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by AST
9 1t oa veral 'ir riehee in
..a..aA re Inundated.
expeold to Ison th*Ar sttuation
In lower liseleslppI thd4 Alletory, was
ibndo e terd aenon.t ' Water
la fshing" through' the 800-foot
'breach nipt alght at the rate of .1
-les ta hour antd seve rai townd we
TL. :. protchting the penal fam he
at A let o lt the afttertoon, but
athe, tf1o Wag'be confined to a rsmall
oote. r ishn s . hroUm othe pk100
hi teAa tht t t puge roads steadily
, atml hour lad been made tohe con
euuratrtod pont for persons made
.ornfletil 4W the Torras break. Aln
otT 're protaken gther yesterdal an
atst night. he work of caring for
he ieole went on ed to a mall
s Doubtleo preprstioni other lbreak
at TI tas tpevented loss ad. iea As,
nt otheor oratenedt penta tin ade
[email protected] u'tesd at Torras reaky p,so at
a na ed, 'tatke ther yes terey aknd
a, th. inhabitants rushed for tohs.
l.ve eosle weentea, e pon r y. d
ar cone. tea mboats plofed up many
marooneds perso and os took them to
St oe ouse, where ponveri tent ri ha
beon are at Torp d o oo at
Resouing People.
Sheriff Parker of West Baton Rtouge
-pari . Is in charge of a Southern
aol te ihuttle traint runni S throuih
Utas tobaclya swamps of tberdlll
and St. i lartlis arun ohes, removing
marooned Johabitants to p'atce of
safety. The train will contnlme to run
;ntil all are removed, tunlems the
track Is washered aw vy. or risnen o
raJlroad sent out a speolr. train to
p-Ik up Inhabitants and dvestock all
alons thel outd.
It r estimated tha t 11aton,000 omee
paroios l bein n charke of f a outhe
Il throulh government efforts, in the
threfugee campas that have been estab
lished at various ohets durinemovg the
last y.nth. How many will co e added
to this number by the Torras break
untnot l are remoted, but it will be
mtrany h d a way. Tnds.
aile d sen oent has made propara- to
long for t heandlng severai thousand
at on Rouge careo.
r olu te Co. parisht I hav bheen avest
laher by ivahiu d olit break, but the
flood waters may Oxtond over eight
aoret month. Four any will e added
b ths flooded befy ore the Torras break.
Baton Rouge in uanged.
While eltisent of Baton Roude were
doing all they could do for refhouees
brought Cn from Poarte Coupee parish
,ist nlght, they also bad a hard fight
of their own, he ater eak, wibut thn
•oot of the top of the base placed on
the levee there. The river ieris nd
a.4 it see.s certain a portion of the
city will be flooded. Only the whole
Whle ditstrea would be aton ffeoutede were
sale disrtrqt, would beaffiected.
Class Ad History
No batter where your house is, there is always
somebody who wants to rent it and you can find that
somebody if you use a Missoulian clais ad. Here is
an example:
blocks from Lowell school; range,
bath, electric lights, partly fur
nlshed. $10. ,Inquire 706 BeOkwith
street. Ind, phone 768.
The flirt day this little ad was published there were
inquiries. It is located a long way from the center
of he city and the first list oft applicants found the
distance too great. The second day was the same
and so on unt~i the eighth day. On that day a man
asked to se the house; he was exactly suitedrwlth it;
i' tut were he wanted, to be t and, he, renm it.,
s~artwin in tM* its cost is so slightbOat
º ý 4 . ex p c a ; on cena
ta joob,
~I: ,:~f~~ ..1~T ·~ ;40~
duetoar have been forced out of
Mexio ona aoount of the activity of
the +po-dbdo A ,nd pow
are t heir wW: i.ýta o
to. inPMmp it
predAent of, the conductors' council,
ýth.: .Jubolf ait of -the Order of
1 ity O t tc. Pesoident
Plan JI t dent Taft
wov . uip to by the council
to Ilge p.teotlp feor the men on
'the wat ot .' couLnt1Y.
Butte. May 2.-(BpeclaL)-That the
evils of big business need a remedy
and Theodore Roosevelt Is the physl
clan to apply the magic cure, Senator
Albert J. Beveridge of Indiana told a
fair audlence at the Auditorium to.
nilht. Senator Beveridge came to
Butte under the ausploes of the Pro
gresslve Republican club. He ar
rived shortly after 7 o'cltck oel' the
Mllwaukee and will leave tomorrow
moraing for Missoula.
