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'1The heeapetPa.nt
l lothe at ran are
tinfiesa Paints
Tly ast the foi cut benuse they are made. from
PURR White Lead PURB Oxide of Zine and PURB
Titing Colors an1 Drier-but mat of all because
they are mixed and ground in the PURE LINSIED OIL that is
sued in all tfIh aa.,WP.ng
'i" s ei thA Oil." PURB LINSBBD OIL Is the onlyoll that
has ever been discovered that can be used in the manufacture of a
good paint. Theoil is the heartand thelife of all paint. Without
PURE LINSBBD OIL, paint of any kind will dry up, scale o and
blow away.
They maketheir own oil from selected Northwester flaseed,
t esr their possession until it is mixed and ground in
For J7 Years "The Beat Paints Made"
They are put up in full Government Measure cans, look better
and last longer than any paint made.
"A p ecela Palnt for orel Paatnable Sujrfej "
Inside or Outside.o,
Missoula Mercantile Co.
Adrian M. Newens, who Is io appnar
on the university lecture course Molt
day evening, April 29, is the very bhest
entertainer any bulrata has to offer.
Mr. Newens has an attractive person
ality, a pleasing voice, a wondlerfully
expressive face, but above all he has
an Intelligent and sympathetic interpre
tation of the literature he reads. And,.
by the way, hIe reads only good things.
*-that does not mean slow and unin-;
teresting things, but bright, live stories
from the very best literature. There
Is never a dull momnent when Mr.
Newens is on the platform. He is sure
to capture every person int lthe lidl
ence before he' has spoken five mitnutes,
and, what is more, you will do what
nearly every personll who la.s ever
beard him has done, you will want
your lecture course coullnilttee to bring
him here next year.
Mr. Newens has bien asked to give
his "Message P'rom Mars." This is a
comedy, a story, a great play tetlintg;
with humalnn conditions and pirobileins.
Its theme Is the revolution of la selfish
man. There are l. different characters.
The marvel of Ithe artist's work is that
these 15 characters ornme and g, with
no apparent effort. Mars is a wonder
ful iaessage, presented by a sulperli
artist. lFromll the timle Mr. Newens
comes on the platfortl until ie leaves
you will forget everyt'hig ibut the
story lie tells you. It is intlensely
dramattic with tou''hes of plathllos. ut
always and everywhere there is humollltr.
No one can afford to illiss Newens.
The above statellmentt is frlom olne
who has heard Newens, and who, is
well qualified to give an opinion.
Mr. Newens comles s the eighthl
and last iituimiber of the unlivrslity le(
lure course. The' eterltainment will
be givenr in ttt te sselllbly Iotok, I or tihe
A certillfid copy of the i rtie l iof
incorporation of the Montaiii. lines
conmpany, the concerntl which rIcentllllY
secured conttrol of the i ,light Mlii gold
mines near 'lirenci wir, lilled for
tecottl Iitere' y'i-ti'rl.ay wilth 'i ,ioiyty
Clerk Kuphal. 'ih' iticompany Is aip.
Italized at $3101.1101. , with as ,itany
shareb of the valtbt, iof $1 ecilhc. 'iThe,
company is organized for 20l years it, til
principal place of hust,lsls to Ihe in
Helena. The inirllratlrs arie (' .1.
Frelderiche, K. N. Itraiinhige anll d t'. W.
The filing of Ih ar h1 l a tof lco r
poratlion her' is jsitiplth a It attitr iof
form, c'olpies a' inag Ii',itrl nllliedtl ton
record here and at Hamilnton, the colll
piatny intenlihtg to do lilainess with the
hitter Root tilhnel in lth Missoulha anitd
tavallil counties
Captali ltiskingti, irisid int 'f IIthe
company. sl;ated last night that ievicy
thing In coinneiotlin with the minie Is
coming along fin' and thalt the nlext
few months wtuild iphllably bring somell
important devel,lollii'ls.
Anniversary rites will be ,,iobsrved
by the Odd F'ellows lodge ialid ti".
