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01r.. 'YLAMdT' Y MORNIN..A 1L21, 1912. PR1 1
MW 72
i '
Wreeked liner, the captain, one of
which went to the rescue.
New York, 'April 20.--With druanltl.
Suddonness the senate ilve'stlgatlou of
the Titanic disaster cane to an en'd
today, so far as the New York hear
In. War concerned. It will Inl re
sumed, however, In Washington cen
-(onday. when J. 'Bruce Ismay and
P. A. 6.. Franklin, the chief offlcers
of the vessel to Its ocean bulrial. Its
a score of the crow of the sunken
vessel will appear Ibefore the corn
Incident to the sudden jlrlo of the
ecaring here was the story of Harold
8. Bride, the second and only surviv
itg wireless operator of the Titanic.
HIS tale was one of suffering and
death; He told of the final plunge
of the vessel ot its ocean ilurial. Its
captalli's end also was revealed. Hie
leaped troan the abridge when lthe water
was closing over his hlllp.
'In connection with the transfer of
the hearing, to 'Washington it was
Inatimated that the power of the senate
on federal territory would 'b. undis
puted in getting at the real facts and
no question of state rights could rise
to J.lerfero. Throughout the hearing
offlcers of the White Star line had
portrayed the dangers of saIlors'
boarding houses in New York as a rea
son why those detained iby the corn
- Class Ad History
The reason for the popularity of The Missoulian
class ad is its efficiency. The Missoulian class ad
r*Alhet'"rsons and places that the advertiser would
not thlz of visiting in the course of a personal quest.
Yet, -t' s likely to be one of these persons in one of
thtie pla4es, who is just the one wanted. There are
thousads of people, every morning, reading The Mis
spt.iaii.. classified page. In that list of peopli: there
is almost certain to be thb one you want, to meet.
Hereis an instance of finding the right woman:
leltor; steady work; good local
propositionr, Address I.. B., Mil
~ quirid two days for this, class iad to place the
ii raotlr In, communication with the -woman he
t4 .B.ut or the second day the right one came.
Thei4l:s 4d fon her. The class ad wIllhelp you,
St ipit g others, if you will give, it a
..yone ce t a ,iwrda ifyou We
t job,a The M oistlian will print
the passengers and one of the ships
mllltre lshouhld e allowed .to sal oil
the L.tplund, which left today.
SAt the hearlng this uemorning, 'Wire
less.peratuor Bride. crippled as IL re
sult of his experiences, and seated In
an Invalid's chair, told his story of
the last mnoments of the Titanic. His
narrative, drawn froml himi plecemndal,
by Seanatsr snmith of Michiigan, chair
man of tho conmmittee, heldt eenthralled
the comtllllttoe and the Ialdleiincet. Whelln
hils olrdetll eunded, he w.na almolllst (ols
the verg' of collapse.
After the hearing was resume,,d li
the afternoon, annlrrsunlemel!nt of thel
change of IanUe at mtllade. Herbert
J. Pittllan. the third offleer of the
Titlnllc., huad been called to the wit
lness chair. elunator '8mith directed
one question to him, rcliating to ,the
whereabouts of the whip's log. The
witness said he dht not know.
Promptly Mr. lSmlith alinnouncodl the
colmittesn's decisiol to resume the in
quiry in *Washltgton on Monlday. Lator
he issulede a statemenllt givillg in detuil
'his reasons for the chalnge i t lplan.
The statemnent follows:
"The object of the coismitte., It
coming to Now York coincidental with
the arrival of the Carpathia was
prompted by the desire to avail igselt
of first-hand Information from the ac
tive participants in tilse sad affair.
Our course has been guided solely by
New York, April "o. l''xplnlnlll tioln f 4 .wi\t H. t.It'ar 1\ ili:nil .\hi. t. .itall t
of Michlgana , °hairanl of the nnt a. r llilnitte4 na l I a Inr"tilaite
the Titanich diasater, hurried to N.aw York Thursdaliah. lh , I .. '.zn t'to
Inquiry, Wial made todlay when it b'naa kinown tia.tl ia . t,.+
sage sent Iby Il. hiructe latlr .i pr. aladnln t of tlit. Inlrnlat.l a.i l l.\i t..,llil.