Lieutenant Governor W. R. Allen in
troduced the senator tonight, briefly
referring to his career in the United
States senate. and declaring that "In
presenting Senator Beveridge, I may
p"shaseoe its presenting the next re
tubllcan .ladidate for president."
Without formality, the senator
sion to Montana, advocacy of Colonel
Roosevelt's candidacy for the repub
lican nomination. For pore than
two hours be talked, his speech being
largely a defense of Colonel Roose
velt's aspirations and an attack on
the Taft administration and the evils c
of big business. He whacked th
Amalgamated Copper company re
peatedly in his denunoiation of bosses.
Taft Attacked.
His attack on President Tuft was
caustic and uncompxlomising. In soe
verity it has never been exceeded,
even by raglcal political opponents. I
heard in this city. He yeferred in
particularly vehement terms to the
president's Winona declaration of poli
cles and scored him roundly for read
Ing out of the party the late Jonathan
P. Dolliver, who, he declared, did more
for the republican party in a single a
campaign than all of the "bosses" now I
supporting Mr. Taft have done in a I
Senator Beveridgo spoke on the I
subject, "What is best for your fire- I
side, your family and our country?" 4
:,Four YeaMrs f Results.
l"our years of Roosevelt, he declared
In a lengthy argument, answered the I
question. He referred to the politi- I
cal struggle now impending as a fight
against special privilege and for hu- I
msan liberty, equally as portentious as
tlhe revolutionary and civil wars. t
.Caltlng the political bosses of the
republican party in varl' us ~-r' ons s
of the country by name, he ltlu,rLLd
bitter inveotive upon them.
Oip refewed'to his own work Ii. the
senate, referring to regulation of the I
beef and tobaooo trust and railroad t
legislations and claiming for Colonel o
Rodsevelt and his senate allies, tbo t
credit for reform legislation along t
these lines.. I
--==. .4
' 4,
. .. , . , . . .- . . . . .
i~' .h l+. ,, ,, i i ,,+., .+, J
Wytheville, Va., May 2.-"I'il kill
roster before the sun goes down it
I'm convicted."
Floyd Allen, first to g. on trian here
for his life in connection with the
Hillsvllle courthouse murders, was
charged with having made this re
mark before the shooting on March 14.
according to the testimony today of
I. B. Weddell of Momtgomery, one of
the first witnesses for the prosecution.
D.' W. Bolon, a lawyer who was de
fending Allen in the court where the
tragedy occurred, testified ,that lie saw
Claude Allen fire tide first shot anl'
that it struck Judge Ma.lse. Court
ffleials also returned the fire, lie said.
Two of the jurymen w.ho were then
trying Allen testified that Allen had
fIred 4n the direction of F'oster, the
commonwealth's attorney, who weea
killed. Other witnesses told of con
versatlons with Allen Ill which he had
threatened lPoster.
Proseooutor Wyser, opellning the case.
said he would show that there wala
conspiracy among thi Allens to shout1
up the court If Floyd ., [i was on
victed. Attorney Willis, for the de
fense, retorted that ireports of the
tragedy had been grossly exaggerated
and that he would Introduce testinony
to show that Bottle Ayres was idlled
-' a bullet from Clerk Dexter Goad's
revolver and not Iby the Allens. The
defense would show, lie said, that
Floyd Allen had been wounded before
he had taken part in the shooting.
Whilip Walla, Wash., May 2.-Death
today ended the Vrison sentence of
Fred Adams in the Washington state
peanitentiary here. He was a "trusty,"
and dropped dead In the prison yard.
ie was sent up from oeattle in i104
or a statutory offense.
Seattle, May 2.-Mrs. aseli Moore,
who 'alted hnotoriety three years ego
as the woman upon whom former Ad.
