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tion , Ne indte
a bu*. li, .f. Ma 1.--The repub
,state oonventio under the lead*
4shpa of forme State nato.r 4 t4st
trn' lnh of Pit it gh, toddy
tool, of the m atty acb n "ah
enure t tatespo Sltentr alm
11dIx n the s tate si nthe the leath
le taleyt Quay, named we c
h at ofoers instruated to ote.
ThlMOlthe "Ro1oseveflt for, the aret
iioked in caucus by the Roosevelt
,delegates, named new state chait.
Span to succeed former Speaker Perry
P. or ltor n and adopted a het set of
iles tiot the governing of the party
int a state.
.t* . eet the Roosevelt faction made
a'1ean sweepl
"The majority is entitled to every.
thing," said Senator Plnn. while temi.
porarily presiading. "And when avote
is a tie the benefit will be given to
te Roosevelt men"o hve bddeden with
er. Senastor Penrose, although a
mele h iat d not attelnd the 'outoent
lIt .al chief lieutenant. State
~ 0 . :a m,: VoNlottol the Phil
the six hours the convention1 was n
Gvernor eno his wing of the party
be said as he shook
tml'.The majoyl nlO. pledle, (h
So ien. the last mo
4~ud d wati lbn. wh bree
ton oorepa P toosn replied. "You are
i game eport. You have been shoot
miay "t' 18el for so long I did not
kniow hew you would tak It."
"Well, we have a few muskets left."
smlith gly retrted the Philadelphia
Iaeddr ae be turned to leave.
'he platform adopted was out of the
ual rn of such political documents.
It contains long quotations from Abra
ham, incoln and Colonel Roosevelt. It
does not mention President Taft nor
Governor tenor and Is silent on the
i conduot of their respective adminis
trations. The platform pledges the
support of the party In Pennsylvania
to Theodore Roosevelt and lndpases
his pollcies.... It advocates the eeali
of jaudlolti dbgisions. A shorter psi.
mary ballet is favpred as is the direct
nomination and election of all public
The platforp advocates preferentar
primaesl htlaklng the result binding
on the delegater and also declare for
a direct gote to indicate the choice for
Unlted Iates senators.
Clevela.id, ' ay 1--'Pve men were
burned tp death and damage estimated
at $450,000 yas done to boats' u d
gasoline on the docks when the
Standard Oil barge, No. 88, exploded
late t. + . ... . .
All .th#.injured were employee of the
Grsea keg 'Towing coimpa.ny.
The qige, whiph was -tt ;th. .efer.
:son avenue docks on the Cuyahoga
river.., wý belag tilled with gaollpe
from ...0ae.allaolh tank on` the .alnk.
aklekr'oi' oan the surface of the' riveY
was ite4 ad ldet fit to the baege.
A terrl(o explosion immediatelyV tol
lowed. . l ame gilled were esatlg
anotheti bhagge alongside. Burnlag
oil seta f Le to lir other boatt and a
tug was detroyed.
Helena, May;1.-(dpeuelal.-bold to
the value of $60 a day is being washed
tront thle grlavel exoavated from the
t.'t as h'lew haltmUillot.dotl.
tar hotel mine:. Three men are em.
ployed on an eight-hour shift, flak.
41 Igosi $40 sId paeman. ýIn.
ua shts was o nsidered nteely
an a+. + age. of two Wgonloadd of
ge i a re washed each ad , ad
are o Ip q adb .ven(a
twpo r thr e
+ eoeko . .in
• 2',,,. ,¢++Y +++. d e- , . +
{ ýý " ~ ýý; may ý
14, d c
'17, 1
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r r
a ~k.tmalm -- f2
SLtondon, May 1.-No great poltical
ProjeSt Was 4ver debated In the house
oo4flomnons with lees display of Inter
slgon the part of themembers and the
general public than. the home-rule bill
The speeches. were delivered to a
halt-mpty house. A ,few Irish prlests
were, the soiy spectators in the gallery
who 44peared partIcularly concerned
with what was passing on the floor.
Even yesterday's oratorical perform
ancestin wbkih Winston Cbunichill, who
Is tated 'as the most bril..wat t,r the
younger politicians in either party,
was4hegeJaker, created hardly any en
thtasam. No more . ;emarcable con.
tract could be oonoelved than was pre.
aented by this exhibition and the fierce
battles Over the two pther home-rule
bills, when statesmen like Gladstone,
Palihatl Chamberlain and Harrington
fought bitterly every Inch of the ground
end racial and party passions wore
stirred to the depths.
