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The Covn ý, '
off at ..
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et·o do
,Lk naue
The average woman puts her formal
evening gowns away with a sigh of
relief at the beginning of luaOmenr,
along with the dress suit of her $etter
half, and given herself tp to the con
eideratlon of summery ranlment; but
sa some one has remarked, o"ne-halt
the world never sleeps," and this state
ment, though made in another con
nection, might easily refer to the fash
Ye cean equip your entire house, store front
or building for about half the usual expenue if you
take advantage of our "Mlr*sem. afs.y...e s ,r"
s IIenICe
Rere are the prices that tell how:
SOM.Q 000M-14 mesh, galvanized wire, 0m
doors ii in. thick, per square foot . .
WIlMOM .II01 --14 mesh, gsalvanized e
wre any Me per square oot ..
o.n bIea wlen dor s a ,d s. un. i pu MIarn oot extra.
. B. Willirram Co.
SAS- and DOom.g
Dept. Y3. 14,2 Srirat A... ao.. Seattle
Why Cook at Home?
Palace Hotel
A flue musical program will be rendered every Sun
y tot 8, by the Fadette Trio. A good time is
L' '~ d . ..
lounable Ihalf which goes to heAd In the
wee sma' hollurs, even in midsulnmei
and in the. vac.atlin palrt oef the year
There l Ie breathing ,speill during blMa.
and Ju.Ie, which l ortne of the faunh,
llluta ile" folIkM iu I d il rlnull linK g l lr.t Ns |I
P'arle lfor i little shopping.jlll 'ltlen. beI .
gl I, the sunlnell r seuuilal ei.alun, quitl
ae llimportant Iln It waly us the Wintel
ieansoni iI ihnwl, andl mlreC' delight .u
?. *2*
A r oiL
" " " " " "
biie'ta ell' of thie tllt-,.of-dool r enlte'rtainl-.
Inments end the alight letting up of
extremlo rrtlltlity iand t e "re'l.Onou-ue
I ,MM of toltwn life.
.Illy ulnd AIugilut sat NewporIIiert Lrn,
. gr. ga y, indleed Tih.,' ltndtorl seua
','o it over by thln, Lant Itily titlted
end honorableh sawlheollies are visiting
at t1ii, great N'ewpolrt ",ot'ttges" tand
takilg part In the dinerslllllr garden
parties, ba lls and other festivities.:
Soutlhallllton andl IHur lillaror ire ' tot
far behind Newport iI at whirl of
gayetiles, lmore or ,les formal, and
later on, ePIInx anld 'iTuixedot have thelir
brief, but impor'lrtantt, sotcial seasons.
Thrie womanll wllo aIIIppears in socie'ty a
great deal through the summer sea
noil, must naturally be provided with
a Inumbelt r of e'verlning igowns, fur how
ever shel may move aboutti on a round
of c'ountry-house vitits, the iame pelIo- i
pie, also mlovlg about, will I1,ie tIlet
again and rasint, anld of course no
fatshionable w(oman c'tren to uppeatr
Imore than half a idoxetn thlluts i the
Hallue gown. After that her maid dis
poses of it, and nobody knows better
than the canny lady's maid just
where good prices may he had flor
tsllltmllt'H I'arcelt y w ll') finery.
Pannier Effects Noticeable.
1The duncig aintl dinnei r gowhts f'or
Httlunttner wear a IIre( is Illll mtllttt)l.my
etiegant as were tite winter goWIns,
heavy with vet'lvet, bra'.'des antd gold
li'', buti the y tire teIlXittlt ly beautiful
nollt tihl It'es, with their drapillKn of
sofit t:tint and chiffluin; their flounesan
of ostelly laue Iind their clever coltr
oitntrants. 'Wllut the photographer
would c(all "contrasty" iffe tti are all
tilet ragt now in Paris, anld surprlsing
t'ntlhlutiont of fIt ',ie's ore used willi
strikliln nlucceas, 'White Ilt(- gowns
have punnitre anti Iruins of dead
blacik, allnd blllk lacll giownrs ri I' druped
with Whitel Hklirt diraperies turnt
back to reveal faeings of l'trongly
conltra.ting eoilor, and vivid hows or
floIweCr Ure added to demure gowns in
cltu'lng mitnner. Whettn nltaged by
P'rencllh sklll, these "'tnltrasty" effects
ar'e Ilteresting and ple'asURIng, bullt woe
be to the woman wlhose drePamaker
haI a passion fotr I'llowltg FIrenchl
ideals, butill lcks the genllis to catlr.ry
themi out.
