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Ratbbone, m r.
Sand J.
d ward-A. Jn Bro.e adt
T ir a-r . . M. " rau doi at sa
e, April 31.-(Ipeq Lb)-b enO n
tQ her o election ya;,rL. and
wit' aloie~ t a voteqs tor mayr and
.*o aldwrmeft m each of tie thyr.
wave we r iaser- vene above. All the
othia otIers of a " the town anq ap*
poltited by the counnll, which will or
alt and opet tie town's books for
ra ; ,ntauletely t1 returns of
teliýon ha.were tbeen anvasnd .by
the board or county ommnisaioners at
stlearJy and certificates of ecr l hotIl
have been returned. T. h election owes
lltely and, although there wore no Htro
nounced 'Is eh for W4lnhB this. cutple
dates stood, the persbpal element t as
enough, to kepp up the Interest I'I da*y.
The tolls were watched by frlunus of
nearly all the candidates, severni clhat
lenges having been spunded. luvwcvqr,
thlere was no serious trouble experi
enced. The following Jt the complete
vote for all the candidates by wards:
First ward-For mayor. Rathbone,
21; A. Sutherland, 10. For aldermen,
Cbrpen,' 20 Curt., 21; McKnight, 10;
Durst, 9.
" Second. ward-For mayor. Rathbone,
3;' Suthe.land, 1}. Fdr aldermen, A.
J. Brower. 18; Ross Lemlre, 23;
Poster, 18;' LarIon, 16.
Third ward-Por mayor, Rathbone,
1i; utthelall. 1 4. For aldermen,
Braudjdii. 11; Coulton, 18; Stanley
Boeerce. 17.
Ronan, April 21.--(Special.)-J. C.
Denny, living near Post creek, came
up to Ronan Thursday to attend the
Masodhe banquet and returned Friday.
There was a meeting of the Masons
of Rotan, Poison and all the valley to
oral~pae a Masonic lodic. Although it
was a verg stormy night about 40 at
tended, 30 from Ronan and vicinity and
about 10 from Poison. After the busl
ness was transacted a fine supper was
served and a good time enjoyed by all
Mrs. D. McDonald of Iron Mountain
stdpped at the Pablo hotel Thursday
and. will leave for the ranch of her
self 9to4y.
KE °A. Balvended of Missoula was in
Ronan Thursday and Friday of this
J. V. Quenton of Minneapolis
stopped at the Central Thursday of
this week.
F. W. Stephens of Dixon transacted
business in Ronan Wednesday.
C. F. Dallman of Missoula stopped
at the Sterling Thursday.
J. P. Swee of Big Arm is in Ronan
this ,week transacting business.
R. G. Tobey of Great Falls is in
Mrs. Ed Clairmont has Just returned
from a short stay at St. Ignatius.
Arthur Woods of Mlssoula is ex
pected in Ronan soon. I
Ed Clairmont Iha just bought his
mnother's place north of Ronan, which
Is a very fine piece of land.
Mr. McIntosh of Kallspell has
bought four very desirable lots In the
Clairmont-Crawford addition to Ronan
and will build soon.
FPlrebee, April 21.-Miss M. Vance
left Saturday for tallspell to care
for an invalid sister.
W. J. Potter of Missoula accom
panied a party of excursionists for
the Bitter Root Valley Irrigation comn
pany Saturday.
J. J. McLaulhlin spent Saturday
night in Missoula.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Holden of Conur
d'Alene, Idaho, are spending a few
days here.
R. J. Holden has moved back to his
ranch here.
Burke Ailt returned Saturday from
Alfred Grantham of Gage, Okla., Is
spending a few dlays with Henry
Mrs. Mills and son were in Missoula
Miss O. M. Card of Missouli is
spending a few days with her mother.
Lelia Jenkins went to Stevensville
Friday to spend the .week's bnd with
her mother.
MexJoo City, April 21.--Feeral
troops evacuated Buitailac in the state
of Morelos yesterday, ,where a seres
of skirmishes have been in progress
for oyer a week. between about 1800
federals a~n more than 5p. Zapatalists,
The federals retreated to Parnes with
consildqrble loss. Parrep is a small
town between H.litql.4o and Cuqraa
vaca, the oapital of M)Uorolo. Rein
foro.mente left Mexico City iltmmedi
ately on receipt of news of the
evacuation and will aid in an attempt
to take the town.