One .eason' tforthis is the present
pew' system 'hereby the house of
lords may prolong legislation. Over a
peripd of two 'years, which ppstpones
the riticeal stage of the' measure.
Another Is the opposition to the bill
which, except on the part of the repre
sentatives of Ulster, l~ generally luke
warm. Several members complained
today k the length o the speeobes.
Tacoma, May 1.---esderal Judge C.
H. Hanford took under Advisement to.
nitht an" action to withdrew eltisen.
fI p i ers"e from Ze9nard Olipen, a
hledhe r of"ate) Industraell e r'ers of
the World, and of the sooillst labor
party. OhtHia, who was naturallsed
two yeqar ngo, stated on the stand
tiolt he Ws one of manay who seek
to rep1sep the -present government
'Itti, thi9t fa indugtrtat denmboracy,
but -pld iihaving vil~ated his oath
to suppart the aonstitution.
The goplp tapat '.#shtsewsthat
he h4 vot a and ?ei. i ,
t1 and that tesel wet I ey
hin att the time he waS nit tsl4
to en that citenship W .i .
ha, it fra is t Is del thatr
* o. 4 111 act as a proedent.
Helena, May 1.- (Special.) - The
progresslve republicans of Helena held
a rally at the Auditorium tonight which
was a decided success in point of in
terest shown in the speeches and of
enthusiasm for RoOsevelt. A steady
downpour of wet snow, which began at
6 o'clock and continued without inter
mission, kept many away who thought
the meeting would be abandoned. What
the audience lacked in numbers it made
up in quality and the result will be to
add determination and strength to the
battle tomorrow for control of the pri
maries to be held at nilht. Judge
Cheadle of Lewlstown war introduced
in a fitting preliminary talk by W. D.
lRankin, who presl.d1. The well
known jurist spoke fPr an hour, pre
senting the pertinent issues of the
campaign with great force and'direct
ness. It was a speech whloh moved
his hearers strongly and was applaud
ed generously throughout.'
Ban Franelsco, May 1.-Resolutions
condemning proposed Mexican inter
vention were adopted unanimously by
the state socialist convention in ses
sion here today. The ground was tak
en that interference in Mexican af*
fairs is desired by the interests, which
seek a return to the Dias regime, On
motion of J. BSttt Wilson, socialist
mayor of Berkeley, a resolution deter.
mining the relations of the socialist
palty with labor unions, was amended,
providlng for the granting of charters
to labor unions as branches of the
soolallst party under the supervision
of the local.
LanK Diego, Cal., May 1.--The trans.
port Bluord sailed on her mileson of
pinroy on the Mexloan west coaut, late
this afternoon. On 'board the vessel
was Claude D. Guyant, United States
vin consul in Mexico City, for whom
the trasuport had awaite4 here. The
oruiser Maryland remains in the
Du.ltih, May 1--Pehind red flags and
4lea . I~ ba an4, ,00 pooaolists la
m4the. eiJan street of Duluth
and :held Meeting at wahtl
Sian o 4resee were made dmanadip
ozW Mhid industrlA reforms, A rl.
an flaglS were carried ahead o the
7e4 7
la Heattlo, Macy 1.-The onlly exciting
id Incident of 11he soclalist May-day
Ic par.ale tonight occurred when a rilan
I- on eeoind avenue reacllced out from
if the c('OW(i, tore the red flag fromll Its
Y atnff, rusheicd into a :ialoon and ae
tL caiId. The ;an catrr-ying the Amer.
Ican flag at +ler threw it linto tlhe
it street and jmiimped coi it, Iie wau
knoclked low by tyItaillersn, whiti
eeized his flag and flauntced ii from
the curbl I the a tlrlder is llilty
Ia pased. Thu si(ctoleln red flag wan of
a ilk ancd valuied at $5).