Ilebeccas tlis evening in I. (. u. F'.
haull. This is the 9lrd anniversary of
the order and there will bte givein tim
address ilapprolrhiate to the oclsionl,
also a prograt of lllusicutl antd litcr
ary numbers.
The last jury sille of the pire,.lnt
term of court--Johllni Moulolney agailst
John Buckllouust--was cillelld by Juldge
'Webster yesterday. 'lThe ta.se is itan
Injuntlton involvhilg wanter rights andil
will probably require twio olr tlriee lays
for trial.
Coffee or
for Iratkfast?
Tklhere's a Reasoon"
RUad '"The Road to Wellville"
tiela In IapiLksIes of IPOSTUM.
There was 1II, oppositin at yrlptcr
lay mtlrtlling's l sesslon of the, cit' t coun
c IIl tr tie ll adoption of thlt' resolution
establishing an Imiprovement district
oIn Gerall d at yvn n. (Ilbj'etl lInIs may
coo1'l iIn tlle fultllrie, Ibut thi'y ere' not
In evivhenlrl, yestertrdall Imiorning and I:
,1was I cutell Ilttle Imtplrolvement tneet
In is .11issnoult has seen for s~ome
t.h,. If lilInrse, there' really wasni't
anything to pretest alhmot at yester
dtly's Il'eelltiing. That will c('olle later.
After ithe Itlncil had dI.ilr(i'd oif a
fIw Iiinllor Ilmatt'ers, May)or Evians an
nlunced4l tihat thte ('Prald avelnu( tnmllt
ter iwouldl now Ie lnlsidell'redl. Mr. Lusk
flhed II writteln 111notice that If the 5s
tihn te 1 i.n'l4 IhdI iln the- resolutionh waH
to 1, thille olIt of th, lnproviement, hI'
would be r(ulinst the prop.sltlion. It
was tlhen explaineld that tie $400-a-lot
entiltnlt inl the( resollution mea.lnt the
highest I.polble runat to the property
ownlerls andI tlhat the r'eal Iexpense
woutld tlroalllrly he cllosentr to $250 a lot.
Mliayotr I' vins stlated that ill his npln
lonl It wou\hll be ildviIlsabl to tpass 1 ile
resolltl(luton and advertisel fIr bIidsl. Then.
if It wereI found that thel c(ost of Imi
provin ll he av|IngI e wI' ll( s to he ton
grl':lt. Ithe rllesidents could tlhrow' out
all the' I)ls and (ithelr rIntdvertise or
drop the matter entirely. Afte'r the
me1n prlesent 1had Ibeen unsured that
11th the' present a1nd Ineoillnlll' coun
'll had Iexllrellsed wlllllngne to labide
by thel deilsion of the prolperty own
'rN, Mayor Evans mdI a motion1 that
the resolutlon be, pnlaiced 11n Its final
mlasI(age. Thins was done and the res
olutllIon w un1 Ianioul. ly adoptedl. The
dat;lle for receilvlilg the hidl was not
fixed atl ye'sterdllay's meeting.
Material Causes Delly.
t(IlmllllJsioneilllr l)rile statlPi t1ihat the
people oni Smith Third Htlret were Ie.
i'mil g ll I mjipr lllllnt )ovl' th(e delay 111
ithe ULprovrntelllelt \wor'k there alnd that
snmetlllol hii 1nlll lih e (ldone ait once.'.