4ibf Wau to ClOus Nr -
(lo clean hLir brushes without Injury.
sire ready two bass, one t? otth
ltq of ln water and the othe with
real uiof cold water. In
ateaspoonful of
o r d shake
#"' lI the solution
a th, are
sM Wdt.u
E mrancl with 'arvey' lu ,
e'tk & Co,'s akr, in .December 1409.
5 talr tfeeley of his deeds and
to be dSeply penitent. Ue wau
J4ten dawn town and explatned all
his oprsations in connection with the
robjwry. Le states that it was his
first experience in safe blowing, and
that itevens, his alleged conftderate,
s'mowed him how to do the work.
A.otit two ounces of nitroglycerin
.were used In the job, and the ham
mer suid drills wgre stolq -romp A
neighboring blackaslith's'shop. Sprague
says that he was in this district frqm
September, 10O, to Jpeaary,. 1010.
After he left heoe, he joined the army
under an assume4 name and after
wards deserted. He will appear be
fare Judge Stevens at the present ses
lee of the district court.
Mostmaster Philip Rand states. that
thp money, order receipts for the year
ading March I,. 1912, wero $4,995.94,
vhowing a gaiL. of $2,000 over the
previous year. Postal receipts for the
fiscal year ending on the above date
also alshow. a marked increase over
previous years.
Work is progressing on the big
Irrigation canal on the west side of
Salmon river, In the Challis valley.
The water is being taken from Challis
crdek, and the ditch will reclaim a
large tract of fanrming land.
The Woman's guild of the Episcopal
church has elected offieers for the
ensuing year as follows: President,
Mrs. Charles Haman: vice president,
Mrs. B. C. d'Easum; secretary, Miss
Lena Shoup; treasurer, Mrs. W. C.
A grand. jury has been summoned
by Judge Stevens to report for duty
today. Considerable Interest Is being
taken as to the course their Investiga
tions will take, and the air is full of
rumors affecting county and city of
fleers and others.
The county commissioners met this
week, T. Dore taking the seat made
vacant by the recent death of O. W.
Kingsbury. The contract for the care
of the county poor was awarded to
frs. M..B. Durand. Registrars were
appointed for the several precincts at
the coming general election. The con
tract for the county printing was given
to the Leadore Standard. The commis
sioners again refused a county liquor
license to W. Anderson of Salmon
City. Applications for county liquor
licenses were also refused to A. Jack
son and C. J. Poppleton of Salmon,
and J. Sullivan of .eadore. Licenses
wd6e -alsb' i'fused 'to five other siP
plloanti. Lioeaibes were grr ted to I.
Ransom and A. Widdowson at Gilmore.
In all, nine county liquor licenses have
been granted. The vexatious question
of the liquor business In this county
Is far from being settled and a peculiar
state of affairs exists in this town
where a majority of the city council
are fighting a majority of the county
commissioners by refusing to grant
city liquor licenses to those holding
county liquor licenses.
J. .t. Rothery has been appointed a
justice of the peace at Gilmore.
County Commissloner Wilbur F.
Stone of Junction was married on
Wednesday afternoon to Mrs. Theron
1.. Royer of Klamath Falls, Ore. Rev.
R. L. Barnstable of the Methodist
church performed the ceremony.
Molepe, April 21.-(Special.)-Molese
visitors to Dixon are many these days:
Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Pollard, Messrs. Joe
Sharp, Toni Pollard, Will Adams. C.
Urlin, C. Austin, A. Kroll, L. Travis,
1,arl Smith. Dixon visitors to Molese:
C. Boggess, E. priem. Mr. and Mrs.
0. E. Whiteman, C. A. Wellington.
Mrs. Wonnueott and Mrs. Me
Monagle have arrived from Spokane to
visit their sons.
Charles Austin, whi hI *ll made ia
rather extended stay at his home in
Wisconsin, retqrned last Flriday. Mr.
Austin made the return trip with a
party of friends looking over Canadian
Miss Agnes Holohan was the guest
over Sunday of Miss T~.ucilo Thomas
of Dixon.
