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s:I atONI.o4.Sus mufN L
1ndlanaoli0 April 14,.One of the
veterans of the first !l-mnite interna
tional sweepstetaes race will appear
in the ieeond annual holding'of that
Clasale event next Memorial day, at
the .aIdisanpola motor speedway.
when the Lrestoane-COaunbus "Red
Wing" will again be a contender for
the pmurie of !60,004. The car Wea
a.*lMcted by the Columbus Buggy com
ipany of Columbus, Ohio. Lee Prayer
who drove it last year will appear be
hind the wheel again,
Prayer's car, which finished 1lth
last year, hga been overhauled and re
fitted with new parts., ILast year
Praser rode alone in the five-century
grind, but this year the rules require
that mechanicians sit beside all of
the drivers.
The engine will be of the long
stroke type, I by 5 1-, with four
cylinders, and the piston displa.ce.
ment of 451 cubic fnches, being far
below the maximum allowed In this
race, which has been established it
00 cuble inches.
'Prayer's esper!elc s in the tlat G0".
mile race taught him many things
about the motor raeing game, es
pecially about long-distance events,
and all winter the Firestone.Columbus
engineer has been busily engaged at
the factory working out some of the
Ideas which occurred to him during
the intermlinable hum of the last
Memorial day grind. His car finished
in splendid shape last year, and with
the addition of a few new parts and
general overhauling Prayer wirtes that
the machine is ready to ta.e the
track today for its long jaunt.
Lee Prayer is one of the oldest men C
in the automobile industry. He grad
uated from the Ohio state university
in 1399 and immediately entered the
gas engine field, deslgnnag many sta- b
tilonary.engines, one of the best known I
of his products being the Columbus
stationary engine.
After short experiences with motor
cycles and air-cooled motors, a type t
of the latter being adopted by several
aviators, Prayer began the production
of the Prayer-Miller type of air- V
cooled motor and, after one year of
experimenting, organised what was
known as the Oscar Lear Automobile
company and placed the first machine
on the market in the fall of 1904.
Prayer's first Initiation into the rac
Ing game was In 1905., when the Oscar c
Lear Automobile company entered a
car in the six-day contest at Long o
Branch in August. Prayer did most of h
the driving In that race and during A
the week covered 3,102 miles, making tl
a continuous run of 1,577 miles without tI
a stop. h
His connection with the Columhus H
Buggy company dates from July, 1909, n
when he took charge of the engineer
Ihg department as chief engineer.'
The other entries to this event are
as follows: Two Stuts cars with Oil
Anderson and Len eongle named as
drivers: two Nationals with Herr, Wil
cox and Mers to drive; two Mercedes ci
to he driven by Ralph DePalma and a
Spencer Wishart; two Case racing cars ti
with Harvey Herrick and Louis Dis- h.
brow at the wheels; a Plat under the ai
hand of Teddy Tetstaff: one Lexing
ton driven by Harry Knight; a Cut. tc
tlng with "Wild Bob" Burman, world's bI
Apeed king, as pilot: a Simplex driven vi
by Bert Dingley, and a Knox owned and
driven by' Ralph Mulford. With the 0l
Stentative entries now offered the field al
is brought up to 21 cars, with several l
others ready to declare their intention
of entering the lists.
Pittsburgh, April 14.-It is virtually
certain late tonight, that John Dalseli,
republican, has been defeated by M. m
Clyde Kelly for re-nomination in the hi
Thirtieth congresional district. C
II - I se . _
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•.· ,.... . ...... . --n-r . .lmqmrrrr+·".*
One sign of the advance which has .
been made by American managers and i
librettists may he found In Joe I
Weher's production of "Alma, Where "
Do You Live?" which will be at the I
Harnols theater tonight.
Here is a farce originally done In
Paris, then turned Into a (termnan
version for the Berlin audiences, and
then brought to the Oermnln theater in
New York city. Here It proved the
sensation of two seasons ago. But .
this was on account of the wonderfully
pleasing music of Jean Rriquet. All (
went to hear It. Then It became known c
that there was much in the hook to r
cause criticism. This was so muchi
so that the attention of Mayor Onlaynor
of New York was called to it. And
here's where the advance of the t
Americans came in. Mr. Welher. In 1"
the face of all this opposition. toniok
the American rights of the piece andl
had it rendered into a hook with
which even the most captious could H
not find fatlt. I
The first thing that Mr. We'ber did!'