Mayor l'.;ans 111 lited that he thought
the street shlloltd it put back into
sII'pe. 14ll as tt permIlnt of traffic pass
IIl over it. Ihe Itated thaIt It was his
Iundertandling that the work was Ile
Ing delIayed by thl e nonl-rriv'll of n11
trhit. Th'rsI Iwa t er onfirmed y ),v
Sup l)er Ilntendenlt Illckenbllll'h of tile
stroot ('car c p1111)i11., t11o said that the
brick for the work in In Missoulh and
that the ralin 11a Ibe) n shipped tlon
April 4. Hjllowei',"r, the alngle bar haIr llln
nllt tbeen hea1llllrd frion 1 1nd the railsl
havn e inlt yelt Irllri'ItI it the city. Theil
lwork w\ill Ire Iul.hed is 'raplldly as pie
h111 11I 1s 1o a11(1 114 th1 ' lt1t iral Is re
i('i l lllntlsllon r IPrlli brough t lp the
matter o(f i lelriy Irn 4(tilntract for ih 4
city'l. Im ielt111(t litrnilk wor\ik. It was die
chi dd toI hilv this alltt'elldel it at one
illand the citly ,lrk 1was 1ilnstructed to
hd'ertis, flr bhis. 'rhi-se are to he
irelvel d . Tl t 111 4 44, 1here inl l it go(
dalll f work to 'lw do(e illong thi IIne
in thle city and therlle will probably hi.
several bids rerelyed fur the work.
l tsidenl 1s i1 liil II1of P Vlr h street in
tIlllth Milsanla filid td petition with
the Iiti' cun iellll, in which they asl k for
e 'llilenlt hllllilk 1 hItil h sle4 ofl the
street frlml 11l ri. nin 4 1114'nue to the city
limits. The pettitlon wa referred to
Cornilnl o|nier Prie ' .
c'onll n sion.ll r rl, ihce staterhd tllilt he
had ret'c'vd it chlu'k for $14,'.5io from
the M tll ltllluntilan ltlts1 'tlelllephl t, (c m ill
pniy In pitynl't for the work of fill.
ilg the ditch on Iliggins avenue., 1,
itkedl if the mattelr \were to h.e handledh
through the regular channels. It was
thought advihable to do this mudl Mr.
Trice wits instructed to pity off the
in(n and tents,
("ni'l ltol| ner Price sallied to the
'ouncil that good progress walt being
made with the planting of tree. in the
diff.retl improvemient distrihts. II,
said that it6 shouts had hete plotted
on IIllda avenue aInd that work would
la' ('oinnlll l' ed l on S 11phen is it'llle
within nt short tio..
The counill theI adjournld tio mwot
again Etaturday mornilg at 1in o'clock.
''i " Il . i tof 1t1, I f lo' n nll ,I 4 It' 1
uaway' Jut in thlle to allow .Mluayor
EvansM and the first shovel of dirt to
make a shadow. It was alln a griat
day for the farlmer who In planting ili.
grain and taturs. The olbervations:
MaxLimum ............ ..
M inimum .. f ......... ....... 4o
At 6 a. m.
Thlernmometer ................
1mirometer ............... ........ : 65
. At 6 p. m.
Thermometer .............. g
wa rometer .... ................. :
Southwest wind.
Spirella corsets. Phone 610 red.
Mrs. John MCaPthby of Arlee is here
shopping and viliting.
Irackman's transfer, Ind. phone 16o8.
H. C. McNally of Ovando Is in Mis
soula this week on business.
Stenographer. fDWwlon, Montana blk.
Mrs. A. Romain of Prenohtown is in
St. Patrick's hospital for treatment.
Marsh. the undertaker, phone 321.
George Thatcher of Hamilton has
been In the city for several days on
J. M. Price. Real estate and loans.
Miss Grace Malloy of Paradise has
been for two days the guest of Mrs.
Robert Sheehan.
Missoula Storage Co., C. It. Avery.
A daughter was horn at St. Patrick's
hospital April 20 to Mr. pnd Mrs. IA
Irance of this city.
Dr. Willard, osteopath, 1st. NatL lnqlk.
T. (1. Hathaway has returnee toi
Missoula after spending the winter
months in California.
Smith, piano tuner, Hoyt-Dlckinson.
C. Swanson left St. Patrick's hospl
til yesterday after spending five
weeks there with a broken leg.
Money to loan. See Taylor & Pear
A son was born Wdeadnneday to Mr.
and Mrs. Daniel O'Conner at their
home, three miles south of Missotla.
Fresh roasted coffee daily. D. A D.
West Cedar.
Mae P. Smith of Minneapolis, con
tracting freight agent of the Lehigh
'alley railroad, visited Missoula yes
Humane society. Call Bell phonei
899, red or black.