Rev. E. O. Cole had charge of the
Sunday evening service at Dixon. Rev.
Mr. Underwood has gone south for an
extended trip.
Leon Travis returned Sunday morn
ing from Ronan, where he has been'
supplyihg in the drug department at
the Scearce general store. The regular
drug clerK was at Helena taking the
pharmacy cyaminanton.
ii. B. 11ier arrived from Sandpoint,
Idaho, Tuesday evening to continue
residence on his homestead, located on
the past fiat.
Mrs. Charles Morrison has been en
trtalnJng her father for a few days.
My ondy ,they left for an automobile
trip to the Bitter Root.
Miss Besgle Austin entertaained a
party of young people from St.
Ignatius last Sunday,
The promot*I of the rDihg Trans
portation company were recently in the
valley on bisiness. They came from
Pavallt by way of St. Ignatius and
were bound for Dixon and Camas.
Charles Urlin of Missoula is at his
homeasead for a few days. His friend,
Joseph Hoffman, came up with him.
Mlps Viola Pollard, whose school has
Just dlosed, came home Sunday. She
has been teaching near Missoula.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey' IEdward Fuiller
ton, who were married at ymilt~n
last Tuesday, reached here Prt.
day evening after a brief wedding
i The Dixon baseball team gave a
0post enjoyable de4 lpg party at
Marcure's hall, Dixoti hlnt laturday
eveupu, Those who ateided frpm
Brown, Holoban, oun, cieCautley;
?4jer alnd, UP r$ou, .A14r1ch and
rbtoeved by thae t*ole ral rtl, b Th
1, 00 on ther adjolntah ho tserta4ds.
WAN IN maIeA wHO. PoeGeo
WallaceO, April ll.-(pecialy.)
prack Callahan, aretesed In Burke
laturday after he had givon a num*
ber of worthless ohecks, was sett
tenced to five, months in Jail by Judge
L., . fWbr'tell yesterday. The ex
teot of the imprisonntent, though
possibly long, undoubtedly saved the
man trouble with the state sanitary
department. officers of which arrived
In Wallace yesterday to investigate
the man's claims to a deputyahip in
tho service.
Callahan, while in Burke. stated
that he Was a member of the san
Ittry department, under James II.
Willis. Through this claimn he re
ciYved standllng enouh to make his
checks on a Mislsoula Iank carry. He
was foutd to. be without funds Sat
urtday s orning when the bank ad
vised Swan and Anderson of Burke
that the cheeks which they held
against the man were unbacked.
After belnt placed under arrest and
brought to Wallace, he pleaded Igilty
to the charge of issuing checks with
out funds and admitted that he was
in no way connected with the state.
Despite this admission, Mr. Waliln
thought it heat to comp to this city
and investlgate the man's record. He
was satisfied that the sentence was
.sufficlent yesterday and announced
that he would drop his complaints
agaInst the man.
Wulkte, April 2l--(peuvlal.)--The
biggest bear hunt or the yoear will be
held Sunday when Dick Thomas, Hen
ry T. Gilbert and Dr. it. B. Brooks
of Kellogg will pilot a bunch of Pa
lousers from Colfar through the Pine
creek country hunting for bear.
The feature of the trip will he the
pack of dogs. Seven of the best bhear
dogs In this section will be provided
by the Kellogg imen while the C'lfax
party will bring It pack of seven
trained hear dogs. With the 14 dogs
in the hills there will tw little chance
for a bear to put ip mlch of Ia fight.
The men ait the head of the party
are old bhor hunters and have heen
keeping a close limn on the "bear
dope" which hts been heard recently.
As a result they have a good Idea
where they will hunt, but int giving
their intended destination have been
no more wpellcle than that it will be
along PIle creek.
Paradise, April 20.-(Fpecial.)-Miss
Agnes IDoyle, rpresenlltilngr the Thomllp.
son millinery store of Spokane, is in
town thils week.
Conductor Brill has rented one of
the company houses and expects to
occupy it the first (of the week. Mr.
and Mrs. Brill, who have been long
time residents of Missoula, will be
welcomllled to Paradise.
Thile Cathollc ladles are planningK
for a social dance to bIe given at the
Lrlcksen hall Monday night. Lunch
will he served free.