Marine comtnpiany, to Vivi l'resldent F'rdnkln ,lf the Whit. S.hta lin., aaik
ing that tah aadric h, atoppel, to htita Mr. lainlty altd tlt suarviavors of
the Tltaaflh creaw on board, was in terclpted bay aI g overnllllltlt hartlt andtl
sent to Washlngton.
Senator Smith is quoted today as smryits hIe ig dlerst,,oal In Wash.
-tnltorr that such rnesadagi . hAid 5etn exclhangetd ran tlhatl this neaiivio nof
the resllonl, that he had started without allny iatt of time.
thin purpose-to ohbtain accurate in
formation without delay. We were
told that some of the officers of the
Titanic who were British subjects and
resided in ]nqilund, Itltended to retura
to their homes ilmmediately upon ar
rival at this plrt. 'Wi, conUlituded that
it Uwould he nl,.st lunfortunate if we
were to be deprived of their testl
mony fIor an Indefinite perliod end
their removal beyond Ihe jurisllction
:r our authority nlght ettnlielhte antil
possibly defeat our plan.
Reoeived Courteously.
"Wo went dlre.tly i tthe tCorlpathia
upon her arrival; wo.r received
courteouesly y the eaitauin and offieers
of the sllip: aere ceorded at prompt
Interview witll the manalging director,
and vieh president of the White Sttt
line. We satlstflt' ourselves that
their promise (o ipp nr insured their
presence tat the hearing and have not
been cullid upon to use more drastli
means to ac('(omplish this result.
"Mr. Ilstny Intended *to return to i
Washington, April 10.--"A prviiidentlaitl
campalanll publictl y Ilbill, .adlnlitted!y
aimlned ul theo republican candIdate Il
the present fight for th nomlnatlion
at Chicago In June, pastylld tlhe houec
after a shlort debato today nurked by
bitter denmoiral44 atta&eks upoIn IHaor
volt and President " Taft. Chargas
credited to Director McKinley of thl
Taft campaign bureau that large sumll
were being spent for the nominaut)o
of Colonel 'IRoluevelt .ore read to the
house by Itelkene~ntative H,-nry, dem
necat, of 'lexas, author of the IIpub
lcity bill. He dellanded that the
hod.ls peas the mneasurl to force ,both
Mr. +Mc+Koinley and Senator Dixon,
maunager for -Coknei Itoosnvelt. to flin
sworn statements of the charges they
have'made, of excessive us~e of oney
or pledges la the rpresent.campaign.
'Phe bill would require each eardidato
for the presidency or vice presidency
on any ticket to file with the secre
tary of the United States senate both
before and after prlmarles, nominating
conventions and g.netal elections, "fual
correct itemized statements of all
nloney and things of value received by
him oh by any one for him with his
Sqi* umes of all persons who con=
t latig ln4orete than m100 to his fund,
ii4's t*tatient of all promItes and
A (LRtifnued on Page Twelve
. , _ · , .~
Ingltantd I. ,rthe i th, |lIll ft aitr rva,,,aaa
hat retrnrtred hire. ha Iih ttito* the'
offleers ai] aiantlem rs of the crew.
"It was fa'mnd na rca ary tag take trhe
teatitlraty af the eilathlat of the t'ar
pathli linntdiattey in order that he
tirigh "at rbe further I a lnconvenilened
In his d1 hatarlntre willt hin ship rafter
I11 t newl c'lrdilabl, co,.nliuc,, worthy of
the highaesrt Iralatiea. We felt that it
i\,u ll not a:an tll teviltleae of ouIr ap.
p)rrelatio tr ,l lltain him auid hisa liall,
and iptsans.arl Ilafter hle iad br'IPourlht
th He uar.ior s 'f the Titanic vlunllar.
ily t. t his l. rt. We ,xamltinaad thea
se(lond o;'ffler bea(nllse he wr IIIn IrnI -
tnand f dtrinl the hotur Inmmiedhlately
preetlding tahe ,tlltai loaind We thoughtt
IIt lais to taa .trk his tetainorty intttedl
atela . Mr Illale, thar wit',aess teleg
rapher oar ti,. Titanic, aiwho survived.,
had be,.an aIIJared rnd wall unablelr to
lae raavilaVnt Iv gnoavgalt v froma New
Yrak. As hs tt'r Inll ' aia t ai t l th ll LIst.