V'. A. Gould of Spokane, traveling
freight agent for the Western Transit
company. called on local merchants
A. Hansen's I hree Lake and Jeffer
son Driving shoes at Link's.
Mrs. H. R. Thlbodeau. . ho was se
riously 1il Thursday at her home on
Alder street, was reported much bet
ter yesterday.
Bring the children to Miller's for
hair cutting, under 1st Nat. Bk.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Donnally
of St. Ignatius are guests In the home
of Mrs. Blanche Whitaker. on South
Fifth street, east.
Saddle horses for sale or rent at
200 East Main. ilther phone 4566.
Grant R. Brown, heneral western
agent for the Liverpool, London and
Globe Insurance company, will be in
Miasoula the rest of this week.
Ilairdressing parlor. Miss Archer,
322 Fi Prst National bank bldg. Bell 986.
Mr. and Mrs. Will 'raser, who have
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. George
Louts at their home In The Boland.
left yesterday for La Crosse, Win.
Dr. J. Louise Smith, osteopath, Ma
sonic temple. Phone 618: res., 163 red.
Mr. and Mrs. Abbon Lucy returned
Wednesday from their wedding jour
ney to the Pacific coast. They wilt be
at home at 516 South Third street.
Dr. Anna James,. osteopath. Higgins
block. Phone 834 black: res., 358 red.
Charles Cranston and wife left yes
terday for Los Angeles. Mr. Cranston
has been employed on the street rail
way here, but has decided to locate in
Money to loan on ranch and city
property. H. D. ialher. 113 E. Main St.
Henry Albert, who was operated
upon 10 days ago for appendicltll, will
be able to leave St. Patrick's hospital
and return to 11is home inl French
town tomorrow.
Missoula Employment Agency for
experienced help. Phone 458.
Mrs. Martin A. lk of Bremerton.
Wash.. is in Missoula for a few weeks
the guest of her another. Mrs. Louis
L.ongfelt. Mrs. Ek was, before her
marriage. Miss Helen Agee.
Broken lenses duplicated without a
prescription. Newton Ht. Schwelker.
optical specialist, 203.205 Montana blk.
Mrs. Catherine Adams. whoi is 81
years o i age, was takell yesterday
from her hoie at 910 i)eFoe street to
St. Patrick's hoslpital. where slte will
reniaini for aI tilme under Iimedical treat
Iandy scratch pads and walter
chee':s for sale at Thie Missoullan of
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. (lenaleil of Butte
are' at tihe Palace hotel, to remain
while Mr. Gamble uasssts Iln the or
ganisation of the branch house for the
Stone-Orden-Wells ciipany', wholoe
sale grocers.
P. W. Hludson, ire prae'tor. B. & A.
building. Any disease; examination
Allen N1. Plhllpton of Wisdomn. Mont.,
upllied yesterday for alidditional home
uteed entry on 40 acres Ipp the north
*ast quarter of tihe nerteifvest quarter
of scctieol 10, townlship 1 suuth, rang.
Ili \west. The applliatlon was sus
Mluss Murraly fr "l;oodwin" Corset
Hiip,, Niuklllcan, is at No. 203 Palace
ldelt, with a full line of "(Goodwin"
,uI'rsetls, both front alnd back lace. All
i(re',H carefully fitted.
There will be Ia ietlling of the Mis
soulla, County Miediall society Satur
day evennllg at 8:30 o'clock in Dr.
PI'xliy's office, onl thle second floor of
tihe Montanu luillding. The paper of
the evening w:II he on "Antisepsls and
P'reservation of MIoetqus Memlbrane,"
Iby Dr. Rususell t|witenn.
I,aVenllc I). Hletlltcer of Jackson,
Mont., Illlllietd yesterlday for desert
Isnld entry cl 110 dacres, including the
suitthieast quarter of the seouthwest
IwIarler allnt tile slln half of the
Missoula Residence for Spokane
We, have a choice hlene, close lal
that we will trade for a desirable
Spokane florne.
W. H. 8mead Company
Phone 212 Red.