Tile The alnloulncemlcent that the revolu
SIlonary soelallsta anld Industrial
Worker* of the W~rhl wolldl marcrh
with tlh red flag drew a grelat thirong
of peopile to i'oneer place. where Ith
i parade,, iascbllllelid, At the head of
h the line was. an amateur hallnd, thic'l a
iuicelll e(r f womlllen and thenl Iwo men,
one carrying the red flag on the right
hand side of Ihe procension, and the
sricond the Amerlean flag onl the
other idc f 1 ithe ilne. Th'le nimayor
had refused permltission to paradel
a without the sithrs and strlpec. liefore
Sthe marcih started the rotl flag was
y waved In the air several timer.
It is sthd that the selsure of the
flag hhtlad b arr'anged for In tile day,
every detail having been planned. The
h paraders mlarched to Pike li(acc where
n they linstcncl to addresses and di. -
t parsed. Therer were 860 mnccn anld
Wonce imen tn he lln All tihe poller re
t lserves had biocn uialedd out, but there
1, was no distllr'hnc'e except the flag
'a elure.e, No airrests were made. There
a was much jeering along tilh line of
a march at the Soctialist land, whlih
played tile "Maraeillaae" an hadly that
tie air i cmoll scarcely be recogniiaeid.
Old Glory Trapleld.
New York, May 1--The $Ltare and
(Contl!i n.| i1 Page T'ivt)
New York, May 1.-Jlaob D.
Holtsman, a delegate to the republi
can national conventto#l from the
Tenthl dslrtrlt of Brooklyn, an
uOttped today that bhe vote would
b .ao t for ColOnel Roosevelt.,
eae now deolkve4 Roosevelt
.4 froms KIlne county, 4ri,
3bltAn f:r 4PountrolAr Willllm A.
Sreonden .u.
Chhlegi , May I. -.+enrl Manuel
('alero, tlh' newly-appointed Mexican
amllassadlor e o the nlteid Htates, in
an Interview said tonight he bellevedl
the outlhrk i.n Mcxllo woiuld be under
lomplete c.lntrl within three months.
He alid lth'r was no chance of a
Jupiojnes Invlliion or Mextico and that
I le expected no Itrouble hetweenl Mex.
Ico and thel Irltedl l tl ttates,
"The revolultion In MxicPro," said Am
b)aseiador (alero, "will he put down
within the coming thre mionthls. It was
started and is kept alive by the brig
ands of Morelos stutt'.
"The Inllbns sold their land, which
the new owners fence.d in, and when
their monyll wals goInu the Indians, sup
ported by lbrigulnda andl natives of a
lower casHe', attacked the land pro
prletors, stole, killed and comnliltted
other ntrlclli's. The government was
catlled on Io spplllress these uprisings.
"It Is not n real revolution of the
masses iaIiniist the government, but
an ulprisilg oii brigands and Indrians
who urn wolrking for spoll.
"The storles of Japanese Invadinggl
our coait 1nr1li securing fishing leases
is a jole when It comies to inslnuating
thatt it means a war, Japan can never
reach the United Htalnr through Mex
I'o, and Mvxliio is inot golng to war
with the United Htates."
Mexico I'11y, May I.--.No battlE, has
r(eurred bel.ween (1eneral Huerta, the
federal commander, and the revolu
tlonists at Torreon. A dispatch from
iluerta to President Madero said the
troops were In good spirits and he
was pleasrd with the discipline. He
dileied that the federals had fired upon
volunteers I,y mistake at Hermncjillo,
killing 90 of them. A long telegram
from General Huerta has caused much
speculation and given rise to reports
that terma or peace were -being dis
cussed by thin federul commander and
General Orocwo. Prelsdent Madero's
secretary says there are no grounds
for supposing that the government Is
treating or proposes to treat with
Oeneral Oromzn.
Indlan.pols, Ind, Mauy l.--Twenty.
ai| o~ ~iere num(lated for the 500.
'tile Intelfat.onal weepstals ks race to
be hel4 at the lawdl.apolls motor
I·*pdew.y il.m oril| 44y wlhen the an
tries olog4d today. . TIe Marmon car
which won' last year's rgie will not
be a coite.Mer.
Men From United States Apply to
State Department for Permission to
Dispose of . Mexlean Traet to Jap.
'anoeo Company and Are Told Them'
Is "Nothing Doing."
Walshington., May t.--Tlhe United
States sIhould either nalforre the Mon
roe docltrilm or should fermoulate a new
one broad enoughl to prevent Japalmeser
comtmercal Interests fromn securingll
control of territory alout Magdalena
bay, In the opinion of Senator. Lndgte,
Bacon and other members of the for.
eign affalirm Ceommeittee of the senate.