Itany , I' tthr .'iretess alrratogr 1 of tt
a (a rtilnualla td ng a lraa ln a tt I ach
.llll'inl, AalxmI, April 201. i' Junoau
hilnl ,ffie' ham anotlfied Frank F.
Illlvi, kf IAlke Mills, Wia., Arnohll i.
1e'hIInr,"r o. 3'1S Contratl IpHrk, woe ,
NeI York lity, and Jurnam J. Rtyan I
,f KNtalulgl, Ahl:eka, tLmI thlh" flllncs
lf ,Hl,llara' strIllp oin shalrlprla, Ilain 'nII
4'onltrlo,lilr sty, Alaanka, ihave i ,r r,!
JIoteld l'AoausO of nonll-acornplliaince with
the Ihaw in thle fillnnm.
'Nt. lhand was tflitd upion 'oibruary
13, IIll, On April 20, 1911, .alnator
l.u 'liolletto of Wim'olnalni introduced a
r:asolut li in thla Unitoed States wealmI
calling uponI tihe tnerretary of the in
torlhr to furnish all facts c'nnllccted
wtAh coal entriet made ulpon lands
withdrawn froman the Churaeh natlolllal
foreat resorve in Alaska and later re
utored to the publio domain under
order of I'rmtda.nt Taft.
II was alled0l ,ill eWlpape&pr articled
about this time that TRichard 8. Ryan,
said to be a repreeentLtive of the
Guggenllolan-Morgan syndlcate, had
beon permitted, through the connavanre
of Secretary of tijo Interior Balllnger,
to obtanl contraol of the whole water
front of ControllleP I.y, the atural
ha&bor tor the shipment of coal from
the Bevlay rlve tlrodl4 an July was
plblleaheb what u'pOwra1 to be a
letter -from cohard . Ryon to
RlOhard ý * hllger coiternlng tbeaso
lands. .e letter tegan' "Dear Dclk"
(Cantinued on Pagie Twelve)
Late Returns From Primaries in First Tw.
States Show LandslidesM for the Colonel
Over Taft---West Virginia Convention
Will Be Absolutely Controlled by
the Progressives.
ý'ashington, April 20..--(SpcEial.)--Late returns from Oregon and Nebraska clinch the
Roosevelt victory in those states and render certain Roosevelt's nomination at Chicago.
Nebraska and Oregon make six great republican states that have expressed them
se'vcs by presidential-preference primary and every one has gone overwhelmingly against
These states aggregate 196 delegates to the national convention. Of these Roosevelt
has 152, La Follette 36, Taft 2 (from Lorimer's Illinois district) and 6 (from Penrose's
Pennsylvania machine). Roosevelt leads Taft 20 to 1 in terms of delegates. These
six states cast 98 electoral votes. Indications are fine for Roosevelt's success in New
Hampshire next Tuesday and in Massachusetts April 30.
West Virginia is in line today; complete returns from the 24 counties which voted
show the election of 263 Roosevelt delegates to the state convention and 75 Taft dele
gates. Governor Classcock telephones that this insures control of the state convention
and of the Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth congressional districts, making certain at
least 12 of the 14 delegates from West Virginia to the national convention for Roosevelt.