Higgins Ileok, Missou.I, Mont.
With the Closing of Doors Saturday. Night Our Mid.ase e
If you have already shared in the unlooked-for 'economles of this event--o if ~ou haven't eirin bel.n r yet
-this final notice of the close of the sale is the best/possible rdason fbr you to attend again tomoron anr d make
additional purchases or you that haven't been here at all come and see what you have missed. .
;We want to emphasize the fact that every item involved in this movement of merchandise is .new,, his da,
son's goods and which have been reduced from our regular low price standard solely because our over stock must
be lessened.
But the sale must come to a close; tomorrow is the windup. If you plan sharing, take our advice atd attend,
Mid-Season Sale of Suits, Costs and
Dresses Ends Saturday. w
With the notice of the close of the sale on suits, coats and -dresses, we
predict a rush to the ladies' ready-to-wear department. We still have a
good assortment from1 which to make a selection. Every suit, coat and
dress is absolutely this spring's styles. Coats and suits come one of a kind,
which assures you individuality. The dresses come one 'of a kind with the
exception of some of the cheaper numbers. You will find the savings
great in this department.
Sults worth $15.00 to $17.50, at ...$..... 11.95 Dresses worth fo $7.50, at............. ............... .95
ults worth 17.0 to 0.00, at 18.9 Dresses wort to St.00, at ....... .......... .. 7.95
Sults worth $20.00 to $2J..50, at 1.......... .50 Dresses worth $11.50 to $13.75, at ................... 9.
Co,ats worth $11.75 to $12.76, at $............ .95 Dresses worth $12.75 to $15.00, at.................. 11.95
('oats worth $15.00 to $17.50, at ... $..................1B Dresses worth $16.78 to $21.50. at .................. 15i 9
Coats worth $20.00 to $25.00, at ............ 11.95 Dresses worth $28.50 to $25.00. at . . $1A.95
Women's finll rbllid slee'veless vests and ankle length pants; lso a Tr
few sies misses' garm.ents; nothing In the lot less than I garer to Pure ma de to sell at toe prt.
si36t value. sale irce .8, or 5 for ................ ......... ...... ~ le garter top and soles; a stoekl made to sell at 0 pair.
Our regular 5ec quality. Sale price, pair ..........................................
Misses' and children's bleached union ulits; low neck, knee length
and lace trimmed; formerly selling 0;o to SIc. Speci 100 Women's Silk Boot Stockina
sale price e for ............................................................. .......... .. Regular and outs s; black, white and,tan; regularly sellng
le e and 7T e. Male price, pair ..................................................................... C
Wonen's ribbed t lace trim ed: ses to also women a lace The aboe s the etest stocking bargan In Montna.
trimmed sleeveless vests; sIzes 4 to 6: formerly selling 65c to i0
$1.00 garment. Choice of lot In this sale, garment ........... ........ Women's and ChMldren's Cotton Ste-ki ngs.
One small lot children's sleeveless vests: lace trimmed: 4 sizes: 50 dozen women's puperfine cotton stockings; they are made for hard
formerly sell1 at 1e and 20c. Sale price, each .......... wear. Our regular Ie quality. Our special sole price, per
pa ir, is o nly . ...... . . ................ .............. . ............ i
30 dozen women 's lace trlimned sleevelesd vests: sizes 4. 5 and 10A 6 dozen children's fIne ribbed lisle thread stocking,: a full range
6; regular 15c value. Speelal sale price, each . ................ of sizes in the lot: a regular, ~85 quality. They go In this spe.- fl
80 dozen women's ve'sts and pants: vests are .high neck with long. clal sale at per pair . ................................. . C
sleeves pants e knee leath, lht and nec tl One speriaul lot of children's flne lisle stocking, In black, tan, red
sleeves; pants are ksnee length. light and umbrella style. and Ilght b'lte: not all sizes In every color; regular 2ec and a Jmm
Regular 35c values. Sale price .........................................................c lu . , a rs for ... . .....
