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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, April 26, 1912, Morning, Image 10

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tOf a re.. 1f nrlh'h.i ohIh I we
will p t it Cn l, II I la i' ri. which
few can ill'ffort o 1,1 i1.., .V:"ory
ilee it. till , g.nlihn Ili k n
mnliber, lil1a ks cut glaa. front
I1.50 uli. I'lIi- ,;I ll il seK "
fCr rtars- lf.
Phone 433 Rid.
Your Child
Should Be Taught to
Save the Pennies Now
'lhe' ll'iirs ill tiI l th lhe pr-~-p.
e r ly t uhl c .n .a r1r f it, i lf t te r y 4 lar s .
rilfl Ir IlInY i I( l, e '1e, i . lii the
"( uri- llisy -l i4 I 's " l e liss. If
the "C't lel'-l'ici'y" ltunn1 y I i dI .
pollted in It savings n.l ront
with this ianik it t eut i's
"Graxw-Easy" la ln3ly.
'Your chidl run e ull ln 11 ;iu, lt
hurt with St.,1
First National
Missoula, Montana. r
Next to Postoflice.
Three for 25c
i Plks. corln P'lk I Ifor 254'
1 Pkg., L I I II. fulal w lght, ilerrge
Washlnigton Crax ... 254
Codfish Balls
Fluke ]ioll r I Kraft, 2 ain:lx
for . 254
Our Leaders
t'entil li lard W heat I'l,,ur, ler
Necek .1.75
Ha'rri'nll gtonI lh ll C( ,fle,, e.T I-li.
M.lne Ilirind se l e I (ut, l . r lo
lb. ;li .. .i .n Ao4
California strawberries, first of
Season, for Freday and Satur
day Sale.
Rowland, The Jeweler
Walches. Diamonds, Jewelry
SpoolDl attention given to
114 East Main Street.
Stationery, Blank Books
and Office Supplies
114 East Main Street
Window Glass
$12 Higgins Avenue.
Peckham, Pettitt & Osborne
108.110 East Main street.
115 Hlpglns Avenue
Bell Phone 87. Ind. Phone 474.
The best of everything in the market
Fire, Life and Acoedent Insurance
and Real Ietate.
National Surety Company,
Da .H. Ross
Ronma I and f, nIiunuCi AF traon Fill
S.a.. ,r - Ih t
-~-- *-- * -
You inny have seen him often andl
have never known his name. ibut you
moon get well acyquainted,
ON THE sitting with him at the
LEVEL gnme; when your fa
vorlte II batting and
the tllpire t 'alis "strike three," you
both get sy.mpathetlc-"Ain't it rot
tnll' . itd you see?" antt when your
eatchellr, throwing, gets a runner with
h11i peg, you fetl your neighbor's fin
germ. grlippin tightly on your leg;
When the ihome teamn's favorite pitcher
ptll. hlms elf out ofr at hole, then your
ellghlbor .tlls like blaens and you're
,.llth him. heart and soul; when your
oillters fn th oslOe tiant their ,score
shows IIt ni blank, fellow-lfeeling
drels + i closer and you give his
artn i yan;k; then, when btaseball luck
tiirhis iultkly, and the hlioe lteam gets
ilontl, you grab it hat atnd swing it in
maid cirhles roundl your hliad; when
yaInr energyti: exhaustelhd Illltl igaiii you
oartclih thil, hall, you discover W¥ith
mlall1 I ent ll tll t the hat's llLt yl) rs 111it
vii, anti yeiir ntililghbor--lwh's blI re
h it 'l'l i .ulllllgly ltakes btai k hhi lid.
tneriey taking, its li' tItl es It, " l)d yt ll
Ste-, him wh,,i he ldhl " n, It's mighty
ly, aiu ll nld mighty, ore the lunle.
itii'tienship intll tllie Iligtll ndn ers haIlt
matle it good higinning In Missouit.
The tans are getting
A GREAT strIongr for the ioys
STRAIN tevry diy. Thei gen'rnl
stnit ntnt Is that they
tart it il enil Io l, boys l and, tIhat they
at re wtirthy 'f supportIl . Many refer to
the opninglll days tof last season and
l 'lvl ii long sigh of relief. Among all
Ithe' ltnst that M11onliInla possesses 'eV.