The First congressional district will not be determined until next Saturday when 12 addi
tional counties vote. Twenty-four North Ca rolina counties have elected up to date, repre
senting nearly one-fifth of the state convention. They sent 385 3-10 instructed Roose
velt delegates and 18 7.10 instructed Taft delegates and eight uninstructed. Today
Roosevelt carried Cabarrus, Caldwell, Forsyth, Surry, Cherokee and Caswell counties in
addition. _...,,
t'll tlI I, 11( '., ,lg1roil s II N ' urlyu .
flr-fifth iof tIll,. llri t ir' vott' oif f)r-I
II4,n 11 I, l rIIl l('i IInt 1 '1m l'nl' 1t l$itletl I
I'4ll1tlr Ihiuh 1 (4,111 1',Ii dl 11111an, repltl'll.
T'1he11 ,' r1'etr11 s itiietal.te' 1111t The lrler
ItuoslIvl lt hus 1 trrid Ii (r 4 unt ov' r
Itl'r *1e4114'1' 11 4 )1t44 f l li) I I ,1silt s I 4.ll1)144 4
irl 111e,"1 1 ',tl IIf l ie~lllo r ll - i tl, llla. I{ ,
11,4l t't trIl eI 1,111 n "i t i er l aInt Irt 1
ý114, I III ,li 14 I1 f hlnl 11tl ;.1'14 , ' it' I
! ntllriil h s i,l'r1ri 414,4 1r,4 a io r Hl 4-,l 4
tir.lll Illl llllln 'ni II tll ue) 4,,i I 4.0)l,
illel. irlltl Ill "tIlt l l lllll.44Il.
en llin' i ,lllllt tl n c tllliI l rin , i
tIlrnI frtI ill ll 11 14 rII ir, 'ln t'lH In I
frot sIix ,"innll 4 11 n1 ,ur' r la 111
nm, l elt rllllln frlnmitt ,ev.'114"r' li't '
I('11)n11 n t l' hitell1 rl
(In th de, lir.v4 i ' tr14 l l' 4 l e' t II ll`, N I
l, i li lln I .1 l \ ' ) 1 lr Ir14 w , iin t n ll 'i I A, . -
i'4r'll Ir4'1t l rit 141r1il that i .il4 ' Ilh',Unn1 ofI
dlOl I rl I et n 'til l4 41 errynti r I . It'I'
1t)r i4 in t , till' hutlnlII(r kht Il r i'~
pleelOi l' I'lrllllllI - eP CL.l Iitlr, .'
n glerllurlI evl n r, 4l4 ra'n 1ril no 1h4nael (ri.
1 e' Ill ,l1 ' o f" the to. l l ll t ' (lu t so Ih il
! nt14 1itilu t'M of pilnr lil1t le e li')' il t tp li'
|llr o 'llngr'sl Itl nleh ntlllh 'ld tur.(l -
S In thl ,'lirst Iisit'rht, M ('. nll w l,.F,
rslpu li('n s, In 'nlr h'nt, h dl no ioprll ,tl
tIi irii'il y.'t. I
Ini tlh1e olRnl i tl'trilt, N. 1.. t4n411lt
'elll Ill'' rliellhe''lt n nr1i1 tion l11 1vl''r
W'. (., I11114, 4 lirllnwr ('.1ongrri'e nln lh
ihl' dIe'i l l1u4ner a ill no ina r I l'llill hi,
willi g.e t l .Itl4o4(, Ii. ('rahlatll, whol ius
U 4ll4il ller I'nl f4 l . I'( 'IVy.
Ill th IThird diltr 't, Milnomuh, A.
1,In4 I)Irnllil ne'in(.o, April iII. --War he
Iween 11thw ling Kong and fling Huey
Itong was stalrted Lanew today in San
I lrt'illl''ie , , MtI1('ktotll u d I1 rsnu,4- l41
m11ultanIIuslyl . 'I'hrp kll1l send Iw.4
Irtally wouriOId were add(.d t to the
tally. Terer have been Io , anl4y tong
I hl1 t44lnges I sl1 ye, ar thalt ti 114iedlc' e (Ih
tlartment admitted frankly tonight
4 that It had lost track of the fatalitlen
i'lght had been killed in ttiis city,
thely estimate. Thei:s were three lsuchl
l iaffrays In San Francisco alone to-'
I night, In front of the Chinese Metho
ilst tIlpiscopal church a pitched battle
wasI fought. At least 50 shots were
fired aen the chur' h w.as hit by fly'
Ing bullets. One man was seen 4o 114
wounded In the neck and another It,
the leg, TLeo Wing, a Sing Bluoy man
-and 1l.oule Wing, a Bfling Kong manll
r were arrested.