Mrs. Hlortense Tilton of Knowls was
in town Saturdny on her way to
Mr. Jordan, thet haker. left Wednes
day for Missoula, where he entered
St. Patrick's hospital for treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. M. It. Foster and
daughter, Miss Myrtle, of I)tyton,
Olllo, stoppedl for it ctupl) of weeks'
visit wltii their daughjter, Mrs. O. 19.
Lmndon, wllie on their way to their
new homte in North' Yakima.
Mrs. A. W. Hoffman and Mrs. O. B.
'MoKay and chiltlrtn left Friday for it
month's visit It Ht. Paul and MItti
Clair, Wis.
Mr. lndtl Mrs. W. It. Baker spent
;aturltday in Misslouln shopping.
ii. J. VauIghn11 Ias ptchltased it fins
new automobile. TIe maclhine was
delivered Wedunesdtay and Iplaced in
ruunning condition thlat e'venlng.
Miss Benlllh Jol.lton audI M. L.,
Ciarter or Plains were visiting at the
homne of Frcd Johlnston this week.
Mrs. . 0. Morse and dHaughter
from Slayton, Minn., are visiting at
the home of Mrs. Morse's brotther,
T)enton Moffat. Before returning east
Mrs. Morse will visit her Isrents in
lugerne, Ore.
Mrs. M. L]. Case wtent down to
Plains Friday to act as olle of the
judges In the oratorlcal colltest which
was held in the auditorlumn of the
schoolhouse Friday evening.
Mrs. Julia Marley, Mrs. T. IC. Den
ny and Mrs. Hlngletion went to
Spokaime for several days' shopping in
the city.
Miss ittmna Fountain left for a
weeks' visit with friends in Plains.
The "500" club nmet with Mrs. Fredf
Johnston Thursday afternoon. A
goodly number of ladies were out in
spite of the inelemnent weather. The
prises were awarded to 'Mrs. i. O.
McMahlon first. and -Mrs. T. E. Den
ny second. Mrs. Is. O. Morse was the
.out-of-town guest.
Superlor, April 21.-(Special.)--Mrs.
Georgia Martell passed away at her
apartments at the Bellevlew hotel yes
terday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Mrs.
Martell has been very ill with dropsy
and complications for the past few
months. She had lived here a number
of years and her friends have the
sympathy of this community. The
body will be taken to Frenehtown for
Wlbehlnhton, April 21.-Pllhting oc.
curred' Pr.. y. at aea.lon between the
tedrai aid r~bels, aecording to re.
pot' whlich reached the sltte de
part efltt from Nuova Laredo. A big
bttl wo epeoted at any moment.
1erra J6EdIa im n Oxcea, sotuther
)l4ldleo, wi. r9orIig t~en4lsomne and
u1 1 ai arsg.E tumbearg,
AV.l. as-cron o
Wallace, Apri 21.--(tlprehtl.)-Are
Wa4ldaee babl s Ilrning to like. liquor?
Ja4te. H. WNALs, stat. dairy. food anid
sanitary insaeptor, says that some of
them tire. lM lletIna proof of this
be points to the fdct that the (lty
daiJry, operated by (ientry brothers, It
reeding bmwely waste. Rrtewery
waste. he contends., contains alcohol
and contamlnata the, milk of cows
fed on it to sich an extent that In
fant users may culltlvate the taste for
alcoholle bhevrages.
Thli objetlion to the use of brewery
wate lis but one of i mtmher which
Investligation bIu dischlose, says .Mr.
Wallis. Togetber they are suffiilent
to lend the state to dleelar against
its use entirely for dlnry food and the
stat. inspector has warned against ft.
The orders to the lIw1i dairy were
received a number of ,lnys nago. (len
try brothere, who own nearly 0o cows.,
anid who have beln cxteInsive ulsers of
the hrewery feel, naccrdidng to the in-t
spector, have refasud to obey Mr. Wnl
Ili's instructions titnl Iltend to fight
thi case through the court.
