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,ii aSo car rei.sr anu
7;yrpr by tire hon lh w
Cthr maton hi, y ho presided veAVry
thetum ht it t
sun an emnrgeds n, for the hp e
m careful. pthe paed eirnu
onumertl Although he WIs tromnthettty
ptext d by th. honor, whl whh waslo,
thrust tpon himt. Mr. Avement alre
thouh4t it ,.lt dminptratei ..
suchso anood emer ee, Ifor the W m
weaeV in hisl oc I wt . the gqod
t ce rhit etrl triuP, ot was ath
epoorlican exhi.Jtl .orth . Ave0y dys,
nverod tlne .r othiem frot theor
text ht thq i spdt , which follots, It
will bM noted thAt all, of tiJe best and
greatitoh of'' iboese aohievements are
those 'a* the..Roosevelt administratlon.
Pbroso good a speech, It was mis.
arabl)y received. ' The convention, btup
posdctly in atple sympthpe$y with the
ohalrmunneldfi 't 4t him a hind, oven
at his rhiotirliaIt uses. U wes a
poor exhltlbitrohI$gh Mr. Avery do.
lvered the adr5 ,0lth uIllthe fervor
of which Ihe * t. hie fin the ohilly
atmosphere 6f$.l.itarroundings. Ills
words follow.:
SThe 4Spesh.
"I slancerely thank you for the hon
or you have conferred upon nmy by
electing me to,presilde over the de
liberations of this convention. It sl
an honor I deeply appreciate, and
shall do 'my beat to merit your con
fidenco andt esteem by dealing fairly
and Imnartially with nit questibns that
may arise. I take it, however, that
the .proceedings.will be so harmonious
that tho duties of the chairman will
be very simple.
"Tlib reptbllcian party is the party
or the leople: the party that had its
birth in the hour of our country's
greatest peril, and that has been the
mainstay of the nation for more than
50 years: the party that was formed
out of tUe fragments of the old whig
party; that had combined after years
of antagonism, hatred and fighting to
crush and decry the common enemy,
slavery; the party of redemption or
,promiqes: the party with which every
true and loval friend of the Union as
:eciated himself; the party of 'Lin
coin, Grant, Garfleld. McKinley,
Roosevelt and Taft. Taft, the tried
and true chumpion of republican
prinlcipls; whose name is the syno
Ilyml of progress, iprosperity and pro
tection: who was given tile supreme
leaderlshlp of his party four yeffrs ago
and triumplhantly elected to the high
est office in the gift of the people.
The man, 'who unhesitatingly resists
temiptatiin..who cannot be swerved by
any consideration of personal Inter
ent frpip; fIleotp'tiif*te :course wbIetri
his lofty conception of 'duty 'didates
to himt: tier:nan' whose whole concern
in for th.i welfare of the people, and
who has proved In a lifetime of dif
ficult and useful public service his
extraordinary capacity as an admin
iatrator: Inflexllle In his adherence 'to
tile hIghest standards of righteous
ness; he has proved his absolute fear
lessness In relentlessly warring.
against evil wherever it may be found.
Roosevelt Polioles.
"The Ulble says that "Hy their
fruits ye shall know theml." .Meas
ured by this rule, the reliublican par
ty has been weighed In the balances
and hos not been found wanting. Let
nie direct your atteption for a few,
minutes Fo" what lhai been - accom
plilshed during the last 10 years of re
publican rule. Only ai brief period in
the )llstory of a nation yet hi be.-'
come hlistorie on account Of the im
portant legislation that has been en
acted. During that time congress has
passed the pure food and moeat In
speetlon laws whieh forbid the sale of
poisoned or adulterated food of 'any
kind; the railroad rate bill, which
Inake it posstble for the interstate
commnerce comnmission to regulate
shlipping rates in the Interest of the
people when they become excessive:
the employers' liability law that gives
the laborer or his family pay for his
injury or death.; the law forbidding
corporations from requiring employcs
to work an inhuman numnber of hours
without rest: .he safety appliance act
that only only lessens dangers to life
antid Imb of employes, but also in
creases the safety of the traveling
public: the Chinese exclusion act.