Jutant 'General Orttl Hamilton of the,
Washington national guard was al
ield tio haye equand'red the $4,000
he was Qonviotqd of embesellnlg from
the state millitia tnwi,was rs
a deputy United Ut4IU rs'4 o
night on a oharge of violatlng the tfd-,
e--ttw-..Jeti.td .lt.avle sot. ,When i i
!l QsnIa detWslon. wans . ed r s.
l hturriedly leat tpea goinh to.
w vqe4 04vnd taken .to the stoate
lo Wolo W rolhJa. whir'ebe
Ia #0W U*riIl 1)19 [email protected],
i -La 2.-iAtu r turns
from 100 I itta nut f 1'10 In the
clty of BlS.ku.' 0h1w that IRooma
velt hpa YZ.5s dIg-uatesi to th*
county Collnvel'ntll to Ii. held Sat
lrday. T'aft Ihl 301, La IIollett
1, and' four .ire doubfrul. Alibou
one-fifth of thl, ri'gistert-d vote w;ih
cast at tihe IirliniLPiH ewilhth WI'ir.
to. select (dlgates to the county
convenlltion to be Iheld iatutrduy.
x-Set-lllinlotf Atlbrt J. lieverlilg., ae
kllowledgeiti or, f thu IihadirKg iratoIl'
of the' ltay, will dellver iln lidresI at
jlihe Haaiiaelln Iht iller thtle avening. H111
ator Hltlevut'dil will disculmn th1U InwsJee
of the lire:senlt Iriesldentlial t('LIIII IIIgn.
None uineretatlri better than liI tie(
true InwardnIIaa oef the alltllulonl and
his bllk thlk a i's e'vvels should )be llhanil
nItiung. It it' rlire privilege for Mln
*oula to Ientertain so dilstlnlultshd a
visitor atie~ r. Iirlveardle anIlld l shouldl
he heu-rl'el by i;maIny, a unldoubltedlly he
will bie.
Mr. lieverldt.e ie c:onductling went
ern , lanplilan in ~eh.gli of C(olonel
Roowsevelt land Ili hai ee~n In but a
rnw ithl, orf thi nIorthwest ill t thllln
tllne. Lasut evening hie spoke ait illitte.
The meletling lnlgllt will Ibegin at
Butte, MaIy i -The storm whlel,
broke over Montana In general yon
terday and today left a white shout
varying from six inches to 11 inchles
In depth palling the state from north
to south iuld Past to west, has boon
called thii "mllllon-dollar storm" in
the bholler hat tihe snowfall will ben
efit Montanallgriculturally to that ex
Today's prediction is that the worst
is over and fair w.ather will sue
coed. The baromneter wont up two
points in two hours this morning and
Indloates fair. lIttle trouble has been
reported as a result of the storm, but
wires in many cases are down for the
time being. Trafflo was not inter
.aeven Inches of amow fell in Gal
latin opupty, the itate'sl,b$ wheat dls
$lot, 4uring. the , pt t hours.
, New TI*, ay 3.-R-omer Daven
port, tihe Qopnalst, died here today
of pneumonia:, Mr. Davenport had been
Woktkdl on t* iHearst newspapers. He
wai 44 ye*Ao)14.
New York. May 2.--l'tinpi'r tIle ti
frlst suilt fi'r iI|llIage! brought by a'
rellltive or i Ti 'tllic victim were flled
Iln tIhe I'tIderl llurt todaylll. TIhe sullt,
In Illlillrility, in br)iugIIht by Mrs. l.lul.n
1llthins, wlidw or Victlor llRoblus, ('u.l
'e ne/l oh'n .Jioioh Astor't .alet, andi Is
Lthat il whhch Ithe te!tlony of J.
Il'ee IIIINy and orrfllers of the sunkentl
ntenliller bI delilred.
It clhllrlgeii iin..lleu. on the part of
thei (ltentll I Htieltn Navligatlon conll
Ipnily land asksI frr f $itst 0,00 dJllnages ant
The conllllllnl allege that tlie own
ers orf th{e shlli werel negllient first bhi.
eusll( thel Titanic had(I )(enll wllarned
hlalt Whl. wit in IIn vioJllity of Ice
hierg Ilnd inl spite if theli warnng Has
winglll I at a speeI of wore thanli 20
k n o ts( 1 in Ih, 11'r w l ihe n th e e 'l ll o n o, ,.
4 ('i'reid; ito Ill, Ithli propel)fr lIrP'le llt
tlllns were i tllhut Iikl nke ftr the ltrookoiut
sNighted llhe Ie' .hberlg; Iitrd, lthat theI
SInir wisll Iy rlllr , iretlltd Ify iL new uland
. 11n1rled (,''eI; Ifourthll Ilit there wat
. n'et ii snffiellent nlmbel r of Ifablouts;
r ilfth, thalt Wcter tllh. o ( slllllon, tilhe Il(.
bouitts wrl .l1,nl Ipropeirly ilnantld,.
New York, Maiy 2.--C(,olonel Rome.