In a debate today following the.i re
ceipt of President Toft's message
transmitting the correspondence co..
ering Japanese activity ,it wesatern
Mexh*ic, lcadlng mmembllcers of the sen
ate t.rlare.l the ,osmessnto of ao
strategic a iosltion. even by commnner
elal Interests of wholly Japaneas chatr
acter, cmllli not he permitted witholt
menrlnlig tihe safety of thle l 'nittl
The .lintgmatnna hay prapers wvere re.
ferred to the foreIIta affairs eonmmtll.
tee, wlthich is expected In e'onathlr tlie
case withll a view to outlining the tit
titlde of thie unitred States on the smlh
le't of tie alejq.isitinn of land on this
hemislhere iy foreign nations or hy
thleir sutbje:cts
No Information.
J'rtetllent Taft infonrned the senate
thati thie lstte department has no In
formllutllon whatever ladeqlcmtely to show
any acqtlslltion of land .or anly inten
tion or desire In ttcimilrf'tfaAMl.V+.( theth r
Sdirectly or indirectly ln Mexion, by or
on the part of the Inperial Japanese
gri' rnment.
The prpsident's mcnessaxe was in re
Tronse It a trnt'lll resollution W eall'nt
for Infnrnuttinn regatrditng an allotted
purchase of land alt Magdalne:l te" he by
the Japanese g ovrllllltnt or by in Jlep
mintes. tOnlpacIty.
With his blrlef Icmange tihe prcidealnt
transmitted a iull report trlomn Secre.
tarv of Stato Knox.
Mr. Knox Denies It.
"Tieere is nothing on file' in the de
l irtrtllent of state." said the secretary.
"that has JIstifled any Interferencel
that the Mexican govlerncnt1' or the
Icimperial Jallanesnc goVIernmIeni has
oeen mnemupletd with any dlslposltilt of
landit near Maallaitentm thay by which
the latter governlmetll woullil acquire
land there for any purlpose. In lthese
c lrcumlstances the delartcmeitt of state
felt no nlecelssity for fulrtlher stepl in
l thce mlatter of thcem rumotlrs, whlic'l are
iof a kind that all too freltquently nccur
to timhe detrhtmet of puble opinion In
Sthe respective eomntries and are, so
a lie' to lite, ecrdilI re'l htions ,,f tihe
geoverlmlnmelmts momncernellmd."
*m Japan's Denial.
Mr. Knoex smid tlme Japanese l mbi scllca
ltsador had inforMled tile liartment
that Iee had aipprlsed his gllovernment
of tile rumors In qultlion whlhic had
comell to hillm througlh the pubili' prilrcr,
and subsequently th- Itmlllblundlor
maide, with his governtllntllt's authorl
Sationl, an umnrmr'rved allid e.ai'Neirital
Sldenliml of time rumomredl pcurechac 'f himnd
biy tihe Japanese, glovernment eIr by a
Japanese lll corpllnrt'y, characterizng lite
Srepolrt as entirely sensatllalltil anmld ut
j terly withoult anly floundation what.
ever, the Jaiallc'nse governllment lhavling
never dlrectly or ildlirectly attempte+dl
5 or c!htemplated thie acmqtcilliil*nc of any
r land at Maldalena bay fir cecy put.r
r pose.
NecretaLry Kno0 said the rumnore rm'
g arding a Japaneen purchaeo evldentliy
aroose fromn effort by an Amnerirell
syndliateo to dlspole of a certain tpar
(c,'I of lcnd near Maldalmcni bay.
Sale Attempted.
l'hI'e Anterlean syndlcate, mccordlim
Sto thie delmartmeii t's information, giv,'el
in tocretary Knox's report, e'ltered
ulpome Ilnmagtiations for t aslio te mc
Japanesoae syndleute. Meantine., aml
eflfort was remade to ascertailn tie ct
titidi of tlhe Atmllmlerte' l gevrclemllncle t tm
ward aUclmh C traunsaction,
Timer.. wines evildemce. Uecreteery Klllox
ti·ntinued en Plage ight.)