Lee Iyee Look, a ling Kong man,
. was shot four timles while hiding in
Sa lodging house closet. He will di..
SH1is murderer escaped,
SChin fling, also a ling Kong man,
eand part proprietor of a saloon, was
shot five times while standlig near 1tis
place of business. Three of the bul
lets perforated the abdomen. His as
sissin was seen, but flid up a narro''
way known as "Murderers' alley" and
' escaped. Much gossip in 4'hinatewn
a here tonight was to the effect that
o the shooting had blee engineered
e from Stockton, whit'es the tongs had
" quarreled over gapMing ,debts, T'wo
- men were tkilled tlp 4tookton, One man
was killed in Frelngt
tuit. M. ii|. Minleel, |thee' ilesiner,'eIgie '
.,e'elisliee.. heed I e, e , chel,,.ln :tim,.c.
Sig Majority.
Sim.el . Net. Aerel '.o T t e'iI : " ee', l
ie.,.'4 l'lI eierril.ed '' IirekI hi I1 h ls
tie j', rll' lin ghee prc'lileshhltl lcrefer.f nc .ie'/
'I llrl, N rs y u ·to rtlay W ANh Inite ( ,rittll
ilri'lllllnl (?' crk' ll' t 'e t Ihv riioie llei'rle l(i
ielle(d Ptr Ileal eict( r. l Ilee. tritn 'lllll? tree
Iee.tee ,11 ('1 rle lr4'el ea1 Ihe' gl'c11 eeher egler
chute'., we ig idstrlceI rcgeturice reniete in
ieclhc. All et,'lerni I,'1iielveih rhllN er,
Ieleh r lhle Iler ' fl' I'e't grglt.t '11 i ', Iet ,al
Ivte lsee ell.lw 11 he l ,Ie i nwllinglle reelleli
Itee'eelebr eilee cl :Ieee ccs l 'tu ' l e.e'e Ieeeee.
lllrl' ecr hu n Ie 'Itler ! ie' lhte ri'i
Inelllr ll reelel, r'r ' he111e Ie e iell jerllc' e ·lr te'
oeein lee eel lle' ghe' ei l ff' ell'ei el ente
trIrI' l glee' ectcce. lleeeeeeen cJieegegeert
\cll'lr t 11it1 11i., 11lll, |~~lll'nllt Ir ctlrllirl =·
'rg n IIleelelllig'el ih' * Ins l ' v lhe tll hle
ti!e h evie re ieel' cc eie.h , Il11 l'elie gle' li ehtrH l
elle w lll liii e ec rliljgleei' N 'l', Thlrc'I
igreg i 1( eer1ll' ri'e d Ili' a I.II, d alli
tr'rtlI Iha 1,1 .l vl.lill,
Inectlli'le lre e h g ('hiie llgt c'lee nr
gceee e'icre'le'el ghle I'itl'e. teeerlgh, I lllh
ellec l'lleitc cgellille'ic celil w111 hIll t ive' c die
Wierllc. eg' i ile.e lie Ihee e leell't,
'l~i'i'ieelreeccc' 'lie'lteceee leeica eleel geeeeg i liii
je'iggv er tiee' rg"'eertecc re' , Iv''l gleheui fler
freiel e eeti1 ' i gh' ix e ie e tlelg ,ltl .
tnehltel'eei:ei ecre' I Ihel I l'eereeeee' eleoereeeir
hlienlle'elhegrpgiwr will ge. I he eieleeeeiree ge'
Iieegeeegleie leer seena'erlee'. Ieiorgee 'Wi'. Neer
ile le le'eelilheg l'4e'eiielier N'ei'rlee Itreewen (ice'
(lihe reg'eilleeeen neelelee I eiln,
(loeee'reeeer Aglerieeh ecigeeercetlx leeeic
ieee reeeeeeleeie'td liv ee tirgee eeeeerieel
'iicc' e!leeeee''i i ',l he', ii' llre i glee' gecir.'