Meliffe rltlds a prominell nt place. lit
ranlts right tilt with Jtludge itwtlUe.
wut'n Kelley. .1, lItefrich oand otlhers oi
the ilk whithi uhliehtl biashtall In Ithe
city last year. A dlst'Uss.othn of
W\'ednl'esdy's game anteldated the meet
Ing of Gerall aventIe proptlierty owners.
"if we get tany more gamies like that
ton yesterday," said Mr. MeHaffle,
"Bllnketnship hi.s got to furnish us II
doilipd pill with eacil h guitttl '. A strain
lkei y.'iesterday's coIntest Is hard oin the
slet' and i we shuld be t i gi ven stiome
thing to couilternt thie ex citetment."
t'olonel ,. 1. l'axson, uttendedtil ty hls
nillltary hide, Major Catlin, relelved
congratulatihns yester
SIXTY day. It wus hlis hirtlh
YEARS day. 'Th'e tcolottel is now
t0 lyet's yioung. He Is
itone or Ii'the f'ollow who nlt'ir grow itil]
ani uponi whiom the hund of Iitute reets
llghtl and al'feltionatlly; to whom tile
pattsislug yeiars bring only in kindlier tilt
lrecittloh or m rendlt and it brtoader
chlrity for the otheIr folks. Eilch
y.ar adds, too, it ln teritlly impor
tintl cuntlribution to the ihl ting tle
Inirinls which the colonel is laving
to his ftllow-citizens In Montant andli
acuh yur'il conltribution is bettel r llt
more wrthy lthan that of ithe yeair Iu -
fore. nu. e.g loving frie'lds . nt illn ii tin
evironlmenl which is qult, to his Illh
ing, ('olon l -'axtiol is \worklng out
Smie o1 hils blems. Theme friends
wI.re ordiail ytst,,tliday In their ix
pli.essit of ci, lit t hult erltl, n. 'i) l lit l
oi' Ili g l i stff i over towni i r
istop No oiften llad were tni burdened
witlh omaplihent" that it was hit, be
fare they got back acros thit river.
'T'hey never woubll have got homl hd l
not the nIijulr M upp, tit ' got the better
of Ihls mitlltary discicllut 11,t Just
broke ranks wilI hlked. Thus d'rtrl
ir. the colonel withdrei'w li good or
der, .overing his own retreat is bhst
le -.iill without i1 rear guard. It Wils
it li lortiablh. louiisHm and th. colonelt
is entitled to al lhast tili more.
Ir,.llldIy rll lizng ,uvl'r thie IIlaltlnm nd
will Iirst NatJional hab lk
FLAG Iiuhli.gs Ite rtlay.
WAVES iThi , i. tol the lIlttn
i ti l inIl hitlllt lig i. tIlhre
o' I' rI IIII 11 h 1 N I a .I i n' on
~lont 11" the ftIore'st ' offli'' s,
Iliut Iihi fIlh iig t tw thl, t)li, t it r(lt
lha ll h t ,Iiig t 1t h1 w Sith nltlll ll t ffllt r I
t wai.s :I 11vi, mwn elr 4nt'lt ', . I,' .
I1sk is thi iiiiiii wvhu eak lr.pnallthllleh
l+r thi, signal that som1)1,thing unnaluln
w1;is taking plat'e'. II tI ere w. i4 1Iln'
ll Iii tihe i ty wht o it a i t ntiutl ll it
o iir ha tu11 e)lllt filt IIit Ii n jn.ti) t hIll i
CIse N it oiwas Mir0. lik. 'lh,*rl f 'P r ,
i lltii th,, i i l t I itt 1. t nll il. iil I, tlutu llt
n slp vin:g .li i u.hl , h e 11nw toit I th t tihe
: r)1iin HOMa hOistMd and it TWavl fro,
h,1 flagstff' dAring the fllay, I II; ltvii
I" 1 111:111 4154h al l it t I11n4 ,t. I111 hI'
1111$.,II halll t,'allll ,l11.ll l',it' I' l;llllvll1n ,'
foI'Ir 4 inl'. Applp " too J. N. A. ltll, ,
1lit1,,1, .1Mont.