was to order all of the original numn
bers of Jean Briquet returned to the n"
score. There is naught but purity in "
music and this action helped the finali
result. The play ran a whole season t
at his theater and that without the::
slightest objection on the part of any
one. The original and catchy songs, th
the poalitive charm of the mntlslc, ill
have been retained. And the Iook is\
as dainty as the music. it
George V. Hobart, the prolific Amer. Ii
lean comedy writer, was engaged bIy.ti
Mr. Weher to make the English '"
version. The success he made of II A
was phenomenal. He went back to thre;t
original Firench story and paid little
attention to the Gprman as an Inter
mediate helpmate. It is for this reason
that the slugg!shness of the Iermlan
"Alma" Is entirely omitted. 'Hobart's
natural American wit combined with n
the Frenchiness of the original proved n
the most entertaining hit of work pre- iº
sented to New York theatergoers iin l
some time. fi
The excellent company which will 0'
make Mr. Weber's presentation here is '
headed by Nannette Flack, with i.
Charles A. Murray and Aubrey Yates 0o
pronmlnent in the inst. Otherr are
Charles Walton, I lwin Cariewo, 1lpnry
Sherwood, Pikerlaing rowin, J. .terhlerl
ICrowley. Viviatn (t;ll, Mary Croft and
Rae lamillton.
Thei farce btegils n 111he morning. It
is the utisll "night hefrre" which
starts ithe lro111i. Theohald Martin
and his prospective 0n.llIn-law. Gas.
ton Dutall, arrive at home and find
domestic nruth awaliting them. Theit
adventures hiave inell(idd ai meeting
with Mll. Almlll, onic'. the fiancee of
Ifaston. Premsently Allma llappears andl
complicates thlingl for the returned
pIrodigaliw. An Illnexpectiud happening,
however, reconcitle hier prsefne' to the
women of the hilolsehold.
An oeetntr:i Inlllonaire relative of
the Martins lieves his firtiine to his
ladolpt.ed lon, IP'lrre Ito Ianch, on con
dition that he shall not fall in love
with or prop ose to any woman before
he comeln o01 age, wahich event is to
happen on thel mlorrowv. In the event
of Pierrl's surriender to onmle siren,
Theohlnid alild tlasnton are to divide the
fortune betwen them. They knmedl
ately sugRest that Mile. Almn shall win
a propollnl of marriagi fromn the young
heir pres(lniptive.. It in not an easy
task for thie ,outh makes his appear
: ate singing imelodious warninRgs
against wna,,nkinil. 'Phese his hene
fattor llui Instilled in him.
.ioriveri., Mi lh A.in s11 an ideIalist as
w.ll 'ns a Parisian llmilliner. S4he de
termines to snav tile lad's fortune for
hin despite the conspiring pair. And
then shi faills In loIve with this farce
comledy ].rPsli'al, who is nlt Innocence.
Anid finally .li,. wins the fortine and
i5ts pioise r Iri' herself.
f.iri. III., April 14.-That the lill
nlol I i',ntr'l amiln at McClure, 20 miles
north f ('air-, was dynamited by a
mlis.cr'ualnt last W\'dnelsday mand that
i7h,I00 ron rtea of riclh farln landl was
flooded, is the news rceived here. The
•eXloiialion openeld Ii gltp 200 fe't wide,
whire it lwivs lthought the dam was
the surest. TIhe damange will be $50,
kitloln nClt~('April 14.--(Rp.rlalL)
.J. 1. ,rni. f ('enllnr.d l4pringl I1
making arr'.ngrements to start work obn
his Tungsten prowerilte in the i'Phhl*
marl. district, lin his just reterned
from the ,anas, wherellr heles bhcn In
tonference . minin amt nit who are
inteaited in tle Imanl .11nlh and AIll
ntlg dbmpany and1 olher prtwrrtles In
the Tungsten region. The, oelimns are
located In the lltlne \'lllng district,
abhout a mile northenlst of PtIttirsn,
In the Pihalnmarnl valley. ''The conn
centrates run ahbout 1400 to tlhe ton,
aml the percentage of tunntsile-.oxilde
compares flavotably with any otllher de
posit in thle t!nltted 14tatesl. The hllief
commrelrcni use of tungeteon Il In steel
herdening, such an in lllrlleor laletees
and letal-uttinlg Inethesl . Its Iuse ini
the Intter enabhes nlthlee t do four
ltmes the amount of worlk 11done by
those tl;ging erhonl steel.