"klareful Investiation, extendiing
over i ntimber of y.;i.rs. hIi Ipt~nv
that this waste. consllsting litrgely of
barlry which has Ieen used tn the
hrewinlg processl. is delri'Jtt"etimal.'" s.a)t
Mr. .WVills. "There ir Ito doubt hiut
that It contains aloliol nld1 the stim
itlatIon which It I. nlparts prohlahly
tends to larger yviel of milk, hut lithe'
milk i rrltct . s, liffi tent iqtunntity of
the iilcihol to produc'e InteIati ntl dis
ordters in the very young. It also
creates a liking for atlcohol, which may
hecome an appetite."
Shotlld the ientry Irolnthrt's continue
to oppose the health department na
they have assert~l they will. it comn.
pihil(t will ip flied iagaInst them l nd
a test of the law ainde In the local
district court.
nctttlp. April b"l. Vlii i, - meminorial
s v'it.Ices, in h onut o f v'l*tmlil of IIthe
Titanlic dlutsiter r rlt h'lt lln Dreatlrl
land Itvltiion this .Ifterh.llM under the
uIlls)p'les ofll the i niterlll.I fiedratilo
und elvi.e ogannllit ll.lllis. 'iThe plivlion
was fillit . MaI.v,,r tlt,,rge, I, ('0t-.
terill presided attll l re,.resentltivits of
every dlnolnihatlon In 1n the ity lilr
tiillpated in thd' exercidst.. Mautlaie
Luella t'. Oh'riiihº or New York sangl
"Nearer, M.y t(Jld, to Theeti."
The 'iTtnnic disastl r furnished tiIe
topic of tlh. t1ernlhns ii iiiuii many .'tl.
churchles. The litu lit u.l ii" nletli'ti
ihrld i'iwiiiiutI sertIrvites IAnAlght in tohn
tlor of Wllhm T. Stead, . ih peritl'd in
thl wrt'. I
~cttl'i, Alpfll 1.-WrV k ill 1 .. h , -
KunI .MUa I, by the Ch('ilag, lMIIwnit
kee & PUl.'nel iund railwayv on theIi
construll.t n of i t thl ti ,ile tunnel
through the (o.utltced naalloillshtnau, it
Was annllnlllcl'd last night. Woirkii'en
are builing iullnk Iihouseils l Iltroc'kdltli
and is Noo iti us I lthetii iiare i'')lpleted
Iithree g ings of e 650 iiin euih will ibe
pilt toi work In the llproject ih lichl will
cost nea l $;y01# s i ,1on tl. 'I'Tll IIto1p1 l will
shorten the "line seven dites and will
Facts About Indigestion and Its Re.
lief That Should Interest You.
Althoughn II igestion mli ull ; I)\,s'lpaH I
llare an prellrtvtle , IIn ti pI ple d llllnt
lore. There II nIo rllllaiii irlWhy imslt
,peoplr , hlINIld I l t I I H Irll, l lilng T ,
desire--If they willt only 'ichew It i.rle
fully aInd tllhorougihly. Mian.' aei.llll
stuin' e thllslllll' lve'I illto Mik'lll l'nlh IIIl'lla ls
feur of ''siting (vel'y god-I.duhing,
old-talnu g lull ml-t.i id-inhltlig food,
h tI'ciuiinie it doiues not Iail'i' willthI n hi s,.
'lI' hst thin L toll do ti t i it 'l ur
nelf to dllig lt Illy goi li Ifld.
'We bllieve we can reliee i i. Jp.ll
ill, li 'We are o O nlifldllt of this furlIII
that w'ii gUUaI'UIrnt alld pr.m.iN, to 1sup
ply the iledliine free. of all Gi'it to
ievery'V oelll who will use It, who In IniIt
pirfectly satisfied with thei r.esults
which It produies. We iexcli't nlil
lpriomlnises, andl lput ni iln under any
oblllglllo wlihatev'er. 14urelyl, iilltllihin
could be fairer. We are located rilght
here and ll our reltlutillln should be
siuficienllt uusuroaer of tin gnuinlll
Ilosl or our oflfer.
We i'want every one tl'roubled .illt
Illdlgestion or Dyslepila In anlly fillr
to come to our store. alnd buy ia box of
Jexall L) yspeplia l'ablets. Tulla thiini
lomle and glive tiheQl it reasonable trill
ltacording to directions. Th'l , If' not
satisfied relllln to us and get your
money buck. They are very pleasiant
to take; they aid to stalthe the Irrl
tal:le stollmach, to strengthen and inl
Vigiorati.e the dillgestive organls, and ito
proniote ia hiealthy and natural bowel
action, thus Iwading to perfect iianlid
healthy digestion and assimilatlion.