which prevents cheap coolie labor
from coining' In competition with the
Amerlcan working mnon; the govern.
went remuneration if Injured, or his
, - -- I l II. m- Ii i-lll m
You're bilious, you h.se t throbbing Neonation -in your head, a bad taste
in your mouth, your eyes burn, your skin is yellow with dark ringq under
your eyes, your lips are parched. No Wonder you feel ugly, moan and 11l
tempered. Your system is full of bile not properly pased off, and what you
need ls a cleaning up Inside. Don't continue being a blitous nuisance to
yourself and these who love you, and don't resort to harsh phySi.s that Irrli
tate and Injure, Remember that every disorder of the stomach, liver and In
.entilnes can be 'quickly cured by morning with gentle, thorough Casearets, A
25-cent box will keep yJI and the entire fimily
feeling good for months, Don't forget the ohil.
dren--their little insides need a good, gentle
cleaning occasilonally. Children love to take
Casearets, because they taste good and iever
p Ilpa or sicken,
I i ,"
' k7 Uo are
Smo. wanted.
Our . cklrd wilbla i
Satuklay, M 7.16, 17, 18
wito ofthe neetandmoes
dvan. o l for heat winter.
a to tgIwv etmateeshoildyou
want to orduin eatbl new, or
have your apair taken care of.
now will b *obed'tfre o
In our cold torage vault until
Ir ' Imme
family if killed, while in the govern
meat employ; the postal savingi
bank bill which will give the peo.
leo of this country the 4eneflts of a
savings systeim which has proven anl
unmixed blessing to thie people of ev.
cry country In Hniich it has been es
tablislled: the tariff commission whlch
is the common sense method of han
dling the Intricate problems of the
tariff; the law prohibiting child labor
In miills and factories, and last, but
not least, In its Imhnportance to this
western country, the Irrigation acts
that mean the reclamation of millions
of acres of arid land, and the making
of homes for thousands of people.
,What party has accomplished all of
this legislation? The answer Is echoed
'back from every city, hamlet and vii.
loge-the republican party. Tile par
ty that has passed more legislation
during those few short years for the
safety, comfort and happiness of labor
than in ann previous 30 years In the
history of the government.
A Poor Guess.
"There Is only one conclusion to be
drawn fromn the large attendance of
republican voters at the primarmes held
in this city the other evening. 1t in
dicates that our party is alive and
awake to her opportunities as never
before. and that we are in earnest
and enthualastic, and that we have
the good of the country and state at
heart. Not only that, but it predicts
a glorious victory at the polls next
November. It appears to lme that nov
er before in the history of Montana
were the conditions so auspicious for
republicans to win the battle. If the
earnest ness, seal and enthubiasm
mlanifestedt at present are carried
through the campaign. nothing can
prevent the overwhelming defeat of
our friends, tile enemy., In tills state,
and If the wunmo Interest sl munlfest
ed elsewhere in the nation, there will
be nothing to it, but figuring up re
publican majorities.
All Forgotten.
"It sl true that some. prouinence
has been given, during the prelim.
Inaurles Jut ended, to the differences
between republlcans, but after the
nominations differences will' be for
gotten. 8o while we may have our
personal preferences, the party as a
whole will show Itself in the future.
uas It has In the past, practical lnd
patriotie in subordinating individual
opinions In order to secure 'real
progress. Rrpuhlicans In Montana and
elsewhere are battling for principles,
nIot menl. Ill the republican ranks are
manny steadfast, earnest and patriotic
men who have sacrificed themselvos
for the good of tile party under whose
banner they are enlisted. They are
for thhir country first, themselves aft
erward. They eboeleve in the virtue,
tile Integrlty; and above all, the com
Inon sense of the American people,
and for that reason, the republicans
or thisl state and nation will go Into
the struggle confident of victory. Wa
propose to hold fast to that which Is
0ood, and to endeavbr to Induce all to
- ait waW;
In P lprt o do so.
et wRUa" W 1 prtide to
t party i the rs.
tc:t r iand it is
Sto deam.
onstr thi te4 * chagrin pf
the, d party. Inear and do
riodd, ftiii . r, a demorate may do.
