
.edleine'. ;I will, go back without
requisition papers,', stated Dan Askey
this morning In Chie Muliily's of
frice after he had heen nrreslted on a
clarge of embeasling $2.500 from the
firm that employed him at Johns
town, Pa.
Washington, April 9.-Attorney Gen
eral Wickersham will not serve in the
cabinet after March 4 next, If Presi
dent Taft is re-elected, It was said to
day upon unquestionable authority.
Mr. Wickersham entered the cabinet
with a distinct understanding that he
would not serve more than four years,
It was declared. It was also said Pres
Ident Taft and Mr. Wickersham were
In thorough accord as to the adminls
tratlonl's anti-trust Ipolicy and that to
day's announcement was without po
litical significanlce.
Mr. WickersaiUn hlad .little to say
about ihis reported rctir'mlnelit next
"I expect to get ollt then," lie said.
"Ev'ery cabinet ofticer resigns on thi
fourth or March~ at the end of an ad
mlnitratlon. As to enterhig Mr. Taft's
cabinot again if he Is elected, I shonld
not care to dleoline an. Anvitatlion be
foie it IL extended to mt."
Winnipeg, Man., April 0.-Fifty-one
men and women are in the line before
the Lethbridge, Alta., land office,
where they will camp until the home
steads are thrown 'open, May 1. The
tirpt In line is Carl Jones of Phil
adelphia, Pa. The ceajipers have to
withstand rain and snowstorms and
one of the wombn has a baby In her
"Just i.t us get Jim Hill to build a
Arlroad through, which we hre after,"
mild one of the maes In line, "and we
willt be milllonares some 4cy."
During the night blainkCets are
fastonted to the sldewalks and fences,
forming a sort of a camp The city
council of etlirildged Is obbjecting to
sanitary condltiong of the locality and
may disperse the 'lineup.
' NAtý1 ' .ICi.' b7Iý,Ti,
Leagtry Te`ss April !.-News
lrkught in today f if iUborbuler
ranch, nea . tihAt s. ooo.
pIepy d tifll .*.u ) ill e1d.
ý.,yy, .ey..I ý m yýº,il '...T. b'
Vancouver, B. C., April .--Judge
Grant tonglht ordered the astraitliont
of 2Wrnard P. O'Nell, fornier president'
of the ltate Bank of commerce of
Wallace, Idaho, where he Is ttanted on
a charge of embeaslement and making
false reports.
O'NIel was remanded to all with
out ball to await the arrival of an of.
floer from Idaho to take him beack to
Wallace to stand trial there.
Judge Grant's decision, which cov
ered 34 typewritten pages, reviewed
the evidence in detail,
"I cannot say," the court said in
conelusion. "that I have no doubt of
the Innocence of the accused. and in
face of the manner in which books
of the hank Were kept, strengthened
by the action of the grand Jury in
finding true bills and the notion of
the jtudge in issuing criminal war
rants against the prisoner, I feel there
is grottpd to just'fy a committal,
which is all that is needed in this
jle added he had no dounht that all
the offenses charged came within the
the extradition treaty. O'Ne.l came
to Vancouver ln -September last and
took a posltlon with a trust com-r
pnny, The proseluting attorney of
Rhoshonie e(nty I nh, idnhOn soon h.gan
proceedings for his extradition ande
O'Neil was arrested on charges of
frauld and embealement. lHe was
brought here before Judge Mclnnis,
but sufficient evidence was not forth
coming and the court held that no
case for extradition had been made
out. O'Neil was released and took a
position with a lumher company.
Several weeks ngo he was arrested
again at the Instance of the Idaho
nauthorties, who. in the nmeantime, had
come armed with new evidence, with
the result that he was ordered re
turned to Wallace for trial.
New York, April 0.-With the re
turn today from Atlantic City of
Charles P. Murphy, leader. of Tam
many hail, it was said that should.
the councils of party leaders he fol
lowed, as there is every reason to be
lieve they will be, New York's 00 dele
gates to the democratic national con
ventlon would go to Baltimore un
pledged to any ,,andidate for the pres
idential nomination.
In addition to the four delegates at
large, to be chosen by tihe state nn
Vention, which will assemble here
Thursday, the 43 congressional dis
tricts will name delegates to Baltimore
who will be confirmed by the state
It was announced today that no slnte
had been agreed upon for delegates at
large, although it was said the dele
gates probably would be United States
Senator O'Gorman, Charles P. Murphy,
Samuel Untermeyer and Governor bix.
or Lieutenant Governor Thomas F.
Conway. Other names suggested in
clude Alton B. Parker and lsldor
It was predicted by leading d.m
ocrats today that the speech of Mayor
Gaynor before the national democratic
club at the dinner celebrating the
birthday of Thomas Jefferson, next
Saturday evening, would be the format
announcement of his candidacy for the
presidency. It is said by close friends
of the leaders that the 00 delegates
from New York, even though In
strsucted, will vote for Gaynor.
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Omaha, ln: a was i when he
eayelved today the upW$ 'at trhe .vati
ors of this olty in tb "j imIty ele.