20 doedn women a union suits: low neck and sleeveless, tight and lace 100 dozen boys' heavy ribbed stockings; siles 6 to 10; regularly
trimmed, knee length; a big seclal value. Male price, s selling at 25c per pair. Our speclal prices for this sale,
the suit ....... .... ....... . . .................................... ............ p. 5 0 c
Here Are Listed Some MoSt Extraordinary Values
Here you will find small items that are of great demand at prices considerably lower than you usually have to
Two pkgs. for :c Cominon 'inl , special Pkg. 14 25e t'olgate's Talcum Powder .........Can, 15i IHorn Dreslsing Comnbs. me.tal back a... ach, 5
Sc Cotmono, Ils. special .............Pkg. .0 .Ic Culgate's Dental Plowtler ..............15. 2 Whlskl,room... .......... ... Eaoh, 15
.c safety Pine, lspecial..... .. .. ..... Card 3 .. ...... ....
15 Wire Hlurps, special .........Pkg. 8 Oc llemlng's ace c'ram ... 5 6e ltublr Dren Comb .............Each, 50
.Ic Bone Hlairpins, speclal.. Dozen, 104 SI wi're Iluir BIrusli, rubbe,r tcushion.. . E 6¢ 35se lBox U. of M. Stationery .. Each, 185
Sc ilooks and Ilyes, special ....T..wo Cards, 54 $1.25 Wire Hair Brush, rubber cushion. Es. 854 Golden RIule Pencils ......................Three for 54
Sc Vaseline, special.............................Bottle, 30 50c Pozzoni's Face Powder ..................... 5 e Carter's Black Ink .......B.. ottle,
10b Palmolive Soap, special.......Pour Cakes, 54t 50c Gossomer Face Powder .. ...............50 Sc Carter's Paste .....................Jar,
The Golden Rule Store The Golden Rule Store
Missoula, Mont. _ Missoula, Mont.
Farm Loans
With Privileges.
Real Estate and Loans
Pirst National Bank Bullding.
southeast quarter of section 24; also,
the northeast quarter of the northwest
quarter of section S5, township 6
south, range 16 west. The application
a as approved.
The women's suits and coats on
sale at the Woman's Exchange,
816 1-2' Higgins avenue, are new, up
to-date styly(; best quality at lowest
Dr. and Mrs. J. (l, ltandall expect to
havo as their guests over Sunday, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Harkness, who were
married Wednesday In Burlingame,
Kansas, and are now on their wed
ding Journey. Mr. lHarkness was, be
fore her marriage, Miss Martha Hal
leor, and she is a sister of Mrs. Ran
Nettle Spencer of Jackson, Mont.,
lmade application yesterday for desort
land entry on 820 acreu, Including the
Wvest half of the northeast quarter, the
Southeast quarter of the northeast
quarter and the east half of the south#
aset quarter of section 23; also the
West half of the southwest quarter and
the southwest quarter of the northwest
quarter of section 24, township 6 south,
tange 15 west, The application was
Stanley, the three-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sichveland, died at
the family home In Clinton Wednes'
day afternoon at 5 o'clock, Meninl
giltl is considered the cause of death,
though the little one died before Yl'g
teal aid could be given. He wU Itbt
very sick until 3 o'clock and then a
physic n was sumtmoerd from Mis
soula, who, travellng as fast as Ihe
could, arrived too late. The funeral
will' be held at I o'clock this afternoon
.n lucy's chapel and Interment will be
Smade in Missoula cemetery.
Daly Addition Mothers' Club.
The Daly Addition Mothers' club
will meet this afternoon with Mrs.
Elisa Stahl at her home. 1907 South
Ninth street, west. An Interesting
talk will be given by Miss Houston.
city secretary of the Young Women's
Christian assoclation, on the work of
that Orlanisatlon.
Mission Study Class.
The study class of the Women's
Misulonary society of the, Presbyterian
church will meet at $ o'clock Prlday,
attornoon with Mrs. Charles Pytney at
her home qn South Fifth street. west.
Professor Aber will be in charge of
the program.