A cholrlming exatilple ofi the IPa'trie
favor for contratust iin shown in a
gown by Agnes, which has a 'bodice
and ..tirt of embroldered white chiffon
over cream-colored 'Bohemlilan lace. At
the back and sides of the waist linle
starts a train of lblack charnmeutse,
which is draped up in pannier bunches
below the hips land falls in graciiful
folds 'atd loqpe aBi ho back, ending in
a emall'traltA. '.Alliitd thq waist of
this 'ltwas a ''a ntTrow b'.t of draped
jade seen velvet with a fIat bow' of
the green valvet against the black
chllarmnslle alt the back. Another
"contrasty" gown, by Beer, has a
white acharmettse coat to the knees,
opening over a petticoat of shadow
lace floaunc cll The front edges of the
coat roll bck and show a faclng of
black satin, and at the back these
black salin cnoat talsl are knotted to
gather anrd lifted a bit above the trail
Ing pettlcoat of lace. And here I.
the sharp Itolh of color; over the
right knoe--just where the coat be
gins to roll back and show its black
reverse sid--tlre two great, glowing
American beaoty roses, put there by
a stroke of the French genius that
never makes a mistake. This gown is
belted, over the white satin coat, by a
black velvet helIt clasped In front with
a rhlnestone buckle, and above the
belt tIhe cut is rounded oult 11n a deep
decolletage, and a tucker of shadow
lace shaows above.
Dolly Varden Evening Gowns.
E.ach of the French couturiers hasl
brought out a l)olly Varden flowered
gown, and though differing In partle
ulars, all these gowns are alike In one
respect -thie phnnler. A Dolly Varden
costume, without a costume would
be Ihnnhlet with Hamlet left out, or
srmel lhing leually as tllsappointing;
and, hideld, tile panlrer, quite as
much as the flowered material, makes;
the conslunto worthy of Its name. Pom.
padoulr silks and flowered taffeta In
new and chllarmling patterns have ap
peared like muglt In the shops to
make these Dolly'Varden gowns, and
as a quantity oit the silk Is required
"or the draped panniers, the folk who
have ltabeen crying out against the small
namoulnt of nmaterlal necessary now
adays should cheer up. By the way,
has anybody hearil of a tallor-dur
ing thills 'l of narrow skirts and
short eInats -who has offered to mll.i
up a soit for lens Ihan hila regular
price be)cuse' Iof the small amount of
eInterlial te.allilred? . But, of course,
this has rlnthiang to do with evening
frocks, so black to Dolly Varden pan
A very dlinty costume of this sort,
by 'ranlcis, is Illustrated. The 'bod
Ice andal lpulairs are in one, and cug
gent lilt, ,i. fashloned nacque, worn
over a slaalcllo.her and petticoat during
the eighte.ntai century . The quaint
little gown i Ilmade of Pompadour taf
feta, wltlh ilacs and roses in pastel
tints on a white ground, and the pan
nier dranpary is subdued to blender
lines. 'i'll' e l.eves and fiohu o` lace
anld net make the gown very sina
nlery, and tle 'color sojaeme to em
phaulaed by a clttljbr Of 'pAlq mayive
roses at the corsa, ~Ith. tihls ' idll
Varden kown are Worn, Vety pvope W,
high-heeled coloall slippler a#s the
g1 a
;, 5 t ;Y v '
4 yr
picture hat of leghorn Is faced with
wisteria taffeta and trimmed, with
white pIlumlnlc and black velvet stream.
era artistically knotted tunder the
Odd Whims of Prench Couturiers.
While panniers are made to con
tinue into trains, sashes by the same
token ,become c(oat tails. A coat tall
suash reaching to the bottom of the
skirt in shown In a ('herlllt evenlllng
gown of luace flouncing. Thile lace
folrms a pannier drapery over a pettl.
coat also of lace., andt there isl a de
IlIgRhtful lttle colt of cerisn chiffon
cver the bodtice and shunlder. At the
icack this bodice e'xtends downward in
a coat taill--or, one might say that tihe
eash oif ceriee chiffon fell over the
skirt in coat tall effect. At. any rate,
the sansh ecoat tall reache i to the floor
over tile lace pannier drapery, and a
big, soft bIow of taffeta holds sash end
and Ince drapery against the narrow
skirt. .Rhinestone. embroidery on the
cerise coat cand l ash, and a large
rhinestonllll' e i)owknot across tile ,buck of
the, waistline' make this ceriae and
white iostumnc, very magnificent.
tlillnelstocne. trllnimmin ls a perfect
craze' In Paris, and the sparkling,
thread-like, lines of fiery rlinestones,.