'hnutl i, b Inhl'Pll h; t 11 r'V'III s.III l ll a '
'1 t " 11 tnnoulhled last ll4l'l)i)14 that thl
l'gulr teva'cherl ' i l o l ( Ianl lht II I ;111( 1
ilnt. Tlhe to-)IIs will Ie' hthl In the 'X
alninnatl ) ilol o)m at Ith' ci omltly ono.llrt
house'. Mrs. Mlar'.hall IIlls) annlounclt
willld h' be . b hl on ,1111)' 1 . dll m I t at
t(. .nenlhb hly r In'11111 of the hi1h sIhool,
Notice I. O. O. F.
All n., b .rs of lh , 41 I. 1 I".. tore
r''iat'l'd . Into m t at I. 1. U). F. hall lon
Iridahy, Apr' 126, at 8 to. in., I,, par
ti'lpate Iii luniversal'y s'rvi"s. I'omI
InIHIt of MlIA.sla Enllu1mpmnlt N. G
liItl] J,;sthcr Rebeenvit lodge, No. ,1.
Reedy for Business.
My trees are here and are the finest
our nursery has ever shipped In. Come
and sie 1,, oppos)te the postofflce.
Mtato Aetn.t l.+llLtv .tNul'r'ry.
Ai E
In a great source of pleasure to
snmokers-bencause it will give you a
,plen.Mnt, sweet and satistfying
snioke. Btut, they must be made
right and of the right material.
We have all kinds-Meelrchaum,
lrench Briar, Apple Wood, and
others---i at modest prices. This
.week we offer you an especilally
good pipe and a 10-cent package
of good smoking tobacco, both
Missoula Drug Co.
Both Phones.
'lIlnt, C('l'rk I'. W'. KI phaltl itult wire
it t ttheir daullghter. ,Mrs i 'iitblbetih
11tinlntg, rrived ieti' yesterday
front' ia l-day's trip to Seattle and
other coast pointts. Mr. Kullliall was on
his llnnuall vu'tation andl it does onel's
heaert gooed to healr hi It ell or his ex
penrlences and the pImeasure which came
toI him while on bhis first tramp to the
co.atnl. "It nmade ie feel yeioung uagain,"
said Mr. Kuphtl. "This in the first
time I Ihave 'eveer ble'en west of Mils
noule ' further thanl l'lllunpoint and I
ertalinly did enJoy eveery nille of the
trip tand the sights of every city we
i'slted. Helatle' Isn a lovely city. We
started etlet the first morningl to hunt
up somnre friendsll, but whe'n we got on
lthe stIree't itollong tht huzlling street
calr going inl every directioin, we hadtl
tno t tle holw to prceedtl to find the
right car. 1 start.edl to inquire from
ci pelleirmal, hut lie wa.s so lllsy keep
ing the. trackse cleahtred that I faileid teo
attruct hles attentin. I tFlhl iciy efolks
that we weoull Just step over to the
ihlewealk and wir.i fre' I frllt sere that
sleinenl, e e telnt e~ w nt118 lii n hei l ltingI
Sure enough, we only waited a few
eeminutese whene i imanii fritel Montana
cie ii ii and shlipped lei' ne the back.
'e It ius riglht In ia minllute.. We
fo nd tlllr frientll.l a 'were delight
full. e ntert'ltl' nelle l tIIIII d went e've'rv'we'l re.
We m.adte tle' trle to Tao'tlma. b.lh by
holitt aind by eletr'icr line: otlh lare
Iretty trillps. 'I tllpped at J 'ovlta,
where I had in ''hitble' lIf lots. They are
tll''ly located. I found lllctne of themn be
Intg right nextl to the' plot where a
1.t0.00l0 residence wias built. I supposet
I wll dreallm ulelt i ,llmntmler homee
there now. )On.i ofl IIthe lealnerrant jaunts
we' hald was tlo lrem'mr('ltin eand the
naivy yardsl.