Helena, May I.-(Speclal.)-!'rhe
primne uoject cif the Taft foroea In
Montana in attemptini to Cotibol the
ildvlhngto, uonvsntlof thle nWaMh IN
not to send a Taft delegatlon to Chi.
cago, Out at the behest of the Amnal
gamaled Coppel' company, "to down
Joe mainxn» iu declared Judge r. K.
(2hundle of Lewlstown toinlht In ille,
addresu delivered under the auupluee
ut hIe *ru"Neeelvy lýeyuJoiwa 'league I
h 4
OATS ATy [email protected] AND CA SI
The Oela. Reneunees Claim to ele.
gates t La ease eaauee prefiesne"
Vett Was for Taft, but the l~eo.
gate, Deolare They'llf Stade by
Pledge Made i Voters.
o) tater Day, May l.--Colonel
Roosevelt renounced hla claim to
the eight delegates at large to the
repu'lcan national convention
elected for him in Masllehuwetta
yesterday, lit said that he would
expert them to vote for President
Taft, taking this action, he arld.
Irehause oft the fact that Presldent
Tuft earried it.e state on the prest
de'lltlail iprererence vote.
Whllen he heard tonightt that th
Massalchusetta delegates at large tt
the national convention had said they
woaul vote for him despite hil request'
to the contrary, Colonel Raeosevell
"1 have nothing io say except tlhati
I meant every word that I said aitb
sthall do everythitng possible to see
that my request is carried out." . '
C(olonel Itonosevelt received a large
numbenhr of telegrams from BolCst re
sarding his statement that he detired
the delegaltes to vote for Presldent
Taft because the president had carrted
tll state on the prefreential ballot.
He replied that his decistlon in thomnat.
ter was final.
('olonel Roosevelt spent most of the
dae -at nof dooeO riding a iat°e,,agp
throulh the woods. Me wilt 'leave
oyster Bay tomorrow for two days of
speaking in Miaryland. Plants fo the
rest of the campaign have not yet been
'omplleted. Hie expects to go tlhrough
ohio and New Jersey and possibly
Minnesota and South Dakota.
lituation CempIloated.
ounson, May 1.-After two oopter.a
oices today the eight Roosevelt Ulle
gates at large eleoted at the prlittrie
yesterday to the republican national
ontvention delcded not to talk any
Jint natim on the attitude adapted by
Clomnel Roosevelt in releasuli them
from oibllgation to vote for him, but to
leave each delegat free to set as he
rees fit.
The refusal of the delegates to accept
Colonel Rooyvelt's declilon to.ay that
they should vote for President Taft
the Chicago convention, although elect
ed as Roosvtelt delegatbs, hba further
complicated the situatlon ariing tfrom
the state primaries yesterday.
The situation Is acknowledged by
Iarty leaders to be without parallel it
tilhc hlstory of the commonwealth.
Alhough the republicans of the state
.e'e,'.ted President Taft as their candl
dI let for renomination by i majority of
::.66, over Colonel Roosevelt on the
preslidential preference ballot ,at the
same timne they elected by a decisive
Ivte the entire slate of eight delegaste
eat large pledged to the former preal
The Vete.
Tllrh tt;,ial preferential vote for the
thre!o republlcan candidates with re
(dcantinued on Page Pive)
10sEr IsAc HEIO
Ilelanca, May I.,-(ipelall.)-The trial
of Adlaluel Btarnaby, charged with slalt
Inr whliky at Miasutala last Aurglt
to Jese)alh Inetlaa, eamte to a hilt thia
ilecrnlnig 1 tllhe federal court Wrhenl
Iaac took the stand and detied hav- '
Ihag ehleltlined thie Ilquno from the 4a
telldaltt. ThI owea was eoptitiled
Uailti ttomorroIw mlnoralng, and as Isaoc
left thite courtroota he was arrested by
ai deputy mtalrshaLll on a charge of pet r. i
lury and is now confined in the
ceunty jai.
Thre clvl calnd endr wli hb called .
May i and ceasne set for trial begin
cing May st. The motion aat dae
murrer calendar will be el.ed k ay 12.
oII the the ' epub
tijarle.. 5xc pt tort this
Judea Chei4la.'. týký W
gponerui prosreJlvetislo
tug of the bttleM 1th
waded between th. f
tWit a4 the peoppy.
deolasl4 he was ` t
govenor and wail
only otQiO to Wh
poetUon° )@Wl

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