edging delieute chliffeon and lace drap
eries are wonderfully effective. The
rhincatolne hand trimnming Is atro
clously expensive--mne must pay al
most two dollars a yard for even au
narrow band of the stones, set in iml
tutiln silver, iand unless the trimming
is handled with utmost care, the
rhinelstones drop oeet and tile trimming
is Iltterly poiled. Chlifon and lace
bhodlice appear to ce held up over time
sholild.er with strings of rhinestones,
and fir onme reason or other, even
whren the flesh is well covered with
fabric, the effect seems to be extreme
ly deeollete. f)ome of the new even
ing bodlices are olltrageous. They may
pass In Paris, where modesty and con
servative taste are not held in the
sacme regard as over here, but one
marvels that American women
granddaughters of stern old Puritan
settlers in some cases-can wear such
effects. Yet the extreme decolletage
is the fashion, and the modestly cut
bodice, with only a small square or V
of tlhroat showing, rteally looks prim
and ccountrifled now days. But thq
limit scecns to have been reached in
a French evening gown worn at the
Comedle ?rancals recently-and in
the audience, too. This gown had a
trailing skirt of flesh-colored chiffon
over pale ,blue oharmeuse, and above
the highl waistline a Ibodice of pearl
beads cewn on sliver net. This bodice
was worn directly over thie k'ln, and
strings oif pearls held It over the
Pearls Immensely Pashioenable.
Never were pearls more in favor
than they are now, and it Is hot nee
essary to own a fortune in real pearls
to be in the mode. Htandbme 'strings
of Imitations pearls are wori by trany
women who can well afford the real
sort, and when the imitation' Is clever
it Is almost impossible to tell the dlf
ference--except by holding the pearls
In the hano4 and testing the weight.
Drecoll is ueing pearit a tieat deal
this season, In trimming eftebtesl'Pad
some superb Dreooll evening gowns
have net tunics covered with looped
strings of small pearls, In barbarlo,
but beautiful effecot. 'Pearl fringes
and banUds are uped on dUanty dancing
frooks of light chiffon, and with white
lace pearls are espeially lovely.
Small sllk roses are also used on
the sulmmer evening gowns, and these
tiny roses are particularly p'etty on
debutante dancing, owns. A gown 6f
this sort, made by Worth, has a white
satin tunto over a ýtticoat of lace
flounces, and' the tutlot b4iears to
button down the baock with ,miny pink
sllk roses, while clusters of .osee loop
up the late flounoes: on the skirt, 'PinlV
satin battoned boots with 4tgh heels
are provlded qr tqi .a t del
frook, An a & . 4Re
0"1W dtbItOb "oil t te esaoh
4lusee 1d41. wisth t ith $ ias of
lavender taffeta,. t'lusters of violets
are caught hiere. and theres, among the
scalloped flotlnces, and ait the crossing
of a drnped fichu bodice. Many of the
lace net and dancing frocks for mid
summer evenings have three or more
lace ruffles on the adlrt, lifted at the
left side and lapping over each other.
Sometimes a feAtoon ,f roses runs
from tile lifted ruffles to the belt line
to emphaslze the llfted seffect, though
the rulffles are, of course, sloped up
ward on the skirl, which Is not really
lifted at all. At the foot, bsetween tihe
lapped edges of thlle lower ruffle the
little sllpperted or bootsed foot shown
ilainly. High-heeled ihots of satin,
with crystal buttons, are affecte.d by
smurt wonmen fosr evening wear this
season. and there aire buttoned strap
slippers, which come high over the In
step In very chic effect. Hilver slip
pers with pale silver gray. silk stock.
Ings, ar.e mIlorse fashilonable this year
than the gold slippers and stockings
wori hlest season. These sliver slip
pers and stockings are worn with
Wedding Gifts
Says one bride: "We received many beautiful and
expensive presents, but we like the handy little Elec
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Any one of the following list will cause equal delight.
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~~g~p~~4 I4J$R - A -Z W C.
+ 'J
Ir U
Coýý rýCi a X2+0.ý ýý
. ýýp~io
white and colored evening "frocks
The Aprn 'a fw TWrnthing Mtif.
iRather domedtle ii aiu.astion is the
apron of cnntrasPting flhbrie, haNging
at the front of a rich goyOp; but apron
effects have crept in, add are un
doubtetdly the fad. The apron gown
pictured in from Jeanne. :lAlnvin, and
In mlde, of black threat lace over
whit, c'harmeuse. The vyet in the
bodice, and apron hanki il below, tre
of the white eharmeuse,and small
crystal buttons go down the center of
vest and apron. A ,totch ,of vivit col
or Is given by the chou of American
lBeuity satin at the left of the cor
One of the smaller illustrations
shows a new theater.cap, which looks
for all the world like a bathing cap.
no snugly does It fit down over the
head and so little hair la vislble Uader
it. Thia cap is made of thin gold tis
sue, and at its idle there la a tiny
pleating of N.ttler blpe taffeta to
match its wearer's eyes. A bioWknot
made of amall loops of silver braid
sprawl. over the front and top of the
Popham's Asthmia. Rl*y
gives Instant relief and an 'ieolUte
cure in all cases of asthbin Ibibabbl
tis, and hay fever., paid: by drug
g ets; mall on ,rergept. f p p i.oe t.
Trial package by mili [email protected] Wil-.
liema MYf. Co., props., lCeveland, 0.
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O(ie American typewvylter is now
mulade for use in 84 langu gee.

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