"f like SCtle.tle fine. It is beautifully
situtlted arti thee' eIr Ie'ts are kept leanu
Iiftllly .lI' an. 'Th t is i graet pilact'
to mee't M:eetciulntinel pee '. I think tIs
Lets lthaIl le i it wit we,' mlelt trnOUltil
'ttille atrnd Tul('IIIio u.
"'Ve'lhn we nceime beltk \ev' took the'
lilwclukee,. stelpped at lPortland, and
hal t l side' tr'Ip to liHokanI'. Then 'e
tule t n by wily iofl I'e'ter d'Alene City
and tacr ss the Ice i ' tee 'e'ilace. That
\wasl e lt' bie tifull lpart f llit' roulte. W e
nil enlJ.'ye'tl every llllllte' of the tLimr
we' w'Ore nIetw'y."
I,. S Kimball -,r VjliU...ik. IdlahO,
Is writLtn l' rilnd in .1., oula III -
fill t'lell 1,1' It, ioto lo ,I his WiN , DIeala
Kiii,mbll, wh4, is wilniitd ty his parelnts
Iii l'4ln l t iI t o in with it I mpirt nll r tun
llIIIll's InlattIrI. r Ti fatherlll writes
that his sun wan last heard frIom In
.1tin4oul4i. anl It wIi 'irnit that Dana
Kilnball was last 4ii r hur iIn January,
wlieih lie stated that hll wai going to
1Ino h.er Itll w rk fr ithe itlling coln
p1 n)y. ' ri ii. t , li, iI44 h 4lve r, has no
reK ild ` ,, hivn ilng IIIllm ed hIn. .lnllll )
KimballlI ia in ha k blakslthl by or
chlontll and foillsx lhi trade In the
luIltm er and rt'Il ation r mpll . Any
44rvi4 e her. 0l l l i wII ll cr 1 un1nII(1 ulIC te
4th1 thllt 1ie t' Ints
IProfelH or IsiriiI ir, violin and piano1 1111
lessonst tL3 N. i . h1, H ll ,',t orange.
Barber & Marshall
509 South Higglns Avenue
Bell Phone 20. Ind. Phone 420.
A New Car of Old
lThis I. the right coltllbillltJIol
gettiiling lour fresh froit the mill
insuresl, It.llng ltlean and right in
quality; whiil he oldl wheat mkes.
the he t bread.
"Judith Queen" Flour
Sack...... $1.75
Thie city school board, with every
member presedt, held a long and Im-s
pirtant season at the fRoosevelt school
house last nlight. The Ineting was
called primarily for the election of
teachers for the coming term, but be
sides this the 'standing committees
were appointed and the plnna for the
phtygruond .work for the summer were
discussed. The hoard unanimously
voted to assist In the playground plans
in every Way possible and to give as
much towards the support of tile work
as tile school finances would allow.
The board appropriated $150 towards
the salary of a playgrmunnd supervisor.
When It came time to consider the
teachers the board found that Dan
'upid haul played havoc in the rahiks
and was rcsponsible for three resigna
tions--the Misses ISh1,lly Newllouse
and Ilhushwell are the last three of
the seven teachers who have "decllred
their Inteltilons" andtl resigned from
tile ltItard dlrlitg lih IIlast year. Miss
ltrrthll Simpson has retsignled from tihe
city corps to go to the high school's
staff. There were aP few who did not
apptly and this left the following list
for re-election:
Ili nrl Ettu Akin. 'hinudln Allen. Alice
linker, Rltta Harnes, Itomaenl Ches
nuitt, 1,isie Cyr. :Mrs. I. W. learnter.
Ida I., lI.hFr, rer. tirae lM'yna, Carrie
iontaine, Minnie lenry, rilake How
ard, Mabel Jones, Itolla Likes. Verena
.indfors, Loulse Maeronald, Pearl
Melncehran, Prances Maley, (trace Pal
mer, Kat Palmer, Mamhli Plant. Mln
nieu Porterfield, Celia Potts. Marlon
Pritchard, Anne Rbtlterman, Edna
Reinhard, 'annie Rtobinson, Anne
Rloopke. I~rlna SanuPrl. Mittle Shoup.