Mrs, aime, cOtlltliy uilItcl'lntlldeIt of
schools, isto lluring lpon the cILentlry
school drltltricts the neetes'ity of colu.
sidering the fntlannes f the, lmnill, dls
tric'n whleIh htive hciin nfatic''teld .by the'
new law passed IIt the recen'llt ewsscllon
of (lte e gillqturer. The aissrse.d val
ntion for 1912 will h," only 40 per cent
oIf wlht it was in Iti11, wllhh ni ll
llOlle that e ach slchl ditllrict will
recernVe aboulet twonfifthllh Ia cillll fruelll
tieP 'lellllty school lit 1 fl el ei ,'neeh IllK
lyear Ies Wits receelvel bi.t y.,ul. 'The
lnew iaw providls., lhwcvnel, tli t lpoert
of tfile s5nooi nrlone.lV Ileae hle ippli ,el
efor ithe rollcet of ieedy ellstrhicl wllhie"h
have levied a spe'il teae of live mills
and are still tinlel hi ti Illntiin thei
minimum term of eelleonel re'qulrced Iby
lHierhert Adkins of Silion, temi. who
e'lllnms the iddleelelewelgt weresling g
chsmplonshlp of iduhc , snieesfitully t
hmdefended ihll title nginl,, t Joe 'lctll 't
ehelePnelel lels lllh, ec lil'l Jeec \VI 1.
lnmnll of Idaho cli s. I lat . l.e etlpire C~
th.leater nn .rldnay. .\dknlls \\wn blclt h
falles, the first in :I1 Illllnts llnd tlhe
second iL I10 minulltes. .\Adklln wehllled Ic
Iln it 137 poutnds, while Willlhms weilt
16r7 enelnds.
Thice I'!ttsburgl-lldalo mine. elt (111- te
llore', during Mlarll ich lllhipced 4I: ceer" of
ore to Siilt Lake. TIlhe rclgUllr 4 cntis
it slhare dlivIdenld \vll le distrihltedl
an the 11th of April. lserly this
imonth the new drlln ne d 1op'ratlielg It
tunnel of the irttrblurg".Idlahl wlere.
sterteld in co'njeuectllie withl the Aille sIt
sid Gilmore,, which will affTerl ltIe li4
tllree cnlp.inie, tn alell tlle th11rough T
whvch theier ore toalllell.e cn ie takren I
for the market. Tilhe AlieI hasl In. 11
stalled new holsting ecqlllpment andl its pI
Incline shldft is iloew doiwi to ia olint In
corresponding with thel 4001foot level
of the Plttehurg.Idntlln. Itegelllr ship- (l
nrents of gold-Iron ire arce hlleing midlle
by the Allio to halt Lake. T
Tl'he Mllsgrove 3llielng coillmpany leas
si'lured funds ifor the inslallllhtioln ofI
a 23-ton cy)anide plant. There Is on
tllie lproperty $100.00 werth e ef molthl re ,,
ine hlock formll. Work on the (' cl
trlIctlo'ilo of tihe mill will .egin eet
It. 1. i:ldwlrds. Inlleeieler Iof the K. ii
tin [llrteon, eit i'lysnes, staut. s thallt in
ip)'ereale' olf $13 Iiel lin wlan recveret d.e
Iloml ,0 IO ions during ..3rcli. A o{
eylunlidue plailt t1 trcaet theI coicteni.
Ircltes will le Instaeelled (it l K ittle
till . eon,.
(Continued from Page One) IIa
tive that he would clrry the primaries
In that state.
In Oregon, Senator La PFollette said,
he would devote his attention chiefly to
the records of former Preoident Roose
volt and President Taft, with especlnl
attention to their attitude on the trust
Senator La Foilette arrived here to.
day from eastern Oregon, leaving to.
night for Eugene. In that city he
will begin tomorrow a whirlwind amn
paign In western Oregon, which wilt
connclude Thursday next, the dny htefore
the primaries are held. Tin principal
speech will be in Portland 'rT-llday
Chioago Demeorats,.
Chicago, April 14.-Possibility of a
aerlobs clash tomorrow between state
militia and the (Chicago pollce at the
t'ook county democratic convention de
veloped today. when Mayor Harrison
telegraphed a protest to Governor
Deneon against his use of members of
the militia as a guard at the conven
tion hall.
At the same time, Corporation Conn.
Sal Sexton sent to c'hlef of Polle, Mc
Wheeney a written *pinion that the
militia had no right whatever to Inter
fore at the convention until martial
law is declared. The chief of pollte
and the $heriff's office announced that
opposition would be made to the use
of the nllittt at the convention. This
situation canie as a ellmax to action
yesterday by County Judge Owens who
took control of both democratic ant
republican conventions. Judge Owens
appointed Anthony Csarnecki, repub.
flean nmember of the board of election
commissiloners, as temporary chairman
of the demooratic convention, and Dr.
Howard iltler, democratic member of
the board, to act is temporary chair
man of the republican convention. The
republicans said they would accept Dr.
ttller, btUt a storm of protest arose
from thq democrats. Boger Sullivan,
head of the faction opposed to Mayqr
Harrison, Issned a statemrnet n which
he qtestioned the right of Jadge Owens
to enter such an order.
in Iowa.
