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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, April 20, 1912, Morning, Image 5

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AMt pthat at'
o believe e 1
seamen place ý tel boat, he . 'rid,
weýi+e~pel by but ie- did ,ndt
"Why did you happen t. seleet
"DeT"Idid i b the "w , wgnt .b
**the' ta.h +kp te ae.
°and I be a to ata .ia n '
"ro~ t . I . 4 w tt itiaf.
The th g not
ha·lleva tho t ulet i @ yh had oen i
In lstaod thle f tat e wIE''
itMkP ail he waD running shout of
I put t t" e nmen r and ob,
sumped . h was te first bo t
I hai lb hat a .ail passenger in. dr*
Thwas wtb ait netb b ia said not
woud sgo ifa I teita8 .h de"
**I said, tre 7ounA stil6t? ad hte
replied that he was a yachtsman.
Then I told him that it he was sail'
;. l _ _ I
a, *' 4i*X%*
O e T hem -. "',.4
a '
4,4. II umpn
s A / 45t
I- 'i $i
-- I·
4 ýýaT', ý tý,,t, " ; i A ýý-ýI) , ors, 'MN* I
ý t..-.-0 1w ,.. ..rYbý " !rr)AfcW ,eýk~k k+ýa1Mt'lF raSOAý."'i F:TpiLýý s ý A
.42 '9
`t~rr~ Opa n
,'M - ott.ase U ,a i
r sid be.,1' ol .thp of
or qra o t+ blier bn
"-o b eloa t·. . was suCked down'
lan' tbhis Ume on the 'fluMler' ltit?
"Did anyot else have a similator exI
*'1Gk *ol net ira.ele."w
'w fo' did you bloswn?"
."1 d6n't knoW mybe another expipa
lon. All - know It w.e,m tup b# &
y "bfarel) rleh'.: 1 was Wrked down
Saus; this time eon thtfpley' ofgrhe
pets tee?"
"I think yel Gnlike."
"Hows did you get loose?"
"I dopn't kno, maybe- another ng time.'xp
Ion. this A ll knowskwe t lam deptr
r' wathr wouad the wattert co'
rtifments havebeen anyt "ie ufl
"What iother obebters be pdean oyf el
p ý'p.btb -Yy W whetbiir anyo lithi
crew or p eir took $o the aeater
tghe t o rdl fourth and fifth officerst
'I."t Iqns Jlbl lble for. me to say.!
"I: .Pit tn.tlird ,ler: . ,t"
IAt think vtint henliwkel hatd'
" "As' 'ti api.set; youf efed, to
* "Ob. qoar. ito . ir-not at any time."'
44&' thls utk"e ftiaX& deptlr
of water would the watst~ati' t corn
rtmnents have-been any .re6se°,"
l: tended . floe ist
"What other officers beside' ydriseif
"The third, fourth and fifth oficears,
£15 JE :Pittinsp, third prlfcer;. . 0.
Doghfll, fooqtrQt officer; 0. ; . 'fi th
At this point the heawIig was alte'l
h IiibsiurhI s5;0'14to t.- .
w .o ---t E f + -,., f .
*spehatte that
S lI you hqve waited?"
tmWeli. when you get the dtatew
lhsinhseg 'etA tdes Thanlo ý raday
oh tdfr yo tha eid. ltheit.nmleht
"No onter I did it.or my wtn ,fre.
"u., asth e e. Titanse op tbe' i
to ma adl# that Cape Odd had been
hd mI ages for the Titanic."
"Whate wsu the answer?"
"What that sou of tt? d
"No. the operator maid. I think.
'Cole ata once-this is a distress ms
"*hottdi& you dotthelt?"
"I Mefir died th' isofss' mo ssaw e
1lakIangs the "Tith.l l I sh6to d 'r-st
eibdt the di.tIse she to the eap-i
"'lCof the onc s"
*if"sw mehiml. etsph 6tbfor you
"i'eoive the perato6' disre i , hink,
shtg before you repotted it to Cap
'taos t one-thi ia s tre" me
"Ar out a couple of lathstes"
O(ottsm mild he imraediately sent
ed that they would hurry to the reap
S"cepat _chwas ,uowledged y tyohe
Pater tide' eqzafirmYd the pdosition of
both eel. At thise Jd iture to Cap
r.theakftort of the North ermand Lloyd
broke n on the communrricay tion, hav
Inl heard the TIaUole l for hep.