e he eclc lll ee lgtll iee , e fe l r I 1ee ' eleel ee'r.
i l eiel I e leecl neire ll li i i hlial te iliiee .n
t in c Ieener'li l if ie w'111 eee kleeliwn
w~h(,tllr ,l tl* lnllfit or Moirwiihtl lIhe
we'eee ecelil ghle filet reelenee'ee ieree iieclle.
the leece. ' rtrll *iii e gi''l,,. e.i e
a n l iisiellIhe' c'eeill lh i i I akl' hile
ce ill IIe , Ieee rie ee lee inlec' d is w','
Ilitlee 1g hIi i I c:l tlel ilicerell I ,ie Iie
eseje heeeilv. the' will iel'l'le'lee al tglee
ils'sllcatl', eel' eilieeYll Iewe eh'ilcgh' ' i , e et
o id i testiile e reeii iir 'ele'r'e'eree'e'ee eii1el git
li IIt ieee nih 1e0le ilee .cle l e h, wgerk eel'
li te s , I ,e i ic' ne rlle''.illv.
Be Loyal
WHEN you are urged to give your printing order
to the solicitor for a foreign printing house, re
member that you can get the same work done right at
home and that it will be done just as well and prob
ably better than if you send the order east or west.
Remember, too, that the home print shop employs
men whose wages are twice as high as they are
in the shops of St. Paul; that the wages which the
Missoula men receive are spent In the stores and shops
of Missoula; the money you send to the eastern printer
never comes back; it goes there and stays there. On
this account, quality of work being equal, there is not
a man in Missoula who is justified in sending east or
west for his job printing. The Missoulian Print Shop
is doing just as good work as is turned out of any print
shop in the country and a good deal better than you,
get from the average shop to which your order .oas
when you send it east. Be loyal to yodr horim town
in distributing your patro1nage. By so doing, you arer
loyal to yourself. It is not altogether .a matter of
sentiment; it is largely a matter of business,
Ilg Timber, April 20.-(8pecial.)-
N-t.weegrixNn crounty in foIr Roosevelt.
'iPhit frltL wan annured thin afternoon
when lit. nlid delegatiotln for Teddy was
sl'Icte'd folr the state conventilon kt
IlIienie. The meeting wan unanhnmous
for I(onoevelt and In the selection of
I, tlIe 'llgatr the allegiance of the
Ictecndldeitctn tol progressive republican
prinecldtes andl to Roosevelt as candi
etlibs were the chief qualifications con
sidelre'd. The delegation will vote as
Is unit at the state convention for the
eelconel. The delegates and alternates
,Ilected follow:
)Ileogaten-Robert. Brownleo, Jacob
W..inier, (I. A. Loasby, ('arlos Melpl, P.
I,. Van t'lteave, II. O. lForsythe, J. M.
,\.lonc. Hearlnuel Solberg, Il. O. Kellog.
II. II Mooerehead and A. Aaronson. Al
ternllte,'s--. T. [afond, Dorman Kel
In gg, c'lyde ('lrtln. Ralph Jarrett, P. 0.
I,'lanltt, A, A. A, riffith, J. . 'e Tlentllger
enli \W. W. Nye.
iNe ~I l,, April 20..-Jiiohn ftliline, pro
i rleor of Ilthe tewattrd, Alanka, D)ally
iltI wa'i\, ,orgailUer of tihe Ahllkla Con
Irall ri'llwiy aind former adjutant gen
cirteI of W\;tshiltgton, anliouncedi his
'anidlll(l llll ti;y for the republican
utitcltt letil fcr eeollgressenn tat lar ge
rl'it .'Iwitliegtoni, on a platformt favor
inll hilli, Ilt Ahckl in obtalnjeg a sys
1'-i ,pf wv,'rtllleelt-built, government
own le'Il tiuli gKvecrnnient-operated rail
rcicit le,

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