Vilt lieft tilt slty ver!r thll Pennyl.
I vanlii tonihllllt for Halibury, Md,. where.
he will lopenli tomlnolrrow hliI two-days'
itlpeciI-lan(lkinlg ('nilsll)tIgl In that city.
The'if colon,,l'u 'ither poche!llse tomtrrow
will, be sit IIllltvr-di-grclle and nitilt
Irilr,f. lie eIxpectslI to ritulln to New
York curly Hunllnlly.
Miirys)vlIle, I'11l.. May 2.--1'Ith retrl,
grf.I'.oIvf t'.lt'ef Of II priofgrteNsiVe iresOI
Ia'Igent placed H.enato, r ls l'olloette onl n'
pltuIic platftorm here tonighlit ifthli but
It slpuarse dho'enl to hear hlim sIp('eak.
Neither of thell mical piipers hid tbel'i
inflormrled of his collng andl nfit 20
-litizenl knlow lie was Ill town before lie:
Vancoliver, II. C., May 2.~-Hecause
ho objected to golpK to school and was
afrald that his attendance milhtl be
forced, Hrnest Clarke, the 14-yuar.old
son of IHerbert M. H. Clarke, shot and
killed himself today at the famitly reel.
dance. The boy and his mnther had a
dlisusulon In which the latter is sail
to have Insisted on th,' buy aolnq It
school, and It is said he dlclared he
would poison himself r~Ut.y than do
no. It la stated that the ftaher then
interviewed the -boy sae t.he stter re.
iterated his statemelt that he would
die before he would go to school. 'lThe
shooting followed within a few- mlh
Kalilpell, Mlay 2.-The republican
conmmittee of Flathead cotlaty de
lided today to have presidential
preference primaries In the choice
of delegates to the state convention.
The pritharles will be .eld on May
* and the county sonvention on
May 11. At the primaries the voters
are requested to cast preferential
Inlloet as to their choice for preell
dent, such preferences to be ortl-t
fled to the county convention andti
the cognventlon to be guided thereby
in the choice of delegates to the
state convention.
lleleml. Mary -- ( l.'tlal,)--The
iainutrlim-Marloaw crowd carried the
Lewisn unid C'lrk lprillalllls for Taft
tonight. Their tlikeLt wonll i every
precinct but the Nixtl. Thlle rogren
slv'e aillege ai general e of llmoney lby
ithe t hfiliuir 1 mengu at1 I at ei laii.i ta. .ion
of Ihii. wards with trlaUsients of tihe
"flolatr" ltype. The btlelleem at the polln1
were lively anld were atleniletl with
much Ilttierness,
"HSuokiy" Muit'nn1ll, ai 'w'.'alrd hoaler,
was alrrlestedl in the 1'iJfth precilnut.
WI'itin e' u ulrchlll, he had III hlb pan.
eIon ill ;ti one.-dlllar hllu aind Ii liuck
nge olf thi,r pIIlk Ilekets whh'h the 'raft
wuorlk'rul dililt ollut to Itheir floating
vouters. I is alleged thant the hills
.wgsAt Jath t. l thlokiaJ el lwhgp Am1
were ldfltribulteil. The dlntin a r1' qlar
of the tickets made It osnsible for the
workers to kieep a cheek on their vot
ers, Mc(onnell wacls hbllled out by
4h'ilrnuil Jiioe Iltais of Ihe HIelelna
'raft uI'hlh.
Therea' wiere shalt0ur :"t'IIse lei I l'other
w11 ' rdl, but Iltis was lill nly ay lrrlet
Thlie 'iunty a'onventioln will ue held
haturdlay;: tihere will hI 210 del'egates.
T'ile returgns rul''ived lonight give the
'Tift imen I 25 il nil the lRoaiveilt
forces 1s.
Nlhl Ix. Ariz. .8' 2. -Wihell the
'iangresinall l i'utlnuluitie compoul)isedtl tof
Represenlulu1tiv' lhenauley, Hlanna andl
I('llnwua walu labout to djloJllurnl todlay
after hlearlng ttitluniny relative to
reelllamatll n an Inditan affairs In Arl
'alnau, tangrei.'ic snu" en (itlloiwaly dilelvered
ain addresu Inl whl'Ih hu- denounceid the
Po'vernllunllul' ra'llimatitn mgnethods in
the Halt river valley is nu damniabhl
'hi iiIiongtrosasniIn was seviere In hls
ldenun'lltin iof tihe goivernment's nef
lltau In huYlingl the innal sysltntl i and
sellligi It ilae'k lno lt' fatlrtnoers at whatn
he deitrial in ie noaire thian It was
w ,rtllh. le w ,hl It I wi ne 'I of liap
"lfinet ple uIe' hou ut h frlllllnallnne'ng" he
llal ever witnesseld.