Ona Sloane, Minnll. SpHurgin. Miaytie
I(tiey. Mary Watts. Sarah Weir.
Mamle Willard, Amelia Baluch, Agnes
,Berry, Maud Iurns. Margaret Sum
mere, Caroline Wells. Ienore Rennick.
Standing Committees.
'lThe following standing committees
Vwre appointed:
Teachers itnd i hlalbrie--Couthbert
Peat, Rt. Ti. Wilbur. J. (. . Am)rose.
,uildings and ,rounds--J3. C. Am
brose, fulthhert Pat, t.Sid J. Coffee.
Finance and Contraet--J. B. Hen
ley, R. R. Wilbur. J. O. Marks.
htlles and Resolutions--S. HI. Mc
Call. (uthbort-Peat. J. B. Henley.
Purniture and BSlatlles--tt. R. Witl
bur, J. 0. Marks, P. J. Coffee.
P'ublicity and Pres--.l. (), Marks, J.
D. Henley, S. H. MceCall.
Fzanitation and tVe'tlliition--LS J.
Coffee. J. 1. Amlbrotne, . H. McCall.
liipartmre.nt slpervienrs wiere ap
poinlttdl its folltows: l.illian Walker.
supllervlsor of writing and drawing:
Mildred c'lark, supervisor of music: iM.
A. 4'romwell, supervisor of manual
Male Principals.
Int the matter of tile elction or the
school principals. Missoula is probably
aheild of any otilher city In the state
I.very buildling the coming season will
have a man in tllhe prinellpl's chair.
They were ehceted at the meeting of
the Iboard on April 20, and have been
tsslglned to the following buildings: 1..
i,. Sargent. Roosevelt; W. F. Akin,
Central: C. A. Rupp,. Lot ll; D. P.
L.ueas, Whittier: F. Ti. Bates. Williard:
(1. C. Itice, Hanlthorne; W. II. Green
atw. Prescott.
Teahers are yet ti be electetd to fill
severall vacant poaltlons and tllhe se
lections will be mtide at a meeting to
lie held In the near future. There are
now fully 200 appllcations for these
positlions filed with tile hoard. Most
of them are frlml women and eachl was
rroempanied with a photograph of the
applicant. It was 11::30 o'clock before
the bonrd finished its business last
night, but even itt that late hour
Messrs. Coffee, Met'ull and Wilbur In
slsted oln Inoklnga into those appiiea
tions, and when the other Itemnbers of
thie oturil went hlmie they left this
trio busily iuourlllg over the photo.
"Ca*ey Jones."
"(I'aiey Jones'--Oliver IIabIadie's
latest comledy success which will be
sleen under the inlnagiemelt of Norton
& Andrew at the Harnols theater on
FIriday, April 26, is a comedy of chaur
tcter types and Is distinguished by an
alundanee of wholesome humor, ener
getic action, breezy repartee and sym
pathetic touches of human emotion,
interspersed with numerous singing
and dancing numbers.
Ollie Mack of Murray and Mack
fame. will be seen in tile role of the
jovial, typical Celt. "Casey Jones," who
finds the romnance f hll life at Rosle
Of Brin's villa.
Pearl (Golding, formerly of Ziegfeld's
"lolllies of 1910," is well qualified to
Impurt these quaint touches of ro
munce and realism so pertinent to the
part of Roale O'Brien.
Marcia Harris, who was Identified
withll Wber & Tields productions for
three succossive seasons makes notable
the role of Miss Merrifield the spinrter,
who, when asked it a long stocking
would hold her most desired Christ
mas gifts, replied, 'No, but a pair of
sucks would."
Salturday afternoon at 3 q'clock at
the Harnols theater the seqlors of the
sacred Heart academy, asllated by the
juniors, will g!1f. a matinee for olW
dren. The will presrnt ;he operetai,
"Tyrolean Queen." Adnll.eiop 860. Tbi
same perforsiaje will be piesented
Tuesday night Ap& }O, t 8;80
o'clqdk, A4ti(, i (5.: . q$8e.
now op<+es1 ýý fb*_ p pu
ExB OUTiVE C M it ' RS O tAM*
.-s or OQtaMRIRSo MUS1
A rousing noonday luncheon for next
week was decided upon at the cha-
ber of commeree executive meeting
held yesterday noon at lunch when the
general weekly business of that orlan.
isation was taken up and passed upon:
Notioes mentioning the time, the place
and the date will soon be mailed from
headquarters to all members and the
public in general wiU be Invited.