the t.hia . nimam knows that every
hetsure to prosperity that we enjoy
Is ,4du to a wise natioqal admlnlatra.
tlq . iJi .l~tring out republican
tilol t Jm(oq trated by trial to be
tel be tf the country, They know
that under a democratic administra.
tie. ther, Was a period of depression
whtich closed mines, shut business
houses, pltced- railroads in the handa
bf redeMver, broke banks, forced
tarmers to ,mortgage farms and stock,
tilled the highlways and byways with
tramps and 'burdened the air with
curses and gllans. Ihis Is' not an
overdrawtl Picture, and no one who
went through the KIReveland good
titaes, even in lontana, the least at.
fipted of any state in the Union, will
say that it is. Neither capital or
labor is clamorous to return to the
days. of 'the bitter past. when enter
prise was.dead and men were hope.
"'Shall .thp people ruler Thls ques.
tion was settled amore thean half a
century ago when Abraham Lincoln
stood by the sacritical altar at Get.
tysburg deolaring the purpose of the
party then in power to continue the
contest in behalf of popular govern
inept and against the rule of an armedi
minority, that in the end there might
be estallished in this country, a gov.
ernment of the people, by the people
and for the people. Shall the people
rule will be answered at the close of
the contest neat November, as evi
denced by the triiumphant election of
the nominees of the republican party
for the office of president and vice
president of the United States."
Victor, May 14.-(Special.)-C. 11.
MfcLeod and Warren Wilcox motored
up from Missoula Sunday.
Everett Babbitt returned to Ilamil
ton last evening,
R. 0. Young, who has been very ill
in tlhe hopsital at Missoula, returned
home Baturday evening and Is improv
Ino rapidly.
Mrs. CIoyd drove up from Stevens
ville and visited friends for a few hours
White plowing last Saturday after
noon, J. M. Schweitaer was hit by one
of the plow handles and one of his
ribs was fractured.
J. C. Osborn held services 111n the
Presbyterlan church at Hamilton Suni
day morning.
Mrs. Berry and daughter. Dortas. left
Baturday afternoon for her old bomn'
In Washington. D. C.
Mose Craddock returned to llamlltonl
Emmett Black spent Monday and
Tuesday in Hamilton.
Corvallis. May 14.-(Spccial.)-Lars
Christofferson started this morning for
Hughes creek, 'where he will remain all
summer in the employment of the
Arthur Woods Mniing company.
Harry Smithson of C'alumet, Mich.,
who visited the Harry lall fumnlly
since Friday. leaves today for Helena.
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
John Adams Tuesday.
Professor William Cobleigh returned
to Boseman today, having spent Sun
day with his mother here.
Frank Amerman, a representative of
the Henningsen Produce company of
Butte, who operates the local eheese
factory, Is over today for inspection.
Mrs. Joseph Bowden leaves Friday
for Deer Lodge to visit her son Dud
ley, a student in the Montana State
Corvallis, May 14-(tpecial.)-It jiap
decided at last night's meeting of the
commercial club to call a mass meet
Ing next Saturday evening of ranchers
and local business men to formulate
plans for a rousing old-time Fourth of
July celebration. Committees will be
appointed to collect funds and make
all necessary arrangements for the
event. The school park, which is con
trallh located, has been selected for
the basket picnics, band concerts and
addresses. Corvallis expects to send a
delegation down to Missoula for the
Western Motitana assoeiation meeting
,Friday, and the trip will probably be
made by sutp.
Hamilton, May 14.-(Speeial.)-W. 8.
Munsell, who some time ago disposed
of Ilis undertaking business hero to
John Wagner and moved his family
to Chillicothe, Mu., writes to a friend
In this city statings that the Bitter
Root valley secured such a hold on
hint while lie was here that he has
decided to return soon. U1e also states
that while hle may not locate in Ham
Ilton he will, take up his residence in
this distrlct. This will be good nowe
to the family's many frlends in this
Ilamilton, May 14.-(Special.)-Mr.
and Mrs. B. It. IRace, who came here
several months ago from Great Falls,
left this morning for Missoula, Mr,
tave having closed up the cigar fac
tory he opened here soon after he
camno to tile city. He 'is an aceom
plished villinist. It is understood here
that he may decide to locate at Mis.