A sflc packageu of Roexll Dyspopllia
'Tablets furnisllhes Jr days' treatment.
in ordinary' cisne, thils isufficient to
produce a cure. In more chronic cases,
a longer treatment, of course,le neces
sary, and depenldl iipo the severlty iof"
the trouble, For such cases, we have
two larger uslu' which sell for sOe and
*1.00. Remnembert, you can obtain Rex
all Remeales In this conlnmunity only
at our store--The IHetall Itore. Ml.'
squlai l)rlg lio. , southwoest etrlller 1lIt -
gla'avenue and Front street.
I-De't Fall to Attend the a
Stock-Reduelna I
We must reduce the stock at once, and have made prices
that will be sure to accomplish that end.
It's Going on Now In Full Blast
You should come, because it consists of just what you need
JUST NOW, at prices that are cheaper than they'll be in
July. All stocks on sale are SPRING'S BEST STYLES,
each a big, bumping bargain.
A ftling of satlts.a ll" a putfa s th*''lllltl t '
discovi'ry of lthe filrst gra;y hilirs whichl
unllfortunately- "iare lohiked iion at. hIr
abr-lh of advant'ing age t11v hair,
however haltdin1e it 1|ay be, atkten *i
pi'rsin lop k old. We all know the
tro1 the good| imprssio'tI a intithf"l
appearan |' ma'ken on ' tther's, sanhly
knowingI that yo rt re "loking fit"
gli'ves one couragei to undertake ni d li
ate('lnplih things. S, why .,sufer the
handicaI(l p of I .klng old oI illi 'llllit of
Kray hairs, whill a shimply r'iendy % Ill
give your hair youthful land color and
Ielluty I It fe'w dIIys' tien'?
Most people' kinow thiat 'illmln gr
deln sage aits as i color reIi Ntorer and
'isac lp tr le' as a ll. I l' ; grll lIa llo h
ri used .1 I' a .I u ' ''" "i" for keeping
I the'h hillr Iii' rk, soft and I tlhxwi ' . III
iii'yt. h ; t lge lil r1llphur Ilinr i iteri -
tily we hlte an l'thnt pr,'pl t ilion f
Inige, , anhin d i ililr i 1111ih' 11 r 11 and r thl
t lu lhii u remed' l iesl I, hlutdr ffl, it'i h
ing ..alp ind thin, weak hilr ith.lh I
spilt t tihe eli tl r lt onsitr ' r ni tl'mill ing
uIt. '. fetI , ipi lg;nitilns ol i this vnil
a il hh'lteedy will bring lackil rhe cololr,
iand ti u In a hIllr tvl fill I r wpiiill remliov
p'sprly tracl, it dandruff .liud griitliy iin
rute the growth id appIi arance ofI ii
ilet it ii vent h tle troit stil drug
gi it today, ln, uutpp e the iil ffip re e fi
iur halt' after it few daii. troa iln nt.
IAll ldruggists stl I. , under glluartnt
Ithat the iiney will pi refunded if the,
remedy is tr.4 exactly ii s represented.
Npeflt agents, Missoula iDrug ip).
AstI' ria, t. )r'i. April 1.l 'raht sta, ,m -
p'r W uillfl. hound frIt iu l l i"' ,lsalli IPi
Iit ll(edro, wiII h 7i l ,000 ip feet of 1Iun
her was towed bipt'k tio iart Iaidiv in lli
wi teI r-I nlogi d I cOndl tl . t tIIIui'lruci : inh
irossingoll'r ithe wciolum Ith river bar
it h .atl eshl'tdh y N. lives . h 're los
New York, Aplril ,I. - 'Ilhine rof h i
1'TSri lty, of lr t. 'll 'rik', a In.I 1h.