TiW the steamseip Olym~le also re
hat it d yodo thaten?" asketour mut
"I c ofalled th e attention of the 'Fi
tahle to thp OlytPid's efforts tLloydr
him." saswersldthe' wilUel,. "The Ta
tanlo replied he could not henr hae
cause of the Titah of air and the nol.e
Latde.by t estslnp te a r."
.lmhated .T ter tedlling the 'itanic
o he Oator ple's attempt to tet in
aommuittloed " aittetio hen the f lmIer.
the witness said, slympght the Olymortto se
aid. reportnd.. it was "heed down."
nd replvinged he position. The Baltie
broke fit at thib time, but its efforts
to redich the Titanic were without
"I was in conimutnfeation with the
Titanic at resular loute thel until the
Is filling up to the bollei's."'
Senator Btmith sutaicted the witnes
ato close quespor tl tg as to how he
reported thesen psieson. He asked
whethe h otthem anwered them at his
I own dscretio.' n with the
"No sirel" ..id the witneas. "I nl
Ws re uported them personally to th
to a clhere?"
rep"On the bridgle." ee is
'tehe you eft yoan osred them at him
a message was received?"
I "Y ,-."
Di.ped prom Skhanuati.n.
Cnlthfm sild' that after the Titanic'g
survivors were picked up he Worked
almost cO)h~tin _ AiRy `until Tuesday,
Whet ho fell asleep at hisJpost. tee
could .no tell when 4 hteppe: ma
qa M4to),p6V'rwhdtt he awokm.:
flow lf¶e. Uidor dtrause etedfaht'
we..axe Id 40*iýe her' huSbland'aid
l1ive w n tAod the committee by''A1
f CraRWfoPr of gouthanpton, bed.
r ioomateward "on the Titanlo
He'said Mirs. Slitrhbiiu hld bhOW maid
to get int6 a lifeboat which' Crawford'
eg/egned to hulpv man. "Mrs,
$t~usa p: t :ott foot' into the" boat
andthn'o S, ed herr mind.·' rMr:'
Itirauus was `tedlnX away hack f'fbin
her. HtS aeld to him: 'Wae have 'en'
living towgehp' `number ao years; we
are. not. going to separate' 00W' ,"
He adpied that the' maid Wee' saved.
"MyMRI e1 qbil, another steward.
got It te " Ufrt b l' Captain` dmith'.
"criow any women wets In It?'
V`' ' 'dFthat in hi. lIfeboat the
~a~rllf e o'eoolok until 4 in
oftlbhti'r,'4dB'. ibiniy Uasating the
women paeusepru. 'The names of the
Sbe did not remttember. They all'
C inv *dtk4 aUait "h' 7. T hIuoe Is.
b ddkwith1 Fleet Of.
.Z * 4r m!N)I~ltiI i~d~iiInto
Ita ý' f inadPrt.o lior 'ftaook *t'in'tittte boat into
rd yu'ta la Into
4' 06 ' 5"
' i elli d ýý,ttfm 1 a ' yet
* ' Sylgt I i.
te to ·'r rc o nha
It Tkday 5{c d en {' ý,a "' ....
ls Flowerg Potted Plants
We know a ,man who once made a sale of a piece of property through the attactvenes
given the place.by three geranums he planted at the foot of a tree in front of the houe
Here today are s ,ome choican pure whitgernum e. Noths ad blooming , the a ould look well in
S h Bone China Cups and Sacers and Sevenornanch ental
75c a Set dozen.
Schina is a beautiful creamywhite transcen tted lways admired, it is fine and thin but
f great strengthknow therefor one made a sale of a piece of property through the attes arctive o this
:wrgiven the plactural by three geraniums he planted at the foot of a tree in front of thband hout-echece.
Noquestion that flowers, inside or outside the house, make the home more to be dmodayed
Fw Here today are some choice geranium plants, in pots ale of bed sheets, pbloomingllow cases, twould look well in
your house or yard---)5c, 25c, SOc and 75c.
h Bone China Cups and Saucers and Seven-Inch Plates
75c a Set egularly Twice as Mauch
Bone china is a beautiful creamy-white translucent ware that is always admired, it is fine and thin but
of great strength, therefore especially durable. These cups and saucers and 7-Inch plates are of` this.
ware and their natural beauty is enhanced by the dainty gold line border forming a band about-each Piece.
A' set or six cups and saucers or a set of six 7-inch plates sells reguarly at $1.50, today, only 75q.