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4 -*
(Conntinued Prnm Page One.)
o compensation law for the Union and
y for every state In the Union. If the a
e legislators won't give us the law, we I
4 intend to change the mind of the leg- I
*g sllators or else ehange the legislator I
º, themselves. If the court ton't allow
V. us to get needed laws, than either we
d, will have a referendum of these dcil
slons and will change the decisio,ll,
1( or if our opponents are ao foollnh as
; tt try to prevent our changing the dae
d lsono, we will changeb the courts In
orderly and mild fashion by vote ofi
id the people,"
"Our opponents," C'olonel Itoosevelt
continued, "are fond of speaking ari
though I were the only man who com
plained of Inijtiste etuaed by the
a, courts. In a poeeIk before' the Amer
aelotn Bar assocmalton a few years ago,
io President TatC was reported as say
nl, ag, 'The practlo adtmnldtratlon of
swJusticr In the' nil4 d.ta.a,ls a re.
Sl~lreaoh to our clV isttlotl,' but they
.l e l s no ram .,. never have.
pt m4 an r1lgtr ie &t of thiepourts
pajA go otA*IV atrtºi s traig iaeant of
Mr. Taft. Thel. dllfference Is tlia Mr.
Tuft nlot onlly )propoelowd no I'.elliCild'
whlnteve'r, alnd l againlst every plrne
Ilenil rltiollly thalt h bas lle plirolpoed,
1llldl thuet I propose a Inledirlrteo uanli
ennoestliitltional remed.y by which thei
lpeoplel thierminelves, after dotle delllibern
iI t~i, would tbe abe Ill o ihtaini Jllstlce.."
Disgrae*e in Kentucky.
Tl'lhe loneil continlued: "leteenber,
we i clln IliVc. ilo gool IPlgllilllrell ull,
Iless yeoul have honlesty both lle Lie itlilnnel
and ino polllcs. At this mineolerlnt the
most flalgranlt dlisllhoesty, the most
flagrant diagraceWa', are beilng perpet
rated by the pollticlnnh In their ef
fort to thwanrt tilhe people's will In the
slatet of Kentucky. The leader of the
real repillilcian In that stitel Is John
O'lterrr, fnrtterly chief justic of tlhe
state, and the rspiuhllcln c'anrllidate for
governor l't the lust electioin. Jildgel
O'Rear selit a teolgram to the presi
dent whieh runll in part ia follows:
"'I.iter returns give iRosevelt first
distrlet, but tihe cihalrnman of Mc
CracLkei cliounity, delputy poestmasIIteer of
Paducah, sglns the Taft certificate,
althoulgh Rnosevelt carrtled the county
by 1,000 to 617. In Carlyle county
Roosevelt had all bult three, yet the
district chanlrman, the pontmaster at
Maytfield, signed a Taft certificate.
NothIng approaching thise hlighhanded
methods has ever ooQurred Irn Ken
tueky politics.'
'"Now this outrage doom not represent
any great Case ,at violating the clvil
rnerive' law. It involven condltuct whihiI
woutld h. infalltoi, which iwould he in
its Intent att Ieat criminal, if tile civil
nar'vice. nlaw vwrt not int the ll atute
"lI)erly il thsl elscae I, of course, tile
ll"let method of dlelatilg Justlce.
Vallulre immlllodiately to asunpetand tlhe of
fill.lH In ui tl'Hon to dinatvow their at
tions id.d to refuse to profit by theml
uistIet make the udlministration acces
noiry In tilt oIatrlageo'alll Inufamy net
fi'rth by the Irfimer atcl jallstlce of
Kentll ky.
"Of coulrs.l, thls. a'aIHa' 1i merely II
lastrativ e of what IllS be)Pen attempted
In every brntch of the government
service. No morel Ralndatlonln s abuie of
federral patronllue lhaN ever been secln
than we hlave sen Ihera in the last two
Slmnnttu. J Por lnstancae, thre forest eryv
Ice alwrlys hias hiaen kept out of pnll
itics. A letter wats recently' sent to Ia
forout officer. 1 'hve before me the
original letter containing the name of
t he offleer to whom It was elnt. It
Srunll, in part, as follows:
r "'I take this means ofrll Informing you
1that a national bureaul has been opened
r In the I.taleigh hotel, thist city (Wash
v ington), for the purpose of conducting
i a pre-oonventilon camlpillgal in the in
t toLret of President 'Tat. I would.
therefore, thank you to render such
I assistatiuq as you can and would ap
preolete ah early reply giving nie pgub
Inftrtagitloht, in your Judgmerat will
t acilitate the work of the bureau.'
"It I.s alned with the name of Mr.
Taft'n manager. Mr. McKinley. Of
conlrse, It is quite Imposilble that the
national Talt bureau in its effort to
delbauclt the forest service can be act
Ing without the cordial support and
applroval of the administration.
"ltemembnt er, always, that in these
rases delay in. correcting the allure
until after delegates are chosen, Is.
equivalent to refusnl to correct the
Abuses att till.
"it Is difflcult not to characterize
with sufficlent harshness the shame
less ti, ( of the postoffice and the 'en
tire federal patronage in this cam
paign; and when thus used it Is tin
odious shlame to profess to wish to
take these offices out of politics."
Santa Ie, N. M., April 9.-The four
accused legislators will hold their oeats
permtnaently no far as the preant brib
ery investigation Is concerned. FrJendtt
of the accused men offered today in
the house a resolution to expel the
members and declare their sepit V&
cant. Thi'l was defeated by a vote of
33 to lo, and a motion to recohslder
was laid on the table.
Washlneton, April *.--Th.,
led Cro$a' eb6id todsy $1401
for resitf work. The totsl ''
sent s now to s o, ,004 -

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