Resolutions were prepared and
mailed to Secretary of the Interior
Fisher and Montana representntlves in
congress opposing the passage of the
Warren land-lease bill which allows
for the leasing of agricultural land to
stockmen for a five-year period. Res
olutions were also ordered mailed ree
omnendling the bill allowing automo
biles to have access through Yellow
stone jark. It is not expected that
autos will take the r ght over horses
or other conveyaned, but Senator
Ilerburn of Idaho has introduced a bill
in thq senate providing for the appro
priation of $250,000 for the construc
tion of automobile roads in addition
to tie present wagon routes for, In
fair play, automobile travel should be
allowed the same as horse and wagon.
A communication was read advilng
that the international conference of
chambers of commerce wduld be held
at Boston this year in September, and
the Missoula organisation, together
with other commercial clubs In Mon
tana, is planning a campaign to have
it come through this state on the con
templated tour through ,the country.
The liternational conference is one of
great hnportance and is generally preo
sided over by such men as the emperor
of Austria, the king of Italy or other
notables. Generally about 400 dele
gates from all over the world attend
and congress has made a large appro
priation to entertain these representa
tives while in the Uniter States.,
It was pointed out by the National
Association of Manufacture?. that the
bureau of manufacturers was not get
ting a fair share of appropriations for
development work in its particular
branch of industries as against. the ag
ricultural department, which expends
millions compared to thousands in the
department of commerce, and the
chamber of conmerce agreed to lend its
influence in securing a larger sum for
the manufacturers to darry on educa
tiongt, work.
Several other matters were passed
upon and a telegram was read from
Mr. Earling announcing that it would
be Impossible for the Milwaukee rail
road party to stop in Missoula at this
Sunshine and clear skies made yes
terday a happy day at the Parker
Shows. It hdl. been weeks since the
Parker folks had seen sunshine until
yesterday morning: they came to Mis
soula from a month of rain in Wash
ington and they brought showers withi
them. But Missoula's weather man
broke the jinx yesterday and when the
show people waked and looked out
they thought the world was afire-It
had been so long since they had sees
the sunshine that they had forgotten
low it looked.
The sunshine brought god business.
it was I great dlay for the women and
chlldren and they took advantage of it.
They gave the great inclosure a vertl
where the gay Shraw City is builded.
T'hey gave the great enclosure a verit
able carnival appeurance and there was
not a bit of doubt of their thorough
enjoyment of all the charms of the
place. The youngsters romped through
the attractions and reveled in the .de
lights of each; their elders were only
a little less demonstrative and cur
tainly enjoyed It no whit less.
The night crowd was a hummer. If
there was anybody In town who wasn't
there, he was not missed, for the crowd
was pretty near'to being a consenda
tion of the city's population. The lights
seemed to burn brighter, the music
sounded livelier and the shows .were
better than they had been in the rainy
evenings before. It was a great night
for a great lot of shows. The. verdict
of approval last night was unani.
mnously bestowed.
One section of last night's crowd was
composed of nearly 50, of The Mis
soulian force and their families. This
delegation was taken in charge by
Assistant Manager Woodward, as
guide, counsellor and friend. Mr.
Woodward took his guests everywhere
and gave them the time of their lives.
F'alstaff Bar and Grill. Lemp's St.
Louis beer on tap, We .handle only
standard goods. Larry Daly.
That first shovelful of dirt thrown tb~'f l mjnoo Aor the ýity. it inesin so
Inuch to the future of Mlesuola. It I "t4ti adVarge sfep of ,fhe city onimtn
into her own. T1$4 i. the age of p griArrveness. We must go forward.
Don't strain the tboldbholts. Pull on the tuIp. We want the following:
We w.nt a elxO*oom modern, .Lrnish.d housec; loi in.