1Theii -mia.nitt departeld lfoir Wash.i
ingi iii tunight
)lllimi. May 2.- Word w.i I r,, "IvId
from "Itaadle" I ,a1nwili , cla f toIlie
well-knowng dry guaial ihlerkas of Ihil
elly, whtihai lane rl- i oi a vtisll I. his
luntl hn l l n li laollo nd, ll it h, w ni
renlslleil from the Tl iti h ll al I a In ai
hliasillal In Now 1'i.rk ch1t Ili wis
supplllnd tol have lipii edol Ihi, Te.
tiaila and ls nohingll w t i heard of
lal lit thel thil e of tihe dleiaeliar lit was
lappanesd lhat he was lost.
Be Wise
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Matter WHI Be Covered About as in
United States--Small Model of the
Wreaked Liner Is Placed in ud
Armory, Where the Board is Sitting
--pectators Are Pew.
Lonudon, May 2.--Ird Mersey, In his
'elcit(lly sI1 wreck c'lnlhilonert , itni
five' in..oellteae, who will Idvise hIm ln
hin qutrltinu ing In the tlehnlclllties
of Inautcllcul affalira, held today the
(firut session lef the Ibord of trade In
ilUIl'y itohe tihe ne f thle Whlte tc lnr
setellellcr l'ltanle. tin point of Inter
*et to the publlll, rlcnd the importaince
of Its r'eulllts oil the laws governing
thin Mtcercantlle Marine. the Invelltiga
tlonl promllise to ivershadow all pre
violun rlibunnls of tl silmilar character.
I'rom the 26 ,tucestlons which the at
terney lluuucnelt'cd. would be taken cup.
It heilrllamle evldent the inquiry would
.eover prnctically the same ground as
the Inv.etigantlon by the committee of
the Ameericn actuate, but would be
cotnduct'led nmore In ncnr(ldnce with
the pruce'cdure otf a court of law lad
de'tl definitely wlltc stated cases.
Inlgh.t quetstlons, Sir Itufus Daniel
Suuace salid, would relate to happen
Inge before the disaster; six to warn
'lno given to the Tltanlo and the re.
rultlng preeautlons taken; 10 to the
cnlunlty itself and consequent eventsr
oneit t thee equipment and construction
of thie vessel and tho'last to the rules
of thie morrchant shlllipping act.
A !t-nfoot model of tile Titanic, car
rying IS miniature lifeboats, and a big
chaert of the North Atlantic wore
tprominently displRnvd before the In
vestlgators. TI., onlly reference to
the' American Investlgation was Sitr
ltufus' announcement that owing to
the detention of many witnesses In
tihe United States, testimony pwould
int be presented in a logical order.
The'l stcmen who had arrived from
New York first were called as wit
netc,'e us to the construction and
cormllle'menlllt of the Titanic. Lord
Merme'y recognised Thomas Scanlon,
membe'r of lparliament for the north
dlvlsion of Iligo, who appeared for
Ute Seamen's and f.iremen's union,
and an attorney for the Merchants'
G(uild, and took under consideration
the appllcation for representation of
the Henflrers' union, the Ship Con
strmuctnrn' asunolatlon and the Mercan
tlI, e.ssucllation. An adjournment
thee wast taken.
'Th r cene of the hearingll was the
armollc'ry of the Stottlsh rifles, which,
willt its broad drill floor with two
rows of galleries, affords accommo
,etliolns for several hundred persons.
Wh'i(eni thle Inquiry opened not morn
tllhan 100 spectators wore present, and
tlIe mtajority of those were women.
4ir Ruflle said:
"I desire on behalf of the govern.
muernt to express the deepest sympathy
for nall thoe who mourn the loss of
relatives anid friends among puassn
gers, offlicers and crow of the Ill
fated vc'sel. The accident exceeded
in magnltullde and In, harrowing Incl
delnts any disaster in the history of
the nlmelr.renll'lle marine. I cannot for
iear paying a tribulte to those whose
devotlon tIo duty and heroli self-alo
rlften maintained the best traditions
of the sea."

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