'iii Will Pay Mbre for These Household Linens After Today
rFew housekeepers but appreciate such economies as our sale of bed sheets, pillow cases, tqwels, etc.,
mniade possible this week, therefore, those who have been kept at home by the inclement weather the other
days of this sale will be on hand today to get their share of the underpriced offerings.
Sheets Pillow Cases Huck Towels
S "fnpotinl L," 72x90 Inch s... ....... 5...85' "Rnen," 45x30 lnches, 11V'a e,,rh: dlor. 31.35 I..-.linceh, linen flnlshedl, dnn. 1.00
"l nlon," ix90 Inches . ...............5 "Inlreka," 42x30 inche, 15 ,4 ,senlh; z 1.76 20x40-inh, Ilnen finlished, dlos. 1.15
"'ltono)my," *1x90 Inches ..........5Ii "Eurkn,." 45ax8 Inc'hes, 1.. menr' ; Io7 . .ll ,
n 'd." 7x9 Inc .. ..............e , Turkish Towels
"Ir",,rnI.I,.,i,, lII," l.i0 inche. . '.65Q Roller Towels 18ix -I'mI.n. , reuinrly (n'; eFch ... 15
Ixx:tN-Inih, regularly 2be. eachl...1i .
lt Ilei'.cI rhed rulash Towelin ... 10 2'4 Ya'rdI long. rendy for its": three for $1.00 .tOx4h0-.inh, reiitl rly ar,.;: oh ,i 2510
Thi Evening From 7to9
Genuine R. & T. Rajah Silks 75c Yard
The genuine Rajah silks, made by Roger & Thompson, sell everywhere for $1.35 a yard,
never more, frequently less, this being a repetition of an offering made by this store several
months ago at which time we sold out completely, hence every yard offered this evening is
new and fresh. All desirable colors in this regular $11.35 silk, specially priced this even
ing only, at 75c a yard.
Gehuine R. & T. Tub Silks, Regularly $1.35 a Yard, 75c
Probably the best wash silk made and used very extensively for men's shirts as well as
women's garments for which such a silk is desirable; 31 inches wide; in pretty tan, blue,
brown and pink stripe patterns on light grounds; fast color, durable and good value at the
maker's established price of $1.3: a yard; this evening, from 7 to 9 only, 75c a yard.
Simrnier Wash Sits,'19-ii., Regularly 50c Yard, 27'c
Pure silk in every thread and Just the right weight for cool summer waists, etc; neat
stripe patterns in blue, brown: and green on light groun ds; all washable without risk of los
ing color; the same as we've been selling at 50c yard. This evening from 7 to 9 only, 27Vc.
e.askin Stiockngs for Boys and Girls, 2 Pairs for 25c
Greatstockings for wear, almost as tough as a bear's skin; fine and wide-ribbed styles
Swith reinforced heels anitd toes; fast black; in all children's sizes; regiularly 20c a pair, to
night only, 2 pairs for 25c.
,.%$18 anid $20 Suits, With- akS, Wear, Style
a, .t$.-clothling store caters to the needs of all men and gives all men. more for their
o' mn.,..,whether it be much or little-than any other store with a smaller distribution and
•.i.t&l'ly hligher selltig expense per suit can possibly afford to give. We do not senll as '
god a: suit for $18 or $20 as we do; say for $30 or $35-and we do not'pretend to-but
Our $18 and $20 'Woolworth Saltts
Are the best suits it is possible to sell at these prices-they are
Ssuilts we can,-and do-guarantee; suits with l4qks and wear
through and through; .uits that caninot be duplicated outside this
Sstore except ypu pay $5 to $10 more. In blues and blacks as well
as the latest fancy nixtures; sizes, 35 to 44.
Satuirtday Byds OlDttin D' "
No school'tod.y ag. , cbres of parents will bring or send their
boys here~to ihe oItfitte ,as it is .the' one day in the week to select,
le/lureW & ene ty I; t and cap~ s.rs, neckwear and other
S items ne d to rfe ''rS.t oy'b.tffit. We'rv ne·er
ited Ii.r r nof ck.ofoboye w'at eq nor haye th ivalues 1
o.vr :bqahcg-n " tro, gentarayAi re. agred that'hls le: so.. 4
Boys' Suite, tdcLud'ug thue Albte SO'tn $ 0(' .xtra sphoiat vi~a e~af.i
int-este ' "t't* ab W l 0 prloxa,.',t th, 6
7 :,i i ' i l llill l i~ . i.. . , . . .. ... . . . . -<'(

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