We want two five*oroom l.mrrlshed houses on south sia.e
We want to buy a five or asi-room -modern house on south side; fur
naoe heat, If.polssble.
Want * bunpgpow; ot 'ovey 15,000.
$W 10 I .1lt [email protected] R INillRANOSt
On the re
will rnew Iti
tell you. ha est for
your Yr -eedý
When i ~a it we.
KNOW I we are
talking t.' Our
clerkst are 'prsical men
i' the bus.the ''
'If it's PAINT we have it,
Simons Paint and 4;ee
813414 gania vre.
Nels itandberg, brother of EIdward
Randberg, who has many friends in
Missoula, arrived in the city last
evening from Beaver, Mont. Mr.
Randberg came to Missoula for 'the
purpose of meeting Miss Bertha Nel
son, who ,was expected in on one of
last evening's trains. "Thero is no
doubt but that my brother went down
on the Titanic," said Mr. Randberg.
"I don't believe that there is a chance
of his having been taken off alive or
having missed the 'steamer. I also
wish to say that there is no truth in
the report that he was engaged to Miss
Bertha Nelson. My brother and Miss
Nelson are from the same town. They
are both natives of Lyavik, Wermlnnd,
which is a province of Sweden. They
were to return on the same vessel.
They sailed from Gottenhurr, Sweden,
on about April 5, and took.the Titanic
at Southampton."
Mr. Randberg is in the lumbering
business at Beaver, Mont., and is well
known in that section of the country.
His brother, Ed Randberg, was em
ployed by Charles Martinson here and
has lfany friends in this city who ,will
be grieved to learn that there is little
probability of his having escaped from
the disaster.
W. A. Rittenour was arraigned be
fore Judge Small yesterday on th'd
charge of disturbing the peace by the
use of vulgar language before Mrs.
Jennie Odoll and her son. He pleaded
not guilty and put up a $25 bond. He
returned in a short time and changed
his plea to guilty and was find $23.
Wheel base, 106 inches; motor 4x41/a
inches; horsepower, '30 transmission,
ssseotlvest olor, Overland blue.
Price $900
F. O. B. Todleo, Ohio
For, a demonstration phone or call on
Geom L. Steinbrenner,
Local Agent.
Prelot Daily-One1 trled, Awraysy Used
Phone Us Your Orders
i20 South H}gglns 'Avenue
Bell 415 -Phones- Ind. 1687
cooked to the' point where the Juloi
follows the touch of the knife, Is a
tempting, nourishing and substantial
dish for dinner, when your appetite
is coquetting with you on a warm day.
It sustains strength and appeases hun
ger with a gusto that la satisfylns.
Try a sirloin, rib, crusarlb, porter
house or fine muttun chop 'uGt by as
when your appetite flags.
130.132 Higgins Ave. Phone 11t
Housecleaning Time Is
Ustlmates Promptly burnished on
Phone Us Your Wants
Bell 672 Red Ind. 2290
Under New Management.
White Leghorn Eggs
for Hatching
Eggs from pen No. 1, settlng-..9.00
Eggs from general pen, headed by
cockerels scoring 92% to 94%, pIIe
setting ................................. .. .
Per 100 ... ............................
I can furnish lots of 100, laid
on the day order is Ireceived.
Tylar B. Thompson
Missoula, Montana.
-- .-- -
Rest green-cut end seasoned wood
Get our price per cord or car lots
We Are Headquarters
for Sawed Wood,
F. A. MV[Ix7 Sons
800 South Third Street.
Wer ell
All Dary Products
401 West Ceder
Bell, 660 Red. PHONES: Ind., 73I
Send Your Orders for
Smith's Drug Stre
Agent for lastman Kodel
Neken's Barber Suppliei .
Twenty-passenger Tallyho; 6 horses
Across the Rciervatlon
Leaves Ra'alll, 7 a. m.; leaves Polonq,
11 a. m.; arrives Poison, 13 'm.; arrivM
1av1alt 1 p. i.n. Via Ronan an4,IdM
lipn. Alo .automobfle meetsete.
No, 41 daily; ponnet) wth :.. at
Poison. Tire ,$gm (4 !1S4
T, t,. BA, ··

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