Corvallis, May 14.--(lpeilal.)--All
day yesterday a postofflee inspector
trewa Spokane was busy in the loal
otfice ohecking up busiess, and ar*
ranging for installatiog of a ostaul sav
Inpg bank by Jun!e 1. :.loul i it .
to showing -- steady agf ei~nlwqJ
whioh is a wood indlcation, of CoreaU'
propess .
Clothes that
Keep Shape .
Y OU know the importance to you of
I ,'having your' clothes keep shape; and
you know how very uncommon this
quality is in clothes. One very impottant .
poWit in giving clothes this shape-keeping >
quality is the proper shrinking of the cloth
before it's cut
Hart, Schaffner & Marx
Have their own process of shrinking; by special ma- ce
chinery which they invented. It's a process that .
would ruin any but all-wool fabrics; you can imagine
what ,would happen to the common cotton mixtures of which most clothing is
made if the fabrics were subjected to such a process.
We just thought you might be interested in knowing why our Hart, Schaffner
& Mrx clothes keep their shape so well; you can see why we like to sell them
Suits $15.00 to $45.00
DruammondlIoi, .luy 14.-(Ip tcl.aIn -Itoy
M. MIcPhall, who hllla s I een pI),ripalatga of
the pUbltic' 1,1haI at i.ltmu . tunt., e 1 tae
homeu Baturduaa evennlng.
Mrs. T. .1. Iltunlfn atadl tinfatt u.ljn
and daughter lura viltlullg rltlhtva'tl ill
Mrs. H. lMorrlsJn w*ent to T'ihree
Porku Baturdaly morning.
Mill Muntlll l" 8rgMlnn I hullut frol
her vlilt to reltlives elour lohtl (treek..
Miss ulhi Il.yntan of Philtllpaburg
was a gu'est of lher salter, Mra. 'rauntu
Smlth, for svoeraul days.
Mr. T . Itallott Il workinlIIg aI l thel
Peathermllnan .M ercauntlle uLolnIaita ' I
Mrs. W'. W', ,a.vaul orunt do)aIwn t'rlaln
Hall Mond.a. anld aicolnmpuilled hier
husband, W. W. Roy)al, to Phlipabslurg
Not A
A bead full of unsightly gray and faded
elir.-Wby not have beautiful, natural
R0lored bair, full of life and beauty
keep yourself young lookiag and fascia.
Avery woman wants to be and can be,
i ie willl use HAY'S HAIR HEALTH
I restore those gray hairs to their aatu.
1il eolor. It ilsn't a dre.
You'll be surprised bow quickly the
lrly heirs vanish and bow young looking
you aen keep yourself by the regular
yessr money back from your druggllst IU
le sotl illelld with it,
ga ihul..MN faV 4,A,,e1 Ni,. rh1-
For sale atd reoommen4ed by
QOr4de City Drug Co.,
Ill tilui alfterlool,. Mtr. IRoynall Ihuw bell
In tiUWi sl'l'rll dtyNi on e~ IcrutetlleN, llav
Ing beenl kicked Ito ii atee.r, just Ielow
ithe kneecp. I
Mrs. itlorencle lKop of (;itdl 'rreek
apent a day with rricnds In town.
eMrs. I 'rltI N. hWhelver orf ,llt In
ipendidnlg ti few dluys willth friends.
Thell Norlthlrn'l'aeflic has built a nrw
atockyalrd ilabout 320 yards east of
I where lthe old one was a'lltunlteld and theI
old ya'rd Ihea beeln tlkenl awlay.
Mlis I ya tl. ethe Jelltlermlan or Philipa
burg hla Ibeen a guests at the J. II.
Ieatlcnhrlllu hollme for th le ipatl w.elk.
Mrs. (. W. Morse went to Mlssoula
M.lundaly to lspend a short tIl1m at her
homne there.
Corvalis. May 14.--(tHpuhll.)- Mr..