A. C. A. Meeting.
Mrs. C. A. Dunlway entertained the
local chapter of the Assooiation or Col
legiate Alumnae yesterday afternoon at
her home on Maurice avenue. The bus
You Will Be Surprised to See How
Quiokly It Disappears.
No more dirty coats from dandruff
heads. Zemo stops dandruff. 'Apply
it any time with tips of fingers. No.
smell, no smear. Zemo sinke Into the
pores, makes the scalp healthy, makes
the hair fine and glossy.
Zemo is prepared by W. W. Rose
Medicine Co., St. Louis,,. Mo, and is
regularly sold by all druggists at $1
per' bottle. But, to ,in~ie you to
maksl . test Wi ova . &4 .. .rl t. do,
-oraOupt, .e**ntt t* litti. fully
ui or your intoAy fpok, at P.
. 'r drnu store.
lss sessialon was given over to the
discusslon of laws found In the Mon*
tana code dealing with child labor and
with Jails and other means of coercion
for the delinquent child. A pleasant
social session over the tea cups con
cluded the afternoon. Those present
were Mesdames Kutghin, Keach,
Richter. Kramer, Parker. Carey,
Smith, Miss Worden and Miss Pat
ton, and the hostess, Mrs. Dunlway.
In fesponse to an appeal Issued by
Governor Edwin 1. Norris, president
of the Montana Red Cross board, gnd
printed in The Missoulian of April 19,
a number of Missoula people have
given sums of money for the relief of
sufferers by flood in the lower Mis
sislsppi valley. The Red Cross board
in Montana has for its members, Gov
ernor Norris, president; 2Edward J.
Bowman, Anaconda; Henry W. Row
ley, Billings; Thomas Marlow, Hel
ena: Kenneth McLean, Miles City; W.
M. Thornton, 'Great Falls, and F. 8.
Lusk of Mlssoula. Mr. Lusk said yes
terilay that While some considerable
response had been made, there is need
for more money, since more thanl
65,000 persons have been rendered
homeless by the flood, and they are
now dependent upon the generosity of
the country for food and shelter. Do
nations may be handed to Mr. Lusk,
who will remit all funds received dl.
reetly to the national treasurer of the
Red Cross society at Washlngton,
Where it will be applied to the relief
of the suffering,.
Spokane, April .;--Manager' Chn
of the tpokane North weste s league
em o a tsked walvers to.eLy O. Pitcher
Thl t trs..nd, the eftf-haisdr whviPyas
gitenl tryouts this ap"nat b the atieop
Amerioan and thw Saa 1 fl-*WIV
Co~r Chal les tam., Strlltn probay
wil be seat to Walls of the Trl-ltate
leaul e.
The quickest, best and safest way to
cure catarrh or a cold in the head tois
by using a remedy that will "touch the
spot" and do its work quickly without
leaving any bad effects. Ely's Cream
Balm, whclh Is applied to the nostrils
or rubbed on the throat or chest gets
right at the root of the trouble and
Instantly relieves even the -worst case
of catarrh or cold. A few minutes
after applied you can feel a loosening
up in the head, the pain and soreness
are gone, the sense of taste, smell and
hearing come back, and you feel like
a different person.
Bly's Cream Balm oleanses, heals
and strengthens the inflamed mem
brknes, takes away that 4tutfed up
feeling and dull pain in the head, re
Ileves the throat soreness and stops
the nasty discharge 'whlch is the cause
of the disgusting hawking, spitting,
blowing of the nose, and foul breath.
Hay fever victims who are made mis
erable by fits of sneesing, coughingl
and wheesinlg get Instant and per
manent rellel by the hse of 'this sim
ple remedy,
Don't suffer another minute. Ely's
Cream Balm will relieve you immedi
ately, and a 50 o$nt bottle will more
than likely work a complete cure, Mls
soula Drug company,
We' take this means of expresslog
our heartfelt thanks to our fifends a~id
neighbors whbt so klqdly Mi.4I us h
our Iate bareasvmint.t in .t lBIs of
our daughtel Sand' piter, IC.terine
CYIWoCnny b t thao
1rll0 reklt `t 4f4 gri .

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