De Moinnes, April 14,-Delegatea who
favor the nomination of Champ Clari
WIO, leoted in thre. out of Ave Qoua
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tlr es ll IIch hed I l' nl'lc tis. can.vlnllto,, ll
this aft't'in on. W ,'l ,tler i nil A litienli1s
countltie hinUtrvleta fer the ipeakei',
whlle Rtnriy col tily 'helet ,d l . 1'li 1rk
dele| ation, hilt ga ve tin intrtltli ontst 1 l .
wn I '. c' illll %, In ahmn l t e tullll . lld 'hih ,ldI
i.etween 'l4rk nlld \Wiotdr 1w \Wi'llsnii
Al lt onl ',l ln ty na m e d Wni. o n 1 '"l | g a tl "'
to the slate lIoltveintiin.
In Delaware.
lWilllingt~n. , 1 I.. A\pril I . - lplplh
Ticlla rt prinr l rles were hell in lIItheil Il llly
yesterday to elet d'l hgah..t ,e It th,'
Istate gcilP ll tiolln , whIi will sellci.
Tafllt leoerl iIlsert thatrl while the tio -
tionll delegates will he uninlstru1cterd,
they will favor the nul, hina lto otf
Presidenlt Tuft. tFi-r of tIhe silx willI
ht l'nited tiintoi A attI. T Il Wh- M ll ani i4ll
41ln1| )Dipont, I' nllgls .. llrlin 1' i " n1111a d
Glovernrr P1,lnnewlll. The stll,. enn
vIlntion will ml t In i 11 ]1'v,"r nort
Aceordl'g to the TIfl lnd,11, the
total finoslviilt stIronlth will h1, flve
41111 of Iit 11t 1;| 1f 1 i' d hlntolli,
Drs M1Ilies, Aprll 1I.- l,:,vl'r" hie nly
iion mn14,d thsell h.l e i rle114g thlh tI I'eit V stalte
c nvel'nt .o It e 11-1 11 'at ;I ter I piidIr
1A111p1i !4 , lint iitt '1'411' 1 i111.11. I 'I111eil
Ml rll lorltrfl ore t IIII 'la 1nin lu it tll i
lof the clnl i til'ellllo Thee dl'11isl'pat '
in the fllt'i,. es ' lh., t 4.h llt 1'lf n mll n
ugers rests thhfly II))oli di11,',renc1 of 1
nglilt in a)l tIl to dei lgll'. l ti roIII I'-ve
tlt' fl'lo . Mllt elKlI tee tl~t· IIt iiII e.ll lI .f
h(*ntnlto. ,11115 n1111 l oll ' io'llr
elected I d1.a e t.rl ' s il' i , I Iv r
bltlh IsI'ntnIill A ti l Tlft l1 t1 illll' eI
otherIII ILIm t Itll4 that I'0le l t lll ln trlll ct
eit rtl)l('N llr, i'hllll .e I he hl llh ll('ii l.rI II
IhIIlta' are t ltnt Ir ed,11 1 by iltI' h1 f ir leee.
Aclorldit n to flgi ret, I trmeIpllied 11 I
1A'ln0l IGood elt, '4, 'ofl's del
gtlls lireI sufficient oil control the eon-l
ventlon, it is mid. I1v1it $1de'4 ;ditli
the convention will he divihid rll011y
and thandt the i ction of the ininstrnl
ed dloegate will havs lill inlortlnl
I lthi b nlll.
ni'ihllgton, April 1.--,',lur more
North tlbes elected it>tl.
Ymu dt lot the state liml
youterhity. v'ry o Nll- ('nrollin
Inly, lth fiar hi gone for meats a a.
it. Theore e oily two d
tenths voten fiir T. ufl In Ihle late 1'iih -
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'. A. IIAIt\I Ii , Mi ltiinp'r.
One Night
Monday, April 15
JOIlt W%'.llt I'lItir.,NTr
The Colossal Triumph of the Past
Year in Paris and New York
George V. Hobart's English Version
Where Do You Live @
It% ll l r. iil lir i'. lllt ic' y J~e i
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Program for Tonight and Tuesday
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upl rati'll witIh thi . n tintlahl l CoLIIl
iiilll o Sill o prison tibor.
"Great Diamond Robbery"
()llti' or the funny lkind that
Ike'lp v everybody'lll huny far a weekl
II afte*rw iard Iettint tIheit, iI e i''
lttt ight li lll m uothinli iut II,.
itllilh wrinklen I .
"The Cola of Fate"
A Hrn11'ni 11on ( sl' uhli; ' WiluJh 't of in
t.en e' so ittLllolllll .
I .-- ,

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