Joseph ilowde ll e'ntertailnedl 14 IUdles tll
a May pIurty 'I'ueiduay. Thlle roomla
were prettily decorated with whiter antl
pnlk tcarnatlons. One of the cthlef
lmlusemennts wea a i)butonlhiole stewing
contest. Dinnerl was se rvi-ed at . 'elulck
aendl the evenilnlg spent in slullh'.
luullllhn., M.Iy 14.-(Nlec'ul.l)-J. .I,
l4rlf')ye.en, ail eplrt fruit 1m11ai olf Cll
fornia, s in . guest at Ilthe Itue.alli hotel,
Mlr. Hrofyerlle In Ils here to alsl up the
rlllt outlook loclly', land to utlllk, lr
rungi,.lnelnt for hllndllwl) it sHllallr of
thle 191U crop of apples,.
lhulmilton, Ma) 14.-(lSelatull.)-t' , N.W
ltussof lutte, an aIuditor for th1 AIIu
coldu ('opper Minlng collImpny. In In
tlhis city oil company busruws. P. E,.
llllilngley of poookanu Ia also heru on
busineus for the allome conlpany.
nullnilhton, May 14.-(lpteclull.)--'reeld
J. Day, Oti0 Wordenl,. ( . Anderolu
and W. 1E. oauter of MIusoula arrived
In this cKty yesterday lafternuun by
automobile, They returned to the Car
den city today.
lametllton, May t, - (ipoeldl.)-
Georgle ansom is now dlroctor of thu
Hamilton City S1and, and will pwitch
lent tly retlgined tl diretll'l or, wiI Ici rinlln
with the band its a c.arnt player. The
hand ILtendI to cntiitle Its Hlluody
icoi cti rt onl thet i t itll hotel lt'nii.
Iliu lio llt .i l ly I le'trilln I ..) tit
Il) umir n " .rnll nnuulii recenti. dill
cute tl oIf nd llt 4110litur riitnll ntig pli. t
ort uton ity too tttior , itayn of Itchl'
Irolt rlich,. lll. n Mrs. Itllllln ilre
here llt the prlent time with Mr. and
Mrrs, Mum )l inntir to take1.00. Wp anlo
or the 1)roperty.
Wlliu y' UIndian Pile Ointmrent will
curtili blind, blodingi and Itching pit.les.
It ubsorber the tul iors, atlay Itiching
at nlle, aIts ir t ai poultiue, give uln
itanrt relief. Wlhi witin' t Intdian Pto i
OIntment In prepared for piles and
itching of the plrivat parts, Drua.
idles, miull W0c and $1.00. Wlliams'
Mfg. o., Proips., Cleve vland, O. For
roale by Ueorgl,, luthselinr, drugailts
out. toeun May 1.-(pFolay )-ldn. W.
alker of h god oot , Ill., and eH. J.
'Ttus of tIt. Patul, Minn., art In thi
IO'ley lookling upl the pain Idt uyin
propolithon. They went out to the
home of Mtlrt'Adson yesterday,
J. K. McKeen, 1301 Cleve'llnd Mt.,
Wichita Kn.d utreport "ull ured o sl gtd
frokl kidney trouble. , hamd evere pla
acrols my back, anl was all played
out. I began taking Foley Kidney
PIII. nd soon thiere was a deolded in.
proveli(,nt. Finally, the pain left eon
tirely and I um fully cured of all nil
kidney trouble." Smith Drug Store.
Spring Style. Nw Beilng
lv4 ily.
,r suntllauctiurn Wo
der lvo frotm, s*llitI
tie '.lou lu that of
A kllnollt'K you are
sl, ure t .u ll l .r|an.
Our Meats
$. II prierPs nmlke
F frlitldl and keep
thiemie, And to prove
it te auk you to
C cuinilll, irl' the real
viluee offered Itern
with unlly yotul kiltuw
cuan t ha ld uIly
O l wlhelre lte.
116' West Main
Bell Phone 15 Ind. Phone 471
Flre, Litf and Accldent lnsuranoo
and Real astato.
National Surety Compary,
Dan H. Rose
Rooms I and sI Duncan i Pstereons f ,t'
Real Etate, Fire lImt ui e
and Lo.as
Room L a I ' .

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