' nlt edr , l i1 f r 4 '. J. 1hn , I ' i', I
Ahil ld in nildi rn Ir hi a rei tishait f l 'a
the 'tllll(an 's Ihe1l e l al. Ir wvted ral ' "n
wanlanlln grie, nn, ,iend t'rlppp of lv-I
rty creed Psein the llit, tlpt oes of
warship, where emonretl services were
lhonlducte . lin h llchts
"Neu .l rl, My a ld, to The" thlll
.Lrtins of whleh were htard by 'the
Lurvivors as the rTteinhe took a hepr fiil
plunge, wa sung III hlle chtlrch.fs of
tlh. (ly. Thre Iw'i rn vryroi' for h.rllr e
;survivors .ud t(h relatives and frien1s
of thle dtid, whlhe in Cuthollli ct'rcher
r/'yuln I In imsss' serf inug for the
repose of those wipe went down,
pe1lal services for the uIrvivorl n
will be, hAd i 1t Tr rinity churcllh 'T'hlrl-l
day Iorning. In thel ('altholh chllr.hes.
itnn(uncemtent was ilade that ('ardhlen
Sarley had lldirected that l,llmorlhlrl
services be held ýI all hu.rches of
the arch dloces I t.lrlOl'row moruningr.
Polsll, April 30,-+(Hp .oinhd).- f. H.
Hnanon, H. 11, 1akenun, M. A. Myhre,
L. 1. M 'arnh Ind F'rank tolt Illtendedl
it Mollol ocial at onanllll ''hursday.
A. I. H enningRsen hum purchaled five
rles ofr the IAtke .ew frult traits and
will ,ommence the eretionl of a frine
reidence Ion the lsale tt once.
J. BH. Densmore returned frol all
businessll trilp to Kaispell ridllty.
Charles S. ltsond has purchased a
business lot from Matilda Rakentan.
J, B, Rtackhouse hfu rented the T.
14 McMichael residence and expoets to
move In the first of May.
The Iake is tising very rapidly,
kv'eragilng nleltl'ly our inche'llvery l'
S By Miles the Best
They average 25 per cent
more mileage than other
tires. The uniform
strength in Fisk Heavy Car
Type construction is the
explanation. The Fisk
Company has succeeded in making a "balanced tire"
--one in which all parts show equal resistance to wear.
Telephone us your orders at our expense and we
will ship immediately by prepaid express from our
new and complete stock. Write for price list.
Valley Mercantile Co.
tt'ýI`+tiuIr iti It, ,1 tltit ' I t (il Ihr t
11" , 1 1114 -1 11 .9" Iln" I) "I pr iuI1. l 9Il Iiwi. )i
runnutlle"IA o I) n 19 11 91' 91 11 999 9)999hrmit
n itnt I'% 1 r 11t"I~l',ntl rli 1ii n' Ih.
InI) I 9 9iit Ill, Ii 9)99 '4. il l M99 o)1 . )'ii
ol il l :,II t'o11 I"II 1l"Ilolit. Ih tl ,htii i,"II"A
w nlil 1 9) 114i)1r 9 I)ll 91. 1 11,19 . lr% 1 )9
ii.Iu :ll II'Io-IIIIl"IuIII
Iult tlt"
---III..t. -111, prl I U I 99 li'
9191999)91, 1 ,I I ) 9) 9' I" I )) 9)9 999
)I))oll" I~lu trxit I W it l)9)191991 999.(fl
w)*. l ilt. 9 I I~ 11) 9.9)9) l )id;1 of It gi4tI '.1
;'1."Lunn fr 99) 11 999499.1t ' iii 'Iii'h In u
1.1)1hit I i14 9)999) 1H 99 9%I II 19I II It. ''9
141)1 9) ) O9) IC)'9 1 9 .' i)1 9) .'11r
911948Q1A -+ iIQNT
A Good
standing (
1 1r 4 O I t h f , lllt -ll' l
I11 1 ' HItY N1"t('
SIIIIggig tig i Wig i
t ~atll I Lodyl1
Central Mealtl
iMarkl v I N I I
115 West Main
Bell Phone 15.
Ind. Phone 471
Ml iguhl ui i oiltnlug.
United Stste. Depository for
Postal Savings Fund,
Tr'levhrH ithecks, druttst lld lettura
ot crcdlt ulvliabi, In all parts of
thie w rldi.
Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent,
Interest Paid on Savings Aooounte
and Certifioctes of Deposit.
Spring Styles N6u n
Intret Paid on savns cout

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